Acrobits Groundwire

3.5 (61)
64.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Acrobits Groundwire

3.52 out of 5
61 Ratings
3 years ago, t3chm@n
One issue
I have been using Groundwire for quite a while and do like it very much. One issue I have is that when calling my Voicemail (*98) the system hangs up. I also use Bria with same config and don’t have the issue. Just could not find any documentation on the issue or possibility of setting changes.
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6 years ago, SanJoseScott
Excellent app with a killer feature
This is a great app for family or enterprise use. Great voice quality, flexible options, nice integration with iPhone (and iPad), lovely user interface. And: After some plowing through Acrobits’ wiki and scratching my head a little, I found it supports external provisioning. That’s wonderful: you can set up simple .xml provisioning profiles on a web server (or even in Dropbox’s public web folder) and give your users a click-link that, when clicked on their iDevice, will automatically set this application up. I’ve encouraged Acrobits to improve the description of how to do this, but if I figured it out you probably can too. Really great app, and well worth the small amount of money it costs… especially considering the massive savings VoIP brings! UPDATE: after several years I remain delighted with this app. Call quality, ease of use, iPhone-worthy design... first class stuff.
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5 years ago, Dr.X_in_FL
The best Softphone Sips app out there
I was looking for a softphone app to use with my new voip provider, and this was recommended to me. Well what an app it is! There are lots of features including call recording, and what i love is I can have more than one line / provider configured with it! Now I did have some questions / issues and reach out to the developer using there help desk ticket systems and they answer right away and the reply’s were great! Giving me the information I needed to get it sorted! Thanks again guys and keep the great work up! Quality of sound is amazing!
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5 years ago, daj265
Much better now that call history mass deletion is restored
Handles calls well, Dev is responsive to bug reports and requests.
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6 years ago, Prefect
I paid 20$ and still get ads!!
They now show an icon for a totally different product, a wifi finder permanenty in the title bar! You can't hide it! If you tap it, they want to sell you a subscription! This is absolutely unacceptable for an expensive paid business app! And now they made the design worse by spacing out the list items so much fewer fit on the screen. This is a productivity-App, not a design piece!
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6 years ago, M Local
Laggy push notifications and bad UI
Push notifications are a bit laggy, I often loose calls due to caller hang up. Both the UI and the overall experience while using this app are pretty bad. I also experience a giant lag right after answering calls (probably waiting for the connection to establish). Too expensive for what it delivers.
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3 years ago, Tovandres
Constant issues with the quality of the phone calls
The quality of the phone calls are horrible! If you are working in the customer department this application will make your company look extremely bad and will create a negative impression to your clients.
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6 years ago, Abb22421
Horrible New Interface
The new interface is horrible you can now only see 6 calls in the history at once compared to 14 before everything is way to spaced out and the font is way too big and now everything is capitalized. They still did not fix the tab bar either why are there lines on the top and bottom of it no other app does this.
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6 years ago, robkumd
Does the job well and I find it quite reliable for several years now
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4 years ago, thecybernerd
Fantastic Softphone Client
Groundwire offers more customization than any other mobile soft phone client while delivering and exceptional experience. Works great with our Netsapiens PBX.
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6 years ago, mancuj1
Favorites - Phone Type now missing
In the last update all of the phone types of my favorites are now not displayed. You use to see a contact and then at the bottom of the contact image it would show “home” or “mobile”, etc. Now it shows nothing and you have no idea what number you are dialing. PLEASE FIX!
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5 years ago, Aleahmad
New bug
Hi It is very good app but recently (maybe after upgrade to iOS 12 or updating my app) I have 2 big problem 1) sudden disconnect while talking (without any network problem) 2) transfer not working at most time!
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2 years ago, ovrdrvn
Latest update blew out all the settings
Not just my account was removed but all the favorites etc. As you well know, there’s no way to restore settings on an iPhone so now set an all out from scratch again after years of use?
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5 years ago, alxdale
Good App
It’s a good app, calls are clear and the push feature is excellent but it can be a great app if the few seconds delay of a call connecting can be eliminated, it’s not instant and can be frustrating at times
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2 years ago, Chalk L
Your latest update removed all my accounts
Today (Apr 9, 2022), the app was upgraded automatically and all my accounts were removed. The app was like newly installed. I couldn’t receive any call from my office and clients right now.
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11 years ago, BP407
Best VoIP App I've Found
I tried a bunch of VoIP apps to use with our Avaya IP Office phone system. None of the others worked well except for this one. It's reliable and easy to use. The setup takes some time to get used to since it's not the most clear-cut user interface, sometimes having to change settings in multiple spots. My only wish (hence the four star instead of five) is being able to push on a button and re-attempt the connection to the server. For instance, if I launch before I start my VPN to get onto my network, I have to exit out, then re-launch to get it to try to re-connect again. A quick "refresh" of the connection type of button would solve this issue. Still, even with this quirk, it's a solid buy and the best app of its kind in the app store.
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2 years ago, Bort900
April 9 update broke SIP accounts
After the update on April 9 all my SIP accounts are gone. Deleting the app does not unregister their PUSH server from your SIP server so now you can’t even use another service. Completely unacceptable.
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6 years ago, -Zer0-
Last update broke it
The last update completely broke the app. Now if you receive call that not in your phone book, it only show incoming from NOT FOUND, not the phone number! This is dumb.
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2 years ago, wavesoundr
Bugs reported but never fixed
Reports several bugs to support and they have been acknowledged but never fixed…
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4 years ago, y_nolove
No text
The app is ok but gets rated down as there is no text feature
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6 years ago, imperio`
Doesn’t let me set up my acc
$9.99 full price. I try almost 1hr to set up my account and no one works for me. Look like has what i need but setting up account its not so friendly.
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3 years ago, Tony_AZ
Cheers to the developers!
The best sip softphone! Latest update is great!
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2 years ago, Witschey
App erases ALL configuration!!!
This has been a great software for years, but today all of a sudden it wiped out all my configuration, saved recording etc. What the heck!
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4 years ago, Shoozly
Why no love for the iPad? I would be nice if the app would at least rotate. Long time user - waiting a long time for a real iPad app.
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3 years ago, Ergin Goren
It won’t authenticate
I purchased this app and tried to insert SIP credentials for the fly number PBXX but it load and says error. I need help
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2 years ago, iCineza
no support
be aware that if you have any issues with the app, you are on your own, no support!
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5 years ago, seany @ iname
This app’s time has passed
(Review removed due to discontinuation of Gizmo5 SIP service)
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14 years ago, Billy Jingles
Needs work, not as good as Softphone
People on the other end are constantly complaining of choppy audio. It crashes frequently, one time it required a hard reset of my phone and when it booted back up all the sound settings for the iPhone 4 itself were set to Apple factory defaults. I also can't really see what this offers over their previous app Softphone. I can't use TCP with my Switchvox PBX so I am stuck using their push or proxy servers or running it in the background where it won't let the phone truly sleep. I am not keen on registering my phone to a third party server, especially one in a foreign country and when I have done it in the past I was almost immediately flooded with brute force attacks by various foreign IPs trying to register every possible extension to my PBX. So, using the "always on" option, my battery life is cut in half. I usually don't condone plugging another app when reviewing and while I have been a long time fan of Acrobits Softphone for as needed use and not letting it run all the time, I must however say that if you want an app to leave running all the time and make your iPhone truly act like an extension of your PBX just the same as a desk phone, I would pass on either Acrobits apps and go with Bria from Counterpath. Never had anyone complain about call quality, it works all the time without crashing or resetting other iPhone options and it doesn't drain my battery anywhere near as fast. Oh and it's less expensive too.
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10 years ago, Gib Henry
Elegant performance, strong support
Apple’s built-in Phone app should take a leaf from this elegant software! With “raise-to-speak,” a call is on speaker as long as you hold the phone in front of you, and switches to normal private earpiece when you raise it to your ear, and vice-versa. Finger-sized buttons with preferred contacts’ pictures make calling a breeze. Yes, with great power comes some complexity, with settings scattered all over the place, but there are presets for many providers world-wide (hundreds?), including my American and Italian VoIP providers. If you don’t have a preset, be sure you have ONLY the provider’s supported codecs active, and in their preferred order. Support is spectacularly on-target. Send in a log, and they’ll diagnose the problem and suggest a setting change to get you talking again. Most important, though is performance, where Groundwire shines. Anticipating a trip to Ecuador, I bit the bullet and bought the in-app G.729 codec—costs as much as Groundwire itself, but it provided landline-quality connections throughout the trip. On cellular data, you have to answer incoming calls quickly, though, because by the time the push locates and gets to the iPhone, launches Groundwire, and activates the ringer, the call might have reached enough rings to go to voicemail; often in weak signal areas I have to call back, so I’ve increased the time/rings before VM.
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12 years ago, Marco Figueiredo
Must-have companion for heavy phone users
The software has almost all the features you can think of. I particularly like the auto call recording. It is really impressive how they managed to have so many functions in one software. As additional features I would like to see I quote (1) the ability to automatically transfer GSM calls to SIP, and (2) a way to replace iPhone's phone client by Groundwire.
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13 years ago, grandpiano981
Great App!!! The Best!!!
I wrote a review earlier, giving this a low rating and push and call transfer was not good, but since I deleted the app and reinstall, everything is great. Should hve played with the app a bit more b4 reviewing. Hve not tried over 3G yet, but will update. Great looking app as well. Update: App just got better with integrating Google Voice, now I can call directly from the app. Still haven't done testing over 3G, but I will update when I do. Will give it 5 stars if 3G works well. Update again: 3G is pretty good, still have a delay at times, but no one seem to fix that delay problem. Make a G.2000 codec to fix delays, lol, but I gave it 5 stars now
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14 years ago, kvetcha
Truly Excellent
Groundwire has effectively replaced both my work and home office Polycom phones. Background operation using TCP is fast and flawless, sound quality is completely excellent, and the experience in general is as good as, when it's not better than, any hardphone I've used. I was originally peeved at having to buy new software after having spent $18 on the original Softphone, but this is the real deal. I've already sold a fellow iPhone user in the office on it's merits, and in two days it's replaced his Polycom IP650HD for everyday use. Excellent app.
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8 years ago, dannyt2
From 5 stars to 1 with this bad UI update!
This app is still the best functioning with the most options and I had previously given 5 stars but it's usability took a step backwards with the V3.x update. They removed a lot of useful and vital information from the main call screen and put it under a separate menu. The fonts used for the numbers on the header are way too small and thin to see in the sunlight. It won't let you bold the font or increase the size. The new scaled text for 6+ is very poorly done, it expands the dial pad to very large numbers but makes the header even smaller than it was before. They need to go back to the way it was. This is one of those cases where there were NO improvements in the update only downgrades in usability and change just for change sake. Terrible!
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10 years ago, thebrieze
Decent app, but terrible usability
Groundwire is one of the better VOIP apps out there with great features, low battery drain for incoming calls, and decent sound quality. However, with the latest major revision (v3.x) the app had taken a major step backwards in terms of usability, even though call quality has actually improved. The usability issues have made me switch to Bria as my primary app - hence 2 stars. The all dark theme is impossible to see and use outdoors. It's very hard to see (even indoors) if Mute is enabled. Basic call related information like call duration have been removed, or hidden away. Thin fonts with low contrast are hard to read. Overall the app needs a high contrast theme. Bluetooth headset usage is now very buggy - once you mute a call, the unmute doesn't work. DTMF tones are extremely unreliable - have to switch off the headset to reliably enter numbers on the keypad. It doesn't handle multiple (merged) iPhone address books well. You might select a person's cell phone to call, but Groundwire will actually call their work number etc.
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14 years ago, Mahmoud84
After trying many other iSip and iPico and other sip client, this software without any doubt is the best, it has great High resolution UI, reliable and friendly interface, advance settings, all codecs support, tls sips and udp support!!! Real background working and extremely usable and robus with my company secure and insecure sip servers!!! It's really deserves every cent I paid for and for the codec and I highly recommend it! Don't waist your time with other client this one is way better!
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13 years ago, rapidblue
Powerful, stable, amazing SIP client
This is by far the best SIP client I have come across on the iPhone!! It's so stable and just works!! Can't get over how awesome it is :) Groundwire is VERY customizable with options like number rewriting but still easy enough to use for basic users (basic users might want to look into Acrobit's other version "Softphone" if they are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative). I also purchased the G729 addon - brilliant!!
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10 years ago, fshultz
Works better than any other VOIP app
I've tried almost all of the other apps available today for VOIP for a hosted FreePBX server and nothing has worked consistently unless I've left the app open in the foreground. Groundwire allows you to do other things on your phone and alerts you to incoming calls with a notification whether it's in the foreground or not. Very solid app and very well done. Worth the money if you need a mobile SIP solution.
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14 years ago, rossrdz
Best SIP SoftPhone App for iPhone or any other SmartPhone
I have been testing this app, for all day, and it has been working perfect. If acrobitz softphone was great and the best, this app goes into an other level. I use this app alot and i recommend it without any doubt at all, to my customers that i give them support with they pbx's. Push notifications has been working fine without a problem at all, voice quality is superb and the new features like conference, transfer works very good. It worth the 11 bucks. Also G729 works very nice for 3G without a glitch, it will vary on your ISP or Cell company. if you dont need conference, transfer i do recommend to go into the Acrobits Softphone - SIP Phone Great Release.
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8 years ago, me-me-now
Almost really good
The app works really well. I've used it for pure SIP calls and calls terminating in the PSTN. Call quality is good. I've tried other apps, and Acrobit's software is by far the best available if you want to actually -answer- calls while the app is in the background. That said? ZRTP encryption is turned off by default for inbound calls. It's a hell of a hunt to turn it on, too. This is inexcusable. Outbound ZRTP isn't available at all unless you shell out another $25. You know what? That just means I'll do it from another app--a free one, like Linphone. So the outbound price is just stupid greed--I'd pay a couple of bucks for the convenience of including it, but for $25? It means nobody gets my money. The turned-off ZRTP for inbound calls, though, and the buried setting? What, only geeks deserve private calls? It's pretty lame.
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9 years ago, DirtMcGirt!
Awesome App!
This app is great, works flawless and has by far one of the easiest UI and setup out there. Great customization options! Also is a great thing that you're able to do encrypted calls with ZRTP. Not cheap but totally worth it! Also great thing being able to do calls with GoogleVoice. I totally love this App. And the support is really great! Would like if callcentric balance would show up.
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8 years ago, G2akaJT
Ive tried all the other SIP VOIP apps and they all had issues. This app has every feature I can think of and is easy to use. Every phone call rings perfectly. This app takes up some background resources since SIP phones need to be constantly connected. Therefore, if you use this app, try to close other apps for efficiency.
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13 years ago, sai ko san
Good App with GV Integration
GoogleVoice integration is what convinced me to purchase this app. When dialing out with my GoogleVoice account, my Gizmo5 account never seems to receive the call (however, sipgate doesn't seem to have any problems receiving the call). It may be a problem with Gizmo5 but I don't have any problems receiving calls otherwise with my Gizmo5 account, so who knows.
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12 years ago, Esa the Cat
Best SIP client I've tested
Good: Seems to work well, both outgoing and incoming calls. Lots of options to make it work with your SIP provider. Doesn't waste battery life with the app constantly running. Bad: Interface design isn't as clean as the default phone app. Can't select Apple ringtones, must use third party. Both of these complaints are relatively minor, though.
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14 years ago, vfil
Best VOIP app in App store so far!
I use this Groundwire as my default client for Iconnecthere sip account. I switched to it from iSip. Groundwire working perfectly both over wifi and 3G. I also like the ability to manage supported audio codecs. G.729 codec is very good on 3G/edge coverage. I only wish Skype works with this client, but unfortunately Skype is not a SIP provider :(
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10 years ago, D.Rob
Awesome app.
This is a great, reliable, and easy to use app. I had 10 other SIP apps downloaded and was testing them out, after I used this one for a couple days, deleted all the others. This is the only one that met my expectations. Great app, no problems so far, lots of great options, would defenatly recommend it if you're looking for an SIP client.
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13 years ago, SalahHamze
Ups n downs
This is a potentially great app, but it fails in some aspects. For use w/ Google Voice, the integration is poor. This update (v1.3 - iPhone 4) had my hopes up, but when connecting an outgoing GV call to Gizmo within Groundwire, I'll get up to 5 incoming connect calls. On these calls the keypad is useless, and only picks up maybe 1 out of every 4 keys pressed. The push settings could also be more user friendly. Hopeful for resolution.
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9 years ago, Ghostio
Used to work.
This software used to work well, but the quality has declined a great deal. I started using Bria instead, and I now have a flawless phone system. Groundwire started causing audio problem that I think are related to memory usage, as I noticed that quitting programs fixed the problem. I am giving it two extra stars because it worked reasonably well for two years.
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13 years ago, sin4me
Working again! :)
Thanks for the quick update (1.7.1) that fixes the crashing issue with the previous build. This app is great for making SIP calls; has tons of features & functionality. Highly recommended :)
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12 years ago, discoveringnewthings
Best in breed
I bought every SIP client I could get my hands on, and this had by FAR the best audio quality of anyhingt. UI also top notch, though I liked some qualities of Bria slightly better. No comparison though as Groundwire was a far better sound according to everyone I tested with -- sound quality was the final determinater, no regrets.
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8 years ago, dw720
App opens then crashes! *FIXED*
**UPDATE** Latest update fixed crashing problem. Updating from 1 star to 5 star.. Previous version ran perfect, new update crashes every time I open it. Crashed on previous version of iOS, updated to iOS 9.3 to see if that helped and no luck.
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