Acrostic Crossword Puzzles

4.8 (1.3K)
24.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Egghead Games LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Acrostic Crossword Puzzles

4.76 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Neuroagility
Best Acrostic Puzzle App Ever
I love acrostic puzzles because the best of them set my brain on fire. This app, especially with v 4.8.9, lets me be fully immersed as I bounce seamlessly from clues to grid and back. I can see what’s important at each stage and enter or erase flawlessly. Egghead Games’ Acrostics is the best acrostic app I’ve ever used, and the range of puzzles goes from easy right up to the acrostaholic pinnacle. My favorite puzzles usually are the themed CynAcrostics, which I find comparable to the New York Times’ acrostics. (Later.) But right now I’m having a wonderful time on her American Acrostic Volume 10, “Puzzling American Music”. I literally can’t put it down as one puzzle feeds into the next!
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2 years ago, ptt50
Loved this app until recently
This is by far the best acrostic format I have played. I have made more than 75 in app purchases for additional puzzles. Lately, it seems the “new” purchases are repeats of old puzzles. I don’t know if I should purchase any more add-ons. I don’t want to buy the same puzzles I have already completed. Can you tell me if this trend of repeating old puzzles continues? Update: I have updated this review to 5 stars. Michael with customer support worked diligently to correct the problem of repeated puzzles. Resolved the issue and kept me informed all along the way. Would highly recommend!
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1 year ago, rfabs
Great Puzzle App
This is one of my favorite apps. I’ve enjoyed acrostics since I was a kid, but doing them on paper required lots of transferring letters from one part of the puzzle to another (it reminded me of double-entry bookkeeping). With this app, both halves of the puzzle are kept in synch, so it’s easier to guess words and see if they fit. The puzzles themselves are well-constructed, with a mix of tricky and easy clues. And the add-on packs let you keep refreshing new puzzles at a reasonable cost. Many thanks to the developers!
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3 years ago, PJ Craigg
Good puzzles; bad main screen remodels
I love this app bc it makes my favorite kind of puzzles so much more accessible. However, I would really like to be able to delete or at least hide puzzles I do not wish to complete. Also, when I opened the app just now, the “library” was gone, and it looks like I have to do puzzles in the random order the app assigns instead of going in the order of the publishers I choose to do. I give three stars because this is now two updates where the interface has gotten less user friendly and more rigid. Please give an option to hide or delete unwanted puzzles, and/or let the user go by just the publishers and numerical order they want. Thank you
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3 years ago, JennyJumble
Fun, Challenging Word Puzzles
My Grandma introduced me to acrostic puzzles many years ago; we spent a lot of happy hours chasing down the right word trying to solve the quotations. I love this digital version that I can play anywhere, even while waiting in line at a drive-thru. The puzzles are enlightening as well as challenging, and help keep my old brain in decent functional order. In addition, the support for this app (from Egghead Games) is phenomenal! I’d rate it 10 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, ya boi shartisha
If You Like Acrostics, This is the App to Get!
I used to look forward to the Charles Preston Quote-Acrostic in the newspaper every weekend until it was discontinued many years ago. This app is a great replacement! The challenge of the puzzles is the same and the functionality of the app is spot-on. And I don’t have to wait until Saturday for a new puzzle. Great support! There was a display issue with Dark Mode in iOS13 so I contacted support. The developer, Michael, contacted me a day later to let me know the fix was available in the App Store.
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2 years ago, hway61
I’ve spent much too much time solving these double acrostics. I really enjoy this app. My only complaint is the occasional puzzle where a clue references another clue by its letter. While this is standard in double acrostic puzzles, it slows down the flow by making you count the clues, since they’re not labeled in the game (as they had to be on paper). Since that’s my only complaint, I think we’re doing really well.
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2 years ago, Erinreid
Great acrostic app!
I love this app! However, since the 4.8 update of June 2022, there seems to be no way to purchase puzzle packs on ipad. I've contacted support with no response, I'm hoping posting something here will get someone to notice. I've tried many times and while I can see the packs for sale, there is no way to purchase them. Please help! EDIT: problem fixed in new 4.8.1 version! Support was great!
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6 years ago, D147258369
Good; could be great
Good puzzles and interface. However, unlike nearly every other word puzzle, this one lacks the option to skip already filled spaces. Especially at the end, when filling in the last spots scattered through the quote, it's tedious to have to either re-type or to select each box individually. Please include this option and I'll buy puzzle packs and I'll give you five stars.
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2 years ago, Buckeye1971
No support for Apple Pencil
4 stars because I like acrostics. That rating would be an easy 5 if Apple Pencil were supported. I’m playing it on an iPad, and the size of the quotation is very small and tapping on an individual letter is difficult. I understand there’s a lot of info to display and compromises must be made. That tapping would be much easier if a tap with an Apple Pencil brought up the keyboard, rather than the drawing interface, as it is done in Cryptograms, another 5 star app by Egghead.
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3 years ago, AshleyZM
Ok, I admit I’m dumb
I need more of the easy one block puzzles (like the kids packs but for adults. I don’t want to buy a set with mixed levels. One block of difficulty is what I need. Would be cool if there was a hint or check for errors button on the top lever. Highly recommend. Really love this game and all of their others. Hardest levels of their others are fine, but not for this one.
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2 years ago, favrolles
Love This App
I have been using this app for years and have enjoyed it immensely. The mix of of puzzle choices is excellent and entertaining. And the customer service is incredible. I encountered an issue with the latest update and received an almost instant reply with information on how to solve the problem. I cannot recommend this app highly enough
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3 years ago, KMRANCH96
Love This App
This is one of my favorite apps. Really like the different challenge levels. My favorite game is Acrostics by Cyn. Would like to see more of those. If you like word games and haven’t yet tried an acrostic, you should give this one a try. When I recently had a problem with the game not opening, I couldn’t believe how responsive Michael was. He had the problem fixed in no time. Really appreciate it!
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5 years ago, billfalls
Great acrostic puzzles, now also in Spanish!
The app comes with 10 free puzzles from each of several publishers including one set in Spanish. Sets of 50 puzzles are available for roughly ten cents a puzzle. You end up revealing a (usually interesting) quote. If you like solving acrostics on paper you’ll love doing them at the keyboard. I should add that Michael provides excellent user support.
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2 months ago, Meggalino
This is the only game I play on my phone
It’s how I get to sleep at night, the only thing that helps my insomnia. I play it for 30-45 minutes and it wears my brain out enough to finally sleep. Works better than melatonin. Wish they had anagram magic squares as a game app though. That on is my favorite Penny Press game.
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3 years ago, subtleman22
Love this app!
Great Acrostic app packed with included puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty. I use it all the time. It’s nice to have these puzzles right on the phone—a perfect time killer. If you need to purchase more puzzles they’re pretty reasonably priced. Customer service is quick and pleasant, but you shouldn’t really need it; the app works reliably.
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3 years ago, Bess55
Even on full size iPad, the display is pretty awkward, as the clues and solution really can't fit on the screen. I was disappointed in the puzzles themselves. Some were fine but a big chunk of them are in Spanish and too many are heavily British in word choice, clues, and sometimes spelling. I especially hated the ones by Cyn, attempting a show-off humor, usually with a British slant that left the clue incomprehensible even after I'd solved the puzzle from the other words.
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6 years ago, Nat.Venger
Great for crossword lovers
I find that this app is a great way to do something crossword-like on my phone - I find acrostics to be a little annoying on paper due to double-entry and crosswords to be a pain on my device somehow. But work this it has a good dynamic quality and, if you get the right ones, challenging enough.
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2 years ago, zihua pedro
Outstanding customer service
I have subscribed to their games for years and love them. I reached out with a question about replaying some and got a response within minutes that addressed my query. Great customer service and great games and format.
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3 years ago, BubbleBrainBooBoo
Finally! Great Crostics!
Absolutely wonderful, free crostics! Not too hard, not too easy, good features like "Hints" and "Erase Errors", works smoothly, easily, and without bugs, very large variety of quality puzzles, no hokey, kluged-together, forced word clues. Highly enjoyable!
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5 years ago, Kymm01
Great puzzles!
I love these. They have varying levels of difficulty, from moderately challenging through holy cow how does anyone know this?? It’s also very easy to get in touch with Customer Service when you have issues or suggestions. Two thumbs up!!
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2 years ago, Barkfeather
What is happening?
Been playing this for a while now and really like it, but just purchased more Puzzle Baron acrostics and now the app shuts down right after I try to start it. ???
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3 years ago, InsomniacFox
Love this
So happy to find acrostics here. My only wishes are to make the little squares of the quote bigger for my old eyes…and to have more easy ones available. Otherwise brilliant.
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5 years ago, pwmeek
No ads ever!
What a concept! This gets one of my VERY rare 5-star ratings. Four for the excellent puzzle format and the fifth for being straightforward about revenue. I will gladly pay for actual puzzles (a few bucks for 50 puzzles is a pretty good deal). I won’t have my day polluted by in-app ads EVER!
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5 years ago, wwertyuip
Latest update
The latest update is an improvement, but why are the Puzzle Baron volumes listed randomly instead of sequentially—volume 1, volume 2, etc. It’s a pain looking for a particular puzzle. The arrangement you had before the latest updates was much more user friendly!
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2 years ago, TayikLusa
This is one of my favorite puzzle types, and the app makes it easy to play. I would LOVE it if there were a way to hide puzzles I do not wish to solve, however. There seems to be no way to do this,.
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3 years ago, Llfin
Fun game
Challenging game for those who like crossword and cryptogram puzzles! Once you complete the starter pack you have to purchase more puzzle packs to keep playing, but they’re not too expensive for what you get.
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5 years ago, Farceide
“Erase Mistakes” — great innovation.
I rarely buy games (so many free ones out there) but these are irresistible, and a bargain. Even the two-star games are challenging, and the four-stars are solvable! The “Erase Mistakes” function is a great addition. Overall, a word-game fan’s playground.
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4 years ago, amateur etymologist
Acrostic review
Too many of the puzzles are UK English-oriented and as such may be a bit more obscure to us ignorant colonists lol! They’re fun but sometimes the “hard” ones are easier than the “easy “ ones. Great good fun nonetheless. Thanks!
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6 years ago, juniorwarden
Baron Vol 3
This is a terrible app. It hangs up between views of the clue and quote screens, often does not present the keyboard, and does not scroll through the list of clues. Those are the technical problems, and the definitions are another matter. The developer should study the Wortman or Kingsley puzzles to learn how precision makes double crostics enjoyable.
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2 years ago, lkjdlj
Don’t need an eraser
Real enjoyment. Only wish the words wouldn’t slide up and have to pull it down every time I use the keyboard
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2 years ago, CindyRosanne
Acrostics app problem.
I have been enjoying this app for at least two years. Now all of a sudden I cannot see the list of my Unsolved Puzzles. Need help with this or I can no longer select a new puzzle and play the app.
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3 years ago, Bhfstuii
Some games in Spanish
The fact that I can’t play a whole set of the games because I don’t speak Spanish takes it down a star for me. The games I can play are very fun.
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1 year ago, Idontwant12345678
Loved as a kid
These are some excellent puzzles. My mother used to buy these magazines and I’d spend hours trying to figure them out. Fun to see them in an app. However some of the puzzles are very dated.
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9 months ago, Kmsrae
I do these daily, why did you take away my volumes? If this is a new system it stinks. I would like my volumes back Linda Hoffman
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2 years ago, SammL310
My favorite game, but it’s been a week since it would open. Deleted twice, re-downloaded, rebooted the phone, chanted magic incantations, laid on hands, burned incense… Nothing! Tap to open. BLINK! Gone!! Help, please.
Show more
4 years ago, pkgoode
It would be nice if this worked
Paid 3.99, downloaded a set, and couldn’t open it. Stupidly, I thought the problem might be on my end, and downloaded another set. Same non-result. Apple support shrugged, told me it wasn’t their problem, and pretty much recommended that I give a 1-star review and hope that the developer responded and took some responsibility. We’ll see.
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4 years ago, angorahead
Why do some puzzles slip into Spanish from time to time? Thanks for the answer, love doing the puzzles.
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3 years ago, LetsDoLunch
Great app!
I love this app for doing acrostics! It’s a lot easier to use than doing the puzzles on paper. Additional puzzles are reasonably priced.
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5 years ago, Hurri47
2.3.1 update is great
(Posted as separate review because I can’t edit my old one) Great game is great again. Very responsive developer is very responsive. And fast.
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6 years ago, Kinzkup
Great app!
Nothing annoying about it! Challenging mix of puzzles, just wish there were more!
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6 years ago, NanaPam6
Puzzle order
I am annoyed that I cannot choose which puzzle to work on.
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6 years ago, Willyum3
First rate puzzles
These are the best online source for acrostics I have found. Almost on a par with the ones that Charles Preston used to compose for the Washington Post.
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12 months ago, Lcfree2
Great App!
I really like this game and it’s interface. Puzzles are challenging and fun. Please add a daily challenge and you would earn five stars!
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5 years ago, der woo
Love The New Format
I love the new format that organizes puzzles by difficulty level and puzzle provider... A really nice enhancement to my favorite puzzle app!
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4 years ago, FarkelOrtler
Glad I found this
I’m enjoying these acrostics very much. They are addicting!
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4 years ago, Kstsum
Not very many puzzles with each difficulty level. And I don’t speak Spanish, so I wish there was a way to remove those from my puzzle list.
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12 months ago, whtchicago
Best game ever!!
Such a great challenging puzzle!! Puzzle Baron is the best one, due to size of puzzles and fitting on cell phone!
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6 years ago, AlexB4591
Great diversion
Wordplay is my bag, and this app meets my needs. Convenient, easy to operate, varying levels. I play it every day.
Show more
2 years ago, LuvingThisiPhoneThing
Can’t open now
Just purchased a new puzzle pack and the app won’t open now. I’ve enjoyed this app immensely until today.
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