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RealPage, Inc.
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ActiveBuilding

4.5 out of 5
19.1K Ratings
3 years ago, rachicole
Does not remember login info
I was very pleased with the app, but recently it has stopped remembering my login information. I have an iPhone 11 and it does not have an option for facial recognition, only finger touch which is not available on my phone. I used to used facial recognition perfectly well, but not it is not an option for some reason. That is my only complaint. After the update 2 months ago, it now remembers by log in info, but still does not use facial recognition. But this is a step in the right direction!
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2 years ago, ganjaE
Incredible. Update
Developer responded to review, appreciate the dedication to their user base. The previous lag issues seem to have been mitigated for now; some app buttons continue to be very slow to load. Example: After logging in, clicking the Messages button on the top right corner frequently takes at least 15 seconds to load; behavior persists across other app elements as well, such as the Make A Payment button on the left column (and generally most buttons within that column exhibit this same behavior as well). Original review below: iPhone 13 pro. The app was working fine before the unnecessary visual refresh. It was snappy, responsive, and logging in took less than a few seconds. With the most recent updates of the app it now takes at least 30 seconds to initialize, then scans Face ID, then at least another 30 seconds to log in. Continues to impress that you can intentionally make an update to something working well, then make a massive overhaul that breaks it. Your team definitely has their priorities straight. Fantastic.
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2 years ago, Crooked Muse
Potentially good app hampered by poor implementation
As the title says, this app proves important functionality and could have cool community features, but it’s held back by an awful user experience. I only open the app the pay rent, and it’s always something I approach with trepidation. For example: today is the first so I need to pay rent. Upon opening the app, I have to wait 30 seconds just to reach the main menu. Not a huge deal, but even apps loading much more data start up faster. When you tap any of the the menu options, you’re treated to several more seconds before you’re taken to a new page. Sometimes this won’t work at all. Today I’m unable to pay rent because every time I go to the payment portal, the app loads indefinitely. I’ll have to try again later. Maybe this is the result of Active Building not having fierce competition, which also means my review doesn’t really matter. You pretty much have to use it if your landlord decides to. Still, it’s pretty annoying that something viral to my life works so poorly.
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3 years ago, Scarletdamien95!
App isn’t the word I would use
I have used apps for other apartments before. The last one I used a good interface and was hardly ever glitchy. But with this app each time I use it I have to not only re login like it’s the first time but the majority of the time it doesn’t even load the actual part of this app. I just get a white screen, I have tried resetting the app and even turning off my phone but I just have to try again at a later time. I do like that you can do whatever you could possibly need through the app for your apartment. But for the most part I don’t really use those features more so just paying the rent. So once a month I have to run into this same issue over and over again. Also I don’t know if it’s just the place I live at or this actual app but the service fee for using a debit card is so high. My other apartment app only cost me 3.75 this one is asking for 86??!!! For what? It doesn’t even work half the time. This app is pretty much garbage. Like I said earlier I love the things you can do on the app but if you can never use it what’s the point.
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4 years ago, Dragfire87
Not good
I’ve only been using the app for a couple months to pay rent. The app is in serious need of an update to fix stability and the constant crashing. Pages won’t load properly and it took days for the app or webpage to work in the proper manner. A couple times it said online it was unable to access page and to check the address and retry. That’s just unacceptable. How can companies expect us to use this app to do things when it’s not easy to figure out and has a ton of stability issues. When scrolling through a page, it goes out of the ‘box’ on screen like it wasn’t programmed properly and it was half minded in development. Thoroughly unimpressed. If you have to download it like I did, I am sorry. Just know it’ll be very glitchy. Also, don’t expect your landlord to be able to offer any assistance as mine told me ‘idk’ when asked what I should do with the app not working properly. Just wanted to share my opinion on this app. I hope they can fix all these issues and deliver a proper product. Otherwise they should just use Venmo or cash app instead for mobile rent payment.
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1 year ago, cocopanda12
Hard to navigate, some minor bugs
This app mostly works, so I guess that’s a plus…but it’s pretty confusing to navigate. The design language and UI is really inconsistent/unclear, and it’s pretty obvious that most pages in the app are just web frames. I’m guessing some of the confusing UX comes from allowing apartment managers to customize for their building, but if that’s the case, ActiveBuilding should put more guardrails on to make it more foolproof. Also, there’s a bug when updating account info - it seems like phone numbers are auto-formatted from XXXXXXXXXX to (XXX) XXX-XXXX. However, if you try to update any other info on your account after the phone number has already been saved and auto-formatted, it shows an “invalid phone number” error. Reformatting the phone number back to XXXXXXXXXX allows the form to submit, so it seems like the phone number field validation doesn’t accept its own reformatting.
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3 years ago, Karinaofarc
Ugly UI, Extremely buggy, terrible workflow
This app is a terrible user experience and it just keeps getting worse. At login, I must click the login button before I can enter credentials (poor flow - just let the user immediately add them) and am taken to an email entry and password page. After entering my email and password, I am taken to an external web page to do it all again (seriously!?). If I attempt to use biometrics (which I set up twice before) to login, the app crashes. The UI in general seems as though they threw an app wrapper around a desktop website. There are areas where items overflow the viewport. The app scroll is buggy. Many of the workflows have dead ends or crash when I try to return to the main page. Many UI elements are too small. The icons and buttons are smaller than my fingers; and I have small hands. The page slide menu feels squished. It’s obvious this was not created with any though for how the user would be using it and it definitely was not designed for mobile. When I try to delete a message, the entire screen horizontally scrolls and shows all delete buttons. When I press delete it does not always work and I need to press multiple times. Etc, etc… It seems this app was thrown together and is not maintained. It’s not worth putting on you phone. Use the desktop web app. Or better yet, ask your property managers to choose another platform for community engagement.
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4 months ago, Conweezzy203
Data scraper app - shared with other major rental corporations - beware
This app is purely a data scraper. The main purpose is to collect your data and share it with other apps that belong to real page, leasing desk, chirp, and many others. I suggest you read your terms and conditions very closely on this app. Not only does this app create a portfolio on you(add an aggregate level so they say). They monitor your rent payments and all activity. And share it with other property companies such as Greystar, all to fuel the Camden property real estate investment trust. Oh, and by the way, the company pays zero dollars in tax. Be aware when you use this app it nation with the other apps that are designed by the same app developer Geo location, payment information, trends, personal health information, personally identifiable information when they aggregate your information which is shared, traded, sold to various third parties with totally different privacy, policies and additional/different terms, and conditions.
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3 years ago, Chrisjby
Mediocre for what it is
This app is notorious for forcing me to log in every time I need it. It never remembers me or attempts a biometric login. It's also likely to take a few tries to get in. If you try to view pictures on a post, the window just crashes. It's clunky. If you open a forum post and then back out, you're starting from the top again. The interface reminds me of first generation mobile websites. It doesn't really make things any easier for me at all. The only reason that I keep it at this point is to pay rent. If I had an alternative way to do so, this app would exit my phone immediately. The experience is shaky at best from the moment that you open it until you tune you minimize or close it. Apps should promote digital options and self-service. This one makes me want to go back to writing checks.
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4 months ago, BrooklynJL02
Used to work
For a while, the was the best way for me to contact my property manager with any questions or concerns I had. When you clicked something, it would load quickly and there weren’t any bugs that I noticed. Recently, I tried to send a message to my property manager to ask another question and had several issues that were bad enough that I gave up trying to contact her through the app. It no longer gives you the option to type a new message. I can only see existing ones that I haven’t deleted. I tried to delete the few existing messages that I had to see if that would allow me to construct a new message, but I couldn’t do that either. Swiping on and/or tapping “delete” would just open the message. It seems that recent updates have made the app unusable, at least in my case. How unfortunate, considering it used to be a good app.
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2 years ago, liya'h
Seems more like a slow browser than an app..
I love the idea of my apartment complex having an app for us to use to access different things like payments, amenity reservations, and messages. However, the app moves very slow. It operates more-so like an outdated internet browser than a modern phone app. Each page loads so slowly..even when I just try to switch from the home tab to the rewards tab. It isn’t a smooth transition like your typical app. Our complex introduced the app last year as a social media type of application for us to use. It doesn’t operate like one though. It has exciting features, but the mechanics of the app could use some touch ups. Also, I don’t like having to log in every time I open the app. I’ve enabled Face ID, but it doesn’t make a difference. I hope to see improvements! It’s a great idea… it just needs tweaking.
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2 years ago, Tchenowith
Improved Login?
The app was pretty good until the “improved login” was brought into the mix. Now it’s a 5-10 minute job to get logged in. It never remembers me. So then I have to manually login at which time It takes me out of the app and into the internet to login. Sometimes that opens correct sometimes it doesn’t. So after trying to get that to link over correctly so I can login I then say a little prayer hoping to remember my logins. (that part is on me) The point is using the app has become very difficult at best. If I hadn’t used the app prior to the “improved login” I would have given it one star because logins in is that bad. But once you get in there the app works great. Getting in is the huge hurdle with this app right now. Please fix it or or roll the version back to the old one.
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2 years ago, Md Mamun Biswas
Service quality and app update.
This app gave me really bad experience. I was trying to check my maintenance request and check account status and found long outage, because they are updating the app without notices. However, after the outage I paid my rent through the app on 2nd July, and I did that twice before that. However, 8th July, I got a email that the payment has been returned and they charged me 175$ late fee. I talked to leasing office, they confirmed me, it was not from them. It might be from activebuilding app. I called them, and after a long waiting and lot call transferring they told me I put my account number twice wrong!!! I checked my notebook where I wrote down the account number, it was exactly same like other months. Long story short, the service, update notification and payment dealing was pretty bad. Really bad experience!
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3 years ago, Kairi Yurunoji
Wouldn’t even call it an “app”
This app is hardly even worth calling an app. It is basically just a web browser interface inside a little square app button. They also claim to have “improved the login process” yet I’ve been trying for 10 minutes to log in and it keeps freezing and reloading and sending me back to the splash page to log in again. You’d be better off just using the website through your apartment’s resident portal, which is the exact same interface but actually functional. I’m just glad that we’re moving so I won’t have to deal with this “app” anymore. Two stars only because it used to at least work to let me pay my rent (you know, back when I could get into it), even if it was just a webpage in an app button.
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2 years ago, JCAJ_15
Remains Subpar
Despite the latest improvements, the app remains subpar. I was hopeful when I saw the app change colors and I didn’t have to log in 1000x times but it doesn’t matter if the user experience isn’t improved after login. When I delete messages, I can’t do it in bulk which is a problem and since I’m forced to delete them one at a time the whole screen moves to the side making me choose “delete” twice. Also, when my community post events I can’t add them to my calendar. Our community doesn’t use this app’s features to the fullest because of so many issues. Maybe this review will help. The potential is there, I have no clue why it isn’t improved. iOS16 is coming soon and I hope this app can keep up.
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3 years ago, Main Mouse Fan
Great idea. Poor implementation
Been using the app since August of 2020. It’s super convenient to have something like this for submitting maintenance requests and reservations for pool and gym time. That’s where it starts to go downhill. Logs me out every time despite having Face ID turned on. Have to click on links twice because the first time they’re not found. Despite being logged in and having all my info on the profile it makes me enter name , address, phone, email for every submission. Most of the time you can’t exit the screen so you have to close app and log back in again. What could be so smooth and easy is made a clumsy and cumbersome process.
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10 months ago, Elly101
Useless App; can’t pay rent
Lets start with the login: no matter how many times I hit “remember me” and “enable touch ID,” it still takes me from the app to my browser to manually log in EVERY. TIME. I have not been able to pay a bill once through ActiveBuilding. No matter what card I try to enter, it tells me there’s an error and that something is incorrect. Even after I’ve triple checked all my information, to the point it couldn’t have been more accurate if my bank itself filled it out. Oh, and there’s no way of seeing the exact amount you owe until you’ve entered your information and are on the payment screen—only to have the above mentioned payment method rejected. My balance ALWAYS shows $0, even on the first of the month. On my husband’s phone he’s been able to pay with card a few times, but they charge a $40 convenience fee so we wanted to get a money order to pay instead. We had to call the office to find out our balance because the app wouldn’t show it on either of our phones. What kind of app is so complicated, it takes you back to the stone age with payment options just to get rent paid?
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3 years ago, louisnickname
Does not work most of the time
My biggest gripe with this app is the login experience. The login page has a biometric login option and a “remember me” box, but neither of those two things work. Every time I close the app, I’m forced to log back in. It never attempts to use Face ID To speed up the process. If that isn’t annoying enough, the login page does not work half the time. It forces you into an embedded browser to log in, and after entering my information I am often met with a blank screen that never moves to the next step. This isn’t ideal when you’re trying to use the app to pay rent. If I didn’t need this application to pay my rent for my apartment, I would never use it.
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1 month ago, Texas Deer Warrior
Unnecessary Information
When setting up for a credit card to pay rent the app attempts to get you to fill out mandatory cells for phone number and date of birth. I suggest giving fake information as I did the second time, no one needs your phone number and date of birth to process a credit card. This information is most likely sold. The first time I submitted my correct information, my credit card was compromised and identity stolen. The perpetrator was able to use all the credit card info along with my date of birth to change my account password and access my card. So when I went to put the new issued credit card information I put false info in, they definitely don’t need your date of birth.
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1 year ago, Cameron9867
Very frustrating, terrible app
Have to use this to access my apartment’s rent payment portal as well as emails from management. It’s a slow, user-unfriendly, frustrating app. It’s unpredictable how it’s going to behave and to be honest, it’s really not hard to create an app that responds to a tap immediately. You tap the screen, 30 seconds later it loads your selection. It’s actually so bad that I’m taking the time out of my day to write a review for it. Tried to pay my rent and of course the app didn’t work so I’m having to visit the website instead (which I often have to do). If I’m going to have to spend 15 minutes to make a payment, I might as well stop by here and tell everybody how bad this app is. Thanks for nothing.
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2 years ago, Lizzie_emk
Needs lots of improvement
Honestly, I just wish my apartment complex would use a different service honestly. This app is clunky. I have to login every time, even after telling it to remember me! It’s like playing Russian roulette every time you go to load a page. Will it open? Will it crash? It’s a 50/50 chance. There hasn’t been an update in at least half a year! Bug fixes are needed for sure, and a notification system would be a nice addition. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s been doing something screwy with the payment portal, because it keeps showing constantly changing feedback as to how much I’ve paid vs the balance even on old payments? It’s probably going to completely stop working pretty soon at this rate.
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3 years ago, BaDouble
This app needs improvement!!
Been using it for a year now and at first it was ok. Recent updates have had some quality issues. The app use to be able to have face ID open it. Now the app requires you to click to have it put your email and password. Once done sometimes the app loads all the way and sometimes it doesn’t. I rely on this app to schedule my gym sessions. I don’t remember the date and time so I can back in to double check. The app has not been able to load completely for 20 mins now. I understand these are common issues with apps but this keeps happening on a regular basis.
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3 years ago, Moldynachoz
Terrible app
The more I use this app, the more I hate it. I have to enter my credentials a minimum of 3 times each time I want to access my property’s portal. There’s no facial recognition and the “remember me” checkbox is useless because it never actually remembers me. Multiple times a week I try to login and it just doesn’t let me. No error message, no visible reason why; it just stays on a blank screen and won’t let me do anything. God forbid you do log in and accidentally hit “back”. Then you gotta log in all over again. Whoever is managing the development team needs to be fired. I shouldn’t need to be redirected to a web browser to login. This should all be done via the app and facial recognition needs to be added already. Seriously.
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3 years ago, Lovs nd basketball
Is there no one you guys can hire to create an actual app. This is 2021 and there are no app developers that you guys can sit down with and discuss making an actual working app. It should never be this hard to login in. The new iPhones don’t even have finger Touch ID so why would that even be an option, it doesn’t even work. It takes about 10 mins just to try and log in. And it’s sad that a business isn’t even reading these comments because they all say the exact same thing. In no way should your overall rating be 4 stars. Idk who you’re paying to delete ratings and comments but you need to use that money elsewhere and call up someone to create an actual app, because this is just pathetic...
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4 years ago, CardiganHoarder
So Hard to Use
I have the biggest problem with applications that require timely payments not working when those timely payments are due. The log in section is so messy and hard to use that it decides to give up on itself and then doesn’t log me in. When it finally does log me in, it takes so long that the app decides to crash. When I choose to manually enter my email and password I get a bad gateway and I can’t use the app. When I am logged in, maneuvering through the app is quite difficult and lags when I try to go from one page to another. Now I have to pay rent and I can’t? Especially now, paperless and contactless transactions are super important and this app makes it impossible to do either.
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3 years ago, steven p 36
Gone from great to barely mediocre
This was once a great app. The web service itself is still great, but this app has declined substantially. It no longer saves your login info. It will no longer work with fingerprints or facial recognition. You have to enter your login information every time single you use it, sometimes multiple times in one use. Once you are able to login, it’s usually fine, but sometimes it will just go to a blank white screen and timeout and you have to login again. Again, the web service works just fine. The app, however, needs an overhaul. The last few updates have been large steps backwards.
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3 years ago, Trippx13
Horse fecal matter
This app has been nothing but clunky and glitchy since day one of download. No updates actually do anything to help. Only use is to make sure that the apt complex get their money. That’s all. They will use cheap cr-apps like this to save on their end and keep making money. So if the app “development” team is getting peanuts. Why make a good app. I can’t check and file like my lease, check community wall, or event just submit an maintenance request for anything. It will crash, freeze, or my favorite is when logging in. It does save info for quick loggings, or will freeze after credentials and just gives a white blank page. Like it’s eyes flipped to the back of its head and went full stupid and stopped working.
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4 years ago, Veryyyyimpressedcustomer
Difficult to use
In order to login you have to authorize ActiveBuilding to access your ActiveBuilding account. ??? You essentially are logging in four times each time you want to use the app. Additionally, if you click on a tab in the app, there’s no back button or close button, so you have no choice but to close the app if you want to get out of the page. Things are hard to find too. When making an account the app asked if I wanted my profile to be viewable to my neighbors, yet despite looking everywhere I can think of, I can’t find any page that shows neighbors. Either they asked for permission to put me on a page that doesn’t exist, or there needs to be an accessibility revamp.
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6 years ago, Yalondo Orito
Great App
It’s really a good app as an concierge, only thing is, they should freelance the scrolls, rather than have it set to a lock feature, so it’ll be more freedom, rather than, me finding myself; click scrolling on the screen to get to a residents unit number that’s all the way at the bottom, when it could be faster service. Also notices; the software itself, gives wrong tracking numbers, to a point where I’m being questioned by my residents about it, which brings confusion. Although it’s a great software, there’s allot of pros and cons to every successful app, out there in the market.
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3 years ago, MilkdotWhole
Glorified Browser
For my building, we use this app service for payments and community. This appIs essentially a web browser with extra buttons. There is no need of experience that sets us apart from other applications. ResidentPortal makes a good effort to make the experience more mobile, but the ActiveBuilding app is honestly more painful to use than simply opening Safari and signing in. FaceID does not function as intended. Login credentials are not actually remembered. When you finally sign in, they forget to dismiss the keyboard toolbar. If you press the small “done” button at the bottom, it will just log you out and close the webview. I uninstalled and just made a bookmark in safari. Much easier to use, ironically.
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3 years ago, Jolie Pips
Login Doesn't Work
I'm only giving this app two stars because once you've logged in it's pretty simple and easy to navigate- However, logging in, which you have to do in order to use the app, is extremely tedious and often doesn't work. Even if you check "Remember me", the app will still log you out and and you'll be met with a blank screen. I have to keep deleting and redownloading the app in order to log in, only to be kicked out again and again. What's the point in having the app if you can't get past the login screen? Please notify me when this issues been fixed and then we'll see if my review changes.
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3 years ago, This app is terrible now
Developers need to update this
This app is so buggy it’s not even funny. In fact it’s gotten magnitudes more buggy after the updates since I downloaded it last year. Sure it’s a convenient app to pay rent and what not. But it takes me like 6-10 tries to log in sometimes. And then the log in screen bugs out and changes the format of the button to a super simple grey background button and puts all the objects on the screen overlapping each other. Not sure what’s going on but it’s been like this for a few months and it is progressively getting worse.
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2 years ago, DallasRenee
Not sure just yet
At the moment Flex is blaming ActiveBuilding for their system changes not working with Flex and therefore Flex’s users such as myself!!! When I thought my rent was being paid by Flex to ActiveBuilding for the last two months it hasn’t happened as it was working prior to these past two months & now has cost me a LOT of extra fees as well as revived an eviction notice because of it all…both of these apps that supposedly work together need to get this issue resolved and quick as you could be losing business since this is no way to run a business!!!
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2 weeks ago, Pingz01
Payment history
The app is great since it enables us to schedule rental payment online. However information on payment page has some room for improvement: i) the page should show not only the date when a user scheduled the payment but also for which month. As a user I have to open each page for detail; ii) it should also show to thee user the history of past payments, at least within a given year; iii) in-process payment should not be labeled inactive. This is very confusing.
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1 year ago, Vhabrxs
Poor UI
I am accustomed to using BuildingLink was which was very basic and lacked functionality and this is far worse. It is not a real app. It is a mobile optimized website. There is no off-line functionality. I am unable to locate a way to receive badges or notifications for packages nor integrated email or text alerts for them. The most important functionality beyond packages is maintenance requests and our building unfortunately did not activate. The community board should be broken down into sections such as buy/sell, service recommendations and announcements. There should be an option to pay for building services and amenities using PayPal , Zelle, etc in addition to rent.
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2 years ago, zeriahs.mommy
I would give 0 stars
This app is single-handedly the worst app I’ve ever had to use. Yes, I have to use it because my apartments require us to make payments through this app. The user interface is outdated, worse than Facebook circa 2008. It crashes every time I try to go to any page that isn’t the home page and most of the time the home page doesn’t load either. For an app developed by a company as big as real page, I expected something better. It’s been years that this app has been called clunky and outdated yet there seems to have been no improvements. There are good apps out there and there are good app developers, maybe do some market research and hire successful app developers.
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3 years ago, DeathCat2025
Good app. Terrible login process
This app is actually pretty great once you’re able to get into it. The functions of managing your lease and payments is pretty nice and easy to use. However, half the time I am unable to get the app to operate correctly. It does not save any of your biometric preferences or login info no matter how many times you select the save option. It has you log in about 3 different times before it pulls up your account and then it doesn’t always open. It will just sit on a blank, white page no matter how many times you close out the app or refresh the page. It’s very inconvenient and frustrating.
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3 years ago, kjbey
Good idea but needs improvement
The idea is good and I like being able to pay rent and have all the info I need in one app. However, the app itself does not function well. When logging in, if I’ve logged in recently it gets stuck and continually goes back and forth between the login page and asking if this is me. I’ve asked it use face ID but it never does, I have to manually log in every time. In the app, if I open a picture it gets stuck on the picture and won’t let me get back to the main page without closing out the entire app and then re-logging in. Overall, a good idea but needs improvement.
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1 year ago, Unicorn S
I really hope people get rid of this app
If you pay rent through this app by using a credit or debit card, you will be charged a convenience fee, and the convenience fee is not fixed. It will charge you different amount depends on what card and bank you use. Let me share my personal experience. They charge me $8 by using a credit card, but the second time they charge me $65 by using a debit card without any notice. I was trying to talk to the customer service for the support team, then I went through the entire app, there was no options for me at all. I don’t think this is the right app to use for paying rent or others. I would give 0 stars for this app.
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3 years ago, tammysou
Update Not Worth It
This app has gone through two updates and each one seemed more of a downgrade in regards to its intuitiveness. It makes you log in every time you open the app and when you do, sometimes it doesn’t go through. The page is blank and you would have to close it to repeat the process. The interface is lacking big time. The design looks better but it is not user friendly like it was before. Please fix to allow users to stay logged in, have settings to allow users to choose what they would like to see first (for example the community wall is important to see), and the log in window needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, rediranch
Old feature and buggy
The app needs to be updated. Old feature like Touch ID needs to be Face ID. Also, bug exists on iPhone when you look at a pic attachment on the community wall - once you open the pic you can't close it. You must forcibly close the app and reopen. Another bug happens when logging in. Sometimes after typing password it does to a blank white screen with a DONE button on upper right. You tap it and you go back to opening welcome screen asking you to log in. Will not let you log in at all when it does this, have to switch to the web version which works.
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2 years ago, Manda Miller
Need push notifications!
It is imperative that this app has the ability to opt in to push notifications for Community Activity, especially when people are replying to you directly in the Community message board. A perfect example: Someone received a package with my name on it, but wrong apartment number... so they posted to the message board that they had my package. One day later, I replied saying it was mine. But they never got a notification, so they returned the package back to the sender! If they had gotten a notification of my reply, I'd have gotten my package. Do you see the importance? Other common situations: Someone's dog is missing... Or someone saw something suspicious in the area... Or there is a weather emergency... It is incredibly important to have the ability to receive notifications on this app. Can you please figure this out for us? It would improve the app tremendously.
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3 years ago, iJillB
Well it used to work fine..then it broke...then it worked...and now it’s broken
Update: it worked for a while. But this “new update”...I can no longer login at all! Great job! Logging in used to be a breeze. It either never logged me out or it actually used Face ID properly. Then there was a major upgrade. Still haven’t figure out what was so major about it other than totally destroying login abilities. First time I’ll log in, it does Face ID properly and I’m in. If I close the app but don’t force quit the app, the next time I attempt to open the app, it prompts me to a log in screen. Then I have to go through the whole Face ID and password just to enter my password. I click submit. Then I get to a different login screen where I have to do it all over again. If I force quit the app it works properly. So here’s my request: if you’re going to force people to log in every time they open the stupid app, don’t make them go through 3 login screens. I’ll revise my rating when I stop having to login 3 times. Thanks.
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4 years ago, tnt125
Not compatible with screen readers absolutely horrible
As a person who is blind I use screen readers and was excited to see this accessible way to pay rent and manage my information. However when I try to login I find I am always kicked out and redirected to the website. It also does not typically let me use my fingerprint and doesn’t remember my login even though I tell it to. I am unable to pay my rent independently as the boxes are not labeled correctly for me to enter in amounts. The payments do not reflect what is actually due either so I can’t use the site to even get an accessible amount each month. I am using voice over on the iPhone se Second generation with the latest software.
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4 years ago, Megatron coolster
Great idea, crappy app
This app could be much better. When you tap on a photo that was posted, there is no way to exit out of the photo... no back button, no exit button, nothing. Sometimes if I swipe around it will exit the photo and put me back at the top of my feed, other time I have to completely quit the app and log back in just to get out of the photo. It’s also a 50/50 shot of whether a link will work or won’t even be clickable. The other features on the app are good and get the job done, but the photo portion needs to be revamped.
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3 years ago, jcrosenb
Login and navigation is non functional
This is possibly the worst app I've ever used. The login process executes a near infinite loop bouncing me back to the original login screen. And yes, my password is correct - 1 out of 10 times the login works. Selecting or unselecting the touch ID toggle doesn't seem to make a difference. Once I'm finally in the app, if I click on anything (a flyer posted by my building, for example), I'm unable to get back to the previous screen without clicking on "done" which, for some unintuitive reason, logs me out of the app entirely. Save yourself some time, and use this in the browser, where at least the website is marginally functional.
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3 years ago, Mblake3
Needs work
This app is extremely glitchy and hard to navigate through. Every time you try to log in it takes you to the internet instead of letting you log in from the app, itself. Every time I try to submit my log in credentials it acts like it’s going to log me in and then refreshes back to the original log in page or the app crashes. And no, this is not a phone issue, my roommate has the same problems. It’s nice to be able to pay rent and schedule services on an app but the app itself is not very user friendly and very frustrating to use.
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3 years ago, TN-0616-1606
Login / App Issues
Logging in always makes you have to login twice and there are always bugs (I.e. opening a photo on feed there isn’t a way to close it. You have to close the entire app and reopen, also there is no way to make a post, this hasn’t always been an issue just recently as no post button) they really need to work on their app as I’m sure this is how most access their accounts instead of using a desktop. I’ll be on lookout for update where issues get fixed. If not I’ll be contacting their app support team and get these fixed, it’s really annoying for me if you can’t tell.
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3 years ago, try to be smart
It doesn’t work
So I had to download this app for my new apartment and I needed to swap to a different email, which should be easy enough. Not with this app. I changed my password following management updating my login to the new email, and tried to login to the app with the new email. The system said it’s wrong. Tried again a couple hours later, and still says it’s wrong. I then tried to send the “forgot password” option but that email never came into the inbox, not spam filter. This app is supposed to make it easier but in reality going to the office, filling out paperwork for anything would be more streamlined than this app.
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3 years ago, MattyTacoBoy
How does a company make an app this bad.
I’m a renter that just needs basic functionality in an app. This, when it works, barely has that. It also rarely works. It’s the first of the month and there’s an error paying my rent. Cool right? I would’ve paid it a few days ago, but it just wouldn’t log me in. It would say I logged in successfully and then kick me back to step one and I’d have to do it all over again. I have to log in to my account every time I open the app. Remember me just doesn’t work, same with FaceID. The UI doesn’t scale properly on an iPhone 11. Just overall a terrible experience. Please use someone else, anyone else.
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