ACU of Texas Mobile Banking

4.9 (3.9K)
23.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Associated Credit Union of Texas
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ACU of Texas Mobile Banking

4.87 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
4 months ago, Stroemoe Sr.
Manager and crew
The manager and the crew that worked there are very professional. They make my day every day when I go there no matter what it is they always willing to help and they always on top of their game. No pun intended but great customer service there at your Deer Park area, my name is Robert Estrelló. I’m sure you know that and thank you and merry Christmas.
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4 years ago, NathanG99
Great app! Except...
This app is great and is easy to navigate. You can customize account names, deposit checks, transfer money and more. Except the only negative thing I have to say about this app is that the Face ID does not work. The Face ID option will show up, scan your face, but then not log in. You have to manually type your password in every time. It’s doesn’t make this app unusable at all. It can just get annoying to type in your password every time when the app makes you think you can actually just use Face ID. And for that minor gripe. 4 stars.
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3 years ago, simpvic
My thoughts
It would be so good it it was more of them on each side of town in Houston Tx and that’s because Houston is so big that it should be no problem to open more of them that’s the main thing for me!
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4 years ago, 87coog
They have it all
The perfect credit union. They have everything a customer could ask for and great customer service
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11 months ago, Word2Life
All is well. My only reason for not putting five stars is because when I’m doing a payment transfer for future transactions I’m unable to put the reason in the memo for references.
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4 years ago, Biscuite Shlover
Very easy to use
I’ve never had a problem with the app. It’s never been laggy , slow . I have also never been kicked out of the app
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1 year ago, Skycsam
Love ACU
They make everything easy always responsive and courteous I am glad I made the switch to them
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3 years ago, lulu123***!!!
Pretty good
Love the app except I lost the deposit button. I’ve reinstalled the app several times and it still won’t allow me to deposit checks via the app. So sad🥺
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4 years ago, Glorie S.
New app
I downloaded the new app, and now I can't get to the logon screen. Guess I'll have to go to the bank for help.
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4 years ago, Idiot Proof App!
Excellent Customer Service
The Pearland team at ACU is phenomenal. Jeremy and his staff always go above and beyond to make my visit efficient and productive. Thank you!
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4 years ago, ritgar60
Everyone at different locations that I have been to have been great.. polite.. and as helpful as they could be
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4 years ago, TurtleGS2
Plz make Apple Watch compatible
Everything looks great but plz bring Apple Watch compatible again in future update👍
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4 years ago, Bwn994816
Almost perfect
Mobile bill pay quit working around COVID time. Just haven’t stopped to call about fixing it. Not sure the issue.
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2 years ago, Longhorn 62
I enjoy banking at ACU-Texas. They have an excellent group of staff members and Derrick Taylor is an excellent manager. I recommend this credit union to my friends.
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4 years ago, Jbos0521
Change back to the old app
The new app doesn’t reflect current banking activity, takes several days for transactions and deposits to show up on the app. The platform as a whole isn’t nearly as user friendly as the old app was. Much harder to do anything on this new app.
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4 months ago, Dleigh28
Love ACU
I love that all tellers and other staff are professional and help with all areas of my banking needs!
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3 years ago, zxcvbnmkljhgfdsaqwwertyuiop
Best credit union in town
ACU is the best credit union I have been a part of. Great staff, great rates, and fantastic products & services.
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3 years ago, eratra7
Union carbide employee and credit union members since 1969
Been very well satisfied since 1969,good service and always friendly👍
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10 months ago, EG1 BEBé
Great full
I am happy with the great customer service.
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2 years ago, Comfort Suite
Respect deaf customer
They made me inspired for their helping and great service awesome I love their bank company
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1 year ago, js3425
This is the best baking app ever it is informative always up-to-date. I love it.
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8 months ago, J niners
Th The bank is great, and the people are great ! professional courtesy at all times 🙏🏾
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4 years ago, diana6673
The employees are very friendly and attentive ! Make me feel welcome every time I go in !
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2 years ago, gemjp39
No Zelle option
The update is supposed to provide a Zelle option but there’s nothing.
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3 years ago, Gladys Glover
This app my my life easier 😊
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3 years ago, maddog industries
The best
They never fail to help me out!
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4 years ago, Eight Star
Excellent banking services and more!
Thank you all staff at ACU TX at cypress! Excellent services and wonderful customer service reps! 😍😇🙏🏼
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9 months ago, DWW7075
Could be better
Want let me deposit checks via the app! It is supposed to but it will not. I have removed and redownloaded the app a couple of times! Ugh!
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4 years ago, card lober
New member
5 start eating. Excellent customer service.
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4 years ago, Streay foward
The old app was better
This new app is too cluster hard to tell what’s what and the remote deposit doesn’t even work for me . Very disappointed with this app
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4 years ago, happy acutx member
New home and mobile banking
Love the new app.
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8 months ago, HardinTexas
Review comment…
I love my ACU of Texas! Shot out to the 96 League City location!
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4 years ago, beatifulmunoz
Best customer service. Best banking
I love my bank. Best customer service best best tellers
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4 years ago, jwernard
The Greatest CU!
In all financial areas! Nuff said!
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11 months ago, Carina Vuong
Very helpful and the people are very nice
Their always there to help you out and that they are very supportive
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6 years ago, Breloves:)
Remote deposit???
I like the app because I can easily check how much money I have, see what I’ve spent it on & quickly make transfers. But where the heck is the remote deposit tab? It doesn’t exist. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, Kiwi Dragoness
Great account view, terrible remote deposit
I like that I can log in and get a quick overview of my account. I can click any check withdrawn and see the picture of it, which is handy when I forget a minor charge. The remote deposit has some issues. I didn’t have problems up until about 1-1.5 years ago, but since then it’s EXTREMELY frustrating to deposit. It constantly rejects my check saying “you need to endorse” even though I have. So I wind up putting the check on every surface and back ground color at every angle and in every degree of light for literally 5-10 minutes until the darn thing decides to accept the picture of the back as endorsed.
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5 years ago, Benny B good
Works Well
The app does what I need, without any trouble. The remote deposit worked 90% of the time, which is good since the closest branch is a bit far.
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8 years ago, Brekay1991
New update
I love the update! I can finally pay my credit card from the app rather than pulling out my laptop! Very user friendly!
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9 years ago, Miller007
Bug Fix
Everytime i open the app>mobile banking>enter mobile banking id>then when the time comes to type a password it kicks back saying my password is wrong just by tapping the text box before typing anything in
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11 years ago, JFAlexander
Finally Here
The Associated Credit Union of Texas finally has an App! It has everything that I personally need in one place (on my phone)!
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10 years ago, RootieTootieFreshNFruitie
Great bank. Horrible app
This app doesn't even show me all of my accounts that I have. Having to constantly type in my member name is a nuisance. I can understand the password but it needs a remember my member name option. Haven't tried to do any transfers on it yet but I think I'm better off just going to the website than use this app
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8 years ago, EthanElkins
I love the new update on the app it looks great
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5 years ago, Ponygurl14
Mobile deposit does not work
I don’t understand why no one can enable my mobile deposit. I’ve talked to the branches multiple times and the customer service ladies by phone, still nothing. I’m not near a branch such an inconvenience
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7 years ago, Becky_Hickman
Never a great app and now no remote deposit
They seem to have removed the ability to make deposits through the app. If not, they've made it difficult to find.
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9 years ago, Cgrace82
Stop working
The app stopped working weeks ago. I go to access it & all I get is a blank screen where the log in page use to be. Stinks ... Loved the app.
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11 years ago, Leah Ekstrom
Same problem
I cannot choose the "i agree" box, it won't scroll to the bottom to let me choose it. Please fix! Thanks!
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6 years ago, Ksanders462
Missing features
Downloaded the app because it stated that I can do mobile deposit. The function is not there! Waste of my time. Back to the bank I go.
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6 years ago, biunivoque
Not what advertised
I downloaded this app because it claimed to have a remote deposit feature, but this feature is NOT on this app anywhere. Worthless!
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8 years ago, Skoalkrushers
App doesn't work anymore
For a while the app opens and only shows blank spots. Please repair!
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