Acuity Insurance

4.8 (4K)
34.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Acuity Insurance

4.76 out of 5
4K Ratings
1 year ago, dvmidwest
Great company- competitive - excellent customer service
I (unfortunately ) had 2 claims- over the past few years Jeff the field rep has been very professional and has done an excellent job assisting me through the process- thanks Acuity!!!
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2 months ago, LNugh
Difficult billing and policy
When having multi-products insured the policy and billing method causes problems. A My mortgage providers are confused by your policy/billing. It appears that the amount due Acuity is the sum of multiple policies, therefore when the mortgage providers do their analysis for the upcoming year the inflated amount causes a shortage in the escrow account and an increase in my monthly mortgage payment or request for additional escrow funds. To further add to the problem this makes it difficult to pay what I am responsible for paying; my auto and umbrella policies. The representative at Acuity couldn’t understand that I only wanted to pay my auto and umbrella policies. The total due that she was telling me included a dwelling that Acuity had not been paid yet. They could not understand that. I could not get an amount due and pay for my…auto and umbrella policies.
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2 years ago, LarryY from WI
Top Insurance Insurance
Clean looking app. Easy to read & navigate. The beating heart is fun. Well organized. Graphic designers stayed off steroids and kept things simple with the customer in mind. Great. Other companies can learn a thing or two!
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4 years ago, Ltlsuez
Easy to use
This app is so easy to use. Any info you need is here. I had a claim and was able to see the notes of the person working it so I always knew what was going on.
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2 years ago, fax me
This is coming from an insurance agent of 8 years. Like most I got lazy and stopped shopping. I found Acuity and so far so great! The service and pricing have both been amazing!
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6 years ago, STEV!
Can’t view selected payment options
When choosing how much to pay the bill, the option you select is a circle usually with a blue dot to show that you’ve clicked that option. This is the only app that I’ve made a payment that fails at that.
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3 years ago, Bob&LauraK
Great company
Janice is easy to talk to and understand. She is always available and we feel very comfortable with her as she is very knowledgeable. In our opinion, Acuity is a great company with excellent employees.
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1 year ago, mimigoose43
App payment
Paying with the Acuity app was quick and convenient!
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1 month ago, Luluohio
Easy to use
Nice interface, no confusion using this site.
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4 years ago, SalSal25
Acuity App
Was easy to set up and made payment without problems.
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5 years ago, 1Tots
I have been impressed with their competitive rates and the best customer service people of any insurance company I’ve ever dealt with!
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6 months ago, 1Packers
Easy to sign up
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1 year ago, MeMike1983
Waste of time
What is the point of making these insurance certificates if I still have to call in? Additionally, insured is not checked on the certificates that are being created so I have to call in anyways.
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1 year ago, Idaho insurance
Log in
I just set up the app. The app recognized my account. I created a password and 3 key question. Upon completion it wouldn’t allow me access. Perhaps it needs time to register.
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2 years ago, GM transport
Very convenient
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1 month ago, Nickshininger
Fantastic company!
We love Acuity. Amazing insurance company and awesome claims service. Great app
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3 years ago, teehee thompan
Steve Thompson
The first time I tried to use the app and I use my ID and password it did not work. Very upsetting with all the money I give you guys each year this happens. Not a happy camper. Thank God it wasn’t an emergency.
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5 years ago, allen vegas
Good service. High quality. I am glad that I was referred to this company
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7 years ago, Vikingqb7
Any chance we can have an app for agents too? It would great to provide additional services to our customers while we're on appointments! Thanks!
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3 months ago, Sulzy88
Application Problems
App times out after logging in
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3 years ago, Fact hound
I have 3 …. Where’s the menu to select the one I want to see???
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5 years ago, pgsfulcrum
Lowest quality app
Like a child would build a better app than this
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3 years ago, ShaggyMPD
Why is there a $5 fee to pay online? That’s crap
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1 month ago, Blrfamily
App won’t work log in and app shuts down
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3 months ago, on4984fbqawfr;on3r0
Keeps kicking me out.
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3 years ago, 330332
User friendly!
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8 years ago, Mojojl
Only a few functions of the app work consistently. The payment option rarely works, just takes you to a white screen. Same thing on the ID Card tab, white screen. Overall worthless, why release an app if it's not ready for showtime.
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9 years ago, Sabres on a
Freezes after log in
After you input your log in the app will freeze on the loading screen. Tried multiple times to log in with the same results. Can't rate zero stars, so 1 star until fixed.
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9 years ago, Julblam
Worst app I've ever downloaded. I have been trying for three days to sign in. I'll set my phone down and walk away while it's signing me in 15 minutes later it still trying to sign me in. This is a completely non-working.
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8 years ago, Edward Brey
Has basics, forgets easily
It would be nice if you remembered your login.
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3 years ago, Grumpy growly Mammabear
Daniel Hayden best agent ever!
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2 years ago, Kevin1088
Cannot Log In
I’ve had insurance with Acuity for a couple of years now. They’ve been great so I have 3 stars for service but I held back 2 stars because I cannot log in under the username and password I have chosen. I’m thinking the problem may be on their end so I’ll keep trying. It’s possible that they are experiencing updates but I’m really not sure, there is no notification for an update. I’m hoping I can log in to my account tomorrow.
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4 years ago, jjjjkkkkkgggggg
Fantastic customer service- timely & prompt
Fantastic customer service- timely & prompt
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4 years ago, xxxxxxxx cxxxxxxx.
Written premium change
We just called our agent to add a car. The statement came showing the amount as $768 for the car. When I went to pay $768 with a credit card online a received an error message saying the minimum was $899.50 and thought me out of payment schedule. I had to start all over again and this time I paid the $899.50 even though my bill was $768. The statement included my home insurance which is paid by the escrow department of the bank. I know the difference will be a credit someday. I did not appreciate being kicked out of payment program and wasting my time to reenter my data again when I knew $768 was the amount due by me and the remaining balance would be paid by the escrow company. Thank you! Bruce Bruce Ready
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5 years ago, Schneidds
Doesn’t work
Wow .....You need to fix this, first app I’ve seen that makes it so difficult to pay a bill.Too specific password limits, can’t enter security questions. I can’t even get sign up. Not what I expect from the service I’ve received in the past from Acuity.
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8 years ago, Insurance policy holder
Could be better
Thought this app would make my life easier. Not so much. A LOT of information has to manually filled to accomplish anything. If I'm making a payment or filing a claim I don't want to have to find my policy number or my Agency code, I may not have it on me. Being able to use my online login within the app and have the app verify my information would be more customer friendly and convenient. I would prefer auto-fill option whenever possible. The less typing and clicks the better. App could be very useful if modified to make customers experience simpler and with less typing.
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