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User Reviews for AdBlock for Safari

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11 months ago, Vixyswillie
Good - but needs status indicator
EDIT: Developer indicated that Apple does not allow the AdBlock icon to change color when Active vs Inactive. That's frustrating but I'm grateful for the Developer's feedback. FYI Apple - a bit more Developer leniency would be helpful in cases like these to enhance the user experience. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Works well for me - but why doesn't the icon gray out when I pause ad blocking? If I forget to turn it back on, the icon just remains blue and I forget that it's still paused. Please fix.
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1 month ago, Lord Jessemort
Be prepared to be locked down for life
Adblock is just absolutely insane. It takes the liberty of putting itself front and center when you're in the middle of something to require some sort of action. "Hey look at me I'm adblock, I'm on your computer! I need to be updated every day!" It's as if it needs me to be reminded that it's installed on my computer EVERY DAY by stopping everything I'm doing and putting itself on a new tab for me to look at or pop up as an app for some sort of notification. And what's worse is when you try to delete it, it WON'T Delete. It'll tell you something like "The app can't be installed because it's still being used." And even though i turn off the eextension, it still says that and will refuse to be installed. This app is awful, please do yourself a favor and do NOT install this.
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10 months ago, GoManBuster
Ad Block forever
Ad Block customer (forever). My MacBook and I - as an internet user(s) can never be without Ad Block. My daily 16 hours internet viewing and/or usage would not be as enjoyable, time efficient or educational - if I was constantly distracted with solitations, promotional items and marketing of products sent to me that I never need or will never purchase - I would not own a computer.
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1 year ago, Lazer Keyboard
Stopped Working
I've been using this specific adblock for years and although it works on some of the other machines I own it has stopped working as intended recently. Every now and then an ad would slip by which a quick refresh would fix but now ads still pop up but are blacked out with audio still coming from the ads. I don't think this recent behaviour is deserving of anything less than 3 stars but imo is no longer that 5 star product I used to love.
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3 months ago, Brimation
Adblock will bother you for a review
It's limited on iOS and I don't need reminders for reviews of my semi legal stuff. Make sure you support an open source one or a one time fee one or one that doesnt beg for reviews. The begging definetly showed some character. There is no longer an original rating. Only this 1 star for a company that can't resist subscriptions, emails, and whining for reviews. POSSIBLY RUSSIAN OWNED. The capitals are just for scrollers. Dont ask me for this stuff. It's part of your product. This makes your "AD" blocking trash. How you gonna advertise to people who hate ads? Leave us alone big business. Subscriptions. No roms. Tell me I cant put my hands in my pants if I have an iWatch on
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7 months ago, paulrm
Less functionality, pop-up ad for itself
Lately, more and more websites are not letting me in with AdBlock running. It's becoming less and less useful. Also in this version, it leaves a pop-up window which mainly advertises their VPN service. It's always there when the app starts up. An ad-block app which shows it's own ads. What's wrong with this picture?
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8 months ago, PrincessPeash
Adblock has been an amazing app to skip ads and prevent one in every video. I listen to music a lot and using adblock has helped me listen to music without and interuptions and have on repeat whenever I want. the only thing I dont like is that I have to pay to get 100% coverage. I cannot afford premuim so I am only getting the basic coverage which does work but i would like more than half without having to pay for it.
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2 months ago, Mak95ayla
I'm loving Ad & Tracker blocking
This app saves lots of time and lowers my anxiety when watching videos online. When watching video's, blocking the ad's that I'll never click on or visit streamlines the videos while keeping me intune to what i'm watching without distractions Thatks to everyone who contributes to making this app and keeping it updated to continue blocking YT Ads!
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4 months ago, kibort546
Blocks ads and then some
Does an amazing job at blocking ads but also tends to block more than I want to using the Safari browser. This is not necessarily an issue but it does such a good job blocking ads that sometimes it blocks any and all pop-ups (not ad-related), or political ads that a news site is analyzing that I need to use a different browser to access content. Thank you for your over-the-top service!
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2 months ago, princess peach "carcinogen"
good but not THAT good
My experience with the adblocker was somewhere in the middle, for popup ads, they open up a different site but dont load and the reason is "site blocked by a content blocker" which is my problem, another problem is that sometimes it just won't work most the the time I'll gets for bad sites and for movies and just malware in general, blocks ads well but not well enough.
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2 months ago, Jaunty_Al_Louetta
I fell for it EDITED
Just paid another 9.99 extra in AdBlock Pro for a year of ... What exactly? Here is the EDIT: OOPS! Apparently I had confused this product with an unrelated paid version which I had purchased. I apologize for the bad review. I have changed the rating to 5 stars because someone at Apple took the time to contact me and to set me straight. That was nice.
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1 year ago, vetusvates
A great app for many years
Adblock has been a great app for many years. I have it on all of my computers. It has performed an excellent task, that it was designed so well to do, without interfering with my computers' smooth functioning, which is not something I can say for other similar paid, but less than ideal, products.
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6 months ago, EarthToAccess
Mediocre at best, only on Mac
AdBlock works on just about every browser *except* Safari, it appears. While I'm willing to concede and say some of it is likely Apple's fault... maybe it's best to skip AdBlock for Mac. It fails to block ads on 95% of ads even after restarting Mac itself, let alone Safari. The Fandom domain as a whole is still nigh untraversable because of the ads, which AdBlock would normally do fine with on browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
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2 months ago, ZeroFuxx
AdBlock stops annoying ads except from AdBlock!
Stops all ads except from AdBlock! Really annoying ad from AdBlock, at every reboot or start up of your computer. There is no way to turn it off. UPDATE: Developer emailed me and instructed on how to disable the popup ad. Thanks! Review changed to 5 stars!
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3 months ago, LMF1957
Ads are NOT being blocked
While using the free trial of AdBlock it worked perfectly and I did not see any ads. But as soon as I upgraded to premium all ads stopped being blocked. I got a discount offer to upgrade for $19, so I went ahead and paid for the upgrade. I'm not only was charged $19, but I got four more charges to my credit card. One for $29 and three for $39. I am still working with my credit card company to get those additional charges removed from my account. At this point Adblocker is totally useless to me
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7 months ago, The Harassment-free Man
AdBlock Success
I was barraged with flashing/moving ads which drove me crazy. I couldn't concentrate on my subject matter. Now, harmony, peace and no constantly disturbing ads. Now why don't you folks design something that will stop the harassing calls on my phone? Thanks for your help. great job!
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4 weeks ago, BigDisneyKid
Used to work
The extension use to work good. About two weeks ago it started playing "startup ads" befor your desired video started. I thought there would be an update or something in the settings was off. It seems to still block once the video plays, but the startup adds have gotten longer and you can't skip them.
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6 months ago, SNorbertoM
So far, its been amazing!
I can actually get through a news article or a reading without being blocked by vidoes and advertisements that constantly appear over the webpage. Its beyond annoying. Its intrusive. So glad to have this product!
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11 months ago, KatherineAWilson
Thank you, Adblock!
I've been using Adblock. It says 5 ads blocked today and about 13,000 ads blocked since I downloaded it. I'm happy with it, and grateful I have it. Thank you Adblock! <3. I got my recommendation from my computer-obsessed sibling, so I feel like that is good enough for me. :).
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6 months ago, Yac305
Best AdBlocker on the Market
Ive tried all the leading competitors including ones with better ratings and this app surpases all those. For the primary reason of how small the actaul file size is and how it doesnt slow down browsing compared to other apps.
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3 months ago, The honest reviewer 999
Very good but has a big on mac
Amazing ad block I hae bene using for years on my windows PC. I primarily use it to block youtbe ads howeer on my recent macbook it doesnt do so (or seemingly block any ads). I am using the free erison so maybe thats the issue but I use the free one on my PC and it works great. I don't know if its fixable but if it could be that would be awesome.
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1 year ago, David Steuber
It's working again!
After suffering through midroll ads on YT videos and seeing annoying ads on other sites do to a complete breakage of AdBlock's last upgrade, I got another upgrade. It's doing its job better than ever! Thanks, dev team!
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10 months ago, cavenewt
Not working for me in Monterey
Having used this for years, I recently installed it when I got a new MacBook Pro with Monterey. Not only does it not seem to be blocking many, or any, ads, but it interferes with opening links clicked on in Mail that have embedded tracking (notably on substack, because that's where I spend most of my time.) The page will stall partway through loading. I guess I'll try AdBlock Plus.
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5 months ago, Stealthnot
As you know many sites detect the AdBlock software and you must then agree to turn it off in order to gain access to their site. It somewhat defeats the purpose of trying to block their over abundance of ads.
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7 months ago, Samir rev
Best Tool for blocking nonsense
This is one of the best tools that i have used to block anything that I don't want to see while i am doing productive work. Thank u so much AdBlock team for all the hard work that u r doing. Awesome product!!!
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11 months ago, Thehiltyfamily
This app crashes occasionally
If you read this review, you should know that other content blockers (uBlock origin at the forefront) are faster, more comprehensive, and more reliable, but not made for macOS Safari. If you want ads to mostly go away on some days on most websites, you can install this and enable the Safari button that goes with this extension. If you want the best speed and convenience from a content blocker in your life you should install uBlock Origin with Google Chrome! If you want the most privacy, you should choose a VPN, set that up on your Mac, and then install uBlock origin and Privacy Badger on Mozilla Firefox.
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9 months ago, jbp_FL
Doesn't work very well
The ad blocking is very spotty. It is far inferior to something like Brave browser, but that browser has other issues. I am keeping subscription for now, but unimpressed and do not feel like I am getting good value. That said, most Safari ad blockers are terrible. Soem accept money to allow ads, maybe that is why this one doesn't work well.
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8 months ago, Pezwell
It gets 5 because it does what it says.
I hate "free" apps that don't work. It's free and it works all the time and does what the developer says it does. If I get a job, I will buy the full versions, but for now, the free version is great.
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1 year ago, januspro
Hi all I've been using AdBlock since 2011 when Michael Gundlach wrote me an email (which I still have) thanking me for supporting his new venture. I have never stopped using it and it's worth his asking and more. Again, thanks for creating this. Janus
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1 year ago, Novenator
Like the functionality, but...
There's a bit of 'feature creep' going on. And I like things to run quietly in the background, not shoving notifications in my face. Still a quality free product, just want it to stay that way.
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5 months ago, muisbthig
First Time User
Just found out about this. I could not progress on some web sites because of the ads. Loaded this and my ad problems disappeared. Great program. :D
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3 months ago, grumblemo
too in my face now
I insists on putting this menu in my menubar that I don't want. I'm seeing ads that I feel should be blocked. I feel it's losing track of what it's supposed to do and how it should do it. Instead of ad blocking, it's real purpose seems to be selling a VPN subscription now that it thinks also requires a fancy menu. Corporate nonsense getting in the way.
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11 months ago, ARTONYTONY
Love Ad Block
I've been using Ad Block for years now and I'm very happy with it's performance. I just switched to a Mac and Ad Guard didn't perform up to task so I installed my trusty Ad Block and all is well again.
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2 months ago, Beye$
Works Great!
Downloaded adblocker because I was annoyed with Ads on articles and websites that I enjoyed browsing on. This Ad Blocker works great and was free, no purchase was needed for it to work perfectly fine! Best extension I have!!
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1 month ago, RB0226
Works great
While a very limited number of ads still show up the vast majority are blocked. Simple to install and very effective. I highly recommend this app.
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12 months ago, Apollo_413
Free and it works well
I use this app only to block ads and pop-ups. It does it's job well. It's probably a 4 star rating but being free of charge makes this 5 stars.
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10 months ago, XanMonster
Killed mario
I went onto a website. There was only mario. The adds only showed mario. I couldn't quiet mario. he just kept talkin. i wanted him gone. this app assasinated mario for me. i appreciate it. 10 stars on yelp
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1 year ago, Bjstuhl
Used to work great
AdBlock has been my go-to for many years, and it has been pretty reliable, saving so much time not having to listen to or see annoying commercials. Then, suddenly, it stopped working effectively when they updated recently. Now, I still hear ads even though the window for them in a browser is blank.
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5 months ago, omtdoc
Thank you!!!
Appreciate how well AdBlocker works and for a free app, this is incredible!! Thank you for helping keep the browsing experience fun. This product is INCREDIBLE as a free app, and is definitley worth paying for!!
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1 year ago, Srfree
Excellent site
Ad Block does a great job of blocking ads. If you want/need to accept ads from a specific site, it is easy to enter their address to allow ads from those sites.
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4 months ago, Jashue67
Nags me to purchase a VPN
I'm deleting this in favor of something else. Everytime I start a new session, I'm treated to a pop-up designed to entice me to purchase a VPN from the developer. I already have a VPN, and I'm fine with it. I downloaded an ad-blocker to avoide having to deal with my attention being hijacked by someone trying to sell me something.
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6 months ago, Drokk 67
weak program, but at least apple provides something with their computers. i guess thats a plus
the app is pretty useless. plenty of unwanted ads etc still come through. the whitlisting feature is a pain to utilize, should be much more simple. Come on apple, this should be easy for you to fix, unless for some reason you don't want to.
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8 months ago, SlothTheHero
Need a way to turn off the menu bar icon
I hate when my menu bar is cluttered with icons that are not needed. Please add a way to remove the menu bar. They replied to me on this review telling me how to remove the icon from the address bar of Safari. they have no way to remove it from the Menu bar of the Mac.
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5 months ago, Jlfinkels30022
Excellent product but for constant pressure to buy VPN
I have used Adblock for years and it has worked well. The latest upgrade is excellent as always, but the constant popups pushing to buy the VPN produt is an unnecessry annoyance. Pop-up once, then stop, not every time I start the app.
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6 months ago, Ululate24
thanks for the tranquility
Ad Block is the Gold Standard. I appreciate not having to sort through the unwelcomed intrusion into my space.
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1 year ago, Writer Sue
great ad blocker
I hate those popups and other types of ads so this works in the background and very easily and automatically.
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3 months ago, ktodeg
why I love Adblock
Ads are obnoxious and intrusive and I never want them, so I love this app because it keeps them from invading my screen.
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1 year ago, Kjolo
Blocking a little too much I think
I can not get into some of my memberships order sites. Not sure if it is this app blocking my access. Need to get a return label and not able to get in!
Show more
2 months ago, Barely satifisied
How does this work?
Not easy to adjust to allow some site's adds and then continue to block others
Show more
1 year ago, SlashFredo
OK, but new version has issues
I've used AdBlock for many years and its been great. But since the new version with the UI update its been more unstable and it is less consistent blocking ads.
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