Adblock Plus for Safari (ABP)

4.4 (8.4K)
64.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eyeo GmbH
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adblock Plus for Safari (ABP)

4.4 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
4 months ago, joe___
Failed on first two websites
I turned this on in Safari Private Mode and see ads all over CNN and FOX8. Three or more per page. Then I turned off acceptable ads. All but the most annoying ad disappeared. Does not block NPR Paywall overlay.
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4 months ago, T. M. Yarrow
The Best Ad Blocking Tool
I’ve used Adblock Plus for Safari for about two years, along with two other ad blockers. Recently I upgraded my iPad to iOS17. Suddenly got ads all over the place! I checked the Adblock Plus and readjusted my enabled websites list, and closed the iPad, then re-opened it after a few minutes. Voilá— no more ads! This app is much more efficient than the other two ad blockers I used before. My suggestion to anyone having ad problems after installing an iOS update is just to check and recalibrate your Adblock Plus, and close your device, then re-open it. I really hate ads, so I love this app.
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3 days ago, jitf236gjiugbd
Works great… when it works
Using this on an iPhone 11 (running iOS 16.3). If you get it running, it works very well, having the option of allowing acceptable ads or blocking all. Allows ads on sites you put on the “allow list”. However, my experience with it has been less than stellar. If the app is updated, or turned off for whatever reason then turned back on, it is like it isn’t even running (even though it is turned on and “block ads” is selected). Tried shutting it down and restarting, shutting Safari down and restarting, etc. after a few days it randomly starts blocking. This would easily be a 5 star app if this was fixed, as it is very frustrating.
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8 months ago, dillonlebeau
Stopped Working
After updating to iOS 17, this app has become completely useless. The thing I loved most about this app is that it would stop ads from opening their own tab in safari but it no longer prevents that from happening & just all around stopped blocking ads for me. Hoping it gets fixed cause this is the only adblocker I’ve ever liked. Other apps block pop up windows but they still open & say “this content is blocked” which you then have to close the tab. That never happened with Adblock Plus, it would literally prevent an advertiser from opening a window PERIOD. Hence why it’s my fav 🙁
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7 months ago, HennaYD
Does what it was supposed to
It would be good for a paid app, for a free one, it's pretty great. Blocks scams/ads when other apps try opening safari. Still opens to a blocked content page, but you get what you get when you don't put money into what you think is important
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2 months ago, trey.kindlinger
Make sure to let it work for a little…
I had to let it sit and work through the system for a little bit. After maybe an hour I went back and it’s working very well now.
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8 months ago, 082997
Works well
I’ve utilized the app for a couple years now. Once you complete the setup process, you will rarely if ever have to open the app again.i have no complaints about the app. It works as it’s intended to, preventing pop-ups and blocking malware
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7 months ago, Error Reporting 2020
Seems to slow down iPhone and Safari
It seems when I install and use this app that my phone, and Safari appear a bit slower and less responsive/laggy, including loading the web pages. I’m not sure what it is exactly. Maybe using too much memory or something? Bugs? Background processes? Thanks.
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5 months ago, julie jj 1010
Good by Annoying Ads
add block plus is great. It gets rid of ads that you do not want to see and if you want to see an ad all you need to do is disable it for that particular advertisement.
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2 months ago, Enoch748
Used to work but now not so much
I’ve used this Adblock for years. But I’ve noticed lately that it’s not been blocking ads nearly as much as it used to. I will change the review back to 5 stars if this issue is fixed because as of now it barely blocks anything
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4 months ago, Child of Yahwah
Results from Adblock
Even though I have had Adblock for quite a while now I continue to get pop up adds on my iPhone and some times laptop
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6 months ago, Updiane
Looking for a chrome adblocker
I do not use Safari very much. I prefer using chrome I’m tired of the pop-ups there.. I think I need to find an ad blocker that works on that browser. I can’t honestly state how much that I like this ad blocker because I rarely use Safari like I mentioned.
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2 months ago, Anonymous 3179
Very fun! For literally 2 days.
This adblocker at first would block every single ad no matter the website but as soon as I used it for 3 days it just stopped working. When going into the app it won’t even let you change settings and will just keep on a loading screen forever. Don’t recommend getting this for a long term use.
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3 months ago, therydf3567
It didn’t block any ads, it randomly stopped blocking ads on a sight I use a lot. I’ve un and redownloaded it several times and it continues to not block ads, it’s 1 job it doesn’t block pop ups and it doesn’t prevent the site from taking me to other sights, it doesnt even block the sights the original sight takes me to
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4 months ago, Mithalwulf
Not blocking ads, no email
AdBlock is not doing the fantastic job it once did. I've been opening more and more links in Facebook that are 95% obscured by ads. What gives?? And, when I opened your app settings, there is no email to send your screenshots or let you know there is an issue. I'm very disappointed.
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6 months ago, Bearealman1959
Would you please either alphabetize the Exceptions list or create a setting where users can select to alphabetize their list? Thank you.
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7 months ago, VB ahjussi
No longer works on Safari
OS 17.1.2 no longer blocks ads on Safari . Hope this is temporary. Switched browsers to Ghostery, that still blocks ads ,(for now) .
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1 month ago, Reggie blackthorn
Just true and easy.
Thanks. Never see, never detect it, or otherwise; but I know it’s there and I know it’s working hard - invisibly.
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5 months ago, Blue Son of Man
Love the app but it’s going to need another update.
Rule34 found away around your app again. Figured I’d let you know.
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4 months ago, pookietinch
I have it on my iPhone, and my MacBook it work very well for those movie sites with pop-ups!
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3 months ago, Susan's Music Store
Still out there
We still get many adds. Not sure why & wish it was not the case but we still get many adds. Can’t say we even have seen an improvement as we have not! J & S
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3 weeks ago, Jb sherwood
Doesn’t work
Installed to block ads, but it doesn’t block any ads. I’ve noticed literally NO difference between before I installed and after. I even turned off “acceptable ads” and it made no difference. Garbage product, which is surprising considering the computer extension works well.
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3 months ago, DishesColorado
I have ad block on different browser. Love it. I do donate. Consider doing the same for this great service!
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4 months ago, Kyle Jordan (Vermont7)
Ad Block Plus is 100% free
No more ads ever. Because ads are annoying and cause viruses.
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3 months ago, loveitgetit
Works great
Only issue I ever have is when iPads do an update I have to reset all Adblock
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7 months ago, Blazing87
Adblock Plus is so amazing because it blocks all annoying ads.
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6 months ago, Rays are
Never back down never give up
W app
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3 months ago, TooManyQuestions25
Slightly Inconsistent
I noticed that I constantly have to come back to the app to have it work, otherwise the app occasionally slips up and Emily from five miles away gets to say hi to me
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8 months ago, scifinoewow
No ads
I haven’t had any ad with blocker
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7 months ago, Togorio
Works good and limited fashion needs more functionality
Good, ad blocker for safari only, needs the ability to add whitelist addresses so that they’re not blocked
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5 months ago, booknerdsrus
Does not Work
I downloaded this adblocker because my previous one wasn’t working as well as before. But I might as well go back to it because adblocker plus does nothing but take up space in my phone.
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3 weeks ago, Lloyd_garmoan
Really good.
Good but maybe add a few more features plz
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2 months ago, Big Tiller
Latest update getting ads now.
Since the latest update it doesn’t block ads now. Reopened app like I was told still ads. Deleted app then and reinstalled. Did what was suppose to still ads.
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8 months ago, nolick72!
Love it!
This app is great. Blocks all the nuisance ads that pop up
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6 months ago, black- bart
Not sure
Still get lots of ads… need to have a serious ad blocker that isn’t just a word..
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3 months ago, Paulfischer
Absolutely awful. Doesn’t work on iPhone
On my iPhone 14 Pro the app freezes up and simply doesn’t work. It’s truly awful. If you have an iPhone and the latest system avoid at all costs.
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8 months ago, Greystoner
I wouldn't do without it.
Hoping this reinstates it!!!
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4 months ago, PEWTER TONY
Does this work to any degree?
I installed ad block. And I get nothing but ads. So my question is, does it even work at all? To any degree? I rated poorly because I’m here asking if it even works at all. Or if it’s all just a big game?
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8 months ago, The 649
It really works
I was skeptical initially but saw that it really works.
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2 months ago, Cop414
Not working as far as I can tell
Ads get through on articles I read, websites, email and in my texts. So not worth much to me!
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3 weeks ago, Rambo the real
Very week
I don’t really see it blocking ads in Safari. Activated, but still lot off adds are coming up.
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2 months ago, Mollie Smlies
Day754 days a year
New order.
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7 months ago, on_the_top360
Doesn’t work sometimes
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3 weeks ago, Kloe 7
Don’t work about 30% of ads gone and it is turned on😊
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3 months ago, Markk2213
Not stopping pop ups in my apps
Not stopping pop ups when I am playing a game. I finish the game then push new game and instead of a new game I get pop offers for other games. Very annoying
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1 month ago, Lightningosu16
Adblock only certain ads Adblock only blocks certain ads
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5 months ago, TRAP_af
Doesn’t seem to work
I’m still seeing obtrusive ads slide in, up, and over on a message group I visit often. This ad blocker doesn’t seem to do anything
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5 months ago, Shypea
Im disappointed
I hoped this would actually work. I was disappointed.
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7 months ago, older but still kicking
I downloaded and still have ads
I downloaded and still have ads
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4 weeks ago, tunepong
Installed the app and tried to block “acceptable ads” but the app started spinning and with everything greyed out. Stopped the app and relaunched - same thing. Had to remove it.
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