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User Reviews for Add Text: Write On Photos

4.74 out of 5
56.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Everything-else-was-taken
One of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded
I haven’t had this app long, but I already love it. I’m an author, and I write on Wattpad a lot. My stories get a lot of revenue and I come out with new parts and new stories all the time, and previously, I had to use regular photo and video editing apps with like, fifteen text options and the only things you could customize was the opacity, color, size, simple things like that. This took it to an absolutely new level that I love. I saw the app and thought, “Over 100 fonts? You probably have to pay for 75 of them if you really want it.” But no! It literally is 100 fonts, maybe more! I will most definitely use this app more in the future. This is probably the best app I’ve ever downloaded, to be honest. I can’t tell you how often I’m disappointed with covers I make because I didn’t have the proper fonts I’d envisioned, and some, I’ve literally hand written on drawing apps because I couldn’t get a font! I’m so happy with this app you have absolutely no idea. Thank you!!!!!
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4 years ago, kitten kat 0912
The Dream App!!
OMG!! This app is so amazing!! I was trying to find so wallpaper apps and I downloaded this to try, and was amazed! This app works works perfectly!! When you choose text there are so many fonts and they are all unlocked!! There are also many colors to choose from !! Everything on here is unlocked, because there is no locked things!! I appreciate this more than words can express!! Whoever created this app is pure genius!! You can do so many things! If you are trying to find an app to create wallpapers or whatever, this is the app to go with!! Trust me, once you download it you will be thanking me because this app is just that good! This app is amazing!! I don’t know how many I’ve said amazing, all I know is that that word is expressing how I feel to the extreme!! I HIGHLY suggest this app!! I found no problems, so stop reading this review and get the app!! Trust me you will be satisfied!!
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4 years ago, Movnonj
Thank you for this app!!
I never write reviews but this is one of the few apps that I use regularly & love. I am so grateful for it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be used with a traditional pic- I’ve downloaded backgrounds offline (Zedge,etc.) and tons of fonts and have used them to make everything for my small business- website,FB,Google ads, business cards, promo coupons, menu Board etc..etc.. & it’s super easy to upload whatever I do. I could never have done any of it without this app-starting out I have NO money or experience. It has made all the difference in the world for me! It has been better & easier than anything else I’ve tried to use.
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12 months ago, Omega Man 2023
Was Mostly Great. Now Less.
Very useful in many ways short of zooming into the project when necessary (you never could). However, latest update (?) now imposes a gaudy immovable white watermark logo in the right corner and too bad if that interferes with what you are doing. This reflects a less serious attitude on the part of the developers of this ap while stubbornly imposing an ad and brand for the ap on your creativity/project. Recommend allowing a switch to turn that off as an option at least as I suspect many will simply leave it on unless it’s interfering. But clearly the priority is their sales, not your creativity. Now I find myself looking for something less frustrating, more respectful of the user, and easier to use (maybe with a zoom feature?). Maybe whoever decided the stupid watermark is now necessary should be made to walk around with it on their forehead for a week or two.
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1 year ago, Tef_Padma
Really great, but I got one problem
This app is really good. Even without buying its full features I really love it. It’s very helpful specially on the Warrior Cats Club I have. It’s really great to make Character Challenge announcements and also just really easy to use and has amazing results. But, recently I’ve tried to open the app to make the new character challenge for my club but the app would kick me out. I’d open it again. Kicks me out. I turned off my phone and opened the app again. Kicked me out. I’m very frustrated but thankfully I can still use the one on my iPad. I’m not sure why it kicks me out now but if it’s a bug, please take a look at that. It would be very helpful. This is overall a very good app and i’d recommend it to all my friends
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1 year ago, Wooniverse512
Impossible to move or re size items and constant cra
This app was awful. It kept crashing and not saving my progress eventually crashing every time I tried to open my project when I was almost done with it after struggling with the app over and over. Also- you can’t move items easily or re size them. The selection tools seemed like they just weren’t specific enough to match where I was selecting on the screen. So I had to keep trying and trying but I kept working not wanting to lose my progress. The layout and functionality was very easy to use which is why I chose this app, but once I got started I was immediately frustrated by all of its shortcomings. Wish I could have those hours of my life back that I wasted in frustration… I assume if you paid for the subscription these problems wouldn’t exist, but I don’t suggest it. Glad I was reminded to cancel the free trial at least 🙄
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11 months ago, NoBite
The Free is Good. But, the upgrade is WOW!
As part of my daily devotional, I like to create and share illustrated Bible verses. There is a bit of a learning curve, but this is a very satisfying app for that purpose! And, I can go back to any project, reopen it, and tweak it to my heart’s content. Sharing with a large variety of social media is built on. I’ve not even used any of the many templates! There is SO much here!! I could go on and on, but I’d say give the free version a spin. Do give yourself time to experiment with the large variety of features. You may need no more. Or, like me, you might see this as a professional tool, worth the upgrade.
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2 years ago, ellie says 2 thumbs up
Loved it until it quit copy & pasting for me !
This app hands down was my favorite for creating motivational tags I’d use on my Home Screen being able to add fonts was even better but for some reason copy and past no longer works and when you try to remove the text here it shuts down completely. When this app works it’s beyond 5 stars but as it is for me currently it’s non functional so I’ve canceled my subscription and won’t renew until this app gets fixed or is compatible with the latest apple update . Which is a shame because I really loved this app !
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2 years ago, Savannahdays
I have never ever left a review before! However I have to share that this app is really efficient. It does exactly what it says.. I used the free version then paid for a week.. awhile back.. yesterday I accidentally clicked on the year subscription and thought I would just have to eat it.. but I went ahead and requested a refund .. in less than 24 hours I have my money back! I’m really dumbfounded and super pleased. This kind of customer service is a rare and wonderful thing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I may just resubscribe because of this kind of kindness! ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Mark Temperato Jr.
My pictures
I am a photographer of nature, and have been for 9 years now. I like to take pictures of clouds and sunsets, sunrises, weird shapes in clouds, anything of nature. And this app I’m using to put my name in my pictures I love! I like all the different ways you can make the words! And I can hide my name because how you can dime the words, and that’s cool! So if anyone tried to say they took my picture, I can prove I really took it, and I can prove where I took every picture. So this is an awesome app and you should get it if you want to put your name in your pictures.
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4 years ago, Ace_Lola
I’m LOVING this app. I usually find a problem or two as soon as I start using the app, but I haven’t really found any. But there is just one, little, thing. It feels exceptional. It feels like exactly what I was hoping for. And that’s the problem.😬 Some people want to feel/be surprised. 😲 Is just a nice feeling when your like “ Oh! Wow that’s a nice thing there it’s nice how they put that there! I wasn’t gonna use it in my wallpaper but, it’s so nice... WHY NOT? It’s just like that one thing there to fill in the empty space you know? Well, that’s all I had to say! Byeeee😆😜
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3 years ago, sjsjdhgdhcudjd
This app is GREAT! Everything is so good quality and I can find everything there! Before I found this app it was a horrible time for trying to develop because that’s what I do. Now I have the app and it’s just great! This is the dream app and you should get it right away! If there is something you need that you can’t find on any other app then no wonder because this is the app where it all is! Get it right away! I may never delete this again it is just so good! Thank you for reading!
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4 years ago, JTFire20
Saved me!
Long ago I had a program on Windows that did EVERYTHING. Then the owners quit maintaining or upgrading and it just quit working. Today, I absolutely had to get something put together for my Granddaughter and her lost puppy! No pressure, right? This app came through like a champ and it was simple and ‘almost’ perfect. Just some hoops to jump to get it from my iPad to my printer ( problem, not the app by any means!). I somehow looked like the classic ‘Grandpa can do ANYTHING’! Thanks guys, I feel I owe you something, this is too good to be free!
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2 years ago, BrieTiana
Great app for quotes
In this app, you can easily add text to your photo, I am very pleased with this app, I try to use Pixel Lab, but whenever I finish dictating the text, it kept on crashing, and it annoyed me very much because I love that app and I wanted an apple I could add text to my photo, then I went searching on the App Store, and I found this app, it was 4+ and I was nine so I thought it would be OK, and it was, and soon after I started adding beautiful text to my photo,thx
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3 years ago, Here's mine..
Best yet
I’ve gone thru/deleted a lot of apps but this is the only one that I actually like & use regularly. I have made everything for my small business including my signs, menu board & marketing items. I’ve referred a lot of ppl who were looking for something to use. On a side note- I would like to know how to delete a downloaded font, (not one of my subscription ones) I had a couple that downloaded multiple times & it’s driving me nuts having them on there
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2 years ago, Det. Heart
Add Text
Within the last three to six months, the colors change from what they appear to be when you select on make your own color and when you open it or type on i, it is a completely different color! It is terrible to try to match the same color. I have had the regular Add Text for over five years and like I said this just started happening when I was updated to the Write on Photos Version. I am very sorry I had mine on Automatic to update new versions. I have now turned the Automatic system to off!
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4 years ago, kbkatmei
It’s great
I don’t enjoy writing reviews, but this is simple, easy to use and has so many options so there’s something for everyone. It’s not like every other app asking you to spend 20 bucks a month to put words on a picture or a dollar to remove ads on something you’re only going to use once. I wish you could adjust word alignment and I’ve had the pull tab freeze but other than that I don’t have any issues with this app that I can think of.
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2 years ago, Nicko7200
Wrong colors saving
Hello I’m a long time user of this app and have made some great things with it and a huge fan, but recently whenever I make something that has a white outline or shadow then save it, it comes out as a light blue then I go back into the app and its like it automatically changed it to blue, is there anything I can do about this? If I uninstall and reinstall it will all my work still be in the projects?
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11 months ago, John Goodin
Don’t INSTALL Limitations on Uninstalling
It hid itself from purchased apps. Once I had it installed I couldn’t find it anywhere in my purchased apps. That’s a major RED flag for me. Most legitimate apps are proud to show themselves in your listing of purchased apps. I looked all over my purchased apps three entire times. Even looked for the Icon. Not a first clue of the program anywhere. The only way to delete the app is to long press on it and choose remove. Even after I had removed it there wasn’t even anything listed on programs not available on your system. That was the second RED flag. Made it near impossible to actually read the program reviews.
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3 years ago, C0le_V
Easy to use!
I couldn’t use Microsoft word without a subscription. I could use basic features but I couldn’t make nice invitations for a party. Even if I could it was really difficult to use on my phone. So this app saved my party from having a boring text only. It’s easy and so many fonts and other things free! I’m thinking about upgrading to the premium version since it’s so user friendly!
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4 years ago, tinydancercam12345
Best decision I’ve ever made
I only had this game for a few hours and I almost immediately fell in love with the game I love it so much and even though you can’t put stickers on this game is awesome if you don’t get it then you must be messed up in the head I’m telling you this game has everything you need typing color pictures you can even pick your own pictures or ones that they’ve already picked this game has everything you need I love it
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2 years ago, sloth217
Amazing just what I was looking for!
Add a text is an awesome app for me! It’s just what I wanted I tried Canva and I didn’t like it at all but add a text has all the tools I need for projects or even just a front page for my videos! I love this app it’s awesome! I recommend it’s really good nice easy and simple I do wish you could cut and shape the pictures like an outline almost but other than that super simple plenty of options
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4 years ago, Ethantonio
Too Good To Be True?
At first glance you probably thought the same thing I did. There’s probably pay walls and a lot of hidden features that are blocked off until you sign up with an account or something, that is NOT the case. For free this is the best photo editing app I can recommend if you want to create text on images. Photoshop on this AppStore doesn’t even have the same level of text customization that this app provides.
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4 years ago, viv.anto
App crashes after a few uses
This app was perfect for making all the custom posters for my family band, quartet, and any events in general, but only having it for 2 weeks, whenever I press the create new project, it crashes out of the app and I’ve tried deleting and then installing again, I’ve updated my iPhone 11, and I’ve refreshed the app, but it doesn’t seem to work. Please update the app soon, maybe that will work? I’m very sad that the perfect app I found didn’t last me very long. I hope there are ways to fix it! Thank you and hope to here from you soon.
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1 year ago, 149291958
Can’t use properly
Love this app and see myself using it for my projects, however, every time i click a project the app exits out… I’d see myself using this app if i was actually able to USE the app. I was only able to complete two projects buy now when i want to go back to do touch ups, i cant access them. please don’t make me scour the app store for another app. Much love, user!
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5 years ago, L._langley
This is the best editors app I have used so far
I have tried so many apps and so far this is the only one that is easy to use and you don’t have to pay for. You shouldn’t have to pay money to get a couple words on a picture I mean it’s not like they are printing it for you. To all you editors who use apps like these the apps that usually come up at the top of your screen are the most expensive and it’s the same as this one
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2 months ago, ch4r_95
i love it! but…
this app has literally saved me so many times. i use this instead of another popular app people use on Pinterest, and it works even better than i hear the popular app does! i just wish it had more fonts, like, it has so many and they’re all unlocked and i love that, but i just wish there were more. absolutely no hate though, love this app!
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4 years ago, BelleFleur99
Simplicity at Last!
I’ve tried a few apps like this one but deleted them all because of the headaches they all gave me navigating for selections, editing text, etc. This app is so simple to use! The font types, colors, etc. are to the point! OMG! I was able to write what I wanted over my photo and share it in about 25 seconds! Great app for quick results and instant gratification! I highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, Mango_Demon
Great! But one problem
It was amazing I got exactly what I wanted and loved all the extra features, but I really wanted to be able to add emojis or stickers when I hit next not just save to photo library. I know it’s only a text editor but I was looking forward to cool effects, I was writing my name with a word above it but all I really was looking for was an app with text editing like this AND maybe some cool effects like stickers filters emojis, but overall I liked it but I only got to do text effects.
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12 months ago, ms. grayson!😍
Good but it could be better!
It has little options to edit and rlly just editing text to be honest, wide range of colors but should have color pallet! I love that It has stock photos I wish that u could have more stuff to edit over then text,photos,shapes, and that’s rlly it but you have to be really creative to use this app but overall this app is for beginners and for people who wanna download and delete it gets boring after 10minutes but I gotta say awesome graphics!
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3 years ago, D Seagroves
Makes me look like a pro
Anything to do with technology is not my thing, but this app makes me look like a Pro. I liked it before when I was using the free version, but when I upgraded to the paid version, oh WOW! Suddenly I am able to create professional looking post for my social media marking. The best part is how super simple it is to use.
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3 years ago, Aᴡᴇsᴏᴍᴇsᴏᴄᴋs
I love this app, but I have a suggestion.
I really enjoy this app and I love all of its features, but I’d love to be able to turn off the snapping of the text boxes. Sometimes I’d love to be able to move the text boxes around freely no matter how many other text boxes are on the image. I love using this app and I know I’m going to continue using it for a long time.
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2 years ago, Emmy chef
Time killing
I use this app for fun, I like to make memes and quotes. I am going to be a future writer, so I make covers of the book I’m writing, well not really writing, Just thinking about. So, your app is really good for that stuff, whoever reads this, I really recommend downloading this app and you will have fun with it. And, if you’re a writer you could get an idea about a book cover, with the angle of the words and pictures you can paste in. Yeah, I really do recommend this app! Have a good day Sincerely, Emmy PS, how do you do that, my friend is a coder and it sounds very very confusing.
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2 years ago, Beautimoon
Great but recent color issue
This app is wonderful! I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s the best I’ve tried. Recently, though there’s a problem with the shadow colors, borders on texts, font colors, overlays- it changes all of the colors that I choose to a turquoise color. I’ve found ways to get around this, but it still would be easier if this issue was fixed.
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2 years ago, Kmscott44
Totally worth it
This app is amazing, I needed something to just put text on images really quickly and this does that perfectly. Plus it has lots of other cool functions like layering photos. Also I’ve never paid for any added features and I still really love it. 10/10 recommend
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4 years ago, I will not say. :)
Amazing and Useful App
This is an amazing app! Very useful for thumbnails or even just a cover for something. I for sure see this app having a great future ahead. But the only thing it needs is a tutorial, I found it easy but others may not. Even if there was something that said: ‘Welcome to Add Text! Here you can add text to photos, give it a shadow for detail, or do almost anything you can imagine! Would you like to learn more, start a tutorial, or skip?’ For learn more: Wonderful choice! Here at Add Text you let your creativity expand, whether it is adding a shadow or making a photo, we got you covered! And be sure to report any bugs or concerns to the development team.’ And you can do what you want for the tutorial. But thank you so much for reading.
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2 years ago, SarahHeb13
Great app, but changes font color
I’ve paid for this app for over a year now. I use it all the time and love it. Unfortunately, recently I’ve noticed that when I save my graphics to my phone, the font color changes. Unless my font is black, the font will change to a light blue every time I save it. This is super frustrating. If it wasn’t for this flaw, I would give the app 5 stars. I hope they look into this glitch.
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1 year ago, Essen-Toro
It was a bit slow for me , to understand and explore all the possibilities, once gets my hands on during the lock downs time, learned a lot. It was a dream comes true, Thanks to the app which makes me a DIGITAL CREATORS, today I have a large numbers of fan followers, all this become possible by this Apps.
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2 years ago, Amaranthina
Recent iPhone Updates Causing Crashes
Recent iPhone updates (16.0.3) appear to be causing some serious crashing all of a sudden, making this app pretty much useless. Cannot cut & paste text as beforehand, and cannot save finished work to camera roll. It worked very well previously, and enjoyed using it.
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4 years ago, moch8899
Doesn’t work lately
The app used to be such a nice tool for adding a variety of texts, but it’s been a few days it crashes when I open it, and I have tried all the ways, unistalling the app and installing it again, updating the app and also my iOS and ..., could you possibly fix it?
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3 years ago, seeingandwriting
A writer’s Life On Social Media
As a writer images inform words. As an author I’m supposed to put myself out there not only with my words but on social media platforms. It doesn’t come easily or naturally. This app gave me the ability to put my own words and images together and share it with my social media community and turned a chore into a creative endeavor. So thank you :)
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2 years ago, rwomack1957
Best app ive found for writing on pictures
I use it to put my phone number and price on the items i sell on marketplace. Ive found that you cant add your number on marketplace sale items any other way. Thank you for coming up with this app it makes my life so much easier.
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10 months ago, Julzjcr
Excellent app
I think this app is superb, I use it to make book covers. The only thing that strikes as a problem is the watermark, I just noticed it but I enjoy the app so much I wouldn’t mind paying for a subscription to get it off, there are extra perks with the subscription so it’s totally worth it.
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1 year ago, Nilnajdjcs
Amazing quality
This app I highly suggest if you are looking to edit photos, this app will be perfect for you! There are plenty of options in this app to edit your photos for free! This app deserves 5 stars because it has amazing quality! I recommend you try this app!
Show more
3 years ago, NateAppReviewem
Love the app but idk how to ask for simple QoL changes that could help sooo much
I’m giving it 5 stars because it’s my favorite, but it needs a few things to make it on the next level to other Apps. If there was an option to switch layers and zoom in then this would really be the ultimate editing app😊
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3 years ago, WelloBello
Solid. But needs some work.
The app tends to lag hard when writing anything of decent length, at least on my IPhone. Combine that with absolutely no spellcheck and no ability to zoom in and you have a overall frustrating experience. But at the same time I’ve yet to see a program with a more flexible and accessible layout. Nonetheless the monthly subscription is just a kick in the pants on top of this unfortunate sundae.
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1 year ago, MiniHoneycomb
App Crashes
This app continuously crashes on me within 1-2minutes of opening it. Nothing I do can fix it - deleting & redownloading, restarting my phone…. I think it’s an app problem after reading some other reviews. Used to love this app but it’s been crashing on me for weeks now (I was being patient hoping it would get fixed or an update would come out, but nothing). Please pay attention to your customers /:
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2 years ago, Bdance15
I love you app, it helps me make background for my phone. I also let’s me make cards for birthdays of holidays for family and friends that are a far distance away. I also love this to do projects for school. It has pretty background. This app is very useful.
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2 years ago, gracee3🤍
I just made one photo with this app, I’m already obsessed! Lol. But, I do have one suggestion. I don’t think it should have member or whatever it’s called. Because there are certain fonts or things I want to do or use but I can’t. Although, the app is great overall!
Show more
3 years ago, tuckfxhyhtc
This is super awesome!! It’s so nice to finally have a super awesome app that isn’t “you have to have a super expensive membership to get anything in this app, but wait there’s more we are going to bug you about getting a membership.” Kinda thing if you get what I am saying. I love this app!!
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