Adding Machine 10Key iPhone

4.5 (109)
12.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Richard Silverman
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.2 or later
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User Reviews for Adding Machine 10Key iPhone

4.54 out of 5
109 Ratings
6 years ago, Sandylh1976
Great app!
I work as a restaurant manager constantly having to count register drawers and balance them maybe three times a day, also safe end of shift counting etc. Our adding machine it’s always in the office way in the back and it’s huge! No way to bring it to the front so many times so this app it’s a life saver for my day and stress levels. I’m not even going to compare it to the phone calculator. It is simply beautiful and everything I need. I very gladly paid for this after trying the free version. You won’t regret it. Thank you so much. The best.
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2 years ago, JMLorenz
Good in a grocery keeping a list
I needed to keep track of my purchases for a discount of X dollars off in a grocery store. I found this app and gave the free version a try. It worked well with minimal training until I hit the max lines in the free version, so I jotted down the total and started a new list. My one complaint about the free version is turning off the click sound is touchy. One has to be FAST to hit the off switch before the banner appears, but I got it on the 3rd try. I figure @ $3 getting the update is worth the investment. I have yet to really give it a real test to see what all it can do. The only reason for not 5 stars is I do not know it well enough to give it maximum stars, but I doubt if anyone using it will be dissappinted. The look and feel of the app is very well thought out.
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5 years ago, Mahalo49
Lou Kramer
I have tried many of the apps for adding machines this one is the simplest and the fastest to use. SSP keep my books balanced and the war I stand at all times. Many of the extra features are very handy to have and the ability to store and use a adding machine tape is the best. Yet machine tape makes it very simple to be able to check your calculations just like you would on the desktop adding machine to make sure you didn’t miss or miss figure.
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2 years ago, Ibisrider
I have used adding machine apps on my iPhone for ten years and never liked any of them. This one is perfect! It works like a ten key paper tape machine but it lets me edit a column of numbers to make corrections. Definitely get the upgrade to have 400 lines of numbers. To clear the register double tap the “i” key then tap “clear”. One last time: It’s perfect!
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7 years ago, Chris in IL
I like it, but needs more refinements
After using 10 key for a day & 1/2 pretty intensely, I'm growing to like it a lot. I'm not ready to throw out my desktop adding machine out but 10 key delivers when I'm caught away from my office. A couple tweaks are needed: preferences for number format. Key-in defaults to a comma every 3 digits from the decimal point, but the output has no commas, and nowhere to change either formats as a default. The user needs more control over these things.
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7 years ago, EEK47
Good design and extra features
I liked the free version so much (see my review there) that I bought the paid version as a thank-you to the developer for doing such a great job of design and support.
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6 years ago, Mlbirecki
Lost one star because...
It's a good enough app but when you open it up it asks if you want to write a review. One of the options is "don't ask again". I've chosen that option (several times) and it continues to ask me if I want to write a review every time I open the app. Why give you that option if it is going to ignore it when you choose it?
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6 years ago, Akalsey
Begs for reviews, won’t quit
Every time you open the app, it begs for a review. The begging for reviews is obnoxious enough, but is made worse by the “Don’t Ask Again” option not working. Clearing the tape is always a guessing exercise. There’s an “I” button you use to erase the tape. But sometimes it brings up a menu instead that allows you to erase the tape. Or sometimes it does nothing at all. It’s like I’m a monkey randomly poking at buttons until it does what I want. Would have been a 3 Star review, but the incessant review requests dropped it.
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3 years ago, picked an apple
Nice needs a little tweaking though
Nice app has a small glitch that prevents you from adjusting the keypad down too the lowest setting though. When you close it out and try Re-opening it again it shows a gap between the minus and plus key.
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4 years ago, Big. O 60
Great app
Has all I need @ the end of the day Get my totals the email them to everyone that needs them. Have one on each of my devices and the files have saved me more than once. Love this app.
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6 years ago, Stickhauler
Very useful app
I use it daily in my business. Grew up with adding machines. Can’t stand calculators when figuring expenses , job costs etc. allows you to save your work and print it.
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11 months ago, Nittany318
Great Calculator
The calculations are so easy to follow as you work through a list. The ability to produce and store the calculations makes it so much easier. Good app.
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1 month ago, Labelteq
Great adding machine
I would like to see the feature where I could eliminate the tape and have a bigger “total” screen
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4 years ago, Jdb008
Great App
This is a great ten key logic app. Does just what I want, and the tape is a great advantage over other calculators. I do wish they would add a square root feature, but I understand that is not usually on a ten key adding machine.
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6 years ago, Pocket Adding Machine
Great App!!
I use this app for business where I used to use a big bulk adding machine. This one fits in my pocket and I don’t have to buy paper tape. I recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Bob Milliman
Does the job well.
Very helpful for when I’m away from my adding machine.
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5 years ago, Runnermom13
It works!
Works great. Minus one star for nagging me to review ALL the time. Frustrated by constant asking for reviews, so here I am writing a review. Apparently the “Don’t ask me again” button does not work.
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5 years ago, fkwjr
Best app for this application I have found. I really recommend it.
See above
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5 years ago, Grandma Sew & Sew
Love this app.
One of my most used apps. Very handy and user friendly.
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7 years ago, DevonCMaughan
Getting better
Took a little time to figure out how use I am starting to like the app more and more.
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6 years ago, Dede’s Mac
Great App!
Would Highly Recommend!!!!
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6 years ago, mrbcia
Stop Asking To Rate It!!!!
The 10 key works fine but every time I open the app it asks me to rate it even though I hit “Don’t Ask Again.” This is very annoying, fix the bugs. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Pablo in Pleasantville
Does what it claims. A pleasure to use.
Does what it claims. A pleasure to use.
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6 years ago, TOMSLIX
great adding machine
love how this gas line displays and is very in depth. will take some learning to really be good at it! i keep learning new features and it's awesome!
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6 years ago, sunlightrose
Good app.
Works as described.
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8 years ago, Nebur3302
The best calc app
Simplemente la mejor calculadora. Thanks.
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14 years ago, Mac100
Super app! Great appearance & layout, customizable keypad, tape that you can edit as well as save & e-mail, optional sound on key press, fixed/float decimals, negatives in red, ability to add timestamp, handy -> key (to easily correct input errors), double click to quickly clear tape, easy to enlarge keypad. Would like in future update: Ability to make two fixed keys smaller (info/settings buttons), allow more than 350 lines, allow more notations on tape, and ability to custom label groups. Please fix period button (center it on the key) and consider changing icon to resemble 10-key or tape or something more relevant to app. This app will probably replace the default iPod calculator for me (1) because the keypad is easier to use (especially since the keys are larger and the keypad can be customized), (2) because I like running a tape for calculations (no more trying to remember what I last keyed in if I get interrupted!), and (3) because it is handy to be able to edit a line on a tape instead of redoing lengthy calculations. There is nothing comparable to this app in the app store. For accountants - including CPAs & CMAs - and others who use a 10-key, this is a MUST HAVE app!
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8 years ago, csshaub
10 key adding machine
Love to be able to access everything on my cell phone app. I check prices at stores and of course use at home. I like that everything is shown on tape so I can refer back to my work or in my case, check on numbers I didn't remember. I also save on rolls of adding machine tape.
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8 years ago, Ecb8252000
Lots of features
Keeps a running tab, allows you to adjust decimal point, quickly and easily enables me to add up my figures at work. Saves time fumbling for a calculator or going to the office to get an adding machine,
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11 years ago, LouisKjr
This is a great app
I purchased this app to keep track of expenses at work. I just came back from my sons travel soccer tournament and used the app to keep track of each players expense and cash received
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13 years ago, HighCapGames
Works just like a 10 key with tape
I work in accounting and use this when my Sharp EL 1197 tape calculator isn't handy. It provides me with all the functions I'm used to using when at my desk.
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11 years ago, Tatter9
Terrific, it's truly better than a real one! The ability to grab a past figure from the tape and use it in the current calc is great, love the memo feature when emailing the tape too!
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13 years ago, witzlaw
Exactly what I was looking for...
...and it does what it says. This is a keeper. Updated (9-7-11): Point off for continued reminders to rate the product, even though I already had done so. It disregards the "Dismiss" option, treating it the same as "Later." SJR
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13 years ago, la.stone
Great App !! : )
This is a Great App to have when you need a 10 key but have a small desk and no room for your regular 10 key machine. I use this App everyday for quick calculations.
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9 years ago, Da Accountant
Awesome App
Use it all of the time. Nice replacement for an adding machine when you don't need a real paper receipt. You can save your tapes in the app if you need backup.
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14 years ago, CPA in FLA
Excellent App - Subs for my 10 Key
Great design, easy to use and really comes in handy as a sub for my 10 key. Great work.
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10 years ago, CurtWarnasch
Nice desktop replacement
Works just like my old desktop calculator
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9 years ago, bzschneider
The best and worth the $2.99
I've been looking for a tape calculator like this, which is especially good for e.g. taxes, and this one is the best.
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13 years ago, WMorg
Needs the correct sound and button to clear tape.
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13 years ago, Garth H
Great tool for accountants
It does what it should, as good as you need for 10 key
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13 years ago, My3boyz808
Real deal
Works like the bigger version.
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8 years ago, SmoreSpohrs
Works well, just like I would expect.
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10 years ago, land517071
Love It
I use this 10-key app on a regular basis and love it. I have no complaints!
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11 years ago, Germanized
Great little calculator
Nice for those who need a visual, virtual running tape for sales or home bookkeeping.
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8 years ago, Cessy Victory
Wonderful, simple
Works wonderfully.
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9 years ago, EliYahu22
Good app.
No issues with this app. All works as hoped.
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8 years ago, Thenohan
Great App
Works just as described.
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13 years ago, Ahcpa
Great app
Great app especially when used on iPad.
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11 years ago, HusherFanMan
Simple and fast.
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9 years ago, Jctax
Add with tape
Very nice product!
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