Adobe Aero

4.6 (2.9K)
380.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Aero

4.65 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
3 years ago, JustBrianSmith
LOVING this app!
Been using this app off and on for past year and I absolutely love this app and all the potential possibilities it provides! I’ve been able to create some pretty amazing stuff! I am really baffled at those people rating this app poorly over some bugs and feature limitations rather than rating it on what it can offer right now as a beta app for FREE! Again, I’ve been able to create some pretty mind blowing things using this app in combo with custom objects and built-in animations! I’ve imported a custom animated Maximo character but can’t wait to see the day we can customize the directable characters! A big thank you to the Adobe team working on this! This is literally the future of AR!
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4 years ago, paarth34
How do I delete stuff?!?!?!?
I created my first project through the tutorial, and it took up some of my cloud storage. I have the free version so it’s only 2 GB. I wanted to delete the project so it tried pressing and holding on the thumbnail and nothing happened. I eventually found myself on the cloud storage tab, where I saw the project thumbnail now with three dots next to it. ai clicked these three dots, saw the delete option, and deleted the project. I then proceeded to go back to the recents tab annndddd, nothing. The project was still there, except it had the uploading symbol on the thumbnail. I then went back to the cloud storage tab, and the project was still there even. I had thought that the delete option would have at least deleted it from my cloud storage, seeing as that is the page I originally deleted it from. But no, it was still there. I then thought to go to the files app on my device, and I saw the project there, and deleted it there. I thought I had done it. I then went back to the Aero app and my project was STILL THERE. LIKE WHAT? Every project takes up cloud storage and with no apparent way to delete stuf from it, I can’t even conserve storage. I had already previously thought that adobe was a greedy, money-milking company. But now I KNOW it for CERTAIN.
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3 years ago, Marc strong39
Amazing app but one major issue!!
This app is incredible! I use it to showcase my art in 3D space but when uploading to social media the audio is muted. I tried exporting the video from Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder but had no luck. I had to convert the audio to mp3 using Adobe Audition then import the video and audio files into Adobe Premiere Pro to finally have audio that can be heard once uploaded to social media. This is a strange issue and I hope it gets fixed.... I still had to give a 5star review because the app is so amazing despite this issue.
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3 years ago, Brandon Aqua
Botched PSDs
I love this app but I’m rating at one star for attention, because the PSD import is botched. The bottom layers are being duplicated up top. If the background layer is solid purple for example it also becomes the foreground layer when imported into Aero which blocks the elements within the PSD. sometimes the PSD elements that are 100% visible in Photoshop will not even come in to the Aero project unless you try importing it multiple times. PLEASE FIX. This has been happening occasionally in the past but now suddenly it’s during almost every project.
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4 years ago, Snorkelbreath
Still No Layers??
This could be a five star app of it wasnt so buggy and didnt crash so much ... and why take out the things that work ? and/or are useful ?... What happened to Layers ??.. created a bunch of new content only to find out players have disappeared… And then the last update: still no layers... but documentation and descriptions still say it’s there / but it’s not, or is it hidden or????...tired of waisting time and energy w this app... as a result looking into others that shine... Also why take out things that are actually useful and work like the picture frame that allows image uploads? Is that gone too or just hidden?... these two things alone made me come back and use in spite of the bugs and crashes .... but now checking the last update and not finding has me searching for other apps ....
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4 years ago, Aifonu'
Mind: blown
Wow!!! I was NOT expecting this app to be this good. It’s so amazing! The graphics and mobility are great. It’s very hard to make an actually good app that feels like it’s real life. I think this app is one of the best out there; I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. My only complaint is that there are very little things to put on my surfaces; it would be nice if there were more plants and furniture to explore. If you made an update, I would be very happy. If I could give this app 6 stars I would. 🤯🤯🤯
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4 years ago, Got me AGAIn!
Impressed but not satisfied
This app is a necessary direction for the Adobe workflow, makes sense. Very similar to Reality Composer but different in some good ways, some bad. Aero has its place for what it does well, ease of editing in the app and workflow in general. I use all adobe products so Aero was a nice addition. However, the .usdz export needs immediate attention. When importing a 3D .psd object from Photoshop the Aero .usdz export displaces the image so its not aligned properly. Very frustrating to spend time on the design, work with it on a tiny screen then have the export feature displace the graphic. Looking for info about the desktop version as well. I know it’s in Beta, an invite would be nice.
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4 years ago, Drippy Spray
Aero Amor
I love this app. I love that I can create complex graffiti and big immersive art and not worry about file size like Facebook’s platform or other copycats. Because of behaviors, I can program a full on experience with no coding. Sometimes, what I export as a glb, doesn’t quite look right. Trial and error. I just re-export, rebuild and learn from my actions. Aero is still learning to be better and so far it’s the best.
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2 years ago, DJ Joe Floe
Great Concept
Obviously it’s a beta so it’s missing a few things such as: animation for Malik on his second action: doesn’t do the command but idles 01 instead repeatedly. Have people be able to show walking so they’re not in car, helicopter mode. I would add a literal line for move to to show the path for my airplane, helicopter, etc instead of having it follow my every fidget of my finger sliding across my phone screen but instead allow me to draw a line on the screen and the object will follow the line. I know it’s beta but the beta is a three star
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4 years ago, AXCHN
Love the app but some issues
This is a really fun app and I’m just starting to play with it. I can see so many potential for it besides the initial play factor. However, I’m having issues importing layered PSD files in which Aero does not seem to recognize the layers. I’m using photoshop 2021 and using the ‘export to aero” option, keeping the layers separate. I also made sure each layer has been rasterized. Otherwise, really fun app and the UX is pretty good and intuitive. Looking forward to many may more hours with this!
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2 years ago, K_ost
Crashes 90% of the time
I have 2 IPads and Aero crashes at launch 9 out of 10 times on both of them. The only work around for me is to uninstall the app and reinstall. It will work as expected only during the first time using the app, then will crash every time after. I’m trying to implement AR into my design team but it looks like we will have to wait until a more stable version comes out before we can experiment with Aero. Very disappointing as we’ve discussed many different ways to leverage the app for possible future design solutions.
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3 years ago, seve707
First try is a success
Hi Adobe team! After Adobe Max sessions, I am starting my journey on Adobe Aero and I am so excited. I have tried one of the tutorials by Martin Perhiniak, one of your certified instructors, on AE and I totally love it. It is easy to use and has great result so far. I need probably to get used on the placement of the elements and try to find better backgrounds but I will get there eventually. For now, I am using on my IPhone and I am waiting my Microsoft Surface Book 3 which arrives in 2 days to test the beta version on PC. Hope I can use soon my Samsung mobile. 😀😍😋 This is the beginning, to be continued… Séverine Watry (@severinewatry)
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4 years ago, KissessMinaj
I really would like to like this app and create some really cool things but it is constantly working on and off. Every time I go to place an asset, it gives me an “unknown error reported.” This is very annoying. I have read some of the reviews and someone had the same issue. I am not on WiFi but I have my tablet connected to my LTE network. Does this only work on WiFi? I have also checked my setting to see if cellular data was turned off for this app and it is not. I even turned it off and back on but nothing. This would be an awesome app it is worked. 😡
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7 months ago, Fox Jesus
Very cool BUT
It can be so unbelievably frustrating. For example, if your camera is not constantly pointing at the target, there will be an alert at the bottom telling you to aim the camera, and it NEVER GOES AWAY and it covers up important things in the UI. I should be able to edit things without holding my camera up the entire time. There are also options on desktop completely absent on mobile, like hiding shadows.
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3 years ago, EatTheDead666
Sharing links still not working
Love this app but I would love sharing my work through the links and QR code’s but it keeps crashing even when I try to view other artists codes and will there ever be a way we can share something with an image tracked to it so once someone points to that image they’ll see our AR work as well, would really love that to make my clothes even more immersive
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3 years ago, RodBecklund google me
Yes 1000 times YES!
It’s free and it’s amazingly easy I put cut out items from ProKnockout in it and they look real. You can scale sizes and move items and look around them so mind blowing. Best free app I’ve ever had. I love it thank you to the developers I hope you’re well compensated.
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3 years ago, Rls10
Very buggy
This has so much potential, if only Adobe would address the issues they've known about for a year. One of the biggest frustrations is the fact that when exporting via .usdz, half of the available behaviors will not function for anyone without the app. It's a bit difficult to create something for the masses that doesn't, in fact, WORK for the masses.
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2 years ago, Mistfall
Love the idea of it but…
I’m finding that after creating a project on my desktop and viewing and tweaking it on my phone, I can no longer open that project again on either the desktop or phone — it just gets hung up at about 3/4 of the way through the process. I was really looking forward to using Aero to add an AR element to a piece in an upcoming art exhibit, but it looks like that may not be possible unless I use only extremely low poly objects or 2D images. I’m also a bit ambivalent about having to make viewers download an app. Most will probably find that too much trouble, and move on to the next exhibit that doesn’t make them jumo through so many hoops.
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1 year ago, Wish_this_worked
Stuck on “loading your documents”
I’d used this app before and had no issues, but just downloaded it this week and it is stuck on the “loading your documents” page. I’ve tried uninstalling it, closing and restarting, but no luck. Rating it this low simply because the functionality is broken since so it is temporarily useless. I’m going to delete it if it can’t be used.
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2 years ago, noegs123
Want more!
Love this app! Learned that it’s only in a test phase which is neat because I love it already, but now I want the real thing! So much potential here and what is already available is great. You’re on the right track here, keep pushing!
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4 years ago, Dtorroija
This app is phenomenal my wish list is to be able to export tracking data into other apps This app is phenomenal my wish list is to be able to export tracking data into other apps
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5 years ago, Slamic
Makes it so easy to create interactive AR experiences
I’m really impressed with the tool so far. I’m able to easily import my photoshop assets and place them in AR for an interactive experience. I’m excited to try this with 3D shapes I create in other tools!
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4 years ago, MagnumSoda
Unable to view test project in AR
The program is very cool and intuitive. Went to create something on desktop so I could test a fleshed out design. After downloading the app, I keep being prompted to update if I want to view that specific project. I was able to get to the 3rd step of the toy tutorial before it crashed. Don’t know if it’s related.
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4 years ago, Jomax99
App was working fine until the last environmental lighting update
I had imported some objects with animations attached to them and they were working fine until I did the recent update. Is this a known issue being worked on?
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2 years ago, Josh12165
Needs better export options
Please bring back better export options. The original version of this app allowed you to export .uzdz and if I remember correctly, I could easily send my design over to adobe dimensions. The limited export makes designing a project in Aero a waste of time.
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4 years ago, sears review jc
Little problem
I mean it seems great! But the problem is... well being an introvert type of person, I don’t really wanna use some VR reality thing, can you make it where we are able to use a background for practice or something?
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9 months ago, yanjireniris
Love this app
It’s fun to make small Augment reality video with this app , and when I show my kids, they are like wow this is super cool . This app helps me to explore AR just from my cell phone . Love it .
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2 years ago, ivndiaz
Limit Exceeds
Kept having upload issues. Warning message keeps popping up “loading this asset would exceed available device memory.” Do not understand if it’s a bug. I have enough memory on my devices.
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2 years ago, leaderzr
Great features, easy to use. Crashes often.
I’ve been really enjoying the infinite possibilities this app has to offer, and it is very easy to use. However, even with the latest iPhone it crashes often.
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5 years ago, A random person in Ohio
Doesn’t work at all
Every time the app finishes finding a surface, the app just stops doing anything and I can’t tap on anything or do anything. Also I can’t import any 3D models because it greys out everything and doesn’t let me select any models. I can’t go into more detail on anything else about the app because there was literally nothing else to do since the entire app doesn’t even work at all.
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1 year ago, polimistus
This is so cool
I love adobe ario because I can turn you he’d in to what you see it can make almost anything happen I just really like to bring my imagination into reality and this basically dose that
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2 years ago, Zack the TikToker
I’m on IPad IOS 15.4 and I get stuck on the scanning screen.
There is this Weird bug that I have been having Commonly, and I just started using this app for 1 minute, I tried re-installing the app but It’s still happening, I tried looking up some answers but No luck. If there is Anything to fix this that Is outdated and Doesn’t work for iPad, This is a Giant issue.
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4 years ago, ry kye
I downloaded the app a month or so ago and it worked perfectly for testing. But for some reason recently the app continuously shows an error when I try to add an asset. Then the free asset library is no longer available. Great idea for the app but it’s frustrating trying to be ahead of the curve with this new technology and it doesn’t do the simple functions you guys promised.
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3 years ago, AureliaLWaller
Fun and easy
Adobe Aero is amazingly simple to use and a fun interactive AR app. I highly recommend it. Especially for educators and even the military for showing equipment. 10,000 stars!!!!
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4 days ago, theantmanmusic
No Customer Service Help
This app is extremely frustrating. You spend most of your time adjusting. It doesn’t play GIF animations or imported 3-D models motion. You can tell how bad the app is when you don’t even get a developer response to any of the reviews. This app is obsolete and horrible to work with. I would’ve given it zero stars I could.
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4 years ago, johnny gh8
New update issue
New update give me error for many of my assets in creative cloud. Any fix on the way?
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1 year ago, DameLiberty
Needs work
Went outside and selected my driveway as a surface. Dropped in a action asset. Chose the move to and dropped a pin in front of me, a good distance from me. Previewed animation, asset walked off to another direction. Not even close to where pin was. Tried on a smaller surface, a table and repeated the steps. Again asset walked the wrong direction from the pin.
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4 years ago, seizuremachine
Really cool app
The app is great, my only complaint is that recording a video exports it automatically to a very pixelated bad quality video. Right now I am using screen record on iPhone to circumvent this
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2 years ago, JohnnyWaffles123
Keeps crashing
Amazing app with so much potential, unfortunately it keeps crashing on both iPhone and iPad which makes it extremely annoying. Please fix bugs.
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3 years ago, ZachAndo
As a dev, I’m disappointed in this app. The app accesses the camera even when the camera isn’t visible. Check the iphone green privacy dot in the top right hand corner of the screen. It only turns off when users exit the app. This means there’s a “cameraPreviewLayer” being hidden. Is this a bug? If so please fix this.
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2 years ago, revodidthat
Thank you Adobe!
An all around applause for the whole Adobe company, and community. This is the best AR app in my opinion!
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3 years ago, Ronthekiller
Very powerful
Amazing track system.
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4 years ago, Nosepickerkid
Revolutionary AR app
This app makes creating AR experiences mobily a breeze, I really wish that it included front facing camera in preview but overall super fun and easy to use. Cant wait to make more
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4 months ago, Raselas
Fun App, needs a few improvements
Great app! Issues/requests: •AR objects have no depth, always stay in the foreground regardless where they’re placed. (See ARvid app for improvements) • Objects are too hard to manipulate and position •Screen recording feature could use improvements, better quality
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4 years ago, theappleidsson
Not great if you don’t have lots of storage available
If your device has almost no storage like mine has, it won’t work. Just letting you know. Not a suggestion
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4 years ago, Iam SupaProducer
Won’t install
I updated my iPad Air just for this App (I don’t update often) just to be told I am unable to install the app due to some features are not available on my device. I could of saved me about an hour of my life deleting other apps to clear space for this update smh
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3 years ago, Skupien
It crashes so much
It has great features and it’s easy to navigate, but it crashes constantly. Please fix this because I think Aero is a awesome tool.
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1 year ago, Mrs. T2012
Can’t download to my daughters phone
I’m trying to install the app on my daughters phone but every time it’s sent to me to ask permission, it only allows me to download the app and not her. It’s not asking me permission for her to download the app please help!
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5 years ago, Annelys P
Love it but my models won’t load
Hi there! The app is great. Having fun, but it’s failing to upload models that are less than 50mb in my iphone. The latest 12mb did not work. Exported from dimensions
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3 months ago, khayes1
Continually Freezing
The app clip freezes immediately each time attempting to view an AR experience with an image anchor. Deleted and redownloaded the app clip with the same issue. Using an iPhone 14 Pro.
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