Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Inc.
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5 months ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Creative Cloud

4.77 out of 5
84.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Jerilyn Hebert
Highly Recommend, Exceeds Over And Beyond Your Ordinary Artsy Software!
This APP has me totally mesmerized and in love with each and every last component of it. I see why it goes for high dollar purchase price, like creativity doesn’t come at a price enough in life. I am starting off in beginner mode and hope to land and work my way up to just pleasing myself with the experience, thoughts, and lessons learned that all steam from creative knowledge. There is no other artistic software like Adobe Creative Cloud. This software gets over and beyond five twinkling golden stars! The creators of this intense software have changed the lives of many people by allowing them to have self-expression. That is important in culture today, because if your not being yourself then you are considered fake, and it’s much easier to just allow your creativity to flow. I hope on this journey I get everything I have been dreaming of and beyond with artistic experiences. Thanks for helping me find my new obsession and hobby. The creators of Adobe Creative Cloud Software rock my socks off! It’s just an overall good feeling of being part of a supportive community. Thanks for the opportunity to join and try to find my creativity again. I’m super ready to both imagine and visualize just like when I was a young child. Adobe Creative Cloud is the best inspiration and motivation of all time!
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1 year ago, Ryan Beau Rainbow
From Adobe to GQ
Adobe enables my art to reach the anticipated appeal and allows me the power to make certain components in each photograph as I prefer, as to really focus on the beauty I saw when capturing the photograph or, make the piece more fun. It all depends on what I saw when I took the picture and what I delve into while in editing via Adobe Digital iPhone Platforms. I really enjoy photography and never know when something will catch my eye, mixing that passion with an ability to do even more by editing and fine tuning for professionalism and aesthetic purposes. I am more than pleased with Adobe and have been since my first term in college. You guys have had this review for a long time coming, glad I was able to share my experience. In photography and any work of art of your own perfecting, if your like me and won’t settle for anything but the best or, always stick to the Names of products and companies and families of creators and all the things. I probably don’t even have to recommend Adobe to you because you more than likely already have it. Thank you everyone at Adobe for everything that you do, to better all of our works of art. Teamwork bay bay.
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4 years ago, NavWombat
A Pain
I ran into bugs logging into my second adobe account, where it would just crash but probably the most consistently issue is when adding psds to the cloud and they will not show up unless you physically refresh it. It also doesn’t work well with iOS’s UX well, dragging psds off the iPads folders or images from photos won’t work as well as directly saving psds to CC from other apps like Procreate errors out. Trying to do you thing in batches, for instance selecting then duplicating, deleting, or exporting only leads to a pop-up that says unable to complete. (This has always been a issue with creative cloud on the web as well, simple things like deleting multiple files at once is impossible.) when clicking on a file, all of the options on the bottom bar provided when clicking on a file lead to error messages except for leaving a comment. I would think a much more practical option would be to open in a relevant app. There’s a lot of confusion and redundancy between what’s in creative cloud, and cloud of documents, offline which could really be more simplified with an icon on the thumbnail or streamlined. A good reference point the way you can simply drag and drop files to organize and create folders in other apps like procreate and affinity designer. Adobe is still really lacking on the mobile side but this is literally a file management app with management issues. Please consider improving on these points Adobe, I feel like my two stars are being gracious.
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3 years ago, publickimagelttd
Claims refund and lied, discriminated against people with Disabilities
It's a sad thing to report but they assured a refund and it was contractual. They won't do it. Even though my health now depends on key funds, they don't care. Any other company would refer to management or corporate. Passes are being broken. Basic company policy as well. Even though I've been a faithful customer for decades, to see this clothes not unlike three oppressive captains off industry Upton Sinclair writer of in the jungle, not unlike the worst colonial and imperial powers, never have I really really with a company weird callousness is matched only by ignorance of the law. They are not going to delete your data and they realty do collect a lot. They refused to delete my property when I left. I guess now my photography is theirs? Also, when dealing with someone with anxiety or PTSD don't tell them to just "calm down" also saying this will need ESCALATED AND INVESTIGATED. HOW is that customer service!? I was treated poorly but the staff who left me fearful and having panic attacks. Get a lawyer. Then get Adobe.
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7 months ago, KarynArt11
Frustrating—Would not cancel Trial subscription!
Its so crazy, how convoluted everything is with the suite of services and apps. I am a subscriber for Creative Cloud, and I tried Adobe stock last year. I wasn’t happy with the selection but it was too late to cancel the subscription, so I paid $29 a month for the rest of year, and continued to search for the photos I wanted, but had to resort to another service to get the art I wanted every time. Recently I went online to try it again, signed up for a free trial so I could search adn see if there were more “ethnic” photos for my marketing, this time around. Once again, I was disappointed, so I immediately went back and tried to cancel the trial. I thought I had been successful, but since then I have been charged twice!! I tried to cancel again—but was told I would have to pay $140? or something for early cancellation…I tried to chat with an agent, but after 15 minutes with a bot and then a low level tech, I got switched to a live agent who then disconnected. This service is too expensive—both CC and Adobe Stock, to get sub-par customer service. I am retired and do marketing as a volunteer for an Art Gallery so I cannot afford this kind of mistake!! I just spent almost an hour with a “supervisor” on Adobe chat—and then again was disconnected. 😖
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5 years ago, Good phone app
Very impressed with all adobe apps in one place
I’ve always very much loved all of the Adobe Lightroom and photoshop and most all of the Adobe apps. I love the photo editing apps and I’m learning more about the other apps that are on creative cloud that I haven’t had the chance to use yet. This creative cloud app is so good and it has so many different apps and features that I just may sign up for the monthly fee to have accessibility to the extra features. All of the apps are so wonderful. And I am not one to pay a monthly subscription but for this one I think I will and it will be so worth it. So like I said I am very, very impressed and thank you for creating this app that has all the other apps included! It makes it easy fun and I just love to create. Thank you.
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4 years ago, capncuddles420
improved a lot, needs better file sort functions
im a subscriber. when i go into my files, i really want to see the folders in the same order that they appear on my computer. for some reason your sort option places folders starting with an underscore at the END of the list, unlike all desktop file managers that put them at the TOP. that single change would make the CC app way more functional for me. having a dedicated page in the CC app for browsing fresco/draw files in a straightforward, file-manager-integrated way would also be hugely helpful and is a critical feature missing from all implementations of creative cloud. please fix this. having to turn on my ipad to access a fresco drawing that i JUST want to open in photoshop without modifications is annoying. i get that fresco files have to export to PSD, but at least all users to browse the fresco app directories from CC and quick export to PSD or PNG from there. all that said, CC app has come a long way and i appreciate the work. i dont know what my life would be without adobe
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5 months ago, jeffmorrison49
Sync is clunky and unpredictable
When this works, it’s excellent. But I’d put that at about 50%. The rest of the time, you have to troubleshoot something in Creative Cloud or an associated app to get media to transfer. Sometimes media is available and pre-populated, and sometimes, when you open an associated app, it is not. You never know when you open an app if your media will be available to the app or will have to download, re-download or be manually assigned through the “find and connect” function. There’s no rhyme or reason to this that I can determine. I have video clips selected to be available for offline use in Creative Cloud, which seems to suggest they are stored locally on my iPad, but I still need to have Wi-Fi access when I open an app like Rush to be able to even open my projects. What’s the point of local storage if I need to access the cloud to be able to work? Adobe touts the portability and syncability of this app as one of its great features, and it is, when it works. The constant troubleshooting gets old.
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5 years ago, SwordInTheLight
SUPER frustrating for organization enthusiasts!
So I started using a few Adobe products (Draw, Capture, Photoshop Mix) a while ago and thought this would be a good way to keep all of my stuff in one app. I could not have been more wrong. Yes, everything I have made I can find in the app, but it takes me a very long time to find it all. There are a bunch of different categories like “libraries” and “files” and “assets” in it and it’s just impossible to keep track of where everything is being saved. Can you please just make everything save in one place so I can find it all quickly??? This is also a big problem when I’m trying to get to my stuff through Apple’s Files app (which is where I ALWAYS go to to find everything). Whenever I create something in Draw or Photoshop Mix, it’s saved in the category “Mobile Creations” but the only things that show up in the Files app are docs in the category “Files,” which literally nothing is saved to. I would really like it for everything to be saved in one category and everything to show up in Apple’s Files app, because then I could give Creative Cloud 5 stars.
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4 years ago, MBublitz
Great but problematic.
I like the fact that I have access to my libraries and files, but one of the main things I really needed was to take the photoshop images I work on on my desktop and export them to my camera roll on my phone—which this does, but poorly. Well, to be more specific, it does it great the first time you export it to the camera roll, but it doesn’t matter how many times I seem to edit the document on the computer, whenever I try exporting the image again, it invariably exports the very first version I’ve ever exported of the file. (Even though it’s showing me the new version of the file.) As a work around I have to screenshot it instead if I want the current version. (Im using the Quick Export and going to Save Image.) I’d have given 5 stars otherwise. Oh, and I also tried opening in Photoshop Express thinking I could then save the image from there, but it just sits forever on the importing screen and never actually imports. I have to eventually close the program to stop it.
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5 years ago, Fat ralla
Pathetic and Frustrating
I suggest doing the sensible thing and avoid trying to use this on an iPad. I tried it for using with adobe sketch and it’s impossible to use. I was amazed that I had to manually sync from my desktop because that wasn’t automatic like with Dropbox or google drive. Once I was able to sync to iPad I had to make the file available offline for use, so that is another step, which makes sense, but after that, if you don’t open the file with an internet connection in adobe sketch then that file that was supposedly available offline is actually not available at all. The worst is that if you make a change to a file on creative cloud it is impossible for it to update. It just won’t do it, it keeps the first version of the file you synced to. But if you remove that file from your iPad it will erase the updated one from your cloud. So while it CAN’T update it CAN delete your cloud files. Just get dropbox or google drive and avoid it. We will all keep using adobe products but when it comes to iPads they just won’t work well with each other.
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6 years ago, aberrantartist
Great app that could be better
There is so much potential that this app has, it just needs to reach a little higher. The layout is nice overall and the ability to collaborate is incredible. What I have found cumbersome recently is that in order to delete or move any thin or have to go one by one. And even on Adobe apps that do allow you to select multiple items it is a bit cumbersome. Why can’t there be a long press action to select multiple documents and then do what you need to do with them? This is the easiest and best way to select documents in my opinion. Take Google photos on mobile for example. They did a great job! Similarly, there is no way that I see to delete an asset from a library. You either have to delete the whole library or archive the single asset and then go into the archive to delete. Not the best solution. Overall I love it and hope to be able to learn how to do it better, but these things must be fixed!
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1 year ago, Pro Image Maker
A simple 2-color gradient background…
With all the great features in the Adobe mobile apps one that is lacking is the ability to make a simple linear two-color gradient background. This is a really, really, really, really, really, really simple thing to do on a laptop using Photoshop or Illustrator. Yet for some dumb reason, I can’t do it on a mobile app. Y’know, a background… or even just a rectangular shape. Make it go from black to red from top to bottom. I can do that a couple different ways in about ten seconds in Photoshop. I looked it up, capture claims to do it with a photo but man is that unstable and wonky. XD doesn’t seem to want to let me make anything original, just bring photos in. And the various versions of Photoshop (that’s really dumb, how about one version?!?) won’t let me take a simple background or shape and apply a simple linear gradient. WTH?!? All the slick bells and whistles are meaningless if I can’t do the fundamental things. Which is why I can never get anything done from my phone. Lousy. Less than one star!
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6 years ago, Crazypaw
So disappointed in Adobe!
‘Thanks for being a loyal customer for 10 years. Let me just kick you in the rear on your way out.’ I’ve used their products for 10 years, and had a creative cloud membership for 3 years. I canceled my membership last week, because I never use it at home anymore. They charged me a $200 cancellation fee straight from my bank account without any warning. When trying to contact them it takes hours, and I’ve been hung up on multiple times. It’s been worse than an Uber customer service experience. They finally told me they would refund in 5 days. When that didn’t happen, I contacted them again and they told me another 5-7 days. I doubt I’ll ever get my $200 back without getting my bank involved. Never thought of Adobe as one of those sketchy companies with no morales and horrible customer service, but at the end of the day seems they’re no better than any other corporation. I’m done with them, and all the other companies just out to take your money and offer 0 accountability and integrity.
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5 years ago, Dearliarloveme
Great app but doesn’t update
I love all Adobe applications. I have been using their suites since ..... forever. I find their cloud service useful but recently I have had to utilize Apple’s cloud in order to accurately update my files. I am constantly on the move, making many changes to work that is tedious and time consuming. When working on my macOS desktop the file saves but doesn’t update to the iOS software. I have found myself having to delete the app constantly in order to view my updated files. Is there a work around for this that I’m missing? An update to this feature would be greatly appreciated or a work around to understanding why this isn’t working as it should? Also, sometimes it duplicates the file in creative suite which causes me to get confused which file I should continue to work on from my iOS? Software is software and bugs happen. I’m sure this will get fixed at some point but I am currently finding this to be bothersome since I am working on a massive project. Thanks for all your hard work at Adobe bringing us great products. I look forward to future updates and features that continue to make your products worth our hard earned money and ability to showcase our creativity.
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1 year ago, Burnabout
Not awesome
Well, at least they’re consistent. With a whole suite of awkward clunky apps that hardly run on even the newest, maxed out machines adobe has again showed its users that they do not care. A quick look at the adobe users forums will reveal years of user grievances that have gone unaddressed. Trying to upload files to their cloud server is an abhorrent mess and uploading anything from Dropbox is impossible since apparently CC only looks in your photos app. You can upload from express and create a project but the assets will not show up in your library and appear to evaporate. Photoshop appears to be broken and freezes if you try to open anything. The fact that workspaces after so many years are still not synced is mind boggling. LR has been around for twenty years but you still can’t create a stack in the develop module using cmd-G like you can in the library module and it still has a memory leak but who uses that garbage anyway.
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5 years ago, Freelancer 4373
So fast!
I was shocked at how instantly the files I work on synched after downloading the mobile app. Plus is allows you to sign in on phone and still have two devices (like a lap top and a desktop) signed in if you are working on multiple projects etc. The fact that I can quickly check something and snap a screen shot and send to partners while plowing through the other devices on work in Adobe programs is a huge multitasking savior! It’s also great on-the-go for showing or sharing files if you are away from working and need to keep things moving. It’s better than other clouds because it’s Adobe work related so it keeps it focused instead of transferring stuff from another cloud. Love the mobile app.
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2 years ago, huston photos
Always having issue
I, always having issues and I pay $68. A month to fight with my Lightroom app on my iPad. I will download photos directly to it wait for them to download then once they are done I still can’t edit them cause it is always saying syncing. No matter what I do with turning off sync or even if I sync all the photos to every desk top and laptop I have it still will not let me edit like I use to do. It is acting like I’m downloading from another device and trying to pull the photo over from that device to edit, but I’m not it was directly downloaded to the iPad and it still is a mess, this is killing my business at the moment and I’ve tried to fix it 1000 times with no luck. I wish someone would get on their computer in your end and fix my service please this is getting insane. I pay to much for this crap to be like this and it never was before I don’t know why it started to do it to begin with?
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7 years ago, bMi2
Worthy Investment!
You deserve 5-stars.. If there were a way to slow down the number of updates; quickly clue in on new versions; understand how or what each product interfaces with programs on my desktop and mobile devices - it would be great. Desktop and laptop program crash reports were heavy both Summer quarter and Fall 2016; intermittent Winter 2017; consistent again this Spring 2017 quarter - but Crash Reports only go to Apple. Apple installed 16GB cache memory with a 1TB HD on my desktop so I added the dedicated 1TB external drive just for "Workspace" - a Scratch Disk recommendation each Adobe CC program. Apple did configure a partial fix but the Adobe updates/programs resist an external scratch disk. The mobile Adobe CC apps all work without a glitch!
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5 years ago, Little_Chami
Very, Very helpful program but I need help with a few bugs.
The app is very pleasing to use but It has been crashing and when I try to upload photos almost all of them are greyed out or not there. I would like some help. I don't know if it's a iOS error or a app error. Also can you add dark mode to all adobe apps soon. I would like to use it at night but it strains my eyes. Some of the controls are laggy and need to be fixed. For example when I try canceling the video because it failed or try to resume it it register my click but does nothing. I know this because it has that greyed box when you click it. (if that makes since.) IOS Version: IOS 13.1 (latest beta, whatever that is)
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2 years ago, ***ddvga***
The Worst
I have a third of the desktop tool bar and a fifth of the functionality. This version for iPad Pro is embarrassing to use in front of clients. If I knew it was going to be this limited I would just not gotten it at all. Absolutely the worthless. I can even locate the font functions in the toolbar...what little toolbar there is. Ivan understand not be able to change preferences to “Classic” or something like that, but this not even workable. Plus, I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes with Adobe just so I can ask a question. Do better and develop something stronger. Imma just use my ProCreate from now...just terrible is what Im saying.
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5 years ago, ProExplorer
Just cant beat this!
I have been using for months now. Increased my organizational skills making me SOO much more productive! I can access ans work from anywhere at drop of a pen! While I use other tools, my adobe cloud is where I go for grabbing/storing photos (and even docs) when im traveling or when i need to be quick n brief. I love accessing and editing right from here. I can grab from my iPhone or any of my three iPads and go bk later on my macbook n pull n go. Reading notes, applying photos to a doc, really truth is this has solved many challenges for me. One place to go i can pull from later when I’ve got time! VERY SMALL LEARNING CURVE! Believe me its why It works for me! I just pray it stays!!! No need to fix things not broken as so many have done ruining their products. Thanks ADOBE!
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7 months ago, Sockdoujin
Nightmare to manage files
Creative cloud is the most frustrating obtuse file management system ever created. Uploading files using desktop file sync can’t be viewed in creative cloud apps so you need to also upload them to “creative cloud files" then Lightroom images are in their own tab in the app that you can’t access on desktop so getting them to photoshop on desktop is its own process. You also can’t access "creative cloud files" via file sync folders so no matter what system you use you’ll end up needing to manually move files from one to the other to access it elsewhere which is the entire point of having creative cloud. Please just make one file system where I can see everything in the same place on every app. I’ve spent a full day trying to clean out unused files but there’s 206 gigs of stuff I still can’t even locate.
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4 years ago, phreest
Creative cloud uninstalled vital fonts.
I have 7 years of work on my iPad. It’s backed up elsewhere but the point is these files are on the iPad for a reason. On subscription renewal which was automatic, Adobe Creative Could randomly deleted fonts from 7 years of work without showing me which fonts and pieces of work were effected. I am not looking for ways to move away from Adobe products after 30 years. Adobe that’s inexcusable and destructive of my body of work. I am furious and wish I could sue. This has never happened during any tenewal of CC before, but Adobe trashed my mobile portfolio. If there was a rating less than one star, that’s what I would give. Beware font users, Creative Cloud will decimate your work.
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2 years ago, Ludvik
Make it friendly, but also easy and functional
Most people would appreciate access to their documents in a locally stored and managed environment due to creative control. I do not want a friendly interface that forces me to use cloud services and other formats that make me dependent of an app or system. Example, Lightroom + iPad is one of the most awful experiences for any user once the creative realizes that their imports are copying large photos to the cloud and possibly to their iPads instead of just ingesting the photos from external devices and or existing iPad/device local storage. If I have a 4TB hard drive from which I already have several photos and workflow arranged, please just use my external SSD and do not take time importing to the device and/or the cloud.
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1 year ago, snichols4
Love Adobe CC
I am a longtime Adobe CC All Apps subscriber and I'll continue to be a loyal subscriber because there just isn't anything else comparable to the Adobe CC subscription plans. They are always working to improve/enhance the apps they offer for iPhone and iPad. I love the Ai, Ps, and Lr for the iPad apps, they're easy to use and have tutorials built into the app itself. The best part is that all of my content is synchronized across all my devices (iPhone, iPad, Laptop) I can start a project on one device and then pick up where I left off on one of my other devices. Truly it's well worth the $$$ for anyone who works with the Adobe programs on a regular basis.
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7 years ago, jekcordle
A Must For Teachers!
I have been using Creative Cloud this past year and wonder why I didn't find this sooner. I love the numerous applications I can use with my documents and photos. There is so much that I still need to learn about tools I haven't used yet. Speaking about learning, the tutorials and help you receive is top notch. They are written with the average user. In fact when you login they ask you your skill level so they can tailor your specific needs. The editing of documents is a blessing in the digital age. I can now take a document and where there are blanks I can insert fillable text boxes and then shoot it out to Google Classroom. This is the best investment I've made in terms of productivity and creation. Having all my pictures automatically grouped is a blessing. I can then select a picture quickly and take it into Photoshop where I can manually or change the settings to auto. This program alone is worth every penny. Teachers, put this on your back to school list! You won't be disappointed.
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3 years ago, brother broseph
Loyal customers mistreated
Sorry to see it end like this. Worse yet, when I had a lot of difficulties canceling my membership, because adobe isn’t the friendliest with Apple devices, adobe goes and changes who there billing as, and slides in to bill my credit card under a different name. That was squirrelly business practice. No, not an email telling me that they were trying receive payment for a membership I was subscribed to, or asking to reach out for an explanation. This caused me to search and finally find the way to cancel. After a long wait, trying to retrieve old passwords and reset and all that, I find out that before I can ACTUALLY cancel I have to deny a bunch of deals for the membership at a discount. Wow. Adobe can do that? Like, give me 2 months free if I stay, or knock off 5 bucks a month? Anyways at this point I realize I was paying way to much for something I used maybe twice every few months. Maybe even once a year. I decided to cancel. But the pain in the cancellation took a few months until at least Adobe was satisfied with what they “took” from me. Along with my creations that I no longer have access too. Block the brand. But don’t just block the brand they have other names they bill under. Be careful.
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5 years ago, Olive juice90
Love it but ....
I paid for the premiere rush because halfway through editing my video I was informed my 2GB of storage was full. After being booted out of my project multiple times, I purchased the premiere rush for $9.99 and even bought more storage on my phone, and I still keep getting kicked off while in the middle of editing. It still says my storage is full, even though I paid for 100GB of storage. None of my files can be edited on a computer. Also the most annoying part is every time my app glitches out, I have to go back in and go through 100 pop ups telling me my cloud storage is full, which makes editing take 4 weeks, instead of a weekend. Other than that, the app is potentially amazing.
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2 years ago, The A-List Actor
Adobe makes too much money to have terrible customer service!!!
I’ve used the Adobe creative cloud, and I had almost all of the apps available. I was sent an email of what I was going to be charged, and they charged me $600 OVER what I was supposed to be charged! There was no way I could find someone to speak on the phone with. I then cancelled the subscription, which was supposed to end NEXT YEAR. I have the email for that too. But no, they ended it this month instead. I’ve tried doing the costumer service chat, because since they ended my subscription a year early, a phone call is completely out of the question. With the chat, the representative is always someone outsourced from a different country, so it takes them AGES to respond to a question. Then they just tell me information I already know. Also, they would even hop from one rep to the next in the same day. Adobe makes waaaaaay too much money from people to have terrible customer service support. It’s disgusting actually. To make it to where if you cancel your subscription because you’re trying to figure out why you’re charged an excessive amount, you’re just out of luck reaching someone, even if Adobe was in the wrong. Do better.
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2 years ago, Jmeclady
Not responding at all
Whatever Adobe did to update creative cloud did not take into consideration all the people whom use older apps that are associated with Adobe. My unfortunate situation show how much I do not like Adobe anymore!! In fact I am only using because it is now an industry standard for all those in the art industry and entertainment. I am not happy at all with your new product as it is currently preventing me from doing my homework effectively!! I don’t know what to do except export my digital files to my email because your software has sent my photoshop software that is older to another place in the hemisphere. In all honest if I wasn’t trying to do some stuff to help get my website off the ground I wouldn’t be using your product at all because the whole globalization of Adobe does not work for my own individual efforts.
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2 years ago, jaeandshaun
My Review for Adobe Creative Cloud
Hi! I’m an elementary student that’s using Adobe Creative Cloud for a school presentation, and I’m making a video. I’m doing this on my school Chromebook. So I downloaded and logged into Adobe Creative Cloud on my iPad so I could work some more on it since I only did a couple pages, and I don’t know how to get to my video that I want to finish on my iPad, which is what just brought down 2 stars for my rating for Adobe. It’d be amazing if the creators of Adobe Creative Cloud can some sort of thing to show us how to get to things we’ve started on and how to keep finishing them, or if you can add something in the app that can show us clearly how to get to things we’d like to finish. Id appreciate that a lot! Thank you!
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3 months ago, PongLightdrop
Frustration and so unintuitive
Why am I spending such an enormous amount of money on something so frustrating to use. I watch your tutorials and the simplest things that I attempt to do are never explained. Copy and pasting a selection to a layer ought to be straightforward and simple. Adobe always baffles me how they buy great products from other developers that are that simple and intuitively easy to use and turns the easy into such a backwards frustrating experience. Hard to live in an adobe environment when you don’t do it everyday and do not only live in adobe land.
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3 months ago, Urthwise
Nothing like the desktop versions of anything.
The MOST functional seems to be Illustrator, but it’s very lacking. Fonts activated on the account are NOT available on the iPad, at least not that I can sort out. For a professional trying to actually get work done, it’s pretty useless. Instead of mirroring the desktop functionality, they reinvent the wheel (for no good reason). I’m sure I will eventually slog through figuring out all the different ways to get the same things done. But I have projects due right now and this does NOT help. In all likelihood, I will just end up doing the work on a desktop instead. Massive missed opportunity on Adobe’s part. Honestly, I would rather they didn’t pretend to have iPad versions of the software, rather than pretending they do and wasting everyone’s time.
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3 years ago, shedraws
nice but could use some additional file features
Love Creative Cloud but would be nice if you could add more functionality to File multiselect with File multiselect - only options are to ‘image’, delete or duplicate - Need “move”; copy, etc I need to have options to multiselect files and easily move them to a premade folder on CC or select and drag/move multiple files - and- create a folder on the fly; then drag/ move said files into it ditto : to a lesser extent - copy also Would also like to see full support on iPad for split screen for CC - ie screen 1 file gallery CC; screen 2 same file/folder gallery - and drag and drop /move between windows - as with other apps Bug?? On CC gallery - you have the checkmark (select) option to the left above the folders; and on the Right - the Create Folder Option - when I uncheck the checkmark box to select files - the Create folder /folder disappears - want to be able to multiselect files; create folder and move them in - thanks :) finally - would love to have a Send Feedback/Report a Bug buttons on CC gallery thank you :)
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3 months ago, cryptovortex180
Amazing until
I love everything adobe is my daily routine I have been subscribed to the apps since they started consistent monthly client. Until these recent price hikes is a bit of a jump that’s noticeable and with the down size of cloud storage makes me start thinking about other options a thought thats never crossed my mind till now. But this is the year a lot of people woke up to all their subscription cost and started making cuts. But at least they gave us a one month notice emailed telling us about the new price increase to our next bill. Incase any current customers wanted to seek other options, we had a month to Dee couple from the adobe universe😒 lol if we got the email in time. lol such a cash grab. But I’m awake your not cut yet but definitely seeking alternatives. Guessing the ai venture cost more then what they had expected, otherwise they might have just increased prices, for all new people signing up going forward. Instead of going for easy pray to increase quarterly profits 😑 Mmmm mmmmm.
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4 years ago, Erinpants
Why does Adobe hate its customers so much?
And aren’t Adobe products supposed to play well with apple? I can’t understand why if I upload a file from iCloud it compresses it. Adds random backgrounds to pngs for no apparent reason....if it’s me I’d love to know what I’m doing, even then, I feel that’s an interface issue as it’s not obvious how I’m doing it. Hit share, choose creative cloud. Choose folder, upload. Then I open it and there’s a brand new white background on what was a transparent png. What’s the point? Im using a top of the line device, brand new iPad Pro and I pay for monthly subscriptions like an idiot because I’m used to Adobe and I’m apprehensive to start over with a different creative software but I think it’s time to let go. It’s like an unhealthy relationship. You keep giving your money and they demand more for less.
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4 years ago, like a copcar
Subscribers beware!
Future subscribers beware.. I had subscribed to the photoshop for $29/ month, after 7 months or so I realized I very seldomly used it. I could not find any where to cancel my subscription on the app or online, when signed into my account I was notified I had no product subscriptions. I found an adobe contact #, after calling, 3 words into a brief reason as to why I was calling I was cut off saying I had reached the right number. Clearly dealing with a lot of cancelled subscriptions as it is so hard to do online. I was then thrown into a sales pitch to leave the subscription active for another 3 months for free then it would be cancelled after that. I declined and was told I would be subject to a $33 cancellation charge. I inquired on who to talk to about this painful, seemingly impossible cancellation. He said he would then waive the cancellation charge. What. A. Racket.
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4 years ago, PolonskyRoman
From where to start...
I will start from less to much more. On macOS I had a problem with Adobe DC from the cloud. It consume to much micro service’s and processing power. On the other hand, Woww finally all almost ADOBE’s apps in one click installation. It all the time adds more.’Loved that you suddenly discover another one or uninstall one cuz no more mem but install day after better one for yours specific need. Spark post one of more liked by myself apps ever! Also the font thing. With Adobe cloud only it really install them! And you can use it perfectly (+check and loved on Mi/Android and Samsung post).
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3 years ago, Twilight sparkle princess
M̑̈Y̑̈ Ȏ̈P̑̈Ȋ̈N̑̈Ȋ̈Ȏ̈N̑̈
/~As it is a pretty good app but in my opinion I really don’t like it, I mean like it is a pretty good app and all but in my opinion like it because when I first got this app I was really excited to mess around with this app but when I first created something I was kind of confused actually, very confused as it needs better improvements, there is a lot of bugs, I don’t remember a bunch of the app, but what I do remember is I clicked something and all it did was pictures, I was actually expecting something like this comment drawing, using your imagination, pictures+ all it did was do a picture but overall it’s a great app I guess I just wouldn’t recommend it, too much I wouldn’t recommend it to my cousins, too bye mama or dad/stepdad or my sisters I feel like me and all my family this app, 2/5 kind of bad~\
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7 years ago, donisflying
What is happening??
I don't know how this app has good reviews... The creative suite in iOS is disappointing at best, and more expensive than you'd realize. You need a separate app for everything you want to do, and even then you run into bizarre, 'deal breaking' limitations. It's hard to imagine the people behind this actually use the apps themselves, if they did they'd see how cumbersome, frustrating, and often useless they are. After a long time of lack luster results, inconsistent UIs, and apps that are limited in ways that make them largely worthless, I now default to finding any other app I can before I bother with an Adobe product. Adobe has so much potential to be leading the device-design evolution, but right now they are way behind the curve, and are FAR from being mature and useful. Currently there is not a single Adobe product I use outside of the iPad save Adobe Comp (which, admittedly, I love) despite the fact that my entire staff uses CC on their computers. There are other apps by smaller 3rd parties that do a better job...for most things. Try rotating a PDF without a paid Document Cloud subscription...even if you have a CC subscription.
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11 months ago, gh57k
Review of Creative Cloud
I am getting tired of having to reinstall my apps and you say it is because I have not opened Creative Cloud for 60 days. I use Creative Cloud frequently, almost everyday. I just used it yesterday. I have three iPads. I use this iPad when I have to take it out of the house. I do not tske my newest iPad out of the house. I also have an iPhone but never do Adobe on the iPhone. Now I have to go through and figure out which fonts I have to reinstall. This is not a good look for Adobe
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11 months ago, Dragonballt
Horrible company
I was never able to log into the creative cloud so i could actually start editing. There was a glitch and no matter what i would do it would not let me sign in. I eventually gave up and tried to cancel my membership. They are charging me hundreds of dollars just to cancel? A cancellation fee? How money hungry can you be? So I’ve been paying for this awful subscription for months but haven’t even been able to use it. Now that I have paid for so many months the cancellation fee is finally less ($52) so i can finally afford it and cancel it. Ive never been locked into a subscription like this and had to pay for a product that never even worked and i could never used. This company is greedy.
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1 year ago, AshhKatt
I just love this bundle - I use Adobe Express the most but I’m learning to use and appreciate the others as well. Each app performs flawlessly and just about the time I think something needs to be added - they have just done it! I create flyers, business cards, invitations, stationery,on line shop banners and logos - I use it for everything that I do that uses graphics. Absolutely the best app/bundle I have subscribed to and I thank Adobe for giving me such creative and reliable apps.
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4 years ago, lil tanky
I have the plan where you get all apps on adobe monthly on pc
So yea, you read the title, and I have an iPad Air and since IPad Air CAN’T get iOS 13, so guess who can’t download adobe’s MOST POPULAR APP. I doubt I would have liked my experience anyways looking at the reviews on photoshop’s store. How can one of the biggest names in the creative seen be so trash... o wait they have no competition so they don’t have to try😴🤪. Can we all just stop paying them our money and collectively go to different software? If anything would make adobe do better it would be that since that are predatorily money hungry and if you don’t think they are extremely greedy tell me why they shwiched to monthly fees instead of one time payments when there was no reason to. They were doing fine financially
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3 years ago, Payam85
They dont let u cancel
They play with you when u want to cancel. Called and wanted to cancel two of my licenses, 30 mins on hold and hung up. Started a chat, idiot answered and tried to offer more services and asked me not to cancel. It took the idiot 10 mins to pull up my account and also offered free 60 days if I don’t cancel. 30 mins to chat, he tells me he can’t cancel it today, bc its a billing day. Come back tomorrow and we cancel. Seriously Mr Adobe, get ur shot together, dont become a LA fitness that people have to bring law suit to cancel a stupid subscription. I should be Able to do this online, in the app, anytime that i want. Im an admin on f my company and have very limited access to cancellations changes. I can only buy more. This is messed up.
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5 years ago, Lumbasi
Weird Syncing issues / Quality of Life Fixes
The app offers a decent experience in viewing your work on the go but with its inconsistent syncing of your files is what really detracts me from using this app more frequently. Along with a lack of being able to view individual art boards if your project has more than one makes this app a pain to navigate and look over work. Also, in the most recent update they removed the ability to save art board directly to you Photos apps, in its place I found an option to save to a shared album. Not the same as before but if they could return the previous option along with the new then that would better my experience.
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2 years ago, Applemademewriteaname
As someone that has been Adobe since 2019-present I unstated the bugs that comes with it moving from different devices but my one big gripe is that I am currently doing art on the mobile app since my computer isn’t working and I have been art on this app for over six months and well today I open it up and all of my 400+ brushes I have downloaded all have been whipped from my brushes. Don’t know if going to be able to find all of them since after downloading and opening the file it disappeared from my device files. If anyone from Adobe is seeing this plz get this fixed I want all of my brushes back.
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2 years ago, Some_Human123
Not a fan of the horrible idea to tank mobile drawing apps that artists have been using for years. I’ve been using Adobe Draw for years kicking out some really killer artwork for my horror brand. But now it’s gone for good, and they want us all to just hop on to some new app called “ Fresco”. From the looks of it, Fresco seems pretty solid, however I miss Adobe Draw’s simplified functionality. Now I have to learn an entirely new app just to do the exact same thing I’ve been doing. Despite the monthly subscriptions and other annoying inconveniences, I’ve stuck with Adobe, all this time. But this company is starting to really eat away at my patience. Please, for the sake of us artists bring back Adobe Draw…
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7 months ago, Indygirlart
I’ve used Adobe apps for decades. Now, with the limits of subscriptions, I can’t use on all my devices, (freelance). Opening old files to update for a client and fonts I previously used on the project are no longer available. On my Mac mini the screen flashes sometimes as I drag an image across the screen,( it’s like 25 years ago all over again). Still the apps have lots to offer and if you are only working on one main computer and have a font manager to bring in outside fonts that you can archive with your projects, it is what you need as a graphic designer.
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