Adobe Lightroom for iPad

Photo & Video
4.8 (40.7K)
314.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Lightroom for iPad

4.77 out of 5
40.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Morgan Germani
Must have for photographers
I’m a photographer who really only shoots in RAW with a NIkon Z6 and I have a nifty device to plug my XQD card directly into my iPad and thankfully it’s so incredibly easy to import photos into Lightroom. I can do one at a time or I can import many more at a time. They populate my screen in Lightroom immediately and then I don’t have to keep my XQD card plugged in and instead I can get right to work. The tools in Lightroom on iPad are top tier in my opinion and I can do just about every thing I need to do. It works flawlessly. The only thing is I have to subscribe to edit RAW photos and I know Adobe is pretty greedy with their subscriptions but they only charge me $5 which is SUCH a blessing and a struggling photographer and it allows me to bring my photographer to such a greater level than I could without it and having it on my iPad is the greatest thing. My iPad is my main device for everything and it’s super mobile, fast, and perfect for all of my creative work and Lightroom is the center of all of that. I’m more than grateful for this software and all I can say is I hope the $5 a month subscription stays the same for a long time. This is the one Adobe software I can truly say it worth a monthly subscription on iPad.
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5 years ago, the al fonz
Generally does not work
As a local editor with Apple Pencil support it is kinda awesome. However, the minute you try to upload raw photos to the cloud the problems begin. Photos will be “pending” for days on end, to make matters worse, it hard to tell what was uploaded and what was not and when dealing with thousands o photos you just know that some are getting lost. I have tried to work with customer service for months on this, I’m constantly showing them files which should have uploaded but are somehow missing. Customer service is beyond terrible, which is frustrating because I pay for 2tbs of cloud storage. If you are solely editing photos stored on the iPad the main issues are: (1) iPad will not allow you to import photos from Samsung cellphones thus you can’t bring them into Lightroom without using the untrustable cloud; (2) if you make edits and scroll over to another photo the only undo function is to undo most if not all edits; (3) no panorama stitching; and (4) no HDR stitching. The program has potential, but like the IPad Pro it is frustrating almost every thing you try to do serious photo editing
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6 years ago, Charles Ahlstrom
15 Photo Export Max? What the...
I downloaded Lightroom mobile as I’m really wanting to move away from desktop and laptop editing, and LR Mobile seemed promising. I LOVE the UI and functionality of this app, and can do about 95% of the work I need to right from my iPad Pro, and I was actually a bit blown away by its speed and capabilities. Then I went to export about 100 photos I had taken with my Panasonic G9 and edited in Lightroom Mobile. I thought the iPad was glitching, or I had toggled a setting that I didn’t know about, because I wasn’t able to export more than 15 photos at a time. After doing a bit of digging I’ve found that this is done on purpose. The reason being that Lightroom isn’t able to render in the background, but that doesn’t make any sense as I’m sure we’re all more than willing to leave the app open and running in the foreground until the export is complete. This is a preposterous number of images to export at one time. Give us at least 100 images, as we could work with that limitation; but only 15? That quite literally renders this entire app, and all the hard work these developers put into it, totally useless. A 5 star app turned to a 1 star app due to a major oversight. I’ll most likely be looking for ways of leaving Adobe after about 15 years of exclusively using their products, if they don’t get their $#!+ together asap. FIX THIS RIDICULOUS LIMITATION ADOBE, PLEASE!
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5 years ago, CERDABOI
I cannot tell you how much Lightroom mobile has saved me in my photography career. I have learned Lightroom so much using this version and have made a career off of using Lightroom mobile. Of course I am still building and now learning photoshop, but at a time where I wanted to get into photography and did not have a lot of money to afford a high end PC, I received a more affordable iPad 2017 for photography services and then traded it in for an iPad mini 5. This app has been a life save because I use both at home and outside or on the train. It’s easier to work with because I can use it on a smaller, much lighter device and always get work done on the go. What it lacks from Lightroom Desktop is made up by the fact that it’s a mobile version with a good set of features. The batch editing really does it for me now, I still use it on my iPad and will be getting a laptop very soon thanks to picking up momentum and getting further in my career while using this app, but I will still be using this on the go when I dont want to carry a computer around the city. My camera equipment is already heavy enough.
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3 years ago, Rhmachote
A Good Basic and Intuitive Photo Editor For Your Phone
Snapseed is good editor for first edit and final edits. This is a basic editor with a few more advance features. It has several standard filters. Surprising it can even remove parts of objects from your photographs: best use is to remove single stand- alone objects. It also has a good set of 9 filters . One powerful filter option Available is the selective and brush tools. They all produce fairly good results. You can selectively undo your edits. The save feature includes “saving a new version” so you don’t lose your ordinal image. All in all a very good editor you can use as your go-to editor for quick work and as your standard photo editor. I have been using it for about 4 years with excellent results and the developers continue to upgrade and correct their software package. Highly recommend this editor for the inexperienced as well as the veteran photographer; best of alll it is free.
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6 years ago, Tokyo John H
Nice editor,but...don’t buy Premium!
This is a fine editor for photos on the iPad, in fact I liked it enough that I thought I might try working on my pro camera raw photos via Adobe Cloud while traveling. However, my Adobe Cloud account (arranged by my employer) only has 2GB max, which is very limited. When this LR CC mobile app prompted me to buy the Premium version, offering additional Adobe Cloud storage, I jumped on it. But after trying it out, I found that my Adobe Cloud storage was still capped at 2GB. Trying to get help, I was diverted to unrelated Adobe help forum topics. And when I tried to talk to Adobe directly, they told me I had to go through my employer...even through this premium upgrade was a purchase I made out of my own pocket, under the stated promise that it would include additional cloud storage. I feel like I was ripped off, and I would demand my money back but my time is more valuable than the amount I paid. I guess I will just have to find another solution, but there aren’t many options. The market is dominated by a few mega-corporations who don’t care about serving their customers, they do everything they can to prevent us from getting help when needed, and they always err on the side of denying us the product we thought we were entitled to when making the purchase.
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4 months ago, Csgardner88
Love this app, but
Feb 20, 2024 update: If you max out the lens blur feature, the photo will not be able to render and save. It looks fine in the app, but when trying to save a copy to the drive (M1 iPad Pro with 1TB harddrive and 16GB ram) it just renders FOREVER and then saves a completely unedited photo instead. Original review circa Dec 2023: Lately, it has been crashing quite a bit. They’ve added a lens blur feature which is honestly pretty garbage and I don’t think any actual photographer was asking for. I’m using a 2021 m1 iPad Pro with 1tb storage hence 16GB ram (so with the new iPad Pro feature should be able to utilize up to 32 GB ram). App on the whole is fantastic and I’m so happy with everything I can do in it, but the crashing is really frustrating as it doesn’t even locally save the changes I made prior to the crash. The crashes happen constantly when masking the background. Specifically when selecting the subject, then duplicating and inverting the selection and then brushing in the rest. As soon as I swipe to a new photo it crashes and none of the mask nor changes are saved. This has only started to happen since they added the lens blur feature which I don’t even use.
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2 years ago, ksanvjoksh38462nxjf74
Constant Issues and Missing Features
This is hands-down the worst app on my iPad. On numerous occasions it has frozen and crashed, wiping out 10+ minutes of edits that were supposed to have been saved to the cloud but weren’t. I’ve had to re-edit a bunch of pictures because Lightroom simply didn’t save any of the changes I made. It has constant issues with importing photos from an SD card, too. It will report that there is no space available when there is plenty, or it will simply fail altogether with no indication as to why. Just a few minutes ago I tried to import 82 photos from an SD card into Lightroom. It successfully imported only 17 of them. I tried importing all of them again in smaller batches of 10-15 photos, and each batch appeared to be successful. Upon removal of the SD card, however, I discovered that not a single one of the photos actually imported. On top of the constant technical issues this disaster of an app suffers from, it also lacks basic features that are present in the desktop app. Lightroom has been available on iPad for years, and yet essential functionality like HDR merging, panorama merging, and custom file naming schemes are still absent. The total lack of care put into the development of this app is astounding.
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5 years ago, jqualls87
Pros on the go could make better use of iPad for Lightroom with catalogs, batch-editing functions
I’m a photojournalist. I often find myself in situations where editing photos with Lightroom for iPad would make my life a lot easier, but it’s just not practical at the moment. Half the time I’m traveling and don’t have the luxury of going back to the office to edit on tight deadlines, so I have to carry around my massive MacBook Pro everywhere I go (and unpack my life at the nearest coffee shops in my path). Now that iPad OS is out and external hard drives are supported, it would be wonderful to see an update with catalogs, smart previews and batch-editing functions so I can actually use this app and take greater advantage of my iPad Pro’s powerful capabilities and smaller package. Such an update would also allow me to comfortably edit from my car on location, rather than having to go out of the way and find a place to hunker down and edit. I can see this app being a fine editor for photographers who have looser deadlines and more time to make fine adjustments, but the lack of these essential features renders it obsolete to photographers who could most benefit from its promise of mobility.
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5 years ago, Prophotog10000
Amazing for amateurs. Not ready for pros
The interface is great and operates smoothly and the processing is as good as the desktop version. Unfortunately, there are a few basic problems that make the product borderline unusable for pros. 1. Sorting by capture time is broken because it doesn’t go to the millisecond. Therefore, if you shoot at more than one frame per second (eg. sports, action, kids, weddings), your photos will be out of order. 2. There does not seem to be a way to batch apply a preset to multiple photos. You instead have to select the preset on one of them and then paste it onto each photo individually. 3. No ability to make a virtual copy or easily duplicate a photo. 4. This is the biggie that is the number one thing keeping this from being a professional tool. You can’t batch rename photos either on import or export or any other time. Like all professionals, and I’m sure many amateurs, I rename files with the date, subject, and a sequential counter so that they can be identified easily and don’t look like I just copied them straight from my camera. I hope that everyone that reads this tells Adobe they need to add this feature!
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1 year ago, Stone Indian
Dumb Guy Here…
I once bought Adobe Photo shop suite and Loved it and used it ,A LOT. Then They went to a subscription model, and It became a cost I couldn’t keep up with. And I tried SO Many different software packages, and none of them ever really lived up to their promises. Lightroom does. It’s that simple. While it may not be the entire Adobe Creative Suite, it does what MOST photographers need to do, along with a whole host of other things. You can get really creative with it, and no break the bank. Sometimes you need to find the tutorials, to get into the weeds of the thing, ( and sometimes they are as clear as mud) but when it comes down to making your art the way you want it, Lightroom just can’t be beat. From organizing to copywriting your images, you can fix a zit, or remove a person, whatever you want to do, This will do it. You just have to take the time to learn it.
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3 years ago, Vincent14472
Great app, could use a few features.
This app is great. I love working with it and editing photos. It has all the features that you may need except a few. I would defiantly recommend this to someone. The user interface is simple enough to use, and if you don’t get it, then there is a helpful guide. I would love to see a few improvements however. It would be great to see some background blur capabilities for non pro users. I came to this app from Adobe Photoshop Express, on the iPhone. I liked it because you could add any amount of background, or foreground blur you wanted. But I switched to Lightroom as you need to pay for pro features to get the image in good quality. Here In Lightroom, you don’t need pro to get good image quality. But that background blur would be great. I don’t know if it is already a pro feature, but if it is, could you make it a non pro feature? I would pay for it if it wasn’t a subscription. But other than that, Great app, would probably recommend it.
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2 years ago, WildThing_King
Wish the iPad Pro had more options
I’ve always really enjoyed using Lightroom. As a whole I would definitely give it 5 stars. However the iPad version seems lacking in areas that don’t make a lot of sense to me. I wish they’d at least have a better version for something like the iPad Pro. Though the application can do most if not all the same things that the desktop version can do from and editing standpoint, it seems to be missing some features. I can’t search “Not In Any Album” on the iPad Pro making it very difficult to organize new uploads into my own Albums. I also can’t seem to find a way to edit some of the Meta Data on the iPad Pro. It seems silly that some of these features are missing given the power the rest of the application seems to have. Given the new iPads and iPad Pros that just came out, I’m hoping to see some updates regarding this. Considering my newer iPad Pro is likely more powerful than my older MacBook I don’t see any reason as to why the iPad version can’t do all the same things as the full version on a MacBook Pro.
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5 years ago, Jordan Freshour
Best Photo App out there... but...
This program is powerful, efficient, and super functional. I absolutely love cloud-based editing: I can load RAWs or JPEGs on my iPad, and edit from my iPhone or vice-versa from hi-quality thumbnails, a trick other photo apps have not perfected. Because of this feature, I have successfully moved 100% of my photo editing to mobile devices because I must be able to turn around work quickly on the job. I can’t thank the developers enough for these features. However, I am flabbergasted by what is left off the mobile platform. The big two for me are not being able to select the quality of export (there are only two options: export a thumbnail, or a low-bitrate JPEG), and no ability to copy a preset to a batch. These functions are essential for workflow efficiency. If Adobe adds them, more professionals will take advantage of studio-quality mobile editing.
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7 years ago, Colin Robertson
Lightroom CC review
Despite my apprehension to changes in the business model, I like the direction Adobe is taking with Lightroom on iOS... Brush edits are HUGE. The performance is great. It's also nice to see global detail tools, the old way to sharpen on iOS didn't make as much sense (although sharpening on desktop LR is still easier when holding Option). The UI refresh brings it more in line with desktop LR (editing tools on the right), and it seems much faster to navigate through the different tool groups, but now that the tools are persistent, there’s no way to edit "full screen" anymore. I like the change to one finger touch to preview edits (from a three finger touch in the prior version of the app), but I find myself missing a good way to preview individual adjustments. Would still like to see perspective adjustments, HDR & panorama merging, cloning & healing, smart fill (desktop too—one of the few features that keeps me coming back to Photoshop), and the ability to switch camera color profiles. Most of these requests would be moot if we could get full resolution (adjusted) raw files out of Lightroom so they can be round-tripped with other photo editing apps, but if you began the process on the desktop, you’re limited to editing smart previews of full images... Despite all that, Lightroom CC is a fantastic iPad experience and I'm more optimistic about this update than not. It's faster, easier to navigate and the brush editing is awesome.
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2 months ago, Emberea
Nearly Worthless Until Apple Pencil Brush Mask is Fixed
Three months ago, this was my go-to app fro all photo processing, including over and above use of the desktop version. It was BRILLIANT and the flow between it and Photoshop, also on the iPad, seamless, not to mention between the iPad’s Lightroom and the cloud/desktop version of Lightroom Classic, with the exception of repeated failures to sync iPad Lightroom photos seamlessly modified on iPad Photoshop not syncing. This app was the first that brought out the “Pro” in my M1 iPad Pro. Now, with my iPad Pencil working in every single other app on my iPad Pro except for the long-standing failure of Adobe to fix the Apple Pencil Brush Masking tool, the app is virtually worthless. Adobe’s continuing failure to fix this bug is beyond irresponsible when it used to work just fine. Don’t waste your time using this if you plan on doing any complex masking until the fix is made. I suppose, just now retired, I need to spend some of my limited income and go back to the 2000’s and get a Wacom tablet so I can perform the simple act of brush masking in Lightroom Classic while again tethered to my desk.
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5 years ago, Kelly!b
Paste Settings Command is not operating!
I use this app to edit over 5,000 images a week, if not more. It is by far the fastest app to do so out there....until now. Without the simple function of command V available on my keyboard. I know have to tap with my finger through a few menu screens to paste. This doesn’t sound like a big deal except when you consider I have to do this five thousand times a week. As oppose to use the quick key functions, this additional menu searching has increased my editing time by double. Please return the quick key functioning to this app ASAP. Increasing my work time by double for some tutorials I won’t even touch is beyond frustrating. I was not a fan of the extra step in the Copy function too. Why are they making their extremely efficient less efficient in their upgrades? I am so confused by this new update.
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7 years ago, mikebrodt
It is a great start
I have been using Photoshop and Lightroom for years. Finally having them on an iPad Pro is huge. I can leave my laptop home. I can use the Apple Pencil. This is the new model for the modern creative. That being said... There are A LOT of missing features from Lightroom Classic. Way too many to list here. The ones of note: there are no real print options (even ordering) or books, or any of the back half of a workflow. There are also no options for storing other places (Adobe Cloud only... we’ll get to that), and no smart collections or versions. If, these, or any others from the laundry list are critical for your workflow, stick with Classic for now. You can still sync collections to Lightroom CC from Classic. Adobe, here is the single biggest feature you need: unlimited cloud storage. Right now, you can only store to Creative Cloud, which is okay, except for the exorbitant costs you are charging for storage. 1 TB is one day shooting for many photographers, especially those with high end DSLRs. 10 TB should not be $100s of dollars a month. A 2TB hard drive is $80 online. Google GIVES away UNLIMITED storage. Here’s the deal: your AI, Sensei, needs images to learn from. You give us unlimited storage, and Sensei would have an enormous library to learn from. I believe Adobe will get there. If Lightroom CC gets unlimited storage at a reasonable cost, and other crucial features added, this will be the new best photo tool for photographers.
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6 years ago, Chris-low
So Close
I am a long time Lightroom User from CS4 to CC. I recently decided to stray away from my usual computer routine and go for a more hands on approach. So I bought a Brand New iPad Pro 11”. First there are a lot of latency and rendering issues, especially with the selective brush adjustment tool. At points it would take 6-10 seconds just to catch up to me. Even on a brand new photo with no edits, zooming in takes a second to process. I only used raw photos for this test. Also, the app is not designed for the new iPads because the interface does not even go edge to edge on my 11” iPad. The interface itself is well designed and very easy to transition from the desktop version. A couple VERY important features I am missing is auto-mask and the ability to export as a raw or .tif. It completely defeats the purpose of having the paid mobile app if I have to jump back and forth between my iPad and my desktop to do trivial functions like export as tif. Please optimize this apps performance for the new iPad 11” and 12.9”. Please add export options!!
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4 years ago, st90ar
Missing fundamental features
No smart albums, no quick access to ratings (you have to search each rating, which is more steps), no support for custom watermarks like PNG signatures (instead, you get a super generic font with your name and a copyright symbol), and just general library management that is available through Lightroom classic. As a professional, having my library easily sorted by smart folders was one of the most valuable tools to quickly showing clients. Please add these features... Update: there’s also no option to bring into Photoshop to edit images like on a computer. You have to export, bring into Photoshop, make your edits, and then export, then bring back in to Lightroom again. So many extra steps, and the “Photoshop” apps it allows you to edit in are hardly acceptable replacements.
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4 years ago, skraMnoR
Quality editing but lacks organization
I am impressed by the detail and control over highlights and shadows. Sharpening is to notch. However the simplest of organizational tasks are missing. I need to be able to tag batches of photos. It's plain silly to not have this functionality in a pro app design to organize and edit photos. A smaller task would be to make user presets available to Siri Shortcuts. I shoot B&W film almost exclusively. I have a shortcut on my iPad that will import to LR, any photo that I put into a specific folder in Apple Photos and then delete it from photos. During that process, I can apply any LR built in preset. However there is no INVERT preset. So I made one using curves and saved it as a user preset. Siri Shortcuts cannot see that. I have to load photos from my SD card to photos app, batch invert them in Pixelmater photo, then import to LR. For an app with monthly subscription, it is still lecking some basic functionality.
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2 years ago, LitRose
Amazing and getting better!
What I love the most about the mobile version is that I can almost do everything I need when I am pressed for time and quick edits are acceptable. Granted, the app does allow you to be VERY targeted with some of your editing, but there are some detailed things you can only get from the desktop version. Something that I wish would get fixed and updated is that the new masking updates to the desktop version do not translate to the iPad version. For example, I used the new masking option to select iris and face on a portrait I was retouching but those edits did not translate to my iPad where I wanted to finish some edits before sharing via text and to my FB/IG (another GREAT advantage of the iPad version).
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5 years ago, demusicguy
Disappointment after disappointment
I want to love it but can’t. The iPad Pro hardware is finally here but Adobe doesn’t seem to be listening to customers. Forum after forum, I see requests for simple every day tasks to be implemented and nothing is generally done to improve overall workflow and compatibility. Adobe products used to just work which is why many pros like myself have supported them for years. Every release in the last several years has felt beta and never fully developed. I never thought I’d be considering making a switch to other platforms but I’m just about there with the garbage apps they’ve been putting out. It’s almost 2020 and the best they can come up with for an external editor is an amateur version of Photoshop. I realize this is general feedback but hopefully someone is listening and developers can do better to produce products and features that we really need to do what we do best, create. I’m sick of workarounds for an expensive subscription based service. End rant lol.
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4 months ago, KidPrime
Please read if you have issues. It’s an apple problem…
There is an issue with iOS and iPad os 17 that makes nearly everything that uses photos, including the stock photos app, over heat or crash. Go to your photos app and zoom into a photo you’ve exported from Lightroom that has a lot of masks or an inflated file size due to Lightroom being garbage at letting us select what metadata we want to get rid of. When you zoom out it leaves a blurry mess of all of your photos and even thumbnails until you force quit the APP. same happens when scrolling your camera roll in twitter or instagram to find a photo to post. If you scroll too fast too it over heats and stops you from being able to select a photo at all. Pressure needs to be put on adobe and apple to address this because it is going to hurt BOTH companies in the long run. Adobe needs to let us select what metadata to keep or exclude but apple also needs to fix their OS so it behaves like it did in iOS 16 and before.
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4 years ago, Cant Draw nothing
It’s so frustrating.
As a pro photographer, I am basically tethered to Adobe and I love the idea of syncing across devices and being able to edit on the go. This ipad app is great for making selects and edits but it’s basically useless bc their cloud service is trash. I’ve had so many issues getting my devices to sync up (syncing will stall eternally) that I’ve given up on it for extended periods. I decided to give another try after the release of iPad’s new OS and still no luck. Now, I’ve got a whole shoot stuck in LR for ipad that I can’t get on my laptop. Not to mention, the export options are pretty bad and they take forever, even when the files are stored locally. For instance, I recently exported over 200 files to share on Dropbox. ONce the export was complete, I only had the option to load one image to Dropbox. INstead I had to export to my ipad camera roll and transfer from there. Currently on hold with Adobe customer service for over an hour to see how I can unfreeze my syncing. Capture One is looking pretty good right about now!
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7 months ago, Oatisb1
Solid Application, no support for LR Cat
This application is a fantastic demonstration as to why the iPad will never truly be Pro. The applications runs extremely fast, has great presets, a nice community, and a UI workflow that becomes second nature once you get use to it. It manages to overcome the UI limitations of not having a mouse…which large portion of applications fail to do. However, it forces you to go to the cloud. LR cataloge is not supported. That drops the PRO for me. You can take a few shots and thats it. If you are a true profressional you have two backups of your catalogue on seperate hard drives. I travel with one, take pictures and edit off that HD. I’m not going to start uploading 2 TBs of my photos to be forced to pay more fo a sync cloud and need to purchase a larger storage iPad. Adobe, please fix this and support your catalogue. Until then I’m stuck on a laptop. This is absolutely frustrating.
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4 years ago, Aidan not Aiden
Requires monthly sub for RAW editing
The Lightroom app allows you to adjust overall lighting, color, etc. like the desktop version. There are also many presets available for overall adjustments. If you want to do any spot editing or adjust perspective, you need a monthly subscription. You also need a monthly subscription if you want to do ANY editing whatsoever to RAW image files. RAW is not supported on the free version. For this reason, this app doesn’t meet my needs right now. If you’re looking for a good basic app to adjust tone and white balance, this is great. If you’re willing to commit to an indefinite monthly subscription plan, you’ll also probably get a lot out of this. If you’re an amateur photographer like myself who wants to get a little more experience learning to make the most out of editing programs before committing to a subscription, this probably isn’t the app for you.
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7 years ago, AthenRoss
Adobe has stepped up their game and reclaimed their place as an industry leader for creative and productive software suites. At work, I am a producer who uses Adobe Acrobat for many of my tasks. At home, my hobby is photography and using the Adobe Photography CC Plan is perfect. I love being able to take just my camera and my iPad Pro with me on photo walks and being able to capture, download, edit and post on the go without my laptop. The addition of brush strokes is a MAJOR plus for this mobile app, making this nearly invisible to the desktop application for 90% of photo editing. The best part? All of this is free with my CC subscription, which makes it hard to argue the new business model sometimes. Well done, Adobe.
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2 years ago, AnnaBelle Josslynn Dahlia
Good concept, very unstable, unusable
The app is very buggy and unstable on my iPad. 1. Suddenly I can’t use masking at all the last couple of days. App crashes any time I go into masking section for any photo. 2. App consistently crashes when I transfer into photoshop and back. Completely unusable for this. I’m paying extra for additional photoshop functionality that I can’t use. 3. I previously had the ability to select the subject or sky on my iPad when I subscribed. It worked sometimes without crashing, but often crashed. I now no longer have that functionality. I guess they decided to remove rather than fix that functionality that made me subscribe. I’m paying a monthly subscription for all this stuff that doesn’t work. The whole point for me was the ability to go mobile but the app is essentially unusable. With the cool stuff broken, I feel like I’m paying a premium for basically a way to sort and store photos.
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4 years ago, PkMn Trainer Chris
Has some features missing from iPad photoshop, but it’s weirdly excluded from the ecosystem
Coming away from being impressed with iPad photoshop, I was hoping lightroom would stand in as a nice raw processor that could work with it. But it seems like they made Lightroom for people who only use Lightroom. Why does it need to import photos before I can use them, and an even bigger question, why do I log into creative cloud with this but it can’t see the files saved to my creative cloud? I had to use the CC app to grab a raw to test this with. It also doesn’t have any obvious integration with photoshop, so unless I missed it, there’s no simple way to take your edit to photoshop for more work (like with camera raw on desktop) It does have features that iPad photoshop is currently missing, the biggest being raw processing and content aware (available via the healing brush.) Hopefully this means these features will be in photoshop soon, I wouldn’t want to get deep into using content aware on an image unless I had the ability to work with layers as in photoshop. Its core capabilities are good, but its exclusion from the ecosystem makes it awkward to use. There’s a very clear path for how I might use photoshop cleanly with the files on my iPad or on CC, and thus on my desktop. Lightroom feels more like it would rather live on the iPad, which I don’t like as much
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4 years ago, hepkat23
Love the app but could use color calibration
I like being able to be away from my desktop as much as possible being a creative who avoids that kind of grind. This is why I welcomed the addition of Lightroom and now Photoshop for iPad Pro. One thing missing: Color calibration. I know many other users only do “simple edits” on iPads only to return to the big computer for final touch up, but that seem silly. My wish this whole time that iPads have been out has been to make my workflow more organic feeling like drawing or something. Sure windows tablets may work but I don’t like their stylus feel compared to iPad. Is it that adobe doesn’t want to pay xrite or whoever for licensing the profiles? I wish Apple would do it system wide, but not holding my breath. Some of us still print adobe, so pretty please....
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6 years ago, EricBirder
A credible app
I’ve been using this app for a while, and Adobe has been actively developing it at a quick pace. In fact the changes come fast enough it’s sometimes hard to keep up, but the app continues to be stable and useable. It allows me to sort through my photos and perform meaningful edits on them though there are things missing that the desktop app can do. Still, it handles nearly all of my needs. One of the weak spots is handling metadata like keywords. There’s some support for captions but none for maps nor labels and titles. One peculiar limitation that I see no reason for is that the app only lets you crop so small—there’s a minimum size. I can crop tighter on the desktop. Not sure why this limit exists, but I have to recrop some photos on the desktop.
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5 years ago, Alejandro Mallado
Time to make it perfect
So yes I am one of those who works now on the iPad Pro and I think it’s time to create a real app with full capabilities. I wish I could delete pictures from my catalog and my iPad storage at the same time. After a shooting I usually have over 1000 pictures but then when I finish editing them I only want to keep about 50 so I wish it wouldn’t take so much space on my iPad Pro storage. Also I think we need more options in settings to choose different sizes and resolutions when we are exporting photos. My workflow has improved like crazy since I am working only on my iPad Pro but I need some of these things to have the perfect experience that I think will have in the future. Congratulations on a great product anyways. I hope you are working on it already.
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3 years ago, I'm so awesome me
Extremely limited compared to the desktop version
Useful when it comes to saving and viewing photos across devices; however it pales in comparison to the desktop version of Lightroom. Editing images is unsophisticated and limited: there are no selective modifiers (color, luminance, etc.) for selective editing and the zoom-in functionality totally inhibits access to the corners of the photos, making it nearly impossible to carefully deselect the areas needed to compensate for the lack of modifiers. This is a rudimentary app, useful only if you’re only looking to utilize the basic general functionalities (light, color, detail, effects). That being said, this app comes nowhere close to the full range of functional capability demonstrated by the desktop version and is generally lacking if your desire is to obviate reliance on a desktop/laptop editing process.
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3 years ago, ecycled
Great until latest update…
Have been impressed with the mobile version of Lightroom each time it has been overhauled but latest iteration is buggy. Specifically some of the new features do not play well (at all) with the desktop version of Lightroom Classic, still what I consider to be the workhorse of all versions and my go to for heavy lifting edit work. I’m hopeful that fixes will be forthcoming but for now I can’t use Lr Mobile to apply new local adjustments because when saved to the cloud and opened in LrC (desktop) I get warnings that adjustments are not compatible and if file is opened the changes will be lost. Please fix Adobe.
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5 years ago, ..Ken..
One of the Best
I’ve resisted buying into the subscription based structure of Adobe for a few years trying alternatives like Corel Paintshop Pro which has come a long way and Affinity Photo which is good, but none really compare to Adobe products. I’ve finally caved in and bought an Adobe subscription and it was a good decision. Lightroom CC for the iPad is a great lightweight photo editing app complimenting the more powerful desktop app. Having Adobe cloud storage makes editing on the go a breeze. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the upcoming Photoshop app for the iPad Pro for some more serious editing on the go. I’ve given it 4 out of 5 stars because of the limitation due to the iOS file system not Adobe, though Adobe is trying to overcome that with its latest update.
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6 years ago, CRP6/30/10
One major issue
Lightroom CC has a lot of excellent elements going for it, however, the biggest issue makes for a very poor user experience. Every time one adjusts a setting, be it a color temp. adjustment, highlight, exposure, etc., the image blurs as the application processes the change. When this happens one’s eye tries to focus and cannot until the program complete the processing (which typically is pretty quick, however, when shooting with a 42 MP camera in RAW files tend to take longer to process). I cannot use this program long without getting headaches. I’ve learned to focus on the histogram when making adjustments to settings, which helps some, but it is difficult to evaluate the effect without seeing the actual results to the image being developed. Hopefully Adobe will come up with a fix pronto, especially for those of us who pay monthly for the program.
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6 years ago, Sims Design
Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC is the best photography app!
If you need to edit pictures on the go for work or personal use you can not beat the power of Adobe Lightroom. The app gives you the power of editing that use need to be preformed on a computer from your phone or iPad. When used with 2018 Apple IPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 you have amazing control over your editing. There is a small learning curve if you are used to Lightroom Classic but is easily overcome within a few of your first edits. I believe Adobe will continue to develop these apps until they are just as good or better than the desktop applications. Thank you Adobe for making this possible!
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3 years ago, dillinger1329
Needs trash icons
I’ve been using this app for years and I absolutely love it for on the go projects. The only issue I have with it is when importing photos directly from the sd or camera roll, it’s to many steps just to delete one photo. Having to click on the 3 dots, then click on organize and finally delete photo just for another prompt asking how you’d like to remove it is just way too time consuming for someone who is uploading several photos at once. A simple trash icon added to the top of the app would be idea for for everyone. Eliminate some steps it takes to remove the photos so we don’t have to do 3 steps for every photo we want to remove from the albums.
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10 months ago, charliewolf494
Used to be good, now it’s a mess
Lightroom used to be a fantastic app, but over the last few months it’s become a total mess. HUGE lag time when applying edits, especially when creating and editing masks and creating named versions, crashing frequently, ipad no longer reliably syncing with my computer or phone — all this and more makes the app almost unusable, and certainly a huge pain to use at all. I don’t know what’s happened over at adobe to cause this, but instead of trying to roll out new features someone over there needs to fix the core app. All my OS versions are fully up to date, as the Lightroom version on each of my devices, so I’m fairly confident this is a problem with the app rather than with my devices. Performance used to be so good, I really don’t know what happened here…
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5 months ago, LoouM2
Last update makes my ipad pro overheat and crash!
I’ve been using Lightroom for the past five years on my iPad pros without any issues. I am now using M1 iPad Pro with 16 gigs of ram and everything worked great until this latest update. Now my iPad overheats so much you can barely touch the screen and it shuts down. I can edit a photo and scroll to the next photo and it all of a sudden shuts down and everything I just edited on that photo did not save and has to be edited all over again. This is absurd. I pay way too much money for something that is going to crash constantly. I can edit about four photos before my iPad Pro is so hot I have to shut it off. That’s about 15 minutes of editing I can get done. I will have to start looking for alternative photo editing software if this continues and does not get fixed.
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4 years ago, aotero
Needs more love
I recently moved to an iPad as my only device, so Adobe Lightroom is the only thing I use now to edit my photographs. The foundation is good, but it lacks a lot of features from the desktop version, like photo merge (panorama and HDR). A lot of minor things, like the popup that shows up when you are pasting presets on a lot of photos or exporting images. You can't really do anything, only wait until it's done processing. On desktop, it does it in the background and you are able to keep working. There are filtering options missing, you can't navigate by date... as I said, good foundation but it needs more love from Adobe. They aren't taking it as seriously as the desktop apps, which is bummer given how many people are using their iPad as their main computing device nowadays.
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4 years ago, JChord07
Barely usable for professionals
I mean that as in, it has the basics, but weeks after iOS version that has trackpad support, it still has not been updated to support trackpads or mice (scrolling). Professionals will be wanting this sorely as they try to leave their MacBooks. The problem is the swiftness of the company. I understand we’re in WFH mode right now, but developers have had a long time to implement this since the advent of iOS (with basic mouse support in the form of accessibility settings). I now sit here flabbergasted that it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m sure it’ll be done, but 3/5 stars for now. Guess it’s back to the sofa for me with my Apple Pencil since of at my work desk with my trackpad.
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2 years ago, ShillyBoi
Tons of control on your pictures!
I like to take pictures in RAW on my phone and this app helps me edit those amazingly. If you just try to edit the RAW pictures with your native camera settings, you will get some distortion/discoloration that doesn’t look good at all! In my opinion, this is good for newbies like me and veterans. The app is very user-friendly and the tutorials are informative. The annual price for this application is well worth the money and actually is great value. Overall, this application makes me love my iPad a lot more and makes me want to go and take more photos. Editing made fun!
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2 years ago, Clarkezone
Direct import of RAW files still useless
The direct import dialog, which would be most useful with RAWs if properly implemented, is in it’s current form totally useless. Not only does it not show the embedded jpegs from the source files but it doesn’t even show the filename. So there is literally no way of being able to selectively import items as there is no way to disambiguate between them. This is hugely frustrating and I’m frankly questioning why I pay adobe a monthly fee. In general too much focus on driving engagement vs actual quality of life. Feels like the people who design the app don’t actually use it. For example, widgets are about discovering other peoples photos and edits, not actually viewing my own photos.
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4 years ago, JPh-T
A thought for lefties
I recently came back to LR mostly because of the iPad version. Not to upload raw images (network connections make it hardly usable for me) but to run through some quick edits using smart previews. The thing that bugs me the most though is not being able to move the tools to the left-hand side! I am a lefty and having controls on the right makes using the pencil painful: you have your hand in front of the screen while making adjustments! That’s a shame because the way local adjustments works on the iPad version is actually better than on CC: you get a preview before painting. All-in-all, not a deal breaker but something to consider in future versions :)
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3 years ago, B3n S6z
Unacceptably Buggy
Maybe it’s just me, but Lightroom crashes constantly. Importing photos from my camera’s SD card crashes it... I just imported a few dozen photos and it crashed three times. Afterwards, it crashed while uploading too. I’ve also had it freeze my entire device. Sometimes the device stops responding for a long time and then just reboots. (It’s been frozen so thoroughly that even holding down the power button did nothing.) I’ve also had it run my iPad battery from full to empty in 30 minutes. The features are nice, but the quality is keeping me from switching to it. That, in turn, is keeping me from shooting RAW because Apple Photos doesn’t support my Fujifilm X-S10 camera’s RAW format very well. I’ll try again in a year.
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6 years ago, JosephGardnerPhotography
A consistently excellent product
I’ve been using Lightroom Classic for several years now and only fairly recently started using the iPad version of Lightroom mobile. It’s so well thought through and say to use that I do all my editing on my iPad now. I’m constantly blown away by the speed at which it works without lag. For example, I can add multitudes of healing brush adjustments to a photo without any lag (depending on original file size of course). What I’m most impressed with though is the sync between all versions of Lightroom mobile so that I can start an edit on my iPad and switch over to my phone to pick up the edit on the go. I also really appreciate the new syncing of presets from desktop to mobile. One small gripe I have however is that I can’t make batch edits. This was what drew me to Lightroom on desktop in the first place so I really hope this feature is applied to mobile too. A first class product that keeps improving and the photography package from Adobe CC is excellent value for money.
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2 years ago, Ben Kenon
My Go-To Photo Editor, But…
I love using Lightroom to edit iPhone RAW images. I find I’m able to consistently get polished images that look more professional. Being able to use Apple Pencil is a gigantic plus as well; I’m much more steady and precise with a pencil than a finger, a mouse or a trackpad. My major concern is how hot my M1 iPad Pro 11 gets when using Lightroom. Ditto my iPhone 13 Pro. I understand that pushing the processor is going to create heat BUT if I didn’t/couldn’t get AppleCare+ I would almost be afraid to use this app. So it’s a good app for people who like to take and edit photos but Adobe needs to address the heat issue to make sure Lightroom isn’t damaging devices.
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11 months ago, Flurrie Angel
Learn Tab and Tutorials Removed?
Upon opening the app after a few weeks, I could not find the tutorials for beginners. After doing some searching online, I found that Adobe removed them completely from the mobile version of the app. This is extremely disappointing as I was getting so much out of them and went through so many, with intent to revisit them if I needed a refresher. To find out now that tutorials are only offered on desktop makes me want to stop using the app. I don’t want to have to sit at a desk in a room to read about how to edit photos. I very much enjoyed the ability to have the hands on experience on my iPad ON THE GO since I’m very rarely home. This really ruins the whole app for me and defeats the purpose. Please put this feature back on mobile how it was a few weeks ago. :(
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