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User Reviews for Adobe Lightroom

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8 months ago, ItsNotFate
My rating
To be honest this app is great. I wish it were more like photoshop where the library exists in your computer rather than on the cloud primarily. This reason Is why I drop one star from them. I have all of creative cloud and it was really hard to pay for the extended cloud resources. It took a lot of work around to only upgrade storage to a Tb rather than my membership to only one app with the storage. If adobe fixes this I would say it's worthy of 5 stars. The product works really well, and even does a little bit more than it needs to, but this is far from a bad thing. Conclusion: It's 4 stars due to the difficulty of upgrading only my storage, and it storing the files in their cloud predominately. If they fix this, this app would be perfect.
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3 years ago, ddorrance
Warning No Red Eye Removal Tool In Version 4.1
I purchased Lightroom about a month ago and I am new to using Lightroom. There is no Red Eye removal tool, this seems like a big omission for a software package oriented towards photography. I am trying to process some older photographs that were digitized and due to using the flash a lot back then, there are a lot of red eyes to remove. I was very surprised that this tools was not available since I have been using other tools for years that have this feature. It appears that Lightroom classic had this feature judging by the number of videos on the web that show how to do it. Too bad Adobe is forcing everyone to a subscription model so there is not a way to purchase the classic version. Other features are very nice. The auto setting for editing photos is good so that saves a lot of time. Also the Healing Tool is very nice for fixing dirt spots and other unwanted artifacts. I am still on the fence on whther I am going to keep this subscription so far I am very undecided on whether it is worth it for me.
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3 years ago, bowbison
Just annoying
I know I should have expected this from adobe but it is still really frustrating that there is a $10/month subscription, but I understand that adobe is a high end editing company. But, the even more annoying thing is that you have no idea that there is a subscription until you have downloaded the app, which took my WIFI an hour to do, and after making an account only then does it block the entire application from use and tell you that is is $9.99 a month to use. I do not understand what is so difficult about putting in the apps description "THERE IS A $9.99 MONTHLY FEE TO USE THIS SOFTWARE". they only say down at the very bottom that there is a OPTIONAL fee for "premium" that I cannot even see anything about in the software. I don't know if somehow there is something wrong with the application I got, but there is no functionality to the app except to purchase the subscription, and if somehow that qualifies as "optional" then I guess the app store is more lax about applications than I thought. If I could get a response to explain this i'd be grateful.
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11 months ago, KG5453
Nearly Perfect!
Lightroom has everything a photographer needs to edit an image, whether that photographer be a beginner or professional. All the editing tools are extremely streamlined, yet have enough depth to adapt to a photographer's increase in skill over time. With all this in mind, Lightroom earns an easy five star, and I would highly recommend purchasing the Adobe photographer's bundle. However, please note that photoshop can do everything lightroom can and more, but in a more complex, less timely manner (and doesn't have the global editing presets/organizational benefits lightroom does). So, if you are going into more complex editing and find yourself between photoshop and lightroom/lightroom classic, purchase photoshop. But if you can get both in a bundle, I would reccomend both; I, personally, edit 75% of my photos in lightroom, and the other 25% require some photoshop touchups.
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4 years ago, Medic8888
Not bad but need improvement
Overall I would say this app has great potential to be a top market photo editing program. I only imported 3165 photos and it made the app EXTREMELY slow. I’m not sure if the amount that you import matters but it made the program very annoying to deal with. Also, when editing, some of the tools did not function for me as easily as the tutorials made them out to be. I’m not sure if it was total user error or the program glitching. Particularly when trying to use the paint tool, it just painted a red color everytime. I could not even fix the pictures as the tutorial indicated. Using the radial tool also proved difficult, as it would continually create an oval in the wrong places as well as making the same red color like the paint tool. It could be that I am using a MAC, but I’m not sure really. I have a 500gb SSD and 16gb of RAM, so this shouldn’t be a problem with the operation of the app. Hopefully these issues get corrected.
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3 months ago, SugarDAddy - not looking to recruit
Bait and Switch
NEXT TIME, tell me I have to pay for your services before downloading, security checks and signing in all my personal information. I gave it a 1 star because B&S *Updated* I have changed it from 1 to 3 stars, just because the email was friendly and a bit sarcastic "If there is a clearer way that we could word that," (It's not free). The main problem was I assumed it was free when I typed in "FREE PICTURE EDITOR" in the "App Store" search engine, and your app was 4th, with the "editors' choice" award on it. I apologize for assuming. If you could take it out of the search filters, that would be best. But most likely you probably won't because most apps probably don't do that. I noticed others apps have blocked content, but you can still use it. 7 days is your policy and I accept it. Thank you for your reply and unfortunately, I won't be using your app at this point... or can't.
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1 year ago, Abstractjesse
need to have more options
it neds to have more options to post your photos like IG, twitter, FB, and ticktok, a wider base if you will. reach more people than just hear to be able to post your edits photo edits, not just 2 options work pending or ongoing projects. we as paying customers should have a wider base to expose our photos using your application it would give ou more exposer to millions of people and at no coast to you. so hink of it as helping us help you get more exposure and in return we get to reach more people with our edits using your application. just something to think about, im sure if you were to inform your investors of how they can reach more clients with hardly no money out of pocket its a win win.. i hope this can reach some good ears and people who really read these and want to make a difference in the experience of using adobe lightroom. Thank You J.M.
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3 years ago, Elite Guard
Worse than Lightroom 3!
I got a new camera but Lightroom 3 couldn't read the raw files from it. So after updating my OS in order to get Lightroom 4 I find that I can't even import my old light room library. Even worse new photos that I import automatically go to the cloud, not my hard drive which is where I want them! There is no way to change the setting either. It's a shame cause some of these new feateures sound great, but it's too much of a learning curve. Plus the connectivity to follow other useres is a complete waist of time and effort. I want to edit MY photos not veiw some one elses. I want MY Photos on MY hard drive, not in some stupid cloud where I loose them if I don't pay the ridiculous subscritpion! Whats worse is that it is impossible to cancel your plan, durring the free trial at least! Adobe's website redirects you to the app store which has no option to cancel it! Not worth the upgrade or effort. DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANT CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN PHOTOS!
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4 years ago, MackleMonster
Great image quality but no ability to print
Overall Lightroom CC is a great photo editing and management app. All photos are seamlessly synced between devices (like Apple Photos). And the quiality of the images is exceptional. I think the edited quality is better than Photos, which is why I use it. However there is no way to print! Adobe for whatever reason don't think that users need to print any photos. You can make them as pretty as you want, but you cannot then print them from LIghtroom, you need to export the image and print in something else. I have no idea why a photo app wouldn't be able to print, other than Adobe thinking they know better than their users who have been asking for this since day 1.
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1 year ago, ZenZenPup
Very Much Grateful to Be Using It 😇
In so many ways, Lightroom has made editing and managing my photo collections so much more effective, productive and enjoyable. I've always wanted to have software that allows me to focus on both details, and bring out the best I can in every image I've shot over the last 20 years. My only negative, albeit not one directly tied to its functionality, has been how expensive a full Creative Cloud membership is. It just costs way too much. After each year is said and done, the price is just the same as what buying the full version of Photoshop cost 20 years ago — which made adoption very problematic.
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4 years ago, amgross
Not a fan of 3.3 update
The new features of the update like versions and being able to add a watermark are nice but I am annoyed that things I used to be able to do with ease are now more complicated. With this new update I can no longer directly export to my external hard drive. Its says the disk space is to low which is not true because it is a 2TB wireless hard drive. I had tech support from adobe try to help me but it just won't work with the update. Also, you used to be able to simple press "shift" (on Mac) and then hit "Auto Exposure", etc. and it would adjust said edit feature. Now you have to move the slider slightly then press "shift" then click "Auto..." It has also been running a bit slower than it used to. I think this update could use a little work.
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5 years ago, Great but missing crucial part
Great but missing crucial part
Let me start by saying i am new to photography editing. With that out of the way, i found this app to be very user friendly, and in just two days i feel very comfortable navigating and being able to do basic photo edits. There are however some misteps that NEED to be adjusted by developer. The lack of ability to add a watermark/logo to the picture is an upset, this CAN be done in Lightroom classic and oddly enough on the mobile app (which this app is used on multiple platforms). There are other options in the drop down menus that are greyed out like “send to photoshop”, there is some cleaning up that needs to be done.
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2 years ago, kswanca
🤣 finest photo software on planet earth.. currently.
As an amature astrophoto nut, I love the non-intrusive way it handles the photo. One of the finest non-destructive photo "redevelopment" software applications in the world. It surpases my expectations as I created the #DARKLight fillter presets with it. The new Adobe AI integration is a step beyond relatiy with its stellar ability to find objects in a photos is exceptional above any software I have ever used in 30 years of doing photography. the ability to never touch the actual integrity of color in a photo is amazing. hats off to the creators. (yes, I really love Lightroom and yes I constantly confuse it on Twitter and call it Lightwave.... )
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4 years ago, Tom887
I went on Safari a few years ago. I'm a relatively experienced amature photographer but I had virutally no wilfdlife photography expereince. While I was still adapting, I took some photos that, while well composed, were not taken with ideal settings. I assumed that these photos were "throw aways" because my old software just wasn't up to the task.... But then I got Lightroom. It saved so many photos that ended up being phenomenal. Its just what I need. Its intutitive enough that I picked it up very quickly but also had enough advanced tools that I still have much to learn and grow. Its a great program.
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5 years ago, ldsstaten
Impressive, yet satisfying.
I'm very interested in photography software. It provides a professional workspace for editing pictures. I have to say, I am not very pleased with Adobe, only becasue of monthly subscriptions. But we've already seen Microsoft do this marketing technique with Office 365. You get what you pay for in this scenario. However, paying monthly is not for everyone, including myself. That's why I use Affinity Photo. Buy obviously, Adobe still holds the crown for best professional software, in general. I am very impressed with Lightroom. If you want to be a pro photographer, then this app will never let you down.
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4 years ago, Padre de dos
Lightroom Convert
I mainly used Photoshop and Bridge for the last 10 years. I always thought Lightroom was a Photoshop Lite type of version. Since I got the whole creative cloud now and always hearing people talking about using Lightroom along with Photoshop I thought I would give it a try and I must say it has been great! The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because about half of the time I edit photos in Photoshop from Lightroom then for some reason the photos don't come back to Lightroom and if I didn't save to the cloud in Photoshop then the time I spent on them was wasted and I have to redo them again!
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1 year ago, nicknamethatnooneelsehastaken
Very buggy, not any better than apple photos
Main reason to use this program is that it allows you to edit on your ipad. Great, except it does not always sync correctly. Better off using a computer-based program like Capture One or Lightroom Classic. The Lightroom CC version is just so dumbed down that it is actually dumb. Basic functionality like changing filenames is not supported. Delete too many files in a row and it just stops deleting but gives you no indication unti you come back to look at and redo your work. A very frustrating program to have tried to use. The AI subject masks are great, as are the AI photo edits, but on the whole a real PITA to use when it forgets those edits.
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2 years ago, Monkeyfreak354
So many problems and awful customer support
I have used Lightroom since February of 2021. This app worked great for my photography business, until last week. All of the sudden, it will not let me get onto Lightroom and pops up "Cannot connect to Adobe Server". I have been on the phone with Adobe's "technical support" for days and no one will help me fix the problem. Adobe sent me to Apple and Apple sent me to my bank. No one will fix the problem and I have payed a lot of money to not have a working app. I've done everything they have asked of me and more, but the app will not work. I've tried downloading it through Apple and through Adobe and neither work. Not only is this very aggrevating, but it is affecting my line of work.
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1 year ago, AB bagel
Hard to share, import, and export
I got this a few months ago, and the reason I got it was to edit, and then send the pictures to people. I noticed that the editing options were amazing but it was really hard to send them to people. Also, saving them to my computer or importing pictures is kind of hard since it requires you to do it through Finder. I love this software but I think they could make it easier to share, import, export, and save. Over all it is a great app and I use it all the time!
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1 year ago, dmark0822
Resolved: All past edits from previous versions removed
Issue resolved with Version 6.3.1 My feedback helped resolve my concern in my original review. Thanks to Adobe for easing off my stress about this annoying bug. Added 2 stars back towards my original review. Original Review with Version 6.3 I've been a long-time user of Lightroom since it came out with support for Apple Silicon for Mac in late 2020. But however, I stumbled upon a major bug in which it removed all of my edits (versions saved by me and auto-saves) from all of my photos in Lightroom library after updating to the latest version. Also there may be a problem with my user presets which I haven't tried after updating. I noticed some app hangs while trying some recommended presets. I would've rated this 5 stars if it wasn't for this bug and stability issues.
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3 years ago, Swordanc3r
Lack of key features from LightRoom Classic
Disappointed! Missing a lot of good features from the Lightroom classic. For example, it's not supporting third party plugin such as Color Efex Pro, making the workflow extremely difficulty for me. No photos sorting function where you can select several photos at once and rate the best one out of all selected photos. No syncing function where you can select the first photo with the desired settings and changes made and apply that same settings to all other selected photos - the current expectation is for you to save the preset first before you can apply to other photos. All of these things make the workflow way more difficult. A disappointment.
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2 years ago, luckies24
Lightroom is good... BUT
There's one small bug, the display is cut off at the top (ex: the cloud logo is only half of a cloud). I'm not sure if this is because I'm on the latest beta of MacOS Ventura. But it really needs an update. This is so annoying that I'm converting over to a different editing app. I really like using lightroom mobile (this app) rather than lightroom classic. I feel it's a lot easier to use and it makes cloud storing my pictures across devices a lot faster and smoother.
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4 years ago, CSReddFrost
I'm learning but this is a great program
I have been mostly using Lightroom Mobile because I started out editing on my phone and my tablet. I do a decent amount of editing whether it is putting my signature look on pieces or learning how to clone or color grading or whatever tool I need. There is SO MUCH i can still learn about Lightroon but the tips that pop up when I hover over a slider, the tutorials I can find online and just diving in and seeing what I can create make it a fun program to get a feel for.
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11 months ago, TheAubs84
Program much different on Mac...
Used Lightroom for years on a couple different laptops. Have always loved it. Just bought a MacBook Air (first time working with a Mac). Lightroom has been extremely glitchy so far. It's randomly closed on me twice. Saved my work and closed the app and it didn't actually save any of my work that day. Today just it kept giving me error messages every time I tried to use a preset. Tried closing and restarting the program, checked for updates, restarted the MacBook a couple of times. Not super impressed so far. Might have to try a new photo editor. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, Bruuce137
Great App, but man the amount of bugs here is unbelievable
Everybody knows how great Lightroom is for editing, but OMG can it be more buggy? I constantly run into import/export/sync problem, or it shows blank interface when i try to open a photo. When these bugs happen (which is basically everytime i use Lightroom), i can't even quit and restart for a fix. I have to force quit it, which worries me a lot since i might mess something up or lose progress. Please fix them, I don't recall Lightroom being this bad just few months ago. Is that because of the new OS or that I'm using a new laptop?
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4 years ago, alanaeileen
Great when it works.....
When it's working, there are great features and you can make beautiful pictures. I love the tutorials, too. But It keeps freezing on me and feels super buggy when I try to save pics to folders or albums. My versions keep disappearing. I'm trying to add 4 photos now and it's been "checking for available disk space" for 10 minutes. I only have 1 other pic in there and tons of space on my laptop. What is it doing? I'm in the trial week right now and will very likely cancel before it ends because its so annoying to keep running into all these issues...
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3 years ago, xxAydennxx
Out dated uncooperative
works great for editing photos but terrible to importing and exporting photos anywher ebut with adobe. doesnt allow other connections to be added. Also when you first get started it doesnt dtate when you download lightroom that this is version 5 0r 5.1 which is like the oldest version ever and is not great for someone trying to learn. So witht that you then spend hours trying to find videas as to why you dont have catalogs and are struggling to figure out how to file or organize photos and export them and move them around.
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4 years ago, Sunnshinecoast
This app is so amazing!! I am new to photography and this is literally such a helpful app! I am currently using it on my MacBook Pro and loving every minute that I spend on it! They have turtorials and what different adjustments you make and a spot where you can upload your pictures so people from everywhere can view your pictures. Definitely happy with this app and will continue to use this app, super easy, useful, and very nice layout of how the app itself actually works!!!
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4 years ago, MeganMcNett
A few bugs
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Lightroom! I have been using it to edit all of my photos. The only complaint I have is there are a few bugs. I have to "force close" it nearly every time I use it. It doesn't allow me to close it normally. I asked my sister-in-law about it and she has the same issues so I know it isn't my Mac. The program freezes frequently and lags when trying to exit. If this could be fixed, I would give 5 stars! I love the editing capabilities in Lightroom.
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1 year ago, Jade Rings
Freezing up
Not exactly sure why, but lightroom just started freezing up on my computer. It seemed like it wouldn't let me do anything until I write this review. I can't even "Quit Lightroom". So hopefully after writing this I get some freer access. Lol. Other than that, previously using lightroom has been so cool! I'm loving all the features. Hopefully it doesn't get too jumbled up and continues to freeze.
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2 years ago, TheChrisRay
Syncing to cloud painfully slow
It takes many hours to sync up photos via the LR app and there is no way to force it when it randomly stops. When using the native Apple Photos app, uploads happen in the background. The LR app doesn't appear to ever do anything unless its open and the cloud icon selected. When you stop looking at it, it doesn't make progress. Given you have to transfer the files to the Mac before you can merge them, it makes the overall process very cumbersome.
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4 years ago, tpmx32
Should be called Lightroom Elements
This version (M1 optimized) seems to be geared towards novices. I thought that it was time to transition to the subscription because Lightroom 6 does not support raw files from my current camera, but this seems like Photoshop Elements with simplistic guided activities in comparison. It does not appear to even support multiple displays. There are a couple things that work well with color management. alignment and healing, but not worth even close to $10 a month. Stick with Photos it is a much more capable program at this point. Maybe buy Afinity Photo. That program is as good as advertized.
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3 years ago, Creator21601
Even if you have an account on a moblie device you are unable to sign into your account and use it free like you do on moblie. On my MacBook it said I needed a subscription even though I had already downloaded it and have been using it on my phone forever... I needed Lightroom on my computer for ONE of my classes and I need to purchase a subscription in order to use it!!! Do not reccomend. it is probably better on iPhone than it will be on the computer, with accesability and easy to use I DO NOT RECCOMEND Adobe Lightroom for your computer if you are not pay $7.99 a month to use it... Really disapointed...
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3 years ago, 802826
no cancelation
I signed up for 1 month ($9.99) and now i cant cancel my supscription. There is no customer support or any email to get a hold of anyone. I've gone through the lightroom app, online lightroom, adobe website, and the app store and i keep getting passed arounf to the different sites but there is nowhere to cancel it. i didn't plan on paying for this the rest of my life!
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4 years ago, TheMicster
New to Photography but love this app
I have a Sony A6600 camera and using other tools to view and manage my photos always used a lot of battery and was quite slow. Lightroom is fast and easy. I'm still getting used to the controls, sometimes it changes views when I just want to zoom in, but the auto color settings has made so many of my photos look so much better, it's amazing!
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2 months ago, Lobro18
Used to be a long-time customer
I used to be a long-time customer of adobe creative cloud. I needed to temporarily discontinue my membership due to increasing expenses lately, and when I went to cancel, I was offered a few extra months for free. Little did I know, I was being signed up for an annual membership with a $80 cancellation fee if I want to end early. I am a very vigilant person and am certain this was not overtly stated when I accepted the extra months. This was predatory. Forcing business isn't the way to keep your customers. Once my time is up, I won't be coming back!
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2 years ago, TEWNCfarms
Incredible! Life Changing for Real!
I just got the full Adobe suite a few months ago and it's changed everything I do for marketing and design for the better! Way better! Just what can be done in Lightroom alone to get your photos ready, there are so many settings and ways to really make a photo unique and modern, and with ease. Highly recommend
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2 years ago, sugarcookiecrunch
Best for photography
A few years ago when I started photography I used Lightroom! It has came a long way sense then! Sure, there has been some issues, but that's every app! They've always fixed the bugs! I absolutley LOVE Adobe Lightroom! Meets all my photography needs! So, if you're looking for a good editing app this is the one for you! Super easy to navitgate!
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2 years ago, Golfislife1971
Awesome Photography Editing Tool
Adobe Lightroom offers photographers many creative options without being too terribly overwhelming. There's a bit of a creative learning curve but LR also gives artists/photographers of all levels the training & tools to progress & develop all within the software application. It's a joy to see my photos come to life. Thank you, Lightroom!
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4 years ago, R3illy-00
So far, as I am writing this review, this has been an amazing editor. I have completely change multiple photos, some of witch the changes are like day and night (literally). Overall I highly reccomend this to anyone looking for a solid photo editor. The only downside to this is that it costs nearly $120 in total per year ($10 a month, depending on whether you choose to pay monthly or yearly). Again, this is a very good editor.
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8 months ago, kayy22333
Runs slow every once in a while that I have to resart. The new feature for blurring the background, it will not let me outline my subjects and fix the mistakes that are automatically applied. When I start using that, that is when it starts running slow. Over all everything else is super great I love this. That is the only thing that needs fixing.
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3 years ago, Discontent User Experience
Waste of Money
This tool is COMPLETELY unusable. Unless you have a PhD in photo editing it's not intuitive, remotely usable to photo editing (as it is billed in Apple Store) or fixing images. After spending a couple hundred bucks I find out I need to buy the "Photo" version which is another $100 bucks and NOT sold on the apple store. You have to buy it through Adobe. Good luck trying to use it once you buy it because, like everything adobe, it doesn't plug into anything else they make. At least that is my experience. Run away. Don't wast the money.
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3 years ago, OcEaNdRrIvEjOeY
Im in love!
I’ve tried free apps at the beginning of my photography journey, and they just don’t “hit” like lightroom. There are so many editing features I can use for certain photos. Right now I am learning each one at a time. I still cant believe I didn’t invest in lightroom 7 years ago. But nonetheless, it is dope for photographers who are serious about taking their art to the next level.
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4 years ago, Error#4#4
This is absolutely my faviorite photo editing software. but the saving feature could be a bit better. i have spent a great amount of time editing photos, and after i finish i realize the photo has reverted to original settings. I thought at first this was my error but it happend a few times without me doing anything. possibly a bug not really sure.
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12 months ago, Dave's I Pod
Love Lightroom-- Wish Cloud was faster though!
This has to have the best feature set with a low learning curve. I use it across all of my phones, ipads and Macs and have no issues other than slow sync speed to the cloud. Once its caught up which is usually overnight all is great! Still learning the new AI features but all are very cool!
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1 year ago, megopo
Lightroom Functionality
Some of the features I am used to using are hard to find, if not gone. I'm unsure as I haven't found them all. Other designs have made it easier to learn new skills within lightroom. Overall, pleased with the new updates and I still prefer and love Lightroom for most of my editing.
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3 years ago, Donald Dunski
A must for editing
Started really editing my photos a couple years ago, took some courses on light room, and this tool has completely changed how I take photos. What I'm looking for in lighting, the posibilities for improving and truly making art from what can't be seen at frist glance through the view finder.
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4 years ago, MsCountryBelle
New to editing portraits, loving so far!
I am new to professionally editing photos and have been having a great time learning and getting comfortable with Lightroom. I love how I can start editing on my laptop and then it automatically updates and I'm able to pull it up on my phone app when I'm on the go! Excited about learning more tricks and tools with this program.
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3 years ago, Taylor, John
By far best color-grading app
I love rightroom and assumed other softwares would be as good so I bought Pixelmator pro thinking it would be as good and that I could save money. Lightroom might be more expensive but it is much more intuitive and easier to use! I can not get the same photos to look as near as professional looking or good on Pixelmator.
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3 years ago, DrDCuddy
Great software with serious syncing issues
I love the program and the smoothness of operation, however, I am plagued by regular syncing issues so much that it's hindering my work flow. Uploading photos from my phone to the cloud works appproximately 30% of the time and I am neither running VPNs, blockers, nor even on different networks! I really do expect more from Adobe on a product like this with a not innexpensive subscription model. PLEASE FIX YOUR SYNC ISSUES FROM iOS to MAC!
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