Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Inc.
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2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Photoshop

4.43 out of 5
61.6K Ratings
5 months ago, Gibbbbbbo
Love the app, few minor setbacks
I recently got an iPad and have been using it to edit my photos. I LOVE that I can edit on my iPad and then open my desktop app to continue where I left off. This feature is also helpful because editing on an iPad is certainly limited compared to what you can do on a laptop/desktop. The iPad interface doesn’t have file, edit, image, layer, select, filter, etc. with dropdown options. While popular tools like liquify and gaussian blur are still available, there are definitely less options in those areas. What I’ve found is my iPad editing is GREAT for quick fixes or getting in some basic work on the go, and I can later revisit my files at a computer and get into any major editing that I cant necessarily do on my iPad app. I haven’t run into any app crashes— which I have some issues with on my surface pro, and overall everything functions at a really high level. I also really love the generative AI tool, it has definitely gotten me out of some pinches and it’s also fun for messing around.
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4 years ago, Dan Dunmire
Had a lot of potential
I have always loved photoshop for everything from personal to professional use. So I was very excited to finally get a full version of photoshop for my 12.9 iPad Pro. What I found though was that this is not a “full” version of photoshop at all. This does have many of the features I know and love, but lacks a SIGNIFICANT amount of the functionality I have enjoyed on my PC experience. I am a current paid membership user of the desktop version, so I was hoping for more of a one to one translation. My biggest grievance isn’t the lack of features though. My largest issue is the downscaling of the “cloud” files. When I upload a photo project I am working on for a client, and the PC is showing a file size of 4700x5600, I am expecting that same pixel count on the ipad. What I got was a loss of about 15% across the board on any file I uploaded to the cloud. This means that projects I want to take with me on the go are not the same resolution as they are on my personal computer. This also means that any retouching I want to do will be absolutely a moot point as I wont be able to have control of the finer details that I do on PC. I still love everything that photoshop is capable of doing, but this version feels more like a Photoshop “lite” than it does Photoshop. I am excited for the possibility moving forward but for now unfortunately I will have to stick to my computer.
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5 years ago, Kronosqq
The release could have been handled better, but the features in v1 are well done
As a product manager and designer myself I do sympathize with this kind of reaction to a major release. But it wasn’t unavoidable. It was waaaay easier to spend the last year thinking that an iPad version of photoshop that had feature parity with the desktop version was coming. Many of the outlets reporting on the announcement left out the caveat about v1, and even the official Adobe announcement article only had a single bullet point mentioning it. Most people who read about it walked away with the impression of “full” and “real” photoshop, not “a limited feature v1 that will grow overtime”. From an announcement hype standpoint that’s fine. From the standpoint of expectation setting, that was precisely what led to the blowback currently manifesting itself as one star reviews. The optics and narrative mistakes of the whole thing aside, what y’all have shipped in this v1 is really solid. It’s obviously limited in functionality, but everything that did make the cut is smooth, easy to pick up with knowledge of desktop photoshop, and just feels really good to use. If future functionality is added with the same care, I’ll very much look forward to trying it out.
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4 years ago, Hi I'm Wedroyals/Dakotaz1324
Adobe photoshop
I love How finally I found a photoshop app that is good and I was so excited to finally try it out, but then I realized you had to pay to actually be able to have fun and experience this app, now I’m not trying to complain I’m just saying I don’t like how you have to pay it should be an option, I think if you paid the money you should get better features and more stuff you should just have to pay to be able to experience the whole app. It looks like you guys did I really good just making this app, and all the features it comes along with but that fact that you have to pay just to play sets me off, I just think if you pay the monthly access you should get more features and extra nicknacks then the people that didn’t pay, I still would just love to be able to make cool photos and learn how to work all this stuff and how everything goes, but now I have to keep searching for another photo shop app, the reason I want the paid monthly access to be an option is so you you could try out the game and see if you maybe like it and then if you do you can’t pay the money, I would just love to try this app out to see how everything works and learn stuff and how to get better. Well I don’t you if anyone will spend the time reading this, but if you do happen to come across this please maybe consider making some changes, and it’s not up to me it’s up to you I’m just sharing my point of view. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Whitewolf98
Frankly…not worth it on any level…
Let me start by saying I’m aware it will inevitably be a somewhat different experience whenever an app designed for PC’s is adapted for a mobile format. I have used a number of Creative Cloud apps on PC and been fairly pleased with their capabilities (once I got past the initial learning curve). That unfortunately has not been the case with the mobile versions. One would think that in this day and age it wouldn’t be that hard to come by apps from reputable developers that allow for FULL functionality and creative freedom without costing what feels like an arm and a leg. I’m not sure if it’s Adobe or Apple that’s not pulling their weight here, but in my experience the apps themselves take up a ton of storage on most devices, and you can’t get anything close to the full experience without paying, and even then they don’t seem to be compatible with 90 percent of the media on something like an IPad. Some might say I should try the PC versions, but I’m left to wonder, would I have to pay more than anyone should have to try and justify for a hobby or anything else for that matter? That aside, would I even be able to create well-made projects without it breaking my device’s brain? If I am to use any Creative Cloud apps in the future, I’m afraid it may have to be on PC, or at least some device that can handle what they would normally have to offer.
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3 years ago, J-Andrew
Can’t turn off autosave to Adobe Cloud
First, this app is missing a lot of useful tools that I use all the time on the desktop version. There are several cheaper apps that include many more tools for a lot less money. ArtStudio Pro and Procreate are just 2 examples that charge a one time fee (no subscription required) and are way more useful for drawing and manipulating photos on your iPad. Seriously, Adobe, you couldn’t even manage to include dodge and burn tools in PHOTOshop? But I have a subscription, so I figured I might as well give it a chance. Until I realized the app REQUIRES you to save everything to the Adobe Cloud. You can also save it to your iPad. But you cannot turn off the autosave to the cloud. I DO NOT WANT TO SAVE TO YOUR SERVER! I’m a physician at a medical school and periodically use photoshop to prepare patient photos for presentations. It would be a privacy violation if it were to end up on your servers. I need to be able to turn off the autosave function. The only possible reasons for making this a requirement, are nefarious. It is either to force you to use up your cloud space and then be forced to purchase more storage or it is a data mining scam. There is no good reason you can’t make this optional. Allow the customer to decide where they want to save their work. You will eventually cause someone to commit a HIPAA violation if you don’t change this feature.
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4 years ago, Skeleboo
The iPad version is broken and nearly unusable, please fix!
I have been using Photoshop to create my digital illustrations for over nine years now, and was elated when I realized it also existed for the iPad when I first got mine ten months ago. I absolutely love the fact that I can work on any document on either my desktop or my iPad, and this feature alone is what has been motivating me to power through the broken mess this app has become in the past couple of months. It started with frequent crashes, then after an update about a month ago I began experiencing these white blocks popping up whenever I merge layers, only going away if I physically erase them. The thing that my finally prompt me to abandon this app all together is that all of my brushes, save the one I happened to have selected the last time I put my iPad on the charger are gone! This is 100% untenable! How is anyone supposed to create anything with only one brush?! Mind you I only had the basic ones that come with the app as to my knowledge there is no way to import brushes to the iPad version; sadly this fact also means that there simply is no work around for this issue either. This app was a boon and made working between two devices so easy, so it’s honestly heart breaking that it’s suddenly completely unusable.
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5 years ago, NotTheFirstToHateNickname
0 stars if I could
BLUF: Overpriced, there are other programs (even from Adobe) that do it better and it’s not ready for prime time. Adobe, I’m not sure what you were thinking with this other than “hey, I’m sure we can dupe some poor suckers into paying monthly fees because we call it ‘Photoshop,’” but I hope you’re wrong on that. You’ve waited so long to bring full programs to the iPad that we’ve all found alternatives we like. Hell, for true photography editing, I use your Lightroom on iPad. When I want to do photo illustration, I use Procreate (and so do a LOT of other people), which is awesome. So you’ve got to bring your A-game if you want us to go back to Photoshop. But you didn’t. You released another half-baked program, gimped out without all the features of the desktop, and you want us to pay a subscription fee? I want whatever you’re all smoking, because apparently it’s good stuff. For years we’ve heard you tell us “tablets aren’t powerful enough, there are too many limitations with iOS to create apps like you’re asking.” Weird that other companies have managed it. Just like Quark failed to adapt and died, so will you. The first company that comes up with good pagination software for a iPad gets my money, and I’m betting it’s not you, judging by Comp and your “full version” of Photoshop. Which is too bad; I used to love your programs.
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2 years ago, LiveCreate
A taste of Photoshop, but thats it
DISAPPOINTMENT. I’ve been a devoted professional Photoshop desktop user for decades. Mastersuite actually. All of my photo processing skills and workflows are completely integrated with Adobe products - Photoshop serving as my baseline workhorse. Sure… Adobe is expensive, but its worth it to the professional user because of the extensive features for professional commercial use. So for me, extending use of that to my ipad is a no-brainer… OR SO I THOUGHT. My honest initial reaction to trying to use this on my iPad was confusion at first. Where off power features? I thought maybe I had made a mistake and downloaded the wrong version so I double and triple checking sure enough it’s the one I paid for. Then I thought, there must be some extra steps to get it set up properly in order to get the feature sets that I needed… apparently not because they don’t exist. “WHAT IS THIS CRAP, ADOBE? Shame on you for calling this Photoshop and then charging me as if it is even remotely deserving of that product label!” Adobe dropped the ball on this. Now I’m having to resort to learning and using something like ProCreate just to get some features and capabilities that should be in this so called Photoshop Mobile.
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4 years ago, Starshine is awesome
Defeats the purpose a bit
So, I just got an iPad and got procreate excitedly as I've heard good things. I was immediately disappointed by the lack of stabilizing tools in Procreate. Even though they technically have them, they aren't great, so I figured I'd roll back to photoshop since I know the program anyways. I was happy to find a stabilizer! And subsequently sad to find I can only use the default brushes. And the defaults in the app aren't even like the ones on the PC. What's the point if this program works better for me but none of the brushes work for what I need to do? I tried adobe sketch as well, and I'm happier with the brush options and that you're technically able to import more, but then they don't have stabilizing options! I feel like Goldilocks trying to find the program that fits just right. If this app actually allowed me to use my own brushes, it would be perfect for me. I'm a loyal adobe user but the whole point of me getting an iPad was so I didn't always have to use my computer and could draw on the go-- it's completely pointless if I can't even have good lineart brushes. PLEASE either expand the amount of brushes available or preferably allow us to import our brushes and settings.
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3 years ago, toddbarnes
Typical Adobe
This is a half-baked product. As usual Adobe released it with a skeleton set of features and continues to add to it SLOWLY. I would say it probably has 10% of the power of the desktop version even though an iPad Pro is more than capable of running a full version of Photoshop. They keep focusing on features like streaming in-app instead of features that are actually useful to their product. Is anyone really going to stream inside of Photoshop instead of just screen sharing with an app that we all already have? Probably not. Yet they’ll delay all sorts of needed features while they work on that. Meanwhile Photoshop for iPad remains a shadow of it’s true self. It’s just bad decision making at the top. All of this to say, Adobe consistently underwhelms and disappoints with their products for professionals. If there was another game in town, then I’d be using it. How is it that Affinity Photo is about 5x more powerful than this, and yet they are a tiny company with a fraction of the funding that Adobe has. Their product is harder to use for sure, but it at least has desktop level features. My point is that Photoshop for iPad COULD have the same features as desktop, Adobe just chooses for it not to.
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2 years ago, ComicNoirFan
Great when the features work
I paid for a one year subscription and the features work great when available, especially Retouch and replacing the eyes on facial photos. However, they are not always available. Sometimes when I want to use these features, they are inaccessible and the app informs me that the content is downloading and I will receive an notification when it is complete. It happens when I’m trying to work on photos on an iPad. It is frustrating to wait, especially considering that I have a paid subscription. However, after the content has downloaded the features are available for a short time, even when I’m working offline. However, the features become inaccessible again and I have to wait until the content downloads again. And the app tends to freeze. I use an iPad Air and have the latest iOS settings and latest app update, but the inconsistency of the features availability is surprising and frustrating. Again, the aforementioned features are great for the price of a full year. But I urge potential subscribers to bear in mind what I have described.
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5 years ago, Champion.#2
Promising start...but pricing?
So far I’m liking the app. True, it’s not in parity with the desktop Creative Cloud version of Photoshop. It’s pretty suitable for my needs. (Though I do look forward to smart object compatibility). Pricing will make or break Adobe’s presence on my iPad. I’m fine paying for a subscription but I encourage exploration of bundle pricing or lower cost pricing. As it stands I feel I have to decide between Fresco or Photoshop (each $9.99) —and then apparently Illustrator is around the corner. I’m assuming that will be another $9.99. I implore Adobe to make these products cheap enough that I don’t need to decide. Look at Apple Arcade —everyone I know feels that Apple made that a great value. Thus I’m paying for Apple Arcade even though I don’t play that many games. BUT it’s inexpensive enough that I don’t think about it. Or Microsoft’s model: for $6.99 a month you get the entire Office Suite and 1TB of storage. I’m not saying Adobe needs to go that low but you can see how that kind of pricing is very inviting, especially to amateur hobbyists.
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4 years ago, KillaBitDXV
$10 a month.
The idea is there, but I just don’t think this app is worth paying for when I have a full working version of CC 2020 on my PC. I downloaded this in hopes of working on my projects on the go, but it’s lacking many features CC has. In all reality they should make this app either cheaper or free until they finish building the app. Edit: After a bit of playing around with it, I did notice my hand keeps hitting things in the tabs. I have accidentally closed my projects and switched layers,etc. If you could add a feature to close out the tabs and make it to where you can possibly swipe or something of that nature to access them, it would make this app much easier to use with the pencil. I would also like to ask if we will be able to see then lines we are drawing in real time eventually. I feel as if this would make life a little easier. I understand this isn’t like a display tablet, but it makes things really nice to edit on the go. I have also had a hard time accessing my files in the cloud and have resorted to using google drive and Dropbox. Maybe something worth looking into.
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4 years ago, PkMn Trainer Chris
Amazing, actual real photoshop on a tablet
I didn’t realize until I got an iPad today that they had ported the real photoshop over, but this is amazing. It’s not quite as refined or as capable as desktop PS, but the most essential features are there, it generates real PSDs and was able to open a few of the odd PSDs I’d already had saved to my CC account that were created on desktop. There are a few areas where it even feels nicer than desktop, namely being able to pinch to zoom so smoothly. You don’t mind the floating UI bits because it’s so easy to move the canvas around them, even on an iPad mini it works very well. Further refinements are certainly needed, but there’s no denying that this is the real deal. I don’t think it will replace desktop for anyone yet, but in a pinch, it’s excellent. Just like an extra-portable camera, it will shine the most in settings where you wouldn’t have had the full experience available. Definitely looking forward to seeing more features and quality of life refinements.
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5 years ago, Chrisestes5156
Not a full version
I’ve been using PS desktop since 1995 so I’ve been really looking forward to this. The hype said we would get the full version of Adobe PS on iPad Pro. Some people even bought the iPad Pro in anticipation of this. I don’t think anyone really thought it would be a perfect mirror of the desktop program, but this is a disaster. It’s more like a “sample” and it feels like a slap in the face. This is not by any stretch a full version. I’ve only played with it a few minutes but I’ve been frustrated. I can’t add custom brushes. There appears to be no magnetic lasso or polygon lasso in selection tools. Transform function is severely limited. Super limited filters, no layer effects. The list goes on and on. Artstudio or MediBang or Affinity Photo are all better alternatives. Heck they could have just copied Artstudio and labeled it PS and the reception would have been better. Since I’m now working more on my iPad than my desktop its likely that I will cancel my adobe subscription. Huge disappointment. If you’re just starting out or don’t already use the desktop version, this isn’t worth the monthly subscription. There are better alternatives. I really hope Adobe gets their act together with this, but I’m not holding out much hope.
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1 year ago, branheck
This program is unusable for professional illustration
This is an amendment to my earlier review. After a day wrestling with this app and with Fresco, I can safely safely say both are riddled with bugs and neither should’ve been released to the broader public. I can’t believe that you can’t do something as basic as draw a box, triangle, or ellipse (in Fresco, it’s filled with decorative garbage I don’t want that I can’t get out and can’t fill with the paint bucket; in Photoshop, I can’t find an option to draw a shape, let alone establish rules and guidelines that would allow me to, you know, draw straight lines so I could make my own shapes— since I make comics and that sort of thing is pretty crucial to making comics). The glitches are unbearable. I was just eating dinner, studying the image of an octopus I was drawing, and I had zoomed in to work on the detail of the eye. Photoshop just spontaneously zoomed out without me touching the screen. Fresco does the same. And they do it while you’re drawing. Both litter the canvas with garbage marks. I spent more time correcting the damage the program did to my documents to today than I actually did illustrating. I’ve had these programs one day and I want a refund.
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5 years ago, tnnatureboy
The reviews are slightly underrated in my opinion
This is a great app and I think as the development continues it will only get better with time! The fact that I can open large PSD files is a win for me. The tools that I’d like to see on the iPad app would be all the filters and layer styles. These are a must for me, I found myself feeling very limited without these tools. If all the tools from the desktop app are transferred to the iPad over time, I believe this will be the best piece of artwork Adobe has ever made. When Photoshop Touch first came out I was so excited for the possibilities and now I’m more excited than ever because this is the closest it’s ever been to a full desktop experience for iPad. I want to thank the developers, please know that I’m happy with the efforts you all are putting into this project and please don’t pay any attention to those who are writing negative reviews. Keep up the good work, I’m impressed with everything so far and can’t wait for the next updates to come!
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3 years ago, postingfrommytoilet87
Constant crashes
As much as ive always loved photoshop on my computer, this version for ipad is pathetically unusable. I cant use it for more than maybe 10 mins before it crashes. Quicker than that if you want to use more than 2 layers in an image. It runs fine if you only use one main image layer and only do minor color balancing tools…but at that point there are plenty of other apps that offer that basic level of photo editing for free. Any of the great photoshop pro level editing tools that the app has, and merits the cost of a monthly subscription, make the app completely unstable and causes constant crashes, to the point where it will start crashing even before it can fully open to the main screen. And i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times. It fixes the isssue, for maybe another 10 mins. Then its back to crashing quicker and quicker again to the point of not even being able to successfully open all the way. Not worth the effort anymore fussing with uninstalling and reinstalling every half hour or so, cannot get any work done because so much time is wasted trying to deal with this unstable version.
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4 years ago, dmark0822
Loving this app despite some issues I ran into
Revised Version 2.0.1 Review Thanks to the response of my initial review for this version, after deleting the app and then re-installing it, all of the brushes were restored. Finally, it’s now usable once again after stressing out over this for a couple of days. Version 2.0.1: Brushes nonexistent and useless without it This latest update pretty much makes it unusable because the brushes are no longer available. And to go along with the delayed support for the M1 chip on the Desktop version makes it a double whammy for me. Being a user of Photoshop for 5 years, I’ve never been so disappointed than ever before. Original Review titled “PSDC Files nearly deleted after update” I really enjoyed this app until I updated to version 1.6.2. What happened after updating was all of my work in the past versions was offloaded, which is fine to free up space on my iPad, but it also almost deleted all of my work that were stored in folders. Luckily they were moved in the recently deleted folder and I restored it all as soon as I saw it. But imagine if all of my work was permanently deleted as a result of an update. A hard chew to swallow, but I’ll backup my work as regular PSD’s on my computer after this near-chaotic experience I encountered when using this app.
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5 years ago, Colin_Ulmer
A Year Late and 50 Dollars a Month Short
Not only is this app a year late, not only is the ram management so poor that you cannot even go home and then come back without it restarting, not only are half of the tools seemingly missing, not only is the performance incredibly poor, not only does it not properly support drag and drop or split screen, not only does it not run on anything but the topmost Pro model (I have it but I feel bad for my friends who don’t), but after ALL of that I pay FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH to this corporation. You are seriously trying to get us to believe that it takes a year to put touch hitboxes on an interface and then port it to a system more powerful than Windows XP machines that can still run 2019 alright? Adobe proves time and time again that they are the worst corporation in the history of the world, and I cannot wait for the day that someone finally drops a competent After Effects competitor so we can all drop them. Affinity Photo is a one time app buy that is actually fully featured, is updated, performs well, and the devs aren’t the most greedy evil people in the industry. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves Adobe, you’re becoming a parody of the monopoly man.
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4 years ago, aristarrr
This app is mostly here to take your money
I’ve used Adobe products and photoshop for over 8 years now, mainly on desktop and PCs. When I finally took the plunge into buying an iPad, I did so with Adobe’s claim that the full version of photoshop is available on it...this is not a full version. I don’t even think this is sample or trial worthy. Many of the tools frequently used and loved simply don’t exist. What very view tools exist, are disappointingly husks of what the real full version can do. Adobe has been changing as I’ve used their products, but this app felt truly like throwing money down the’s false claims of being the full photoshop aren’t backed when you download the app. I believe there was an initial $10 charge to just download it, followed by a prompt that you cannot bypass without paying for a monthly 10 subscription. Now, if this had actually been a full version, I would have gladly paid that, but I couldn’t even try the app without committing to a subscription that is essentially USELESS to me. There are better apps out there, for free even. Don’t waste your time, your money, and spare yourself the stab in the back that this is to loyal users.
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5 years ago, ConcernedParent
Finally on iPad!
I’ve been using Photoshop since 1990 and I still have the floppy disk for the officially branded Adobe Photoshop version 1.0.6. The negative reviews are both unfair and in some cases inaccurate. Yeah, I don’t like Adobe’s subscription model either but they didn’t have to add an iPad version to keep their subscribers. If anything, they took a huge risk opening themselves up to the expected comparisons to Procreate and other competing apps that are one-time purchase. But let’s be honest here guys, those apps are not Creative Cloud just like Apple TV+ is not Netflix. Did you guys even try this app for yourselves on iPad? It’s actually really good and is an excellent interpretation of the desktop app that changed graphic design forever. Watch the tutorials. Don’t listen to the critics. This app wasn’t built to convince new customers to pay Adobe $50/mo. It was created as a free gift for their massive customer base already paying.
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2 years ago, Jess_bee20
Photoshop is the worst at helping customers!
My photoshop has been crashing for weeks. It’s been glitching, lagging, and will even freeze for no reason. I reached out to support x3 this year and have not gotten the help I need. They had me choose a day to be called by them because they agreed I have a lot of issues with photoshop and they never called. I feel ripped off. I’ve been paying for multiple devices for 6 months and have asked to go to the one device 5 months ago but somehow the last two customer service reps couldn’t figure out how to do so. Every time I bring up a photo to edit, photoshop crashes and makes me exit out of the frozen screen. When I go back, all of my edited work is now on a blank page as if I never had a photo to edit to begin with. This is so frustrating. Please photoshop I NEED HELP. I’m not seeing the benefits of paying $50+ each month when I don’t have multiple devices to work from and the app crashes everytime I edit. EVERY TIME. I just want to pay for one device and not have photoshop crash. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT
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2 years ago, XiMiX
Works well with CC but still needs some improvements.
Originally, I wasn’t very fond of the mobile Photoshop app but it has definitely improved. I still find myself importing and exporting between Adobe and Procreate simply because Procreate makes it easy and intuitive, Adobe might be just as easy to use but I am only familiar with the tapping through menus method. Additionally, I personally miss the ability to Ruby mask. Also, there was some feature that I am used to using on Adobe PC that I wasn’t able to figure out on mobile so I exported it back to PC but… I forget what it was. 😅 Lastly, if you use the “quick export” option it WILL compress your image. You have to do an actual Export and Share(?) process to keep the resolution. Basically, this app has its uses but I still find myself jumping back and forth between PC, mobile, and Procreate. Side note: there are still features that state they are not available on mobile devices …?🤨
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5 years ago, madtown gooner
Too many things to criticize, but here are a couple. PS for iPad forces you onto the Creative Cloud universe which makes it nearly impossible to use in LR. And the LR universe doesn't communicate with CC very well, so you have 2 places to store photos but no easy way to track where the most recent edit might be. LR Classic is good at allowing cross platform editing through collections. You edit anywhere and the changes show up immediately. All that is lost if you edit with PS for iPad. Finally, the tools in this app are terrible compared to other Adobe photo apps. LR fix works better than this. Someday the same capabilities will be included in the iPad version of PS but until then it's not as good as just LR. People are complaining about the subscription price. Yeah, it costs 20 bucks a month but no other photography editing and organizing software that works on both iPads and desktops exists. If they fix the problems described in this review, $20 a month will be a good value, especially since Adobe is constantly adding improvements to the apps. But this app is nothing to write home about.
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5 years ago, MChris
Why Should I Bother?
I purchased an iPad Pro last year. One of the first things I did was to download all my drawing and coloring apps that I have used on my old iPads over the years. And I have a lot of them: $10 here, $20 there, you get the idea. They are all paid for and I’ve managed to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each one to exploit them when doing my art. I’m happy because they all work and are all paid for. Adobe Photoshop? Heck, I have CS5.1 on my Mac which works well for me. And I can bring my artwork to the iPad if I have any pressing, special needs. Now the wait is over to get Photoshop. The first thing I did after downloading it was to OPEN IT UP and see that money was the first thing adobe wanted from me. What the hell? I didn’t even get to try it out without being hit for “dues,” so to speak. Adobe, if you can’t allow us to pay a one time fee, go “eff” yourself. I don’t need to pay $10 a month for a program that I can’t even try out first. And from the other reviews here, it sound like Photoshop isn’t ready for Prime Time, anyway. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Jazzephaye
You guys have to fix.
I don’t like doing this because I love Adobe, and to me the project when functional is complexity worth the coast, but the crashes in the app are way out of hand. I advocate Adobe and this product fully, but the instability and the length of time this app has been crashing is making it hard. I cannot get any work done at all. It crashes when I pretty much use and tool, and my project isn’t open long enough to even sync my saves to the cloud. I had been waiting for an update for a while now, so I was extremely elated to see a new up date, only to be solely disappointed that as soon as I updated and started my project again I had abandoned, the app crashed again. Please make fixing the app a priority! I don’t want my loyalty to waiver. Thank you!
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5 years ago, bryanerb
Not what we were promised
I’m a photographer and have been using Photoshop and Lightroom for at least 10+ years. I was so exited when I saw that Adobe was releasing full Photoshop for the iPad, as advertised by both Adobe, and Apple. Then comes November 4th and the very disappointing release. As is, it is really useless for photographers. I can’t have my own brushes, no useful filters, no raw support, no curves, cannot resize images, the list goes on and on. I was so hopeful that I could travel light out in the field, only needing my 3rd Generation 12.9” iPad Pro, and an SSD, for quickly processing some images, and getting them uploaded to various sites. I do like that it has layers, and I like the few tools we have, like spot removal, cloning, etc. But I need more to make this a useful app. I am currently trying Afinity for the iPad as a possible alternative, as it has cross platform capability, and is a much more robust and complete app than photoshop. Adobe needs to get this app up to speed soon, or I may cancel my Creative Cloud account and move on to an app that actually works.
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2 months ago, DejaDrewit
Double charge
I have the adobe plan that includes every single app. When i needed to use photoshop on my ipad on the go, I downloaded this app and it wouldn’t let me use it unless i paid for a new membership. I chose the free trial to get my work done and then contacted adobe directly to ask why I had to pay again when I’m already paying for it through adobe. They were not helpful at all, so I’m not sure if this is an issue with Apple store or adobe directly. Adobe customer service told me to cancel the iPad version On my iPad because I already have that plan included in my other plan….. I was already logged in to adobe on the iPad, so it should’ve recognized that I already have a photoshop plan….
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8 months ago, caelanbaggins
I see it’s still the same as always
I can’t believe it’s been years since you released this app and it’s still lacking features compared to Clip Studio. Why on EARTH would anyone choose this (or Fresco) over Clip Studio or even ProCreate? You offer us nothing that the other apps don’t (and they do it better), you STILL treat the iPad like it’s a glorified iPhone, and you want us to pay for the privilege of being frustrated because of missing features. Any artists reading this, don’t bother. Get ProCreate or ClipStudio or a frickin toaster because it probably has more features than Photoshop for the iPad. Kyle Webster’s brushes are the only thing you have going for you and they can be loaded into literally any other app — even old .tpl files can be read by ArtStudio (which is also better than Photoshop and Fresco). I feel bad for the guy — such talent, all wasted. Everyone is just using the old .abr files we got from his Gumroad before you closed it all. I can load .tpl files into my old copy of PS (which I paid for once, back when you’d let us do that, and you’ll pry it from my cold dead fingers) and convert them into .abr to use them in Clip, ProCreate, Affinity… all better apps than what you’re offering, and at a significantly lower cost. Go ahead and drop a canned response if you want, this review isn’t actually for you. It’s to let my fellow artists know that the grass is in fact greener. Don’t settle for this.
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3 years ago, fiddle DD
Should be free or purchasable.
I really don’t want to rent IPad apps , especially inadequate ones. Take the $10 a month you’re asking to rent this for. Then calculate how complete a version of Photoshop this is. If it’s 50% of full photo shop charge five dollars. Or come up with a price to purchase it. Procreate is free. Sketchbook Pro is $24 for a year last I checked. Real professionals use these apps in production.I can’t tell you how burned I feel because I purchased this $1400 iPads The specifically because we were supposed to have a full photo shop. Full Photoshop was the selling point of this IPad for me. I don’t care how you slice it. Two years from now this is not an app worth $240 per year from now it’s not an airport $360 or four years from now $480. What it is is the biggest sore point and biggest and most expensive lie I’ve ever been told buy two major technology companies. What it is is the biggest sore point and biggest lie I’ve ever been told buy two major technology companies.
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3 years ago, yggujnbhuj
needs to be updated
really the only good thing about this is the brushes, but other than that the way it’s set up makes everything take much much longer to do than it should. terribly needs: a clear layer button a magic wand refer to multiple layers option esp for the paint bucket the ability to edit brushes press and hold to color drop color slider quicker back/forward reaction time needs to be easier to turn the canvas a flip horizontal button +windows such as: one to have a reference sheet open, the color pallet open, the small view of your canvas, etc a smudge tool the ability to add a layer with 1 click instead of 2 the buttons take too long to show up it’s annoying the ability to customize your workspace to only have your pen make brush strokes, whenever you move the canvas your fingers make marks all over your drawing that you sometimes don’t notice till later which is TERRIBLE OH MY GOD why aren’t the layers and layer properties together?? have them both open when u open the layers THE FREAKN ITS SO DIFFICULT TO CHANGE THE COLOR IT KOVES SO WEIRD?? WHYS IT MOVE LIKE THAT WHO WHY ITS SO DIFFICULT TO PICK COLORS why is the free trial so short if the program still needs so much updating make the whole thing more hands on, it feels like it’s trying to be like procreate but we don’t need two procreates, it’s like it’s trying to be as simple as possible but like stop we don’t need that
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5 years ago, Joe PS user since 2002
Very disappointed
Ive been using photoshop for awhile now. Desktop version is great. Knowing this was coming out, I purchased an iPad Pro for my travel needs. I was hoping this would allow me to work on the road and leave the clunky laptop at home with all the cords. As i knew it was an app and will be an adjustment (not working exactly like the desktop version). This APP is so disappointing. There are free apps that do so much more, which blows my mind. This is ADOBE and you pay for it. I am currently under the impression this was built quickly to try to stop people using other apps, which i understand but this launch makes me want to cancel all adobe and use all the other apps. Ive honestly lost some respect for the company. Maybe it was a scam to capture subscriptions to boost some cash flow. I keep checking apple to see if there is any updates. I’m hoping they add more and more versatility but its clear. It was a scam. Worst part, I cant return the IPad Pro. Maybe apple and adobe are splitting the scam profits?
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3 years ago, HunterGathers
Unreliable, unprofessional
Is Adobe not aware that internet isn’t universally accessible? I mean, ultra-portability is one of the main reasons for working on an ipad. In a place with barely any wifi and no cell service, Photoshop insisted on opening cloud documents that I DID NOT NEED before it would open. Then when it couldn’t connect to the server it signed out, leaving me high and dry. $55/month for the suite and this is what Adobe considers “professional:” stranding users who are often up against tight deadlines. Charging on a subscription basis was one thing but charging on an annual basis while simultaneously being unable to implement a system that can check if the subscription is active on an annual basis is ridiculous. An app that can’t open without checking creative cloud documents is ridiculous. Fortunately Adobe’s reputation for catastrophic incompetence precedes it. Over the last 16 years I’ve learned not to rely on them. Fortunately I purchased Affinity Designer as a backup and opted not to store work in creative cloud.
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4 years ago, Erik Soong
Waited a year for this?
So I am one of those who specifically purchased the IPad Pro in anticipation of this app. I am a novice artist but I am on my iPad literally every day sketching. To see what Adobe promised (a FULL photoshop app) compared to what they delivered is disappointing to say the least. The limited features are a major problem but so is the monthly subscription. I can’t imagine why anyone would pay a monthly subscription for this hack job of an app. Even if it were the full app, I would be leery, but for a true full app, I would probably have paid and just grumbled about it. I have several other apps that only had a one time fee and honestly, just work much better than this app. I am saddened that I have to return to them but collectively, I haven’t spent anymore on them than this app wants to charge me for just one month of use. Please, save your money. Look at the popular artist apps on the App Store. You will be glad you did. Procreate is a much better app, as an example.
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3 years ago, LeiT90
[Photo editing] Useless addition to Lightroom
While Photoshop is a powerful tool on my desktop system to complete my photo editing workflow with features such as focus stacking, masking, HDR merge, auto alignment, this iPad app is totally useless. None of these relevant functions are available and unless you like to draw or add layers to your photo, I see no benefit in using this App for photo editing purposes. Very disappointing, but at least Affinity Photo provides a reasonable alternative on my iPad. Hopefully, CaptureOne will release a good Lightroom contender on the iPad, so that I can finally stop my subscription with Adobe. Lightroom is the only tool that keeps me locked in at the moment - and admittedly, Lightroom is a prime example of how an iPad App should look like! Either Adobe is upping their game, or it will sooner or later be replaced by app developers who are willing to invest in more than a halfhearted approach.
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5 years ago, Frankjake
I’ll never but a subscription based app!
Adobe has always produced products that are way too expensive for home users. 20 years ago Acrobat was too expensive for home users. Jump ahead and this app is still too expensive for home users. Maybe professionals don’t mind paying a high price but hobby and home users are not going to buy these subscription apps. It’s simply not cost effective. If a home user needs a word processor, spreadsheet, database, financial app, an app to play with photos, a reminder app, to do list and a couple of games they are potentially forking out a few hundred bucks a month. I’m sure not paying it and I’m sure this is a great opportunity for the little app creators to get their sometimes better apps out there. These big companies are just going to continue to lose customers. People can always find a cheaper way to do the same thing. Thanks Adobe but no thanks. I’ll stick with the little guys who care about their customers.
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5 years ago, dj jon bates
Adobe had a monopoly on pro creative apps. Where are they?
As a (licensed since the 1990s) veteran professional user of Adobe's tentpole products (Photoshop; Illustrator; AfterEffects), I have to say I'm... sad? Furious? Curious? All three? Adobe CC on the desktop is a disaster. Apps don't download. Apps that do download and open are gross memory hogs, loaded with useless bloat-ures (3D rendering in Photoshop? Needlessly complex interface on the new Lighting effect? A dozen extra windows that have nothing to do with photo editing?) Adobe on the iPad is madness. Was it Photoshop Express I needed to color correct? Or Photoshop Mix for... mixing? And Photoshop... I don't remember what the third one was called, or what it did, either. Now with great fanfare, Adobe has given us "The Real Photoshop" on the iPad. I understand that iOS, MacOS and the iPad experiences are unique and the capabilities are not equally robust. But is it too much to ask, given the recent hike in monthly CC subscription fees, for *either* the new iPad or the CC Mac version of Photoshop to at least be as nimble, stable and functional as PS was in, say, 1997? Or as mission-focused as PS was until 1996? These multi-gig apps plod along today, when 20 years ago they soared on systems with 1/10th the power. Give me 1996 Adobe. I'll pay extra, and you can keep your 3D engine & "plugin server" and whatever Photoshop Mix is. Deal?
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5 years ago, ProfDEF
I’m a Creative Cloud Subscriber: This is a Misfire!
Generally speaking I have no qualms with Adobe’s subscription model. I am a photographer with a subscription to Adobe’s “All App” plan. I hardly ever use Lightroom, but I do use Photoshop and some of the other apps. From a photographer’s perspective, this is a massive disappointment. I understand it’s a first gen product, but Adobe promised so much more when it announced this in 2018. A year later, we have an application that can’t view raw files, cannot receive files sent directly to it by an application like Lightroom, has fewer adjustments than even Lightroom, and the list goes on. I had really hoped that with a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, I could begin to utilize Lightroom Mobile as a repository for my images, and even do a lot of the retouching on the iPad, all while on the go. I own other editing apps for the iPad. I have Serif’s Affinity Photo, Pixelmator’s Photo, and more. At this stage of the game, they’re all better choices than Photoshop for the iPad. In reality, there is little I can do with Photoshop for the iPad. I’ve seen better apps in beta states than this. If you are a CC subscriber like me, I suggest downloading it and keeping it on hand to see what future updates do to rescue this misfire. If you are not a CC subscriber, you’ll have to pay for this after 30 days of testing. Save your money. It’s really not worth it at all.
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5 years ago, steV3nom
It’s right up there with Procreate...and here inlies the problem
It is Photoshop! It doesn’t feel particularly watered down like its former version, and it works great on iPadOS 13 but, at least with my experience so far, even though it is still new, it feels like it is right up there with Procreate. The main problem here, and this is true with the entire adobe suite, is that you cannot OWN anything with Adobe. For the price of one month of Photoshop on iPadOS, you can OWN Procreate forever, with no hidden fees or recurring charges. I like what I see, but I will not be continuing using after my 1 month free trial (which, to their credit is generous as I expected maybe a week at most for a free trial), I don’t feel particularly compelled to pay for a service-based app when I can get an equally competent version for the price of one month of this app. Please change my mind Adobe, I really want to rate this higher.
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4 years ago, theiPhoneXrisaFailure
One year later and it's still trash.
I complained about how few features this amateur trash heap has a year ago, and it still looks like nothing has changed. Literally. There are no new features. Again, MediBang provides LOADS of features for FREE, where you people cant even provide a shape tool, or an alpha lock. Like what?? You guys are so afraid to get in trouble with the likes of free drawing apps that you resort to this? You guys cant even add a transparent gradient. You make me sick. I wish Photoshop wasnt the industry standard. I really do. Like, imagine having the audacity to charge someone for this! Thankfully my college also gives me a free key to it, otherwise i dont know what i'd do. Looks like ill just have to buy MediBang Premium so i can export .psds and make it look like i have a desktop computer. Because no one will be able to tell the difference between MediBang and Desktop Photoshop at that point.
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4 years ago, ElizaSK
Unclear on Adobe subscription information
From the information on the Adobe subscription webpage(s) it seemed as though the iPad app would be full-featured, just like the desktop version. I thought I had read the information carefully, and researched on the web sufficiently, but I guess before I subscribed I should have checked the iPad app reviews. The main reason I subscribed to Adobe Photoshop in the first place was to be able to resize some photos in terms of print on my iPad. I am disappointed (understatement) that the feature I need at this time is not available on the iPad app. I consider this false or misleading advertising on the website and I suggest that Adobe make clear on their website subscription information that the iPad app is not full-featured. I am grateful that: 1) I have a MacBook I can drag out to use and that 2) I am still in the free trial period so I can unsubscribe without having to pay for everything.
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5 years ago, OblivionToad
Benefit of doubt...
Once an Adobe fanboy, I upgraded from floppy’s, to CDs, and, reluctantly to the cloud. That last has been a sticking point for a lot of reasons, but this is not the place to unload that baggage. Looking at the file size for this App, one wonders why we can’t get a less bloated version for desktop. Taking into account the myriad missing features not included, it’s not surprising. Yet, there is something to be said for an App that can do most of the desktop versions basic tasks without taking 3 GB of storage on your main computer. This does not meet that standard. Yet. I will say, they tried. They needed to. I would not pay for this in its current form. If it remains part of the CC version, I will keep looking to see if it gets better. They seem willing to listen to constructive criticism. That’s a good sign. They have been ignoring me since CC Became a thing. Oops. There goes that baggage again.
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5 years ago, simplyhook3d
Good start but i hope it gets better!
I switched to an iPad Pro last year when they announced photoshop for iPad. I was beyond excited to only carry an iPad. Without photoshop i started using affinity design and it is almost identical to photoshop on windows or Mac. Things are just done a little different. Everytime i minimize this photoshop app when i re open it the last part of the image i was working on has been moved across the image. It also does not let you copy font from say my google drive docs or webpage for that matter and paste into the text box.. That’s annoying for creating blog headers and such. No selective color effects or Hsl also has me going back to affinity to finish designs. I do love a lot about this app but until those are fixed its hard to really make this work for my everyday needs.
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2 years ago, ericcjackson
Mobile Version on iPad Pro
Once my PC crashed, I happily upgraded to the 12.9" iPad Pro with the M1 Chip and 16GBs of RAM. The Liquid Retina XDR Display far exceeds my old laptop. However, I didn't expect the lack of PhotoShop Features on what turns out to be a Mobile Version of the software. And even with 16GBs of RAM and an 8-core Processor, PhotoShop tends to lag or even crash during certain Edits. With this much Power in the hardware, this should rarely (if ever) happen. I have been waiting for months for Adobe to add missing features to the Mobile Version, but there has not been any progress. In the meantime, I purchased a decent 10-core PC laptop to have full access to PhotoShop. Still, it's disappointing that I can't use the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement because of limitations like this.
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1 year ago, EpicaSouthwind
Photoshop is trash.
I will never cease to be amazed at how garbage this app is. I used photoshop for 2 years on the PC as I wanted to up my art game, and it worked well, but then bugs began appearing and I went to many forums, reported them many times, even called customer service and nothing was done. I’ve not used photoshop since then, but now I am in an intro to digital art class in college and it is required I use photoshop. I would love to know how I am to use this app without it saying “loading documents” for Four. Hours. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, I’ve restarted and updated my ipad, I’m tech savvy I know how to fix stuff. Photoshop is a horrid app and it’s appalling to me that it’s so mainstream in this world. Screw photoshop, if you are an artist who DOESN’T need it for a class, I beg you to download procreate instead. I use it, it works great, please don’t download this app unless you NEED it for class like me.
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1 year ago, ThePsalmist16
4 Years Later - Still Trash
Blackmagic Design just released the FULL version of Davinci Resolve for iPad - with everything looking the exact same as it is on desktop. Affinity Photo has about 90% of the functionality of its desktop counterpart. Neither of these companies have a fraction of the money or resources that Adobe has, yet we get this "real photoshop" for iPad that only has about 20% of the functionality! I seriously have no idea what your engineers spend time doing all day because there is no way this app should still be THIS limited FOUR YEARS LATER! It's borderline comical how useless this app is...instead of spending all of your resources on this cloud collaboration garbage, that effort should have been focused on making an app with decent functionality first, turn work on the cloud stuff. What's the point of collaboration when this watered down app can't do anything??!
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4 years ago, KThai00_.
Terrible with the Magic Keyboard
I was so excited to try out the iPad version of Photoshop, especially since I had just gotten the Apple magic keyboard. I was expecting to be able to use the trackpad and keyboard shortcuts with ease on my iPad. However, this is just a terrible watered-down version. I was expecting less features, but in reality there is significantly less. I’ve just started using the app today, so I’ll update my review as I go, but by FAR the worst part is it’s compatibility with the magic keyboard. So far for the past week, I’ve never had problems with the trackpad. However, on this Photoshop app, 1 out of 10 times, it doesn’t respond. I will click and click on the trackpad and nothing. I would have to go in on the touchscreen to click something. This is extremely inconvenient and seems to be a problem with the app, not the apple product.
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4 years ago, KingJurri
Poor monetization model for an app that is easily replaced.
I paid for Photoshop Touch when it was released years ago. It was a very competent app, and met all of my needs at that time. When Adobe adjusted its business model to follow Microsoft on their pay-per-month Office Suite, they let all of their previous apps drop from the App Store over time due to their inability to function with newer versions of iOS. When the “new version” of Photoshop Touch was released, it was split into five separate apps that effectively made the use of the product cumbersome as it required you to constantly move between apps to accomplish simple tasks. After a few years of that, we are given the honor of paying Adobe a monthly access fee to do what can easily be done via a multitude of other apps that do not require monthly fees. I would suggest this to ANYONE considering this app: choose an alternative product. At least you’ll own the app.
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