Adobe Premiere Rush:Edit Video

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4.6 (121.3K)
463.4 MB
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Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Premiere Rush:Edit Video

4.64 out of 5
121.3K Ratings
3 years ago, thechromecatapple
Best Video Editing App on iPhone ever!
Premiere rush is the ultimate choice when editing videos on mobile. It is simple, intuitive and a joy to use! Although the video is blurred out when editing (which is sometimes very annoying), It is the best in all other aspects! The exporting is crisp and NO watermark!!! It’s free and has so many good features to make both simple and complicated videos! I’ve been using this all for a while now and it is absolutely wonderful! However, I would like more free titles as the one provided is white and sometimes blends in with the background of the video I’m working on. My only complaint would be that sometimes when I import a video from photo library, the audio doesn’t sync with the video itself which I cannot explain and can’t fix!! This has made me quite annoyed but luckily it only happens with some videos. It would be great if you fix this issue or tell me how to fix it! Thanks for this awesome app!
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5 months ago, Jordan Myier
It’s okay, but it is has a learning curve and can be buggy
I used this app for a long time, if you need a quick project done, it is great. However, it has a very complicated user interface and it takes a long time to master. It also is quite buggy, and I will open the project and it won’t show the video or the audio will not play. It also takes quite a long time to load. It is very hard to edit voiceovers and audio, text, etc, without locking the layer, because it automatically formats them together and will not let you edit audio if there is video under it. It has very basic transitions and not the best special effects. The exporting can take up to 10 minutes with a 4 minute video. It is okay if you thoroughly know how to use the app (and have experience with premier pro), but personally I use InShot now. It has a simple interface, pretty effects, and it is free. Plus, it has a premium option for 4 dollars a month, if you want extra, which I think is worth the price. Premier rush is overpriced for how buggy and complicated it is, but that is the case with many adobe products. If you know how to use premier pro and you are very loyal to adobe products, go ahead and download it. Otherwise, there are many free alternatives. This is not a very good video editing app for beginners, because of how complicated it is. Have a nice day! <3
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1 year ago, LegoDroneGuy
Great App but needs some bug fixes and more add ons
I have been using this app for about a year now and overall it is by far my favorite of many other video editing apps I have used. I initially had some issues with videos once they were exported. I record primarily in 4K with my drone and gopro. I was using an Ipad Mini and Ipad air and once I would export the videos from Rush there would be glitches in the videos that do not appear in the app on playback. I have since upgraded to an Ipad Pro and have not been having that issue so I believe the issue was the Ipad processor was struggling to convert 4K video. The issue I have been having with the App is with the titles and overlays. I can edit the text to say what I want but every change I make to colors or text sizes will show the change has been made but it never changes in the video. I do believe this is a glitch in the app that can be fixed and would be really helpful once it is fixed. I would also really like to see more title and overlay options as well as some other video editing tricks such as the ability to add text in layers or things like that. But overall the app does what I need it to and is easy to use and learn.
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3 years ago, pink in the night :)🌸🌙⭐️
Literally Unusable 90% of the time
When I first got this app about a year ago, it worked fine. It was relatively intuitive, user-friendly, and imported+exported media just fine. After a few weeks, however, things began to change. The app refused to load after opening it. I tried updating, worked fine for a few days. Then the same problem popped up again. This time I tried deleting and redownloading the app, which solved the problems for about a week and a half. Now, the app is literally unusable half of the time and it’s anyone’s guess whether it’ll work on opening or not. I’ve tried turning wifi & cell service on and off for it, syncing it to the Creative Cloud, troubleshooting with a representative, and nothing. This only happens with this app and had not happened to any other apps on my phone or any other Adobe services I’ve used on various other devices. It really is a bummer since when the app DOES work, it works well. It just is so unreliable, I end up having to use iMovies, which really pales in comparison performance-wise (but at least it actually works!) I just wish there was something I could do to make this app work like it used to, I even gave it two stars just for the bonus points it got from past performance, even though it won’t load.
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4 years ago, I<3Scams
Decent app but needs bug fixes.
Let me start by saying it’s better and easier to use than most video apps for iphone, but that is likely because I edit in premiere pro. There are some improvements that could greatly improve this app: 1. Being able to add more than just four layers of video / audio tracks respectively. It should be expanded to at least six, especially for complicated edits. 2. When editing titles/texts, sometimes Rush is unresponsive to changes. These changes include changing font, text size, or color. I ended up having to duplicate it to make it work—but sometimes even the duplications were unresponsive, leading to having to create a new title even though I had centered this title how I wanted it. It’s a major hassle and quite annoying. 3. When trying to copy text directly in the type bar, I could only select and delete it. Minor issue as you can “duplicate” an element, but I was trying to copy what I was writing for saving purposes, not duplicate as a new element. I have only just started using rush so there may be more bugs I have not experienced yet as I have been mostly working with titles and resizing video elements. I will update this review in the future, but as a general note, the closer this can get to Premiere Pro, the better.
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4 years ago, DestroyandPWN
Add support for iPhone 12 videos!
I’m gonna be honest. The reason I love my iPad Pro so much is because I can use it while on my bed just lying down. Since it has no fans I don’t have to worry about how I position it. It just works magically. That’s the beauty of Apple engineering. I recently picked up my iPhone 12 Pro Max and I love it so so much. Truly Apple has outdone themselves once again. The problem is Apple is now so far ahead with their features that I can’t edit videos from my new phone on my iPad with Adobe Premiere Rush because Adobe Premiere Rush quite simply does not support the new codec the new iPhone uses. I am going to give this app a temporary 1 star because there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to edit videos that come directly from my phone. This is an app intended for both the iPhone and the iPad so come on Adobe, get with the program. You don’t have any problem withdrawing $60 from my bank account each month so you shouldn’t have a problem updating your app to utilize Apple’s newest features. It’s really annoying to have to get off my bed and use Premiere Pro on my computer to edit the new videos I’m shooting with my phone.
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4 years ago, JLoveyByrd
Typical Adobe
Sadly I’ve had many of the same issues others have outlined; most importantly the random crashes, even upon startup before I’ve loaded media. One thing I’ve always hated about Premiere Pro was the text editing function, and unfortunately with Rush it seems like an easily fixable ignored feature as well. Writing onscreen titles is painstaking; rather than take advantage of Apple’s integrated text editing capabilities (where you can hold+drag to easily place a cursor), Rush seems to use the iPhone text editing functions from five years ago. Just try moving the cursor or carefully selecting pieces of text to be edited...on my iPhone, it’s next to impossible. Typically it’s just easier to create a new text later rather than edit what’s already been set, a major oversight. It’s also extremely challenging to modify text to a different color after applying it. Other than that, yes you can edit videos with it but I’m not seeing any good reason why somebody would prefer this over the integrated iOS video editor. I suppose if you subscribe to Adobe Premiere Pro it would provide an ability to edit clips on the fly and save them to your CC library to sync with Premier Pro, but this is a lot of work for just trying to use the app on the most basic level.
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4 years ago, tyler schwab imagery
Great app... when it doesn’t crash
As much as I would love to give it 5 stars, I just can’t. It works well (iPhone X) but crashes on export every time. I’ve made sure it was the only thing running, forced closed to reset, restarted my phone, etc. it just simply doesn’t export at all with projects even as short as 2 minutes. Not even on the lowest quality. When it does export in smaller projects, the audio is off. Love the product, hate the exporting. I have the whole cc suite, and I feel like the stability improvements in most applications are lacking a bit. I really don’t want to switch to another company, but as a professional I need to have a stable workflow. Please focus more on stability adobe. I love the added tools and features, but I would rather have a stable platform first. “Update”. I know what the crash issue is. The phones are simply overheating. This may be an odd thing to do, but I set my phone on an ice pack while exporting and it worked flawlessly. I’ve done it many times to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. If you’re reading this adobe, try slowing down the speed of the rendering process. It may take longer to render, but at least it will work. This should solve the overheating issue.
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3 years ago, HunterAMG
Unsupported media type
Unsupported media type. Unsupported media type. Import video from my action camera, it works. Import another, Unsupported media file. Go to my pc, use VLC to export the video, go back to Rush on iPad Pro: Unsupported media type. Do the same process with QuickTime player, shorten the video: Unsupported video type. Go back to the MacBook, USE THE FFMPEG COMMAND LINE software to export the video in different codecs using a million arcane flags: Unsupported video type. Meanwhile, the video plays fine on any device including this iPad pro here. A little guidance at least? What codecs does this mediocre software support? Why are the features so lack luster in comparison with competing solutions? Who would pay monthly for this? EDIT: As it happens, absolutely no videos from any source that I try, be it my phone, my drone, or my action camera work today. Sure enough, there was an update for the app that was put out today. Hey Adobe devs, have you ever heard of automated tests? CI? Really useful concepts, maybe you should implement it sometime. Would save you the embarrassment of putting out an app that can’t do the one job that is supposed to do. I’m done with this crap, going to pay and download Lumafusion, Adobe can shove their subscription where the light doesn’t shine.
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2 years ago, Tony Ellis Media LLC
First time user of Cinematic mode IPhone 13
I absolutely love the ability of editing cinematic videos on the IPhone 13 in Adobe Rush. I got some great shots. I was very biased about using the phone vs the pro gear. I decided to just use the phone because we were on a retreat and I did not feel like lugging around all of my pro video gear. Long story short, the software is very intuitive and allows quite a bit of features to edit with that I was very happy about. I whittled 2:30hr of footage down to 16 minutes in less than a day. Here is why I am giving the rating I am giving: Everything went well until the export. It is very glitchy adding artifacts into the transitions and adding some sounds that was not originally in the audio of the which I ended up cutting those parts out and republishing the video. Unfortunately after doing so, it added artifacts in other places that was not having those problems previously. So, basically each publish was a moving target. I just got to the point where I hope most people won’t notice but it is apparent. 3 star rating just fix the glitches in transitions and the export process.
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3 years ago, Supreme98
I Cant Be The Only One Who’s App Never Works!
i’m telling you, i have updated my phone, deleted the app, signed out of the app and sign back in, the app is up to date, i have an iphone xs max (plenty of power to run this app). and like i said i’m telling you... this app never works! i constantly have problems such as only seeing a black screen and no video, graphic previews won’t load, it doesn’t let me insert graphics into my video, sound won’t come out but the video will still play, the video will play but the sound won’t come out, video glitches when i mess with the color intensity of filters, and so on. and out of all do respect, when the one and only time the app decides to work, it works wonders. i really do like the features and how easy it is to navigate (when it works, which it literally never works. i only ever got it to work when i had first installed the app. and then after that, all of these bugs and glitches came.) So im reaching out. there’s no way i’m the only one out there who’s app never works. the odds of myself being the only one with this bad of an experience is highly unlikely. so please, fix all these bugs and you’ll have a happy customer. if not, we’re just gonna keep having problems. Thanks, AP
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1 year ago, Jenn577
Glitchy and doesn’t sync
I’ve been using this for about six months. I just use it to edit home videos. They often get glitchy. Today I wanted to use some older video so I started my project on my laptop. I upgraded rush so I could sync and finish on my phone. (iphone 14 pro). It will not sync. I keep getting an error that suggests it didn’t upload. It uploaded find, internet speed is fine. The video is only >4 minutes. An hour or so later, out of frustration, I decided to just delete the app and reinstall on my phone. I lost all the videos I ever made!! I was just frustrated and was thinking. All my other apps my projects are saved across devices. (Lightroom, etc.) I really didn’t think about losing everything but I did. And it didn’t even fix the problem. I’m left with the one project and it won’t open. I tried to get support. There’s another post in the community forum like mine the answer just directed this person to the support page. No help there. I clicked the chat bot and it kept going down. I was directed to phone support. Every time I call it immediately disconnects. I cannot recommend the paid version of rush. It’s way too glitchy, won’t sync and the music selection is terrible.
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5 years ago, Michelle67274!?
Application Crashes
If they were to fix the glitches that this app has, this would be a wonderful tool to use for editing. I know for a fact that the application is crashing and not because of my phones fault. This phone is brand new, phone’s software is up to date, and I don’t even have more then 12-15 videos the most in it. So I can for sure say that the application isn’t crashing because of storage issues. I’ve lost so many edited videos that I spent almost days working on. Very disappointed. Also, when I go back to the beginning of my videos to replay back what I have done so far it seems to lag and glitch out, making me think that I recorded my video faulty. When I go into my albums and play the video to see if it was my fault, the video plays completely smooth. I don’t trust spending hours upon hours of my time editing on this application from fear of losing my work. I have too much to lose since this is what I do for income. Sorry adobe, I’ll be using other applications from here on out until this issue gets resolved. I will not be paying money for something that will crash during my editing time.
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4 years ago, Lysa.P
Glitches in Rendered Video
Edit: Even after being helped, still glitches appear in my videos. I have reinstalled the app multiple times, even deleted sections of video and reimported and then glitches appear elsewhere. I just can’t trust this app which really stinks. If paying $10 a month for a product I would hope these glitches would not be existent. I can understand some but the app version is definitely not worth it at this point for the price. — I love this product, however for the last week I have been editing projects on my phone not only are there too many crashes and work is being lost during those crashes, but after hours of work I go to render my video and glitches appear in it. I have tried a different size, restarting my phone, changing settings, updating the app and had my phone plugged in but nothing seems to help. 3 different projects/videos and they all are having glitches in the rendered version. No glitches appear when playing in edit mode so something is happening during render. Please help! I can’t keep spending hours of editing to not be able to use my videos.
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6 years ago, yitbosaz
Great when it works
When it works, I'd give it a 5 star, but getting it to open is such a pain that I often give up. On my iPhone 8 plus, 99% of the time I try to open it, it sits on the start up screen for about a minute, then closes. I'll try several times, sometimes it'll eventually work, but usually have to restart my phone. That will almost always work. I have also noticed an issue that happens 100% of the time. If I import a video that I already trimmed in the iOS Photos app, there will be a sync issue with the audio. As a work around, I duplicate the track, offset it and use it for the audio, but the export comes out messed up. In that situation, it still will have the same issue if I use Rush on desktop. Opening in Premiere Pro does work, however the export will take about (literally) 10 times as long as usual. Normally, I would just write off an app I have that kind of trouble with, however, when I do get it to work, it is wonderful. I really hope they get these issues worked out. I think the stability issue came from an update, because it wasn't a problem when it first came out.
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3 years ago, callmeamys
Because of Major Issues, Premiere Pro is Quicker and Easier to Use
Make sure you select your sequence in the exact order you want it in, because the touch and slide doesn’t work. Or if it does, it’s about 1/45 tries. And the only way it’ll work again is to restart the app. On the off chance that it does respond to your touch/selection, it often drops it on the wrong part of the timeline and then you can’t move it again. Other than this one major flaw that I just can’t work around, this would be a great app. As it is, it’s just taking up space on my iPad and it would be a huge time/frustration saver to just go on and use Premiere Pro on my MBP. This feels like spending a dollar to spend a time. It’s supposed to be quicker and easier, but if it doesn’t function, it will end up becoming a useless timesuck. Adobe, please fix this. You could have the best video app on the App Store. It’s idiot proof. Now, make it work. Update: I don’t know what’s happening at Adobe but this is my second non-functioning app in a week. Shockingly bad. This app is unusable on my iPad.
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3 years ago, Craptastik_yo
Frequent shutdowns
FYI... I pay for Premiere Pro 2020 and various other Adobe products as well as Creative Cloud. I have 1TB of memory and I am tech savvy when it comes to Adobe products. I have been using Adobe products for over 5 years now and I have never faced so many shut downs as I did with this “rush” application of Premiere Pro. I am ALWAYS being kicked out of my projects only to come back to a previous point in the editing process and having to consistently redo my projects over and over again. I have been (currently) working on a project for 2 days now and not really seeing any hope in completing my project with Adobe Rush. This application is great for people who do not know what they are doing with editing and need a simplified layout, but if you are experienced like I am, this specific application is a drag and waste of time. What should only be an hour project has now turned into 2 days with lost content and no way to submit a support ticket other than writing a 2-star review. Would really like an update that fixes the shutdown bugs as well as content loss when it does shut down... why the heck am I paying for creative cloud if it doesn’t even work?
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4 months ago, wchwoxnt gyhebw
Has gotten almost unusable
There have always been some weird elements to the app, like all exports having a .1 second double frame glitch at the end of them. Whatever, delete the last frame in the camera roll editor Or that sometimes there are weird glitches in the middle of the video that you can only fox by playing around, deleting clips, and then re-adding them. But now, the app just doesn’t render quickly. If I’m doing anything of substance on it, it won’t play back, and you have to wait a long time and waste a lot of time. This has never been an issue before, but there’s no fix to it and it’s almost unusable at this point. It’s a bit outdated at this point as well and seems not to be supported by Adobe or regularly updated. The text features are laughably bad: you HAVE to use a template and the templates are outdated and weird. Text and captions are so important in social media nowadays. I’m hoping to see Adobe launch a new, super revamped version for the current video climate, because I’m used to this app and its layout and I like the integration of some Adobe audio and such. Until then, it’s unfortunately time to switch over to Capcut. Sad to see :(
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3 years ago, PhilipQsongwriter
A powerful editing app a professional video editor appreciates
I’m impressed with feature set Adobe Rush offers video content producers on the move. Even more impressive is the desktop version that syncs to all projects so that you can do a rough cut in the field and tweak it when you get back to a larger device. The ease of transferring projects, making changes and then having my clients view the most recent versions almost instantly is a game changer. My first order of business is to create a mini-course to teach the people I am now connecting with how to shoot and then edit with Rush. However, the thing that puts Rush over the top is how easy it is to import projects started on it into Premiere Pro (my app of choice). I see this as a way to get my new clients (those who shoot their own footage on smartphones) to start thinking in terms of shooting to edit. This is such a valuable skill I can’t emphasize it enough.
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2 years ago, Stingrayabbray
Constant rendering bugs
While I love the interface of the app and all of the features work seamlessly while editing, there are serious bugs when it comes to importing and exporting media. I had no problem exporting a video that was under one minute but when I added a soundtrack from the included sound library without changing anything else, the video would not export saying “unable to render”. I had a longer 12 minute video that wouldn’t render/export either. I tried taking out the sound from the sound library and that made no difference for the longer video. I eventually decided to cut the video in chunks but even then, it would not even export my 4 minute video. I tried all of the suggesting things like logging out and logging back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, even locking all the tracks and nothing makes a difference. The app seems to only export shorter simple videos around 1 minute. Oh, and I have a 256gb 2021 iPad that is brand new and barely has anything on it so storage is not an issue. Very disappointing that the app is so unreliable because the editing interface is the best I have seen for iPad. Adobe, please app :(
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9 months ago, Mind Insane
There are BUGS!
I really wish I could give Adobe Rush 5 Stars, but I can’t and here’s why. I’m a long time Director and Editor here in Hollywood and have used Premiere Pro on very prestigious projects. Rush came along and I was so excited to be able to speed up my editing process on smaller videos. Especially to do more complicated edits on my iPad Pro, which is what I use Rush on, is a game changer. There are some very basic bugs though, that make Rush almost unusable. One of them being digital artifacts showing up after you export. This could be distorted frames and random frames appearing out of nowhere ending up in your final export. Also, if you use any graphic overlays, such as lower 3rd’s, the entire project becomes over exposed after the overlay is done. There is a work around by creating a blank graphic layer at the very top and stretching it to the end of the timeline, but come on Adobe, you can do better than that! If Adobe would allow Rush to re-cache before exporting so any errors that are in the project file, causing distorted and random frames to appear, to be corrected and fix this childish graphic overlay issue, it would have a winner for sure. I believe in you Adobe!
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9 months ago, KPoole9645
In Love
I am an editor. Just recently I started a project where I want to teach youth how to edit some of their footage for a class project. I was not looking forward to explaining the process of Premiere Pro. And although they have iMovie on their iPads, it does not have enough features to truly complete the task. I needed something that offered multiple video and audio lines. This software was PERFECT. It is user friendly enough for my students to pick it up and it has enough features to make the final product look good. You can also edit in great detail on this app which is difficult to do with iMovie. I have truly been impressed. So much so that I will use it for quick videos myself. Small mention that I do wish it had green screen capabilities. I hope they add that feature. In the meantime, I’ll export my green screen footage from premiere pro into Rush.
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4 years ago, Bear Bear 🧸
Amazing... but just some simple requests
Ok. This app. Is. Amazing. Totally worth buying, this has never failed to edit a vid that i can show my friends. But my dad uses apple music so idk why i have it, but i do, and i rly rly wish that u could use songs from apple music, like i have an entire three hour playlist that would be great songs for my Among Us videos. If u did i’d be so happy it would absolutely make that day one of the best days for me. I also have one last thing, i feel like u should get a free trial for like a month or so, so u actually have time to do stuff. I tried the 3 days trial, and managed to post one among us video. Very disappointing. But the least u guys could do is have an option to save it to your camera roll when u click those three dots so i can at least show my friends. I’d love it if u guys made these features happen. It would just make one of the best days ever. Those are the only reasons why i gave a 4 star and not a 5 star. But this app is a amazing, totally worth it
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3 weeks ago, HooboyofDarkness
Buggiest app I’ve ever used
My needs for a video editing app are pretty light. I really only use Adobe Rush to edit the volume of my videos. It’s a simple need that a lot of video editing apps don’t address for some reason. All I do is import a simple video, separate the audio, and adjust the volume. It’s a single piece of media each time and I’m not adding a bunch of different media or editing the video at all. After I finish a video, I export it and then delete the project from Rush and remove the original video to zero out the list of my media Rush has access to. Even with all if this, I have issues with the app 9 out of the 10 times I use it, which is a few times a week. Even now, I’m just trying to open the app and I’ve been stuck on the loading screen for 10 minutes. I tried closing the app and reopening, and the issue remains. I’m going to look for another app to meet my needs because I can’t take the constant frustration anymore. I will say that their support folks on the forums are wonderful and seem to genuinely want to help people. They deserve to be supporting a better app.
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4 years ago, Golf4food2525
This app was supposed to be amazing especially for students who don’t have access to editing systems now because of the online transition. I am one of those students affected. The graphics section was supposed to accelerate the app when all it did was fail those who downloaded it. I have tried this application on multiple devices and each one has had the same result. The graphics section just shows up as constantly loading. I even submitted a complaint following all instructions and even sent in a screen recording to show the problems I was having and no response. I am very disappointed in Adobe, a company I have admired since my early days in education. I really hope this problem is fixed and I am willing to comply with anything adobe needs from me to solve this problem.
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3 years ago, SpunsPopple
Robust tool when it Renders
I love using Rush it’s an easy to use interface on iOS. Nice graphics a I pay the monthly to get all the graphics and ability to sync. Periodically I have issues with my video not rendering. Today is one of those days. My 2-3 minute video has turned into an all morning quest to try to render it. I’ve taken out titles (which I shouldn’t have to do) It crashes nonstop. I thought maybe it was because my iPad charge was at 48%. Now it’s at about 70% and still keeps crashing. Videos that rendered a day or so ago won’t render. I saw the latest update was supposed to deal with these sorts of issues. Now my video won’t sync to my desktop. And when it syncs to my phone, it’s missing a clip that I know is on my phone, not that it should matter, if it’s syncing on creative cloud and not iCloud. Any help with syncing and rendering would be appreciated. —— The customer service is highly responsive! My app is now working smoothly. Thanks again!!
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6 years ago, dj jon bates
Great debut release — just an update or two from 5 stars
The reviews with complaints about paying for this need to understand that Adobe builds tools for professionals. We hold them to the highest standards of performance, stability and functionality because many of our careers literally depend on Adobe software. Premiere Rush is one of the stronger v1 products Adobe has launched in recent years. I need to invest more time with this app before I give it five stars, but it fills the void for projects that are too minor for After Effects and not worth the hassle of Premiere. (Adobe Spark Video remains the more frustrating app of the useful Spark trio). My hope is that Adobe keeps new products like this focused and bloat-free: Photoshop (the crown jewel of CC) is diminished by the kitchen-sink additions like 3D. Keep it fast, stable and within a memory footprint that doesn’t lag when multi-app switching
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3 years ago, bijan68
Not very user-friendly
I was looking for a simple and quick video-editing app on my iPad and this was my first choice because I have an Adobe subscription. I also tried Splice that was suggested to me by a friend. Splice has a $3 per month subscription so I was hesitant to use it at first. But after comparing the two I found two major problems in Premiere Rush that i did not find in Splice: 1. Premiere Rush is not very user-friendly and intuitive. It was not easy to figure out right away how to change the timing of the transitions or how to get rid of the slide-in window that I used. It took me some time to figure out what is where and even after half an hour I still could not find certain features. 2. It has a rendering problem. The sound and image on some of the clips were not in synch upon import and I could not figure out why. I know it is probably caused by my lack of knowledge on how to use the app but it still is a flaw in UI design if the user cannot find a way quickly to fix the issue.
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1 year ago, caraspice
Buggy after Mac update
I can’t use this program anymore on my iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. I can’t use premier pro on my Mac computer either, after the new mac update. There’s an issue during rendering, and the videos won’t download. On the iPhone, spliced in photos have turned purple. I was on the phone with Adobe for 2 hours asking them why I can’t download my video. The guy just scolded me that I should be doing my 1 minute, 30 second video in premier pro, and he said Adobe rush is too simplistic. He went on my computer, only to find that both Rush and premiere pro couldn’t download my video. The video I made isn’t complicated. It was only one and half minutes long with 5 photographs. Can’t imagine professionals relying on Adobe products when I’ve lost days and days of productivity because of their crappy products. What a waste of $60 mo! I’m so angry. I’m thinking about buying Splice now because it’s easier, has more features, and they actually care about their clients. Adobe needs to wake up and fix the bugs and stop gaslighting your clients.
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4 years ago, @educto
I thought this app was an Adobe Joke
I don’t usually write reviews but I recommended this app to my peers just last week in a public forum. Rush has leveled up my mobile video production to give me more polish and panache than iMovie and without the expense of buying another app just for filmmaking. For Premiere Pro users, you’ll notice that Rush is essentially a mini-me for Premiere. Where it shines is that it focuses on what you need to get work out the door. Being able to combine footage, music, voiceovers, stills, titles and media from virtually everywhere has given me a lot of love and fun with this app. I like that it doesn’t do everything. If it did much more it would become work to use instead of the workhorse for my mobile video production. Add Rush to your arsenal and take your Stories and mobile video to the next level. Rush Ain’t No Joke!
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4 years ago, Fatsai
I have the Adobe photo package and while photoshop works as one would expect on both PC and mobile, Premier Rush is almost non-operable. A person would think a PC would be more reliable, but it’s not. Unfortunately, I would almost conjecture the Adobe Cloud is based in mainland China and so are most of the programmers. Reasoning is it looks pretty good on the surface, but seems a lot of filters (database/recognition software?) that slows it down to the point of timing out. Premier crashes continuously and would be a complete waste of money as a stand alone app purchase. Highly recommend not to purchase or use Premier Rush unless Adobe makes it useable. **Updated - received a nice developer response and glad to know the product is continuously being improved and updated. As stated previously, seems really nice if it only would not crash and go to “not responding.” I already am subscribed to the full photo services package and completely satisfied with all other aspects...guess we will see how Rush gets updated.
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1 year ago, Broadway@14
MOBILE ONLY: Misleading Scam
Despite any specification that this is a “mobile” exclusive app, I’ll have to buy another more expensive subscription to use this identical application on my desktop. When I asked for clarification in Adobe help, they begin using the term “Rush Mobile”- which is conveniently never used in the description or title of this app in this store. When I asked what the product differentiation is between the two versions of mobile and desktop, they said “there is no major difference on both”. Then why would they make it exclusive to one or the other? Isn’t connectivity the entire purpose of a cloud subscription software service? Seems to be yet another ploy by Adobe to profit off of independent creators. The only way to buy Adobe Rush for desktop is through a purchase of Adobe Premier Pro, which is comical. That’s like exclusively packaging iMovie with Final Cut Pro! 😂 Guess I’ll just have to reedit my video on iPad using the identical program… Throwing those 6 hours of editing away cuz I can’t afford to upgrade.
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2 years ago, Bradly man is awesome
Horrible for big projects
The app is good for small videos but I have lost 2 huge projects that took me weeks to make (I have subscription but I’m definitely canceling to find a better app) the videos won’t sync to my pc or iPhone. I’m using a iPad so the power of my system isn't the issue, apps updated to. The worst thing is that it will not upload the videos to my photo album. I would just screen record the app for the video but until you upload the videos graphics are crappy. The app crashes on 15min + video project's. The interface is amazing and the tools are some of the best but that only maters if you can actually upload your edited videos. If they fixed these issues I’d definitely use this app as the layout and tools are the easiest to use and my favorite but sadly as of now the app is unusable, unstable, and glitchy. I’ve even lost 20min videos to this app but thought they would fix the problem. I should have known better before continuing with the bigger projects.
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2 years ago, YouWillNeverCopyMyNickname
Crash crash crash!
The overall experience of the editor is great, the interference is user friendly and easy to use, there are many tools at your disposal for free, HOWEVER… an edition is not considered one if the app can’t fully render a video! Ive been trying to render out a 30 minute video but the application always crashes at the end of the render, 99%, and all data is lost for the render, meaning it didn’t save in my gallery. What’s the point of even using a video editing app if it doesn’t even do the most basic function of rendering???? Update: 4 stars not 1 star: i found out that a clip was bugging out the render and removed it, after that the video fully rendered!! Aside from that I also experienced crashes when changing the font of a text, please fix buggy issues! And thank you for providing a well made video editing app :)
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3 years ago, Lunamoona
I first downloaded this app because I was looking for a new video editing app after iMovie proved to be less than spectacular. I saw that premiere rush has the “editor’s choice” award, so I decided to take a gamble. And I loved it! Super easy interface, and I could get my editing way more precise than I was with iMovie. I was so excited. Until the bugs started. At first, the audio would disappear from clips. It would come back, so not a big deal. Then, the app would crash every time I cut a clip...that proved to be annoying. BUT THE REAL KICKER, AND YOU CAN DO A QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH TO PROVE IT—YOU CANNOT EXPORT! Have fun spending hours editing a video only for the app to crash every single time you try to export! Does not matter what the settings are! If you’re on a mobile device (I’m on an iPad) it won’t work. And there is no work around with this. Now whenever I try to edit on the app, it closes literally every 30 seconds. Impossible to work on. Do not waste your time, money, or sanity on this complete garbage of an app.
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4 years ago, idishdjsiskbehdgdh
This has to be a joke >:(
This app I good BUT ONLY WHEN IT ISN’T CRASHING ON YOU 😭 when I first downloaded the app it kept crashing, it was triggering me so I kept deleting it. But one day I said “ I’m gonna give it ONE more chance “ and it got its act together, but today I go on there and it was loading, and I got worried because when ever I click the app my video almost instantly pop up. Anyways I click the video and all of my work is there but at the same it’s kind of not, ALL OF MY CLIPS WERE GRAYED OUT AND MY AUDIO WAS GONE 😖. It looked like the ONLY way I could get it back was by “ reconnecting “ the clips and the amount I had done was 3 DAYS worth of work, and I’m upset because now I don’t remember where some of the clips go. I looked at soooo many apps for video editing and no joke I thought this app was THE ONE 😞 and I don’t want to risk this happening again so now I have to try and find ANOTHER video editor app that won’t do me dirty 😣.
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10 months ago, Aspen void
Export issues
Summary: good app, but trouble exporting, no chroma key, and weird bugs The app itself is great but it tends to have trouble exporting videos, for example when I’m exporting a video it suddenly says “unable to render” saying i rushed yet it doesn’t explain what “rushed” means in this circumstance. Then there’s also when I’m editing the video and it crashes for no reason, having making me reopen the app and wait for it to load completely. There’s also the fact that sometimes when the video exports, certain frames that were there before and after export don’t show up, causing me to do it again, and as I mentioned before, the “rushed” thing pops up. Other than that there’s also some other things like how there’s no chroma key, and it’s limited to 4 layers for clips and photos. But the rest of the app is great, highly recommend for making videos, and super easy to use.
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5 years ago, mirapuff
Incredible for color correcting & lighting tweaks!
If you are familiar with the ACR work flow, this app is very user friendly. I am a media consultant for a nursery and we shoot a lot of videos outdoors. We constantly fight with exposure changes and saturation issues so having this app is essential. I love how easy it is to color correct the lighting as well as bring blown out highlights back to a normal level. They just added the slow motion & fast motion options which are fantastic. Truly a one of a kind app that has all of the features I would want in a workflow I am familiar with. Lastly, this app saves UNCOMPRESSED videos - I dont know how many apps I have tried that just destroy my video quality ( Im shooting on an iphone x with a DJI Osmos 2 steady-cam). 10/10 recommend if you do ANYTHING on social media, professional or personal!
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6 years ago, Tommy Zeth
Great, but may not be worth it if you’re buying it alone
Premiere Rush is a much better video editing application for iOS than iMovie and other free video editing software l have tried. It has great features with much more customizable text, easy to use portably, and so on. However, I have already own the entire CC plan, so this is only a nice addition for me. I wouldn't recommend this if you were to spend the $10/month on Premiere Rush alone. The price is half the price of Premiere Pro ($21/month) and Premiere Pro is a much more powerful video editing tool. Honestly, just get Premiere Pro by itself or the whole CC plan. Getting Rush alone probably isn’t worth the money. But if you don’t have a computer for Premiere Pro and just want a simple upgrade from iOS iMovie, go ahead and buy it. For certain I’ll be using Rush whenever I need to edit videos on my phone and can’t use my computer.
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5 years ago, yank (the)
Nice app but I’m not into the subscription.
Hey Adobe, figure out a way to offer a one time purchase price again. I have literally stopped considering buying your products since CS6. This is nice app if you like adobe products. However, as a “non-professional” user of adobe programs I have to say that I am absolutely against their subscription based business model. I typically take the time to learn this, as well as other adobe products so that the media I do produce will be at best on par with most entry level professionals. This in mind, I enjoy having all the functionality of these programs available - or in other words the potential to learn more and become better at producing quality media. Unfortunately though I am only a part time user and cannot see the justification of spending $10/mo. on a subscription that I utilize for fun, for $0 profit of my own, once, maybe twice a month. I don’t want the cloud, I don’t want another monthly bill, I want to have fun and be creative on my own. Listen to your customers. This is very off-putting.
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6 years ago, druwin12344321
Not much better than adobe clip
Looks like adobe rushed this to market? Seems a tad bit better than adobe clip but just wonder why adobe did not get it from there past experience with adobe clip? One being that you still can not toggle the upload of material! Seems like a no brained that this is a preference toggle switch. Also the app keeps wanting to update every time I open it. The ability to cut up video is still not as slick as iMovie where you can use a swipe up or down to cut and I’m finding the inability to roll clips into smaller or bigger segments is not working. Someone mentioned this app is Bette than Luma Fusion. Well maybe they are not actually purchasing this app and so they have adsaybe but in my opinion nothing matches what Luma Fusion can do once you learn the workflow. Sorry Adobe this app is a notch up from clip app but not by much. Hope you guys can do better with creating something that really works well. Until then my vote goes to Luma Fusion for iOS video editing.
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5 months ago, Ex Adobe fan
Riddled with issues
To be honest I'm not even sure why I've continued to even pay a monthly subscription for this service. Maybe I'm missing something here? But I have a brand new iPhone 15 Pro with a more robust hardware than my previous iPhone and I've continued to update my ISO as well as update the latest version of Adobe Rush (believing that it would resolve these issues that I've been having) and yet I still have the same ongoing issues that I have been dealing with for a couple years now. This app lags terribly (even more so lately than ever before) aside from that issue, no matter how many times I try to edit the font style, size, color, etc there's no visual changes shown to reflect any of the adjustments that I made, moreover if I turn my phone to landscape to activate the full screen feature once I turn my iPhone back upright the app freaks out and crashes. I'm seriously on the edge of terminating my subscription and rid my phone of this garbage unstable app and unnecessary stress.
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2 years ago, darrbear
Sweet and Very Nice!
I just started using Rush for a quick editing. Everything is working well so far. I’ve made two short videos and sent them off straight from my iPhone! I’ve also used rush on my iPad, and it works well from there as well. The one thing I had trouble with was working on projects on my MacBook Pro after working on my phone or iPad. There were some issues with finding the media that was used. I’m not sure if it was me, or the software. I haven’t tried that in a while because I haven’t had any large projects to transfer over to my MacBook Pro. Otherwise the app is top notch, and it comes with tons of graphics and effects so it’s awesome to be in the field and be able to edit video straight for my iOS device!
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5 years ago, Ninertrips
Very close to ideal
Clean, intuitive, essential editing on iPad Pro, but right now it’s a little too essential. 1) Desperately needs the ability to do basic animation of transformations: pan, zoom rotate. 2) Needs the ability to duplicate a project (not just a timeline inside a project) to make versions, templates, etc. Fingers crossed these features will be added soon. Update: After further experimentation, another vital feature feels lacking: Drag and drop media from other apps/photos (using iPad Pro btw). Just anything to reduce the number of taps it takes to get a piece of media into my project/timeline. Im working with stills, often edited/created in other apps. What if I could just drag a sketch from Adobe Sketch straight to the timeline? Or drag a still or video from Photos straight in? Right now the media management has a lot of the clunkiness of a desktop experience.
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5 years ago, yodelingpuppet
Absolute garbage
Spent an hour creating video on Christmas to share with family who couldn’t be here with us. Audio drops out and the music tracks I added only play inside the app and not anywhere that I share them. Also, the first attempt to export failed, however it still counted against my 3 free exports. Now I’m left with one free export, but no worries I won’t be needing it since I’ll be looking for an alternative.... something you potential buyers should consider, especially since others have more features, ones that actually work, and don’t cost anywhere near 10 bucks a month. This app isn’t even worth a one time payment of $10! How do you, in right mind, justify charging customers monthly for this trash? Also, can you pay me for wasting precious family time on my Christmas day? I work too many hours to have done this any other time and I wasn’t trying to share a video a week later. Not only was using this app an atrocious experience but it also managed to completely waste my time in the process.
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10 months ago, goosejr9
Pretty good
I like using this to edit my video clips. The is close to perfect. It’s familiar and simple to use. There are some quirks that could use some tweaking and it would be a 5 star app. I find that using the iPhone 13 Pro, video clips tend to have a glitch within the app and gets exported the exact same way. If you have big fingers, you might find yourself struggling to hold and drag small video clips or even extend and shorten. It’d be nice to have a drop down menu to keep the length of the clip but select a different time frame of the video clip and keep it in place. Another thing I noticed is upgrading to export at 4k is not worth it. I noticed the quality isn’t actually exported at 4k. Another thing mentioning is that my exported videos have a filter on it and I didn’t apply any in my project.
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3 years ago, CroshWorld
Good app but several bugs
You have to figure it out. There’s a lot of unintuitive functionality that makes it harder to edit than premiere pro. Also, several bugs keep developing. First it was these glitches and frozen pixels. That was annoying but only happened on larger files. But now, the worst thing is that it keeps repeating the last 3 seconds of every video. It’s seriously annoying because I end my sketches with a fart sound and now it’s a double fart which totally kills the effect. So I have to trim the end when I upload in social apps, but that ends up cutting in on the first fart and ruining it even more. It makes no sense, and I can’t seem to fix it. And these guys never update the software so I’m just stuck with this crap.
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3 years ago, sonny rayyyyyyyy
Really good, but I have a suggestion.
This app is really good, and it has been my main editing source for over two years. It is very easy to learn. If you have a little experience with edits, then I don’t think you’ll even need a tutorial. The only thing I hate about rush is the fact that it is awful on mobile devices! I always crashed when I used rush in my phone, which is why I switched to doing it on the computer. If you are going to use this app, I strongly suggest that you get it on your computer! One of the things I have always wanted in rush is the ability to chroma key. It would make my life soooo much easier and it would probably introduce younger editors to the world of green screens. I have after effects, but I’m only 13 and it can be very challenging at some times while using it. I know it is probably a lot to ask to add chroma keying to premier rush, but I would really love it, and it would improve my life for the better. :) Overall, this app is one of my favorites. It is simple and extremely easy to learn. It provides me with awesome sound effects, titles, and transitions. DO NOT USE IT FOR BIG PROJECTS WHEN WORKING ON A PHONE!!! Thanks Adobe, for this epic software. (also think about that chroma key idea)
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4 years ago, hoops61
Not sure yet
I downloaded the 7 day free trial as a 100% video newbie... IOW zero experience. I uploaded a 90 minute video and once I dragged it from Project Asset section into the work area could no longer see it. It tried various clips with no luck. On the upside, after 4 hours of tutorials and no response from “the community”, I called customer support. Customer Support was excellent... with writing all the details, they were patient, we checked all the obvious (system requirements)- and then they let me reinstall (thinking it was an instal problem) and pushed out the 7 day trial date. Overall I think I’ve learned Premier Rush is made for small video clips intended for social media, not to edit larger files. And for that it’s probably OK... remember I’m a newbie, so I haven’t played with many effects. Watching the tutorials, Rush appears to give a lot of Big Software capability to making small (short) social media video.
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4 years ago, Marky Kang
iPad Premiere Rush Crashing
Before anything Adobe needs to fix the issue with Rush crashing at random moments of the editing process and even during the rendering process. I have seen this issue so many times in the adobe community and no body has gotten a fix for this. It does not depend on what situation you are in. My app crashed when I was scrolling through the video, trying to import video or audio, trying to add titles, during the rendering process, cutting the audio size and so many more cases that the app itself is just unusable. Before Adobe does any other “feature adding” they need to fix this issue of the app itself crashing to the home screen. When I try to report the bug within the app, that function also is unusable because it just freezes the whole app and nothing else responds to the touch. I know this is not just an iPad problem because a lot of the inquiries from the community page has different users having the same issue with different iOS devices. FIX IT ADOBE!
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