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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ADT Pulse ®

4.8 out of 5
835.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Islarose1!
I think that your system is awesome for the inside of your home, but for the outside of your home it doesn’t capture all four corners of the house so that means the family that is bullying me behind me gets to jump over my fence break some of the slats sometimes knock on my bedroom window, constantly throwing stones at it jumping through my backyard knocking on my backyard door and none of that is ever captured. My car has been damaged twice the tire has been slash that was never caught on camera how is that possible on my car is parked 5 feet in front of the camera. Just the other day white paint was scraped off my car and there was no footage of that once again how could that happen when my car is parked right in front of the camera. The only good thing about your systemIs Win the guys behind me or in my yard or getting way out of control I set my alarm off and it lets the neighbors know somethings going on and they run back in the house. But that’s only deters them for a few minutes. But now if I had to do it all over again I would not get this system it’s only for a home intruders it’s not for people that want to vandalize the outside of your home or harass the person that’s on the inside of the home.
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5 years ago, Neef222
The life of our family at home being on film
I am great-full in so many ways for ADTs’ camera’s being available for us, as they are for my husband and I, right here in Scarsdale. As a mom, always on the move, busy doing something for my kids and the husssband, it gets pretty tuff to have eyes on our three kids, ALL the time. As always, I’m preoccupied with my day to day duties/chores and I can’t avoid the thought cross my mind that maybe I need to run down and check on them. Once upon a time, in the middle of something I’d been tryna finish for a couple days now and getting in the groove, would have to stop, only to be interrupted by a nervous/worrisome thought bout the kids, since, of course they were in the storage/playroom, adjacent the garage and of course I was on third floor, evidently put off once again what I was tryna finish. But no more putting off. Thanks to ADT, those fearful thoughts are not there and for that I will always be forever great full. So after all that being said I can’t expect perfect. However if I had the ability to actually control the movement on each camera and pin point what I’m looking at/for, wooooo weeee, now that’s when I’d say we’d be talking serious business. But, ummm, who am I to say something’s not perfect? Lord knows I’m not. But who is? Right? ADT - you guys rock!!! Thanks a mill!!!!!! Hanife
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2 years ago, Mike A 96
Security system is great. App is not up to snuff
I think with todays ongoing 24hr outage I decided it was time to review the app, while it’s not enough for me switch to an alternative it’s definitely frustrating. House came with ADT installed, but requires a separate router (wasn’t compatible with the Google home router) and required a bunch of little boosters around the house to work properly. Even with all those gadgets, the app is still absurdly slow. Takes forever to buffer the doorbell when someone rings the doorbell. By the time it shows the live video the person is gone. Better yet, the clips rarely show the moment that person rang the door bell. Again, not knocking the security system cuz it works great, but I’ve got 1 GB WiFi with points all around the house, the slow speed of the app is not something I can solve for aside from saying it was installed improperly or the app is just not efficient. I don’t know how it has 4.8 stars, maybe other security system apps are worse by comparison. Today the app has been down all day, with no explanation from the company as to why. Considering I pay $70 a month for this to be working (app inclusive) to protect my family and i, I think it goes without saying this is pretty unacceptable. Not expecting some reimbursement but just venting frustrations at the end of it. Even without the 24h+ ongoing outage the app is subpar at best.
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3 years ago, Livingston007
This App is not Working!
ADT is not addressing this issue. The app no longer connects to keypad. I cannot arm or disarm using app. Now control panel is showing “103 Check LngRng Radio”. Whatever that means! I’ve had ADT at my home this month to update ADT control panel by inserting a “chip” and discovered that my app would not work with control panel. Several more calls and scheduled visits only resulted in temporary fix of problem. Rebooting control panel temporarily resolved problem. Deleting and reinstalling app doesn’t work. I’ve read a number of reviews and this is a chronic problem that has not been dealt with by ADT for years. I’ve read reviews up to 3 years ago regarding this issue prior to pandemic. I’ve been a loyal paying customer for almost 10 years. I’m writing this review because I believe that ADT is better than this. Customer service has been great about trying to help resolve this situation but this is bigger than them. ADT please get your act together. I really want to continue being a loyal paying customer!
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2 years ago, Divine-Nine15
ADT Service and this App is Horrible
The last update has made this app function more poorly than before. The cameras has NEVER loaded instantly in the app allowing us to view someone knocking at the door or walking around our property. Now, it lags so long that by the time the camera loads the person has left, or is ringing the doorbell for the 6th time waiting for someone to answer. The camera loads so slowly it only records a little bit and misses initial approach to the house or cuts the video off too quickly. It also disconnects the cameras from the app giving error messages when there is no reason (my high speed wifi that I upgraded per ADT recommendation is working and there are no problems for all other devices/apps, etc.). Now I can’t arm or disarm using the app. This problem has been ongoing for over two weeks. The first issue has been going on since installing the cameras. I spoke with an ADT agent and was told to get instant viewing like my daughter have with her Vivent Alarm system, I would have to upgrade my alarm package to a higher priced package. I CAN’T wait until my contract ends. I’M HEADED TO VIVENT, and I don’t care if it’s more. I’ve seen how they work and they’re way BETTER. Before you say to call, I already did (several times) and issues still persist. Please fix this app!!
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2 years ago, Priscilla Y.
Bad Update / Poor Connection
The last update has made this app function poorly. The cameras used to load instantly in the app allowing us to view someone knocking at the door or walking around our property. Now, it lags so long that by the time the camera loads the person has left, or is ringing the doorbell for the 6th time waiting for someone to answer. The camera loads so slowly it only records a little bit and misses initial approach to the house or cuts the video off too quickly. It also disconnects the cameras from the app giving error messages when there is no reason (wifi is working no problem for all other devices/apps, etc.) Then you can’t view your property or see who is entering the house (babysitters, gardeners, house cleaners, teenagers, etc). It constantly signs you out for no reason. If you have it set to login with Face ID it stops working and makes you type everything in, which is much slower and time consuming when you are quickly trying to turn the alarm off. Used this app for over a year with no major problem, but now it is working poorly and is so frustrating that I took the time to write this review, which I have done 2 times in my over 20 years of using Apple products. Before you say to call, I already did and issues still persist. Please fix this app!! ADT is expensive and we pay a LOT for this service and aren’t getting what we pay for.
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7 years ago, JR19822000
Used to love it... update is broken
This app sold me on ADT. The ability to arm/disarm on the go was worth the upcharge. The last app had some issues on my wife's phone (6splus) but mine worked perfectly (7plus). The new one didn't want to connect yesterday after I downloaded it... not a huge deal.. thought it was maintenance..... connected this morning and looked promising for the new layout... closed it... ever since it won't load. Gets to the splash screen and crashes shortly after. I'm giving them a few hours until we leave for the grocery store and if it's not working I'm demanding a refund for the app fee Update: They've updated the app several times since I put this review in.... app is still broken. Less than 10% of the time I need to use it I can. I've tried all of their steps to fix it. Signing in using my password rather than my thumbprint has helped some, but sometimes the app fails to load completely. I've been back and fourth with their customer service several times and they refuse to offer me any credit and only one has offered to remove the charges for the app but that also would take away the access through the website as well. Someone at apple needs to take this piece of garbage down.
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7 months ago, Drinc_Kup
Connection Issues
I was going to give 5 stars but over the past two days, I have had connection issues with the ADT Pulse app connecting to my alarm system. I have contacted ADT more times than I have been able to count in the past two days and tomorrow a tech will do a virtual call once again for the second time in two days to try and resolve this issue. All of the techs via either chat, phone, or in-person have been amazing but are unable to fix the problem. The only way I can get my pulse app to connect is to activate a sensor then the app connects. Until I do that it either says it still connecting or it says it's not connected. The techs can't find out why this is. I need my app to work with my alarm system so my wife doesn't have the headache of manually having to arm and disarm the alarm system. I am letting you know of this issue in the hopes that you may find a fix for it so other people will not have this issue. Me and my wife need to have remote access to our system so this is one less issue she has to deal with in her day-to-day life. As they say,… happy wife happy life… and to have this issue fixed will make my wife and I both very happy. 😊 So… I'm hoping you can look into this and find a solution to this problem. Maybe between you and ADT, a solution can be found. 🤞
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4 years ago, esc3216
Don’t use ADT
Do not use ADT they lie to you. I was told by my tech that I would have 3 days from complete installation to cancel services with no fees or and money required. However that wasn’t the case. They installed the panel and window sensors. Then left. Then came back a couple 1-2 weeks later and installed the cameras. On this date with everything installed was when I was informed my 3 days started. After all, how do you know you want a product until you get the finish product. After playing with the system for a day I noticed the camera quality to be very bad. Plus the cameras can only take 30 second clips then you have to wait 3 minutes to take another clip. This is unacceptable. So I called to cancel and they then told me that to cancel it was 3 days from the original install. I was very upset to say the least. So I tried to still cancel and now they want pay for all the equipment and pay 1200 dollars just to cancel. Do not use ADT they are liars and now I’m stuck paying over 2,000 dollars for a service I did not want and with outdated equipment and services... so disappointed in this company.... please don’t waste your time or money.... Lol look at their response... they don’t care about you..... they didn’t even read my complaint... I want my money back not more bad cameras...
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7 years ago, zorabies
09/27 UPDATE - Completely useless
UPDATE: the update that ADT recently pushed has been like night and day. I have had close to 100% consistency on using the app (either through wifi or cell service). I'm SO extremely grateful they made the adjustment that I'm sure many people desperately needed. I'm giving 4 stars because I still have issues with the actual system, but the app has been great so far! If I had known of the inadequacy of this app while subscribing to their service, I would have gone with a different provider. This app will freeze my phone constantly, regardless of if it actually connects to my system or not. It almost never works, which have caused me to set off my alarm many times just trying to enter my house. I have spent countless hours sitting in front of my house, either trying to get in, or trying to set my system to leave. Absolutely ridiculous, useless and frustrating, to say the least. Do yourself a favor and find an alternative, or wait for them to fix this stupid remote access.
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6 years ago, Tburgueso
Finally solid; the app, but not Pulse
It's been quite a while since I last submitted a review of this app, and in that time it's changed from an exercise in frustration to a tool which I can just use without having to think about it. There is a significant weakness in the Pulse architecture as a whole, however. There is no way to use Pulse with a partitioned system, except for P1. The implications of that bad choice include my not being able to see sensors or events in the partition which protects my shop and garage, 200 feet away from my house, and not visible from most areas of the house. Nor is the system capable of sending me texts or emails when there's something I should know about. Nor can sensor events in my outbuilding partition trigger video clip captures, even though I've had ADT install two cameras on that building. Therefore, although this app now works well, the Pulse system lacks functionality which I consider to be fundamental.
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6 years ago, gpm586
There is an incredible delay between logging into the app and being able to arm my home. After opening the app, i see “connecting” on the home page for sometimes 5-15minutes even up to hours as I wait for the app to connect to my home system. I have even left my home disarmed overnight simply because I couldn’t get the app to connect to my alarm system. I have full internet connection at 50mbps and no issues reaching any websites on my phone. I turn WiFi off to attempt to connect via LTE to the app and the same thing occurs- “connecting to system” for 5-15minutes, sometimes it fails all together. So despite multiple connection modalities and ability to reach all other internet based services, it’s clear this is on ADT. Cox communications, my prior home security company, had a far superior response time with the app and truthfully a better all around experience. I pay for Pulse upgrade for remote access via my phone and it has let me down to the point it could be unsafe in the right circumstance should i need quick app access, not to mention leaving my home disarmed overnight due to the app’s inability to connect. Very dissappointing for the world leader in home security.
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5 years ago, No live feed
Live camera feed never works
I have been having issues with this app for the last 3-4 months. I used to be able click on expand and see a full range view of my camera live. Now every time I click on expand, it no longer gives me the full range view of my camera and instead I get a smaller . I called and the rep tried to blame it on my iPhone, then said it was Verizon and I needed to call them to fix a setting on my phone. Based on that conversation I knew calling in was pointless so I had them send a tech out. I had two different techs come a week apart and the 1st one replaced my camera even though I insisted it was the app. Finally, the 2nd tech agreed it was an app issue and called me back a few days later and explained that he reached out to icontrol, who is the developer of the app and it was a known issue on a variety of phones. That’s great to finally get an answer however, where’s the app update so I can go back to using my camera like I had been for months?? If they get can’t this app to work, then I will be canceling as I consider this a breach of contract and ADT is not providing me the service I signed up for which included the use of ADT pulse app. I do have the most recent version 8.6.1 and still doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, blupopscl
Not enough thought put into this
I would recommend ADT to anyone; It’s a great security company. However, I feel like I am not getting what I pay for with ADT Pulse. The app feels old and stale, and the Web Portal is even worse. It feels like there wasn’t enough thought put into the design and use of Pulse. A lot of controls are put in awkward places, and camera feeds often black out or take a long time to reconnect. The app is missing a lot of controls that are present in the web portal as well. The web portal itself has no clear indication of where features are, like putting “Alerts” under the “Rules” category, but also having other alert options under the “My Profile” section. That’s also another thing, Pulse doesn’t send notifications unless you sign into an owner account, which is complicated, especially because it has to be done each time you reinstall or get a new phone. There’s also no special notification noise, meaning if there’s a true emergency, I’m more likely to ignore it as another notification from social media. The point is- the little things snowball, making the entire experience of Pulse fall apart.
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7 years ago, H8 Fakes
Monthly Charges, Reliable. App...Not So Much. 🙄
This is the most unreliable app I've ever used. And that's not a good thing since I depend on it's functionality for the security of my home. To make matters worse, I'm paying $60/mo. for this unreliable app. Upon opening the app, the arm/disarm function usually takes literally minutes to connect...even when I'm on my home wifi that usually runs at 180mph. Sometimes it doesn't even connect. So guests have to wait for a long time before I can remotely unlock the door and let them in. Even after it does connect, sometimes pressing the disarm button doesn't actually disarm the alarm. The cameras only work intermittently, and the garage opener fails too frequently to be relied upon as well. I really wish I could get a refund of all my fees and switch to Vivant since their app seems to connect almost instantly every time my friends show it off.
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3 years ago, Nin7
Update: Does not work in home or over cellular
Iphone: I use this app every night as part of my routine to arm the system when going to bed. For THAT it seems to work well. Because of this habit, I rarely use the main system panel. When leaving home, I use the app from the car as I exit the garage. Unfortunately, if I forget to do this, I am unable to access the Arm/Disarm features when I remember to arm the system from work or when I’m not on a wifi network. I get an error “No wifi found”. (Unlike the Philips Hue app or Home Kit app which work fine over cellular without wifi). - Basically useless as a remote app. Watch App: Pretty much useless so far. When home it will spin on the Loading screen & never load OR if/when it does load, will say “Security Device panel not found” when attempting to arm the system. (NOTE: I have installed & reinstalled the app several times). - Attempting to use the app remotely (outside my wifi) results in the app spinning on “loading” forever & never connecting. - It’s basically never worked.
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5 years ago, GATJR
So Glad!
I was with another alarm company for almost 10 years and in all of that time I was never as happy with that alarm as the one I have now. I have worked with the tech Robert and he was so accommodating and helpful. He was here to please me and he made me feel like I was the only and most important customer he has. His insulation was flawless,neat and very professional. It was getting late but he wasn’t leaving until he had us totally comfortable with our new system. I had a small issue arise and had to call service. Wow I worked for the largest tool manufacture in the world for 40 years and we proudest ourself for customer service. Well ADT does the same thing. I had two different people working on my issue and they stayed with me until it was solved. Again I felt like I was ADT’s most important customer. Thanks guys for showing me some company’s practice what they promise. Gus Trapani
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4 years ago, ADTcankissmypiss
They continually REMOVE features. Terrible
Used to have home view. Now they don’t. Wonder why they don’t brag about removing features. Probably because they’re ashamed for being so cheap and petty. Better dl it now while you can still arm and disarm with it before they turn off that feature to save money as well. Typical corporation, claim they care and sell you a feature set that proves it, then they remove what you were sold on while they hike your rates every month. Someone else commented they wanted home view back and a developer replied with something to the effect of “thanks for the input, we’re always looking for features to add”. How about you stop taking away features that were already offered and used as selling points by your personnel? God knows your over leveraged and looking to cut costs, so why don’t you start by reducing you CTOs salary instead of robbing from your clients? Your customers care when you take away features, not when you cut the salary of the person that decided to take away the features to save money and paid their paycheck.
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4 years ago, J2nOC
Fantastic App!
I have been an ADT Pulse customer for about 8 years now, and the app is a must-have. I’m a very very app user in general so I’m not easily impressed, but they have continued to improve this app over the years and it’s hard to find anything to be critical about. Most of the time I use the app to arm/disarm the alarm since it’s almost quicker to do it from my phone. The app has all the bells and whistles, but since I always believe there’s a way to improve, I will throw out a suggestion: I wish there was a way to scan in your home floor plan so you wouldn’t have to draw it all out. Even if ADT offered that as an add-on/scanner service, I would be willing to pay for it because seeing all the zones on a floor plan view is much more helpful/intuitive when you are looking for an open window or a particular zone the has been tripped. Well done!!!
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4 years ago, Chinkybrwneyes
Lack of control update
The purpose of the app is to be able to control the panel and it’s functions, however it lacks some of the panel functions. You can’t set up schedules from the app (must go to actual website on a webpage), you can’t bi-pass any doors or windows through the app. All it’s good for is turning on the alarm and turning off the alarm, nothing more. Pretty useless. Everything else must be done from the website. Absolutely worst service ever! Once again the app gives “operation fail” for controlling any of the outside lights that are assigned. This was an UPGRADE I paid for and it’s constantly failing! Setting up schedules had to be done on the computer. That was done and it worked for 1 day and now the app no longer responses and the lights are off! Unless I now manually turn them on they aren’t working and I must contact ADT to fix the issue! It’s a pandemic I DONT WANT YOU AT MY HOUSE! Pathetic! Do not get this service! As soon as our contract is up we are dropping them! By the way all positive reviews AREA IN FACT FAKE! Their service has sucked for the past 2 years that I’ve had them!
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5 years ago, Yoooowwwwwaaa!
Deployed Spouse
Love the fact that I am deployed and can visually check in on my family and view the camera. I can also set the alarm from thousands of miles away in case she forgets, which she does all the time. It has really given me a peace of mind which is what I wanted while being gone for almost a year now. What I would like to see on the app is a way to trip the alarm should i see something wrong while looking at the camera. For instance, an intruder coming in and the alarm is not set. If the doors are open while this happens I cannot trip the alarm in order to signal the police. I can only do it while the door is closed by setting it to ‘away’ hoping that someone’s body trips the motion sensor in the living room during the intrusion and also that I have decent WiFi to react quickly. Maybe have some sort of panic button on the app? But that might not fix the door needing to be closed in order to trip it??
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2 years ago, yungschew
Improved but far from adequate
Within the past 8 months or so, I called Adt with assistance with using the pulse app from my Apple Watch. Each time they had me delete the app in my phone, reinstall, sign in, and open the app on my phone. It only worked when I completed those steps. I stopped using the app on my watch. Forward to this week. For some reason, I decided to try the app on my watch again. I signed in and it worked! Hallelujah! Then, 24 hours later, I tried to use the app on my watch again. It didn’t work and my watch said that I needed to enable “keep me signed in” on my phone to utilize the app on my watch. I checked the app on my phone and I had the box checked. I logged out, made sure the box was still checked m, and logged back in. The app on my phone works, however, this morning, I got same same message. Come on Adt, get it right. Don’t break things that were working. Now that ios15 in here, I hate to see what happens when I update my devices.
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6 years ago, WNnJN
ADT Security is highly recommended.
I switched from another cheaper home Security Company because of inconsistent customer service, inadequate equipment and their out sourcing of call center. I got inadequate equipment, security and service from the previous company. Fortunately, ADT equipment is superior and security so much better. ADT monthly cost is higher but reasonable especially with much improved service and security. ADT initial professional installation and basic equipment is free. This includes the front door RING system with camera, motion sensor and intercom. My wife and I are pleased with the professional installation with improved security and internet fire alert. Their cameras cover more area and is clearer. Switching to ADT is one of our better decisions we made. ADT is a dedicated security company with excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, Amr091078
Not that this platform is stable enough for it, but you should also have 🍎WATCH access. For the extra cost on your plan this app should be far more reliable and interactive. More often than not It takes far too long to connect to my system. And I often get an error message when I try to arm the system leaving me frustrated and having to remember to try again in a few minutes making a task that should be convenient, inconvenient! On the rare occasion that the app loads smoothly it’s actually easy and fast to use. Checking zones and arming with ease and having the option to bypass on the fly is clutch... when it works. Now we just need to get it working like that every time. Then think about integrating the 🍎watch. Would love to be able to check zones arm/disarm with the same zone bypass options and view cams. I know I’m asking for a lot but you also require quite the premium cost on your equipment and service as well. So I think it’s a fare ask. Hopefully someone that matters actually gets eyes on this and takes note lol
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2 years ago, MinnieMagneta
Continually failing outdoor camera
This app is easy to use but not developed well. Whenever I need to look at my activity history, scrolling only allows a few minutes of data at a time. There’s no fast scrolling. There’s no way to search to view a particular day and time. There was a specific incident that I needed to view but it’s a loss. After so much scrolling, you can’t take a break, it instantly refreshes to the original page so you have to start the laborious scrolling all over again. There’s no reason for a legitimate company to constantly have a failed connection for the same one of our three cameras. When I’m out of town and need to check the outside of my home from this app, I’m unable to do that. ADT has “fixed” the issue dozens of times and our main outside camera is still blank after months and months of promises. If they had fixed it once or even twice without further issues constantly , I would have given a much higher rating. It’s just been way too long.
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6 years ago, BarbP3040
Upgrade is severely lacking
The video clip functionality in this new upgrade is terrible. You could no longer slide between clips. It’s necessary now to close each clip, find a new clip, then open it. Very slow, and creates a safety issue in that after receiving a notification, it’s too difficult to view a clip to see what is going on at the moment. The video clip screen is very small now unless you turn your phone into landscape mode. This was not the case before the upgrade. Also, the filters won’t hold and I have to necessary keep changing them to see all cameras. My husband doesn’t have this problem on his firvaone reason, although we updated the same time! As mentioned in a previous review, the connections are terrible as well. Sometimes it is necessary to log in and out a few times repeatedly before the cameras will connect. This is just unacceptable in a home security device. We could be robbed blind, have a fire, or any number of bad things happening by the time we finally got connected! We are not at all pleased with the ADT pulse app.
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2 years ago, Fidelis Way
No service!
For over one year, I have asked ADT to replace an outside camera and for the last three months, in addition, I have been trying to get a switch replaced so that my carriage lights stop blinking all day long. Now, I have another switch gone and two outside lights not working because of this for a total of four outside lights that are not working. I like the App, but the service is absolutely terrible! Guys have shown up without ladders or equipment so they cannot replace the camera. ADT was to either bring the switch or mail it and they’ve done neither for all of this time. I call and call and many ADT people promise but nothing has changed. Throughout all of this horrendous lack of service I’m still being charged monthly.
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7 years ago, Mighty Unicorn
Terrible service. Terrible app. Terrible support.
ADT is not working like it used to. The app doesn’t connect to the system, and it is impossible to get ahold of anyone at the company who can understand what you are explaining to them. When you do explain the issue, they give vague answers and blame it on you, your phone, your cell service provider (which makes ZERO sense)... anything but ADT is to blame. When I called them for the third time today, they told me to uninstall and reinstall the app. I uninstalled, and guess what? The app had disappeared from the App Store entirely! The rep who talked to me on my fourth call put me on hold forever, then came back on and said their manager was shocked to see the App didn’t exist in the App Store. They then sent me to a direct portal, but you can’t control your system from there at all. Now the app is back in the App Store, but you can’t set your alarm with it. My contract just ran out with these goobers. I have a new security system being installed next weekend. ADT is an embarrassment to themselves. Later, jerks!
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11 months ago, Moji Dande
Terrible App
For the past year or more, this app has deteriorated to the point that I would give it zero stars if I could. It constantly logs you out and won’t let you log back in due to issues that, for some reason, ADT hasn’t been able to permanently fix. Also, starting last week, the app stopped connect to the security system. I called customer service and it was fine for a day and a half before the same issue continued. Once I move, I will not choose ADT for my security system due to these ongoing problems that ADT can’t/doesn’t want to fix. They resist upgrading or fixing equipment, sensors, or keypads. For example, the sensor on an external door was malfunctioning for months and I had to call ADT multiple times to report the issue. Each time they blamed one thing or another (battery, cold weather - even though I live in a part of CA that doesn’t have harsh winters). After many calls, they sent a repairman who replaced the sensor and I haven’t had any issues with it since.
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1 year ago, Another Review By Me
No screen rotation. App useless
App is virtually useless to me now. App used to rotate the screen when viewing video or live camera so you can see picture details. It stopped doing that for over a year now. When it first happened, I figured it was just a glitch and mentioned it to support a couple times. I had hoped with each app update it would be fixed, but now it's time to lodge a major complaint here, as I've stopped using the app due to this issue rendering it useless for me. I access my account on my phone 99.9% of the time. Even when you could rotate and expand the screen, it was still not as good as a huge desktop monitor for details, but you could see good enough detail in full expanded screen mode on your mobile to be useful. The tiny preview window is just that. Preview. You need to expand it to see details. Now you're stuck with tiny preview screen. You cannot see details on a screen that does not rotate when you rotate your phone. They even removed the little "expand screen" icon which was always on the lower right corner of video and snaps. So this whole downgrade was ON PURPOSE. And it IS a downgrade. They broke it on purpose. And THAT is why I am now posting this complaint here in the hopes they will fix what they destroyed and restore the seamless screen rotation for proper viewing of one's security videos and snaps. I'd give this app 5 NEGATIVE stars if it was possible at this point.
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4 years ago, Crazed Golfer
Love my system upgrade!
6 months ago while rehabbing from a knee replacement, I thought it would be a great time to upgrade my alarm system. I have been an ADT customer since they installed my original over 20 years ago. The technician came in, and in a short time brought me into the 21st. century. He put sensors on my windows, indoor camera, and hooked me up to WiFi. As an older person, this is really convenient. No more rushing to get out, no more rushing to the panel to shut off the alarm when coming in. I simply use the remote after I close and lock the door. This has saved me a bunch of rushing around, and that's great. The system is so reliable that I can set it with my iPhone or iPad well away from home. So I love my upgraded system, wish I had done it sooner. Deb
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3 years ago, Forcritessake
iOS app broken
Try to open this app for more than two weeks and it continually shows the rotating circle to load but never completes. Called customer service and they said “oh are you using and iPhone?” When I replied affirmatively the rep said well there is a known issue where you aren’t able to load the app on iPhones. Okay, we’ll It’s not known by me and I pay a monthly fee for monitoring. You would think if there’s a known issue with one of the biggest group of smartphone users, you would preemptively sent an email alerting them to the issue. Seems like that should be included in my $60 bucks a month. A simple email would have saved me the 18 or so minutes I waited on hold to speak with a rep, which in and of itself is another issue but I digress, Wondering why I continue to pay for this service. Months later: app still broken. How is this possible? No wonder they’re probably getting trounced by the new competitors like simplisafe and others. Unacceptable.
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2 years ago, Fernando_5623
Slow app
This app can’t handle moving through different areas of the app quickly, doing so will just cause it to say “connecting” for a very long time. During this phase of the app trying to process what everything you are asking it to do all cameras say not live, there’s no picture no way to know what’s going on around your house. Also restarting phone, closing app then reopening, and restarting WiFi doesn’t change this. (PS I have like 3 good WIFi extenders set up by ADT) This happens While connected to WIFI at home and while away on excellent cell signal. It will go back to normal whenever it wants to which can be an hour or more. Also cameras will just randomly say not live and not work at least 4-5 times a year a few at times while something is of security concern and they fail making us feel trapped helpless and not knowing if we could get robbed or killed and we would never see if coming nor would there maybe be evidence of anyone coming intruding due to failed security system. Only things that has fixed this issue is being on the phone with customer service going through tech support (that requires you to be home). After that problem solved then you do it all over again randomly at some point of the year. In summary I won’t buy ADT ever again. I just have it for now until I can save up for something that actually does it’s job.
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5 years ago, BonnieTexan
Missing Key Feature
You can open the app and see if your system is armed or not but on the history of activity there is no way (that I can see) to look back and see when alarms are set or not. The app USED to be configured to include notifications all throughout the history that said “system armed away” or “system armed stay”, “system disarmed”. But now it does not. This is a problem for me because when I travel, I don’t know if my family members are actually using the alarm system unless I check real time. Who has time for that 20 times per day? I want to know when my kids went out the night before if they turned on the alarm when they left. I also looked at the app just now and it looks like my alarm is not armed. Did someone disarm it? Or did it just not get turned on for some reason. I think not having this information is more than a pain, it’s a real security problem. Please add this feature back please!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, LueG777
Peace of mind
I’m a victim of a horrific home invasion I was sleeping in my bed & was awakened by a man strangling my neck !!i survived the attack the other person was killed if I did not have the Adt alarm now today I would not get any sleep at night I’m struggling to pay the fee monthly because I’m just in a small income of disability I need the service more then you know wishing and praying for a miracle to get caught up with the past due bill O how I feel so bad not able to pay but I’m trying my best Lori GOLINA the pastor was so nice to put it in his name D Dreier I do t want to hurt his Crefit. I’ve had your device fir years I’m just behind now praying for a miracle angel to help me get caught up. Does your company have any way to lower bill and start new. single mother struggling God bless you Happy holidays 🌲🌲🌲☮️🙏🏼🏢
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6 years ago, Adrenaline00
Update: Why do i pay for this ?!
Update: Its working ok for now, hopefully they do not have another crash. I feel that Adt should supply additional remotes to arm/disarm the alarm in the event the app crashes again. If you pay for a service by a security company claiming to be the best then the company should step up and give you your money’s worth. Other companies do not have as many crashes as adt does. here’s to hoping for the best. Its 1:18am and I cannot get into my house. I got home from work 30 minutes ago and my family is sleeping inside OBVIOUSLY, so what do I do ? wake up them AND the neighborhood with a blaring alarm in order to get inside my house ? or sleep in my car ? Gee I wish ADT would give everyone who has the app a remote to disarm the alarm because they may find themselves tired, unable to respectfully get their home, etc AT 1AM !!!! EVERYONE WHO READS THIS, DO NOT PAY EXTRA FOR A SERVICE THAT DOES NOT WORK CONSISTENTLY.
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4 years ago, Lovethecalisurf
ADT is always there and easy to work with
Have always had great service with ADT. When we had the cameras installed as an upgrade to what we had, we initially went with the dome cameras but these cameras have a very limited viewing area and I was constantly having issues with the clarity with any type of moisture but when I called customer service, they came out and replaced a couple of the cameras with a different camera type and were even willing to install adding cameras at the same price as the promotional price we paid for the prior ones. Always excellent service with ADT, have been with them since they took over Brinks and am very happy with the service and monitoring.
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5 years ago, Waelwulfan
App seems fine, alarm panel really slow to connect
The app functionality seems great from what I can tell, but it takes so long to connect to the alarm panel. It’s unfortunate that you need to wait for it to connect to be able to tell it to arm or disarm the alarm. This should be asynchronous. You tell app to arm or disarm. App tells ADT’s servers. Servers try to connect to panel. If panel responds successfully, it tells the servers. Servers issue a push notification (optional) to the app. If the panel doesn’t respond, server tries again in a few seconds. If it still doesn’t respond, server clears the request and sends a push notification saying it failed. None of this requires that the owner’s app stay open the whole time, or that it actually connect to the alarm. Interestingly, Siri shortcuts seem to go through almost immediately...
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2 years ago, vigorous colin
Doesn’t even deserve one star. App is slow and unresponsive and doesn’t always work. Sometimes the app doesn’t allow me to disarm because the app seems to think the system isn’t armed. Sometimes the app doesn’t allow me to arm because the app already thinks the system is armed. It constantly sends me these notifications regarding loss of connection to server and subsequent notifications regarding reconnection to server. I used to think this was because cellular service in my area was bad, but now I think the Pulse app is just broken due to ADT’s incompetence. Why? Because I’ve totally shutdown the system (i.e., unplugged the power and removed the internal battery), but the Pulse app is still sending the same push notifications regarding disconnections and reconnections as if the Pulse app still thinks system is powered up with a bad cellular connection. How can my system be constantly disconnecting and reconnecting to the server if it’s totally powered down?
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5 years ago, Vic60068
STill too slow toggling between live camera and video clips. Also, it takes too long to pull up live video feed after connecting and buffering. Should be instantaneous and it’s not. Third, enabling audio from the app so you can talk to someone near door takes too long and realistically you would not be able to engage visitor in limited time window. Fourth, the fact that you can’t mange all settings in the app and have to revert to website is a massive significant flaw in the user experience. You guys really need to solve that issue. Should be in a product backlog- if it’s not then you guys have other issues that need to be addressed. Last, you guys have gaps between hand offs between CSR and technician. CSR never set expectations on what needs to be prepped prior to arrival ( is an available port for the hub in the router, having a router eith close proximity to doorbell, etc).
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5 years ago, Timbofosho
Going Down In Flames
I used to love the app, I’ve had it since Pulse began, I believe. There have been kinks and snags along the way but overall, the app has been a huge success in my eyes. Exactly what is necessary given the technological times. Lately, it’s been a gigantic regression. The app asks for my feedback at an inopportune time, I decline. When I re-enter the app later and attempt to give feedback, it says “We are currently unable to access the app feedback form...” over and over and over. I cannot give feedback through the app anymore. The bigger issue is that my Nest thermostat and ALL connected devices have disappeared and the option to “partner devices” is grayed out (along with the camera, lights & switches, thermostats, and locks & garages tabs). I had a new hub installed (ADT ONLY replaces outdated equipment if it FAILS!) and it’s been like this ever since. It used to be a command station for my it’s a reminder that I’m spending money each month for something that I don’t receive!
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6 years ago, upset wasted my last $
Wish o stars was an option doesn't work
Update: if possible has gotten worse. My app/system hasnt recorded anything since the 15th. I have unpugged and unplugged even the router and the modem. I have been a customer for YEARS! Finally called tonight was told I guess we could send out a rep but if we do and it isn’t our issue you have to pay. AGREE W THE PREVIOUS REVIEW APPLE NEEDS TO TAKE THIS DOWN! When I first received the app it worked great. After the last two updates WORTHLESS! When I contacted them they pretty much had no accountability and stated they could see it worked. I was having trouble with camera clips within the app not showing the most recent one. They told me they could see I have clips saved and pretty much the tone of their email to me made me think I knew nothing about technology. Why would one want an app if this is true. I know for a fact coding and websites make apps for people and companies. Now when you try to access clips it just gets stuck on camera.
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4 years ago, TheRealLJB
Rarely works
I have found this app extremely disappointing. Although it functioned fine initially it has stopped working for the purpose of arming/disarming remotely. The primary purpose, for us, had been remote disarming for certain family members, or remote arming when we are home but have forgotten to arm the system before leaving that part of the house. Those operations will “not complete” any longer. We still get alerts (that we set up) when sensors are tripped — which frankly are annoying but not nearly as annoying as the alert/ chime on the alarm itself. The previous version was a simple chime, and the volume was audible but not overwhelming. The newer version is an ear grating assault, with a robotic voice announcing “front door open” after a sound, both at assaulting volumes that cannot be changed, nor can we have just a chime without an accompanying, horrific announcement. Between the hardware and the app I cannot believe I paid more for this!!
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4 years ago, Fitz2424
Good Service in Theory
Very briefly, the 3 Star rating is solely for the issues we’ve had with ADT cameras. At least 2 to 3 times a month we have to reboot our system to get the cameras to comeback online. I hate when we have to go out of town. Because if we are not physically at home to reset the cameras, our home is just in the blind. We’ve had to call technicians out about 3 or 4 times to replace equipment. The chimes are also weird, when the alarm is on, someone could actually break in our home and be in here at least 60 seconds before the alarm comes on. The chime should should be activated even when the alarm is on, especially when it’s set to “STAY” mode. I think when our services are down, our bill should be prorated to reflect that. That would also give you guys some initiative to fix these issues.
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7 years ago, DanaBinKY2012
I was really excited about this app at first, but I've had it about 2 weeks now and it falls short of my expectations. The security system is slow to connect, and a good 25-30% of the time an error message appears when I try to arm it. What was most disturbing, however, was when I opened the garage door remotely for the exterminator, and when I tried to close it again the door was offline. And it stayed offline for about 30 minutes. I actually called my son for him to stop by the house and close it. Unfortunately I don't trust that feature enough to use it that way again. Edit: Now I am locked out of my account completely. Just keeps getting better and better. So I call the customer service line. The automated voice says ADT, always there. I go through their automated menu for several steps until it says their customer service department is closed. So much for always there.
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6 years ago, socialonion
...taking back my space...
Due to illness my husband went into the hospital, followed by a stay in a rehab facility where he blessedly died. I spent so much of that time running here and there and was so focused on him that I didn’t realize my discomfort with my own home. After it was all over I still was ill at ease but thought it was because my “Knight in shining armor” was gone! After coming home from a visit with my favorite relative the other shoe dropped: I had been robbed. And in a particularly ugly and violent way, the rest of my husband gone... I phoned ADT who came out and fixed me right up, in some cases climbing over piles of overturned furniture, clothes and precious items of mine.... the technician was so patient with me staying until almost 8:00 on a friday nite to make sure I was up to speed! He even called the next afternoon to make sure I hadn’t locked myself in the bathroom or something crazy, or worse, locked myself OUT!! I slept for 3 days....completely unaware that I had been so ill at ease in my own space. ADT brought me peace of mind. I am once again leaning toward contentment in my own little castle. ADT has given me that. I wonder if they know......
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6 years ago, VilleWilly
Good, but a few tweaks would make it great.
This app has the potential to be great. However, there are several issues. The login settings revert to “password” every 3-4 times I log in. I then change it to “Touch ID” only to have it revert back. This is very aggravating when I’m trying to open my garage door. Also, geofencing would be a great addition. Currently I have to tell the app when I am home and when I am away. This could easily be automated. The last issue is with the Alexa integration. Why do I have to tell Alexa to “ask ADT” to set the alarm or close the garage door? I do not have to ask Philips Hue to turn on my lights. ADT also does not integrate with Alexa routines. This would be another great addition. I know some of this seems Vicky, and the app does work well, but it is not quite good enough for four or five stars.
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6 years ago, Timothy in LA
Lying in a pool of blood waiting for app to connect
One day last week I opened the app and it connected to my system immediately. That’s worth noting because it is the very first time that has happened in the year I’ve been with ADP. But don’t get excited. It hasn’t happened since. Most of the time I’m standing on my porch waiting for at least one full minute -sometimes longer - for connection so I can unlock my door and walk through it. I told the ADT sales rep immediately but his job stopped immediately after I signed (preceded by the high pressure sale). He said, “oh yeah, WiFi’s not very good in that area”. Every other app on the phone connects well either through my WiFi or cellular service. But I guess ADT is uniquely impacted by “the WiFi in that area”. Ummmm ... that’s just stupid. But all of this would be fine if this were an app for buying toilet paper or checking sports scores. But this is a security app. It helps protect you on those rare times when out of nowhere there’s a threat. When you need a door, a lock, and a security system between you and danger. But I guess I should just be content that I have the blue sign looking out for me. Unless, of course, danger happens while I’m standing like an idiot on my porch waiting for the app to connect so that I can go through the door to safety. Cuz then I’m on my own.
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4 years ago, za0995
ADT if not worth the money
Save yourself a lot of money and get better cameras buying your own system. Our cameras are out at least 1 camera every month. They try and bait and switch you into buying $5000 worth of equipment that you can easily buy cheaper and better. Not worth it at all. The salesman drilled into a sand mural of palm trees and herons on our front wall to hang the system box without asking if it was ok....It was certainly not ok he ruined a beautiful artistic wall in our home and I was devistated. I couldn’t believe he didn’t ask first. He said he needed a strong signal. The system is useless . As soon as we leave the house a few hours away the camera goes out and doesn’t come back. Total junk. Really disappointed. If you try calling for help you cannot get through. Just an awful company to deal with. Used car salesmen are more honest....
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3 years ago, Jennifer Taft
Awesome but 1 suggestion…..
I love ADT but I do wish the cams were recording all the time because my cat fell in the pool and we are trying to find out when but can’t when I clicked on the motion it did nothing. If the app had a better camera system that you could see what happens at a certain time maybe I would be happy with this for my house but I’m living under my parents roof on my moms phone so yea. But hey this camera ADT is still super cool! Again if I could see what happens at a certain time I would Be more happy. But for now the app is great my just wish what I want and maybe a lot of other people want was true but at this moment I am perfectly fine with this cam system and app to go along!
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