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Advancial FCU
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Advancial

1.48 out of 5
197 Ratings
10 months ago, AkSara
Give us back the old version!!
I used to be able to deposit checks remotely no problem. Now, the system randomly crashes in the middle of the process all the time, or will zoom way in out of nowhere. I have to close the app, and log back in and try again and just hope it doesn’t do the weird zooming thing. Once it’s zoomed in it won’t let me zoom back out. Depositing checks takes forever, and half the time the checks that say they went through don’t even post and I have to go back and resubmit them. This app is worthless.
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2 years ago, SerrisHawk
Anyone there?
It has been weeks since this update was pushed out. I cannot log in, the button is totally non functional for me. Other people clearly cannot either. Not a single further update in weeks. I have used Advancial for years and have never had an issue of any kind, and never considered looking for an alternative until now. Edit - I use a password manager, and it turns out that I have to manually delete and retype the last character of my password to log in. This was never an issue before, and I don’t love having to make my password visible every time I want to use this application. Bumping up to 2 stars because it’s at least usable but still not happy.
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9 months ago, xBADapp
Unacceptable Lack of Quality Assurance!!!!
I have had the exact same experiences as noted in the first paragraph of SerrisHawk’s review (3/10) and the total review by AkSara (11/22). I have been a member of AFCU since 1982 and have used AFCU online access as soon as it was available. Although AFCU was my primary source of managing my finances, the extremely poor process to upgrade the AFCU app is RAPIDLY driving me to take all my business to one of my other Credit Union accounts. I strongly recommend that other AFCU members find another Credit Union!
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1 year ago, Chaz2144
The app works good for me. The only thing I wish they’d do is have a widget option on the iPhone like capital one does. Where I don’t have to open the app just to check my balance. Just swipe right and it shows if the phone is unlocked. Really the main reason why I haven’t moved my money to advancial is bc of that particular reason. Also auto request Face ID for long in. I shouldn’t have to press the Face ID button every time.
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4 months ago, Sebs117
It’s 2023 cmon…
I have never in my life seen such an atrocious abomination. I don’t even want to call it an application… We are in 2023 please fix it and make a more user friendly, easy to use version. Honestly makes me want to hurl my phone at a wall every time I use this app. Crashes constantly, when it’s not crashing I have trouble setting up my auto pay, then it goes back to crashing. Do better.
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2 years ago, Advancial Customer #437822
New version looks better, but is very slow
The latest version needs some work. Its look and feel is much nicer than the previous release, but it is much slower to load transaction information, which takes away from all the other improvements that were introduced. I look forward to the next release!
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1 year ago, Edgardobt
Great Customer Service
It is a new interface and you can tell they are investing on it. The video chat featured was amazing, they answer in a minute and stayed with me during the process of what I needed to do. Very patient, profesional and great manners.
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1 year ago, Pinochle Fanatic 101
Can’t Deposit Check
The app won’t let me take a picture of the back side of the check, asking for it to be flipped even though it’s correct. Then it will zoom in terribly after trying two times in a row or I’ll get a message saying I took two pictures of the front of the check and cancel out everything. Used to work fine before the update.
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2 years ago, sundevilwestk
App doesn’t work
I enter my info, but the App won’t go past the log in screen. Icon says there is a new version but I have the latest version. Link to contact developer doesn’t work. And since a lot of people have been reporting this version as having issues I am guessing no one checks these either. It’s great you added Zelle, but if we can’t access it, what’s the point?!
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2 years ago, AngDaHa
Latest Version is Awful
The most recent update is TERRIBLE!! It zooms in automatically and you can’t access all the functions or get it to shrink back to normal size. When it does stay normal size, still can’t access the top right to be able to log out. Hope there’s another update soon because this version has a TON of bugs!!!
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2 years ago, taylm2
I’ve been having and using this app for YEARS! Since the update a few weeks ago, I have called customer service more times than I ever had. The app keeps locking me out and telling me my account is disabled, but when I use safari instead it’s perfectly fine. I hope they update the app soon and make it better again.
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2 years ago, Servicefor1
It’s totally broken
It keeps telling me to download the new app from the App Store. I have the most up to date app and now I can’t even login anymore. Congrats Advancial! You’ve given me one more reason to leave you behind. Fix it fast or I’m done. Update …Finally got in but all I can do is view balances. Logged out and tried to go back in but now it’s a system error!
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3 months ago, Wannab007
Slow response and needs update
Loading transaction history is slow. On iPhone 14 pro cannot tap back button due to placement near the center top bar and some graphics and text are covered also difficult to press the button to open side bar to get to settings. I expect more from this backing app.
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1 year ago, koffehousediva
Crap service
This version of the app is useless. I’ve not been able to even log in since it was put out. When will this be fixed? Literally every review since the most recent version was put out has been negative- but still nothing is fixed!
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2 years ago, TomLTexas
I give it a 2 because it basically works but the displays are awful. Fonts are way too big and only two transactions fit on the screen. It’s also noticeably slower to load than the previous version. Did nobody actually test this on an actual smartphone?
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2 years ago, Governor Mitt Romney
Great but..
The transition to the update did not include instructions to the user. It required more participation than most updates do.
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1 year ago, 7hc3b
I have contacted the bank on many occasions. Their answer is always the same generic answer. Delete old app and re install. I’ve done that countless times. Now I have no app to go with my account. Time for a different bank who is staying current in their customer’s needs.
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1 year ago, LauraPW
Poor App
The latest version of the app is really slow and often never loads. I regularly have to close the thing completely and start again a few times. Spent the last 20 mins waiting for my account to actually load….
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2 years ago, Customer #3
Can’t Use!
My current Advancial app has an alert stating there is a new app. When I click on it, it simply reopens the app I already have. I can’t log in because the alert states there’s a new app. There isn’t any other app to download. WTH?!! I tried deleting, but same issue. Hoping this gets fixed.
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1 year ago, SlothTamer
App no longer works
Unable to login. Can’t get past login screen. When I choose the “App Support” option I get “Page Not Found” error. This has been an for at least a couple months, perhaps the beginning of 2022. Mobile banking is essential. Please repair the app!
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2 years ago, TheyCallMeAllison
Love the new app
The new app is so much nicer looking and I’m so happy I can lock and unlock my card now and send money with Zelle
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10 months ago, HDobson
Worst Banking App
This credit union’s app is total garbage. It will not even let us log in because it is asking a security question that we never even made or gave an answer for. The customer service people also have no way to help. These folks are in the Stone Age.
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2 years ago, bigskinnymomma
App doesn’t work
The app hasn’t worked in at least a month. I can enter my login and password but it won’t go anywhere from there. It’s crappy and I’m about to pull my money and put it in a financial institution that actually maintains their apps
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2 years ago, lisa@trainacomin
Doesn’t log me in
I’ve tried several times and it does not give me the option to click log in. Everything is correct, not sure why it’s doing this. I now have to go to actual website.
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1 year ago, reesemom1
Can’t log in
I can’t get get pass the log-in page.. What’s being done! This has been happening for the last couple of months.. But the auto-mated system works well enough to call when you miss a payment.
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2 years ago, use2be-happy-customer
-What have you done!!!???
Since the update I haven’t been able to log in. It doesn’t let me: the log in button is greyed out…. You need to send an email to clients explaining what steps are you taking to fix this. Unacceptable. About to walk out of Advancial
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2 years ago, KEGDallas
You ruined this app. It used to work just fine. Now it is terrible. Constantly crashes, refuses to login, won’t work with facial ID. Pure trash. Your IT team should be ashamed. If you hired a third-party to do this, you should get your money back
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6 months ago, b.kirby
One star, because you can’t do a zero star review
The app used to work just fine, now it will not get past the login screen. I have removed, and reinstalled the app, but it still will not work.
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2 years ago, IDMAYV
Touch Issues
Overall, good functionality. The top corner menus (Back, User logo, etc.) are hard to make them work, specially on an iPhone 12 an above (with no home button)
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2 years ago, Ruthenian
Version 5.0.0 doesn’t work
I have already written a negative review for this app but it can’t be found, how come. I have used previous versions of the app with great success. This version would not even log me in. Please fix!
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1 year ago, fadleygl
Why does it malfunction-help!
I like the app until the columns all go to the left side of the screen, making it unreadable. I have to delete and download the app each time I use it. Any ideas how to fix this?
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2 years ago, Frustrated^2
Can’t log in
This version just doesn’t work. Now I’m stuck cant log in. It does nothing after entering my credentials. What’s going on? Can we get the old version back until you fix this?
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2 years ago, remuliat
Latest Advancial Update
Don’t like it at all! Before this update I could easily read, work and do all I needed. I could even login without any problems. Now I can not login, have nothing. PLEASE give me back the previous version PLEASE!
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2 years ago, habsana
Really bad
for many days without being able to access my online banking the new update is the worst, I preferred the other way of using the application
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2 years ago, The Rabadi
The whole idea behind this app, for me, is the ability to make a payment through it. Can’t do it anymore after the latest update!!
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2 years ago, ars5593
It doesn’t work
Don’t like this “updated” version at all. It worked for all of a day or two and now won’t even load my login screen. What gives? Why is it so buggy?
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9 months ago, Barient
From great to crap
This app used to work fantastic, but now it’s absolute garbage. Can’t even get past the log in screen because of bugs that have never been fixed.
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2 years ago, Rick in Dallas
Horrible non functional upgrade. Count yourself lucky if you can just log in. I can’t. This is pathetic. Advancial needs to put the old app back in App Store until the new train wreck if fixed. Sorry I can’t give 0 stars.
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2 years ago, MJarcy
Terrible site
Not at all user friendly, hard to navigate, poorly designed for helping manage money and accounts.
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2 years ago, Coop1994tx
Snail pace
Advancial did you even test this latest release? Pull release and update or go back to the previous one until this is fixed. Very frustrating,
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2 years ago, not2stable
App does not function at all. Says please download new app even though I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times with the latest version.
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8 months ago, cyclenut_99
Cant really use this app. It opens all scrambled most of time. When it works to login it randomly zooms in and I cant get out of it without downloading the app again. Worthless.
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2 years ago, havevdjdh
This upgrade does not work on my IPhone 8
This is ridiculous! It auto updated and all of a sudden I cannot log in. The login button will not respond. Useless!
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2 years ago, vzwuut
iPad Issue
Unable to access monthly statements and tax forms via e documents on iPad. Works properly on iPhone.
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2 years ago, tld8093
App isn’t functioning
Tried to log in to the app and there was a notice that a new app was available. No new app is in the App Store and it won’t allow me to log in.
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4 months ago, Jbake_therealtor
Remote Deposit
The app says you can remotely deposit checks but I don’t see the option to do it.😬
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9 months ago, Sinbad337
I don’t know who designed this new version but it’s TERRIBLE. I can’t even press the login button, everything is transparent. Someone needs to fix this ASAP.
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2 years ago, AkGma99
Feb. 22 Update - broken
I get no response at all when I touch the login button. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Nothing happens when I try to log in.
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8 months ago, Fish malt
Please fix your app
I have to keep deleting and reloading this app because it suddenly doesn’t let me navigate anywhere
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2 years ago, Phil_LB
What new App
You mean the same one that don’t work or worse than the original at being able to login-to.
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