Advantis Credit Union Mobile

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Advantis Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Advantis Credit Union Mobile

4.79 out of 5
13.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Lynn From the PNW
Too many problems with their Mobile banking app
However, for the past 6 months the app has not been working properly for The credit account. Last fall every transaction was listed twice which lead to confusion about what was actually posted to the account. That took over 3 months to fix. Now, for the past 2 months, they have taken the credit account off the app because of problems. Consequently, I can’t see any account info or make payments to it. Since I am paperless, I have been in the dark about my account for 6 weeks. To make a payment, I have to call the online banker. Too many problems.
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5 years ago, Beebeebee19
Incapable of mobile deposit! Absolute garbage! Frustrating!
If I could leave this app negative 100 stars - I would! The mobile deposit feature is useless and takes me on average 15-30 tries to get it to accept the mobile deposit. When I was considering switching from a big bank to a credit union, one of the most important features for me was mobile deposit, which worked perfectly when I opened my account here years ago. It was seamless. I don’t know what they did to this app, but over the last year and a half or so, it just keeps going downhill. No matter how many times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my app, called customer service to complain and pray that the new updates will finally fix this issue - zero luck. Every time that I take the photo of the check it instantly says “unable to authenticate” and boots me out of the app. Now, I’m locked out of my account and have to wait until tomorrow to deposit my checks. The level of frustration this is causing in my life is not worth banking here. I’m very much considering switching to another bank because I just can’t take this anymore. Life is too short to add ongoing tech issues and delays when it comes to our finances and life. Fix your app, Advantis!!!! I can’t be the only one with this issue.
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3 years ago, DrErick73
New Member Review of Mobile Banking
I wish the mobile banking platform utilized more of your screen’s space. It seems like everything is centered, which limits the information. I also wish that basic information was provided on the details screen for each account. For example, Routing and Transit Number. I should have to look for that in another location. Finally, why can’t you embed wire instructions into the account details section, or payroll direct deposit, or ACH instructions. Everything you need to manage your account/sub-count should be easier to access.
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3 years ago, RosieLacey
Exceptional customer service
I have been with Advantis Credit Union for a little over a year now, originally for the purchase of a vehicle. I recently started to enquire upon paying off high interest credit cards to improve my credit. While researching and obtaining information from multiple banks, Advantis was one of the only enquirers that responded to my emails in a timely manner. From that point I knew I would choose Advantis to get a personal loan, simply because of the care and concern the representative exhibited on my behalf.
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5 years ago, TCib
Mobile checking needs work
Great app to view bank records. Mobile banking is failing. I take a photo of the check front and it’s fine. I take a photo of the back of the check and it wants me to flip the check. No matter how many times I flip the check in any position it won’t take. So then I use the manual option. Error message comes up saying cannot authenticate and the app closes. Please fix this. My iOS is up to date and all apps are updated.
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3 years ago, darcelyn
Great CU - but the app is horrible
It’s always been glitchy. I would have trouble logging in, or things would not list correctly in my account. Then the app would forget my credentials so I would have to go through 2 factor authentication to log in, but I dealt. As of this morning I cannot log in at all. Not gonna use this app anymore. Get a better app manager!
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6 years ago, StupidZombieGuy
Good and getting better!
This app allows me access via ipad and iphone to get my bills paid, check the balances, transfer funds, even deposit checks! When there have been issues that I've reported the issues have been acknowledged and even fixed in updates! I do wish they would allow 'memo' for sending payments via check through the app... website allows me to fill in memo on the check and am looking forward to when app will allow the same!
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5 years ago, ggohn21
Consistent Mobile Deposit Glitches
The mobile deposit app has never worked well for me. It continuously tells me that the photo of the back of my check is actually the front (it isn’t) and refuses to deposit. I have a new phone with a good camera, and take pictures on contrasting backgrounds with good lighting. Sometimes I can get it to take after about a dozen tries. I’m a freelancer, so my paychecks come from a number of different places. I love Advantis, but it’s very close to being a dealbreaker if I have to drive to the bank multiple times a week to make my deposits.
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1 month ago, Timbers fan 16385
Mobile deposit is broken
It has been broken on my iPhone 14 for quite some time. The back of check photo either crashes the app or simply doesn’t get retained. I’m on iOS 17.3.1, so the latest. Huge waste of time to have to go to the branch. There’s the drive time, and explaining to the teller why I’ve written “for mobile deposit only” on a check the app couldn’t process. Might open a bank account somewhere else just so I don’t have to keep going to the branch just because they feel their engineering time is too valuable to fix this bug. My time is valuable too.
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6 years ago, "Daughter of God"
Check Photos Uneven
All in all this app is great. However, Mobile Check Deposit doesn’t work. Although I center the check between the brackets and the photo looks just fine to me, nothing happens. Since the procedure has changed, I assume I’m not doing something correctly. Grrr. I'm using an iPhone 7Plus, so I know the camera is good, so what's the problem?
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4 years ago, denfull
When will I be able to mobile deposit
I had an earlier complaint about not being able to see my VISA card unless I used a third party site. That has now been corrected. Thank you. My only remaining item is my inability to use mobile deposit. The Advantis App It says I am not authorized to use mobile deposit. This has been an issue for at least 6 months. Thanks, Dennis Fuller
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4 years ago, Dressagequeen1967
Love the bank but not the app.
The one star is only for the app experience. I have a checking account, a loan, and a line of credit. I have a lot of issues trying to set up a payment in sometimes there’s literally no payment link. It’ll just show up randomly. I also tried for a day or so to read a message response from customer service but could not open it. Kept getting an error message. Due to this, I’ve held off on totally switching over from my big bank it’s still my primary bank. Hoping this app will be improved.
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9 months ago, BikerPam
Better than most bank apps and the best customer service overall.
I love my credit union and have stuck with them since 2009. There’s plenty of locations and I can use any credit union to do my banking. It’s convenient when I’m shopping in the grocery stores.
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5 years ago, Togimora
Touch ID
There is no way to disable Touch ID once enabled, which is absolutely crazy. What if you enable by mistake and want to turn it off. There should be a simple toggle on/off switch like on many other apps. I’ve tried many things such as deleting the app and reinstalling and this does not help. I have requested this change half a dozen times with no response. There are other things that would make the app better, but this is a security risk and the most important issue I have with the app.
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5 years ago, bigmouth10
Advantis CU is the best financial institution I have ever dealt with.
I've been a member for many years, even before it was named "Advantis." I can deposit checks from wherever I happen to be, check my balance without leaving home, transfer money, pay bills, ... And on and on. For me, it's quite user-friendly. It's a great app.
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5 years ago, sabotage.jones
Mobile deposit completely nonfunctional
App either logs me out for “inactivity timeout” or force quits every time I’m in mobile deposit mode and I try to take a photo of either the front or back of a check. It worked perfectly a month or so ago, is anyone bothering with QC on these updates?
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6 years ago, HC Stevens
Limited. Especially in Bill Pay
I really don’t think it’s that difficult to make Bill Pay more streamlined. Like the computer version, I have to visit several windows to pay each bill, so If I want to just go pay a bunch of bills at once, it takes me three times longer on this app. Peek is helpful and I can log in with my thumbprint.
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7 years ago, John Taxpayer
Failing, like Advantis
This app worked ok for awhile, although the design is a bit cumbersome. With the last update or two, it is unable to connect to my account. Force quitting the app doesn't work. Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn't work. My iOS is up to date. I've got to say that Advantis' customer service is about the same - weak and ineffective, trying at best. When I've complained I've got called by a manager who listens intently and assures me that poor service is certainly not what they are trying to provide, yet it seems to persist.
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6 years ago, Lorainenthegame
My #1 bank ever!
I’m soo grateful that I switched to a local credit union bank like Advantis! I never ever want to leave them and their customer service is beyond what I have experienced at other banks. Happy to be with them and I feel safe and secure being a member which is extremely important to me. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!! Keep it up!!!
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7 years ago, BYBCNU
Couldn't ask for more
Been a member since late 1980s. Have used Advantis online since it was first offered now that we have an app it is just that much better. Pay all my bills do all my transfers using my app. If I wanted something it would be a better online deposit.
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6 years ago, Cher-chan
What's the running balance?
I use this app everyday since I don't keep a written checkbook balance. You used to be able to see the credit/debit amount along with the running balance after each transaction. Now there's just the available balance at the top and the transactions below. Does that pending transaction reflect the available balance? I have no idea because I can't see what the balance is after every transaction. Pointless app since I know have to use a computer to check my accounts.
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6 years ago, Ir0nFrog
Good app
Almost never use the web browser version of online banking with Advantis because this app can do ALMOST everything I need. Has some bugs occasionally and they change the layout frequently which is nice for some people and not so nice for others.
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5 years ago, Jarred dack
Deposit never works
Mobile deposit rarely if ever works. Always says “flip the check” which has been done. Doesn’t matter what kind of surface check is on. This has been a problem for at least a year. They need to figure it out.
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3 years ago, Spaldng
By far the best banking app I have ever had. And the customer service is always stellar. I adore Advantis and recommend them to all my people. And no, I have never worked for Advantis or was I given anything to write this. I simply adore and wanted to share my experience❤️.
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6 years ago, Peacefullrose
App won’t work
We just opened an account with Advantis, and have really enjoyed our experiences so far. Except for the app. Every time I open it, it tells me it’s having trouble connecting and to connect to the internet. I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus that is updated, and have unlimited data. I should not be having connection issues with anything, and none of my other apps have an issue. Yet I’m unable to use this app for our banking. I’ll be happy to update this review if/when the app starts working for me.
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7 years ago, T-travie
Better all the time
The addition of fingerprint recognition was huge in my world. As they should be, my passwords are cumbersome and difficult to type. That's all well and good but it makes mobile banking a pain in the neck. Easy to transfer, easy to deposit. Credit Unions are the best!!
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5 months ago, R.E Pugmire
New Membership to ADVANTIS.
I was surprised to see a pending deposit from the government. This is the first bank that actually allows me to see what only the bank tellers could see before. I am happy about that, it’s little but makes me happy. REP
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4 years ago, Travelampel
It’s come a long way
Been using it for years and I appreciate all the improvements that have been made. In some ways it’s easier to use than the website now!
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7 years ago, Portore
Before it was Advantis
I joined Portland Area City Employees Credit Union (PACE), what is now Advantis, in 1979 when I was hired by the City of Portland. I have never left. I have always been treated with courtesy and respect. Financial issues have always been explained in language I could understand. I highly recommend Advantis to all.
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5 years ago, boba099
Back of check picture capture not working
Even after a reinstall the back of each check for mobile deposit won’t capture and I have to capture it manually.
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3 years ago, 808alldwy
Great place to bank
I moved from Hawaii 5 years ago and was recommended Advantis Credit Union by a friend. I opened a account with them and have had nothing but a great experience. The customer service is awesome and they are always helpful. Couldn’t be happier with Advantis
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6 years ago, Dksleeper
Slow to open, can’t see it on my Apple Watch.
I have another account with a different credit union and it’s been so much easier using their interface with mobile accounting. Almost never have issue with them. On the other hand Advantis cu mobile interface is always down, constantly asking me to use my password instead of my finger print scan, and I can’t even take a peak look at my account via my watch? Needs much improvement.
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2 years ago, Zebrachevy
Don’t make a mistake.
If you make a mistake the app cannot correct itself. Apparently nobody can correct the app after a mistake is made. I made two payments out of the wrong account. Both payments were rejected. You would think since those payments were rejected I could make new payments. Nope. Everything locked up. Telling me I exceeded the weekly and monthly payment amounts. Both amounts were rejected. Can’t reset itself. HAL 9000
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6 years ago, Sir Notable Noteworthy
All I need
This app does everything I need in online banking in a simple, organized way. Bonus props for adding the quick balance check I still forget to use. I’m also happy to have a bank I actually like!
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7 years ago, graepers
Mobile deposits are the BEST!!
Love Mobile Deposit. The only way it could be better is if the confirmation number given when the deposit is made is also printed on the monthly statement so deposits could be positively identified.
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4 years ago, WeddingWarrior
User friendly
I appreciate the update that was made that keeps track of the running balance, including pending transactions. Thank you for adding that!
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1 year ago, Legend45
Takes too long to process payments
This is basically a ok app, but my one complaint is it can take several days to process payments. I know this criticism is really the fault of the credit union, but this is my way of letting them know this is something they need to improve.
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6 years ago, MyNickNameNotYours
Mobile Check Deposit
Who has time to get to the credit union to deposit that check? Problem solved with this app. You kid needs money for lunch, simply transfer some money to their debit/checking account. Done!
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5 years ago, baplebar
Inconsistent Data
I never know what my balance *actually* is base on the information in this app. Sometimes it will show pending transactions (but never reflects them in the balance), and then they will disappear from the list only to show up several days later. It is near impossible to keep a tally of my actual account balance because the total displayed is so inconsistent. The worst offender of this specific issue of any banking app I've used.
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5 years ago, mattcsmith68
new mobile app
Great! One request: the mobile deposit thinks the back of checks should be flipped, so I have to manually capture the pic every time. Not abiggee. I still want a more robust transaction search function.
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4 years ago, StephenSasser
Mobile deposit keeps kicking me offline.
Very frustrating to go through the process of logging on to make a deposit only to be logged off!
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6 years ago, Bu!!3t
Good but could be better.
App does many things well but does not have all features of the desktop. With fingerprint identification any transaction should be available and not require going to the desktop. Looking for continued improvements.
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7 years ago, gravelj
So easy to manage multiple accounts. Mobile deposit is more simple than ever. Remember when you had to drive somewhere to deposit a check?
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4 years ago, Darkon11
Can’t login
Account says it has timed out but gets an error when I try to logout, and the contacting support comes up with an unavailable page. Currently unable to access my account as a result :(
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5 years ago, e.walk
Pending transactions disappear before posting
My main complaint is that pending transactions will disappear for a day or two before posting, so I can’t rely on an accurate balance.
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5 years ago, G_ynot
Great App!
Advantis CU has been awesome, been a member over a year. While I am about 30 miles to the nearest branch the mobile app and ability to make mobile check deposits has removed my need to visit a branch. Thank you.
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5 years ago, bettybrokea$$
Please change the way the balance shows, when something is pending it should be deducted from the amount.
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4 years ago, Borrego Bob
Easy banking
It was often inconvenient for me to cash/deposit checks in person. Now I can take care of it from the comfort of my home. Much easier and saves a ton of time.
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4 years ago, don't want a bad review??
Login issue
The app needs to verify my device when I’m on a data connection. Kind of annoying
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5 months ago, Golf116
Landscape Mode Still Not Working on iPad app
This view hasn’t been available on the iPad app for several months even after i0s updates, so I can only view landscape mode via web browser. Is it even in the queue to be repaired?
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