Adventure Town

4.4 (762)
123.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Supersolid Ltd
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adventure Town

4.44 out of 5
762 Ratings
5 years ago, My friends 831
Great game but...
This is a great game, I enjoy playing it on my free time or whenever I have time to play. My friend told me about it and I installed it. I have to say that game has its ups and downs. Like some ups is that you can make your own town just the way you want, you can unlock new warriors to help you out on quests or defeat the monsters, there’s unique monsters and it has some great arsenal of weapons. Some downs are that you have to always click on the item you are trying to craft or open chests, it has the same monsters and sometimes it crashes if you buy a lot of chests or item. I think you guys should add a thing to add the significant item instead of us pressing the item over and over again and we do get tired of pressing it to get the item. Another thing I think you guys should add is multiplayer or co op so we can play with our friends or join a clan. Well that’s about it I have to say.
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7 years ago, Jag XJS
How about an update? New items, quests, characters, etc
I love this game & have been playing it since it first came out... Introduce new weapons, armor, shields, characters and quests... I've earned hundreds & hundreds of diamonds and have bought almost everything... Plus why not reduce the price of the epic & ultimate items again after all this time so I can really upgrade my hero's... I would change to 5 stars if some attention was given to the game... i
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3 years ago, Bib Freshtuna
Fun game at first, but then…
The game is fun when you start. The monsters are tough enough and the town building is fun. As you level up and get tougher heroes, better equipment and such, the monsters that were tough are gone and tougher monsters appear in their place, in essence, you’ll always be a wimp in the game. It isn’t like other games where the XP, loot, etc. is better for tougher enemies, you just get the frustration of always struggling with the enemies. So, the town building is fun at first and gets boring because the shops basically do the same thing, and the RPG part is fun until you realize it’s the same difficulty and rewards for the enitire game, regardless of how tough you get. This one had a lot of potential but fell flat on most counts. Day 1 & 2 we’re 5-stars after that it got pretty repetitive and lame. Super disappointed here.
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5 years ago, Gravija01
Cute, but unstable.
I downloaded this yesterday, February 2nd, to give it a shot. First, it’s very cute and a great deal of fun. I love the characters and their random remarks, especially when the heroes are going into battle. However, it has a major stability issue. I’m playing on an iPhone 7 and this game crashes every couple of minutes. I might be able to forgive that if it didn’t also reset my progress every time it did so. I’m not going to do the same thing over and over every time it decides to just crash. Fix this please and I may change my rating and redownload. Otherwise, best of luck to everyone else considering playing it! Plenty of more reliable options out there for me.
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6 years ago, SilentNoth.
Short & Simple:
This game needs an update. >Real Bad< Mobs too hard on later lvls, unless you drop some heros & only fully equip a few(cause you don't have to gold to go all out). Gaining gems can be tedious as well as collecting items to craft things. It's extremely casual- more than it should be- so it becomes a bore after a few months of playing. Maybe expand the game a bit, add mobs that counter both attack types or actually going on an adventure & not just staying in your town for one. Oh and get a team for each game so each one can always be enjoyable. Change it up a bit. Make your game fun again.
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3 years ago, Cameron W. Brown
Very nice
When I look for adventure games, they spam you with ads and hardly functioning gameplay. This does not have these issues. I have downloaded it tens of times over my life, but sometimes an update might stop my progress. This does not have these issues. Still, whenever i have the perfect game, I will be disappointed because I thought the game was TOO perfect. This does not have these issues.
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8 years ago, Falwina
So far good
Game is going good so far. Still early in the game to decide for sure but I like the build and also fight modes aspect. Only wish the fighting was a little more interactive and not just click and computer fights. But it is a mobile app after so I guess that would be expected.
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7 years ago, ChibiLuna07
Seems fun so far and I am excited to play. I imagine at some point you will have to be patient and wait for items and money, but that's no big deal. Variety of actions and hopefully a keeper... *update: insane lack of balance to truly just enjoy the game. I don't mind needing to build up funds but the way levels and mobs are is ridiculous. the only way to avoid that is to wait on houses which takes a LOT of time. I can't tell if it's meant to be causal or not but regardless this game needs some work
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3 years ago, Mytime 789
No instructions
There are no instructions given on how to play the game. The game has monster slayers but doesn’t tell you what you need to kill the monsters. Doesn’t help when monsters are killing off the slayers. Starting the village is easy enough to figure out but I found out you need at least three gardens to keep the shops supplied to earn coins and other items. Pay attention to what each shop requires and produces before you buy too many shops.
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3 years ago, cahir-iiry
Love the game but it keeps crashing.
I’ve played this game many years ago, and just rediscovered it today. It’s an awesome game, real nice concept, but my only problem so far is the crashing. I cannot pass a certain point without the game crashing and sending me back to level 2. It’s like experiencing deja vu over and over again. It’d be real lovely if you guys could figure out how to fix this bug so many of us could enjoy it once again. Thank you in advance.
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7 years ago, Bubbajoe1123
Good game!
I love this game. But I gave it 3 stars because it constantly freezes on my iPhone. I have been playing before and it will just close out and go back to my home screen. I will then open it back up and everything I just did is gone. I will have to replant everything I just planted, rebuy equipment I just purchased and fused, and rebuy land expansions. It is really annoying and should be fixed. I will still continue to play if it is fixed.
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8 years ago, Cece1248
Last update locked up my game
I used to love this game and played it. After awhile I only would get new quests to do every now and then it became boring. The latest update, however, is the main reason for the one star review. First it would not load and still doesn't. Then it locked up my iPad, which has plenty of memory space available. I do not want to uninstall and reinstall the game because I am afraid of losing my progress in the game. I have opened all properties available but one. I will raise my review when the game becomes playable again.
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4 years ago, AngelT0ast
Need more quality of life updates
This is a very fun game I love playing in my spare time but I realized there’s no different races for your heroes. They’re all the same. It would be nice (and probably very easy) to add in an option to change your skin tone and have different, more diverse styles of eyes. WE NEED MORE REPRESENTATION!! Also, the game runs horribly with the new iOS 14 update. Every time i have more than one character fight a monster the game crashes and resets progress up untill that point. PLEASE FIX!!!
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5 years ago, cussthis
I absolutely love this game
However I can’t play it very long with out it crashing right after I get my third hero I’ve played this game before and would love to play it again I even deleted more then half the games on my phone hoping it would work and yet it did not so I am not sure what to do at this point I hope you can fix this
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7 years ago, Tooleman01
GET this game!!!
Thank you!! Thank you i been playing iphone games for a while and allways stop.. But now you guys made this and i just cant stop.. Finally someone with great ideas for a game.. Keep it up and i will play. please make and adventure town 2!!!!
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8 years ago, Mr. Jordo
So far so good
It's a fun game. I downloaded it for a 9 year old but find my self up at 2am playing it. So far it seems non stop so there is not a ton of waiting in the game until you get higher level. But by than your not really worried about wait times.
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4 years ago, amberundead
Too many bugs
I love this game so much but it’ll shut down randomly and all my stuff isn’t saved then when I have to recollect coins, stuff from stores, and elixir it’s all different every time. I’m missing out on all the extra stuff I got because it reboots... Two hours later.. I just deleted it. Not worth it I did the same stuff over and over about 6 times or more.
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4 years ago, chadderdonK
Use to be a Great game
I use to play this alot, and I mean ALOT. But unfortunately now the game crashes and resets back to previous time opening the app when collecting the reward for getting the first hero. All that work.. gone.. kinda sad but if I can’t advance further why play? Ios latest update, iphone 8 (not a plus)
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5 years ago, Kennyuwu
One of the best game ever!
I loved those days when we play dungeon rampage in fb, and games like this back from 2015 ahh xD now i ma start playing it again... really missed everything, hope i could turn back time! :’>
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7 years ago, Mgreer33
I love this game, this is the only game I really play with a town building aspect. The only thing I would change is with the materials you get from the buildings, you should be able to make weapons and armor as well as items
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2 years ago, baldomero gallegos
Best Game Ever
I’ve played this game before and I downloaded it again. I still think it’s a very good game with a little more work and more people might download it.
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4 years ago, Horrormuffin
Cute but crashes constantly
Please fix this. I love playing this game but it constantly crashes and doesn’t save my progress. I’m giving up for now because it’s too frustrating to play
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7 years ago, Kbugstansbarger
One of my favorites
I think it should be a little more interactive and it shouldn't have as many hard quests. It should give you more money.
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4 years ago, Rose Victorian
Game crashing
This game could be awesome for me but it keeps crashing, so I can’t get ahead to see all the fun adventures, I even uninstalled it and reinstalled to see if that would help, but it still keeps crashing, and when the game crashes, it restarts at the very beginning of the level, you lose all progress
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4 years ago, JokesterH
Bring Adventure Town back
As a kid I loved adventure town I was a big fan I still want it but then the iOS 13 update destroyed many apps. Bring our adventure back
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8 years ago, Ibonkbonk
Another Update pls...
The last update isn't fixing the problem.. Every Time when I try playing it the game froze..
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5 years ago, Greeeeeeegg
Amazing game
I loved this game when I was 7 and today I still do. I highly recommend to people who like tycoons and RPG plus there's so much to do in this game.
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7 years ago, Tamawo103010
Catchy game!
Gets you hooked pretty quickly! I like that you actually have to harvest and then craft your items! Just enough challenging to be fun but not frustrating!
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5 years ago, Cherry look aide
This is my second time downloading with no updates. Cool game passes time but could better
After so long you do get tired of playing nothing new in the past few years
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8 years ago, gamingwonton
Love it! Except lost all my data moving to iOS
Really enjoy this game, but I lost a year's worth of gameplay switching to iOS. Would love for it to save data between phone OS. Lost the data even though I synced via Facebook.
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7 years ago, pikagirlsboy
Not bad
Some of the quests are confusing I feel they should show u everything in the tutorial
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8 years ago, IboughtIplayedIreviewed
Adventuring Blast
I only gave it four stars because I haven't played it for long but it's very easy, fun and relaxing. Would highly recommend so far.
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8 years ago, Adrian Jaden Batara
Best game ever
I am not those fake bots that give fake reviews. My cousin and I had played this game and it is soo fun. Exactly what I need in a game. Country town with fighting monsters and armor. Best combination ever.
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8 years ago, Aphrodite 10
Read me! (This is has update recommendation)
What I like: Naming and editing hero's Fighting Enemy's What needs updating: Tell us how long it takes to be in a place like an magic tent, a cave, etc More dragon attacks Less cost to fight minor things, (slime, bats, etc) 100 for each hero to fight more... Major things? (Dragons, bosses, level 10+ slimes etc.) Thank you for wasting 2 minutes of your life reading this, -Update CRAZY person
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6 years ago, Kthao625
Average at best.
Decent game, nothing too special. Not many customization options but enough to make characters slightly different. Also, I had characters in a dungeon with 97% chance of success and still failed.. that's a load of wasted time and bs.
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8 years ago, Awesome 389
I recommend this game to children and adults it very fun and cute but it's one of those games that take a long time to catch up on the story but I s super cute!!!
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6 years ago, ❤️Josie❤️
Please Update!
This is a really good, really cute game. With a little TLC, I feel it could go very far, but what it needs is its developers to actively work on it.
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7 years ago, Xencerr
Simple but good
Everything seems to be pretty simple. It's not hard to play. Fun to kill time with.
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7 years ago, Liv000000000
Very Entertaining
Great way to pass time! I like this game a lot and would definitely suggest it to friends.
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4 years ago, Reaver087
Save issues
When I play this game and complete tasks, harvest crops, buy buildings, etc, the game doesn’t save. Whenever I do anything in this game it doesn’t save my progress. I play on an iPhone X and an old iPad Air. I would really like this to get fixed so I could continue playing this game. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Fantazos
I want to get all achievements for this game and be done with it, but it’s nearly impossible to get bloodstone to upgrade buildings to level 6... I’m not spending $100 either on ruby to get them.
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6 years ago, Lillady84
Don’t play this.
It hasn’t been updated in a long time and is purposely designed for you to fail and spend money. The developer has been enjoying the cash that fools have been dropping for this game with no intention of fixing anything. Please don’t feed this troll developer.
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6 years ago, bLUEbeRRy478
It's super fun and addictive!!!!!
It is super fun and I recommend this game to any body who has time on there hands
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5 years ago, Louie Lang
Love it but...
Love it but it needs to support the new iPhone XR because it doesn’t cover my whole iphone screen.
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4 years ago, redmew
Not saving
I really like this game but for some reason it won’t save. I’ll play it for a little while turn it off but when I go back nothing I did was saved
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7 years ago, Gas2587
It seems to be more pay to win than I like but it's not bad
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7 years ago, Chaska277
Love it!
Hope it get gems more and free cost every video and garden too. More coins free too
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8 years ago, Aneala
Fun until level 10
Really Fun game until about level 10, when money/xp/monsters stop leveling in the same range. Monster hunting becomes impossible (no really, check the forums) by level 12. Bummer had to delete.
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4 years ago, CRAZY_playz
Please update again
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3 years ago, Update Enjoyment
Needs new update
Becomes boring quickly. Needs new heroes faster and new additions to weapons and the town. Seem to get the same equipment of weapons and armor out of each box.
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