Advia Mobile Banking

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Advia Credit Union
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Advia Mobile Banking

4.45 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Boogie1444
Good app - one major issue
Overall this app has changed my financial life. I love the features and ease of use. There is one flaw that I find particularly difficult to deal with. When a transaction is made it typically shows up as pending prior to it clearing. The amount of the transaction is subtracted from the actual balance and is reflected in the available balance which is good. However, sometimes that transaction simply disappears for days sometimes and then will reappear once it clears. I can see this being a major issue for people who live from paycheck to paycheck and rely solely on the app to be an accurate reflection of your account. This particular issue has caused my partner to overdraw my account resulting in overdraft fees a number of times. If it shows up as pending it shouldn’t disappear.
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7 months ago, Jensay0511
Happy Banker
I’ve been banking with Advia now for over 4 years and in my in my 45 years of banking I would say this is my best experience thus far with a bank! I haven’t had a single problem or issue once. I love this app. It is so simple to use as it is user friendly and easy to maneuver through. I have a Checking Account, Ultimate Savings Account and a Car Loan with you. The day I plan to buy a home, my hope will be that you can help me with that as well. I highly recommend you as a bank to many. The only thing I would suggest is that you open more locations! I live in Jenison (just outside of Grand Rapids) and your closest location to me is Plainwell, MI which takes me about 30 minutes to drive to you. Thank you again for being wonderful and for your time.
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1 year ago, Hotmetalartist
very well organized; very convenient; some quirks
The Advia mobile application is very useful for managing my account for my small business. The interface and workflow for making a payment at the “Bill Pay” site is awkward and confusing. When I add a comment or add a personal note, the app returns to a screen that looks like the initial blank form. Another confusing thing is that the app prefers its “Pay All” button and makes it difficult to pay the individual payment that I am filling out e.g. commercial space monthly lease with comment and note.
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2 years ago, Vicemt6407
Satisfied customer
I had a lot of difficulty setting this up. Will be trying to move money around now and see if that is any easier or if it is going to take me a week to do that also. I love Advia credit u ion as my financial institution. I am from Michigan and just moved to the DC area and the transition from state to state has been smooth. I was happy to see that Advia also has sites here in Washington I did have an issue with an iTunes hack on my account and thank goodness for Michelle. She helped me so much. I owe you a big one Michelle. Thank you so much for assisting me with my problem. Without you life would have been different. Thank you Advia for being such a friendly customer service credit union
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6 years ago, 87rev04
Easy to use
This app is really easy to use. I love being able to use my finger print to access and how simple it is to view balance, transfer money, and make payments. I also enjoy the ability to pay someone else even if they don’t have an account with Advia. The areas I would like to see improvement on include being able to see credit card transaction history without leaving the app and when I set up text alerts when a transaction was over a certain amount where the transaction happened it also groups transactions together and I would like to see each transaction by itself.
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7 years ago, Advia0
Updated mobile app
Definitely a step backward in the user friendliness column. Have not had a better than 50% success rate of it doing what asked the first time. (Login, go to checking, "loading......." timed out). Go to checking, make bill payment, "loading.........", timed out. Go to checking, make bill payment, select bill, select date "loading.........timed out. All on a single online visit. Doesn't matter if on a strong wifi connection or a strong mobile network signal. Also do not care for the page formatting on the desktop version. Used to be able to print the summary of accounts on a single page. Now it is all formatted with lots of space to ensure it goes to multiple pages, wasting paper. Hey it's new, so won't go all the way down to one star rating, but it has the potential.
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5 years ago, Trav557
Could Be Worse 🤦‍♂️
App is pretty clunky it works but it ain’t pretty. Looks very dated, lacking an intuitive interface. A lot of the issues seem to be on back end system they are running. Issues with pending money coming in and out. For instance if you make a purchase it withdraws the money and flags it as pending but then then day or two later puts the money back in the total balance. Making difficult to track funds going out and in which is one of the primary purposes of downloading the app. Would I recommend this app? No probably not but if you’re an Advia customer you don’t have a choice. I understand that this may not be a great review of this app itself but it’s a reflection of the experience of using the app and that should be just as valuable.
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2 years ago, Golfmajor1942
Faulty system
My available balance is extremely inconsistent. I’m good about double checking that everything I’ve paid for via electronic and paper check has cleared, yet my balance changes by a few dollars to hundreds of dollars randomly. For example, I have no pending charges, nothing that could potentially come out and my balance was up $800 one day, down $700+ the next, then the day after down $4.00 and the next day up $8.00. Not a single transaction in the account had changed, just the number. I’ve called about it and was just told to make sure I’m keeping a ledger of what I spend. I’m just wondering how a credit union can have such a faulty system and not do anything about it.
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2 months ago, LadyMelinda
Good App; Nice features
I’ve been using this app for years now and I thought it was about time to rate it. Advia recently changed some things, making it a lot easier to navigate and find things. It’s easier than ever to use. I’m glad they made the changes. I can find everything I need, take/make/leave notes to explain things, and help myself through notes to understand things better. Thanks for bringing the app up to speed and into the 21st century! I’m very happy with it 😊
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2 years ago, Aasiah C
Pretty good app
Pretty good app, been using it for a while now. The only thing that could make it better is the explanation of a few things. Like transferring to another bank. I had an incident where I transferred money to a different account at a different bank. Didn’t think it went threw so I did it again. Next thing you know I’m over-drafting my account because I didn’t know that kind of transfer takes days to even start showing up. I thought it just never went threw. Other then that, the app is pretty good.
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3 months ago, Bjb6
Almost good
Better than last version but…. 1-when you want bill pay its covered up in transfers and payments. It’s important enough for its own clear title like the last app. 2-when you use an account like your debit card to pay for something it shows up as paid or pending. That’s great! BUT…..when you use bill pay it does not show up but SHOULD AS PENDING! I unintentionally over draw (and have to pay you a fee) my debit card sometimes even though I always have plenty of money because a bill pay transaction is out of sight out of mind! I’ve asked this before… there is no reason your computer software can’t show a bill paid as PENDING just as it does a card transaction unless you just don’t want to lose the fees generated. I have this feeling the fees are more important than customer satisfaction……. Thanks
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12 months ago, Has a major flaw.
Major Flaw
Regardless of if merchants take 72 hours or more to pull funds, Advia should still provide an accurate balance of what your account has after these transactions would post. They say it is consistent in the “Available Balance” section, as does the developer in all of these reviews but it is most often not. Major flaw and has continued to be swept under the rug for years. Advia is a great credit union, and as long as you don’t have multiple transactions a day or are keeping track of spent money in your head or on another app you won’t have an issue. Otherwise you will end up with an inaccurate reading of available funds and will likely overdraw. And that is regardless of if you opt out of the ability to overdraw as it still will not matter because of this. I have opted out and yet gone negative multiple times as a consequence of these flaws Advia refuses to acknowledge or fix. ***Incoming developer comment suggesting otherwise**** ;)
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8 months ago, keith/seth
Advia credit union app
It is great and for the most part easy to use. It would be better if the graphics of the app were better along the categories that you can put money in were easier to create. For an example how you can have saving and checking categories it would enter if you could just add a new category like “medical safety savings” or “car repairs”.
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3 years ago, grimag
Top notch service
I love the ad via app on my phone but most of all I love the personal friendly service I get when I go to the branch in Brownstown Michigan. I have also received phone calls asking me if there’s any way they can help us out to save us money and offer new services. Every person that I have been in contact with have been above and beyond, you can tell that they almost hand pic these people to secure their future and keep their customers happy.
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3 months ago, Mercy23mercy23
Friendly efficiency
The latest changes have left some “Gaps” such as paying on my credit card and transferring money on an automatic basis as I previously had. O worries, will re-start those to make sure my bills get paid in a timely manner. Easy electronic as well as in person/drive thru service with a friendly smile each time. Team is knowledgeable, friendly yet professional. In a word…Great!
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5 years ago, advia customer
External transfers too slow
The external transfer are far to slow and it doesn’t even show it pending in your account so you’re shown a false balance making you think you have more in your account than you really do. Weekends and past banking hours are one thing but then they don’t even process until late in the afternoon which is just dumb. It also takes too long for a purchase to show up. It shouldn’t take a week for statement regarding the money I spent on gas to finally show up, at that point putting me in overdraft because I didn’t realize it hadn’t been taken out yet. Pick up the pace advia!
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3 months ago, Eg15743
Credit score tracking and information is great. Easy to use
I have always enjoyed the ease of use, availability, options to transfer funds. Online check deposits great advantage. Easy to check app frequently. Credit score tracking and information is great. Easy tracking of new car loan! Credit score availability is a great option.
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2 years ago, LuckyLouie38
The now named ADVIA CREDIT UNION has been the major financial help and security since the early 1960’s!! Through these 60 years we have NEVER had anything but knowledgeable, personal and dependable service!! Going from our account stored in a recipe box in Mrs. Smith’s kitchen - to the expansion that it is now we thank you for continuing to maintain your high standard as a financial institution and always be available our family. LLD
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3 years ago, B. B. Rodriguez
Find a new bank
I have been trying to link an account so I can pay my car loan for over 2 months now. They keep telling me that Advia will make micro deposits into my account to finalize the process, and it never happens. Customer service has been less than useless. Their only suggestion was to try the exact same thing that already failed again and see what happens. Meanwhile they will not reimburse the $10 service charges that I have been charged to make one time payments because they can’t get the accounts to link. Terrible app. Ineffective customer service.
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3 years ago, debrenlind
Advia Credit Union
I literally can do all my banking from my phone!!!! My only confusion is when my loan shows one balance on one screen and a different balance on another screen. It makes it difficult to determine the payment I want to make and sometimes results in more than one monthly payment because of that. Overall I am very pleased
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1 year ago, JuliBee19
Not very functional
I have to sign in every time to update my accounts even though I use Face ID to initially log in. Also, I cannot pay bills from the same app for my other account within Advia Credit Union. I have accounts at another credit union and their app allows me to pay bills from any account within their bank and I do not have to physically log in after the Face ID. I just may stay with my other credit union because their app is more streamlined.
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2 years ago, edna1953
Bill paying.
It is hard to find/see when the date is that a bill may be paid. For example: if I have a bill due in the 15, I was once able to easily see that it would leave the bank in the 13th to get paid on time. I just do not see this. Where do I find it?? I look forward to your response.
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3 months ago, Littlebit1975
Advia Credit Union
I love this app! My fiancé and I can manage our accounts right on the app. I can check balances, transfer money between accounts, move money to someone else’s account, even pay my credit card, there’s several other things available! You’re able to lock your card if it’s misplaced or stolen.
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1 year ago, printerz
It has improved
They have made many improvements to make the app easier to use and understand. I enjoy navigating through the various accounts with ease. I still enjoy banking in person because they have such helpful staff, but the app gives me the freedom to bank anytime. Well done making it simpler to use.
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3 months ago, Marj Z
Great Online Banking
The Advia App makes it so convenient and easy to do all your banking online. And I mean all your banking and whether you're a computer pro or novice. The list seems almost endless and incredibly easy, but if you should ever have to call their Customer Service Department for assistance, they are all friendly, kind and caring!
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2 months ago, theotherbbrown
Dollar amounts are difficult to input…….
Would have given a 5 star review but dollar amounts are hard to input, just a bit kludgy. Have to be extremely careful when tapping dollar input field or could end up inputting incorrect amounts. Also, dollar input field does not recognize decimal point. If dollar amount input were more natural then definitely a 5 star app.
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1 year ago, (UHH)
Sub par at best.
The app is very basic. Im able to make a payment with my debit card but it sends me to a web link and opens my browser instead of letting me do it thru the app. Kinda annoying since I have to re login every time. Not the easiest to navigate. I’ve used this app for about a year now and I still have skim thru everything to find the spot I need to be. The app is not terrible, I just think it needs some modernizing with ease of use in mind.
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2 years ago, GrowingaBeardWaiting
No Confidence
Gave 1 star before and now I’m back to give another 1 star for another horrible experience while attempting to use their service. I deposit checks once every 30-45 days on average and if you don’t deposit a check every 30 days you lose the ability to do mobile deposits. Not sure why anyone uses Advia and now I’m done myself. There aren’t any branches within an hour and it’s the same low level experience time after time. Zero chance I’m taking the proceeds from my home sale and giving it to these bozos. #noconfidence
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6 years ago, Apple User in WI
It NEVER loads the first time...
I download the app for iOS. Please note I’d rate it a ZERO star if I had that option. I have to log on and log off multiple times for it load my accounts. It takes forever to load. It’s by far my least favorite app and will likely force me to switch to another financial institution. Why is this so difficult compared to other banking apps? It should work seamlessly yet it doesn’t. If I want account information I have to login through my laptop. If having access to your accounts through an app is important I’d consider a different credit union or bank. Very frustrating.
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3 months ago, RevTLScott
Great app
Everything you need or want to do is at your fingertips. Very easy to understand and useful. If there’s something you don’t know about, all you need to do is text them the question and if the chat line can’t help you then the bank will text you back within 12hrs. To get more info.
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2 years ago, Nightshiftmon
Some transactions will show up for two days then disappear for a couple days before they complete. It just started doing in the last few months. Had to pay overdraft fees because I was not paying close enough attention. So now I have hard time trusting the available balance. I also have to shut down the app a lot because if try to reopen it after a couple hours faceID does not work.
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5 years ago, RachelLyn915
Behind In The Times
Compared to other banking apps this one is sorely lacking. My other banking app automatically groups all accounts together based on my SSN and gives full options. With Advia I have two logins and I have to link the accounts. I can only view information from the added account, to do any transfers I have to log into the account I want to transfer from. Also, the linked accounts glitch to where it’s doesn’t update the added account information or redo the process all together. I’d really like to be able to just have one log in for all accounts at Advia.
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2 years ago, Suzebone
Features not available.
When I logged in, I got a pop up notice that they’ve “improved” the app, and there will now be a handy toolbar at the bottom of the page. Among the items that they showed would be on that toolbar is “Deposit a check.” Now that I’m logged in, it’s not there anywhere, not on that handy toolbar, not anywhere in the app. So apparently you can no longer deposit a check through the app by taking a photo of it. Thanks for nothing.
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5 years ago, Jenthebarber
Pretty good
I feel the app could use a bit more ease in the usefulness. I would say larger font and buttons would be helpful. Also, I have difficulty switching between accounts. I have my business accounts and my personal. I can view all accounts but I can’t navigate between them in the app. I’d like to have the ability to move money from the app but I have to do it on the computer or doing it the old fashioned way and use the automated call center.
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2 months ago, Russell Britten
Advia’s app!
I find the app saves me time and money. I can move money around without leaving the house. At the cost of gas that means a lot. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or if it’s on a Sunday or not. I can check my account in just seconds also. I’m not a technical wizard by any stretch but I find it very easy to use. Thanks
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5 years ago, kzoogolfer
Perfect for Mobile Banking
Been with Advia forever and have watched this app transform over the years. They adapted to the thumb scan and now the facial recognition, flawlessly. Never had a bad experience in the app. I manage my savings, checking, credit card and can submit checks instantly without any hassle. What more could you want in a banking app? Thank you Advia!
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12 months ago, jraynardgtr
Overall works well, however I don’t like that I now have to click on every charge to see what it is for. Before you where able to see a brief description and if you wanted more info you could click on it. I wish that view would come back.
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5 years ago, You will loose a day
Easy to Use, Self Explanitory
The app is easily one of the easiest financial apps I have used. Once you look around and see where everything is at, you’ll be golden. My in-house transfers go through immediately and external transfer go out/in within one day. There are times when the app is down or experiences a glitch, but my funds remain secure while Advia fixes the problem. I recommend it. It’s easy.
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2 years ago, JuSuMurray
Zero issues
I’ve been with this CU since it was first community and I turned 16(33 now). I had zero issues with them and have had zero since becoming Advia. The online banking is no different! I work for another bank and there are CONSTANT issues and glitches with it and I always think how lucky I am that Advias OLB is so great!
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2 years ago, Lawman_185
The AP seems to work fairly well with no software issues this fair… However, I made an electronic deposit of a check made out to cash which was rejected. The explanation given was that anyone could have found this check and deposited it, which made no sense whatsoever. I endorsed it and it should have been accepted, without fuss
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5 years ago, jmom2798
Well thought through
This app is very easy to use. The only improvement that I would suggest is in the Move Money section. I would condense some of the categories. Such as, make payments & bill payment. And transfer funds & recurring transfers. I’m very thankful for the home check depositing. That really saves a lot of time and inconvenience.
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4 years ago, Has been Languinis fan
Quick Check Tracker
Helps me keep a quick check on all my financial transactions! With today’s technology it’s also quick & easy for those trying to “phish” accounts. Having the ability to check my account when I need and arranging, depositing, transferring and accessing my monies at any hour works for me!
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4 years ago, Mfdadw
Bill pay feature is terrible
The formerly easy-to-use bill pay has really deteriorated. On the first screen, you used to enter the amount due, select the date, and submit. There is no longer a way to submit it without selecting the payee and going to another screen. If you have to edit a date on a payment you previously set up, there is no longer an edit button. Have to delete and start all over. Considering changing to a different credit union.
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5 years ago, cookie monster70
I have been a member for a long time and I wouldn’t change that. I love my credit union!! Advia has always been there to help me with all my financial needs! They take care of the security on my accounts like it was their own ! They offer things I wouldn’t even think I needed but I love. I can’t say enough. 100% best credit union there is !
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2 years ago, craigybass
Advia credit union app
Very slow when it comes to showing current balance after a purchase. It takes up to three hours for the amount number to change, really should work on processing purchases faster so I have an actual accurate Available balance.
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3 years ago, Lacking Respect
Lack of appreciation for customer relationships
The business relationship started off very good with excellent customer service. However, once you become a customer, you get the impression that they could care less whether you are their customer or not. This is the 4th year we’ve been customers. We have excellent payment history but feel disrespected. We will be ending the relationship with Advia and taking our business elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Advia Enthusiast
Teresa Hanel
I have been with Advia Credit Union since it was E & A and have always been extremely satisfied with them. As far as Advia now I love the bill pay and other online services. When I go inside the associates are ALL so friendly and helpful, like you’re the only person they are concerned about, love it, cuz that’s how I want to feel! Keep it up Advia❤️
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12 months ago, Beans Bandwagon Studios
This app and credit union goes above and beyond. Living in a small town i have tried using prepayed cards tjat i can load at the local dollar type store. How can those places charge you money for holding on to your money? I will never use one again. I love Advia credit union.
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3 months ago, Dissapointed in Port Huron
New App - Not a fan.
The old format was so user friendly. This you have too many steps to get the same info or perform the same task. I like to see my total assets at a glance. That was available easily on the old format with a pie chart on the first page.. I do bill pay also and it was easier on the old app. I have had to call and ask how to get certain information. The old app was more pleasant visually also. Old eyes like color.
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2 years ago, kamallstar
a great banking app
It is a very good app to login to check on your account and is very good if you are a young person and your parents are helping you with getting older and helping with notifications when you login wrong. love this app i could go on for days about how good it it.
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