AF247 - Advance Financial 24/7

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Advance Financial
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User Reviews for AF247 - Advance Financial 24/7

3.05 out of 5
88 Ratings
2 years ago, c123st
Great with occasional glitches
First I’d like to say that this company is awesome in what it says it can do. I have been using the app for several years and it’s a great way to borrow some cash for the short term. I would NEVER suggest using it as a long term loan though. My favorite feature is that you can instantly dial up cash to your account in a pinch or until payday in a few days. But sometimes the app glitches and tells me that my bank does not support instant deposits. Very frustrating. I’ve call customer service a few times and they always blame it on my bank which is not correct. So I wait a few days and it’s back to working normally. If they could fix that, I would give them a 10 out of 10.
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4 years ago, SliZzy6
The app used to work great. And if you need a short term loan, around week tops, I recommend these guys. Even tho I can literally go to any city and withdraw the money I need, the app has issues. Went to deposit the money directly to my bank account and no matter what amount I put in, it comes back after I enter all my info to say they’ve received my request for 0 dollars. If you could look into that. Then I’ll change my rating to 5 star.
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10 months ago, tinytea7
Awful and fraud
This company is awful I applied for a loan with another company which I was approved for not sure how this company got my information maybe shared with them from someone who worked at the other company but they kept taking money out of my account even after I sent over my bank statements showing I never received any money from them. After calling and telling them several times and stopping the transaction with my bank I finally had to close and reopen another account to get it to stop. Shame on you for not looking at my proof. You could have had a customer who would have paid you back just like I did the other company
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4 years ago, expensive2020
There when you need it
Customer service is great. There’s always a price to pay when your in a bind. Other issue is. If you want to pay on the principal you got to go to there main website to do it. You can’t do it thru the app. So if you don’t have a computer at home. You may got to take a ride to a main store to make a principal payment. Not a regular payment like you do on the app. So far. Been good. But takes forever to get paid off once you get a high amount. They did state. Borrow only for what you can pay back. Lol.
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1 year ago, Slimjimmagic
The process of getting the money was super easy. Don’t be fooled though. When they explained it to me on the phone they made it sound like there was a one time interest fee. Which was a lie. The payments are every two weeks and when you pay the minimum of 250 dollars plan on 49 of it going to the principal of the loan. I should have just left the debt on my card I paid off because the interest is way less and I would have been able to easily pay that off faster then this. So here I am stuck in a money put with these people. Just be Leary and don’t pull out more then you can pay off in one payment.
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8 months ago, dddwolfkkk
Customer service
This is ridiculous reply to my question with a phone number to call. Why not just answer the question? Call it the number received in the email to sit on hold for 30 minutes twice ! 2 days later still have not talked to anyone, no call, no text, no email back… this is exactly how I would not run my business!!
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1 year ago, The.LissaKaye
Expensive, use as last resort
The interest rate is extremely high. Only use this service if you need emergency cash for a few days. You will pay so much in interest you will never pay off the principal. The process was easy, the funds are easily available. Use with caution. After I pay mine off I will only touch for pure emergencies…
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9 months ago, ashwatts88
Not 24/7
They should change the name it is a good loan company but don’t apply on a weekend because you will not get a response untill the first business day . That is why I only gave 3 stars . If it is going to say 24/7 then weekends should be included but unfortunately it is not
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2 years ago, DRM0024
App never works
I have an iPhone 8plus and I can’t get the app to work. Called support and was told to simply use a browser instead of the app. Ok but why have an app that folks can’t utilize? Seems odd to me. Fix the glitches so we’re not forced into using programs (Google) that most have stopped using. Let me know when your app works for all and I will gladly be a customer and raise my rating. Thank You
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5 years ago, 300% rip off
This place dose not know how to run business! They enjoy giving people a run around. For a almost 300% financial percentage they should be providing excellent service. They can’t even afford to put a water fountain in their lobby ! Im thinking just maybe they might need to recheck the importance of their customers. Yes I agree I might got in a spot to where I need to have the comfort to use this service! I also agree that this company needs my business more than I need them .
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4 years ago, shayden1025
Great experience
For me I have has a great experience with them never have a problem with the app or getting help on the phone simple and easy to use and to pay
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2 years ago, earthreneur
I called them for service instead of the app
It’s a respectable company, with real employees, and friendly service.
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5 years ago, TitanUp1118
Quick and Easy to Withdraw Cash
AF247 makes it dead simple to add money to my debit card and pay my loan. When I need cash quick, this app makes it easy.
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5 years ago, Juliamoorehall
App so much easier
I love being able to check my balance and not have to call or go in to store.
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5 years ago, babasonu14
Easy access to my cash
Easy to use. I could get cash instantly from my account when I was in need.
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4 years ago, kekefleex
Great service!
Great service and a life saver they are not a scam!! Real company that lets you advance!
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2 years ago, JamiereW
Don’t waste your time
If you’ve already given them your information, I’d suggest getting an ID/credit monitoring service. You might even consider getting a new number once you start getting random phone calls. Shame on them!
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2 years ago, Jersey0702
Read the fine print
Make sure you read the fine print I did not and I was paying back more each month then my rent and it was doing little to pay off what I owed.
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2 months ago, kellz_1104
Not worth it
The money was needed, but using the app was absolutely awful. Didn’t work 95% of the time. So it’s an inconvenience when u have to go to a branch. And the interest is literally out of this world. Never again.
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3 months ago, Zagnut83
Just like a payday loan in your pocket
I’m deleting this app. The interest on these small personal loans is 450%. You can pay on them and not get anywhere. I just paid off way more then what I borrowed. Never again!!!
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3 years ago, Ithicka
Waste of time
False advertisement & waste of time. It’s only a matter of time before this company just like a lot of others get sued. Don’t be fooled by the response to these reviews either. It is an automatic response to disguise their misleading deception 👎
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5 years ago, kill time Automatic
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2 years ago, nissabobissa
It was good when I needed the money, but when I paid it back, the INTREST WAS TERRIBLE!!! I probably paid my loan back 3 different times with all the intrest they charge. It was like never ending . I did it once WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!
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5 years ago, NameLesssRogue
As the previous reviewer said, it’s a scam, they get you to put your phone and email in and then it throws you into an endless loading screen. Pathetic.
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2 years ago, Babyblues20075
Send you a letter saying you qualify then go to apply nope, you don’t make enough.
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4 years ago, MsTia
Faulty update
Was prompted to update, updated and app still not working
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5 years ago, Blake San Bruno
Do not apply here. Fake ratings!
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