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User Reviews for AFmobile®

4.84 out of 5
62.7K Ratings
3 years ago, AnnaBe63
Parts of Filing this claim.
I called American Fidelity, a company with whom I’ve always had the best relationships with, for 2 straight weeks- they’ve had my physician’s part of the claim for 3 weeks— asking what was taking so long and did I need to do something?? I have never had an American Fidelity claim take so long!! One young lady told me that she was positive I did not have to fill out any paperwork of my own because I had filled it out over one year. No one would tell me anything and seeing that I am solely financially responsible for bills and letting my boys know what they’ll have to pitch in with— tomorrow is RENT DAY and I am panicking!! I asked to speak to an adjuster today. I had to fill out the whole packet and contrary to what I’ve ever been told by any older American Fidelity representative— I must sent them proof that I have filed for Disability. Now, one of my key questions is: Where have all of the Call Representatives over the age of 35 gone?? They were dedicated to helping you and giving you the correct information. All I have spoken with are young ladies who want to keep their call numbers up. Move on to the next call. I actually asked one young lady that if I hadn’t kept calling how long does it usually take for them to reach out? The reply was 6 months. It wasn’t so in the past. Where have all the seasoned people gone?
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4 years ago, Basil bean
Always a pleasure
I definitely want to take the time to compliment American Fidelity. I have been a customer for a few years and I have always been happy with every interaction I have had with your company. Filing on line claims is extremely easy. Furthermore, I have made mistakes on my end. I have submitted incorrect documents; I have submitted things twice; in short, I have been human and messed up. What I want to thank you the most for us this: not once have I ever received a rude response from ANYONE at your business. Maybe that sounds trivial. Let me tell you it is not. The current pressure that every person is under right now is outrageous. It is easy to become irritated when people make errors that create extra correspondence and more work. Thank you for your endless patience with my mistakes. Thank you for reserving judgement. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for being essential employees.
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1 year ago, AFI thankful
American Fidelity Representatives
I am very thankful for American Fidelity Representatives that come out to our schools to assist us and provide us with information that at times we don’t know about or understand. They are always very thorough and explain why and what coverages you need and or they help you to understand if you are entitled to things you were not aware of or know and what to do to receive them . They also follow through with whether to add something or drop it and never try to get you to add something if you don’t want it. The turn around times on their claims filed to them are very fast and I am just thankful to be with them.
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5 years ago, Bowergirl
What happened???
I use the app to submit documents for my disability claim. Previously I could load pics to the gallery and then select pics in the gallery to submit. Now there is no way to submit from the gallery. Okay... so I go to the additional documentation place... upload a couple pics of my documents... make sure I haven’t gone over the maximum size... then submit. Then, to my surprise, only one submitted... and it wasn’t even the first one. So I decide to edit and add number each... and upload/submit one at a time. One submitted fine... couldn’t get the others to submit. Checked the App Store to see if maybe I had missed an update or something. Nope... up to date. So maybe one of the previous updates really screwed up the submitting documents option... which is really the only thing I use (used) the app for. I hope it’ll be fixed soon... tho I started having this issue months ago, so I’m not holding my breath. 😔
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5 years ago, 62ford
Save Time and Aggravation-don’t use this horrible, useless app
I have never liked the AFA app since they rolled it out years ago. There was a point in time when it worked okay. That time is over. Now It automatically populates the service end date with the service beginning date and won’t allow you to change it to reflect the end date on the invoice. You can’t type in the date yourself and the pop up calendar closes every time you want to scroll ahead or behind one month. Then, I couldn’t find the option to photograph the invoice within the app. Apparently, you have to have taken the pic prior to getting into the app so you can just upload it. At that point I almost threw my phone across the room because it was so irritating. I had to go and download a paper claim form and will be faxing it. I knew the app was junk and should have saved myself the aggravation and just filed the claim the old fashioned way to start with.
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2 years ago, eleon111
Thank you
This has been the most difficult time of my life. Dealing with my long haulers covid symptoms has been a nightmare as well as dealing with a medical profession that has no clue how to help. I wouldn’t be this same if I had issue a with American Fidelity- my means to pay my bills and survive financially. Every time I’ve called I’ve been treated with such respect, care and concern. I can’t thank all your representatives enough for making this process as easy as it has been. I’m on mend - slowly but I see light at the end of the tunnel and I can’t wait to get back to work. Thank you again, Elva
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6 years ago, jaysnuh
New app version is a mess
The older version of the app, up until the big systems change in the Spring of ‘18, worked fantastically well for quick and easy submission of HSA claims. The new version is 10 steps backward. It is SLOW - I mean, walk away and leave your phone to load the api / database slow, then come back to it later - but that’s not my primary concern. The backend that underpins the app and the web page is buggy. It deleted both of my dependents during the switch over; I added them both back in per customer service, but although both kids appear as dependents under my profile, one (the one who has the most claims, of course) will not appear in the drop-down menu to submit a claim. Customer service has deleted her and readded her and still no luck. They have no idea why it doesn’t work correctly. Not feeling the new direction AT ALL.
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2 years ago, Lovell Kids
File Accident Claim
The process was very easy to file a claim. The layout of the mobile app was so easy to follow. The app guides you through each step and is not a long drawn out process. I honestly thought that in order to file my sons accident claim it would be a long process. I would recommend using the mobile app before sending a paper form. I just submitted my claim, I have not spoken to anyone yet about the claim. I will update my review once I receive a call and once a payment has been made. But for now I am very satisfied with how easy it was to file the claim!
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7 months ago, wordbum
Phone and app contact to file a benefit claim
I first tried to file my benefit claim on the app, but it was too difficult for me. When trying to enter the “provider’s name, address, etc,” the small rectangular information box “jumps around” and my finger isn’t able to enter that information. It takes several tries. I would give the “app experience l” a 3. By phone, with Keeta’s good help, I was able to see where my mistake had been. I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see the “next” box. I would give my experience with Keeta, a 5+. She is a valuable asset.
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2 years ago, virgie 74
Generously Taken Care Of
I thank myself everyday for signing up with American Fidelity and for the representative who helped and answered all my questions. For a year and a 3yrs, I feel I have been generously taken care of( Lukimia treatments are not easy) as I sent my claims in and saw I was taken care of I thank you. Yo all the representatives hats off your Understanding and listening to my personal needs and sometimes just to vent with someone other than family was amazing.🙏 Thanks, American Fidelity ❤️for taking care of my financial situation. Blessings
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3 months ago, KindnessKitty
Deceptive interface
When submitting a dependent care reimbursement claim, it provides the option to attach documentation later. Even when documentation is included, they send a confirmation receipt that says if additional documentation is needed, they will contact you. This is opposite of their policy to deny any daycare/ dependent care claim that is missing anything immediately and have you resubmit a claim. Separately, when uploading forms, it makes no mention of what formats can be used. When submitting a word document from my provider with all the required information, it uploaded with no errors or warnings. The claim processor denied my claim because as I learned, their software cannot open a word document. This was true of claims submitted both on this app and in their website.
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2 years ago, class of 84
I have all good things to say about the fidelity App and co. I have been able to use app without any problems. So easy to log in and check updates. I receive text and email notifications when it’s processed. That is very convenient. Very friendly staff when I need to call. Always come away with easy and good results. Especially during my time of need. Fidelity has never failed me. Love that I selected this ins 20+ years ago. Especially now that I’m sick and and out of work.
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4 years ago, David5178
Been a member for a while , no feed back no email . Always had good service . I understand working from home . However when I needed my services I was left high an dry with not a single person fro your company reaching out .. we’re considered essential workers for a job we’re putting our life at risk I had to get multiple surgeries provide multiple stuff just to find out I was declined because of unclear copy some could’ve easily reached out or blew up the picture on their computer..
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2 years ago, BChokie
Amazing cancer claim process!
My experience with American Fidelity’s claim process has been amazing! Everyone I have spoken with when needing assistance has been a true pleasure. Sending my additional documentation through the app has been so see easy to do. Response time is exceptional! Thank you for all you have done in making this process so easy to complete! It has been so very helpful to have one less thing to worry about while getting my cancer treatments! It is very much appreciated!
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6 years ago, Hall ok educator
Have to repeat info
Still love being able to do the claims on my phone!! However, Have been frustrated within the last two weeks. Have been catching up on getting our accident claims filed; app isn’t as easy to use as it has been previously just because at times, it takes you back to the first page and you Have to put the info in more than once to get it to stick. Also sometimes have to click on the download image repeatedly sometimes to get it to work.
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1 year ago, Jamie Mom
More help
While I know over the years, you all have attempted to make the explanations for each individual claim more personalized and understandable, if we select the wrong thing, you automatically deny it instead of correcting it and moving it forward. I feel that it would be in your customers best interest if you were more helpful and would make the corrections and push it forward. Thank you for listening to my review.
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6 years ago, Choklit4me
User unfriendly
I’ve used this app for years, and it was all fairly smooth sailing until this latest update. As in other reviews, I agree that it is slow. Crazy slow. And confusing. Why are there two places to submit a claim? What’s the difference between submitting a claim and submitting a reimbursement when you end up at the same page? My kids were also dropped from the claimant list, but since that’s not a *required field, I assume it’s not important,... but you’d think it is. And since many charges with the debit card require further verification, I need to rely on the app to submit documentation. My guess is that American Fidelity chose another app developer for whatever reason and broke something that didn’t need fixing.
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3 years ago, Alison&Meredith
Convenient w some frustrations
I really appreciate the mobile claim options. That said, I do find some of the mobile site to be “glitchy” such as the calendar on the “date of accident” and the fillable spaces kept wanting to revert to other boxes for some reason. I had to really work to get the cursor to go where I wanted it. Overall, I gave it five stars because it is just so convenient to upload items on the go.
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6 years ago, Srls930
Unbelievably unreliable
The earlier versions of this app were great. In no time I could submit a reimbursement request and View the status of my accounts. For the last two months, without exception, I have been unable to submit a single claim. I get an error message EVERY time, no matter when I attempt it. Sometimes it won’t even get to the error message, but gets hung up on the four bars bouncing up and down, frustratingly and impotently. I reported this to a rep during July, when signing up for my elections this year. His response is that there was a new and better app about to be launched. I’ve gone beyond frustrated to somewhat furious and ready to seek another entity to address my section 125 reimbursement needs.
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4 years ago, Gwbillett
General Sales Manager
The claim process is very easy, The people associated with the disability company are extremely talented and very concise as far as questions asked and very timely, I appreciate having this type of company to help me during this hard process that I’m going through most people treat you like just a number this company that we have actually treats you like an individual and takes care of you personally, I have nothing but raving reviews for them!
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2 years ago, Gramonj
Please fix Cancer Wellness Claim bug
Entering anything under the Wellness Screening category for the Cancer policy is unbelievably frustrating, when using the “other” category. It doesn’t matter if I use my phone or iPad, when all info is entered, it requires you to enter it ALL again in order to have the option of entering the required documentation. What you end up with is two separate claims. One with attached documentation, one without. Then you have to delete one, and these steps take FOREVER. Please fix this! Or create a category for dental X-rays so that I don’t have to mess around with the documentation part!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Nido77
Form not great for filling out information
The app is great except did one thing: it’s not user friendly when you are trying to fill out the form. It doesn’t allow for pasting info like a company’s address. Also when trying to type, the cursor moves around to other fill boxes randomly. I think they are trying to make the process so annoying that customers won’t bother filling out the forms.
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6 years ago, Ad S.
Photo Frustration
I am very pleased with the claim process, but I struggle to have my photos uploaded and to know which ones make it, because of the time delay, and which ones don’t. For example, I just attempted to upload 48 photos, doing it in sets of 4, so that I could make sure they were all there. I was very careful to only upload the next set of 4. In the end, after being sure I had put all 48 photos in, I counted my pictures. Only 29 had posted. This happens every time, it takes me so long and is so annoying that they don’t all post. I don’t know what the solution is.
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4 years ago, Nikki AC
Representative and App
I am writing this review to thank my American Fidelity representative Janara Blank. She has gone above and beyond her job as she helps me walk through my cancer diagnosis paperwork. She advised me to upload the AF app and walked me through exactly what I would need to do to submit claims on the app. This was incredibly helpful and has taken away the worry and fear of submitting paperwork to American Fidelity. I am very grateful for all of Janara’s help and I really do find the app easy to navigate and user-friendly.
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11 months ago, Kathy WD
Ferin was extremely helpful! She was wonderful to work with, & she walked me through the entire process of filing the disability claim. She answered all of my questions, and was very patient as I stumbled through the process of completing the claim. Ferin is definitely an asset to American Fidelity, and it was a pleasure working with her on this claim. She was very patient, kind, and compassionate regarding my situation, and I am so thankful that she is the person that answered my call.
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4 years ago, Active Fam of 5
Don’t put it off
I got this policy as a mother of 3 active child that my husband and I work to keep up. We had already had a couple of costly accidents and knew it is probably a safe way to go. I found myself afraid of a tedious process so I put off turning in some of my claims. Today I submitted a claim on the app (which was a breeze-pics and a short form to file) and within 4 days they processed it. It is nice to pay for something and not have the hassle that sometimes follows when you need to utilize the service.
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6 years ago, Erilyne
Easy to use, but inconsistent: time for an update!
I have used this app since it’s inception. It makes submitting claims very easy, but it is very unstable right now. I completed a lot of claims during the holidays and a third of them were submitted when the app told me they were not. This resulted in numerous duplicated claims which is now a pain to sort through. That all being said it is so much easier to use this app then it is to go through any other route to submit claims. Please update to maintain the awesomeness that is this app!
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5 years ago, Charlotte Tinin
Simple Filing Process
I had been using the American Fidelity app to upload receipts for documentation when I used my FSA card for medical expenses. It was always a breeze! Then, the day came when I needed to file an insurance claim. At first, I was a bit unsure of what to do. However, after a phone call to customer support, the representative walked me through step by step. She was so NICE! Now, I’m able to fully use my app and even assist my coworkers when they have questions.
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2 years ago, DarkSideWeld
Super easy!!! Good Company!!!
After the stress of finding out what to do, the process is quite easy. Go to the app, snap a picture with the app, and submit your claim. It takes all of the stress away from having long wait times and long unanswered phone conversations. By the way I have never had an unanswered question from the American Fidelity home office. They are always super nice and get the job done.
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1 year ago, CarChapman
So simple & convenient to file claims via your app. Thank you for making claim filing so easy!
As simple as answering a few basic questions and your claim is filed. Just need to have the basic information in front of you: test date, provider name, address and phone number and you’re done. Thank you AFI for making our life so simple and getting our reimbursement efficiently!
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2 years ago, M00K5900
American Fidelity
The process is extremely simple and easy to navigate through. Uploading documents is a breeze and once your all done you can just wait for a notification about updates. Also you can call up to the office and talk to a person directly about your claim and they are super helpful. It’s refreshing to talk to someone genuinely nice in this easily agitated world
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3 years ago, Bendeegirl
Easy to File Claim
I was stressing about filing a claim (thinking it was going to be a lot of work). I was also worried about having to go to the doctor’s office and request paperwork. To my surprise it was so simple and took no time at all. I just had to fill out a form with Doctor’s name, address, phone number, date and name of procedure. American Fidelity gets the necessary documentation for me. Thank you American Fidelity!!
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2 years ago, mrs btw
Filing claim
This process has been made so much easier than I expected. When I have questions, I just call. Considering the circumstances, that I have not had to process my medical papers like this before (in such lengthy detail) - every single person that I have spoken with has been most helpful, courteous and personable. Nowadays that should be commended! Great A+ service and thank you.
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4 years ago, ASunnyDre
Fairly easy to use
I was pleased with how easy it was to file a claim using this app. I didn’t give it 5 stars as it took a bit of trial and error and one “lost” claim before I figured it out. Like where to press to change the date and knowing how to do the final submit to my claim wasn’t intuitive, it was either “new claim” or “back”. Next time it should be easier.
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2 years ago, seamles1
Forms upload
Once you have the American Fidelity forms Filled out. Take a photo with your phone, when you have the app it’s straight forward. Just upload using the American Fidelity App. 1. Download the American Fidelity App 2. Download the forms 3. Fill out forms and using the app upload them. If you have questions, call them . They have all the answers you might have. Good Luck! Thanks
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4 years ago, Clancysmom01012
AF rep said the fastest way to get a claim processed was to file the claim through the AF app, should be processed within 7 business days. It has now been 16 business days since we filed the claim and submitted required documents which showed for 6 days they were received and on the 7th day it showed “no claims found”! Have called customer service 3 different times in the last 6 days and keep getting told it should be “24 more hours” but they cannot give us an explanation why it is taking so long or if we’re even getting paid! Even emailed customer support through the app and NEVER GOT A RESPONSE! EXTREMELY UNHAPPY AND AGGRAVATED WITH THIS EXPERIENCE AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!
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2 years ago, Tamyra Coleman
Less stressed
This app literally only took seconds to file a claim. AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!!!! You can add documents to existing claim in seconds as well. It takes longer to get the papers together than it does to actually file the claim. One hopes to never have to use this but if you are unfortunate enough to have to, you won’t be extra stressed in an already stressful situation. Thanks.
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2 years ago, ASHAcaljo
Loading documents
With a executive function struggles and poor working memory -worsened with Arimidex, I would appreciate tips on how to label my photo or pdf documentation. Also a reminder for cancer claims that to submit documentation for wellness benefits or medication benefits resubmitting the cancer claim with diagnoses date etc is not needed. After 4 years I finally figured out that I should just send the mammogram paper or prescription receipts! Thank you
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1 year ago, Mel so thankfu
Helped me set up my account , my app, and my claims
Katie O. was so polite and helpful in helping me set up my account , and make my claims ! I have had my policy since 2015 and never have sent any claims because I was never able to set up my account! She talked me through each step and I was successfully able to do it and submit my claims! Thank you Katie O. Melody
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4 years ago, Gramhoe
Ease of Claim Filing
It was super easy to file a claim. I was able to get the documents I needed quickly and had several options of filing. The app was easy to use in inputting my information. Hopefully my claim will be accepted, even if it isn’t, I’m glad I had this accessible to me. I have a newborn and don’t have time to sit on the phone or computer, it’s got to be fast and efficient and it was! Thanks!
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7 months ago, Enzo per sempre
Option to view documents that customer uploaded when submitting or adding supplemental document ions
Process is easy but can get confusing for customer. Would be helpful and save time for all if I can see the history of documents uploaded and submitted for claims. Love the ease of app and direct deposit. So convenient and appreciate it.
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1 year ago, socal Kelly
Cancer policy
My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer back in January. We have both the cancer and critical illness policies. Due to his recent employment, he didn’t qualify for unemployment or FMLA and the reimbursement from these policies have literally kept us afloat. Your team who processes the claims, the customer service members and the rep who explained the policy have made this horrible experience bearable. Thank you!
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3 years ago, barb ogden
What an awesome experience! The girl that helped me out I don’t have her name I wish I did and I hope there’s someway you could find out who it was, was so helpful she waited on the phone and till I was able to put a claim in and answered all my questions and just was very very helpful and very very patient and I just appreciate her so much thank you!
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2 years ago, bWyche1964
Disability Income
The process to file a claim is really simple and hassle-free. Fidelity has come through for me when I’ve been sick and unable to work. I would literally be up a creek without a paddle. Purchasing these services from FI literally has to be one of the best investments I’ve made for peace of mind which that alone helps the healing process and is priceless!
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4 years ago, Slacken65
Problem with submitting a claim
I called in today to see why my claim (that I had submitted on the app) had not gone through. I submitted it back in October and I never received the money from this wellness test. I called and Skylar helped me. He walked me through the app—telling me which buttons to push. I wish that when I had submitted my claim before, that it was as easy as Skylar made it for me today.
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4 years ago, SKFGrateful
Phone conversation with Andrea
I have called AF several times for help in understanding my insurance and filing claims. Today, Andrea was the first person who expertly and patiently answered and explained ALL of my concerns. My insurance has baffled me from day one and I am so grateful to Amber for her incredible service and finally giving me the answers I reached to others at AF for and I could not understand myself. Bravo! Thank you Amber! Gratefully, Stephanie Farmakis
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10 months ago, MizzyMeg
This app drives me nuts. It’s very easy to navigate and looks great but it doesn’t function. When I go to submit my claim each month and fill out the form, I tap on boxes and nothing happens. I have to click on random boxes back and forth until the one I want will become fillable. On my last submission my request was canceled for no reason. Had to click submit 3 or 4 times before it went through. Then it came back saying denied even though I had all documents. So frustrating.
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10 months ago, jmball06
Easy and Quick
I recently had a fall that caused me to have to have quite a few tests done and number of different doctors involved, which means a number of different bills. It was easy to upload photos of the bills and the claims can through quickly. It made a stressful situation much easier.
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3 years ago, Bfmeatman
Excellent Customer Service
The American Fidelity App is very user friendly and offers an amazing amount of services one can use to complete most any business transaction dealing with their company. I really appreciate how easy it is navigate the site and complete complex transactions in simplified steps. Thank you for the Excellent Customer Service!!!
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3 years ago, GladYurThere
Totally quick and easy
When the company says, “just upload the photo of the bill, that’s all you need to jumpstart a claim for your benefit,” they are telling the truth. Also, the response and money comes quite quickly. I appreciate the AF app and am so happy that there’s never any reason to be “on hold” with the company representative.
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