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User Reviews for

4.53 out of 5
213.3K Ratings
4 years ago, rating meeeeee
Okay, please consider these suggestion. Thanks.
Honestly, I’ll start off by saying you really tried on this game. You took a chance, and risked with it. Most people like playing PVP games, so I think this is genius. Truthfully, I love the common function. You don’t have to make updates, all you have to do is program the game properly to be able to switch seasons, or you could also just keep it on one, but program the game where it is able to change once you have collected all of the rewards. Although I have had some lagging issues, they are understandable, and anyone else who might be dealing with this issue, all you have to do is disconnect your WiFi connection. I’ve found many skins that I enjoy, I wish you could take a picture and pay a decent amount of DNA for it. Although, you could also add giveaways that you could join, on a particular day and or time. May I ask a question, why do you have it where some people can shoot bunches of mass at once, but however other people can only shoot out about 1-2 pieces at a time? I was wondering about that, mainly because it really bothers me that some can do that, but others can’t. Also, I am glad the game is secure, whenever you start exploring software, and data of the game it kicks you out. Thank you for reading all of this, please respond and consider my few suggestions, I’m sorry if I sounded rude or discontent in any way. Thanks. Sincerely, Unknown.
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3 years ago, Kaylee, Just Kaylee!
Hello! Thank you for reading Reading my review! Let’s start reading. Okay, So While I was Scrolling down on the App Store looking for fun games, I See this! I look at the reviews first. They were good. After that, I decided to look at the pictures. While I was looking at them, I saw “Decorate Your Skin!” That made me Have hope in the game. Keep in mind that I am using my mom’s phone to write this review right now! So I asked my mom if I could download it, Of course she said yes :)!! So I was so excited to play it. Once I hit start, It was fine. I got those little dots.. And guess what? They Were to hard to get..! Like their so tiny. That made me lose hope in the game. After that, I keep getting eaten, Yeah I get that it’s probably part of the game. So I went on skins, And I saw “Decorate Skin!” So then I went to go decorate. It kept showing me so many ads Every 5 seconds! I Had no choice really, But I Just Went with it To see what else to do. Another Thing That was so hard for me was that it’s too hard colouring in. Like for example, I make a red circle like this: ⭕️ And I thought, Why not I color the circle in? Idk why I thought that lol, Ofc it’s obvious that I should have!! But it was so hard to color it in! The rest is hard to explain, but that’s pretty much my Review! Thank you for reading this. Have a good day/night or whatever is it for you. I hope you have good luck for a week!🤞 Goodbye! -A SHOE! I’m just kidding! -Kaylee
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2 years ago, margo_m_22
Spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game
I’ve played this game since it first came out- I’ve been playing mobile since I don’t have a mouse for my laptop. I believe it has you watch ads for every other time you spawn, and unfortunately because of the state of the game you spend a lot of time dying and respawning. I was willing to get on board with the whole party/team thing but because of macro users the game is severely unbalanced. Sometimes it allows you to watch an ad to respawn with 300 mass, which you might as well do since you were most likely going to have to watch an ad anyways. 9 times out of 10 I’m immediately killed by some greedy macro party. Sometimes when it gives you the option to watch the ad for 300 mass it will have you watch the ad and then give you an error that ‘there were no ads available’ and respawn you with your minimum mass. It borderline feels like a scam to me. Please either get rid of the ads or balance the game with macro/teams. Make macro available to everyone or make you spawn near your party or something so you have some hope of survival. With the amount of income this company gets from ads I don’t understand why the state of the game is so terrible. There’s a ton of errors, such as if you’re in a party sometimes it doesn’t show you who is in your party. I would have bought VIP but $7 a week is a joke.
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2 years ago, theMrTron
PLEASE READ. Get rid of the lag and the long connections.
So, first off, sometimes the game is very laggy and I can’t play with it like that. The game is awesome but when it’s laggy it makes the fun go away. Also, I’m very happy about the burst mode you all added, but, the game has been taking way too long to connect after you guys added the burst mode. So can you guys fix that in the next update please. The game is very fun though and I love it. Please read this review. I wanted to add something… When I start playing, the game says, connecting. And it does that for minutes. So I have to delete the game and reinstall it for it to work EVERY TIME. So can you guys please fix that because it’s really annoying. Thanks! Also, it keeps happening when I have to delete the game if I shut it off and when I come back later it says, connecting, connecting, connecting. And it keeps doing that for minutes, so I delete it and reinstall it and it works. But it’s ridiculous because u guys keep doing updates and not fixing the bugs in it. So u guys need to do something about it because y’all r gonna lose many players if this keeps happening. NEXT UPDATE FIX THE BUGS!
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3 years ago, Mcpe203
Not as fun as it could be
I like the game. I just hate playing with players who are way more experienced than me. I’m level 6, and I’m trying to beat players who are level 60 and above. It’s really frustrating. Then there’s the people who want to team up, and end up getting ridiculously huge because of it. It’s not fair for the players just trying to get by on their own, especially for the tiny guys. (It’s rare you’ll find someone to team up with when your tiny). Finally, it’s so difficult to get big. And once you do get to a decent size, the giant players eat you. It’s like the giant players need their own map when they get big enough, or else they’ll just dominate the whole map without giving others a chance. Overall, not friendly for beginners who aren’t willing to pour hours and hours into this game just to get a chance at getting big. Very demotivating when you constantly get eaten by teamers and players so big you wonder if they even noticed you. Definitely needs a system where people play with others around their own level to give newbies like me a chance without spending money/an absurd amount of time
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3 years ago, tips32
Cheaters and teamers with nonsense
So I have been playing for around 3 years but every year I stress delete the game cause it’s not fair people team up on you without being in party they just fire mass in to them randomly and sometimes they team and to get that they will go to extreme measures to do so they will follow them and wait till they can barely not eat the guy and when that the people who have been following them become cruel and feed them every piece of mass they can just cause there’s a chance they will team with them it ruins the fun and this is not rare it happens all the time around 2 times each match. That’s all for teamers now for hackers some have macro a super speed mass shooter that you developer’s deleted and now people look up website’s to do it so they have a huge advantage over normal player’s they almost instantly throw their mass to main target and that makes teaming even worse and I think you should add it back so we won’t be at an unfair advantage and don’t try to patch it cause it won’t work even the most safe games get hacked please do this it would help a lot I will check every week to see if you respond. Please and thank you
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3 years ago, sjsbgzjzbabzGSGVS
Good game, but few problems.
Agario is a very fun and addicting game, I love the graphics and everything, and the best part is the limited time skins, it’s cool to have skins that don’t exist anymore, however there is few problems in the game, I have a brand new IPhone XR and it still sometimes just lags out the game when I have over 5k+ mass, it would be great if that could be fixed, one more problem is Macro Players, If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a hack that was in game few years ago, so basically limited time hack, macro helps people shoot mass 100x faster then regular players like me, it just kinda makes the game unfair for us people, I hope they rather remove macro for everyone or give everyone macro to make it fair, I also have a suggestion that they sound add background music in the game, not really music but just like piano or some sort of sound that entertains people while playing the game, the game itself is very fun, would’ve gave 5 stars if macro gets removed or added again. But the game is super fun and very addicting, I play this game like 5 hours a day everyday, everyone should definitely try it out.
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4 years ago, LimyFilly464761
A few things to change
So, once you start playing, you will see at least one player with a fancy name like ⓛÏᗰŸ ᗩᏳΔⓇ. I think these fancy characters should be removed. Second, there is a fast option to send mass very quickly. (This goes with teaming or just a bait) I think somehow you can make a cooldown to send mass mabye like 0.25 second cooldown. But when you hold the button, there will be no cooldown. And then teaming. There should be an anti-teaming system with sending mass and splitting into eachother. Like the website, I think the anti-teaming system but you can’t split into eachother rapidly is another thing to change. 4th, a lot of people are getting like 30,000 mass. So the other players have no chance to even get 1,000 mass. So I think the mass limit should mabye be 3,000-5,000 on the addition of all of your cells. 5th, when you are playing with bots (Botswana, Steam, etc.) they will split automatically even with a small little guy will give them a heck ton of mass. Well that is it to change, I still think you should play this game as it is fun.
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5 years ago, crayonjelly
It’s a great game but, needs some changes
I like this game a lot but however, there are some annoying glitches and stuff. For example sometimes when I’m 1st place it just decides to stop my whole game just for an add! I think that is the most annoying thing that happens for me, Also the amount of adds in this game in INSANE I can’t get out of one round without an add, What’s even more annoying is that is always the same adds that I have to keep on saying NO I do not want to get this game please leave me alone! Also I don’t like that when you get bigger you get slower cause when I’m at 1st place I can barely even move! I give it 3 stars cause it is good gameplay but not 5 stars cause there needs to be some changes outside of gameplay. EDIT: I have no idea what just happened but a couple days ago the most annoying thing in my opinion just went away, you don’t lag out of the game just for an add! This makes me give it 4 stars. Thank you for making this change even if you didn’t and it’s just not happening for me any more still, I am very happy about this!
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6 years ago, Wwiwrm
Game is good except for macro noobs
Games good for me except for macro and lag. I have been playing since 2015 I even have the Santa and gingerbread man skin from 2015 Christmas. But agario is so easy to cheat on so when I lost my legit 2015 acc I cheated to get my skins back. After getting this cheat I got the ability to obtain any skin you pay coins with. You still have to pay coins though. I honestly love this game and have invested a ton of money into it215$ definitely more but to lazy to count the deals. Not trying to sound humble but actually I don't know. I've seen the macro noobs channel in my recommended page and it said default macro. Like m8 if u want to do a major update please make it one orang lag. I don't want to have to go out of my way just to get a diff version of an app to play it right. The app shouldn't be that bad to where people have to do that. I still love this game to death though. Also I can't seem to be able to draw a skin of my own which I've seen snay draw a rainbow spong bob and wanted to make that ohh so badly. Other wise I love this game 5 stars if you stop the macro
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3 years ago, kudos1212
Hackers, clans, and parties
The game is very fun, I am not gonna lie. But there are some serious issues that ruin the experience for casuals, who just want to hop into a game and get big. First off is hackers, mostly macro users. Those are people who can spit out mass very fast, and with no cool down time. It makes the game basically unplayable for others who just want to have fun. Secondly, clans. When a clan of around like 10 people are just dominating the server, and usually they have hacks and communication that makes it impossible to kill them, other casuals can’t do anything about it. They just have to deal with it. You could be the biggest in the server, but get killed by some hacking clan that swooped in and cleared everyone else within minutes. Finally, parties. This is a good feature for friends that want to play together, but it is also a way to get clan mates and other dirty hackers to easily join each other and start bullying regular players. I hate it when hackers and clans kill me, unfairly. Please miniclip, if you can fix macro users and clans the that would be great, and I will change my rating to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, gaming beyond
A weird encounter
I was playing through a game (btw really good game in general) and all of a sudden people’s skins started changing to some random glitchy words and numbers and just really weird patterns. These patterns kept changing, too. So i was like “that’s weird.” But when i got to the main menu my screen started getting really weird static. It creeped me out. I hop back on another classic mode match and my characters skin is suddenly just a picture of the new year things you collect around the map. Then my screen has the same weird patterns like everybody before and my skin starts changing to like the ones around it. Finally, when I die, the main menu gets more static and every sprite starts glitching. It showed my skin to be one of the screens sprite sheets. This happened alot weirdly. Can you find out what is wrong with your game? But, like i was saying, the game is phenomenal in each game mode, and it’s really fun to play.
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5 years ago, dhejvxgjd
Would have said 5 stars
This game is good. Its hard and I keep on losing quickly but I think that that’s more my problem than the game’s problem. The only real issue is that people keep on using completely invisible skins and it’s driving me crazy. YOU CANNOT SEE THEM AT ALL. I know they’re real because they keep eating me and I know it’s not just a glitch on my phone because I looked it up and a lot of other people are mad about this too. Please please please fix this. Edit: As you can see, I changed this to five stars. The invisible skin issue has apparently been fixed which I am very happy about. Only one problem left: ads. They keep popping up after I start a round, so I can’t see anything and by the time the ad is over, someone has eaten me. This happens almost every other round. Which is very very annoying.
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2 years ago, Rachel Laufer
Why does this happen
I saw my brother get this game so ya know I got it to. About a year later I was level 90 so I go to play the game and it asked me if I wanted to be a guest or sign in. I was already a guest but I thought this was weird so i said guest and come to find out it deleted all my progress! This is really frustrating because I’m not allowed to buy stuff in games or apps meaning I had to work to get the coins, skins, dna, and other stuff. I deleted the game in frustration and ,months later, downloaded it again giving it on other try but I only got to level 15 when the same thing happened again. I’m really mad right now but still this game over all is really grate I like that fact you can make your own skin and use symbols, emojis and other stuff in your name like ꨄ for example. I’m not sure if it’s my iPad or the game but I would have a five star review if this didn’t happen I love this game keep so keep it up.
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4 years ago, a person thats nice
No one can play it but it can be fun when they CAN play it
One it’s fun buttt it’s very laggy and you can’t even play if your not first then there’s no point in playing people can name themselves bad names and its pointless to play. It’s VERY laggy and sometimes I lag so bad I can’t see anything unless some one pops me. but if someone eats you, you will stand there until you decide to leave and or play again. plus, when you finally get first in the sever with prob just restart and it’s very sad. There’s wayyy toooooo many adds and when you wast your time on watch an add to play again with 300 mass or you speak your coins sometimes you’ll spawn on a virus and die within 2 seconds. It sometimes can be fun but not all the time. Also this has happened a couple times where it very laggy it moves you thing the wrong way. Also, it gets to a point where it’s so laggy it hurts your eyes. But ya. Also, when ever you play, say you do get going and your pretty big. The server will probably reset because there’s not enough people on the server, or it’ll lag you out of the game.
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5 years ago, Kryn01
Good game but several issues
Pros: Great fast casual game of just eat or get eaten. Anyone can just hop in and play. Most of it is just practice to do reasonably well. The market for skins and boosts is generally logical and I feel mostly reasonable, except for below con, considering the devs need to make money somehow for themselves. You can also earn both from doing the daily challenge and opening potions you earn. Cons: I couldn’t find anything about how exactly potions are earned. What do you have to do that qualifies you for the common 3/7hr potion or the rare random 3 exotic potion? Not sure if survival time or size. Nothing in the limited help file said anything. BIG ONE: you only can hold 3 potions at a time and can’t drop any. If you want to free up space, you need to spend dna which is the rarest of the micro currency. So I only play when I have a space to fill. They would get longer play time from me if there was at least 6 slots. Not spending cash on opening a potion for a random fraction of a skin.
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5 years ago, lyh813
The lag and glitches and crashes need to be fixed
For some reason when Im on and off to a great start with a good team mate and everything yay 1st place and all but ur team mate accidentally Kills u and u rejoin in the middle of the game a ad comes on u get mad cause others kill u while ur afk forced to watch an ad then for me all the sudden ur rejoin button doesn’t work everything’s just frozen u have to slide up to fix it but ur not in a party so when u come back u lost everything ur in a whole new different server that got me triggered and then rush when u play rush mode ur doing great then u die and then after u die ur split button just suddenly doesn’t work neither does ur feed button so now u have to slide up again and then u lose everything I get so mad when those things happen please try to fix that
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2 years ago, mzzkxkdisk
Needs to be updated
Very laggy even with full bars of wi-fi and service. The game needs an update for bug fixes or something because it doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to at all. I have an iPhone XR which can run any multiplayer game with perfect frames and no issues other than this one. Also it’s very difficult to get high on the leaderboard. Every match you join whether it be regular or burst, you don’t really get a chance. Almost every person high up on the leader board is teaming or just overall too big and you constantly die over and over again because you can’t get away from them. Make the map space bigger so people have a chance. This will improve leveling up as well as enjoyment. Also any other game mode doesn’t work, just earlier today i sat in a rush match lobby for 5 minutes and it said i was the only person on it the entire time, which makes no sense considering the amount of people playing. Fix your game!
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2 weeks ago, Cheese Q
Great game, Terrible App and community
The app plain and simple does not function well. It lags and kicks you randomly, the “watch to keep playing big” feature after you die while a large cell works maybe 10% of the time, there are an insane amount of adds that will start after you’ve spawned sometimes, and overall is just clunky. Now, the community around this game has ruined the gameplay, which is actually the best part. Most servers in the US are overrun with “clans” that make it hard to survive more than 10 seconds without some mega cell exploding because it’s farming size with the teammates. Honestly the sheer number of people doing this is probably what causes the lag. If it weren’t for these issues the game would be amazing. It’s fun and the actual gameplay is great. But with these issues (especially the clans) it makes the gameplay almost nonexistent compared to all the time you spend watching ads and respawning.
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5 years ago, Christopher Bulit
Needs Work
The game overall has a very good concept to it. I have just found some issues such as the amount of advertisements you get while playing is insane, whenever someone is very big in a “server”you are playing on it always lags in the beginning and doesn’t allow you to move as it is delayed, and last but not least TEAMING it’s super annoying and I feel like their should be something that at least counters it maybe the bigger you get the less you can split and/or shoot out mass?. I also would like to see a an option as to where players can select different matches although this might cause teaming to be worse it would allow players trapped in a server with a bunch of huge teamers to at least have an option as to where they go. Besides these cons the game is overall pretty good but needs a lot of work still and maybe just maybe LESS ads. Thanks for reading my review.
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4 years ago, Instagrem27462948
suggestions :0
I’m obviously a no one, but I have a few suggestions of things to add to your game 😌 I love the game and have no problems with it, but I would love a playback feature.. I personally record for clips but yaknow sometimes I forget to 🤷‍♂️ So a feature where the game records your previous match and you are able to save it to your videos. Another thing I personally think you should add to your game is a kick feature, the person that makes the party is able to kick someone that is team-killing (lol). This would be useful because I ‘host’ a party to many people, some people that join team kill everyone. So a party kick feature would be great. Like I said, I love your game the way it is but I feel these features may make it better ;)
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5 years ago, XVI_DAZE
Adding private servers
Over all the game is great. The competitive leader boards are great, and you earn great rewards! But I have a feeling that this game could become extremely more popular if you could make your own private servers. I feel like people would have lots of fun with that. And it would be even better if you could ad your own rules/settings to your private server. Like maybe how much starting mass you get, how often pellets spawn, if the red pellet spawners are in the you private server. It would also be nice if you could invite friends and it would be just u and your friends. Again this I just a thought, and I would really love if this feature would be added into the game. I’m pretty sure others would to. But besides that, game runs smooth, and is pretty fun!
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3 years ago, Pk5stnkg
Half of the “players” are bots and the split option is too OP
I feel like as i progress, even when I become huge, there is always somebody bigger who couldn’t of possibly gotten enough kills to become quadruple my side in minuets. You don’t see anybody this size when your small, but when you get to a score of about 1000 there’s always a few people who are literally 1/6 of the map size. Plus, the way most “players” move is extremely smooth and sometimes odd. What I mean by odd is that when I’m running from said “player” there will be a player the same size of the person chasing me. Even though this will cause their inevitable death, the person chasing me splits to kill me. This has happened several times and no human person thinks like this. It’s not only annoying for me, but it also makes no sense. So... bots. Oh, and splitting is obnoxious especially when there’s always three teamers with really long Japanese names and a picture of an anime girl on their ball who are each 1/6 of the size of the map .-.
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5 years ago, Nhabfal
The bad stuff in this game so don’t get it!
Here’s the bad stuff in this game. 1. You get popped by the viruses in small balls if your big enough but the annoying thing about them is that you can feed them to shoot viruses at your enemy’s! This annoys everyone who accidentally gets eaten when a big player pops. Second of all, if the splitting which should’ve never existed cause the big guys can mess the little guys in their massive battles. There should be more where you can play against computers at different difficulties. This game also annoys everyone with ADS which make the developers of this game look money hungry which gets EXTREMELY annoying and don’t pay money to get rid of it cause then they won’t have a reason to end it for everyone. Also don’t do that because it’s only for a month or a week forgot which one so lets us get it FOREVER but it costs a lot of money which would make some people get it cause they think if it’s temporary it’s never worth it then.
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1 year ago, Pekepan
Too many ads, I can't play well
Don't get me wrong, the concept is great, and so is the intention. But lately I noticed there are more ads than time playing the game. The ads themselves aren't the real issue, however. The real issue is that it's so constant that right when I start it shows an ad, and then I just get immediately eaten from not moving during the ads. I really just think the teams aren't the issue, either. It just feels like they're just friend with friend. Now, you might think, "Why are you giving this a 3 star just because of ads? People give better ratings with more issues to discuss!" Well the reason is that this happens almost every single time except for the first one. So that's why. I hope you can at least get rid of the ads in the beginning of the rounds. Other than that, you have a good game created. Take care!
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2 years ago, 𝘊𝘢𝘪
it won’t let me play
I’ve been playing this game for a long time and then all of a sudden my game was just loading and loading. It wouldn’t let me play, so 𝘐 delete the game and got back but i don’t have facebook so i had to restart everything. but i got it all my skins back and everything and i just got my highest Coins and highest DNA. I have 605 DNA and 10,650 Coins yesterday all of a sudden my game was just loading and loading and wouldn’t let me play. So i went to sleep woke up went to school came back home and was trying to play but it still loading and won’t let me play. And i don’t want to restart again, so do you think you can help me? My question, is why is it loading and not letting me play the game
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5 years ago, Ehanator120
Worst game I’ve ever played
First: why can’t we be able to create our first skin for free. If I can’t stand any of the skins in the store(which I do)you should at least let us create a decent skin that I can deal with and if I wanna create another skin make us pay for it. Second: this game is so unfair. You get mixed up with a bunch of people that are giant and I am nothing compared to them and if I get near one of them or surrounded its all over for me. And there’s nowhere to hide. Don’t mention viruses because viruses are not a safe spot when your up against a giant Third: even if I get giant I can barely see anything. If I could be able to zoom in and out I’d give this game a star and all you’d have to do is make our point of view bigger Forth: the map needs to be bigger. Ok I’m sick and tired of suddenly being surrounded and pinned to a corner every time I start the game. And marking the edges and the corners would be helpful so I know where the border is Ok I’m done complaining hope you understand
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12 months ago, Nişantaşı'lı....
Amazing game
Thank you For trading my review, anyway straight to the point, I Like the game nothing wrong, Just some party nonsense but as i said on my before review, I love nonsense and Thats almost the whole point i Like it, but you need to remove the ads more often its really making me go crazy, Just Please remove the ads and i will send another review most likley 5 stars Just keep up the work, Probably one of the best games i’ve Played though (other Then roblox obviously) Its Just So entertaining i love to see the new updated game and maybe a new gamemode Or 2 would be nice, Like i said Just remove ads not Just me goes crazy with ads, i’ve read reviews saying to remove ads Just keep up the good work and remove ads Please and also add a limit to party members it might get a little to chaos By- Ur mom Jk -Josephü
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11 months ago, jchjcbsdbsdhsduhcbdsgucbusd
you spend more time watching ads then playing the game.
This is one of those games that make you addicted to it. You lose, you want redemption, you lose, you want redemption. You barely ever get happy while playing this game. Usually you get frustrated because how many players that pick on small people and their already huge. Also this developer is so money hungry. Every match I play there’s a 15 second ad between every game I play. Please maybe reduce the amount of ads and huge players there are. Like it’s not fair, everyones already huge and you just die over and over. Terrible game. It’s honestly like gambling. You lose play again. And then the passes. They shove it in your face as soon as you enter the game. Honestly im never playing this game again and I would recommend you wouldn’t to. You get mad developer gets money. The ads are so annoying and weird. 0-out of 5 stars but since I have to give it 1 for it to actually accept the message.
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9 months ago, hudjenenen
Really good but there is a really annoying bug
So you know when you get more than 300 mass and after you die you get the pop up to watch an ad to continue, well the bug is that after you watch the ad it doesn’t spawn you in, it’s the same after you wait for the timer or press the x. It’s pretty annoying having to close the game and reopen it after almost every death. After you watch the adit doesn’t spawn you in and after you wait a bit after that it just puts you back in the menu, and if you wait for the timer to go out or press the x it doesn’t spawn you in or put you back in the menu. So please fix this and thank you for reading my review.
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5 years ago, jtousid
Make delete option for potions
For those who haven’t played, you win potions that unlock different items in the game. The better you do in the game the better the potion is that you can get. The only problem is you can only get up to 3 potions and have to wait for them to unlock (3 or 7 hours). You can’t delete potions if you get bad ones, you have to wait for them to open. This makes people want to play less since you can’t win anything after you play 3 games since you are waiting for crappy potions to unlock. The developers need to make a delete option for potions so if you get bad ones you can keep playing until you get better ones to replace them. It would encourage a lot more play time in the game. Also, too many people “team” in the game and help each other out. This is supposed to be an everyone for themselves. Teams ruin the game.
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1 year ago, Yulia8888
Please read that or just one thing you have to change about this game
This year I have not been able to claim any of the prices when you collect anything and I have 15,000 of those gems for me to spend and I can’t spend none of it and last thing it is that you have to change the game because it is so laggy and add a private server please I love this game but I’m starting to not like it because of the lag the fact that i’m not able to collect any of the prizes and whenever I click the split button I have to click at 10 times just for the split once I am trying to play this game but I just can’t please add a private server make the game less laggy and make it easier to play.
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4 years ago, anon584279
Laggy Laggy
Marble is the most expensive thing I ever had in the most recent years I had a lot to say to you I was very disappointed in my experience and the service is so good and I was not able enough for the price and the price is the most expensive expensive I had to go back and to get the most price on the expensive expensive and price for a free deal with no money in my opinion the only reason it had been for my wife was a couple days before the service I received the most and I would definitely not be coming to my house and had my hair in my car for my birthday party service I would definitely come to the store for my wife I was there to try and go there again to the other lady that she is not the service
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4 years ago, JjimenezJjimenez
My Thoughts
I’ve played this game since 2016 my only issues is the size building | #1 it takes forever to build up to a bigger orb | make every orb give you more size | #2 make an “Experimential” mode where theres a lot of orbs everywhere and make an orb generator like in the computer version | #3 make a server where you are alone and can build up to an infinite size | #4 a server with bots so you don’t require wifi | #5 a special orb to increase your orb size 10x more than a normal orb gives you | #6 bug fixed | #7 just increase the speed | whenever i grow to at least six-hundred points i go extremely slow | #8 add all the modes from the computer version | Other than all that i love this game and it will stay in my heart.
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4 years ago, Agar.ioSucks
The game is not bad. However, the ads are overwhelming and the game is UNPLAYABLE because of teams. It is a ffa game and you can barely get over 1k mass before a team kills you. Also some teams are so big that you literally spawn inside them. And then you have to watch an ad about a game you will never play. The map needs to be bigger and there should be an actual ffa mode. If the teamers wanna team they can have their own mode where they can make it fair to the players who are actually trying to play the game as it was meant to be played. Also you have no chance if you spawn near a huge team. If you are even around them, if they split forward and you are behind them the second piece literally moves backward about 10 units on the screen and anyone there is dead to a stupid bug. There should NOT be an ad before every game you play. And there should NOT be TEAMERS IN FFA MODE. THE GAME IS TRASH BECAUSE OF THESE REASONS. FIX YOIR STUPID GAME. GARBAGE GAME.
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5 years ago, special birthday
New update is messing up my game?
I really love this game, I’ve been playing it for like...forever. But there are a few issues... the first one is the lag, to be honest I don’t know if it’s my WiFi or no but I’d be chasing someone and right as I split.. they are already on the other side of me...the second issue is delayed controls, like the person from before, it would delay for like 5 seconds, say I go to the right...the game would get all laggy and the next thing I know is that I see this guy who ate me, I wouldn’t even get a chance to turn or anything. The third issue is with this new update with the battle royale thing. The game mode itself works pretty well but when I go to classic mode, it’s laggy as hell. Like more laggy then usual. Other then those three issues the game is pretty good...just please try and work on the battle royale part..? Please and thank you~
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4 years ago, Nickname1283
Custom Skins
Can you please put an “Upload Image” button when you are creating a skin, because I really want a custom skin but I can’t because you need Filza or Tampermonkey and that is like hacking the game. If you allows us to upload an image and then name the skin, it would be easier. Let us upload at least appropriate images, not images of fake kraken skins (origins kraken, not another kraken with different color) and kissing skins 🤢🤮. And also can you lower the dns cost for a custom skin, I think it’s a lot, put the cost at, let’s say, 60 or 50. And last, put a report button for those who have zoom, not offense but to say who is like some USA Clan Members or ᴛᴏɴʏ ᴏᴜᴛ ʟᴀᴡ. Anyway, it’s a great game, not too laggy but it’s fun and enjoyable.
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5 years ago, AceAnime-Chan
Could be better...
This game is great but... 1. It lags no matter what wifi you have. 2. People team up so either you spawn right next to them and die instantly or lag kills ya. 3. No place to practice. 4. Only about two to three Servers (Takes awhile to get to one that you want) and also there's usually 40 to 80 players that have been playing for hours therefore they are HUGGEE 5. Never have coins or DNA because there's only three ways to get them: winning the weekly leaderboard competition, Potions, leveling up (which takes forever unless you use your nonexistent coins to buy double XP...) also you can get 20 coins every hour. 6. Freezes and crashes most of the time 7. AND LASTLY! For some reason I can't add my friends to my party BUT the pros of this game is that you'll feel like you're about to turn into a werewolf due to the FIRE starting in your soul because of your slow reflexes and lack of experience also its so addicting.. uh.. yep that's all you get out of this game. I've played this game for sooo long that I love it and hate it but, I really believe the makers can do much better! Or maybe they can't because it was originally a PC game? I don't know but I wish they would respond to their gamers because without us they wouldn't be making money after all... they are supposed to make entertaining games for us folks so it's only natural that I say something.
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3 years ago, HappyMommy2021
This is a great game. My favorite actually. I love the way it plays and the skins to unlock. However, for people without Facebook, and are playing as guest, you loose everything If something happens to your game. My game just glitched out and now I have to start over. I was lvl 14 and worked hard to get there. I also had one free skin to make, I had bought a skin with actual money, and several bought with in game currency. I literally just lost everything because I’m not part of the Facebook community. It is very upsetting. I have a google account, can’t y’all just partner with them and allow others to be able to save all their hard work and money spent too? 😭
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3 years ago, vibe_dealer
Add Into Game Option (opinion)
you know how you can create skins right?, where you can pretty much make anything you want, you’ve finished, and you buy it with 90 DNA. What if there’s this one day where you look at your custom skin and think “man, can I go back and make changes to it?” . Because I really want to make changes to my custom skins, in other words, EDIT. And so I want a new feature into the game where you can edit your custom skins! . This will probably make people happy and not feel bad about themselves about that one little mistake they have made. but this is just my own opinion, you guys can do whatever you want to make your game be fun and enjoyable :)
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6 years ago, AlexandreDaGreat
Been playing this game since it first came out to mobile.
I absolutely love it!!!! I’ve bought a couple things with real money and I have to say it as worth it. I can’t tell you how much I love this game, it’s my life. My family thinks I’m crazy except for my sister that I just got playing. Although the VIP paid subscription just came out and is way overpriced. Please lower the price because it kills me to only give you 4 stars. Please fix this, I absolutely love and can’t let go of this game. I’ve played on iPhone 6, iPhone 6sPlus, iPhone X, and currently the iPhone XsMax. Please lower the price as both my sister and I would pay for the VIP. Overall great game. Can’t give you enough love. Thanks for everything,
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2 months ago, Pepperisawesome1456
The ads and people who play.
Hello! I am glad you are seeing this. The things I list may be things that the game cannot have control of. Let’s get started with why I rated this game 2 stars. First, the ads. There are a lot of ads, when you click something, a ad might pop up, and when you exit something, an ad might pop up! When try to join the game, you might have to watch an ad first. I think you get the ads part. On to the next problem.. the players of the game. This is not exactly something you can fix but I think it’s good to announce this problem for anybody who wants to play this game. The players are… something, they make the game really not fun to play since almost every single player is teaming with each other and killing you as soon as you spawn. I’ve also seen players with inappropriate usernames.
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5 years ago, drrrrkkkkoooo
I would give a five star but their are multiple things. First off, after every match I have to close the app because of the adds that I can’t close until after the full 30 sec. I know it’s a free game but way too many adds. Second, half of the time the placing is terrible. As I said, some of the time I get placed and a guy is heading right where i spawned not knowing I spawned their until after I am eaten. This also mixes with the adds because the quicker I die, the faster those adds can come in. Third, during data you lag soooooo much. Sure it’s data but 1-3 seconds after I let go of the thing that moves my character I still move in that direction. Thanks again because this is a great game but with so many issues and I wish I could have given this app a fiver. By the way I have found people already big in the beginning and I don’t know how and their always top which is very Annoying 🤔🤔🤔
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5 years ago, solo
Teamers are cheaters
I like the game and all, but it’s ruined by teamers. It’s not fair, EVERY time I die big it’s teams and virus’s. I like the idea of virus’s, but they are WAY to common. Teams are unstoppable once there huge because of this. And people who hack also need to be banned. Teamers should be banned for 4 days and hackers forever. Please fix the teams! Also, make it harder to get potions. I once got less than 50 mass and got a common potion. I also need pop splitting to be nerfed, not removed. If you agree I give you permission to copy me to spread my word. The more people write about this, the more likely we are to be heard! Another thing is that I get the same adds all the time! I’m ok with ads, but not the same ones all the time. I swore to never get Groupon because it’s the only ad I EVER get.
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4 years ago, 🅃🄴🅇🅃 🄵🄰🄽
Awesome game
This is an amazing game, I love the challenge of starting small and trying to take down the big guys. It it’s great how many skins there are and I also love the quests, it’s a lot of fun to try to do them. Also viruses (the spiky green things) are a lot of fun to hide and or pop somebody with. If you are wondering how to Marco, you just hold down the feed button for about four seconds and then it starts. It took me a while for me and my friend to figure this out but now that I know it is super helpful. The one thing that I wish was that it didn’t take so long to start so that you don’t have to wait that long. Totally recommend this game.
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1 year ago, lemon0246
please read this review and change this
so, i was playing this game with my friend and they know i’m transgender, but they do not have a clue what my deadname is. and my apple account shows my name because of how long i’ve had my phone. i used my apple id to make an account, and i knew it would show my deadname at first. but i had no option to change my account name. i have now already changed the name of my account name, but i initiated account deletion so i can remake my account with my apple id and it would show my normal name. but unfortunately i have to wait for you guys to delete my account.. all because i can’t change my name on my account. i want this changed because i am sure many other people might go through this problem in the future, and it is just dumb you can’t change your account name in the first place. i can see if you don’t allow it to be changed due to inappropriate names, but i really don’t want to go through a process of deleting my account all over again if i ever want the name changed again. please change this. this is my only problem with the game.
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4 years ago, alex329471"35
I give the app a 2.5 I love this app but sometimes it get annoying like when I first spawn in I get killed instantly you should fix is so you can’t die right away the moment you spawn in also I just finished playing I got a free 1000 mass then my game froze and I couldn’t move and then I got an ad so you guys should fix the app so it freezes less specially when your hugeeeee another thing I would love for you guys to create a private server like the pc version has it so it can just be you and your friends and if your alone you can choose to add bots or something like that I would really appreciate this if you add or fix these things that I have just told you although you probably won’t read this but know this “keep up the good work”
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2 years ago, Orange! :3
You really should add some really detailed dragon skins for free because that would be awesome and people would love that! how about you add something really new I am thinking of like something like fire or blue fire. but if you want something else then you can pick because this game is really fun. whoever is listening should play this game because this game has lots of fun videos like let’s say you’re playing your game and somebody comes up to you and kills you for no reason I just am asking if you can add a chat. also, I think that’s the best way to play this game is two dodge they are kills in runaway that’s the best thing to do. :D Have a good day!
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5 years ago, michael k. gamer
To much lag!!
I love this game when I am bored and have nothing to do. The multiplayer is fantastic and challenges are pretty fun! My biggest concern right now is the connection problem in FFA. Ones that don’t know what that means is “free for all”. When you are playing and are at a pretty decent mass it seems to glitch to where your cell isn’t even seen anymore, and you will have to wait a few minutes to see it again. I have even lost connection when I was at 50k! That’s why I am going to give it a 4 star rating. Once these easy problems are fixed I would definitely give it a five star! But overall check it out and enjoy eating your opponents!
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2 years ago, nickname not taken 101
Why bother wasting time?
The amount of times i spawn into a player means there are too many players on the server. When i saw that i was the 56th player on a very tight compact small map I see why the biggest player can’t lose. The biggest players must be able to see the entire screen when i can only see a small distance around me. I constantly getting jumped from off screen from them being 200 times larger than me. Every time i chase a player they seem to be able to jump through the spikes when i go through as much as they did on the edges I become a buffet. The amount of times random players just team is very nerve racking and easily getting backstabbed. Every time i play this i waste 20 minutes thinking I'm getting somewhere and jumped off screen. So at this point why bother it only had its prime in 2014.
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