Age of Origins:Tower Defense

4.2 (54.6K)
1081.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Age of Origins:Tower Defense

4.2 out of 5
54.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Shay 123 9
A couple issues
To start this off, I LOVE this game. I play it daily. There are a couple issues I have with it. With that being said, my first issue is the load time of time game. It takes ages to switch between accounts or to load into the game. If that could be fixed, that would be amazing. My next issue is the time it takes to upgrade buildings. It takes incredibly long and it seems extremely unfair to those that would like to enjoy the game rather than dumping loads of money into it. I still buy packs on the game but it’s not enough to help me get my buildings upgraded and troops promoted. My last issue would be the lack of gold mines. The amount that is in there seems fair but it’s hard to get to them because there are so few and very hard to come by. I’m not saying there has to be tons of them but enough for more than just a handful of people out of the entire world to ge to. Other than the issues listed, the game is AMAZING. The activities in the alliance are a blast and it’s so fun to be in groups with others trying to dominate the world.
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4 years ago, Finnian-59
Strategy Game with a sense of Humor!
I’ve been into the game since the COVID lockdown. I really like that it has a large variety of things to do each day for gold. There is combat vs. Zombies and or vs. other players, so when your the attacker you get to choose what level mob you’re attacking, allowing to try differing tactics vs. same opponents. I love the Zombie Horde and Infinity challenge, I try them over and over seeing which combination of arms gives the best survival. If any one thing needs to be addressed, it this: Skill points used to raise the skills the officers learn are far to rare. There needs to be a way to win a reasonable amount of them without having to buy them all. I think same thing for chocolates, only ever see them in the store. Need a way to win them in game. Future development, let us drop our officers in the zombie challenge or zombie horde as an option to a tower. Encourage players to develop tactics for each officer with the skill sets chosen. Yes, I know that would be a huge add, but the only lack in this game, is the individual input of the Commander and the primary officer. Or heck, drop in a figure of the melee officer leading the melee group into battle... something to include them in the conduct of the game vice just the admin. Anyway, very entertaining game, absorbing and challenging. Thanks for a great game! Playing as Gunny Deth.
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5 months ago, lateggt
The game is fun but
So the game started out as really fun. However, there are these alliances with members that are around 30-60 years old. They would talk rude to any player who are either not wanting to join their alliance, or not wanting to be in the 1 alliance rank, and pretty much start wars with others in the nation chat. They would call people worthless, insignificant, and useless if they don’t want to join or voice out how very toxic they’ve become. They don’t like it and so they tell those people that they are insignificant and to go away. Which cause a massive new players to leave the game. Another problem is how the alliance leader doesn’t try to stop these people from acting out. They encourage the player’s behavior. No one is really playing the game but instead making wars and conflict. I still love this game and will continue. But these people I suggest those that aren’t 18+ to be careful. These people and their words with action can cause anyone to feel depressed. Also, the alliance leaders would ask you to make like 5 other accounts. It’s impossible to keep up and they claim that they aren’t asking much. But the account can only hold 2. So you’ll have to download the game and go through the tutorial 5 more times! It’s ridiculous. Also, lost so much money cause of this game. Many of the alliance players don’t really care if you are trying to save. They pressure you to buy more in app purchases. If you don’t have a high paying job don’t get this game
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1 year ago, sailor_0703
Not like ads...very pay to win
I'm tired of ads showing games that are not even remotely like the videos they advertise, so now I write reviews every time I see this, detracting one star from the rating I would otherwise give, and explain a bit about what the game is actually like. If you're going to show ads with gameplay, show gameplay that is actually in the game, and which makes up most of the game, and is available within the first day or two of playing, at least. In the case of this one, all the ads I've seen show impossible situations that noone could ever win. This is another really stupid thing about these ads. It really gets old. *None* of these situations are actually in the game, at least not for the first month or so. I've been playing it about a month, and I have yet to see even one thing that is anywhere in *any* of the ads for the game. What it actually is, it's another post-apocalyptic civilization building game in a zombie infested world. There is a traditional tower defense game element for you to play, this gives you rewards for the rest of game. The storyline is not great, but it's not horrible, either. The game does really try to push you to purchase stuff, and you will have trouble without purchasing anything. All in all, if you like civilization building games, *and* you like tower defense type games, you *might* like this one, otherwise, you won't like it.
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4 years ago, Hilldowns
TRK, Commander Lord Devil, #244, I am known as SmallMountain & SmallMountain2. I have been playing less than 3 months, I’m on almost every day. I like the farming and leveling up, but there never seems to be enough elite mines to level up without long waits. The larger your alliance the less opportunity you have to level up b/c you are always waiting for your turn to gather from the elite mines before someone else does since it is limited to max of 5 gathering and only max of 3 million oil or farm and less for gold, steel, or minerals. Would suggest larger amounts to be extracted and more to gather. Also, when you get there with your load amount you can carry in order of gathering you should be guaranteed that amount. Often I get to gather oil first and can carry 1 million for example but other members come and I only get say 300k. Another issue is with leadership not opening events to lower level members like doom arena or elite wars. I think elite or cabinet rank should have access to this feature too. We all have issues with how long it takes to upgrade buildings lol. It’s a fun game otherwise! One last thing, I think you should change the allowable number of farm accounts allowed, I binded my Apple ID and Facebook but can only have my main account and 1 farm account. There should be a way to have multiple farm accounts but when I tried to add another it says unable to bind.
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3 months ago, d_can_Non
Fun and Can Expensive
CMD777, Nation 1098. This is an alright application. It’s a 100% sever based game with many events built into the game that make it interesting. You get to play with people all over the world and it is fun to interact. A lot of time is spent attacking other cities, killing mutant zombies, and doing other daily quests. The one thing to beware of is it can be very costly, if you want to stay competitive. Many players will spend lavishly to upgrade and build very strong cities quickly. Unless you’re willing to spend to keep up, you will end up just slowly building and being destroyed by stronger opponents. It takes a fair amount of time (or money) to rebuild and begin fighting again. Because of this I removed my links to accounts and deleted the application. I found no meaning in spending so much time to rebuild something that can be destroyed so easily. I also wasn’t willing to spend hundreds to thousand of dollars to maintain with the big spenders. I joined all of the events regularly and did get many items to help build. I never missed them each week. I tried to help out my alliance as much as possible by joining alliance events. These also brought in items to help build and develop. However, the events and alliance activities were still not enough to keep up with the big spenders.
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4 years ago, GarrettMck83
Not worth your time
I have played AoZ for 2 years now. In the beginning, it was an incredibly fun and addicting game. But overtime, it becomes quite the opposite. Rewards, updates, and new events are the main problem in this game. Rewards: To build a strong city and army in this game, rewards and bonuses are paramount. But the developers in this game continue to cut them, sometimes removing them completely. Because of this, it takes an insane amount of time and effort to grow. It takes real money investments very important to become even slightly competitive. Updates: the developers of this game continue to update graphics of non active game related troops and officers. Why? It does nothing for the game. Events: The new events they added might be fun, but their server can’t support them. You’ll find your game freeze for several minutes at a time. Any effort and time you spend to organize your world for one of these mass events will simply become a waste. AoZ makers need to start investing back into the game, for the player. Not just strictly for profit. It’s literally all they care about. “How can we make more money? O yeah, let’s cut rewards and invest in crappy events that make people spend more money. We will add some useless graphics on the side to Kee everyone happy”! What a joke. I’m sick of the game but 2 years invested in it. Praying they fix themselves. Waiting.
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3 years ago, rashadlew
I love this game. But wish for a few changes
I’ve never spent so much money on a game. But I just can’t stop. I love this game. And I love the players here especially in my alliance OOH-RAH STN from 305. But what I would like to see is maybe the SOS cool down being 12 hours vice 24. That would make teaching that goal so much more appealing. The small mineral tiles should carry more minerals 24,000 in a lvl 5 mineral tile is ridiculous no one can move up on that. Let’s shoot for 40,000 give an incentive for gathering. For instance bogo Gather 300k get 300k once in a while. I maybe wrong but I think KE is wayyyyy to long. Maybe throw in another event in Strongest Commander and reduce Kill event to two days. Officer’s I’ve been playing for 3 months now and I can’t get an officer to level 5. I’m even buying all the officer packs when they come out. Granted you guys got to make a profit but shoot does it have to take so long. How about more higher level officer fragments on the officer recruiting more often. Well that’s all I can think of for now. But this game is the ish. Anyone looking for something entertaining to take up a little of your time in the day check out AOZ. It’s the best game ever.
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3 years ago, Pfern
Pay to play
This game could be fun, but there is no avenue for people to compete unless they want to pay a lot of cash (think thousands of dollars). The game is structured in a way that the big spenders are exponentially stronger and better than even the medium spenders. And if you want a truly free game, well good luck. If you grind it out and put in the time you will then find when you are close the developers will just add another layer on top for the big spenders to keep spending. We saw this with the recent additions of the 6th star for officers and the Titan. It is super hard and takes a long time trading to even get 5 stars, now the big spenders can just buy that 6th star and you will not be able to compete. Everything in the game is just a way for the developers to get more money, and if you want to not get wiped to zero you will have to pay lots of money. One guy boasts of spending tens of thousands of dollars a month, and when you look at his city you can believe it. But how are you going to compete against that? How do the makers of this game expect to have a playing field where a free player or even a player spending a few bucks a day is to compete with someone spending almost a thousand on some days? It’s sad, because this really could be a fun game. But the fact it is a war game and you just get crushed by the big spenders takes the joy out of it.
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5 years ago, XxRhino2xX
Gameplay and Advancement
I’ve done a few reviews on other games and it sounds like a lot of complaining on my end. But the truth is, players download and take part in these games as a way to enjoy themselves and for the fun of it. Developers such as “Camel Games” has done what other developers are doing, receiving funds for made-up items, in other words, providing small packs for and unfair price. The packs are small, the speed-ups aren’t enough to accomplish any type of advancement and the timers on upgrades are extremely long, this entail, leaves us the purchaser having to spend more “real” money. I’ve been playing GOW for years and they have finally listened to the players and responded, they increased the number of items in their packs to even out what you spend for them. Camel games could do the same, but the fact still remains, they’re going to bleed you before they act. Now, why continue to play you ask, bc of the alliance and the friends I’ve made, but buying packs has come to a crawl. You pay 4.99 for a very small pack and then if you scroll down to their $49-99 packs, well let’s just say, you’d be a fool to hit the “buy” button. Compared to GOW, we’ll there’s no comparison, the developers at Camel games are going to control this to their benefit and the players will be forced to spend large sums to advance. Great game but steer clear of purchasing packs!
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2 years ago, Lord_Odin
Not tower defense
This is a strategy game; not a tower defense game. Most of the gameplay revolves around waiting on upgrade timers or paying with real/in-game currency. Only about 15% of the gameplay is actually tower defense. Plenty to do in early levels but mostly a waiting game by level 12. Look elsewhere if you want a game that you can pick up, play, and level up at any time. This is just a cash grab by all the gambling they’ve embedded in the game. 1 year update: I’ve quit the game. It has some decent gameplay but it’s literally PAY TO WIN. Every nation is going to have a rich jerk join and will spend his way to the top and ruin the fun for everyone. You can try changing nations but you’re always going to run into those types. The game has steered harder since I’ve joined to have people pay for anything as shortcuts and it’s gives them an advantage over you. You literally can’t do anything about it; even if multiple alliances try to fight it. You can’t even take a break from the game because you’ll get zeroed and have to rebuild your army and farms from scratch, which can take months….unless you pay. It punishes you for trying to have a life outside of the game. Don’t get this game. If you have, uninstall.
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2 years ago, AAllison99
Too easy to lose everything
Its too easy to make a mistake that can cost you your entire investment. I worked very very hard For over a year building my account. I accidentally used an 8 hour shield instead of a 24 hour shield because I was working my 12 hour job and was very tired when I came home. In 5 minutes my entire army was decimated when my shield expired. Customer service has not replied yet however all of my friends in the multiple worlds I play in tell me I am helpless and the company will not help retrieve anything. Its my first time ever doing this too. :( Please do not invest in this game as I did, so many players like me are traumatized by one negative experience that one small mistake can cause your entire account. A hard working mans money and time can be taken instantly if you are not on the game 24/7 during the KE events. 😩 This is the ONLY game in IOS where you can lose your entire year investment in one simple player error. One simple mistake can cost you thousands of your hard earned dollars. This is a very very shady way for a company to do business with loyal customers who give their life to the game. Sad day for me and all of my alliances members.
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5 years ago, Jpmiller66613
Age of Z
This is PrettyRicky here and I’m here to review Age of Z. All around it’s a great game!! New content is constantly being developed and added. I also feel like opinions of players are taking seriously and have some weight. So here is a suggestion on giving out better prizes for events not just fragments of prizes. Whole prizes would be nice such as 8hour Speedups, Elite teleports, March speedups, birthday cakes as a whole, etc. Even attacking Dino’s give you more prizes then killing them which seems backwards too me so please fix that if you can. Fragments of things which is nice like the detectors good job on that. Dino’s like I mentioned need fixing. Dooms iron grip needs better rewards. Elite wars and Doom are great the way they are. Other than that I can’t wait to see what merging worlds will do and adding zombies to our ranks maybe even as pets or commanders too. Thanks guys for all the fun I’ve had so far and looking forward to plenary more. I hope this review helped somewhat:) Oh what I would really like to see is some kind of envelopes to send an item to other players within our alliances.
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4 years ago, Katiealyssa
Zombie Fanatic and I found the perfect game!
I am still new at this game called Age of Z and though I don’t know much about it yet I am happy I came upon it. I’ve met some pretty great people along the way and they have helped me to better understand the game. Since Covid-19 and Boredom setting in I needed to find something else to do. I highly recommend Age of Z. When you download the app and create your profile you do go through a short tutorial but it’s not much info on how to really use it. Since there is a chat feature, and it a live chat with real people in real time you can always ask questions. You will become a part of an alliance and you can eventually once you get to know your alliance more, you actually can start to bond with your peeps. My favorite part of Age of Z is getting more and more battle power, because for one I won’t lose in a zombie attack and 2 I will be come stronger than other commanders. I hope to get to 1 mil eventually. Anyway, this game is a lot of fun, you should try it out, maybe I’ll see you on here! Thanks Age of Z!
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3 years ago, gamer freak 265
Reason why I give it a two star is because the game is censoring words that shouldn’t be censored for example the word have, contested and many more you need to fix this this is starting to get annoying trying to send someone a message and they can’t figure out what it said but the game is great love being able to have zombies in my army. the game is great just know if you do get attacked just kill the monster and let it build up. It is the best way to save your supplies when you need them to upgrade your base and only use the 8 hour shield when you have a lot plus collect a lot of gold in the mines it is the best way to develop quickly of course you can also make more bases in that world by making more accounts but I have only one and I am doing fine ps censored words that shouldn’t be censored are not fix go into your game and see for yourself start typing random word for example is, hour, have, that are censored fix this this is really annoying censor only cuss words this is ridiculous oh yeah and it is still doing plus you should make the territory give metal and ore as well food and oil don’t really do much for higher level cities
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3 years ago, jonesingf4U
MY WIFE is going to kill me cause of this can 😂 I am a recently started playing 160 days ago. Since I’ve started I have had a great amount of joy in my dull life. Eceryday is a new day, where you can always expect a new a event everyday. If you get bored play the tower defense and get those 3 stars. Or if tower defense isn’t your game and your more into Farmville type of game play than it has that also. Me personally always get excited when kill event comes. I really enjoy flying around, and feek like Robin Hood. Stealing from the reach and give to the needy and poor (that would be me 😂). But to teleport around a huge map, just scouting anything and everything I can. And when the Enemy attacks me I do the dip step and teleport out of there. But not till after I grab ad much resource I can before I get attack 😂 you also have elite war were you battle another city from a different world, war of worlds kinda the same concept. o my I’m getting carried away. But there are so many different ways to play and they keep it as fresh and exciting.
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4 years ago, Juggin'Landa
Age of Z is an awesome game
Juggin’Landa world #229 Age of Z is by far the most fun strategy warring game I have ever played!!! I have been playing for almost 2 months now and the game gets even better the higher your city level gets. However, I would like to suggest that we have more time available for the doom arena because a lot of people are literally from all over the world and sometimes it is difficult to do this task when there are a lot of different time zones within an alliance. Another suggestion would be after a city is attacked we should automatically be given a shield so no further damage is caused. It’s nice that we are given oil and wheat, but the city is still burning and can still be attacked by many players. I for one do not want to lose what little I have left after an attack. Also it is taking wayyyy to long to cure the infected her time for healing should be cut in half. I play everyday and she is hardly healed at all. Give us a break on this. There are not nearly enough treats to giver her for the love section either.
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3 years ago, smg25252
Please fix things that matter
I will start this review off with the statement that I have played the game from the very beginning. Over this time, I have seen the game transition completely to ppw. Events that used to have money incentives but not required have become completely money incentivized to do anything. The most concerning is the lack of care on behalf of camel to upgrade things that really matter. The game lags so much during attacks of any more than 10 people that it is impossible to attack in larger groups. Instead of fixing issues such as this, they will add some flashy animation that has absolutely zero benefit to the game. As for the initial look of the game, it has great initial gameplay and is strategic. However, as the game has become more geared towards money driven, the game has transitioned away from any strategy, as long as you spend massive amounts of money. I still play this game, but plea with the directors to look back at the game you had and realize that many of your large spenders are sick of the money grabs and not fixing issues that really matter, instead adding flash to illustrations. We don’t care about how flashy the game is, but want a game that works the way it should. Shame on camel for ruining what used to be a great game with strategy.
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4 years ago, Schlachtknabe
Newbie opinion
Been playing a couple of weeks now and am enjoying the game so far. I like the prompts and coaching the game provides to help you up understand what you need to do to upgrade your city and advance your power. Definitely a lot of thought and planning was put into this combat game. I’ve played several other combat games and find this one to be one of the better games out there. The science fiction aspect of the game puts a new twist on it for me. Plenty of tasks to do to keep you busy and prevent the game from getting monotonous and boring. Haven’t had any customer service issues yet or game malfunctions. It’s been pleasurable so far. My only beef is that I can’t use screen shots to communicate in alliance chat like I can in Evony. Let me add this-I have been playing for 4 or 5 months since I wrote my first review above. Still like the game. Like my alliance and the server I’m in. Several new contests and features have been added since I began to make the game more exciting and fun. I’m level 20 now and still growing my city!
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5 years ago, Vlamini
Rating event
Been playing this game a little while now, it is definitely more about battles with other cities and alliances than with Zombies. I would like to see more Zombie events that don’t require a player to be at an extremely high level. What I would also like to see change is the fact that there are hundreds of alliances but it has gotten so lopsided that just a few alliances continuously pummel the new players and smaller alliances to the point that is impossible to grow. If you don’t grow, they’ll never allow you to join them so it forces a lot of people out of the game that would otherwise be good players because they can never get anywhere. My tip would be to create more zombie events that any player can succeed at and make the PvP gameplay more level. Either by prohibiting high battle rating alliances to attack low ones or by graduating alliances to different worlds once they reach battle rating benchmarks so that it’s almost even across the board in each world. Really fun game if you can grow though! Gamer name is Death_bringer alliance is DiK
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6 months ago, Flyer357
Has potential
I have been playing this game for a few months now, and really still don’t fully understand the whole thing. At times it seems way too complicated for a mobile game. So many different power ups that I have no clue how they even benefit the game play, and very little explanation of each. Every time something new is unlocked and explained, I forget something else. Upgrades and power ups could be made much simpler. As far as trying to advance, it is quite frustrating to send troops out to gather resources, taking a very long time to complete their task, meanwhile another online player raids your base, and drains all of your resources, and yet somehow your defense wall shows very little sign of damage. So what is the point of spending all of those resources and time to build it up just so it can be passed over? In my humble opinion, while I like playing the game at times, it could be simplified quite a bit, focusing more on strategy and interaction. These over complex power ups and irrelevant side games don’t contribute anything to the game play or entertainment.
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3 years ago, eeg63
This is a pay to win game and a platform for cyber bullying
I have played this game during the pandemic, and it can be a fun and enjoyable game. However, in nation #342, there has been extensive cyber bullying on the part of two very large alliances. They lie, make excuses, but cannot take it in kind. Today, one of my members, quit. They sent 7 above 26 level bases against a 16 year old. They hit her over 40 times to zero her. They went after several lower level bases, for no reason. Yes it is a zombie hunting game, which is what my alliance likes to do. The occasional battle during a kill event, fine. But the pressure from the two alliances to join them or be destroyed is insane. I have registered complaints with the game, and my preference would be to move my entire alliance to another world and nation or refund our money. I will not tolerate the cyber bullying any longer. Today they decided to destroy our territory. The started before I left for work, and are still at it. Two bases, level 32 and 30, hammering away all day. There should be a massive nerf for anyone attacking more than two below your level. I think if Camel doesn’t respond to this issue, the game should be pulled from the App Store.
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4 years ago, Ozzy_81
Battle Beast
This is Ozzybear nation 113. I’m still fairly new at the game only city lvl 11, but I have already noticed how everything costs gold or real money. The battle beast is no different. Spend gold or don’t get it. There is a way to get it through growth of killing other players, but at my level and with a nation that has become over powered and anyone left at my level having no troops, it’s hard to do. Should have another way to get the stuff to feed the bear like leveling up city or research as well. Maybe even get something for taking out monsters. I’d love to have a Bear, I mean I am Ozzy BEAR lol. The next bedazzling creature I could think of to raise up and have as my very own pet would be a triceratops with lasers attached to it. Raise him up as a little baby to a full grown laser shooting dinosaur! And triceratops is my fave dinosaur lol. He would have to eat wheat or trees and maybe some zombie parts to get him used to attacking humans since he is a vegetarian after all. Thanks for the gameplay guys! It it a beautiful and fun game!
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4 years ago, Maximus Wick
AGE of Z Origins
I am not really a fan of strategy games, but i must admit that this game got me hooked. I am so impressed with the UI and graphics, and the developer’s incessant efforts to further improve it. Kudos to Camel Games Ltd. Becoming strong takes a lot of patience, work and time farming and joining events. Rushing levelling up is costly, i admit... but that’s part of the game if you really want to be the strongest or an elite commander. This game has opened brotherhood among nations, thanks to the auto-translation, though less restriction on words should be applied. You get to play with almost all races, and somehow find out that we actually can all get along. Changes or improvements in the game are based on players requests which is a very good thing the developers are doing, especially the rewards from every event. I have been playing for five months now and maintaing 5 accounts. This game for me is truly fun and exciting 👏👏👏 Maximus_Wick World 136 (ROC)
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5 years ago, MinusZero83
Keeping it interesting!!!
I’ve played several games of this type that get boring quick, NOT THIS ONE! I can honestly say I’m still enjoying every minute of it! This is the most excited I’ve been over a game in a long time! There’s always a variety of zombie events to look forward too for awesome rewards! I’m usually a solo player but from past experiences I know this type of game all but requires you to alliance up. Joining an alliance was painless and has been very enjoyable, I actually enjoy planning and participating in alliance activities now. Now this solo player is a key member in an alliance. I really enjoyed the solo, in-game activities that have individual as well as alliance goals/rewards. AGE of Z has definitely done a great job of keeping me interested. Although in app purchases are available I don’t see AGE of Z becoming a “pay to win” game. In-app purchases are a very nice boost, especially for the low cost, but they seem like a “requirement” to play. Overall an AWESOME game!!! See you in the battlefield!
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3 years ago, wickedX6
I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do!!
I have tried a few other brands of these types games and they were well meh to be honest, so when I downloaded this one, I thought it might be the same and boy was I wrong. I’m new to this whole world of strategy games and it’s definitely a learning experience, but I am loving this game so much. It is not like other the other games I have tried. The graphics are WAY BETTER, the rewards are better than any I have played similar to these types of games. and this game helps beginners like me understand everything u need to do. I’m sure advanced gamers love this game too, but if you are new to this like I am than this is the one you need to download to help you understand this world. FAIR WARNING THOUGH!! YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED. You will catch yourself thinking..... omg I gotta check my game ....I gotta research this, build that, train these guys, update Everything etc . Trust will get u like it got me lol. Great game! I can’t wait to learn more and get better!
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4 years ago, Patzomarco
2nd anniversary event-Suggestion
Hi there, my commander name is PatZo_Marco from nation #290 This game is the best around and is very addicting. I play it about 20 hours a day, made new friends and love the different battle missions. If you have not yet played this game I highly suggest you download it immediately, so many ways to play and most worlds are very competitive and full of fun players waiting to teach you how to play. Come to world 290, BRZ will show you how to play and become a warrior. ::::SUGGESTIONS TO GAME DEVELOPERS:::: A couple things I wish that were available are: 1. A way for the transfer of Complete teleport items(Elite Teleport or Random Teleport or Territory Teleport) from Player to Player(specifically: clan leader to clan members). If that’s not possible, then please make available the alliance store item of territory teleport for 5000 points or cheaper. That would be perfect to have and makes sense. Maybe have a limited use on it, (each player can only use that item once per month) 2. It would be more helpful if we could transfer gold, just like we can the other resources from clan member to clan member. That would be great for the game system too, since it would be taxed like other resources are, making money for the server. More people would buy gold and then be taxed on it when assisting it to their members. Think about it, another income stream for the game to become better. Thank you. Again my info is: Nation #290 Commander Name: PatZo_Marco
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4 years ago, 19point5
Age of Z
I started out 8-9 months ago with barely any experience with this type of game because most of the sports and gambling games took up most of my time. Since playing this game, Age of Z, my gaming free time has completely changed to this game and the sports games has become non existent with me because of the constant challenges and people you meet and interact with is brilliant. The learning process and the life that this game took of it’s own has been a blessing keeping me occupied with considering the stay at home pandemic that has been in effect. It definitely has kept me entertained, occupied and still engaging daily. I’ve made new friends through the alliance I ended up joining with and I gained maybe a few enemies as well as but it’s only in fun. I like how there are other games inside the game that help you earn more rewards towards the main objective so it’s a win win in that aspect too. I highly recommend to give this game a try. I’m Commander NixonKane alliance (GOD) in world #139.
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1 year ago, beshannon
Unless you spend large amounts of real money you cannot survive
Fun game up to level 15. Then you realize you need to be in an alliance. If you can find one and if you can survive to level then you will be faced with the cliques and politics. When nations become so afraid of losing, the top players bully everyone else into unfair "rules" to keep themselves at the top. Since you will never be able to spend enough to catch up in a nearly five year old game you end up quitting. Nation chat is full of unmoderated content including insults, threats and harassment. Given the player base this is to be expected. Just be prepared to have less fun each day while you try to grind the same pointless quests and tasks all solely designed to get you to spend money. Undoubtedly the developers have gotten rich but when you stop to think about all the players that could have spent money if the game were fair, then you realize the extent of the real failure. I lasted about 100 days and my nation is destroying anyone that does not fall in line with their rules. Hope the remaining few players enjoy the emptyness and loss when they try to win the next cross server event.
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5 years ago, Freefoam632795
Great Game!!!
UPDATE: Still a great recommended change would be to the 5 March Fleet Presets. I think allowing us to name them or give each preset a unique identifiers would be very helpful keeping up with which Fleet is for which purpose. Fun game that requires working with others in an Alliance! I’ve been playing a week and it’s eaten up a lot of my a fun way. Strategy and battle tactics come in handy so having an active alliance is a must. You’re going to inevitably end up with enemy alliances which means you’ll also find friendly ones. Pros: Nation Chat is awesome for keeping tabs on other nations at war. The drama and bickering between alliances is comical and quite entertaining. Actually fun watching alliances battle each other. Tower Defense is a nice mini game but need to have other repeatable rewards to keep us interested. Auto translate is helpful in allowing my alliances to have players from all over the world who all speak different languages. Cons: growing pains are inevitable in games like this. New player are likely to get plundered once their bubble goes. So key is to build army ASAP. Like every other game pay players will have an advantage...but the packs are cheap and often just a few dollars for those that want to spend. All together it’s an immersive and addicting game. I’m an Alliance Leader so it’s actually a bit of work to keep my members happy...but fun also. Triggertre DUW Alliance Server #74
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4 years ago, Kayla2193
Great game
I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and play for hours everyday! It’s more than just killing zombies, which I love, it’s making friends in an alliance and growing stronger together for friendly competition against the other alliances! There is so much detail and strategy to this game! I still learn new fine details and ways to improve myself! I do feel some things could be added to make it even greater!! My suggestion would be adding like a weekend event or even a monthly weekend event where building times are reduced by half. I say this because when your city reaches higher levels it can take days to upgrade 1 building to the next level. I feel this would be a nice boost to help players get slightly ahead. Another suggestion would be adding a mega awesome deal up for one time a month buy in the store. A deal with a couple packs of the highest amount you can get for each of the resources crates (food, oil, steel and minerals), several thousand in gold, several of the highest speed up timers for troops and for building timers, a peace shield and a elite teleport. Making this deal super cheap like a $1.99 -$4.99 would be awesome since most can’t afford the $30 to get this amount of goodies. Basically a lot more given for a super cheap price once a month to also help give the player a helpful boost to go toward upgrading and continuing to grow! Commander name: FoxesKK1518 World# 239
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4 years ago, Mrrampage1018
My review after 2 months of playing
There are pros and cons to this game but the cons are not exactly the games fault. To start with the pros, graphics are pretty good. First 10 city levels are fairly easy to achieve but I like that they make you work for it after that. There are a lot of different things to upgrade and collect so it’s easy to play this game for hours and not get bored. Now the cons, this game is a pay to win game so to me that is a con. Of course their is some strategy involved but for the most part if you are willing to throw your wallet into this game you will be the strongest. Like I said before, this isn’t entirely the games fault. I know in app purchases are how the money is made, however I don’t believe they intended for players to buy out the whole store every chance they got. All and all if your looking for a great farm style game with some zombies and war you found the right one for you.
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5 years ago, wti596916
My Most Used App. Period.
I’ve been playing AoZ for a few months now and have to’s a wee bit addictive, from the social aspects of a good alliance family, to that grind to the next event reward. AoZ blends city building simulation with tower defense, and a number of different events/challenges, with good effect. Build your army and defenses, raid cities for resources, slay zombies, defend your alliance borders. I find myself always coming back for more. In fact, according to my screen time, it’s the most used app on my iPhone! Unlike most other “free” games, I have not found it necessary to pay-to-win. Yes, there are various speed ups and power ups in the store, but diligently completing challenges and events usually reward players with ample gold and resources. I’m presently “cooking” a level 20 city and have had to spend precious few real dollars so far. Joining a supportive and active alliance is key to success and fun. I hope to be playing AoZ for a long time to come.
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4 years ago, long& wide
funtastic game!!
Hello Age of Z team, I’m a newbie to the game but as much as I’ve been playing I’ve noticed a few things: To start with there a lot of glitching and lagging, to the point to where for example I attacked a city or zombie , there was no burn or the zombie didn’t fall & disappear. Now it could be my phone idk, I’m just giving my review of Age of Z . The fundamental of the game are sound The graphics are superb and being one of the best games out , that I’ve played in a long time . But maybe in a future update there’s a way you give out cash for buying by killing the zombie horde , along with the gold and maybe Put more resources On the map. But over all it’s a great game I’ve meet other people around the world and they & I have started a smaller but up and coming alliance. This is Hopecrossing signing off of world 234, (OB1) May the sun always be shining and the zombies under your Boot Hill , Whoa!!
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12 months ago, original slipstream
Pay to win
The only reason I play the game is for the tower defense part. That is why I gave it 2 stars. The rest of the game, is all about getting you to spend lots of money on the game. You get attacked often, and they will steal all your resources. It takes forever to get all the reason we need to upgrade, which is hard to get cause of low amount resources mostly, and games full of thief’s that want to steal your resources. It would cost tons of money to buy the shields that you need. They take advantage of how easily some people can be addicted on the power trip they get from buying. Addicts will spends 10k $ on an game that’s not worth spending money on. Can’t forget the game crashing often as well. This about the 3 time I’ve played this game, only for the tower defense part of the game. The rest of the game is there just to get your money. At last I can’t forget lots of bugs that’s don't get fixed. So if you like an buggy game that crashes often, and to waste lots of money for nothing getting raided all the time, then this is the game for you.
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5 years ago, bdbcbshucc
Ghost hub #126 editor please read this please
Your game is awesome so dont get me wrong but you should add something that would throw it off from all the other games that are like this, we only have day time make it so every couple hours it turns to night an that’s when the zombies mutate or just different breads crawls out of the ground an they will attack you if they feel threaten by your army or just simply going to get resources, it would make it super intense, an then because are city is so big within are own castles an this is a Zombie game, I would die if you made it so that we could capture zombies an have them in a arena in are own castle an either we can can challenge them again or use them to attack other players, I don’t know how to make games an I bet it’s very costly and hard but you do stuff like that so it’s better than the other games I bet you would have theeeee best game out there after all these are ZOMBIES!!!!
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7 months ago, CEO of AT&T (shhh)
Not what you see
The screen plays you see are not part of this game. I know right? How is this legal or acceptable for an app? I’m guess there isn’t anything that requires you to use actual gameplay screenshots or video. Anyway the game is ok. You’ll need to put in a few weeks before you know what is even going on and build to be strong enough to join a GOOD and ACTIVE team to explain some things. The nations are overly involved with setting their own world rules. Might not be for everyone. Not for younger kids. Nation chat gets way to spicy and the picture reviews are a joke. NSFW material will post. Customer service or getting a reply from the game company doesn’t exist. Sure this doesn’t matter until you use an item and it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do and you’ll lose progress. Like months worth of progress. Like you were a lvl 25 but there isn’t an explanation on events and now you are lvl 14. Omg are you still reading? It’s a game and you’ll probably download it anyway thinking you’ll eventually get to those fun parts you see in ads. They don’t exist if you have forgotten.
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3 years ago, Conradus
After the Latest Update
I am hoping this helps out those who experienced the App not opening at all recently. My IPad mini was on IOS 12.5.1 and the game worked for a good while. But, I constantly had issue of the App always closing out on me. It wasn’t too bad, but I could only experience some aspects of the game. It was not until the day after this latest update I could not open the game at all. After reading some Facebook posts I realize why not try on a newer phone with IOS 14..... Fortunately, I had this option and it is messed up for those who don’t. It would have been nice to have gotten some type of pre-warning head of time. After downloading the App I was able to open the game. Fortunately, I bonded my account so I didn’t lose my City’s Progress. I don’t know what IOS it still works with other than the newest one, so this maybe a temporary glitch. Hope this information help a little, but I am sure the frustration will still remain until something is fix in the interim. All the Best!
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4 years ago, lucky hitman
More disappointment than fun!
Camel games is unsupportive of fair and harassment free gaming. When playing this game, real money is used to keep up and grow. You would think this investment would result in fair and just support for all players. Nope, sure doesn’t! Camel game is quick to take your money, but slow and ineffective to deal with player complaints involving rule violations and fair harassment free gaming!! The main alliance in my nation is toxic, rude and condones threatening and inappropriate behavior such as threats, obscenities and racism. This was reported, nothing happened and nothing was corrected. When the players tried to intervene, cheats were discovered making our virtual corrections against these problem players useless. Making money and more problems! By virtue of cheating and failed developer support, certain players are stealing from camel games and honest players! And they do nothing!!!
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5 years ago, Elcobcc
Age of Z is Amazing and so is my Ingame Family (TNH)
I started this game I would say a couple of months ago and I was skeptical at first but then I loved the game play and the detail in the map and monsters and the amazing city’s then I came along and found an amazing Family (TNH) TheNeighborHoodz and they made me feel welcome and I started donating and working hard and then I get a promotion and I wasn’t sure exactly what to do so I started asking questions and now another promotion later I am A Military Advisor for a Great and Wonderful family any and all of us help each other out even if its the last of a particular resource and another family member needs it we give it and it goes around like that with everyone. So I would 100% recomend this game to anyone looking for an amazing Experience and when u come in look us up (TNH) in the alliance search and send us a message and you too can be part of something great. Thank You, (TNH) Ninjaslayerz
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3 years ago, TallGuy2370
It’s a money pit
I was a 2 yr veteran of another camel game called War and Order. I got carried away with spending in that game, working up to C38 before giving it all away because our realm could not work together. A to Z seems like a step backward from WaO so far. The graphics are clunky and the format is basically the same. Build up your castle for free until you grow impatient and start spending. You think you’re not going to spend much and then you see your cc bill. Working against you is tapping all the freebies. It’s subtle training for spending. Don’t believe me? Good luck. BTW, I’m a USA player and the pack prices are different by country. The WaO packs cost a lot less than they do in the AtoZ game for USA players. The chinese players pay the least. That’s not fair at all. I was contacted to update my review because developer responded. The response is cookie cutter PR garbage. I changed my review from 2 stars to 1 and frankly think this is a zero star ripoff game. Reverse the sort feature so you can read all the 1 star reviews. They say the same things I have. This game is rigged to entice you to play and make you spend. If you’re easily addicted, run!
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5 years ago, The Scotty B
One of the best and most addicting games!
BOK_Highlander_ First off, let me say that I decided to check this game out just a month ago, as I was trying to find a game that satisfies my pvp and mmo needs. I was amazed at what this game offers! What makes me love this game is that you can find alliances where you and other members grow together and begin battling other alliances. Not only that, but you can form friendly and enemy alliance relationships. My alliance is very active in battles and it’s a blast! There are other alliances as well, that can offer whatever you’re looking for. Next, the upgrading of cities is awesome. You can promote officers that help your city, you can explore ruins which gain you benefits, and you can also purchase additional benefits if desired. You can create troops of all kinds, and grow your city. You can go out into the world to gather resources, and upgrade your in city farms. Not to mention you can link your account so you never lose it. Age of Z does a great job at creating daily and weekly events, and they have already introduced some cool stuff just this month. Lastly, you can battle zombies in multiple different ways and get rewards, from fighting zombies in ruins, zombies out in the world, or battle hordes of endless zombies to gain even more rewards! I think you get my point, that you should give Age of Z a shot. I highly recommend this game.
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2 years ago, Greenday1975
Will waste your money
Been playing for 3years I think. Have waited to give my review. 1. The game is fun in the beginning,yes can’t argue that. 2. You will make new chat friends across the world. 3. It is fun to lvl up your city. But her is why I see it being a 1 star game. And just a place to make friends. There battle system is a joke. No matter how much you build someone higher lvl can take all you have done and make you start over. So building your city comes to a stop. Plus they merge worlds so other alliances kill everything and make it impossible to gather and grow. And decide if you are worthy to play or not. Plus people sale accounts for money to jump lvls. Witch I just find wrong and cheating anyways. O and warning if you do this people steal them back after they get your money. Have seen this happen to people. There is so much wrong with this game you will leave it after a short time. Or you will spend lots of money to lvl then a merge will happen then you will leave because you will die. So for me I sit died in 52 only to log on to say high to my friends from time to time.
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5 years ago, Guardboi2100
Awesome game
CaptainNiko here from world 29. I’ve now been playing this game for almost 6 months. I still play this game as much now as I did when I started. All the updates are amazing and they keep adding new events to keep the game interesting. My favorite now??? Void Wars. You can now work with other alliances in your world to fight against other worlds to see who is the best. I really like this new event because they are pretty fair in trying to match worlds with about the same Battle Power. That helps when it comes to firepower. The new infinite zombies events are awesome as well. The more you perfect your score, the more gifts you can get. They also keep things interesting by varying the events in the Strongest Commander event. Every time, it’s a difference order of phases, so you have to pay attention and prepare for any possibility. Camel Games really got this game right. With millions of downloads...the game has to be FIRE!!!!! Niko
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2 years ago, NawfullS
Hate and Racist players, and it's allowed
Have been playing this game for about 2 weeks. Joined an alliance. Was growing. They were teaching me a lot of the game mechanics. Was going great!! Until.....some players were using racist remarks. Sending out hate messages to other players. This action cannot and will not be tolerated!!! What's worse. You send the comments to customer service. They claim to "act" on it. But those same people are active. Nothing happens to them. I have seen the same player for the past week use major MAJOR profanity on people. While at the same time calling them racist words, and sending out hate filled threats!!! Again. This game allows it!! They will not stop it. I cannot play a game that will tolerate such violent hate filled racist remarks!!! Way to go Customer Support!! UPDATE: Game makers said they acted. Did what? The same players still there. Not suspended. Still posting HATE AND RACIST remarks. Gamer does not care! They want $$$$$. Posted this all over social media. Showing the game maker only cares about the money, they won't even uphold their own guidelines and rules!
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4 years ago, neko1130
A must-play!
Age of Z Origins is one of the best strategy apps available. I’d recommend it to all those looking for a good game—I have been hooked since I started playing a year and two months ago. That said, there’s room for improvement for the developers: 1) The game lags or crashes when a large group of players send their troops out around the same time—void wars, zombie uprise, Global Conquest. Such lags and crashes are not tolerable at all, especially during void wars. They MUST be fixed, please. 2) The Blueprint Chest S—please find ways to allow players to obtain more of them each day. Collecting 100 of them for one single Blueprint S is just unreasonable. I wanted to say the same thing about power ore, some rare materials (console, power pump, and circuit board), but compared to Blueprint S...well. A mini-game would be an option, like you did the shooting game. 3) Please find a way to integrate and show the results of all void wars, Global Conquests to date. 4) Please provide us with higher-level monsters. Many cities are now beyond C30; we need tougher monsters, better rewards —how about a ratio of 1:10 to win a Blueprint Chest S, for each L31-35 monster kill?! Also, they need to re-spawn at a shorter interval, please! But overall, thank you for the game. For Age of Z, I am missing about an average of 1.5 hours of sleep each day, but I still enjoy it. :-) WKM, #52
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5 years ago, Buffdaddy45
Fun Game That Doesn’t Break the Bank
Age of Z is great at world-building, troop development, skill learning, and side missions. The Tower Defense is one of my favorite games within the game because your success is all about the strategy of setting up automated weapons of war to defeat oncoming waves of zombies of varying strengths. I love the fact that it isn’t difficult to build up your city while fending off larger commanders and alliances who bully the smaller cities or newbies. The alliances are a great feature that enable collaboration and best-practices for defeating common enemies and forming alliances. Although in-game purchases greatly help and advance the cause of your growth, it isn’t impossible to grow and scale without making purchases, and that’s a huge distinguishing factor of this game. The other thing I love about Age of Z is the ability to engage in several activities while I’m waiting on my buildings or main hall to upgrade. Commander name: Xander Gray
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5 years ago, njzeus
Same problem as all of these “city” games
Good idea, bad execution. First off, the game force closes every time I tried to switch between my city and the map, or vice versa - really annoying. But the big problem is that it falls into the same trap as all of these city building type games - at some point all of those morons who do nothing but play this game will repeatedly attack your city and kill your progress (and all of your enjoyment). It boggles my mind why you can’t choose an independent option for these games. Let me fight zombies and build my city. I don’t care about other players; I don’t want to join an alliance and I don’t want to invade/be invaded. For the love of god just let me play! Thought I could stave off the nonsense by just not joining an alliance, but you can’t continue on the zombie fighting without it and you still get invaded. Yet another deleted app added to the long list. Seriously, will someone start designing some interesting games that (A) aren’t dependent on other players and (B) don’t require an Internet connection? Once you get beyond puzzle games, there is nothing enjoyable like that. How can that be?
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4 years ago, Jdyfyhfjfhnf
Generally a good game if you like this type
This game follows in the line of so many others. Generally it is a fun version of this well known genre of game. The introduction of zombies is done well and Lucy has a lot of potential, but her storyline becomes too repetitive. More should be added there. Alliance functions are good and make a big difference in enjoying the game. Combat is just ok. No innovation here. A breaking point for many and one that dropped the stars for me was there is no protection once you have been invaded. A big spender can come in and wipe out your defenders then continually attack sucking all your resources while you’re powerless to stop it. Days or weeks of resources gone in an instant. An 8-hr protection for defeated cities would help. Or minimize the resources the invade can steal. Over all game is a good effort, but there isn’t much innovation in the genre here. One other idea: consider allowing alliances to build defense towers within their territory. If an attacker comes near a tower during an attack, the tower will attack the attacker.
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5 years ago, please read this?
One Suggestion
I am a fairly new player to this game, and so far it is great! You have plenty of time to get everything together; to learn everything. By the time my peace-shield was out I was already on level 8! The beginning of the game is great, but as time goes on it takes longer. The only thing that is really bothering me right now is that you can only upgrade one thing at a time. Usually, you are able to upgrade a lot of things, but you can only choose not to upgrade. I don’t really care about how long the upgrade takes, I just want to be able to upgrade at least three things at once. For example, when you get multiple farms, you are able to upgrade them all at once. I hope you read this suggestion, because they really do make your game better. You have to listen to what the players say. Thank you for making this game, it is really great!
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