AI Logo Maker: Graphic Design

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4.7 (98.1K)
295.1 MB
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Current version
Bizthug Pte Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AI Logo Maker: Graphic Design

4.67 out of 5
98.1K Ratings
5 years ago, TappinMyPhone
Got it all
I got this app to make some quick logos for redbubble, but there are a lot more kinds of things I ended up making. There are things for document headers and monograms, stuff for T-shirt designs and all that. I can use photoshop pretty well but the templates here, plus it being on my phone, make it easier to just do on the app and export. It saves a lot of time picking a font with the premise templates but if you want to go through 1000 of them I guess you can lol. I think the subscription part is OK especially since they lowered the price, and it definitely beats the cost of a creative cloud subscription. Just sell a few stickers and T-shirts online with the stuff you make here or take some fiber job and it basically pays for itself. I’d say my only complaint is that there are so many templates and I’ve used most of the ones I like but I just checked and there’s been more added so I guess no complaints from me 👍👍👍 good job keep it up proud of ya
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12 months ago, TerryLee85
Love IT!
One of out of like 12 logo design That is not counting post makers business card Design and many others I’ve worked worth in Order to reach my expertise for my business needs but I’d say out of my top 12 that I’d Prefer Most of all is this one. I don’t know It will be able to order one year subscription. Due to recent funding issues but I’m going to most definitely try. I feel this app would cover 70 to 90 percent Of my business fees such as campaign contributionsAdvertising donations fundraisingEven as far as uniform design, business cards, personal logo and much more. I love the signature front from the designer or developer from whom made the app and would like to seek personal permission from whom design to use that front in my personal logo if possible. Plz contact me if possible. Sincerely TerryLee C.E.O founder of Estines international Information LLC.
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6 years ago, Stephenoduinn
A good app but shady subscription
This app works well, I was able to create logos that look pretty good. I imagine they’re not all that unique since this app only has so many designs, but it is what it is. I’m totally fine with that too. However, $8 a week to unlock non-watermarked logos and access to the better looking graphics is a bit steep. But once you design the logo, you can create it and then cancel the subscription and pay as you need it I guess. Funny thing is that when I went into the App Store to cancel the subscriptions (which Apple has buried deep within the app to keep people from canceling subs I feel) there were two options for subscriptions. $7.99/week to unlock everything or 5.99/month to unlock everything. Maybe the verbiage is incorrect but it looks like you can get the subscription for much cheaper as it’s stated now. 3 stars for being a good app and having quite a bit to choose from, but also because it’s overpriced and starts you with a more expensive weekly subscription when there is a cheaper monthly subscription.
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6 years ago, Cruiz_49
Hi! I hope all is well with everyone & hope everyone had a great Easter! I really started off enjoying this app when I first downloaded it. So much that I even purchased the subscription for how many plans I had for this app. I run a clothing line called “Cruzco Clothing” and wanted to make banners/cover photos of sales, deals or even just quotes that I would share with my prospects. I made one & right as I went to save it, i could not find it in my photo library. I kept trying over & over again, but still nothing. I spent some good time messing around with the samples & graphics, but completely defeats the purpose if I cannot show off my work to my fans on my page. If this can get fixed or figured it, I will be willing to change my rating to 5 stars as I love the idea & concept of this app. I plan to use this app for years upon years through my career & would hate to cancel my service due to this. Thank you guys for taking the time to read my review & hope to hear something back! Best Regards!
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4 years ago, user_405
Good but A few tweaks need to be made
I originally got this app to make a logo for an idea I had. I quickly discovered that if you wanted to make your own design, the logo maker watermark was there. Also, most of the cool backgrounds and fonts were locked. In conclusion if you really want to get the most out of this app I recommend paying for all the features. If you don’t, you’re designs are kind of pointless! When you buy all the features the app works very well and you can even you use photos from your library as backgrounds.
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5 years ago, SecondSeasonVintage
Keeps Crashing after paid $40
I already sent an email AND Facebook message and haven’t heard back. I downloaded the app a few months ago, and paid the whole $40 for the year. Though at times the app is hard to use (it's hard to click and drag the right thing, to use your fingers to move things around without messing with something else, etc), I have still made some good digital flyers through it. However, yesterday when trying to create another flyer for the sale I am having on my online store, the app kept crashing. I was unable to access "my designs" - and that happened the rest of the day and evening. Finally, today, I deleted and reinstalled the app, logged into Facebook to access my previously made designs, and yet, I can't. It gives me the loading screen forever. No change after ten minutes. This is ridiculous. I paid $40 for this app - the most I've ever paid - just to have it crash and not work. Please help, or fix this bug.
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9 months ago, 101BlahBlahs
Read the reviews first!
I could have saved myself some frustration if I’d read the reviews prior to signing up for the free trial. After downloading the app and trying the free trial I was excited about the app. But after 1/2 day with the free trial their strings started to show. The app became cluncky, I can’t even use the app now because it’s still trying to get me to sign up for the free trial which I already have. A free trial should show you the capabilities of the app and instill confidence in the user that the company can be trusted. This did the complete opposite. Unfortunately, their obvious ploy of dangling a free trial in front of you is back firing. If the app did what it said it does and they were honest about what they were offering I’d use this app but until they stop using manipulation and dishonesty I’d avoid this app completely. Watch for the generic response they’ve used for every negative review below.
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5 years ago, Npo74
Do not download if you do not intend to BUY
I was just testing waters for a new logo maker app and this one came across. The app itself is good, but I decided to cancel my 1 week trial after 2-3 days after reading the reviews. I wish I had read it beforehand. Now I’m struggling to cancel my FREE trial. I followed the instructions about a million times for the past hour and I can’t for the life of me cancel the subscription. I don’t want to wait until the it’s too late and be charged when I’m no longer using the app. Also, an advertisement blows up right after you open the app so I would be afraid of opening it because it makes it very hard to avoid the “purchase” button. I feel trapped and am still struggling to cancel it. They did not give me an option to cancel. I will have to call Apple in the morning to ask them to remove it for me. Overall, OK app but not worth the hassle if advertised as a FREE trial, when in the end, will be forced to pay.
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3 years ago, CruzControl777
Very frustrating app
I have used this app to design a logo (which is very easy to start which is why it gets at least 2 stars) for school but it has deleted my work after I spent hours working on it. Even if you manage to survive this process and complete a logo good luck accessing it again in the future. I’ve had layers not load in and ruin a perfectly good logo so you’d have to recreate the whole logo instead of loading the existing one to make minor changes. The color options are difficult to navigate (would prefer a screen that lists all of them instead of having to scroll for each one) and for the love of (insert deity you worship here) please add a color picker so we can get the exact color we want. Would not recommend this app. Use something else
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5 years ago, RussellRanch
Not working properly
I love that you can create your own design and work with each individual layers. BUT I’m having trouble getting my design to stick. 1) When I choose my image, it pulls up a previous saved image instead of the image I’m wanting to work with. 2) Trying to fit the image within the markings is a pain and there isn’t a lot of flexibility. 3) After getting the image somewhat where I want it placed in those markings, it doesn’t save. There is an error and it wants you to start all over. Also, it would be nice to have the option to delete images that are no longer needed. I’m excited about this app, but I’m frustrated that it’s currently not working properly.
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2 years ago, DanniDerek33
User friendly,
Hi,! Technology is not my strongest skill set. In fact I have to pay an IT consultant monthly to run any business sites I have. However, I saw this in the App Store. And figured I would end up deleting it in frustration. Everything is so clear, and yes like anything with practice imagine being able to use It for a lot more work projects. Try it, it's goof proof. And the more I use it the more I discover just how many applications it can have! Very grateful, Danielle Derek
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5 years ago, Ldiddy17
The worst app ever
I have literally never ever written a review for anything in my life but I felt compelled to warn others before they get as frustrated as I am. This app is RUBBBBBISH. The fonts are not complete and cut off some letters, every time you save something and then open it (Bc the one thing the app does well is crash, and often) everything is jumbled and you have to basically start from scratch. I have spent close to 48 hours just trying to create a simple logo for my business and this has been a nightmare. Literally just words on a background. I can’t even imagine the rage I would feel if it was remotely complex. Don’t do it...just don’t...and it’s too bad Bc if they fixed the issues, I’m sure it wouldn’t be awful but in its current state, STAY AWAY AND SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION. I want to give it zero stars but it won’t let me!
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6 years ago, €xcalibur
Might as well be a payed app
This app legit gives you no incentive to want to use it, I thought the purpose of a free app was to give you a WORKING preview with some added features you can buy to have a “full product”, instead this whole thing is basically the front door before you get in the club.....I mean really you can’t even change the font style without having to pay, the font style! On top of that the layout looks outdated and not very well put together. The purpose of this app is to scam you into a subscription where they hope you’re too lazy to call the foreign number and cancel, or maybe even worse keep you in that game until you have to call ur bank and cancel your card because otherwise they woulda just sold the app for a flat price like all the others do.
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4 years ago,
NOT GOOD! Can’t save png and can’t retrieve saved logos
For those of you who can’t cancel through this app, go through your carrier. Apple iPhone has a subscription list of apps you subscribed to and you can unsubscribe/delete there. Very disappointed! First of all, you spend your time making the logo, but when you save it and try to go retrieve it, the app crashes. I no longer can retrieve my old work. Secondly, at first I was able to save the PNG format on my phone, but now it won’t save in that format anymore (I can’t save the logo with no background). I was able to paste logos on to images without background before and now it doesn’t allow me to—since I can’t save in png format. I needed this for work and now it’s useless. I’m going to cancel my subscription. Don’t waste your money!
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6 years ago, EmilyCucchi
Charging me to “unlock everything” but everything is still locked.
I started using this app many months ago to design logos for my macaron shop. Although it froze a few times it was still much better than any other app I had used, so I subscribed for $5.99 a month to unlock everything. I hadn’t used it in a few months. I just went in today and although I am showing as still subscribed and they are still charging me $5.99 per month, the content is no longer unlocked. It looks like they have changed their pricing to $7.99 per week to unlock everything now (which is ridiculous), and are still charging me, but not allowing me access to anything. Someone got greedy! I will be canceling by the end of the day if this is not addressed.
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6 years ago, Dolphin7227
Very Disappointed
Sadly the glitches , freezes and constantly kicking you out of the app has ruined my opinion of this app. I had such high hopes for it after spending hours last night looking thru options and playing. Around with them only for it to decide to keep freezing and not allowing me to open saved versions I had created. So I have lost hours I can’t get back. I own a business networking group and was hoping to introduce this to my huge webinar audience and an affordable option but I can’t even get my partially down logo off the app now. Too bad so sad I won’t be recommending this app now. I had hoped to partner with this app to create options for small businesses but unless they fix the issues like pronto I won’t be able to do that
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1 year ago, 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠
It did not even load in…I did not get to do anything
Just to let you know I’m not gonna say anything about this app and how it worked in functioned when you use it. I tried logging in and I reset it multiple times and going to different places to see if it was my Internet problem, but it wasn’t. I was really excited about making a logo because I’m starting a small business… But I tried to load in and after the “intro” to the app it just wouldn’t load it was just a plain white screen. I was really disappointed and I went to another app that works better for me but this seem to have a lot of good templates and I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to use the app properly.
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6 years ago, Reedsn
$7.99/WEEK?! Are you MAD?!
That’s $415 a YEAR... I want to make ONE png logo, not make and sell logos I’ve made off my phone (to recoup my weekly spending on this one app). There should be a more reasonable option for those who are just looking for one-time use—99¢ to $1.99 for a one-time png download would be WAY more reasonable than $7.99/week for something I won’t necessarily need to use again. And, perhaps I’d be more apt to use it again, should I need another logo, if there were a more reasonable pay option. But I need one logo, one time (at the moment) and I can’t do ANYTHING with a jpeg with a large, white, square background with YOUR watermark...and I’m not about to spend $415 a YEAR for one logo. Please consider this option—I’d like to have a reason to change this review.
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6 years ago, Rwassi
Save The Animals!!!
I do NOT make logos, but I use this app to make posters for my save the animals club. One thing though. I accidentally pressed the back button while making a poster and lost all my progress. I recommend that you make a thing so it says “are you sure” when you press the back button, so people don’t lose their progress. Also, I recommend it to people who are reading this, okay, that is all I really needed to say, but please do something about the back button.
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5 years ago, KPTeach101
What went wrong??
I loved your app from the moment I downloaded it. My podcast co-host and I even paid for the yearly package to make our images to post to our social media account and promote our podcast. HOWEVER, you all have done an update that has messed everything up. It deleted all my saved designs 🙄 and now it won’t let me access the ones I took FOREVER to redo. It changes the colors, fonts, and puts graphics/texts all over the screen. SUPER disappointed. I can’t keep spending this much time to redo things and then it STILL not work. Unfortunately, if you all don’t figure it out soon.... we’ll be switching to another app and cancel our subscription. 😭 This is sad when you all use to be so user friendly and RELIABE.
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12 months ago, Electrareigns
This app is actually the WORST. Only rating it 5.0 star so my review actually gets acknowledged 😒seriously don’t download!! First you’ll be offered 3 days freetrial and once you sign up, you dont have any of the freetrial benefits. The app will glitch entirely out causing you to have to go back and restart just to then ask you again to sign up for the freetrial even tho you already have. Seriously crap.
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3 years ago, typingreviews
Really good app
I really love this app! It’s really fun and easy to make things and I end up with a really good design I really love it but just here is the problem. Why does most of the things have to be money this app is wonderful with no need of money or give us more options for free, because a lot of things are worth money and sometimes I’m not able to do many things! This is a very wonderful app I just think make this app all free or give more options for free!! I am sometimes not able to save a design! But I would highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Coolz Coolz
This app is A Joke!!
I’m on my 3 day free trial so I started right away trying to play with the graphics and build a business card for my husband. It took a lot of time because they didn’t have a fishing hook so I had to improvise. Making a business card look good is no easy task. It takes time. I’m deleting this app because after all that wasted time the app doesn’t save my work. I tried three times, all different ways to save, thinking it was me, and nope. The only part the app saves are the graphics and words I added but they are all messed up. They have all been reverted back to their original size, color, and in the middle of my card. What good does that do? It’s like starting over every time!!
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2 years ago, iminubu
Works as expected so far.
I’m not interested in making a lot of logos, just one for my business, so I’m not looking for a long-term relationship with a “subscription”. So far in the last five minutes of working with this app it has not “Wowed” me, nor has it frustrated me. This is the time-frame Logo Maker asks for a Review, and must feel one should have had enough time to adequately check out functionality and check out all the features in this app. I may update my review after I’ve had more than the 5 minutes Logo Maker gave me.
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5 years ago, 97429
Difficult to use
I admit this is my first time using an app like this for starters. With that said I had a hard time figuring it out. I got to something I like and I can’t figure out how to get it off the app so I can use it on a business card or how to get it onto one of the apps own business card templates. I can’t make a custom color. I can’t adjust the spacing between letters. It just isn’t very customizable at all. My first failed attempts to figure this app out cannot be deleted. It stinks especially since I paid for a subscription. I recommend passing on this app until the developers figure out a more user friendly, customizable update.
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7 years ago, Pookiemomma
Horrible App. Save your money!
I saved a logo They I had created after fighting through all the freezes and glitches. A few days later, I was going to send my logo to a printing company for a review. After I opened the “saved” folder, I found my logo with half of the artwork missing and some of the text missing. I know I had reviewed the logo in the “saved” folder shortly after saving it. So I know that it was originally correct but was corrupted somehow after. To make matters worse, I corrected the logo and submitted it anyway as a email attachment. A few hours later I received a email back to inform me that the original was to low in resolution to use. Bottom line: Save your money!
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4 months ago, HoodWize
Business Owner
Sweet app, instead of wasting, a whole bunch of money / time to find a logo artist that’s willing to craft you face card of your creation when you could do it yourself and retain everything that comes with it, residual percentages on top of other fees …. specially, if you’re independent like everything else you do being independent might as well cut that middleman or woman out an stay independent
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1 year ago, Me Myseves & Eyes
Unauthorized charge
I added the three day free trial yesterday and used the app to create a logo. I like it but was looking for something a little more. When I went to me subscriptions this morning to cancel the trial I was only given the option to cancel with the renewal date of next year and a charge to my account. I went to the app hoping to find some sort of help and was faced with ads to subscribe or sign up for a 3 day trial. I am sure there is some sort of mix up here. I am just not sure how to solve it.
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3 years ago, soysauceme
Great for Laid-back Looks
Have only used it for less than an hour and so far so good. Very easy to navigate if you have used other creative apps or older versions (‘05-‘07ish) of photoshop or inDesign. Basic features are suffice for simple tasks, projects, or homework presentations. The built-in graphics could be more diverse. Majority of the graphics are bold, wide-lined symbols/clip art and on the cartoonish side. For me, the graphics and backgrounds selection lacks more elegant, classy, and subtle embellishments.
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6 years ago, BlobFish M@ngo
Not Original
I feel that this app is just a bunch of presets, I wish you could really make it your own. I also think but isn’t very smart to make us have to buy a full version to unlock things. I didn’t experience any glitches or freezing because I got this app after it had been fixed. I really wish it want just presets so that I can make an original design without using preset items. If I missed a section where you can completely customize my design, I apologize, but I think you should make it not JUST presets.
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3 years ago, John Crews
Never-Ending Loading Circle?
There is a circle in the middle of the screen as if it’s attempting to load something at all times. I’m able to navigate the Home Screen in the app but can’t work on designing anything because it won’t let me open the options available. I wanted to try it for free at first and then opt-in on the trial and use it consistently for the following year or two for business use but the app is entirely dysfunctional for me! Not sure. Will re-download and update this review IF it’s fixed. If my review doesn’t change, you know why - keep scrolling and find a better app!
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2 years ago, bebuffster
While I’m a beginner at logos and can’t compare this app with any alternative logo makers I’m not a beginner with photography & video apps so I have certainly had enough experience to say that I do recommend it for beginners. Always a lot of locked features anytime you’re on free apps so that’s expected. Selection is fair to good for free & user friendly so far.
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1 year ago, nadfar1234
Scam it automatically bills u
I had to get Apple involved to refund my money hopefully they would but I canceled rRIGHT after I downloaded cuz I always forget and get what I Still got billed for the entire year $39 and got charge BEFORE the 3 day trial was even up. The app is crap don’t even bother to download. I reported this app to Apple as it’s scamming users at least a week or two of 8 bucks before u even realized what’s going on. Beware all these apps that have weekly subscriptions. But this one is the absolute worst I should have read the reviews first before downloading. And there is NO app support just a defunct Facebook page
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5 years ago, laurrbrooke
Unauthorized Charges
I have been charged $5.99/month for an app that I am not using because of the auto renewal feature after the free trial. I opened the app to cancel the subscription only to be met with “start your free trial now”. I am unable to cancel because it doesn’t even recognize that I am subscribed, yet I have been charged $5.99/month starting last May. That totals $60 when the advertisement states $39 for a whole year. I am asking for a total refund or at the very least the difference that I have been overcharged. I cannot find any app developer contact info aside from a link to a Facebook page. I am extremely frustrated.
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1 year ago, mrjaxk
Was great but update ruined it
This app was perfect for creative ppl looking to use their creativity for something! you barely had to watch ads for anything, and you don’t need the premium to be able to do most things. But with this update after everything you tap you have to watch a ad. And now you have to sign up to be able to save your progress, which wouldn’t be bad if you could go through that process without watching 3 ads.
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2 years ago, Kikojkidd
I was able to create the logo that I wanted, but anytime I would go into work on it components of the logo would be missing therefore causing me to start over almost 30 times. I found that there was no customer service to help me resolve this issue costing me a deadline and major money lost with my customer. I couldn’t even have it in a higher resolution that would happen decent enough to have printed for the side of a trailer without getting someone else to help which also cost me more money. Overall I would not recommend this app whatsoever or any components thereof.
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6 years ago, godhatesfigs69
UI lacking quality
The UI isnt intuitive in the least bit. You can't scale, rotate, or otherwise edit an element at the same time.. You must scale, hit checkmark; then select rotate, rotate the element [which I should mention, can only be rotated 0-360 degrees- You can't rotate it counterclockwise?], hit checkmark, decide to scale it down a bit, select scale, etc. You get the point. Maddening to use; and overpriced, although I understand the developers have to make some $$ for their work despite Apple's greedy hand in their profits. TL;DR: Find another app.
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5 years ago, morganwolfe777
Poor support if you have an issue.
The app is actually pretty good. However, I recently began having what seems to be a bug. While creating a logo, I select the font for the text and press the ☑️, it cuts off part of the text. I tried to get in touch with support about this issue and it sends me to Facebook messenger which they have not responded to or even looked at. An app is only as good as the support for it. Because I feel their support is poor, I give it two stars. If they’d have gotten back with me about the issue, I’d have left a better review. I
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4 years ago, Linda G. The Crazy Goat Lady
Missing option for exporting logo on websites
I love the lock maker for my business cards and letterhead, invoices etc but it was hard to figure out how to save it to get it on my web page. But it had very nice fonts and ways to color everything. So it’s worth the $4.99 a week so I can work on a logo. Most logos are done professionally and cost a mint. Doing it yourself is fun!
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6 years ago, Mordicaiandrigby1
Very Unsatisfied
There aren’t any real cute designs, plus the app freezes A LOT. Not to mention it’s difficult to try to get the app to work with you with the different layers once they’re on your photo. It’s easy to navigate, but it doesn’t work well with trying to do something VERY specific. I got this app to make logos for my social media and was only able to create one out of the many logos I needed to... I wouldn’t pay for this. $6 a month is NOT worth the premium version of this app. There should be more professional looking designs and fonts also.
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5 years ago, Nata2903
Don’t accept the trial and never pay for it!
This app is so deceiving. It offers you 3 days trial, after the trial it doesn’t give you the option to cancel it. All the options are different prices, 1 week, monthly or yearly. I chose 1 week to see if they would let me cancel it after one week, but they put it as automatic renew, so I keep getting charged every week. I tried to report a problem and when I say I want to get refund it shows a message saying it doesn’t meet the refund rules. I just wrote to apple assistance to see if they help me cause I keep paying something I don’t want anymore!
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2 years ago, Person12453278
All this company wants is money
This app used to be free to use (With some limitations requiring purchase), but recently they’ve changed. Their app is free-to-download with some in-app purchases to benefit your experience, now the company has made all their free features inaccessible unless you sign up for their “Trial Membership”. The free features were not upgraded in any way, meaning the company took those features away from it’s users in hopes they would get more money. Why have your app listed as free to download but you cannot use the app unless you make a purchase?
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3 weeks ago, NotSoCivilEngineer11
AI is not advanced enough for logo making
After experimenting with a 4 AI logo making apps, I have come to the conclusion that AI is just not ready for it. The name of the business is never spelt correctly and most of the images it generates are just not coherent. At best, this app can give you ideas to take to a graphic designer, but you really have to play around with the prompt and be very specific. Almost to the point where the app is no longer giving you ideas. Just take the prompt and give it to a professional. AI has a long way to go for generating images.
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2 years ago, Sky Aries SAMONIE
I love it you can make things but they really you guys really need to just let it be free because people can make a lot of business stuff so it’s just great but like I’m starting on a small business and I just need some thing that’s free because I don’t have a lot of money I just need something that’s free but it’s just really good
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6 years ago, machinegunmishaa
Good idea... not well executed
So the content of this app is nice, if it didn’t crash all the time! The fonts are amazing but I had to restart my projects (one more than one occasion) because it keeps crashing. I also had issues with trying to save my work, when I would tap the check mark it did not respond. Editing text is quite the task also. I do not recommend this app until all bugs are fixed. I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription but have yet to find the proper “how to” information.
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2 months ago, YP Got Tha Mix
For a quick logo it’s great, for a professional one, Needs a little work
It was great for what I needed quickly. But the fine pointing in the design area, and following the script in the beginning need to be improved for any professional work. I am broke, not a professional, and have no creative ability to get my ideas on paper so my needs were exceeded!
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6 years ago, Brielle Dabell
Great, but would like to see more
I just recently downloaded this app, and I love it. It is very easy and fun to use. The only thing keeping me from rating this 5 stars is the fact that though they do supply you with fonts, stickers and backgrounds, they supply you with few and want you to buy the usage of the others. So there’s that to consider, but if you don't mind that, than it really is an amazing app
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6 years ago, Nerdica7
Disappointing logo app
I decided to sign up for the 7 day free trial to create a 1st draft logo for my new business. Great. Problem is I spent a good amount of time (due to freezing issues) creating what I wanted only to open up the app today and find that my ‘saved’ file is nowhere to be found. It’s too bad because their options are better than other logo apps out there however if you can’t successfully save a project customers will quickly be irritated and look elsewhere. Will not be subscribing.
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1 year ago, Gacha Girl :3
Straight up bad
To do at least one thing you pay five dollars a month. I hate apps that to this it’s so annoying. So how is the star rating 4.7? people don’t know how messed up this app is in the only game logo y’all have is among us it’s not even popular anymore. it’s just overall a bad app. I do not recommend buying this app. so don’t buy it that’s really all of my problems. There’s pro on everything and you got to pay five dollars for every single thing. The app might as well cost money. so that’s why I absolutely hate this app. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!
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4 years ago, Nati’s MacBook Air
Scam & Unethical
This app looks good, but has unethical business practices. I started a free trial that was advertised as 3 days as you can see on the AppStore, only to be charged the FULL ANNUAL amount ON THE SAME DAY. AFTER I was charged, I then I was able to access the T&Cs. Awful. Just awful. In the new T&Cs, it states that the free trial will be forfeited one the subscription begins. So since the trial was never honored, they scam your membership and say “contact iTunes for refunds”. I don’t care how beautiful the graphics are— they’re actually just so-so, and I would never support this unethical business. Apple give us a refund and ban this company!
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