Air Hockey Gold

4.5 (2.3K)
59.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Air Hockey Gold

4.45 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
1 year ago, The real dennbert
Great air hockey app… BUT…
I’ve been playing this game on iPad for years! It’s my favorite quick go-to for a quick diversion. The air hockey physics are perfect, which is the main reason this is so fun! However… I’ve been playing for years without any adds, but sine I just upgraded to iPad 9th gen I’m getting ads like crazy! This is no longer fun. How do I turn off adds again??? I’d gladly pay fora no add version but I can’t see where to do that. Help!
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3 years ago, sciguy105
Air Hockey
Love this App! The ability to play against the "house" and select level of difficulty, makes play truly fun without being overly frustrating. The lose of sound occasionally is a weak element in this game. Pausing the game usually gets the sound back. Great air hockey play action! Still love playing this game! Keep up the good work! Still a fun game for the graphics and ability to play against the "house". Now, if you can get air to come through the screen, that would be some feat! (Just kidding). I truly enjoy this game! Just downloaded your update! It indicated that your celebrating 10 years for this app! Tomorrow will be my 10th year anniversary of being free from sinus and skull based cancer! I thought you might like to know! Your app was one of the key elements in my recovery! Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Acer=w=💥
Nostalgia story 😌
I remember playing this with my mom when I was way younger in the ages of 7, when I was bored I’d ask my mom if I could play on her phone cause I didn’t have one at the time💁 and play air hockey, coloring, tic-tac-toe, dress up games, etc.— you the kid friendly games 🤗 although out of all of them id play air hockey and challenge my mom, dad, or my brother to it. But then it all changed when I got a phone at 9. I was stuck to my phone playing games like candy crush 😄👍 and watch videos—not to mention I would be stuck to my room🤭(they hated that). I’m so happy to be at the age of 14 and start playing it again everyday everywhere having my friends at my school judge me 😔😤 writing this Id love for you to know that I hope this game of air hockey will rematch another day ❤️🙏
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4 years ago, boston drew charra
First of I would like to say, this game is really fun! My brother and I love playing this game on a daily basis. When I play alone though I get a number of options to choose from I usually choose medium or hard, but I still love to play. I am the type of person who likes checkers and chess and all other brain games including this one, my brain get a workout and my fingers/hand. I think that you should get this ga e it is a great game to play alone or with someone! That’s why I rated 5 stars and well, you should too! Hoped that was the answer that helped peace out!
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12 months ago, ripoff of fnf
Great to make time fly by!
This is an amazing game to play when you’re bored and have nothing to do. Take any of your fingers (I primarily use my thumb) to move the mallet and hit the puck. There are multiple modes that you can choose from and they go from slowest to fastest. The only thing I don’t like about this is that I can’t figure out why I am not getting achievements that I have accomplished 10 times by now, but overall, amazing game.
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10 months ago, Nyoom1234
Very good but a few changes could make it better
I LOVE THIS GAME AND IT IS VERY FAST AT LOADING but they need to change the way they make money, instead of adds that are really long and you can just open and close change it to top and bottom banners for the lobby not interrupting the gameplay, another addition is making online playing more accessible for people on different devices, great game!
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4 weeks ago, Laurenisthebest100
Air hockey
It’s a very fun game it has different levels it get harder and harder as you go but it gets you good at air hockey if you do two players then you ho against the other person and that really teaches you how to play the game because your going against another person. I would say get this game and try going against people to see how good you are at it. It’s a really fun game.
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4 weeks ago, Jonny.cisneros
Let me tell you why this is a good game, FIRST of all it is free to play, second of all this app is for EVERYONE, third of all it has different levels and also the level it has are kiddie, easy, medium, and hard there is more levels but that all i can remember, LAST BUT NOT LEAST THERE IS NO ADDS maybe a little bit but its like not a lot. And these are all the reasons why i gave this game 5 stars byeee
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2 years ago, Del_B_49
Best Mobile Air Hockey Game I’ve Ever Played!
EDIT: What would make this game even more of a blast is being able to choose the amount in scoring needed to win. Would love to play this game to 21 or even 50 instead of the default 7. 😀 Touch screen slide action is very smooth and responsive. Zero lag issues making the game fast paced and extra fun to play!
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4 years ago, gibbson is my doggo
I like it! But.....
I do really enjoy playing this game! Although, it has been out for as long as I can remember and it hasn’t really changed a bit! Maybe the smoothness of it, or the sounds? I’m really not sure! But I would like a change! I have an idea of maybe adding different hockey table colors! But it is a great app!
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7 months ago, The Gaming Green
Great game
I actually enjoy the physics of this game, it feels like an air hockey table when you hit faster or slower. Even though you can’t do every little thing in this game like in real life it doesn’t take away from it. I love the fact that it can be played offline or online with friends as well! Thumbs up guys.
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3 years ago, I can't say sorry....
Great Game 👍🏻😁❤️❤️❤️
I absolutely love this game! It doesn’t require WiFi anywhere you go, and it’s a quick pull out and play with friends! It’s a great on the go game, especially if you have a parent saying “Do something you both can do!” Still have the fun of playing games, and include annoying siblings! Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, 🎃🖤
I love this game (Please read)
Me and my friends started playing this game a few days ago but we all agree it’s super fun! We all play against each other. I downloaded to game myself the other day and played against the computer player (I don’t know if that’s what you call it) and it’s still super fun! Great game!
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1 month ago, Little flyer 1212
Great game
If you’re looking for an easy way of playing air hockey, this is the game for you!! The levels are fair and the “Insane level” is reasonably hard. It doesn’t lag, doesn’t need internet and can be played with multiple people. Compared to other air hockey games, this one is the best.
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11 months ago, --Valiant--
Ads have gotten way too long in free version
Very good game but recently the ads go on and on. I understand ads are necessary in a free game but they are so long now that the game is no longer playable and I have deleted. Update: just discovered $.99 version with no ads. Definitely worth it!
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5 years ago, SheDrivesZ
Best Out There!
This is probably the best Air Hockey game I’ve played. It’s the most realistic and has zero drag time. It’s dead on with contact accuracy. My boyfriend and I play 2 players and stayed up all night playing. A lot of fun and very much addicting,,,especially when I kept beating boyfriend and he wanted rematches all night. Lol!
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4 years ago, asghfj
Very entertaining
I love air hockey so this was really fun for me, I love the levels and how they get progressively harder and even if you beat them all you have the choice of making it harder with 2 pucks, slight criticism, if you update this add more level I beat all of them within a week. Still love the game!
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12 months ago, UnknownBleh
Good game
Offline, you can play whenever you want Smooth graphics You can pick your bot level for 1 player Basically nothing wrong with it so far, and I have been playing for a few months now Awesome game :)
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6 years ago, madi300
The best
It is the best you can choose your level like if you don’t want to do hard you can do medium or easy or kiddie or extreme. The one I hate is adds and there are so many adds between games and new games but I think you should still buy this game.
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7 years ago, Cameron888888888
Worth every penny!
This is very nicely done, complements! the two player mode is rad instead of sitting with a friend warped into your own devices, you can bust out a game of air hockey anywhere. the single player is very challenging and worth having on your phone.
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10 months ago, yfgbghngn
I think this game is super fun and easy. I like how there is different levels for people who are good and maybe not so good. I recommend a iPad for this game or tablet because, on ur phone it might be smaller and harder and on iPad it’s bigger and easier.
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1 year ago, Tmacnyynyr
I like the variety of skill levels and that the game never freezes like my old air hockey game did. I wish the score could be adjusted higher than 7. I would also like background music to make it a little more fun. Overall though it’s a good game.
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7 years ago, ClubUgly
Why am I seeing ads in my gold version?
I had the free version and gold version installed. 1. Now seeing ads in gold version. 2. Being requested to select skill level after each game win. Prolly should have 2 buttons that says play again and change skill level.
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7 months ago, TarTar24!
When I try to check to see what I've got or my winnings on the leaderboard or just to unlock certain stuff it doesn't let me because it says that I didn't complete anything and I've won a lot of games.
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3 years ago, NomNom_123
Fun App!
I've had this game for a while, and now I’m better at air hockey irl. Super fun! Theres many different levels that you can pick, and you can play 1 player or 2. If you love air hockey, I definitely recommend this app. ✨🏒✨
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2 years ago, juju173958292750274927592
Love it
Is so fun!!! I play it all the time! The best part is that there are so many different modes that you can use my favorite is to play kiddie with 2 pucks. It is pretty realistic to real air hockey and if you love air hockey then you will LOVE THIS APP! Plz download rlly recommend!!!
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4 years ago, Marilynn Hammerlock
One of the best games!
OMG! I love this game! I recommend this game if you like amazing games! The only thing I have a problem with is that after every game, there are ads. One question for the maker, can you please fix this?
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4 years ago, ann /lianne
Is an amazing game I do Recommend this for 2+
It’s a good game but when you’re for 2+ when you’re looking for the computer for teachers then I do recommend going to‘s Landing and picking slime simulator it’s the best choice is to in 3-D tune Siri go to slime simulator it’s the best choice for three minus
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1 year ago, EmScaf
Great game
I absolutely love this game, every time I’m bored and I don’t know what to play I go on this and just zone out (in a good way) I really like this game. Though I wish there were more levels it still keeps me entertained
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5 years ago, Stinky cheese man
Great quality app I’ve been playing for years. Finally got around to rating it. It’s just a fun, challenging game that can keep me occupied when I’m bored or at transitions in school. Helps keep my skills sharp. Would definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, Carra232323
Love it
My fiancé and I are sitting at Texas Roadhouse bored af waiting for our food so we searched for games, this was the only one we played for more than 30 seconds. It’s exactly like real air hockey and it’s FREE (otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered) brb I have to go beat him again.
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11 months ago, 2Testy
Really fun
If u don’t have an air hockey table at home but love the game this apps for U!!👍 it has all different levels and u can play against a robot or your friend, check this game out, cause believe me this game WONT waist your time ❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, best game ever🤗🤗
Most amazing game
I was a little skeptical at first because I have tried apps like it and they didn’t fully function but this does and it is really fun with the many levels and stuff that YOU get to choose!!
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5 years ago, Real spiderman
Surprisingly fun
So simple but so satisfying, I set my lil phone down and play two player with my’s stupid how fun this Lil goofy game is lol just wish I could pay to upgrade for an ad free version even though they aren’t as bad as other games at all
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4 years ago, sailor cat player
It is a good game but could use a minor look update 😊
It is a good game and works perfectly, but the look it has is basic and boring and definitely outdated so I would update sounds and add some quiet music and give it some look updates! Thank you bye!
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4 years ago, Soccer Dominater
This is the best game ever!!!!!!!
When I had appendicitis a year ago this was the game that saved me. When I had to be getting treatment I would just get the iPad and play this with my mom. Thank you air hockey!!!!!
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2 years ago, nomfgonnahavethisname
Super fun to play while waiting on traffic (road blocks) Especially the one person game, you can choose your level of difficulty.
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1 year ago, 183829398297398
It’s good because it’s a no internet game and it’s fun. You can play at your pace or you can play with your friends. Overall this is a good game and better than the other air hockey or hockey games! 😃🤩
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3 years ago, Chris Thee Stallion
Love this game so much!!!
It’s so fun and a great way to pass time! No Ads and no bugs only problem is they need to add a pause button. Because the double tap doesn’t work.
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5 days ago, SHAYEhen
My Fav game
ABSOLUTELY LIVE AIR HOCKEY! I’m playing on my phone and it’s still very much fun to enjoy! Although i could actually do better on an iPad but for now this phone keeps me coming back for more air hockey games‼️
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7 years ago, Gwendolyn Margret
Outstanding app!!
This is such a great app! Can't stop playing, such a great, wonderful, wonderful app! You can play one player or even two player. You can do, kiddie ,easy, medium, hard extreme and much more! MUST get this app so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, dance moms fan # seoson 1
So much fun
It is so much fun u can play with 2 or 1 players and there is different Difficulty levels my one complaint is that kiddie the disease level could be easier but other than that i love it
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3 years ago, Br928
Passes time with fun and challenge.
It’s a great app when you’re bored or even if you decide to try increased difficulty levels for a challenge
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3 years ago, alxq
menu bugged?
i remember buying the “no ads” content years back but i cant seem to either find the option to enable it or it no longer exists so thats a bummer. double tapping leads to the main menu rather than the pause menu (the options to change the board and mute sounds) but its ghosted behind the main menu, so i cant click on any of those options otherwise its a nice way to kill time. definitely one of the best air hockey games
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2 years ago, word36
I want my money back
I paid for it so why am I seeing adds. I enjoy playing but It was only Ad free for a few days. Also, sometimes there’s no sound and I can’t move the pucks. Overall, I really enjoy the game. I especially like the sound, very realistic.
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2 years ago, hpellegrino
Great game
It’s really fun to play if you’re bored. It doesn’t need wifi and they aren’t too many ads. I definitely recommend getting this.
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6 years ago, JuniperMysticVlogs
Too many ads
Very nice game but too many ads. It was supposed to play multiple rounds but the ads come in and stops it I really think that people should buy this though. Please improve ads.
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4 years ago, Madeline Stoltzfus
Best game
You don’t need to worry about adds and it doesn’t glitch or do anything that makes it stop working the absolute best game app ever. Hope you guys like the best air hockey game in the world that is what I call the game. Love the app 😃😄 BYE 👋 😀
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3 years ago, TRoadster
Amazing app
Love the game it is super easy to use and I love that there a lot of stages, and there are some good challenges some apps are super easy and just not fun but this is the complete opposite so go ahead and download it.
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7 years ago, Mpierone
How to remove ads free
To remove the ads, simply turn on airplane mode. It can't connect to the internet to pop up ads. Plus it is a pretty fun game to play with two people.
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