4.4 (317)
31.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Educational Media Foundation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Air1

4.42 out of 5
317 Ratings
5 years ago, TMac luvr
Love Air 1
I only just recently downloaded Air 1 since my youth leader suggested it because it’s like K-love but for teens. And it’s true. I love the upbeat music and that it’s not super repetitive with the songs it plays. I was excited to see that it was updated and I really like the cool new purple look to it. The only thing I wish hadn’t changed was the fact that you used to be able to see the lyrics for the song since I’m not very familiar with a lot of the songs but I like them and want to follow along with them. It’s a little disappointing but other than that the app is great.
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6 years ago, AF52R3
Crashing upon start
Looks like there will be some nice updates once it’s operational. Unfortunately, the new version crashes upon startup. Starts, pauses on the Air1 logo then disappears. When you try to double tap to access it from the open apps, it continues to crash. Update 22 Feb - I’ve tried deleting the app, restarting the phone and then reloading with similar results, only difference now is when I double tap to see open apps I have a ghost screen shot (nothing’s there) where the Air1 app would be. iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6 Update 10 May - The 03 May update is now working!!! Thank you Air1
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4 years ago, tippycat11
Love this app
I downloaded this app a year ago, and I have a couple gripes. 1) Occasionally, when a song plays, the app does not say which song it is. All it does when this happens is continue to show the name and artist for the PREVIOUS song, which can get annoying quickly. 2) When my device is low on battery, the music inexplicably turns off, only to come on again about ten seconds later. Sometimes it does this when my device is fully charged. That is all. Otherwise, great app!
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5 years ago, ekg2005
Love it but...
I love Air1 and K-LOVE! I listen to both stations almost on a daily basis! It’s great to have music with a great beat and message to listen to, and it’s all about Jesus! My only complaint is that it’s hard to see the verse of the day on both the K-LOVE radio app and the Air1 radio app. I also have the myKLOVE app so I see the K-LOVE verse of the day on there, but I can’t see the Air1 verse of the day, it’s stuck on or date and blank. Any chance you could fix that??? Other than that, amazing app!!! UPDATE: I can now see the Verse of the Day through the app! Thanks for fixing that! The music and Scripture brightens my day!😊
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5 years ago, love you, bestie!!
I thought air2 satiation was good...
I love this app! I can listen to the air one station at home on my phone!! If I hear a song that I love but I’m to busy to look and see what the title is, I can just go to the “recent” section. That way, I can see what song was on a couple of songs ago. Also, I don’t have to go online to dominate to this worship satiation. I can just do it in the app! This app makes things easier and I can listen to music to worship our Savior!😁
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4 years ago, Priestley Dragon
Best radio station out there.
I downloaded this app and it was great! I listen to air one in my moms car but to have it on my phone was amazing. On Sunday mornings I would listen on my phone to this radio station. Also whenever I did my chores! I loved listening to the Christian music. Also last but not least if the guys for this radio station are reading this review please I beg you to play more King and Country music. I love their music and you guys barely play it. Thanks!
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5 years ago, going to VBS
UPDATED REVIEW: Updated App; Now I Have KLove Music
My app is now playing Air1 music instead of KLove!! YAY!! Thanks for fixing the problem!! I love Air1! My only access to Air1 is through the app, because there are no stations closer than 2-3 hours away; we only have KLove stations. While I enjoy KLove, I much prefer the music played on Air1; however, when I updated the app this morning, I am now listening to KLove! Please, PLEASE fix this, so I can update my review to the 5 stars I want to give! I’m missing my Air1 terribly!
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9 months ago, HunnyBunny7219
Love the Air1 app!
Absolutely love the Air1 app! I used to listen to the Air1 radio station but when driving around, I didn’t always get good reception so now with the app, I can listen clearly no matter where I am and can also listen on the go, when shopping, at work, etc I love it! Also love that the app has a timer option, I put music on at night and fall asleep listening to it, it’s great
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5 years ago, TorcherousTim
Love it but one thing...
I love this app!!! I listen to it on the radio every day and to have it on the go now!! Brilliant!!! Except I do have one thing to ask. Could you add being able to search songs, not just artists? Because most of the time I know the name of the song not the artist. This would be great!! Plz respond soon!! Thx! Bye Edit: Ok new update is great, but why did you remove being able to read the lyrics!!! That was the thing I used most!!!!! Please bring it back ASAP! Thanks
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6 years ago, jsdunham
Great app, just a small flaw
I use this app for listening while I drive since I am outside the station coverage area. Not sure what changed in the past week or so, current playing song doesn’t update. The recent tab shows songs that were played a while back also. I enjoy this app and sometimes really helps to know the song when I don’t recognize it by sound.
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5 years ago, Jaycee Leigh
It’s a must have
The Air1 radio station for my town was shut down and I was really upset. I’m a teen so the music is more relatable and I usually prefer it over KLove (I love KLove though). When I found out I could have Air1 with me on my phone I was so happy and it gets me motivated to listen to more christian music. It’s a great mix of music for all ages, not just teens. This is my Jesus boost that I can take with me anywhere.
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6 years ago, reviewer king cscool
Love the app
I Don’t have any problems with the app but I have one suggestion I was wondering if you could add a feature that turns off the radio at a time you set like let’s say I want to go to sleep but I wanna listen for a little so I can set the timer for 10:30 and that way I don’t have to turn it off my self and wake myself up. Thank you and plz consider this.
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3 years ago, J. L.D.
Wow! I'm Impressed!
During the month of Sept. 2021, I sent a review for this app saying that I really enjoyed the Air1 app and that I loved listening to the music. I mentioned the black screen issue that arrived with a new update for those phones with older Os. It is now Nov. 2021, and I have received follow up that the app is operational on IOS 12.0.0 devices. I just downloaded the app and: YAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! I will start using the Air1 app one again! This is very nice since I can now plan to listen to Christian music when I attend a Christian college in 2022. Thank you so much to Educational Media Foundation for working on this and for making listening to Christian music so easy!!! Emmanuel- Josiah
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3 years ago, j1nla
I love Air1
I list to Air1 daily and absolutely love it!! My only problem is that the app freezes on me a bit 1-2 times a day. I’m not sure why it does this but I have to close out of it and reopen it and only sometimes it works. If not, I just have to close out and reopen at a later time.
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6 years ago, Groveschris
Finally works again!!
I like the station, but the app kept crashing on me. Because of that I gave a 1 star rating. I was recently contacted by the developer and asked to try the app again. The new design works very well and I can finally listen again. Thank you very much. Back to 5 stars! Great music.
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3 months ago, AJST_Smart
Air1 is not about Jesus
I had been searching for so long for a Christian app/station that focuses on Jesus and doesn't play politics. I thought I found it in Air1 and had been listening for weeks without hearing anything about politics, conservative agendas, mixing church and state, etc. Air1 seemed only about God and the music, then suddenly on a Sunday night there was no music and it was a whole pro-life show. So disappointing. See you later Air1. I will no longer be listening and definitely won't donate again.
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8 months ago, Hoekstras
Kat Von D comment this morning
Thank you for calling out our Christian community that chooses judgementover love! I have been ashamed of being a Christian these past few years because of the horrible witness of “Christians these days. So glad to hear Air One encouraging love and calling out hate filled speech!
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5 years ago, SammehSyanide
Love this station!
I really love the new app! There is an issue with the verse of the day not updating on a daily basis. It pops up at the time I set it to pop up, but it will show the verse of the day of the last time I opened the app. I don't always open the app each day, but I want the verse of the day each day.
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5 months ago, 1108363
Please read
This app is trash. When you try to open it all it says is “it looks like you aren’t connected to the internet. A connection is required to access the features of this app. This screen will go away when a connection is detected.” It never works i have tried restarting my phone deleting the app and redownloading it. Would be half a star if it could. Ok so I tried what u said to do and it still isn’t working I’m done with this app
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1 year ago, i lovehorses
Sooo funny! 😂😂😂
I usually use my phone around the time CJ and Lauren are on Air1. and I listen to Air1 at that time. and CJ is soooooo funny! Shoutout to CJ! He is soooooo funny! And I love the music too, just I love TobyMac, and Hollyn type of music. So, if you can please, please, please play their music, I will love Air1 like so much more! Blessings! A pre-teen.
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6 years ago, texans_fan99
Thanks to the new update, I love this app!!
Finally after the new update this app works perfectly!! I love the app and haven’t had any issues since the update. Thanks for making the necessary changes and improving my Air1 experience! Keep up the great work guys!! God bless!
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4 years ago, jpsmith76
Love the App
I love both the Air1 and K-Love apps. Use them constantly! The only added feature I’d love to see is CarPlay support. 99% of the time I stream Air1 in my car and, yeah it works fine, but actually having the app on my car radio’s screen would be wonderful!
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6 years ago, Abazil
Encouraging music, handy app
After an iOS update the app wouldn’t work. The developers contacted me based on my review some time ago and even notified me today that it should work again. After reinstalling the app it works! Thanks guys
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6 years ago, Miss MyMusic
I absolutely loved listening to music on this app, but ever since the last update on my iPhone 7Plus, it wasn’t responding. A fix of the the issue has been done, and now I can get back to listening to music on it!
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8 months ago, Cobiclan
To may who be concerned
Just wanted to know if you are having problems with your server I can not open the verse of the day to go deeper and the whole chapter thanks
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2 months ago, Xiuweebear
Thank you guys!
Absolutely LOVE this app! I spend 90% of my time outdoors so I listen to it every single day whenever I am walking, hiking or simply just being outdoors. It encourages me every moment of my mind.
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2 months ago, FlipThough
I downloaded the app hoping to avoid hearing the DJs rattle on for almost 10 minutes about their personal lives. Yet instead I hear them joking about how many people a day text in to the station asking them to stop. I’d rather hear commercials than pay someone to knowingly annoy everyone, and then joke about it. Especially when the pledge drive ended weeks ago.
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6 years ago, SaharaBlack
Love, love this station
Air1 has amazing music, programming and DJs. My family and I have enjoyed listening to and supporting Air1 for years and will continue to in the years to come. Thank you to everyone who makes Air1 possible.
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6 years ago, Toehead60
Review for Air 1
I listen to this positive music radio station most mornings and it puts me in a great mood to start my day with Jesus in my heart and His Word in my head & heart. I recommend to everyone who wants to hear some wonderful Contemporary Christian Music!
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6 years ago, Psteelfan
Air 1 is awesome!
I love listening to Air 1. The app is good except if you push the settings button it automatically crashes and closes. I would like to be able to access the alarm clock feature but can’t since it’s under settings. Please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, Fernelius
Updated version fixes crashes
Thanks to the development team for fixing the frequent crashes! Appreciate the ability to tune into Air1 worldwide!
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3 years ago, hfreddl
Issue fixed
The loading issue was fixed! Thank you! Now it sounds like on the radio ... be blessed brothers
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1 year ago, ljmanz55
Love it but don’t love the begging for money quarterly
Love the music but don’t like the money begging part quarterly seems dishonest and literally don’t listen for that whole period
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6 years ago, kittygoesboomwhenirun
I love this app
I love this I listen to it on the radio everyday and don’t ever wanna miss my favorite song and that’s why I got this so I can listen to my favorite songs everyday thanks and have a good day!
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2 years ago, blk screen j1
Blank white screen
Hi love air 1 When I click on my app it just shows me a blank white screen. So I deleted and reinstalled it, but still no dice :/.
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6 years ago, Jbird8708
Love the app so much... I rely on it every day but going to the verse of the day it never works anymore... nothing shows up :( I deleted app and reinstalled still no luck :/ K-LOVE app is the same way... HELP
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6 years ago, TrailFish
Finally Fixed
I was contacted by the app developer and told that it was fixed. I updated and now I can use my favorite app once again. I am so happy now.
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1 year ago, dg5753
All they do is beg for money
I love the music but the constant begging of money is out of control. They remind me of the evangelists from the 90’s all asking for money. No other radio station does this. It’s extremely rude. During a time when food costs more than ever, they want more and more money. It makes the Christian population look horrible!
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3 years ago, cwallace62
Trouble with app
I have listened to the station through the app, and now the app keeps saying there was an error. Tells me to close and try again. I have done this numerous times and still the app is not fixed. Can someone help me with this?
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1 year ago, whyyyyyyyy is everything taken
So good
I have been a follower of god since I was young this also helps me sleep during school nights thank you for this app
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4 years ago, maddierey
Air one is amazing
An amazing radio station ran by amazing people called by God. Love you all and so thankful that there’s an app I can listen on, when I’m not in my car or near a radio!
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5 years ago, ImSoPrecious78
Just Not The Same
I understand everything must change, but the new Air1 Just isn’t as good as the old one. It was heartbreaking enough sticking with you guys through all the DJ changes, but to change the music, too? I just can’t. I’ve tried getting back into listening to Air1, but I just can’t. 😢
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5 years ago, keeper5689
I used to love Air 1’s edge, now it’s bland like every other Christian station
With the start of 2019, Air 1 was rebranded from their Alternative Christian/Christian Rock music to all worship music like the hundreds of other Christian stations out there. It’s like the Air 1 I grew up with died on Dec 31st, 2018. I very much hope they scrap this rebranding and go back to what made them popular over the past 20 years.
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5 years ago, madison.h.somerville
I love listening to Air 1. I love the app for when I am at home. There is a variety of songs for the whole family. This always has a good impact on me!
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5 years ago, El Bazo
The best!
We could not be happier with the music content on Air 1. Excellent mix of modern worship music that is enjoyed by our entire family (teens and parents!).
Show more
5 years ago, Brian E P
Just one request
Can you please make the app to where it’s compatible with Apple car play.
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2 years ago, NanaCindee
Repeatedly crashes/closes
Hi!, I love this app and had regularly used it but recently it crashes or closes so I can’t use it anymore. My iPhone is up to date and I already uninstalled and reinstalled it. I can’t even enter the app to request more assistance. please help if possible
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3 years ago, air1like it
I can listen to the music and hear from it It’s okay l like that there is no ads.
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2 years ago, TXCaddieshack
Update won’t allow airplay
I have used the Air1 app for several years and airplay it through my home sound system. The new update will not allow me to airplay. Is there a reason for this?
Show more
6 years ago, Not the best thing ever
Great app
This is an amazing app I use it all the time and it allows me to listen to my favorite songs at the right time.🤗👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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