AirBrush AI Photo/Video Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (176.3K)
488.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixocial Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AirBrush AI Photo/Video Editor

4.81 out of 5
176.3K Ratings
3 years ago, lmorla
Awesome awesome app!
Found this on an App Store whim, so glad I did! This is by far one of the best editing apps, it comes with sooooo many useful features, that a lot of apps don’t have, this is my new favorite editor. I give this app 5 stars because there’s so many amazing features and customization options, you can tell the developers really put their all into making this. This makes me so happy I’m so glad I found it. I’ve been searching far and wide for an easy to use editing app with advanced features like this one, I would recommend this hands down! Check it out and you will definitely be impressed. If I could add anything I would just add more options to the make up area, I really like being able to add false lashes in detail, and that’s legit the only thing I didn’t see on here. You can add make up on here, I just wish it had more detailed make up options. There are many presets that you can pick and choose which make up looks you want to use from each overal preset, I just wish there was individual eyelashes with various customization options, and a little more control over the make up customization part of the app as a whole ect. Great app! definitely worth the download, very impressed. I really love it and I am going to be using it all the time!
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4 years ago, 1catfan
Started out gr8 but unfortunately as greed has set in,👎hill
This is the best photo editing app and has some awesome features & tools but the costs have gotten out of control. At the beginning you could basically use almost every feature for free. Then I paid for & added the premium subscription (thinking that it would naturally cover each new additional feature and tool within each new update, after all it is the “premium subscription”). But no that wasn’t enough money and so I paid for 2 individual add on much for the premium... Now you have to pay some absorbent amount for the black feature. I paid for the premium, for 2 separate add on features that should have been included within the premium to begin with but as time has gone on I seem to be losing more features than gaining. At the very least my features should remain the same. Seriously if a person started out with this app from the beginning and paid for the premium, paid for all the add on’s and now the black subscription, you would be shelling out enough money to have your photos gold plated. Finally, I would have thought by now that you would have a feature to bring out the color of your eyes more. Like a lot of times unless you have the perfect angle & lighting it’s hard to capture your true eye color. If you have blue eyes, you can make them more blue for example. It doesn’t seem like that would be very difficult to incorporate.
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2 months ago, BuckheadGirl
Update: Great app is back.
UPDATE: Airbrush made the corrections that so many of us were complaining about. The app works again and premium subscription features are fully functional again. Thank you airbrush for hearing us and making the changes to bring back the fantastic app that we have all grown to love. It’s an easy and useful app. I’d love to see real background changes so that you can swap out backgrounds like some other apps offer. But overall the app is great. It’s my go to!! ————————— Subscription SCAM! Don’t buy. Read the reviews. This app used to be great. Now after paying my annual subscription, I have lost all purchase features and the app so is so overrun with ads, it’s unbearable. I have emailed customer service at least 5x with zero acknowledgment or response. No heads up. No warning. I am logged in with my usual email I have been using for years. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have restored purchases. Nothing works. Hundreds and hundreds of people are experiencing the same thing I’m dealing with. Read the reviews and SORT by most recent. If you read the older ones they are all fake or for a different app version. Come on AIRBRUSH!!
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7 months ago, Kady Baby
All my purchases lost after upgrading iPhone 😭🤯
Hello! 👋🏻 I’ve been using & LOVING this app for 6+ years! Up until recently, I’ve had NO complaints whatsoever. I update my iPhone annually & I’m using the same Apple ID I’ve always used, but the “PRO”features I bought lifetime access to don’t work with my new phone?! Additionally, all of my work is saved with a noticeable watermark on it. I use this app in my professional life for my small businesses & I can’t have a “CREATED WITH TYPORAMA” banner on everything I produce. I tried using the “restore purchases” button, but it didn’t restore anything. The most puzzling thing is that I do still have my last iPhone & all the tools I paid for still work & save watermark free with it, but not with my new iPhone. Unfortunately the screen is badly damaged & it’s not practical for regular use. Could you please help me fix this glitch? I don’t feel I should have to pay again for editing tools I’ve already paid for lifetime access to. I’m just asking for access back to the “PRO” features I paid for including “Firm” & “watermark free” photos. I honestly & truly love using this app! I refer people to this app quite often, whenever I’m asked about photo/editing app suggestions. Lastly, I will happily update this review back to five stars if this glitch gets resolved, because as I said it’s an awesome, awesome app!
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4 years ago, opnwngs
I absolutely love this app! I went to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time the other day. We wanted to take a selfie together but, we weren’t exactly looking our best after 4 months of pandemic! We took the picture and added a little make-up (we each required different make-up) and a filter and we were set! Posted it on FB and let our friends know. I think it’s helpful to have this app for impromptu moments that I would like to share but, may not feel comfortable sharing otherwise. Whether I put my make-up on at home or with the help of an app, I’m grateful for both! There are so many amazing filters and make-up looks to choose from! I also have a standard setting that I often you for just me that helps with my trouble spots. I’ve had cystic acne in the past. These days I’m in my 40’s and, although I don’t have the cystic acne to worry with, I do have hormonal acne and very sensitive skin. I don’t always wear make-up or wear very little. It’s nice to know that if I haven’t concealed scars or I’m having a breakout, they don’t have to be front and center of my picture. This app has truly helped me show my face more in pictures!
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2 years ago, Fortnite girl SKH
Air brush power
This app truly is amazing! At first I thought it was another of those annoying “you have to get premium to use 90%+ of these products”, but no! Yes, premium is awesome, but you don’t need it unless you want to make BIG changes! Plus it has an acne remover!!!!! No that’s really all I wanted! But it also has other stuff like background change (which helps a lot because I usually take selfies in the bathroom), it has face perfector, it has hair changer (hair color, shape, and bangs addable), and many more! This is the first app that has truly made me feel pretty! And oh my gosh it can make your eyes light up so much! It looks so good! Anyways, 5 star rating! You can get the premium for a good price, or you don’t have to if you don’t want big changes, either way I highly recommend it as #1 best if you don’t have any money! Y’all have to get this app! Plus it’s for free unless you want the awesome premium stuff! I feel like a frick’n model using this and now I’m wondering if I can do headshots and use this… anyways this app is the best I don’t know how many times I can say it!
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3 weeks ago, MelW0809
Beware of the free trial!!
Edit #2: The developer response to my complaint only makes this situation even worse and makes me want to find any other app in the world to use before this one. They literally could not care any less that they stole my money and want to make this seem like my fault. Accept responsibility for your false advertisements!! I know what I read and I have photo proof that I was promised a 7 day free trial that I ended up not getting. I’m not the only one with this problem so maybe you’re the problem Airbrush!!! Edit: I have updated my rating to 1 star because apple refused to give me a refund. This is ridiculous that I was tricked into this purchase and apple won’t make it right. I have loved this app ever since I found it. It has some of the best editing features. However, one problem is about half of the features payment for the app. But here is where my main problem lies and why I’m writing a review-I was shown that I would be given a free trial and have 7 days to cancel. (I took a photo of this because I usually do just in case.) I was immediately charged for the app on the same day. This was after the app showed in detail how the free trial works. So I feel I was misled and this is a very sneaky way to basically steal my money. My point is do not do the free trial!! It won’t be free, trust me!!
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2 years ago, erika luu
L App
edit: this app stinks. they made the resize and the reshape filter a premium feature when it was previously free. this app is no longer a “free” app, but one that offers more when you’ve paid to unlock more features. the ability to use this app semi-fully was my favorite thing about it, and now it feels like every other retouch app on the market. highly disappointed. If I was on my deathbed and had enough time to write a single review for any app in the entire world, I would choose to write for this one. Now, I don’t usually leave reviews for anything, much less photo correction apps, but theres just something so intricately charming about this app right here. I’ve never had any other app that was so versatile in its uses. I’ve used it to edit out a stray hair on a bad day, rotate my photos with ease, cover up when the breakouts get bad, or fix a tiny discoloration on my clothes. I’ve even edited out entire objects and people out of my photos without having to hop onto my computer and start up photoshop. Today, I used the “acne” tool to edit out entire telephone lines from my photos. This app is a portable lifesaver, and the fact that it is all for free makes it even better. FaceTune, move out of the way. This app is a 5/5, easily one of the best editing apps on the app store. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, veryunhappycusty
DO NOT USE this app!!
I have loved and use this app for so many years, because it was so good I stayed away from Facetune and only used a AirBrush, I swore by it and I turned so many people onto this app and away from face soon because it was awesome and mostly free to use. Now I will go to face soon they have officially ruined this app completely, just this week they made a premium to use resize and reshape and slowly but surely they have been making every single part of this app premium so now you have to pay to pretty much use any single thing on for it just like you’re gonna have to pay to use everything in this app now, they officially ruined it this week on this app, it is completely ruined it this app is no longer good and no longer better than Facetune, you might as well take your money over to FaceTune because it’s better and you have to pay for it just like you’re gonna have to pay to use everything in this app now, they officially ruined it this week by making reshape and resize now premium and now you have to pay for it and almost everything good on this app you have to pay to use, not worth it go to face tune I give this one star or less than one star and that makes me very sad to have to do that after being such a fan and using this app for years upon years.
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4 years ago, Isnyet
I love it!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love love love this! Makes me look so beautiful, so easy to just add on some fake makeup when I’m to lazy! Also I love how I can edit how much make up is on so that I can make it look really natural! My boyfriend didn’t even notice when I showed him 🤣😍 my favorite is the eye brightening 🤩. I know it can look super fake but I wear the same exact make up look as the “blushed” look, so it’s a convenient go to when you don’t feel like putting on make up for just a few pictures. I recommend setting it at 20-30 when you use the make up because too much looks super fake, but between 20 and 30 is so natural, you can’t even tell. Also if anyone calls you out for being “fake” just know that you are beautiful, and it’s not a crime to enhance your beauty. Some of us are just too lazy to cake our faces for just a few pictures. This app is perfect for when you aren’t going out and wanna take pictures, or if you go out and you notice ur make up is messy, haha don’t worry your picture isn't ruined😊 need a quick touch up before you post? Hope this was helpful and thanks to the creators 🥳💖🤩
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2 years ago, jstar2001uk
Airbrush fabulous app
Ok so I’ve been playing around with the free version of this app for a couple of weeks, I was undecided if I actually wanted to spend so much money for the year on an app I wasn’t sure I’d use all that much, until this morning the was a flash deal that gave me 50% off the normally yearly cost at $16 it wasn’t even a hard decision, and I have a 7 day free trial to see if I love it first, well as you can see with my review as I only purchased this today I already love all the extras, especially the ability to blur the back ground or remove objects from a photo, absolutely fantastic, the only thing I think would make it any better would be to actually have different choices with the filters there are a few sparkles and rainbows but I think it would be absolutely fabulous if under the “holiday” option there was actually holiday options to add example pumpkins for Halloween, or falling snow for Christmas. Other than that I would Highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, Vix1317
Horrible Editing App
Not only did this app automatically bill me nearly thirty dollars when I tried signing up for the free trial, but the one tool I wanted to use it for was useless. I wanted to use the photo repair to salvage low quality photography from my phone camera. When I got to try the feature as a “try this out” type alert, all it did to my picture was sharpen it and enhance the contrast. Everything bad and blurry about it was still there. It isn’t the magic fix it pretends to be and won’t do anything more than a less expensive editor will. To ensure I gave this feature a fair shot, I even tried to use it again with different photos, only to realize I couldn’t even find the feature. It’s not yet built into any of the accessible buttons on the interface. Bad advertising, bad quality, and too expensive for what it manages to do right. Edit: After the developer responded, I am updating this review to reflect the fact that Apple WILL NOT administer ANY refunds for this app. I tried to get a refund and was denied. I called Customer Service for further assistance, and was told that Airbrush is Not Eligible for a Refund. They will not refund me, and the developer keeps leading me back to contacting Apple, who will not help. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.
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3 months ago, Crisamar
Loved the airbrush app but had issue with lost access
I have been using the app since more than 4 years. I rarely have issues and I like the updates they did. They annual price has been going up slowly but I noticed that for new subscribers, the price is more than double what I pay for. In early February 2024, I lost access to the app and it would not let me restore my subscription. I reached out to the developer. They were not able to help me. The access issue did not get resolved until end of March 2024. I lost two months of access with no explanation. There was no remediation for time lost not being able to use the app. They gave me a run around including contacting Apple App service (who never responded). In the meantime, I found other other apps online that were actually worthwhile exploring use and purchasing. So at least now if I have other issues or they increase my payment more than I am happy to pay for, I have found replacement for the app. I do hope they continue doing good work. I don’t like having to learn new thing but I will do it with the right motivation.
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2 years ago, Heyumhiihavenonickname
Happily surprised!!
I am so excited I found this app!!!!! I’ve always had problems with acne but it’s just gotten more embarrassing as I’ve gotten older. I used to have a free spot remover editing app when I was in high school but they ended up charging and I couldn’t find one for almost a decade that wouldn’t eventually charge you….it’s literally the only tool I care about!!! I ended up googling free spot remover apps, this one came up in some guys blog post, and I decided to try it. I am so glad!! It removed my breakouts easily and I even enjoy a couple of the other editing features, like the smoothing tool, and I was surprised that the skin tone (basically tanning) editor wasn’t too fake looking either. There are some premium options I’ve played around with that I’m sure are worth the less than $3 a month if you’re looking for them too. If the filters end up being good I might consider upgrading as well. All around 10/10 app in my opinion.
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4 months ago, Ician000
Used to be great but the add on are out of control
It first I use to use this app free. I enjoyed the features that it kept adding to the app to edit and enhance your photos. Seeing as I used the app more than most apps, I decided to buy the yearly premium subscription. Now I see that they have introduced an AI feature. When it came out, I tried the Avatar option. At the time it was part of the app seeing as I am paying for a premium service. While it’s not entirely accurate, 2 out of 45 pictures captured the aesthetic it was trying to deliver. I just tried to use the AI feature and now for every section of the AI feature, you have to pay an additional fee! Even on the disclaimer they state that it’s not entirely accurate and if you are dissatisfied, no refund will be offered. So basically you are paying for a premium feature and you don’t even get the benefit of using the all entirely unless you pay additional fees. My understanding that premium features offered the use of the app completely. I will not be paying a fee for a feature that is not even accurate.
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2 years ago, south philly lilly
I’ve never been one to think that photos have to go through 1000 edits in order to be a good photo. To me pictures captures the happiness in any given moment, not what you look like or how perfect your hair or how smooth your skin may be. So while I don’t use this as to who make my boobs bigger or stomach flatter, it’s really great for lightening up a photo cooler sharpening wine that is too grainy or blurry. I love that I can add filters to bring out the natural part of a photo, it’s really very useful. I do wish it wasn’t so much money a month, I think that eight dollars is a lot of money but, I know if I bought it yearly it would be less however I don’t know if I’m going to need it yearly. I am also a little disappointed that, it didn’t give me the entire free trial. Still, I’m using it for what it is. I guess if I ever get to the point that I need to whiten my teeth are slim and my hips, this would be great. Until then, I use it to make better photos
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8 months ago, kiayasquirrel2010
Just wow!
So I rarely ever write reviews but I have been struggling with a kinda rough spot in my losing weight and feeling healthier and better about me. Random I was playing a game on my cell (putting off my workout again) an seen a add for this app. I wanted to see what it will look like when I can get my teeth fixed now that I have lost almost 60 pounds and so close to being able to do so. An wow it looks realistic and amazing! The ai replace wowed me I was able to tell it to fix my teeth to see my smile! Didn’t retouch anything else and it looks like they are my real teeth. I can’t wait now and just gave me the boost I needed to get past this rough spot. Playing with few other photos for fun now and still being amazed each time. Few I had to try to rewrite what I was wanting but got it right now and getting better at my descriptions. Thank you so much for this app! My motivator! ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Smile4him
I used to LOVE this app…
But after this last update, I’m not as fond of it as I used to be. This was my go-to app for all mobile photo editing purposes and it did everything I needed it to. The biggest issue i have with it now that it’s been updated is that I can no longer choose what resolution to save my photos in. I would often take pictures with my phone, edit them pre-update, and save them in the highest resolution possible and they were extremely clear — so much so to the point I could use them for printed media that required high-res photos and have no issues at all. Now if I go to save a photo that I’ve edited, there is only one save button with no resolution options and all of my photos save with poor, pixelated quality that I’d barely be okay with posting on Instagram. On top of that issue, all of the groupings for filters have been removed and you have to now scroll through every single one to find the one you would like to use. It’s quite the downgrade from the app it was previously.
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4 months ago, FaireUnVoeu
Fraud & Theft
I've been a paying subscriber for a couple years then without notice or warning, everything that I have been paying for is no longer included in my subscription rather they added a new tier and charged more for that. I just renewed my subscription in December and here we are not even mid February and I'm not getting anything that I paid for. That is fraud and theft by definition. I have reached out to support both on the app and via Facebook to no avail. There is no customer support whatsoever. I will be reporting this app to the Apple store as well as leaving this negative review and more on every social media platform. Oh and I forgot to mention the intrusive ads they have just added to my paid subscription also. This has become one of the worse apps I've ever used. I would not recommend to anyone using this app much less giving them your money. Despicable. I do recommend reporting this app to the Apple store as Fraud by scrolling to the bottom of the Airbrush app page in the app store and tapping the Report A Problem. They can't be allowed to continue this kind of business stealing from people.
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3 years ago, 😂🕎
love you
Happy Thanksgiving! Every year I take this time to reflect on what I’m thankful for in my life, and I want you guys to know that I am thankful for every single one of you. This family that has been created has become my 2nd home and will forever be my 2nd home. Everyone of you guys comes in everyday and puts up 100% effort which is truly an unbelievable thing to do. You guys are the best people I know for any task that might be thrown our way. I know that each and everyone of you is gonna do something so amazing in your life, that is gonna change the world. You guys are the difference-makers in this world and the world needs more people like you guys in it. It is an absolute honor to be apart of something so special like this. I can’t imagine my life without you guys, I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. So God Bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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4 years ago, SerenitysoulCR
App was AMAZING in beginning but be careful & ALWAYS READ AGREEMENT!
I got this app when it came out, almost everything was free even though I don’t mind paying for some things, I will not pay for weekly charges. A one time fee is not so bad. I can’t remember if this app is a one time fee or weekly, however I do remember the fee kept going up. The most important part though, the reason I am deleting this app and have deleted many others is because of the “Privacy Policy” that you HAVE to agree to before you can now even access the app. It says you can change it in your settings but if you do not allow them access you may not be allowed to use their services. So please tell me WHY you or any other app needs my privacy information, to give to 3rd parties but you can’t even guarantee that access (if granted) to my privacy is PROTECTED?? Why do you need to create FACIAL RECOGNITION with my pictures & release of my privacy information? That’s as far as I read before I backed out and said NO WAY! I am deleting this app, I haven’t used it in months and I have never agreed to any kind of privacy policy so I hope you guys haven’t been snooping through my info.
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6 years ago, Maddy_Rose
Great app
I really like this app, and the amount of filters is awesome! I am able to do so much that I just can’t find on any other apps. The only problem I have is the reshape tool. Before the update came out, I was able to do very precise edits. For example, I have edited people and legs out of the backgrounds of my pictures. But now, I can barely do anything without it moving everything around it as well. I suppose for some things this is good, but for my personal needs it screws up pictures and really makes things look fake. For example, I’m trying to make my chin look smaller from a side profile, but instead of making my chin smaller, it moves the entire bottom part of my face in. Otherwise, this is one of the best free editing apps I have found. Also it would be cool if I could like take part of the background and copy it onto a different part of the picture, if that makes sense? That would make it easier to cover up people in the background..
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2 years ago, Maeghan22
Best Free Options!!
I have tried numerous photograph editing apps for years but I've never found one that included what I actually use all in one app for free until now!! There's some really amazing upgrades you can use if you purchase the premium version but that's up to you. I personally will give it a try when I take my daughter's pictures here soon. I just truly hope the current editing options available for free will remain this way. Seriously get this app and you will not have to keep trying or paying for apps to get features you want. So far so good, no issues, no ridiculous ads always popping up, just crossing my fingers I won't run into any technical difficulties or changes unless they are beneficial in the future! This is my far the very BEST photo editor available for free!! Very thankful I found this app and you will be as well!! ☺️
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3 months ago, SirDilligan
Best photo editor
There is no better photo editor app than Airbrush. I had 7 photo apps before I got this one and then it was the only one I used for the longest time. The best pics I have are because of this app. And then, this became yet another “free app” which isn’t free at all because they started charging for the main features I used it for. There are WAY too many photo apps out there and they all charge for any of the cool features. I already have too many subscriptions that are necessary, I truly cannot take on anymore no matter the cost. One of these days I’m hoping someone creates a photo editing app with all of these features AND that it’s actually free! Everyone would delete apps like this and just download that truly free app with all the cool features. Does anyone know if this exists yet? Because Airbrush is useless now unless you pay.
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3 weeks ago, gigifairy14
It was a great app!! My first and only review.
The first time that I had downloaded this app, I was amazed by all the features it had and I would use it RELIGIOUSLY for the last past 6 years. I’ve used it for my own projects and it was the best editing app on the market. Obviously, there’s always been advertisements because the developers have to make their money somehow which is perfectly fine and understandable. However, these past few months, I’ve been noticing a pattern of 60 second ads running immediately as I enter the application, click on a button, and save the image. Those are 3 minutes of my screen time wasted on ads. It’s alright because they are skippable and tolerable but what I cannot believe is the fact that they placed a new watermark on your image. This means that the app is no longer free and you would have to pay to remove the watermark, thus removing the entire point of the app being “free”. It’s saddening because this app was at its peak before making its new updates and I grew fond of it’s creators.
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3 years ago, RachelWynkoop
I love this app!!!
This is the best photo editing app have ever tried! It doesn’t make your picture look over edited like most of the photo editing apps do! This one actually helps you adjust those photos that end up making you look like you have some weird flaw that you don’t actually have so you can use this app to make the picture look like you actually look in person without making you look fake like most other photo editing apps do! I typically only use a photo editor bc a picture turns out with something looking weird that doesn’t normally look that way so I use this app to fix that and my pictures can look the way they are supposed to for real without that awful fake look that 99% of these apps make you have! This app is amazing and I download it on every new phone I buy! I truly 100% recommend this app!
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4 years ago, niteshades
💎THE BEST selfie pic touch up editor💎
This is absolutely the top notch photo editor for pictures one would like to touch up a bit. It doesn’t have to just be all about “changing the way one looks.” There are so many options; one can make teeth more white, flawlessly. It looks natural because one can build upon how much you choose to lighten. My second favorite feature is the option the blend away an acne blemish. It makes all the difference. There are TONS more beauty touch ups and tools etc. Although some may view controversial, there’s the option the “sculpt” your face in all types of ways, and it looks completely real, absolutely impossible to tell when done right. This applies to every feature I have tried. However, I personally prefer not to reshape or resize my features. Most of them are free, which I sincerely appreciate. I played around with the face sculpt features just for fun, I’m not sure how it can be so seamless. Basically one can touch up a selfie slightly, or change alter lots of features. I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now. I sincerely appreciate the developers providing this app with many free options (the majority) . *THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE A ‘’MEMBERSHIP’ of any sort, and like I said previously, one can use this app and many of its best features entirely free.
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4 years ago, Cit Jacklyn
New update is so frustrating
So before I went and opened it today, I would 100% have given 5 stars....except I went to hit the magic button like always and it told me that it’s now a premium feature. Which was very now you have to click through everything one by one to try and get the results that you want... which for people who just do it for little things and have loads of time to edit it’s fine go right on ahead...but the only reason that I would use this app was for the “magic” and retouch because honestly who wants to send hours trying to edit photos on end and this app had great free features. Obviously this is just my experience and probably will just get another one or just buy one that’s a one time fee instead of every month. But if your just doing this for fun and don’t mind spending the extra time fixing things, than this will be great for you...sorry that I have to be this person but I really would appreciate if “magic” could go back to being a free feature. Thank you for your consideration.
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9 months ago, shychy89
Very disappointed
Hello I’m writing this review because I went on my App Store to find a photo editing app and this was the first one to pop up so I clicked on it and the app prompted me after making an account if I wanted to do the 7- day free trial and after that it would be $47 and some change so I put my information in thinking ok I’ll try it and see how it works but I just had a bad feeling about it and I looked at my banking account and they went right ahead and charged me it had only been a few minutes so what I tried to do first was contact apple for a refund and when they came back and said it wasn’t eligible for refund through them I did the dispute thing and they still denied the refund so I then went and emailed this company for the refund and they keep telling me there’s nothing they can do yada yada it’s just complete bullish!t cuz I haven’t use the app not one dam time I’m very disappointed with this app they won’t refund me knowing what they did to me it’s messed up so I hope that y’all reading this aren’t to late and this DOESNT happen to you!!!!!
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5 months ago, KELLYMDFLA
Not happy… at the moment
I’ve loved this app until recently. I’ve been a longtime subscriber. Apparently I’m not the first subscriber who’s having issues accessing their account after a device upgrade or an IOS update! I can access my account but can’t get my subscription to reload. In addition, now I’m seeing three different monthly subs for “Perfect photos” at three different price points, two yearly subs for “Perfect photos” at two different price points, and “Edit perfect photos instantly” at another. After going to their website, I haven’t really been able to find an explanation for the difference in subscriptions. As a subscriber of your app, I would appreciate an explanation of the difference in all of the subscriptions. At that point I could make an informed decision on which one I want. I’m about to cancel my subscription in it’s entirety and try to find another app. I’d really prefer not to do that because I actually like this one.
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2 years ago, dimitra sklav
used to love this app now I’m disappointed
I use this app for all my editing. Years ago you could pay for individual features at a small price and not have to pay full membership, I had bought the “firm” feature which I really liked but a few years ago they updated the app to where you need full membership to access the premium features and I lost that purchase I made. I cant use the firm tool which I paid for anymore. I continued to use the app nonetheless. Now, I tried using the app today and I saw that the “reshape” tool which has ALWAYS been free, has now suddenly become a premium feature and I can no longer use it without paying monthly. Now to me this app is worthless. Reshape tool is one of the most basic photoshop features, and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s been taken away. I’m going to have to find an alternative app now because I cant pay membership. I would pay to unlock individual features but since that’s not possible anymore I will have to do away with this app until they change something.
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2 years ago, jnekeijwnwkmejd
USED to love this app…
I’m so disappointed in this app… I downloaded this app a few years ago and LOVED IT! It WAS the best free, editing app I could find vs. all the others that you have to pay for monthly. I don’t take/ edit photos often so that is why I loved this app because it was FREE and is very user friendly. My favorite features are the reshape, resize, & a lot of other things you can use to edit your photo and again I’m not big into editing so this has all I needed. I just went in today to edit some photos and nowww my favorite editing tools are PREMIUM which they never were before hand, and now they want you to pay monthly or yearly. They did already have some items that were premium and you could pay monthly, but now I feel like every edit option is a premium option. I’m sure they’ll make a lot of money and won’t care about me using the app or not because it really is a bomb app, but I will be deleting the app and on the hunt for a different editing app now :/
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1 year ago, rlauren324
Can do so much just with the free options
I hardly ever take photos of myself so have stuck to the free version, but would definitely recommend premium to anyone who would use it regularly, just for the additional makeup and hair options alone! But the free version does a splendid job all on its own! Honestly I downloaded it because my girlfriend told me about the auto-makeup features, and I was too lazy to put makeup on and too self-conscious to take pictures without it. But you can put tons of makeup on with the free features - mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, even contouring, which I’m completely incapable of doing in real life. There are also free options for resizing and shifting and all sorts of elaborate stuff, for those who want that. Anyway, it alleviates a lot of silly worries over things like blemishes or dark circles. Thumbs up.
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3 months ago, TrishaFaylan
Used to be good but too many ads now makes it unusable
I used to really love this app but lately, the free version has so many ads popping up with no way to get them off your screen so you can’t finish editing the photo that you’re working on. So disappointed that they are doing this. There are ads popping up both on the top and bottom of the screen and they don’t go away! And the bottom of the screen ads are right next to a check box mark that you use to save changes on your photos so it’s quite sneaky of them because you could easily hit the ad instead of the check mark. I might delete it and try another app. It’s too bad really because it has some nice features. But I can’t afford a monthly subscription. Too bad they are making the free version so full of ads now. Obnoxious!! My advice would be try something else. Also, it crashes quite often. Mainly due to all the animated ads.
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8 months ago, Stevocarp
I need only AirBrush
I’ve spent months trying out multiple apps to edit the same 5 photos to try to determine which app offers me the most types of edits that I will actually use, because there are 100’s (1,000’s?) of photo editing apps that are very good, but I don’t have the space on my phone (nor the dough) to buy them all. I’ve chosen AirBrush as my GoTo photo editing app. Annually it’s < $55, and not only performs the edits I truly used, but performs them mostly very well. Editing a previously edited photo can yield some unusual and odd results, so be careful (you can always remove the last edit easily if you get over zealous like I do sometimes; but I’m still learning). My overall feeling is AirBrush is exceptional; and no, I’m not compensated in any way for my review (that would sure be sweet if I was, bowever).
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4 months ago, haileym98
Paid for premium
I have been using this app for at least two years now. I have been paying for premium this entire time. This November I renewed my premium membership. I tried to access it at the end of December, and finally reached out to them early January to see if there was something I was doing wrong on my end. They replied saying that this was an ongoing issue and to be patient with them. I reached out at the end of January to see if there was any progress on the issue, as I am still not able to access the premium membership I paid for. I did not get a response. It’s been over a month since the second email and still no response. I noticed that their year subscription went up in price since I paid for my membership, but that shouldn’t disqualify me from using the service I already paid for… I used to love this app and would hate to have to switch to another one but if this is how they treat a paying customer, I’m not sure I want to support their business. Airbrush, please make this right!
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6 years ago, EscapeGameLover691913212225
Perfect! Not too noticeable either. Makes it super easy just to wipe out a few of the little "flaws" that only you would notice about yourself anyways! Or, truth be told, if you're too lazy to put on makeup but trying to take a good pic.. you can totally add some light mascara or full blown face-do! I've purchased one then found this one and now I hate the purchased one! Sometimes FREE is the best I guess :)!!!!...this one is so much better!! Flawless!!-or at least that's how you'll be looking in your pics when you use this ;) shh we won't tell!!! But like I said it's not really "faking it" either because it's stupid flaws only we notice about ourself anyways so it just is a confidence booster, or that's how I use it anyways, I've definitely had to wonder to myself if some "gorgeous" people are really just using this app hahah!
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3 months ago, jenniferb1980
Not working at all!! Even after updates! A couple months back, the app said I couldn’t save the photo I was editing until I paid for a higher level subscription. I checked my purchase history which showed my purchase was still good until June. I quickly realized they took away the features from the premium membership (top level one at the time I purchased it) and they were forcing you to pay for new level subscription to get the features you already had before. So I gave in and did it because I was on a trip and wanted the photos edited while I was there ONLY to then have the app never work right since. I’ve tried uninstalling the app about 50 times now. I’ve downloaded the new version. NOTHING works. It’s stuck on a white home screen. I’ve contacted the app through email and on social media with NO replies. So I’ve double paid for an app that doesn’t work AT ALL. I am paying for NOTHING. This used to be the best app ever. Now it’s a scam. Don’t waste your money!!! ,
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4 months ago, Mlhutchison76
Can’t restore purchase - no response from customer service
My premium account is paid until July - it’s February. The app logged me out. When I logged back in I had ads and couldn’t access the paid content on the app. I deleted and reinstalled- didn’t work. Emailed customer service- no response. I’ve been a paying customer for 2 years+ frustrated that I can’t use a product that I paid for and have no help fixing the problem. EDIT- after missing out on using my paid subscription for over a week - the developer fixed this bug. I’m finally able to log back in. Very glad! Tried some other apps while this one was inaccessible- nothing compares to Airbrush - not even close. I will be continuing my subscription next July.
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3 weeks ago, Overall an amazing app
Awesome app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Overall this app is AMAZING! It has that button where it can smooth the wrinkles in your face and give it an “earthy” vibe. Generally this is a good game but I wish everything was free and you didn’t have to pay $4 to erase photo bombers or any thing, I know that’s how they get money but it takes away a lot of options to change the photo, so that’s one thing. Another thing, I I wish there were no ads and yes you have to get the premium for no ads you also have to do that with the extra filters that are more then have of the filters. Over all this app has made my photos alot better so I recommend that’s you get this app. There not many ads at all so that wouldn’t be a big problem I would say. Kk bye bye!
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8 months ago, NatalieRatesGames
Lied advertising.
This app was literally the absolute opposite of what ad showed me. I got an ad on this ad millions of times so I came to test it out. Right off the bat I just started swiping because in the ad it shows you use your finger to swipe some blue stuff and then you type what you want to replace. But no all I saw was a bunch of filters and make up stuff. It kept asking me to select and re-touch of fees when someone could’ve wanted to remove or replace a background I am aware that they do have built in the background, but what if they wanted to replace the people with an empty Street? Then they would have to delete the entire background and sometimes if they have a painting in the picture. It won’t get rid of the painting. In other words, it’s just going to make a floating Portrait or drawing in the photo. I cannot say that I am disappointed, to say the least. Completely different from the advertisement and literal scamming ppl of their device space and photo privacy.
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3 years ago, alexispjordan
Great but there is room for improvement
I love the app for quick adjustments and how it keeps the photo quality on export. It is very user friendly, and gets many jobs done. There are some items that would be great additions: I should not show ads when I’m in the paid version. It is very annoying to want to edit multiple photos and have to go back through all the steps to get to the same spot or same album. If I could immediately keep my place in my photos/albums when editing it would be great. There’s not an option to really erase anything, just remove it and smudge into a background of the colors around it. It would be great if there was a color “airbrush” option to clear or clean up any unwanted items. The option to add text and have fonts would be helpful.
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4 months ago, Dani The Model
Wouldn’t recommend right now
2/9 I’ve paid for a yearly subscription that’s on renewal for what was originally “premium.” I got to edit a photo today and its now trying to make me purchase the new “premium.” After trying to restore my subscription it says it can’t be found. So you all decided to update the app, charge people who already has a subscription for something they already paid for, and added so many ads. I hate this app now. I will not be recommending to anyone. Past review: I’ve been using this app since forever, but lately it’s been really annoying me. I’ll be editing a photo, then all of a sudden the app would go black & just close. Sometimes I’ll be able to continue back on my photo(not where I left off), other times my photo would be completely gone; I’m talking everything I did to edit it, plus my time just disappears. Really wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone right now. It’s usually when they go trying to update something.
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4 months ago, Tkny113
Everything is working again! Thank you Airbrush! Excellent app and please don’t let this happen again 🙏🏽 ———— I loved this app and had been a premium paid subscriber for a few years. Now all of a sudden there was an update last week and even though I am premium through November 2024, the app is not allowing me to use my premium features. Have followed all their FAQ instructions (clearly they are aware this is an issue) and looking through the most recent reviews looks like this has happened to everyone. So frustrated and honestly this is highly unethical. Have reported the issue to Apple in the hopes of getting a response from them. Reached out to app support several times and zero response.
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3 years ago, dezibales
Love ittttt a must have app!
After searching for days for photo editing apps I love this app so much my photos are almost hitting professional levels! I’ve had this app for a year not a single problem has accrued. I use this app everyday. I am a smaller businessed photographer and with this app my pictures have finally hit the professional level. I love this app I started small with other apps and when I got this app it make my pictures so good that I have so many people reaching out to me. This app you can whiten teeth blur blemishes you don’t want showing. Even give yourself a tan!. You can blur the background cut out things in the background or anywhere this app is perfect for little details to Even big details! I highly recommend this app!!!
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2 years ago, I'll Be FameISH
Great app with useful features, but...
I used to have this app a long time ago when the majority of the features were free. I understand that they need to monetize some of the features because of demand and because they’re great features, but I don’t like that they claim the majority of the main features are still free when they’re not :/ Might’ve just been some oversight in need of revising though! Also I went to start my free trial and purchase an annual subscription and was offered 14% off, but when I went to my settings to ensure I had the right card on file, the offer disappeared and the price reverted back to the full amount. Would really appreciate if the offer can still be honored since I needed to make sure it was charging the right card and had no idea that simply checking for this would cause the app to revoke the discount :(
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8 months ago, Hotwheel7a137!
Even free
I never pay for apps… but I liked this one so much, I signed up and find it has been worth every penny.. for someone who does a lot of work with photos, AirBrush is an easy alternative to editing even pictures that have nothing to do with one’s face. I’ve used the “Acne” tool to remove unwanted objects from landscapes, I’ve used the skin-color tool to create spooky shadows in photos of a graveyard. And for a variety of different photographs without any human faces, I’ve even used that “instant magic” option (whatever it’s called) which is intended to quick-fix flaws in a selfie/portrait. This is a great app for fine-tuning your own appearance — and it’s also a wonderful tool for touching up all sorts of photos.
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4 months ago, Slichty
Updated: Bugs seem to be fixed
3/8/24 - The bugs that were causing me issues seem to have been fixed by the developer and the app is back to working smoothly! I would go back recommending this to others and am back to smooth sailing 🤞🏻 Long time subscriber here, I love and use this app daily. Developers most recent update has made it impossible for me to login and will not recognize that I am a paid subscriber, keeps prompting me to pay again. Annoying ads are back, no reply from customer service yet. As someone who uses this frequently, and paid a good amount of money for the product, it’s super frustrating that they pushed this update out to IOS users who are no longer able to use it as intended. Hoping this is resolved quickly.
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3 months ago, astrallassie
Ruins Original Image… DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
I had been using this app for over 6 years! BUT now… NO more. It used to be literally perfect and I used it for every single photo. Other editing apps didn’t even come close to this one… and then… something changed.>>>> ANYTIME you use the “eraser tool” the whole clarity and quality of the original image changes—it gets blurry, and if you zoom in closely to the image, you will see weird “LINES” running through the entire photo. Even after saving and exporting the quality of the picture is so much worse than the original. It is SO SAD. I did message support and sent them pictures and videos of the issues… I asked them if they could work on fixing this, but they said nothing. >>>>>>🚫Suffice to say I am canceling my subscription. And for those thinking about using this app— just don’t. You will lose clarity and resolution, and you will degrade and ruin your original pictures. So dumb.
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7 months ago, My_2Sense
READ THIS Before Purchase!
I bought the premium subscription for the FULL YEAR for this app expecting that each and every tool available inside of it would work to full capacity. No such luck! 😡 The video editing feature doesn’t work! You can edit all you want, but good luck exporting that video out of AirBrush EVEN AFTER PAYING FOR THE FULL PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION for the year! Why even show the option to edit video within the app if it’s not possible??! Maybe to entice users into THINKING that paying for the premium subscription will open this up?? False advertising! Misleading and unethical full-on FALSE ADVERTISING!! That’s what this is! You’ve been warned. And you know what else?? The separate Airbrush video editing app that you must ALSO pay for isn’t even that good! I tried it out by adding makeup to one of my videos, and it put makeup on EVERYONE in the video! My husband will be so pleased when he sees himself sporting red lipstick and false eyelashes! Ugh! 🙄
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