Airline Commander: Flight Game

4.6 (73.8K)
867.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Airline Commander: Flight Game

4.59 out of 5
73.8K Ratings
4 years ago, eggify10
Review and suggestion
So this game is amazing. It is the most realistic one I have seen, and I love the idea of owning an airline and having to earn your way to new airplanes. The fact that there are possible emergencies are so fun, and it’s taught lots about airplane mechanics I didn’t know. Now for the suggestions: 1: There should be a sort of free fly mode, because we basically have to wait 30 minutes just to fly. We don’t have to earn money from it, it’s just for fun. 2: Make the emergencies more difficult in a way, I know this is vague and silly to say, but I just want to throw it out there. In addition, you should make an option where you do not see if there is going to be an emergency. 3: This is the big one.. And it’s a lot to ask for, but it would probably make this whole community super happy. Add a multiplayer co-pilot feature. Either just with a random person online or via a friend system(because I showed my brother to this game, and would want to be able to play with him.). I would recommend making the pilot in charge of in general maneuvering, and co in charge of the technical stuff like gear or flaps. I know this third one is a lot to ask for, but I would love to try out a beta of it if you guys decide to do this, but I know the chances of you doing it are low, but I may as well try to ask this. Thanks if you read this, and goodbye! Sincerely, First Officer Eggify10 of Dodger Air
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3 years ago, I love Jesus4321
This game is amazing!!!
You should by this game because it is the best and most realistic flight simulator game I have ever seen! I also love how you can do activities like, full flights, simple landings, simple takeoffs, and even taxiing to the gate or taxiing for takeoff. The only thing that I do suggest is less ads. Like if you finish all of your activities like I listed above, then you have to watch 30 second ads and that reduces the time by 5 minutes. Which results in over 7 ads to watch for one activity. But in reality, this game is amazing!!! For all you pilots out there, there’s hundreds of licenses that you can learn from to learn new tricks. And I’m still surprised that this game is FREE! So I give a BIG thank you to the creators of this game because of how good, how realistic, and how non-glitchy it is. PLEASE make more games like this. This is the best game ever! And it is a HUGE inspiration to me because I want to be an Airbus a380 pilot when I grow up. Thank you so much for all the time you put into this game. Please respond to this, that would be great 😇😊
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5 years ago, Cheezewize
Great idea, implementation is not great.
This is a fun way to get into flight simulators and the challenges are enjoyable however there are far too many advertisements required and far too much downtime waiting to proceed. I suppose you can shell out a few bucks to bypass these advertisements and waiting requirements but they don’t even make that easy. It’s a really bad pricing model. And for that reason I have ditched the app but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed using it for as long as I could tolerate it. So I think they are onto something but they just are not doing it properly. Also some of the ratings did not present the proposed challenge. For example the wind rating I couldn’t tell there was any wind at all. Same for the turbulence rating and same for a few of the other ratings but the emergency procedures ratings were very good and challenging. I would love to give this app five stars as many others have done but I just can’t use it any longer because of all of the ads and downtime. After completing a new rating you’re supposed to have access to the contracts that are available for each aircraft but you only have access to one or two before it times out and tells you that you have to get another rating and wait another hour or so. Same for the partner flights, you have to wait on most of them or view ads. That’s a game I’m not interested in playing so I have said goodbye for now.
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6 years ago, Tmooz
Good, not great.
Overall this is very fun to play. The flight physics are decent, I like the premise of the game, the graphics aren’t bad, and the realism is adequate... not perfect but adequate. I keep coming back for more every day, but I would like to see a few future changes. The game is very very bossy. I hate that there is no sandbox/free flight mode, not even one you could buy - I would pay a reasonable sum of money ($20 or so) to have open unlimited access to just fly, and probably pay another $20 to unlock everything, all planes. I’ve done over 300 landings and every time I land it still says “use the brakes to reduce the speed on the runway.” GEE, YOU THINK? Take off the training wheels. I’ve also experienced more rudder failures than I think have taken place in the entire history of aviation... not just commercial aviation - ALL aviation. The failures add a fun element but at the same time there have been just incidents of all engines failing on a commercial aircraft in modern aviation (not including fuel starvation) - I swear I’ve had that many in just a day in this game. It doesn’t even make sense that you can’t view your achievements or achievement progress unless you have earned one. You can’t slide the level or progress bar around to see what airports are coming up.
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5 months ago, Crashing Every Time I play
Air Line Commander
I just updated this App It Downloads Really Fast And It cuts off After it Downloads I can,t play this Game I don’t know what is wrong with this App I don’t know if it’s the Update I Just updated my phone I don’t know if that’s the problem or what I Really like this Game It used to work on my iPhone but it doesn’t work anymore can someone please help me I can’t play this Game I Like This Game it Use to work on my IPhone But Now it Don’t Work it Downloaded way to fast when I opened it Then it Cuts off I don’t know why it doesn’t open Any more I don’t know if it’s the update I did on my phone But that should matter Because I updated the game It might Have A Glitch in it I might be The only person Having problems with this game I don’t know But can we please fix this game I can’t play it Anymore I used to play this Game Help me if you can I like Airplane’s Game this is the Best Airplane Game that I Even Had Now it’s Keeps Downloading But It still won’t open it’s Still Doing the same thing I don’t know why this game keeps Downloading fast I Then It cuts off can someone please help me I like this Game can we please fix this Game please help me This Game is Doing the same thing I just updated it Awhile ago it still cuts off And it won’t open
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5 years ago, Adonror
Great game but few problems
The game is great. I’ve been playing it for some time now but I find it’s hard to level up which you need for licenses. Honestly, I think licenses shouldn’t rely on leveling up, then you need to do 5 missions to get enough money, and then you need to wait 30 minutes. They could rely on experience points or something where once you play enough you can unlock that license. I’m talking getting 1,000 to 5,000 XP per mission depending on how hard it is, and the license costs 5,000 to 25,000 depending on the plane. Another problem I’ve been noticing is that when I land and turn on the breaks, the gears disappear out of nowhere and i fail the whole mission. Finally, the taxiing. The taxiing is terrible. I know there’s a skip button but if you do skip you lose half your rewards which are needed for anything basically. If you fail the taxiing, you need to start all the way over from the beginning which gets so annoying. There should be a checkpoint when you get to the runway. Overall, this is a great game and I would recommend it. I would like to see a freestyle mode where you can do anything you want. (I do notice that there’s a coming soon area on the menu).
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5 years ago, smccall1977
Rudder control - Game Center and Facebook issue
Have some major issues with the game. The game will give me a heading and altitude to complete within a minute yet I’ll still fail when it comes to the heading. Tower will tell me maintain 6100 ft and heading of 153 yet the navigation tells me my heading is already on the correct heading. I would understand if tower told me to deviate from current heading but it doesn’t and you never deviate from your current route without tower telling you to do so. Also the game needs some work in the ground routing because it also will have you all over the place sometimes. Mainly I find these errors on offers from other airlines. Also give us a clue on what’s coming soon and also i can’t claim a reward for having 300 landings it says completed yet i can’t claim the reward and I need it. I have invested money into this game but won’t anymore until I get what I worked hard to achieve. Also need way more full flights in the game. I have only gotten 2 full flights one 5 hours long the other 3 and that’s it. I know maybe to most people they don’t want to sit and fly that long but that’s what a pilot does and it makes this game feel more like a simulator then anything else.
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4 months ago, rpanda1423
App keeps crashing on me after 100’s of hours playing
Not sure why this happened all of a sudden, but I reached out to support and waiting for their response before updating my review. I used to love this game until that is my app kept crashing but only when I would log into my Facebook acct. unfortunately this is where I’ve invested all of my time, money, and energy by leveling up. Also I checked to make sure my iOS software is updated, and I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the this app many times, and so far no luck! Update: they finally worked out the problem but just had to wait for a week or two. Now I. Back to playing regularly and loving this game once again! However since I started playing this game going back almost 2 years now. The app occasionally still has issues with crashing, which can now easily be fixed by reinstalling it. Overall I still love this game and will give it a 5 star review!
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5 years ago, thager35
Ok game. Needs free flight mode.
The game is ok. Physics are good. Can get a lot free by playing the game and flying routes. But... after the first 8 or 10 licenses you get it’s seems to pretty much be the same thing over and over. There isn’t much flying involved at all. It’s all taking off and landing. And when you have to do full take offs and landing you spend 3/4 of the time driving under 40 knots which is a snails pace (if you exceed 40 you get alarms until you slow down and it cost you points) and it takes soooo long. The it take 2 or 3 minutes to take off and fly. Or 2 or 3 minutes to land then slow drive forever back to park. It was pretty fun at first. The simulation is fairly real with the cockpit features. Autopilot and such.. I’m about done playing it though because there’s no free flight where you can take off and fly around and land somewhere else wherever you want. There isn’t even a full flight where you take off, fly to a destination and land there. It’s either take off and once you reach altitude the game ends. Or you start on final approach and land. And that’s it. I’m up to level 9, have 6 or 7 planes, and it’s the same things over and over. It has potential to be a great game! But not in its current state.
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3 years ago, bhillan19
Not what I thought it would be
It makes me sad to write a negative review about this game. The game has so much potential. The graphics are amazing and flight is easy and simple to learn. That is, when you actually get to fly a mission. The game takes forever to advance, credits and cash are incredibly hard to come by if you are playing for free. Even after you’ve mustered enough cash to complete the next flight exam for your next license (which is required in order to progress the new flight paths) it takes 1-3 hours after you purchase the new licenses to even take your exam. Way to much time. Once you are able to fly your mission, your stuck with either a take-off or a landing. No flights from starting points to destinations. With the amount of time it take to even play the game, it’s not worth your time let alone money you may potentially spend. I would gladly spend cash on the game if I thought it had any chance of improvement. My advice as the consumer: either be an airline management game with no flight interaction or be a flight simulator. Not both. Hopefully the creators will take some of the advice that’s being offered to them by many of my fellow reviewers.
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1 year ago, Flamingmantisgaming777
Significant Improvements to the game
I’d like to say that this game is the best and finally able to include free flight in this game. And liveries and many other new features and modes to choose from. 4 years ago this game wasn’t the best game at the time but now yes it’s the best. I’d give it a solid 4.8 out 5 because of the new updates, features and modes. Lastly the one issue with this game is that you get very few options and the big price jump and big waiting times which is a concern. Aside from the cons In this game I think a major redesign of the planes would help to distinguish what the plane realistically looks like. If go to airline commander videos telling what the problems in this game is well developers should watch and listen closely. Besides all the cons best game ever and don’t mean hate on this game at all. These are just my opinions so don’t take it personally or seriously. Have a great time Rortos!
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2 weeks ago, AngeloSFusco
PLEASE READ Great Game!!!!!!!! Until it wasn’t.
This game is amazing! I got it a few days ago and so far I really like it. The ground is flat except for around the airport, but that’s okay. It has realistic controls and real graphics. It’s great! Update: Ok, this game used to be good, but since they added the flight path, it’s just been downhill. I can’t tell you how much the ads have increased. Now, the only way to get through planes and licenses is to pay. Oh, and the events, good luck with those because your going to need to your all of your green cards for them. The challenges? You used to get 3 free tries. The flights? Sure, the game physics and stuff hasn’t changed but getting through the game is impossible. Fix this, and I’ll update again, but this is an amazing game that fell off, and now just seems like a way to get your money. It’s just not a playable game now. That’s why I want from a five star review to a one. Please help the community! Flight sim isn’t supposed be just an ad filled money stealer, in fact I’d rather have this game be a one time fee, and then no cheating my money out of me. So, my point is, if you’re looking for a free, good flight simulator, this is not the one for you.
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2 years ago, 81817171178181
Lower decent
So umm a review a guess so airline Commander is a game where you land taxi and take off to earn money Than you can spend it on getting new licenses and planes And kinda fine with that but Some problems like How Its Wants To Boss You Around like “brake when landing” DO YOU THINK I DONT BRAKE WHEN LANDING DO YOU THINK AND A RETAIRD WITH SATE 3 DEMENTIA? I know how to brake I know how to use the auto pilot I know how to use every Single Control in the flight gui Because it’s literally the same as the Extreme landings one which I play on my other iPad and I have 40 Hours on extreme landings No flex also I bet the “players” Are bots But with Real players on the leaderboard also this game is kinda grindy like Do Airline offers to get enough money to get the next license Than Wait like 3 hours to get the license than do the license and do it in less than 2 minutes and than repeat Get new plane every so offen It’s Kinda grindy do And There’s No FREE FLIGHT I want a free flight even if it cost money of point I will grind for it I want free flight But There’s None So do I recommend? Maybe Your choice not Mine. Also am on the embraer-140 done.
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3 months ago, hgbghbsyvguugbhs
Progress saving issue
I played this game since 2020, and it’s really good! The gameplay is fun and addicting, and I enjoy it! The one major issue about this game is that I started my airline and one day, randomly, the game said my Game Center was logged out, even though it wasn’t. I couldn't fix the issue, so I restarted. That was a long time ago, so I don’t know if that is still a bug. But kind of recently I started my airline again, and made decent progress. I took a break from the game and when I returned, my airline was gone like it never save and I had to restart, which really irritated me because that was a second time I had to restart. I built up my airline again, and took another break from the game. I went back to the app and it took me into the tutorial, meaning that my airline did not save AGAIN and at that point I was done with restarting my airline. I hope that you guys fix this issue, because it de-motivated me and I will probably not return to this game.
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11 months ago, JMB CO
Could be fun, but good luck playing it
The modeling and simulation engine are great. Wading through the pricing model, ads, levels, and wait times is frankly miserable. You could spend a lot of money to bypass all of that. But even doing that is not easy based on how the game play is designed. And it’s not a one time thing. Each level is impossible to get through without stalling and waiting to build money in the game to proceed, and the structure is designed to stall you out so you’ll pay just to continue. You can’t even fly on planes you bought once you don’t have “more routes to open”. Overall the game has a lot of potential. But it’s clearly designed just to bombard you with ads, which are non stop, or force you to pay to play continuously. The poor pricing model and game infrastructure really drags down any enjoyment you could otherwise get from what would have been a really fun game. The challenges, daily tasks, and overall concept are ruined by the issues that prevent you from playing an otherwise good game.
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5 years ago, joshxgaming
Has potential
It is really fun and addictive, but needs works. I have noticed they fixed a few bugs from a while back, but there are still some things that need to be fixed. Besides that, the scoring, money, and that entire system is really poorly constructed. If my engine blows up mid flight, which is surprisingly common, and the plane moves a little I get dinged points for making passengers feel sick. Same thing for turning, but then when I turn slower I get dinged for not staying on course. It’s just kinda crazy. Not to mention, the level system and plane unlock system is so annoying. I get they wanna make money so they encourage people to speed up upgrades and all that to unlock things faster, but when do I have to level up over 100 times to reach a new rank, and why is each level another 10 flights. It’s kinda ridiculous. I get you need money and don’t want people to unlock everything in a week, but I’ve been playing for a few years and still am only half way through. I also just end up getting tired of the same old thing over and over because I can fly new planes.
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1 year ago, Siamak Airlines
Full Flights and Full Landings And full Take Off in Offers from other airlines
Hi . First of all thanks a lot for this amazing game. I’m playing it for 4 years and I enjoyed it. But these recent changes make it a little harder and boring. I’m an airline commander + and I have tried a lot to get to this rank but after this change I have to play more and more to buy next airplane Learjet for 38m , I have tried to much short and simple flights to earn money to buy next aircraft. If there is no way to make it easier for us then ok so make a way to have at least Full Flights and Full Landings and Full Takeoffs in offers from other airlines. Then we can enjoy more and make more money and then we can buy next airplane even sooner. Please take this opportunity in your consideration for next update . This will make me happy as one of your old pilots Airline Commander+ Siamak Airlines
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3 years ago, Brooklyn saludes
Good game but gets tired very fast
The controls and physics and everything seem realistic but the game gets tiring very fast due to constantly have to just take off and land, take off and land again for just a little reward that’s not even 5% of the amount of the next plane you have to purchase. On top of that you only have a few flights to take until you have to wait another half hour before you get flights again. With only around 2k or less per flight, and trying to purchase a $300,000 plane or paying $100,000 to progress and take another test for a license takes forever. On top of that when you finally acquire the amount to take the flight test, after constantly taking off and landing just to get money, you still have to wait another 5 hours to wait to take the test! Also making a perfect landing is very hard so you don’t even get the full amount of money for that land. This game is alright for the first day. After that that is game is straight trash. Not something you could play for very long. Developers mess up on the progression on this game. Could’ve been great.
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5 years ago, Tost12
Great game but...
The wait times in between tasks is horrendously long. When that happens, I generally don’t go back to the game. Who is gonna wait 10+ hours for a simple task to complete so you can progress? Of course, this is where the $$ is made and believe me, I spend and support developers for games I really enjoy. That said, the term ‘money grubbing’ is applicable here because where I will drop $ without hesitation, when I feel cheated is when I turn that cash spigot off. Sadly, this is one of those times. Guys, you’ve made an excellent game but you don’t provide enough ‘value’. Shorten task times to minutes not hours. Collect your money for things like new planes, pilots, route contracts, etc. I’m disappointed that I finally found a game worth playing for hours on end but you set your own limitations when you try to monetize every minute aspect of the game. When I’m confident that changes have been made to provide more ‘value’ to the player, I’ll pick this up again. Until then.
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5 years ago, Yank1234
Fun but flawed
This is a very fun game, however there are a few problems that make it very frustrating to play in the long run. For starters the idea is you buy planes and acquire licenses in order to progress to higher ranks and levels. However you will never get the option to fly your own planes. You get to fly once when you open a new route and that’s it. You can only assign another pilot to fly for you. Than there’s the “contracts from other airlines” as you fly contracts they start out worth about 5k per takeoff or landing, then as you complete “perfect” performances they drop off over 90% to around $500. And finally there’s the “full flights”. Don’t expect to get them because they only appear once every 10 or so days of playing several contracts a day, which is really too bad because they are the most entertaining part of the game. They take several real hours to fly yet there’s no way to pause them long term if something comes up. If you close the app for more than 10 or so minutes it restarts and resets all the contracts.
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4 years ago, Big 787
Airline Commander rating
I love this game so much everyday I play it nonstop and I would like to see twin things in the new update for the game one is that you get to do full flights more often most of the time it’s just simple takeoff or landing or full takeoff or landing but I want to do the full flight from pushback to taxi to takeoff to mid flight and cruise to approach and landing and taxi again and into the gate and second I want to be able to choose to do free flight you know like pick all the airports that I have unlocked and pick my aircrafts that I own and do a flight plan so let’s say from Chicago to New York I want to be able to do a free flight like that that’s what I would like to see but overall it’s an amazing game and I play it everyday because my dream is to become a pilot and I would recommend this game to everyone else so the makers and developers of this game you did an amazing job keep it up 👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯
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1 year ago, Bill5673
Cannot get to next flight
I am ready for my next contract, but with all the extraneous items on the screen, and not knowing what to do to get to the next flight, is extremely frustrating and irritating. I am a pilot and have successfully completed my first take off and landing. I want to move on, but there seems no way to do so. The interface keeps taking me in circles. All it does is keep trying to shove in app purchases down my throat. All I want do is get to my next mission, but I’ve been going in circles for 20 minutes. A very lousy interface! Maybe if I can figure out how to get past all this nonsense, and get to my next mission I will upgrade this app. Later: What a shame. It seems that you now have to pay for the privilege of getting past the first two basic take off and landing exercises. To me, this is a total scam and I won’t fall for it. Before requiring in app purchases, the game should at least let the user test it with several flights and several contracts. I’m deleting this application now. What a shame, the physics are great, but everything else about. It is a scam.
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2 years ago, Regs76
Started great
When I first downloaded the game I loved it, yeah it’s a little slow with trying to earn money and having to wait 30 minutes for other airline contracts to refresh and stuff but it was tolerable, but now I have a hard time getting the game to start up!! I have to open the app and it tells me I’m logged in to another server or something like that even though I literally only play on my phone so I have to wait for it to try loading until it times out then hit the “try again” button and do it all over. This can go on for 4 to 5 times before the game actually opens and most of the time I just get frustrated and go on about my business or find something else to play. Who wants to spend 15 minutes trying to open a game that after ten minutes of play time you’re out of contracts and have to wait the half hour for them to refresh. Figured I’d see if this problem continues and if it does I’ll just delete and find another game
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5 years ago, Ddesper
Great Sim with limits
As real love of flight simulation this game was a true gem with level up progress fast at first but starts to get repetitive. It has three main modes of flight which are Landing, Takeoff and different challenges for planes in license challenges. The fourth mode which really shines is a Full Flight mode. The main part of the game I enjoy most is the Full Flight length when given the chance to do them when offered from other airline challenges. I have heard rumors that you get more once you have clocked 80 hours of flight time though I feel with an option to fly in freedom when I would like other than simple Landing and simple takeoff. I would give the game 5 stars though it needs more flexibility if the developer is reading to add more free flight options or more frequent Full Flight challenges which make the game really shine.
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6 years ago, Zerosarefun
This is not a flight simulator
This is a taxiway simulator. You spend 80% of your time on the ground moving at snail speed stopping constantly for other planes, also moving at snail speed. There are no full flights apparently, unless they come later in the game, but I’ve been playing for a week so if they are in there somewhere it takes far to long to be accessible. When you do get into the air, you have seemingly reasonless engine blow outs constantly, (usually when you’re about 2 seconds from landing, which makes the landing unsalvageable, resulting in a wreck) when the landing gear fails (which is fairly rare, granted) you have very little hope of landing at all because they refuse to unlock no matter how many times you try to bypass the failure. Oh and devs, if you’re reading this i just had a waypoint marker transition in flight from 3,200 ft to 30,000 ft... directly above me. Let me tell how to aim a plane straight up and not stall out immediately. You can’t. And i failed the mission for incorrect flight path for the trying to circle up to the waypoint. With all these issues and missing components this game was not ready to be released yet.
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1 year ago, BestTiger123456
Money in the game
The credits(the silver one) will be added to my account at first once I was done, but later it will be gone again. So that was equals to you doing a job and you did not earn anything. The money will only be in your account only if you use your mobile data. However, not much people will have so much mobile data to on during the entire game, otherwise, you will get nothing. I don’t know if other people face this issue, but I faced it. I have not gotten about 20k in the game. At first it was added like normally. Later once they add it, you will see the money decrease to the amount before you got the money even if you did not buy anything and spent anything. I hope that the created can look into this matter and solve it as quick as they can, otherwise I can only use mobile data while playing this game instead of my house wifi(by the way, it is not my house wifi problem cos when I play other games, it work perfectly fine). Hope that the created will look into the matter and if possible, return me the 20k(silver one) coins.
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5 years ago, b.boi.kid
It was fun until.....
This game has so much potential but there are a few things that are really making it become boring. It would be great if the full flight was at least an actually full flight. Not broken up into taxing that is longer than the actual flight. It’s only a few second after taking off and then it skips over to “ok now get ready for landing”. I don’t even mind that you can play ads to reduce the wait time for licenses or get extra points and cash. There should definitely be a free flight mode. Currently I’m unable to fly because I have no flights available. I’ve assigned the pilots in lieu of that but that benefits me none because that doesn’t even count towards the routes to progress to higher rankings. One of the biggest gimmicks of this game are the daily challenges. Clearly its bots that they used to perfectly land within 35 seconds or when you have to stop close to that lit up landing strip they are like 0.005 or something ridiculous like that. Anyway the game overall is fine just become super repetitive and I just want to get to the A380 but at this rate it may take until next year.
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12 months ago, 55 of 66
Great game
This is the only simulation game I’ve ever downloaded. I recently flew united to the Dominican Republic and I downloaded Their flight simulator app to play during during the flight. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because it’s extremely difficult to progress in the game without buying something, and it seems the price of the next license keeps rising every time I gain free coins as to always keep it out of reach unless I make a purchase, I’m also having a hard time understanding the routes that are already “flying” when I go to fly them so I can’t seem to complete any tasks without buying something and I have no idea how “assigning” a flight or a captain to a flight is supposed to benefit me. So basically I enjoy practicing with the two planes I have and occasionally after I get enough free coins I can rent a plane for an event, then I’m out coins and have to wait 6-8 hrs to try again.
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4 years ago, shibocki
Play daily
In my opinion I think that this game is good but with a few issues. It's the fact that it gets boarding quickly. So to solve that problem I think that there should be a free flight option since there is something coming soon on the home screen. The free flight could include the option to chose what emergencies to have and where to takeoff and land. I also think that there should be no bar to show the emergency because 1 to me it doesn't match up like I'll get some turbulence and it will show a orange bar. 2 I think that there should be no emergency bar just to make the game more challenging. This is just a suggestion but I think that there should be a chance that you get an emergency that the player hasn't been taught yet. Also some planes are kinda missing like the Boeing 707 and the 727, and more. I also think that you should use different runways for takeoff/landing. Same goes for taxing such as different gates and routes.
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2 years ago, VerticalOrbit
Leaving because of New Update
I’ve had and enjoyed this game for a couple of years now as it was great for doing a flight or two here and there when I had a few minutes to spare. I’d gotten to level 22 when I installed the new update and was surprised to see the “coming soon” tile replaced with a free fly option, only to find out that you have to buy the season pass to actually use it (and the season only lasts a month). Most of the season pass itself unlocks “time saver” tickets and maybe 2-3 plane paint jobs, which is not at all worth it to me. On top of that, in the new update there are way more ads; every time you open the app, finish a flight, or do anything else, you’ll have an ad pop up. Seems like the devs are trying to squeeze every penny they can after waiting years to finally add a (very highly requested) free fly mode and locking it behind a paywall. My advice? Instead of paying $10 a month to “free” fly, spend your money on something like Flight Sim 2020.
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5 years ago, pilotdad107
Please remove inappropriate ads
I’m not going to repeat all the feedback about gameplay, it’s all pretty accurate to my experience. I don’t mind all the ads, all though they are quite considerate, but it’s also a free game so what do you want. My two gripes are these: 1) the game glitches often, so when I select to watch a video to gain a 30% bonus or cut down wait time it often glitches, sometimes as high as a 50% rate, and since it glitches I end up watching a whole 15-30 second video and get no reward, no bueno. 2) and probably more concerning to me is that this game is rated for 4 years old and up however the developers have thought it aright to show ads for mature games, I wish they would only allow ads that match their games rating, I don’t want my kids to watch ads about kingdoms of lust, or death zombies or the like, it’s inappropriate and frankly I don’t even want to see it. It’s an easy fix, please do it or you might lose me as a user, thanks.
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4 years ago, Titanic_Fans
Hello Game Developers, I have seen that there is a “coming soon” addition going on. I just want to know what that is. The game is awesome, it teaches mechanic I didn’t know, uses emergency’s, and flys in the real world. The game is actually so fun, the game has its own flight tracker. So, basically this game is playable, high quality, and, if you have nothing else to do other than earn money (this is where my suggestion come in) is to free fly. Not earning money though, just a free flying experience would definitely pull things together, other than waiting half a hour just to fly. I also see that when I’m doing a Full Lansing, every time I’m just about at the gate, then the extra camera sets up, and I see that the throttle and for some reason altitude and how fast I’m going. To add to that, the altitude and knots are all above 500 when it happens. I don’t know if it’s just on me or no one noticed. Anyway, another thing I would like to add is to see how future planes look like. I always wanted to see the Boeing 747 during when I was just a Flight Officer, but I never got to (unless I searched up a video). Anyway, that’s my rating and hope you get to these points, and I would rate it 6 out of 5 if I could. Sincerely, Boeing 747 Fan of Airline Commander
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5 years ago, Am powers
Overall Fun Game
I have enjoyed this game for the couple months I have played it. Would really like to see some improvements as there are a few bugs. Engine failures that make it impossible to recover and land, there have been instances were I get stuck having rudder failures several missions in a row. Which is not a big deal just seems like a bug. Would love to see a free play option in the Coming Soon tab. This game does get monotonous quickly. There doesn’t not seem to be much difference in the different planes. I also don’t mind the taxing but would like if instead of following a route you where told follow the 737 and there was more realistic taxing not just what seems to be a waste of time taxing around a route. One of my biggest pet peeves is how when you pull into a gate the jet bridge comes up on the right side of the plane. Jet bridges are always on the right side of the plane. Minor thing but would make it more realistic. Please keep improving!
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12 months ago, Fabyg42
Fun excellent game butttttttt
First off I've been playing for a couple of years now. I had also purchased Flight passes etc. The amount of real money I spent on this game is almost hundreds. I get the company needs to make money but paying $20 each time for flight pass and to not wait to until you make enough to complete other missions is just absurd. I believe after spending $100 real money you should be able to get all the unlockes not pay all the time. $100 should not still give you ads and have to wait until advertising is over. It's crazy how greedy this developer is. I get the Game is Excellent but I don't agree that people need to keep paying because they purposely trap you on paying more real money. The only reason I'm giving this review a 2 star is because of that matter. So if anyone is willing to pay alot of real money to complete this game I hope my review helps. I could of just bought a flight simulation game on my Laptop would of been cheaper. Get your app together development department.
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9 months ago, PointyMarmont
Great Game!
The gist of this game is take offs and landings with taxiing to and from the runway. There are a lot of planes (they can be upgraded and customized) and a ton of real airports. I see some reviews saying you have to pay to get new planes. That’s not true. You earn in game credit for completing tasks and assigning your pilots to new routes you open. As you build your credits you unlock new planes/licenses with it and continue to progress. You can pay real money to buy planes for charter flights, speed up licensing, etc. But you can absolutely play this game for free. I think you get rid of the ad that pops up when you first log in, with a purchase of credit (as low as .99 cents). Then it’s gone for good. Well worth it for the quality of this game!
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2 years ago, En_tourage
Good Game could be Great
I really love this game. It’s challenging and fun, I’ve also learned a lot about flying. But there are some quirks that make the game frustrating. First, as you get hire in the ranks the cost for license and planes get more expensive. But the amount you earn from flying stays the same. It took me over a month to get enough money to get to the next plane. They roles into my next point which is the jobs and flights get boring since it takes so long to get to the next level or airport. I’ve had this game for probably 5 months now and I’ve only ever had the option of 3 full flights. The cost to purchase money on the game is highway robbery. I mean it would make more since to me to charge people a monthly fee of like 2 or 5 dollars instead of charging over $100 to buy money. Lastly they need to have free fly mode. It’s already enough restrictions free fly would help with that.
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3 years ago, Davidboombastic
Would have been a 5 but...
I like the game play progression. And it’s a phone game so I don’t expect it to be horribly accurate. However...engine failure of any kind would send an aircraft to the nearest airport. Also...the license idea is wonderful but when the game throws a situation that is covered by a license exam...there should also be some sort of grading/rating/point system for following the protocols learned in the exams. One last thing. The microbursts are awesome...but on the short flights, there’s not enough time to even react to the weather. No time to even switch to radar to determine the best course. If the game is going to do that, give the players 15-30 seconds to assess weather conditions and give them the chance to navigate around. Every time I’ve been given the microburst situation, it was always within 2 seconds of the game starting. Other than that....FANTASTIC game!!!
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3 years ago, BigTrav615
Full flight was not what I thought
Ive been playing this game for a solid week now and been trying to get a full flight mission and finally got one and I assumed it would of been a FULL Flight but it was only Taxing to the runway taking off and flying to a way point like how a take of mission is and then bam youhit a loading screen and you are at the next airport in a landing mission. I was seriously expecting to be able to fly the full route to the next airport that way i can possibly use the skill i learned from the licenses you test for . But it was just a short flight like every mission . Plus like someone said before it would be great for a free flight mode while you wait 30 mins for missions to open up . If there turns out to be a mission that allows me to do the entire flight from take off to the flying to next airport and landing ill ve back to change this games needs some work it has a lot of potential if done right.
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4 years ago, EndoBean
Lacks in many things. Definitely a pay to win scheme. Things cost too much and is very difficult to enjoy. This game used to be fun but now it’s just repeating the same thing over and over again for weeks just to try out pretty much the exact same plane. I thought there would be more freedom with how you fly and where you fly but I guess not. Even small mistakes can cost you to lose many credits, this includes accidentally flying off course or a rough landing, but personally the worst of them all, WHEN THE GAME INTENTIONALLY CAUSES A PROBLEM LIKE A FLAPS ISSUE FOR A STAGED “EMERGENCY” in the normal flight and then expects you to do a perfect landing without flaps and if you don’t, YOU LOSE YOUR CREDIT????. This game definitely needs a lot of changes in order for it to not only be good but playable. The only good thing I find with this game is that it’s free but in app purchases are pretty much required unless you want to do repeating boring tasks for weeks just to fly a turboprop that can go 20 knots faster than your current one.
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6 years ago, ntm929
So close
This could be a really great game, but the instructional videos aren’t great and your plane will have a failure about 75% of the time. Landing in elements is hard enough without your engines failing 300 feet above the ground. Having to switch screens to restart your engines is terrible since your screen doesn’t always react as quickly as it needs to. Best case scenario a restart of your engines takes 5-8 seconds, but when your so far into the decent, your dropping speed so fast you can’t salvage it. There is also a HUGE amount of down time in this game unless you want to spend serious money on it. If you don’t want to buy your way thru you have to wait for new contracts so you can buy new planes or licenses. This game is also very hard to play on an iPhone X because many of the controls and the home bar overlap. I am constantly closing out of the app trying to hit controls, especially the engine buttons.
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2 years ago, American Instinct MA
This Game Won’t Let You Play It
The game has great gameplay but the passing is horrendous. You legitimately have like 2-3 available planes at a time but “have no more routes to open” which are the blue routes which you can clearly see are available, yet the game arbitrarily restricts you until you get new licenses or save up ludicrous amounts of money to buy a new plane & unlock the ability to buy new licenses. Then you’ve got the “offers from other airlines” that are also arbitrarily restricted. If I have like 9 airports and a huge amount of routes that I’ve opened, why when I try to get other offers do I only get maybe 2-5 offers at most? Then have to wait 30min more. I want to play this game & I enjoy it, but it’s clear that their efforts are into making you spending irl money to buy a lot of in game currency to have the ability to play the game. I don’t mind time gates, but this game literally doesn’t want you to play it :|
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1 year ago, Airline comrade
Nothing I can do to level up
This is a fun game to play if you want to really get into the realism as a pilot or as a literal airline commander, just that the take off is very unrealistic. The plane just shoots off the ground no matter how smoothly I try to make it fly. And there are also problems with getting new contracts and levelling up. First of all, when I try to level up it tells me to get more routes, basically airports. But in order to do so, I would have to get more contracts. But then again it will ask me to level up. Basically trapped infinitely in a conundrum, not sure weather it’s me or the game. But to me the only way to bypass this problem is to just buy the next airplane which will cost a lot of coins to save up and will take a very long time since I already completed all the events and I don’t have any more credits to refill my planes. Please make the in game purchases (Not real money) cheaper for the planes.
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4 years ago, Bullmoose88
One of the better ones, but still needs improvement
Overall it’s fun and engaging, but some aspects are not realistic. For instance- scheduling a 777 to take off from a 5,000 foot runway. The climb rates are way to slow for jets, so slow that to remain under the 250 knot threshold under 10,000 feet you can’t go over 50 percent power in a climb. Also, the turn radius for some of the approaches should be fixed, sorry but banking a widebody jet at 40 degrees in a holding pattern is crazy. Also a free flight mode would be nice. The current challenges are fun but get boring after a while. Also it takes forever to unlock the nicer widebody jets. Maybe have a less strict structure so people can just buy the planes they want instead of wasting currency on ones they don’t want. Overall I love the game and would recommend it, but it could use improvement.
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5 years ago, Chrissy Pissy Wissy
Awesome game, but one problem that would be awesome if it were fixed.
I love this game and I feel like everything is pretty cool. There some minor bugs that could be fixed but here is one that I notice a lot (as if for right now) when I land, especially smooth landings. For some reason the airplane gear fly up into the air causing the plane to jump up. It makes the plane seem like it’s on a trampoline and would be great if it was fixed. I see it most often on the DHC-8 plane when it lands. But the other feature that I would love to be implanted is the entire landing be recorded to see at the end. It’s a very small thin which I think shouldn’t be too focused on but I hope it can be fixed. Thank you guys anyway. I rly hope the game bugs get fixed and new planes get added in the future.
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2 years ago, lael96
Fun but has a few issues
This game is real fun. I’ve been playing for many days now, but still have much more to learn. So far I have had to delete the game because it was saying there was an issue each time I opened it up. Secondly, I’m now having an issue where all directional controls are backwards, and I’m failing everything because it’s not the proper direction to be steering. I cannot get this to be changed anywhere in the game. It was fine and then I went to the next flight, and everything was different. I would say overall, this is a great game. I would love to be able to keep playing, but if it doesn’t allow me to change the direction, I can not. I’ve come too far in the game to delete it again, that would be super frustrating. Keep updating and making changes, because you’ve got something really cool here.
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4 years ago, Xafirox
Amazing game if it worked
I love this game. This game has opened my eyes to flight simulators. I played this game for an entire single day. Throughout the day, the more I played, the more problems the app was giving me. Every once in a while I’ll have an infinite loop loading screen whenever I finish a mission or try to start one. It got worse the more I progressed until now, I can’t even okay anymore. The finish mission or collect now button just gives me an infinite loading loop and I can’t do any more missions til it’s done but it never gets done. I’ve tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling, updating my phone, restarting my phone, alas, to no avail. I love this game, and to only my love for it is why I gave it 4 stars where if it were any other game it would have been 2. The game is not playable at its current state on my phone.
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5 years ago, ntwrkguru
Fun, but hard on a phone
Fun game, but using the phones gyroscope is odd and difficult at times. I often bank when trying to lower the gear with one thumb. Also, taxiing by rotating the phone is just crazy hard to control. Not sure why the rudder control doesn’t work to steer on the ground as it would in a real plane. Also, during training flights or exams, it’s hard to read the notes and instruments at the same time. Waypoint altitudes are hard to read at night or in inclement weather. Another gripe is that for landings, you start out at 250 kts, no flaps, no gear down, and are 1-3nm from the runway. Totally unrealistic. Either start the landings 6 or so nm out or start the short landings with flaps and gear down. Maybe throw some more variety in and increase the challenge by putting hold patterns in play. All in all, I still enjoy it.
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4 years ago, FoxTrotPlayz
Great but also hard
This is a great game one of my favorites. The flight mechanics is great, the tutorial is great, the models and map look perfect (no really, I have never seen a better map for a flight sim) but here are my problems, the game is WAY to grindy. I spent probably about a month playing and I’m just now getting half way through rank two. Some of the emergency’s aren’t really emergency’s ether because I have had a mission on 20 knot wind and it wasn’t an emergency. I also wish that the emergency’s could be a surprise. Here’s what I think would be cool. Helicopters, in a different campaign, would be cool ( but hard I’m sure) and could ya finish up on free flight please? I’m begging you finish free flight. But overall I highly recommend this game and if it where alittle les grindy I would give it 5 stars
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5 years ago, TVRob24
Fly, Fly, Fly High
Overall I really like this game and kinda addicted to it. I fly almost every other week for work so I’m pretty into aviation and aviation games. I like this one a lot for it’s take off and landings and taxing to and from runways. If you like these sort if games, I think this is pretty close to the best. Of course there are some things I wish were added and taken away. When it comes to full landings and full take offs, I wish they were a little shorter. When you have one that takes 10 minutes it can get a little frustrating especially for the game. I know that and longer are a reality but sometimes it’s too much. I also wish the target altitudes at night were a little easier to see and that they aren’t covered by other airplanes in the sky. When you are getting a license, sometimes the instructions are so long and fast that I barely have time to read them. The player should be the one to swipe it away and not the game. And yeah the rudder failure is annoying. One thing I wish this game had to add a little bit more reality is queuing up behind other planes at the runway. It adds a new level of skill as well as seeing more active planes around. I’ll still keep playing but waned to share ny two cents.
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6 years ago, Cary19
Too Controlling
Most games have a period of instruction where the tell you what to do each step of the way. I get that part it shortens the learning curve. However, at some point the game, normally, lets you find your own way, with maybe some hints. Maybe I have not gone far enough in the game I’m only at Level 5, but there is no freedom. It says you cannot fly (including older planes) until you have a certain license or you cannot fly until you buy a newer plane, even with routes open you are forced into doing things. Too much do this... now do that... I want my FREEDOM! The game is well made, I think it’s assumes we are more knowledgeable about terms like “minimums.” Great graphics too. And I like the fact, that It’s focused on the most challenging part of flying, takeoffs and landings. At some point I hope they stop forcing me to do certain things and let me make my own decisions.
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