Airport Madness Challenge

3 (52)
69.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.2 or later
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User Reviews for Airport Madness Challenge

2.96 out of 5
52 Ratings
3 years ago, Rustycavok
Not working
It’s crashes when want to play The application is not updated to iOS 14 Please do something
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3 years ago, palvarez64
One of the BEST game
I’ve been playing this game for years... excellent graphics, sound... an all game to have and play... but since I upgraded my iphone to 11 the don’t play... I wish that “Fluik” would fix this problem....
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6 years ago, wurship88
Fun and addictive
Although this game isn't a true sim, it's definitely fun to play. Every session is different from the last. Time changes add to some realism. Overall, still fun.
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5 years ago, Javbw
Fun, not optimized for new phones / iOS13
The game is fun, but defaults to lower resolution and smaller maps on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. and sound cannot be turned off. But the core game works as it always has and is a great “challenge” game.
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3 years ago, freelance gamer
Update please
I love this game been playing it most of my childhood but it no longer works. Please update to work with the new OS.
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4 years ago, ajayar
my favorite time waster
I loved this game, but it quit working with iOS14
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3 years ago, Edrick S
Great but doesn’t work anymore
One of my favorite games, however I updated my phone a few months ago and it crashes as soon as you try opening the app
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4 years ago, Bigc590
Does not work on iOS14
Installed after not playing for a few years, crashes on loading screen. Judging by last update being 2 years ago I don’t think this game will be making a come back.
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11 months ago, Boring2553785787567475
Banners — BAD.
Green banners which appear at random across the bottom of the screen block control of incoming aircraft. Why? Lots of potential, but a very long way to go before it is playable. Not bad for first attempt. Please keep at it.
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3 years ago, bradbenefield
Like others have said… excellent game but immediately crashes. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Beeg2222
Bad upgrade
This used to be my favorite game! But this new version is awful! Moves slow and is just horrible. Not worth putting any extra money into it. Such a disappointment!!!! So sad
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4 years ago, Andyashu
Not recommended
Not able to open app even after buying
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4 years ago, santiadd
Current version doesn’t even run
I have restarted, hard reset, deleted and reinstalled. Nada. The developer’s (Fluink) screen comes up, then the app crashes.
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3 years ago, Dwertheime
Game not loading
Currently the developer hasn’t updated the app to work with new IOS. So game doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, av8rgeek
Does not work anymore
The app just crashes during load. Too bad, cuz it is super fun!
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14 years ago, Dan2342
Impossible game
Game play is good. UI is below average (need bigger bubbles to click). Biggest complaint is how fast the game scales. After one minute on a level you get 1 plane every 2 seconds. Since it takes 15-20 seconds to take off it becomes impossible. Flight control let's you play for 3-4 minutes before going nuts. Give use difficulty settings. I want to play the game not have 5 planes spawn while 5 landing in a period of 20 seconds. Wouldn't spent money on a game you hit start then are impossibly overrun when you made no mistakes and launched as fast as possible.
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4 years ago, OhioSean
Doesn’t Work on iPhone 11
The screen resolution is wrong and everything is zoomed in.
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3 years ago, lil frankenstyle
Fix this game
This game won’t open please fix it I love this game so much. But I can’t play it please fix it
Show more
3 years ago, Evergreen Statesman
Fix it!!!
I played this game ALOT but it no longer works
Show more
3 years ago, cubja9036
Not compatible with IOS14
Want my money bag this game don’t work on iPad
Show more
4 years ago, PoliPolipocket
What is going on. Ios14...crashing. Not loading.
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4 years ago, Taven2
Show more
12 years ago, dcwyang
This game is very well designed and the gameplay is addictive. I'd have loved to give it a 5 star rating, but the developers greed cast a dark shadow by asking users to buy more energy just so they can continue playing? I paid for this game and now I can't even play the most basic levels unless I pay more or sit waiting? I'd be ok with charging for additional features (like the Pro Kit which adds control choices and I happily paid for), but charging just to continue playing for a paid game is ridiculous, an OUTRIGHT RIPOFF. I'd recommend those who are interested to just download the free version, since there really isn't too ,ugh difference except for some ads. The developers have simply let their greed ruin an otherwise very excellent game, what pity and shame. Apple should put a restriction on paid apps that charges for just using it, it's a huge insult to buyers and damaging to the App Store's reputation. Developers of this game, SHAME ON YOU
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12 years ago, erict
Updates and Pro-Kit Make This 5 Stars
I've had this game since its debut on the App Store and the improvements are amazing. If you really want to challenge yourself, get the Pro-Kit, it's 99 cents! Then you get immediate takeoffs and ability to control aircraft in the air and the ability to change runways. It's totally worth it and makes the game so much fun. My only gripe is that I wish I had a bigger screen for arrivals using the pro kit. Sometimes planes crash because I can't see them until its too late. Ultimately, take it from a real air traffic controller, this game puts other iOS ATC games to shame, get it!
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9 years ago, Jezinecka
Greed and sabotage
Imagine you are deep in the game, your score is pretty high, when the game shows you a "present box" in the upper left corner. If you touch it, it will bother you with some junk, if you try to avoid touching it, you'll most likely crash a plane. That's because in a few maps, this unwanted gift covers incoming aircraft, and you have no chance to abort landing, in case one of your aircraft is in the landing path. I am talking about the one, where you have like 1/2 second to avert the aircraft before it hits the ground. That is a classic example of a sabotage. I have seen enough sabotaging done by GOP, so please don't put it into games. If you guys need to make our lives miserable, you could at least compensate us with new maps. What you did is extremely annoying, and I am about to delete the game. Thank you very much.
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14 years ago, Qcksilver22
I love the game. Works great. Very fun and addictive. A couple suggestions maybe for the next update: I'd like to see it be able to keep and show somewhere your highest score achieved on each airport. Maybe at the top next to your current score. So you can see if you can beat it the next time you play. Also, if you could tell the ground jets which runway to go to for take off that would be an interesting change. Thanks! Keep up the good work.
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14 years ago, Tbone73747
Some of these reviews are hilarious! "I can't see through the clouds!" Welcome to life where you can't see through actual clouds, either. "Night mode is hard and too dark!" You should go out to a major airport at night and see just how dark an actual airport really is. There are only flood lights in places where there are people. The planes and the ground are accurately lit. An airport from above really looks like that at night.
Show more
12 years ago, killerqueenie78
I luv luv this game! I luv that u can actually control whats goin on instead of drawing the planes in. This app is more realistic. A couple if suggestions. 1) please let us to b able to turn off the music! I wanna hear the roar of the engines! 2) u r able to speed up the load but id like to slow it down a bit so i can play any level i want. Especially since i paid. Id like to work up to the craziness! I hope u can make these changes n update real soon. The game would b perfect then! Then it would def b 5 stars!!
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12 years ago, Duck Step
Do not update, total scam.
You won't see this in the update description. Already purchased game, but now you have to buy energy to continue playing. What a freakin scam. Also "media coverup" now let's you continue after crashes for negligible loss of CP, making high scores completely meaningless. If you do update, which you shouldn't, note one minor annoying change is location of runway cross button in hex control mode. You'll have to retrain yourself a little. In all, new airports in update not worth IAP scams. Been playing this game since long before it was on the iPad, even helped debug the version on the pc years ago. What a greedy disappointment.
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13 years ago, PacificFront
Good game
I enjoy this game very much but it is time for a new updates with new airports and more options such as stopping a plane on the runway when it is to close to hitting another one. Also stop having the planes that would clear slow down so it hits the other one automatically when taxing to gate. Also a stop button to allow you stop a plane from taking off when you see it want make it.
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10 years ago, hawk07967
Add this one thing for the 5th star!
I want ILS approach lights blinking at the approach end of the runway when a plane is inbound. This way the gamer can plan departures accordingly. Some levels, like midtown, give absolutely no warning nor time to adjust the pattern to avoid a collision. This would simulate the handoff from approach control and give the player, or the tower controller, situational awareness of traffic headed towards the airport. Please program this request into the game. It would be awesome!
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12 years ago, mini mac
Keeps getting better, one of my favorite games
I have always loved airport games but this one is the star. Great updates keep coming and amazing features and options. The only things I might wish for are random planes that have rules are maybe a helicopter pad. The best thing about this game besides the great developer is you can play for 5 minutes or hours.
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10 years ago, IggyZaabz
Use to be Five Stars
Fun game with some nice changes. What bothers me most is on the new parallel level there is an issue where two planes land at once, decently spaced apart. But sometimes the back aircraft is faster and the front keeps slowing down on the runway.. I've found no way to predict which will be faster and have only lost because of that thus far ($300,000+). You have no control over the landed aircraft until it's too late.
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13 years ago, Fittaxi
Not worth the money
The simulation is too unrealistic, it gets to the point early on where there are more planes than any airport can hold and there aren't enough commands to deal with the situation. Realizing it is only a game I think it would be served better if you could stop inbound traffic for a few seconds to get out departures or at least have inbound traffic hold so the traffic can be dealt with. There isn't enough screen size on the iPhone to deal with and organize traffic. The way the current game is set up, I wouldn't waste the money.
Show more
14 years ago, Airteez
Could be a lot better..
This game has potential... Runways should be numbered and the planes should be redirectable to a runway of your choosing... Maybe tapping the plane and drawing a line.. You should be able to issue stop commands to any plane on the ground. Maybe a two tap toggle for stop/go When the "go around" command is issued, it should not cost you money... and...The planes should circle in a pattern around the airport until directed to land....... Or run out of fuel... There should be passenger delivery requirements to progress to next airport... Maybe have the passenger count, like a notification badge, on the plane to prioritize landing.. All in all... You just dont have enough control over the planes.... much less than a real traffic controller... That makes the game disappointingly not very fun for me..
Show more
11 years ago, Dbkatt
I enjoy this game very much. Minimal bug and/or crash issues. Sound effects are nice but could be a little better timed and more appropriate aircraft being flown. The introduction music is not anything to write home about. The option to disable music does not not seem to affect the opening screen music - perhaps this is a bug. At any rate this is a fairly nice app and can provide hours of enjoyment.
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12 years ago, MamaXicta
Airport Madness is hours of entertainment. The best parts are during the gaming traffic moves through and herds of animals march for grazing. I would like to see more fun things happening in the backgrounds as the game progresses like: as planes are landing and taking off perhaps cars smash up and wreckers pick up then on beaches umbrellas open and swimmers enter water and surfers paddle out. On snow scenes perhaps dog sleds are running a course and snow plows clean roads to ease car jams. Thanks! Fun Game!
Show more
13 years ago, Redrooster3
This is a really cool app!
This is a really fun app, it's a Mini-simulation of being an air traffic controller. Only problem is you're controlling ground AND the tower which makes it tough I know but air traffic controllers don't control both. Also when night comes around, some airports get more intense during the night instead of the day
Show more
12 years ago, expl41
Fun, but....
I play this game more than any other, but if people pay for the "pro" version than any upgrades with new airports and planes should be unlovable without paying extra. Also it would be beneficial if you could select a runway for planes taking off and it would be fun to have the option of changing runway and taxiway lights to different colors.
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10 years ago, JstAmzd
At first I was skeptic about this game but it's addicting. Highly recommend this and the Holiday Office Jerk. What better way to spend the holidays paling the geek office employee with something. Love it. The only thing that bothers me is that if I paid for "no ads" on my iPhone, you would think I'd have the same "no ads" on my iPad. Nope. They get you twice. Grrrrrrr
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14 years ago, MikeyD001
Fun app but needs lives
App is really fun and very addicting. Would be better if there were a few lives instead of none. If you accidentally have a plane take off when it isn't supposed there is no way to fix it and once the planes crash you have to start all over again.
Show more
14 years ago, 1911a
Good game
Good game, very addicting. Nice graphics, and plane physics (speed up on take off, slow down on landing, planes turn realistically). Would like to see an option to continue after two planes collide, in stead of "game over". Maybe subtract $20,000 from score, but keep going. Otherwise, would highly recommend.
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12 years ago, Jiminindy
I like the updated game.
Your the control tower operator; if your not into operating an airport than this game is maybe not for you. As a person with a great fondness for aviation; I believe it to operate great with challenges that change with the airport you choose. Great job! Recommended! I've never had the app crash although I've crashed more than a few planes. Good fun:)
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12 years ago, Panthor13
I like the tweaks to the tracks allowing for new paths for the planes to take once they have landed. I'm not a fan of the new version of the original map and the new plane graphics. I prefer the older simpler graphics. But since I can still play the original map, not a big deal. This is my goto game if I have 5 to 10 minutes to kill.
Show more
12 years ago, TribalScorpion3
Waste of time and money!
This game was great before fluik changed it. They either need better testers or developers at fluik inc. Look at the other reviews. Fluik u screwed up big! I won't buy any of ur other games either! At least they made some changes, however they should have been made before you got hundreds of poor reviews. We are not testers for u unless u pay us for doing ur job! Then they change the version so the reviews go away from their rating in iTunes. Pathetic move.
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12 years ago, Deep Gamer
Easy to learn and addictive. Airport Madness has become my time killer of choice. Very few games can hold my attention and make the time fly by like AM. Learning how to play opens the door to hour and hours of that "I can do better" feeling you only get from the best games. Great app!!!
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13 years ago, Led4blue
Very challenging
It's a very challenging game where you play the tower controller. Good graphics, although the airplanes are small in my iPod Touch (but works great with a stylus). The only thing I miss is the record of the results inside the program, so you can have your performance when not connected!
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14 years ago, larzmac
Worth five stars if it wouldn't CRASH so much. Even on my iPhone 4, after clearing all background states & restarting the phone, the app still crashes. Probably not a memory issue then. :/ Wonderful game concept, well done. Can't wait for an update to fix the crashing.
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12 years ago, Our Captain
I ran the update and played for 30 seconds. You ruined it, the icons are too small and not intuitive, difficult to locate quickly. What was wrong with words like 'taxi' 'takeoff' 'land' and 'go around' placed in a logical location? YOU RUINED IT! Fortunately I only updated my iPad not my iPhone so I can play it there. Unfortunately I can't mirror my iPhone in the nav class I teach so can no longer use this game as an icebreaker projected on the screen for my first class. Oh well..... All good things come to an end.
Show more
11 years ago, Pamberg
Awesome games
I really like this games and very challenge games. One things is missing helicopter would be nicer. One negative issue annoying me that Facebook pop up each time. Good job and keep more update. Add to island airport, sky airport. I made level 42. I wanna more level.
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