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User Reviews for Airtable

4.81 out of 5
22.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Modern Music Productions
iOS 👎🏻 | 👍🏻 Mac OS & Web
Airtable (on Mac OS, Web and PC) is one of the best and most well developed pieces of software on the market! I’ll bet you could find at least a half dozen uses for it no matter what your personal or professional needs are!! One of the best features of Airtable (along side being able to filter, sort and group information) is the ability to format the layout of your information into five different “views.” These “views” are extremely powerful and allow you to quickly access and manipulate data for practically any application, implementing virtually limitless workflows. However, the iOS app is terrible! The layout is extremely inefficient for screen real estate on a phone or tablet. The fact that you can only access 1 of the 5 “views” makes the mobile app almost useless. The features that you can use are very cumbersome and ‘pagey’ to navigate —making actions take a long time. Please support Airtable, but please also rate the app as the app and not the overall service. The AT team needs feedback like this to improve their mobile app(s).
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5 years ago, Simply Claire
LOVE THIS APP, some suggestions....
As an organizational freak myself, I love the customization and abilities this app has to offer. I’ve recommended it to everyone, and even set it up for my husband to use on his phone. It’s a great app for organizing everything, which is exactly what I need. The thing I’d recommend to be fixed is the ability to add/select multiple attachments at once. This is my biggest con with the app. I add numerous photos to my Airtable records sometimes and it’d be way easier to be able to select MULTIPLE photos at once to add as attachments, rather than uploading one at a time. Also the ability for the photos to be uploaded with their original date of photo taken rather than the date of when the photo was added to the Airtable. Secondly, the ability to move items from one table to another. Instead of having to make a copy of all those items onto another table, the ability to move single items into another table. Some items I create are no longer relevant to that table and the choice to move it to a different table within the spread would be helpful. That would genuinely make the app perfect overall.
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6 years ago, 1brentsd
So helpful
I found this app when it became compatible with Siri shortcuts. I was struggling to connect it with my shortcut and reached out to the developers for some assistance. The app itself is great. It is everything you could hope. Totally user friendly. Simple and streamlined, and also capable of handling very complex and intricate applications as well. It is also cross platform so it can be truly accessible. Back to my story: I was met promptly with loads of help. And when I responded with some well deserved praises, I was given some swag with a very sincere hand written thank you. I say this not so that everyone reaches out or get frustrated if you don’t get the response I did, but to point out how important this company is to the people who created this. And it was done so knowing that the user is what will help catapult the company forward by doing exactly what they have done, create an amazing product and ensuring it runs very smooth. Sucheta, you rock. And thanks for your help. Best wishes!
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4 years ago, cmsteahly
Need Gallery View Support on iOS and iPadOS
I work on a video production team, and we use AirTable as our project bible. We can work on complex projects without having to worry about who’s completed what or what still needs done. It’s all there in AirTable. AirTable is an incredibly powerful tool. I also use it to inventory my personal music collection. Love it! FEATURE REQUEST: Please add support for Gallery view on iOS and iPadOS. A number of the projects on which I work include the approval of images for use in various projects. Gallery view is a must for these types of projects, so I can easily view the images. I currently have to use another program for image-approval projects. I would much rather use AirTable for everything. Plus, if Gallery view was enabled on iOS and iPadOS, I would undoubtedly upload more images to AirTable, decreasing my free storage and requiring me to upgrade my account - which I would be happily do, by the way 😉 UPDATE: Gallery support has been added! Thank you so much! It works beautifully! This is so helpful! I’ve updated my review to a much-deserved five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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6 years ago, Ekat_clan
What I’ve Been Looking For, For MULTIPLE Needs
I started Airtable to fill one specific need, but as time went on, I realized that it fills almost every niche I was trying to find an app/program for. I’m odd with organization. In the past, I’ve had to use multiple notes apps for some things because I just want separate databases and portals for certain things. But now, if it’s something I can squeeze to work with Airtable (which is a lot), I don’t have to worry about that due to the sheer amount of layers it has with databases. This app has actually made me stop in my tracks because sometimes I don’t even know how I want to go about using it. That’s how open it is. I use Airtable databases for everything from what albums I’ve listed to to keeping track of passwords and identities. It fills the purpose of multiple apps, and I’m not using anything else for those purposes any time soon.
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2 years ago, Muslim parent
Keeps resetting, makes work take SO much longer
I love Airtable itself but the app is a mess. Great concept if it weren’t for how long each card takes to load and how often it resets. I work in social media so I open dozens of cards a day and it takes ~20–30 seconds for each to load so I can write a caption in it, after which I have to go back to the main card with master links which also loads slowly, then when I open the side bar to tag my editor on each card that takes time to load too. And often it crashes or send me to the browser, and half the time the browser asks me if I want to open the card in the app and even if I say no it still redirects me. And often the app resets itself or something because the card will take its 20 seconds to load and then will close out so I have to click it again (currently stuck in a crashing cycle and can’t get in so that inspired me to write this review now.) Makes work drag out so long and makes me get distracted because sometimes if a card is taking so long to load I use that as an excuse for a break.
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6 years ago, MaddieTheReviewer
A dream come true!!!!
I have searched and searched for an app to organize things like I want to. This is an app that I have dreamed of for literal years. As an aspiring author, the templates were incredibly helpful and gave me a place to begin with the organization process. I was able to expand with the incredible helpful, well... help! Everything was so clear, and what seemed to be difficult and impossible became so simple and easy!! I’ve had this app for a couple of hours and already know so many things I could do with it. I also love that a lot of good features are included with the free, which doesn’t limit me (someone who doesn’t have a job) to mediocre features. Every available feature on the free version is fantastic—something I can’t say about other apps. Overall, if I could rate an app 6 stars, this would be the one I would do that for.
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1 year ago, Rhyolight
I really like Airtable
I find Airtable easy to use and amazingly flexible. I have used it at work, where the ability to up- and download tables as CSV was very handy; just knowing I can use something I started in some other base without having to redo all the work is very comforting. I particularly like the ease of attaching pictures and URLs. I cannot think of enough good things to say about this product. I have tables with more than a thousand entries and I have not yet hit the paywall. For another base, I recorded all the beads I had and now I can check on the phone while I'm in the store to find out whether I already have that color; I can store the numbers of the beads I used with a picture of the a finished project. A wonderful app for anyone. You will find yourself looking for more uses for Airtable; it's that much fun.
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6 years ago, Chrischiffmanaged
The ContainerStore of the Mind...
List Lovers, unite! Mind Mappers, rejoice! Project Planners, sleep tight! The mental organizational tool of your dreams has arrived. Upon first viewing, the tool seems complicated. And, under the hood [code-wise] it very well could be. However, once you realize the simplicity of the too, and understand that there are really only a handful of major tricks it’s pulling, your brain will smile with how many ways in which you can organize and plan for anything at all. CRM management and upkeep [who you met in NY, and the details they shared when you two were tipsy that you will likely forget tomorrow], planning a camping trip [and all the things you’ll need to take, the map of the secret spot, and towns along the way], blog post ideas, pics, editing status and posting status calendar, heck, I made a “Stuff Checked Out” catalog of who has borrowed what - shows checklist of things involved, pics of said stuff/thing, who is was “checked out to,” and status of “borrowed/returned” — this is seriously the nerdiest thing and I can’t believe it finally exists. Think: adorable spreadsheets. That’s really all this is. And it’s powerful and glorious all at the same time. ...and, free for small users. Bravo! And thank you from my mentally sound heart.
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1 year ago, ASH::::::
Some truly obvious shortcuts make all the difference in the UI
Happy to change my rating once these requests are addressed but til then this is app for app’s sake. 1) no ability to adjust font size. So much wasted space. 2) when you click into any task, too much white space because the field header is the row above the field entry… they should be columned where the field is on the left and the field entry on the right. More data on the screen, less scrolling… 3) in any table view, no collapsing for groups?? 4) whatever the groups are should all be collapsed as a default so you can navigate to and click easily to that section 5) the column widths are not smart. Same width for everything. If there are fields where the fields are short in the desktop view, make it short in the mobile. White space… 6) no gantt in mobile??? 7) no ability to manually sort users??? Just this random list of people to find? Of all the development shortcuts… 8) for the views, all should be collapsed to easily find the view you want. And then once you add that it should remember your last uncollapsed header. 9) for kanban, too much white space because the field header is the row above the field entry… they should be columned where the field is on the left and the field entry on the right. More data on the screen, less scrolling… 10) we should be able to create a menu of default tasks, so when we create a new task it will fill in many fields automatically as to be more efficient.
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6 years ago, blackpotus
A Far Cry from Desktop Version
On the surface, this app encompasses everything that one could want without delving into Microsoft Access and building databases. However, that’s where it stops. As others have mentioned, there is no offline support, the views become ungrouped if you built a base on the desktop first, and if you have paid for the yearly service, you will not get your money’s worth by using the iOS app because things like linking bases or even tabs within your base are not available. After speaking with customer support, they mentioned that the grouping feature is in the works (no ETA), offline support in the works (no ETA) and parity between desktop and iOS in the works, again, no ETA. Basically, the features that would make this a KILLER app, may or may not arrive. On a different note, if you are using the desktop version, using anything but Google Chrome (my experience) does not group, sort or in any way resemble what you have intended it to be. The app is very ambitious but doesn’t get even remotely close to realizing it’s purpose and intent.
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4 years ago, Colin 2016
Personal filing system - best I have found
I have looked and tried many solutions to address a need for a personal filing system that strikes the balance of managing documents and information about those documents in a really flexible way that is easy to set up as a regular person. Really impressed with Airtable. I was so impressed that after I built out my ministry filing system in Airtable I felt guilty that I was able to do it successfully without even having to buy the monthly subscription, that I bought the monthly subscription just to see what else I could do with the product because I was so appreciative that for free I could have a product that literally solved all my needs. Both the mobile and desktop experiences are solid. Product is reliable. It just works.
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1 year ago, but, wait, i can count!
Such a disappointment as a mobile app
Airtable on desktop is a powerful tool with many options. But mobile users are third-class citizens. Not only do many of the most basic features not work well on mobile (eg, it’s difficult to delete records, there’re way to few ways to navigate large quantities of data, many view types are unavailable and views look totally different on mobile), even more simply don’t exist—like the powerful Interfaces tool which users could use to fix the hobbled mobile views. In short, if you plan to use Airtable for anything even remotely complex or repetitive on mobile, think twice. And the web app is pointlessly dysfunctional on Safari for iPad and iOS. I wish I knew when I started developing things for our company; I ended up having to get Chromebooks for my team in order to fill the gaps below MacBook size and cost.
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2 years ago, FjordPrefect
Limited Features and Poor Performance
I love Airtable — I use it for so many things. However, after several years, the mobile app is still a frustrating experience. Limited Features: I get that it doesn’t make sense to offer ALL functionality on mobile, but all the basic record and base options should be available at this point. At the least, we should be able to: Create and edit formula fields Create and edit lookup / rollup fields Limit linked record fields to a view Ability to copy/paste field values, including non-string data types Performance Issues / Bugs Frequent base crashes - not the whole app. Often after linking records, the base closes and brings you back to the Home Screen. Frequently, selection fields do not display new selected values until after relaunching base. This happens for linked record fields, single selects, multiple selects. For linked record fields, the UI often does not update when creating a new record to link to, selecting, creating, or removing an existing linked record (pressing the [x] or swiping to unlink), even though the backend has been updated. This can result in accidentally creating duplicate new records or accidentally unlinking the wrong record. Sluggish and unreliable. Table data and linked record views take ages to populate (and sometimes don’t until you reopen the base)
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7 months ago, mmmariiee
Best app I use DAILY for work.
I’m the manager & dispatcher for an electrical contractor. I’ve used Excel sheets my whole life & realized that not many people find Excel sheets efficient because they simply don’t understand how to use it. I have colleagues who are NOT tech savvy & can’t figure a lot of things out even if their life depended on it. Well I introduced AirTable & let me tell you how great it’s working for everyone. A lot of problems have been eliminated, we’re all able to communicate effectively through AirTable & it’s been such a relief to find something that EVERYONE in my office can use. I recommend AirTable to any company. There’s always a feature they have that you don’t know you actually need that will benefit you greatly.
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3 years ago, SoundShop
Been loving it for years; still needs dark mode
TL;DR: A really great app that would be just about perfect if it had dark mode. I’ve been using Airtable for a variety of purposes and have loved it for the last few years. It’s amazing being able to define entire custom databases and interact with them in such intuitive and powerful ways. Plus the provided API access is great. But...please please please provide a dark mode! Every other app I use on a daily basis has dark mode. It’s not like it would take that much effort even for one designer and one dev to make it happen – maybe a few days, max? Whenever I open up Airtable at night I have to literally turn my phone sideways to not get blasted by the white light, even on the screen’s lowest setting.
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6 years ago, iReviewedU
Lacking desktop features
Because this app is currently lacking View and Group features from the desktop version, I cannot give it the 5-star it otherwise deserves. It drastically reduces my productivity when I am unable to use saved views to quickly access the information I actually need. The grouping and filters I have on saved views on Airtable for desktop make my information very accessible and even beautiful to look at. For example, I have almost 10 hidden fields that are necessary for my purposes, and none of them are automatically hidden on my iPad, making information confusing and diluted. I am disappointed so far in the mobile Airtable app. At best, it is good for limited data entry on the go.
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3 years ago, Rbatey
Incredibly Useful
I’ve used FileMaker Pro for years but it is overkill for most of the needs I have. I wanted a database app that was easy to use and accessible on all my devices, not just desktop. AirTable let’s me keep track of anything I’ve been able to think of for my photography business, from collections of vintage cameras to exposure information for individual rolls of film. While shopping online or out at estate sales I can find out in seconds whether I own a particular camera, lens, filter, anything. I’ve started cataloging all my books, then planning to catalog my vinyl record collection. I’m not a power user though, so far the free version does everything I need.
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2 years ago, erc eld
Would have been a great app in 2014
I’ll keep it short: this app lives distinctly in the old era of semi-functional iPad apps before it had many of the productivity features and system resources as it has today. The biggest pain points for me when using AirTable for iPad are these: - there is no support for drag and drop, a feature that has been available on iPad for 5 years now and is present on the web version (which doesn’t work well on ipad). It’s a must for productivity, especially when you deal with images a lot, so it’s frustrating to see it excluded from the iPad app for no apparent reason. - The app likes to exit all the way back to the first screen if you’re doing something else for too long. A lot of apps are able to show me what I was doing before I closed it/it was flushed from memory, so it’s a real head-scratcher that an app that forces all web sessions to share the same view cannot automatically show me the same view in the app on a reliable basis. Before there were a lot of productivity apps and features for ipad, these issues were pretty much a given for every app. since 2017, the iPad has steadily gained more and more native productivity features, and Airtable seems to be missing most/all of them. Bummer.
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6 years ago, ktkruszka
Incredibly User Friendly!!!
I cannot say enough about this kinda-database app! I first got it for a specific use (a pre-made database for AirTable for a specific use), but then decided to spread my wings & create my own database to record all the books I own. It was sooooo incredibly easy! Now, I'm a techie and know how very picky database programs are. This one is a breeze to use, maneuver columns, sort... And you get access to your stuff via their website too!!! BONUS!!! Plus, they have many pre-made free database "templates" per se that you can add to your account and start using immediately. And did I mention the FB group that you can ask any question or post a tip? I can keep on going! This really is a fabulous app, people!!!
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5 years ago, Nineasaur
Lots of customization options without being fiddly. Simple, intuitive, exactly what I wanted from a spreadsheet app. I’m using it to keep track of sales for my small business. I keep text fillable columns for customer name, address and notes; checkbox columns for project completion, paid, and mailed; and a price column which automatically calculates my total sales. I also have my checkbox columns set to keep track of percentage checked (so if anything is unchecked, the total will be listed as under 100% — I don’t have to scroll all the way through to check if I’ve finished everything). All of this was so easy and intuitive to set up. For my purposes, this app is pretty much perfect.
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4 years ago, Bdylan4771
Awful Support
This app has some great features and should do what I want it to do, but support has been very frustrating. I have the pro (paid) version of the service. I have not had my issues resolved for 2 weeks. There has been no support at all. The support page is terrible. The contact us page just goes to the community instead of actually having contact info. The community has no good information for my problem. When I try to post a new topic I have to select a category. I don’t feel any of the categories are correct and fear that they are not going to the correct support staff.
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4 years ago, BaddTrucker
Easy to use and not too cumbersome
I own a small flatbed trucking business and wanted a database accessible to drivers which lists past loads and the places we pick up from and deliver to. We were able to create three lists and link them as needed. For example, a driver can look up a past load and our list will show details of that load such as special handling instructions. That list then has linked fields which show the pick up and delivery locations. When the driver clicks on one of those it has detailed directions, times which are available to load/unload, and even photos. This has been very helpful and Airtable made it very easy to do.
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4 years ago, MacMamaPro
Very Beneficial But Needs Some Changes
Ive been using Airtable for several yrs now. I understand its a small company and has a small team of folks working but on the developing side for the paid plans I need/ would like to be able to streamline my work. Ex. I create a table, first column I want it be names. 2nd table I create, I want it to be accounts and I want to be able to link the Names (1st table) to those accounts in 2nd table. The problem is the 1st COLUMN are always locked and cannot be changed. Why is that? I have to create some random identifier for 1st column then link starting on the 2nd column. Thats silly to me when Im trying to streamline the story throughout the tables. It throws me completely off and frustrates me that I can link anything to that 1st column on any of the tables. Please give an explanation as to why that 1st column is LOCKED and CANNOT BE CHANGED 🤦🏽‍♀️. Whats the purpose of this. Ive paid my yearly plan faithfully for the past 3yrs, coming up on my 4th year and Im considering to switch because of 1st column locked madness.
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6 years ago, Just going for a walk
Airtable is amazing! iOS app is next to worthless
There are lots of capabilities, views and layouts in particular that are available on the desktop web browser version that aren’t available on the iOS version. Not having these views really hobbles the app. It is the only app I know of that limits the features of the mobile app so extensively. And it’s obvious it’s a feature, not a bug, because it’s been that way for several years as best I can tell. And it doesn’t work at all on my iOS Chrome browser, for that matter. They’ve put work into that. It’s a shame because what Airtable offers is incredible. But someone has decided to specifically not to make several of those incredible features available for iOS, severely limiting the appeal of the whole system. I’ve looked at using Airtable for several projects, but when I try using it in my iPad or iPhone, it’s so limited, it’s not worth using.
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5 years ago, InfoBill
Does what I want it to do
I’m still learning some of the features of this data base program, but for now, I’m just keeping an inventory of my various emergency kits, and camping equipment. It is doing an excellent job of keeping track of what’s in each kit, and letting me know what additional items I need, and when to replace expiring food items. The program appears to have capabilities way beyond what I’ll be using, but I’m sure if I need to do anything more complicated, the program will be up to the challenge. I would recommend this data base app to anyone who needs to keep track of anything in an uncomplicated, but efficient way.
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5 years ago, Ashlynhu
Airtable is perfect, app needs some work
I’m very pleased with Airtable as a whole. It has robust features that can be customized to track everything, templates from both Airtable & the community and an easy to use interface. I have used Airtable for organizing inventory, tracking bills, habits tracking and even to plan my own wedding. HOWEVER, the iOS app needs further development. (1) Users can only work in 1/5 of the view formats on mobile — Grid views. Users should be able to work on forms, galleries, etc. Otherwise it cuts a huge portion of the features that make Airtable so valuable. (2) There is not a way to edit a formula for a field on mobile. Similarly, you can not view a formula fields equation. Seeing what your field is calculating is essential to working in Grid View, the only available view to mobile (3) You can not add multiple attachments to a field. Rather, you have to manually add them one by one. You also can not add additional options for select fields, limit fields to a view, etc. All of these features are available on the web. If those three major items are fixed, the app would be as perfect as Airtable on the web is.
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7 years ago, Sonofsonofa
Making databases great again
This is a good new product, and it is a positive to see it getting better. I haven’t designed databases in a while, and this program has a very easy learning curve. I got it because their Page Designer (currently still in Beta) gives me what I need from it not just input, but output. The pricing is a bit steep imo - instead of a straight $20/user, they should make it something like $30 for one, $45 for two, then $10 for each additional for small businesses. $240 per user per year is too much for small businesses to grow with - we will be incented to switch for pricing before long.
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6 years ago, Lhoisrael
Good app, BUT
This is a good app but I can’t make the switch from Notion for two huge reasons: (1) mobile functionality is incredibly limited (for example, some views are not available on mobile); and (2) there is no desktop app!! How can there be no desktop app if you want to be a big player in modular planning??! Smaller issues with the app include the lack of visual customization (the app’s design is very childlike aesthetically, and doesn’t promote the feeling of “big grown up doing big grown up work”) and the inability to insert calculations! If your entire model is spreadsheet-based, how could you NOT include calculations? (At least on mobile) The app is a great start and I wish so much that I could switch over, but there are just too many limitations
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6 years ago, agildogs
Wow—what an awesome app with a lot of potential!
I’ve been thinking of trying to write my own app to handle some business tasks since I couldn’t find anything that would really work well for me. But it’s been years and that hasn’t happened. I once again tried to find something better than the spreadsheet I’ve been using and came across Airtable. I’ve been totally blown away by it’s easy of use, speed and power. The Mac Airtable does everything I needed and was so simple to set up. In addition it is doing things I didn’t expect to be able to do as well as things I didn’t even think of or know I wanted. I’m already thinking about other uses and itching to dive into many of its other features. The iOS app is useful and for many tasks is as good or maybe even better than the Mac app. However it’s missing some important features. I’m hopeful I can work around the ones that are more useful to me and that these features will become available on iOS soon.
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6 years ago, Jamesrich3
Airtable is a must download
Wow- words can’t describe how great this app is! I can organize all aspects of my life with complete freedom to customize any feature within Airtable. I am still learning how to get the most out of this app, which I think will take a bit of time if I want to utilize it to its fullest potential. That being said- Airtable is intuitive and extremely easy to use. It also provides a sufficient amount of how-to videos and examples with template bases. I would like to see an increase in the base templates, but I’m sure more will be released as the app becomes more popular. I highly recommend Airtable!
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1 year ago, Alana Post
Crashes a Lot
This app really struggles to resume from a backgrounded state. My family is using it to track a sick pet’s healthcare. We often launch it (on our completely different models of iphone) only for it to hang, then freeze on a solid screen of the background color of the base. The app has to be force-quit and then the workspace/base re selected. There are other issues: when quickly logging something, for example a date/time, that picker modal sometimes disappears before someone can pick something, creating an empty log entry one has to find and delete. All these little bugs add up to a lot of inconvenience and make us wonder why we are doing this instead of Sheets or something more stable.
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2 years ago, tiffnick1207
Just the right amount of everything!
I love this app a little more than I should. I can’t get enough of it. I use Airtable to plan so many different tasks/projects throughout school, work, and even my personal life. My favorite aspect is definitely the personalizable templates. All of the templates I’ve used so far have had automatic inputs that have really helped me figure out how I want to use/organize the template for my own work/content. It also allows you to use the template as a blank slate if you work better that way. I love it!
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6 years ago, TaylorJNess
Precisely What I Needed
When they say that AirTable has the power of a database, but is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, they aren’t kidding. I’m a big baseball fan, and I use AirTable to track information about the games I’ve attended over the years. Of course it’s fully searchable, so I can easily find big plays that I made notes of for games in years past. I’ve even got a separate table to track which hat I was wearing at each game. AirTable is intuitive enough to be very easy to use, but also easy to share with my grandparents without them getting too confused and giving up. Something I would love to see: keyboard shortcuts, and support for the iPhons XS Max. I use AirTable a lot on my iPad with an external keyboard, and I would love to be able to tab between fields for quicker data entry, similar to the experience of AirTable in the browser or on the desktop. The iPhone interface is great, but it would be nice if it scaled up for the new iPhone. Thanks AirTable!
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2 years ago, hilary1991!
I love Airtable
I’ve been an Airtable user for about a year, and I absolutely love it! My only complaint as of lately (probably around the time of the last update) is that it is no longer allowing me to add photos/attachments to my records. I have tried on both my iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, I’ve tried completely closing the app and going back in and I’ve tried restarting my device(s). So far none of this has done the trick, but I’m hopeful that maybe with the next update this glitch I’m having trouble with will be fixed.
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1 year ago, YNAB is Great!
actionable improvement plan items
I use Airtable for almost all of my processes. I love it but wish there was much more continuity between the desktop and mobile versions. On the mobile version I can’t do multiple things at all or in an extremely paralyzed condition and even vice Versa on the desktop. I would love to see and be able to comment or vote on actionable improvement plan items. I believe right now many things need to be made better before going forward in expansion. Airtable is a great tool but there are some things that don’t allow it to be a super great tool yet.
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3 years ago, E_C
Great app; missing some useful features from the web version
Airtable is a fantastic middle ground between spreadsheet tools and light databases like MS Access and FileMaker. It even has great collaboration tools to boot. I'd give the web app 5 stars, but the iOS app is missing a few features that make Airtable really useful. Most notably for me: 1. The iOS app doesn't support creating/editing certain field types (e.g., formula fields). These fields can be updated via the iOS app but not configured, which is a bit of a pain to do in mobile Safari. 2. The iOS app doesn't support creating forms. All in all, Airtable is a slick way to do database things without the database overhead.
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5 years ago, Crabby Comcast customer
Great on desktop, useless on iOS
Airtable is an amazing product on desktop. I’ve built my entire workflow around it using it as a CMS to track posts on wordpress and social. The iOS app however is completely useless. The functionality is so limited that it’s hard to believe its the same product. It would take too long to list the things that you can’t do on the app. It’s most things that airtable does. I really hope they have a better iPadOS app in the works. There’s no way to tell however since they refuse to update their users on anything. They seem to be focused entirely on enterprise users and have lost all interest in the rest of us. I’ve been a huge advocate for them for a couple years now but I have started to lose confidence in the company and their commitment to their users.
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4 years ago, Devinj715
The only app that does the right thing
I’ve been looking for this app for so long and so glad I stumbled across it. Every other app is either a note app which doesn’t do scheduling well, or a to do app which doesn’t do record keeping well. This is the perfect in between and the best way to manage my favorite restaurants in town and new ones I want to try. Thanks for developing this app so I didn’t have to myself! The one thing I’m still looking for is the ability to add a location from google maps as a field type
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4 years ago, Pakooda
Lack of transparency
This project management system was one I boasted about for months until I started adding collaborators. Unfortunately there is a lack of transparency in pricing for adding collaborators - apparently instead of the flat rate fee showed on their pricing page, it is actually prorated and you are handed an invoice that they can’t explain and that makes no sense mathematically and is not clearly outlined anywhere on their website. To get clarification you are left to back and fourth emails only, they won’t do phone calls. This leaves big project management based builds in limbo and the purpose of the platform (collaborators) in the lurch as well. Disappointed in the care to clients and the sensitivity needed for project management systems, billing transparency and the ability to make it make sense.
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2 years ago, ang8llee
decent app
I genuinely like how customizable and how easy it is to navigate around the app. I like how there are so many different options to customize. I also like how there are examples or templates that are on the app so users could use it as a guide! I can definitely see myself using this app to organize all of my school notes or just notes in general. However, it is definitely just an app to organize your notes and not an app to create notes on. If the app allowed users to create larger notes on it, it would be a lot more helpful!
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3 years ago, Bethany B., Executive Director
Airtable’s functionality, intuitive nature, and mobile friendly ability has been invaluable to our organization. We use airtable for a variety of projects. However, it is most helpful with the organization of contracts, contact info and travel for more than 50 events each year. I can access consistently without issue from my desktop or my phone. We’ve never found a program that works so seamlessly.
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6 years ago, Ted R. R.
Started out great, but turned out unreliable
I was super excited about this app and I was happily using their services, but then for a completely unknown reason, many of my recent records in two of my bases disappeared. I reached out to their support team and explained the problem. I had to wait for about a day and then a lady from their support team asked me to check if I’m using filters that are preventing me from seeing the records. I explained that this is not the case. I waited for days and I didn’t hear back from the support team. Eventually, I reached out again and after waiting for 3 days (?!?) another support employee told me that there is no way I can get my info back. 5 stars for the idea behind this company, 1 star for reliability, and 1 star for their customer support.
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1 year ago, Wheels61
Mobile App lacks Access Formula Fields, but you can Edit on Web it syncs to Mobile App.
It would be great if I had access to Formula Fields directly from the Mobile App, instead of making changes via the Web (Desktop Browser setting) and then letting the changes sync to the Mobile App. The same can be said for importing and exporting data, you can do so from the Web but not the mobile app. It would also be common to have the option of having an autonumber field have a starting point as something other than 1. It’s limiting but not a major problem
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2 years ago, alexkapone
Love airtable. This app is glitchy
I love airtable. Love it. It has changed my life in so many ways and I've learned so much by using. Unfortunately this app has a fatal flaw: it routinely does not record/deletes long text entries entirely. I've lost hours upon hours of unrecoverable data in a single lapse of the software over and over. It's to the point I've started to email myself copies of what I enter via mobile just in case. Unsustainable. Please fix this airtable. A single flaw like this could sink the entire platform. It's a fundamental requirement of your service that your app doesn't loose data. All the fancy interfaces and apps you add mean nothing if my data will disappear.
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5 years ago, CasadeSoluna
IOS integration - AWFUL, Airtable-awesome
I fell in love with Airtable and quickly felt inspired to get all my team on it for project management. I reference airtable bases a lot in meetings and the app has 1 out of 5 views for tables and the grid view can’t be customized to be able to read the information. It is a pain to have to find a desktop to make a quick adjustment or reference a view to the team. Not sure why the tech is so developed but the app is still so limited. Please make this better so I don’t lose my team’s buy in.
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3 years ago, NYCdesigner01
So good!!
As a design business, we’ve been looking for an app/ platform that allows us to quit the spreadsheets while helping us navigate through our of vendors and contacts databases effortlessly. We finally found Airtable, and all the features we looked for were there. Highly recommend whether you’re a business managing more complex operations, or an individual just looking to organize ideas, information, and much more. Thank you developers!
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6 years ago, TheresainAK
A very user-friendly database
I am using a free account to plan my winter capsule wardrobe and learn the program. From what I have seen so far, I think I will be buying a paid plan for use in my small business. I have experience developing relatively complex databases with FileMaker Pro, but I want the functionality without all the hassle of development. I have yet to determine if it will handle the more robust needs of my business, but it is actually fun for the project I am working on and very fast and easy to get started with.
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1 year ago, juropel
Constantly times out and now has UI jank when editing a long text field
I find myself using the iOS app a lot for my pollination records and budget, but the MaCOS app is *much* better. With the past couple updates, the iOS app kicks me out of the base I’m working in after only a few minutes of inactivity. And I was hoping this update (“bug fixes and performance improvements”) would actually fix the performance, but instead the UI now jumps up and down when I’m typing into a long text field. (Not sure about short text fields.) Both of these issues are obnoxious enough on their own, let alone together.
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7 years ago, Ron Alan
Feels like stealing it’s so good!
I just started using the free version last week and spent a few days building a fairly complex Bible study app with several related tables. It is so good my conscience is bothering me for not paying for it. I’m sure the added options in the calendar view will have me subscribing soon though. I have honestly tried every other relational DB I could find for the MAC and iPad and nothing is even close. Super app guys. I hope you’re around for a long time, and you should be if you stay on your game.
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