AirWeb - Web Browser for Apple TV

1.4 (29)
6.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Christian Arild Strommen
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for AirWeb - Web Browser for Apple TV

1.45 out of 5
29 Ratings
2 years ago, Dmillasich
Unfortunately the app doesn’t live up to the marketing pitch. It’s clunky to install, and crashes when finally working. I want my money and time back.
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6 years ago, MotionMatt
Works great for basic surfing
Our company needed a way to display our status web page on the 4K TV in our lobby and this app works great for that.
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8 years ago, Psychopath4
Fantastic web browser for Apple TV!
Highly recommended! This web browser works very well!
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8 years ago, FoBoys
Sorry, but not good
Sad to say that this app is not good. If anyone is interested in viewing a browser on their Apple TV, it is much better to use the normal Airplay process. So far all the apps I have paid for and downloaded are all garbage.
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3 years ago, A357G
Not worth it
Garbage I want my money back I thought the browser would show up on my apply TVs apps safari does the same thing as this and it’s free
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2 years ago, Kksundar
A useless app
It didn’t do anything more than the native mirroring. Waste of money.
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4 years ago, Jjmeson02
I wish i could give it zero stars
Completely useless. Does not work at all.
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6 years ago, rsposey
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work correctly. Needs work in the area of login to other secure websites. Must be transposing passwords.
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4 years ago, emgbgt
Find something else
Worthless. Doesn’t work at all.
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8 years ago, behrmantraut
Fails to work with gmail
Making it not-very-useful :-(
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5 years ago, javy012345
How do I get my money back
Did not need this at all
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4 years ago, Dottytx
I hate it, hard to use - this app is really not good. Annoyed i wasted $2 on it. Total rubbish
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7 years ago, Dr G Dr G
Piece of crap
Doesn't work at all
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7 years ago, AhurMacArthur
Absolute garbage
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9 years ago, Mmmmm Mmmmm good
Not Functional
It's a brilliant concept and much needed but just doesn't work. Hopefully someone will create a working app like this. Mouse 'clicks' don't work, which is the biggest problem. You can't navigate the web without clicking. Also, pages display incorrectly, many sites don't work as expected. Totally bummed as the price is pretty high for an app and I really wish I could surf the web on my Apple TV.
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10 years ago, ucdgrad
Nice app, but functionality is already in AirPlay
This is a nice app that does exactly as it says - it allows you to browse the web on your AppleTV. It uses AirPlay to push the app's interface onto your AppleTV to allow you to surf the web on your TV. It has a nice clean and clear browser and it turns your iDevice into a nice trackpad where you can click, two finger scroll, and pinch to zoom. The main point though is: this functionality is already in AirPlay mirroring. This app uses AirPlay in order for you to push the app's interface onto your AppleTV. This is already possible with AirPlay mirroring and just launching Safari. By using Safari you can click, scroll, and zoom from your iPhone or iPad. Overall, I would say this app does exactly what it says, but it's really not necessary since you already have AirPlay mirroring. I don't feel bad that I paid the $0.99 for it because it does feel nice and slick, and it has a nice interface. Using my iDevice as a trackpad seems cool. However, those who are thinking of this app can save that $0.99 for other apps since the functionality of browsing the web on your AppleTV is already possible with AirPlay mirroing.
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10 years ago, H. McCrackin
Must-have app in your arsenal
Have been kicking the proverbial tires on this app, bouncing between this, Xbox SmartGlass and plain-vanilla AirPlay Mirroring of Safari. And this app brings the best web experience to the big-screen! I like how your iPad/iPhone turns into one Magic Trackpad while you surf the web. A recent update made the experience even better. Also, any questions were promptly answered by the developer, so there's full faith he's looking to share the best app experience out there. I'll be recommending this app, even installing it outright to those clients of mine who have an Apple-centric household so there's no question on how to get the browser on to the big TV.
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9 years ago, Tri993r Stick3r
Back to the drawing board
I used this app on my iphone and it works well. I tried this on my iPad and it's glitchy, random screen rotation while the iPad was laying down unmoved. Click sound is great for feed back but several times on different sites it didn't work while I tried many times to select something, even on AirWeb's home page the same thing happened. A few times the arrow or mouse like feature lagged as if it was a dead battery controlling the the arrow on the screen. And the thing that kills this for me is on the iPad, it doesn't do video. You're greeted with a fully grey screen with a large play button and a play bar. No video!
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10 years ago, L Oskr
An amazing web browsing experience on your TV!
This is the perfect solution to having a web browser on your television. Since the Apple TV does not have a native web browser, this app makes it incredibly convenient to surf the web without getting up from the sofa! All you need is an Apple TV and an iOS device and you are set! Surprisingly simple to use. It looks and works great!
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11 years ago, appleuser41
Brilliant! I have tried so many different apps+combinations with airplay+Mac to do what this does so the web from my couch! The intuitive part of this app is that you don't have to squint to try and put URLs in on the screen as you can do that on your iOS device, then have the results displayed in a full screen web experience. Works so great it's hard to believe Apple didn't make this.
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11 years ago, LALV
Recommended 100%
First thought I had before purchasing this App was that it would be the same as using Airplay mirroring while surfing with Safari on my iPad, but it is not the same. This App gives you a full screen browser on your TV that feels like a native AppleTV browser. It is a little clunky for zooming, but nothing great. It would be nice to have tabs.
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9 years ago, YKun.S
click not work, not eligible for refund, don’t buy
This app works fine in generally. However, ‘click’ doesn't work in some particular website I used. I’m trying to watch videos on these website. I can only pull back the website and touch it on my phone screen. Videos will automatically fit the tv, after few minutes, my phone is getting hot. I have to stop it, and trying to get a refund. How ever, App store said “This purchase is not eligible for refund”! What? Are you kidding me?
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11 years ago, macandyp
Pretty cool!
I love this. It works almost flawlessly. I wish I could control the speed of scrolling, but it's new and I won't fault the developers for that. Good job, people. This should have been something Apple did a long time ago. Hopefully they don't Sherlock you, but pay you tons of money to use this as the default Apple TV web browsing experience.
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9 years ago, Petece
Use my iPhone like a mouse and TV for the screen.
Works perfectly as described. Lets me use my TV as a giant computer monitor, and my iPhone as a giant touchpad to control it. It's nice to be able to have an onscreen cursor, especially for presentations so that I can show people what I'm doing. The swipe gestures and external keyboard are a nice touch as well. Plus tabs and highlighting. Great app!
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10 years ago, (: ME :)
Absolutely amazing
This app is incredible. It makes me say 'Wow' every time. It's gorgeously designed and works flawlessly. It's so easy and intuitive to set up and use. I can't explain how cool this app is. More people need to know about this. Apple should hire you to build this directly into Safari when AirPlay mirroring is enabled, no joke.
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10 years ago, Waterwatcher
Ditto to every great comment
This app is a must-have if you have Apple TV! It literally gives you a full browser on your tv. I use the Bluetooth keyboard I have for iPod Air paired w Apple TV and iPhone for a mouse with that app. It's the best for sharing on a big screen or just couch surfing on the internet alone or w others. Luxury at a pittance additional fee.
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10 years ago, Tyeberius
This is it!
I was looking for a solution that would let me browse the internet on my tv. I've got an Apple TV at home and I'm always wanting to show people a site while we're watching tv and this is way better than squeezing around a tiny phone screen. Highly recommended.
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10 years ago, dcooke12
Apples next buyout?
This app is long awaited. Finally the ability to surf and see on my tv! Works great and does a great job with help notes. Will Apple be buying this company next to implement its genius into AppleTV? We will see but in the mean time get it if you've desired to surf the web on your big screen.
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11 years ago, brainpower
Not there yet
So I just tried it. Eh. Lack of mirroring on idevice makes it a bit awkward as you're looking at the TV but controling it w your fingers on device screen. More importantly, I find it struggling w videos. Went to Apple site, clicked on Play for current commercial on front page but the video played BEHIND the front page image which covered 90% of the video. Went to Macworld, tried playing video there, also played in back of webpage and there was no way to make it stop. Couldn't see it or control it. Have to type in urls, no bookmarks. Switched to Airplay and things all work fine. Not as wide an image but all the Safari controls are there and can control it from the mirror image on my iPad. AirWeb: Not recommended.
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10 years ago, ghiblifan
Really happy with this
Makes web browsing on the Apple TV so much simpler. This update seems to have fixed the few bugs I noticed in the old version. So far everything is going smoothly!
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10 years ago, Johooks22
A Comment About A Comment
To the person that said that this app is the same as Safari using Airplay mirroring. There is one difference, you have a trackpad with a cursor, so you do not have to keep looking down at your idevice to move around and make selections and the cursor can also be used as a pointer.
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9 years ago, 32768
just like it says on the tin
this is great to use your AppleTV to browse without the weird letter boxing and scaling you’d get if you just mirrored Safari from your iPad. Just make sure you disable overscanning on both your set and the AppleTV for crisp 1:1 pixels.
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11 years ago, Fisher905
Long awaited
Thank you for creating this app. It's awesome to be able to have a full size browser right on my tv! It works seamlessly and has a quick response time mirroring from the iPhone or iPad on Airplay.
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9 years ago, The dawg2131
Great App
Great app. Just a few suggestions... A one finger page-scrolling option would be awesome, and a landscape keyboard (typing) option would be great, as well. Other than that, this thing is great!
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10 years ago, warvanov
Very clever app!!
I'm very happy with this app. It makes great use of the airplay mirroring functionality of the AppleTV and makes full use of the whole screen of your TV, which is something that Airplay with Safari doesn't do.
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9 years ago, jessicadennis
Does exactly what it says it does
AirWeb is a really good solution to browsing the web on your big-screen; the controls are straight-forward and intuitive, and it works really well.
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10 years ago, Don Mullet
Great little app for surfing the web and utilizing AirPlay
Works as advertised and even better! Very smooth interface for browsing my favorite sites on my big screen, absolutely worth the price of admission.
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10 years ago, iamyouareme
Cool Idea But It Doesn't Work
I got this on a whim after reading an article on some tech website. I got the browser to show up on my TV via AppleTV. Cool, right? I even used two fingers to scroll all over the place... ...the problem is that you can't click on any links!! I went to google, typed in a search phrase, and moved the cursor over the search button and tapped my iPad screen. No dice. Clicking just doesn't work when tapping my screen. If I could get a refund, I would try to get my money back and then try it again once they got all the kinks worked out. Devs, I hope you read this and fix the issue. iPad Air on 3rd gen AppleTV. FIX IT!
Show more
10 years ago, Tipp27
This app is great! Especially since you can use your phone as a mouse and to write. With apple tv you only have the alphabet to select letter by letter, which is kinda slow and bothering sometimes. Good job developer! ;)
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11 years ago, From CA
Not much better than using Safari over AirPlay
It's OK. It works, but I can also mirror Safari to my big screen using AirPlay. One feature I immediately notice as missing is the bookmark. Any program that calls itself a web browser must have a bookmark.
Show more
8 years ago, AdaminLC
Needs too much work
The theory is great, and when you are on a website that is compatible it is very nice, but it always a crapshoot if it will work or not. You spend as much time being frustrated with it as you do using it. Really wish it worked better, but it just doesn't.
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10 years ago, Nirkale
Wonderful app!
Works like a charm and seamlessly with my Apple TV and iphone5. Surfed to my favorite sites, everything worked perfectly. Love the extensive support for gestures (tilt for example when looking at maps).
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8 years ago, kokomomo1
This is a air web browser on apple tv. It can help me to quickly and accurately control the TV set. It makes it easier for us to control tv.
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11 years ago, Bradtaylor
Web browsing works pretty well but...
Videos don't seem to play...or rather the videos on web sites play behind the web page for some odd reason. The web browsing works well though. Also, needs tabs.
Show more
10 years ago, caraesten
An incredibly smooth, easy-to-use web browsing experience for the Apple TV. If you own an Apple TV you have to have this app. No question about it.
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9 years ago, JStraitiff
Could Be Better
The app works pretty well but it doesn't use the desktop version of the site and it doesn't fill the entire tv screen. Will get the job done but almost better off mirroring safari.
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10 years ago, derrickrock
Excellent App.
Wish Apple had made something like this when the Apple TVs first came out. No problems so far and does everything I want.
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10 years ago, MSW757699
Works great.
I have the Apple TV 2nd generation and it works just as advertised. Been waiting for this for a long time. I've tried it with my iPhone 5s and iPad 3. Worth the money to me.
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8 years ago, darinv21
This app is very useful for me, because I recently bought a Apple TV. Web browser is stable, easy to use, simplistic design. Thank you to developer!
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10 years ago, Michael Allen Box
Simply fantastic
Steve jobs himself would've called this one marvelous. Internet on the big screen with an intuitive input interface? Thanks!!!
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