Aisle - Indian Dating App

4.5 (8.8K)
60.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aisle Network Pvt. Ltd.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aisle - Indian Dating App

4.47 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
6 years ago, mavericvj
Finally a meaningful alternative to Tinder
Aisle is a great place for those looking for something serious, not casual dating / hookups. It's definitely worth the money because every person you approach or approaches you is really interested in you, you are not just a random swipe hoping to get lucky
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1 year ago, Y_ABI
Harassment: Don’t trust the profiles from this app
I connected to a profile and that person spoke normally and asked if you could talk on video call. I wasn’t sure but however I jumped on a call. And I felt something wasn’t right 5 seconds into the call and cut the call. And now that person has deleted the profile in the app. And has been harassing me and blackmailing me to send money and threatening me that he /she would use my face with some obscene videos and post it on my social media accounts. This is very disappointing on how an app like you doesn’t do a proper verification and checks on the profiles. I wouldn’t have picked up that call at the first place if this person had not matched to me by this app. And that person using someone else’s face in the app. It’s very pathetic. I have lost the trust on this app after this ordeal which I should still go through . complaint. I am rating this app one star. Profile: Ritika. Said she lives in Houston and is from Hyderabad India.
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11 months ago, Tohruxtan
Looks nice but you have to pay to get anything
I’m puzzled. This app is well designed (though the profile could use more sections) but you have to pay to get anything. The marketing team produces good content and I like the idea of the app, but it’s essentially useless - not enough men on the app in my area (and I’m in California so this seems ridiculous!), and I get invites from men in India or elsewhere in the world rather than my location. (Long distance just isn’t for me) I was excited by the potential of this app, but without any invites I can’t even see 1-2 people each day who liked me in my area (like Coffee Meets Bagel) which is honestly lame. How am I going to find my match on Aisle if I can’t even see them? Not enough value in the freemium product for me to stay 😕
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1 year ago, Rachel Greeran
Took my money; I got none of the paid features and have no way to contact support!
This is truly a new low in the world of user experience. I upgraded to their paid version - not only did it not register in my account (despite me having proof of the subscription on my apple account); but when I used their help center form and filled it out, it didn't recognize my phone number! They set it up to only receive queries from people with an india number. Which is funny because when you create your aisle account you can specify what country and then your phone number- But they seriously never updated their help center form to allow support for any of the other countries aside from India!!?? How embarassing. Anyways now I am out a lot of money with no way to get help and none of what I paid for!! Guess I have to file a claim with apple. It's really not that hard to think about the user experience; and make sure your end to end processes are consistent for all user groups. Anyways, definitely don't download this app. They take your money and don't deliver what you paid for.
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2 weeks ago, R_Ik
Harassment:- please don’t trust any profile from this app they are very big scammer
Yes in this app the profile is all fake I got a msg from girl name Simran and she say she live in Kansa city and after she text me and ask for the whatpp number and within a second she say can we do the video call she is alone in the room she is in romantic mood. I got dought and I told her no she deleted my msg. And today same day she msg me on the app and ask me how are what you do? So don’t trust this app and in all the profile they are doing same their text content are same every one is asking the same question I talk with with 3 girl. they are trying to do cheating and asking for the money. I am gone do the Complain in police station.
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1 year ago, Rak_1394
Disappointed and Frustrated
The user interface of this app and their customer support is completely off putting. I enrolled for a one week VIP plan first, and it never got activated. So I went ahead and enrolled for a one month VIP plan after which my money was deducted for both the plans! Further, the app kept logging me out quite a lot. To log in each time, it asks for phone number and sends an OTP. It’s been more then 4 days now that I’m having an OTP issue. All the other messages are delivered to my phone and I do not have any network issue. Aisle just won’t login! Basically I’ve lost my money and the customer support will not provide any resolution. Utterly frustrating!
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4 years ago, Whizdude321
Scam app.
Firstly it’s expensive compared to other apps. Don’t be in a dilemma that you are paying an extra buck you might think it’s genuine. That’s not true.! They keep using people’s accounts from different sources and as far I think they might not even know they are on this app. When you initially download this app it creates an environment to believe them don’t fall for it. Initially you might end up paying for a trail but, believe me you’ll end up regretting it. You might think once you pay for it you might get more likes but, it actually goes down. The probability of matching is very less in this app. These are my thoughts using this app and I would never recommend this to a friend. It’s a rip off.
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3 months ago, Guest5118545
New purchase.
I recently purchased the best package. Before I purchased I only saw women near me on the main page and concierge tab. After I purchased I only see profile from India only. On the concierge tab I only see women in India with kids only. I change the settings to usa and only saw a few profiles only. I felt I was manipulated to show all these women around me before I purchased the app and afterwards I’m shown very older women in India only. I made a report a few days ago. I haven’t heard anything yet. So here I am writing my review hoping they finally take my issues seriously and issue me a refund or fix the problem.
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1 year ago, Agratsant Saxena
App full of Scammers
Never ever going to trust this app! This is an app where people pose as girls and chat, and try to come on your WhatsApp. Once they do that, they will call you over the Video where any random girl will be showing her assets and also simultaneously record the call also with your face in it. Ultimately they find your profile on Facebook and start sending your screenshots to other people who are on your friends list on Facebook eventually blackmailing you! 😒 the worst ever experience someone can have! Never ever going to trust this app again. I also want my money back!!
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6 years ago, Teenrado
Arrogant people behind the app
These guys have something fishy going on with this app. I paid Rs.2,000 for membership or swipes. You can make three 'swipes'. Turns out if that person leaves, you lose your money. After many emails they re-credited it. I stopped using it and asked for my money back because I haven't actually been able to use it because of the bugs or scams. Instead they got personal about how I will meet the woman of my dreams because apparently they did. So weird. They haven't returned my money yet. It's been 14 months.
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4 years ago, diliplalwani
Very long load time
This app takes a lot of time to load
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6 years ago, hp379
Very buggy App
It’s database query is buggy and doesn’t return true results. In unfiltered view it has so many profiles in USA but when do advanced search with no filter at all, it returns only 3 profiles. So, of course with many filters in advanced search I found nothing. You can not choose multiple countries or states or languages. The second star in ratings is just because it doesn’t have fake profiles. But app experience is horrible.
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4 years ago, Kartiksatya
This app isn’t the best.
If you’re a premium member on this app, you can send unlimited request, I have heard from other users, they don’t receive likes when you like their profile. Most people don’t even bother to respond on here. You can get excited of liking someone but that’s it. This app is very buggy, you have to refresh every time you use the app. That’s very annoying. They don’t allow to change your location of your preferences.
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4 years ago, AvidAppStoreReviewer
Don’t get fooled by this app. Don’t pay a single dime.
First of all it is no way better than Tinder when it comes to freemium usage of the app. You’ll get nothing in comparison to other dating apps. It’s not worth spending time on this app. Also, monthly premium subscription fee is way higher than any other app but you get way less features. UI is crappy and not at all user friendly. This app is scam.
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3 years ago, genius_fool
Texting platform is not updated. Ridiculous!
How is it that many chatting app have a reply-to-specific-message feature and Aisle doesn’t? Being a premium member I expect some updates like these. Also, the message text box doesn’t scroll. I type long message and I want to edit it, I can’t. There’s no landscape mode. The app takes a ton of time to launch.
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6 years ago, AdiAppleYogi
Good app for serious people searching for meaningful relationships
User base is low, hope it will increase some day.
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4 years ago, foffw
Worst and scam app
For every usage you have to pay money, even though you purchased VIP membership also u have pay extra money to send personal invitee which is worst and the main draw back is that when you choose people from your language means Tamil or telugu it won’t filter exactly just showing everyone 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ don’t purchase its waste thing.
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6 months ago, Biniyam26
This is by far the worst dating app ever. This app is full of fake profiles and scammers. They urge you for a video call, try to get you take your clothes off on the video call showing you their private parts, and use that to blackmail you. Most of the accounts are not properly monitored so never ever trust any match you get.
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5 years ago, dG1987
DO NOT INSTALL. Wish I can give 0 star
Upon installing the app and creating the profile, my application was never approved. It’s been 3 weeks already since my initial attempt and a follow up. Seems like there is nobody even looking at user issues. There are better apps out there in the market. Don’t even bother installing the app and waste your time/data.
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8 months ago, Staysafe98
Harassment and Blackmailing app
Matched profile leads to video calls and gets disconnected and then blackmails you with threats and asking for $1000 via bank details. If not paid they will start harassing and blackmailing by saying we lured the girl into this. Had to pay $150 and still blackmailing me. STAY AWAYS FROM THIS APP. Even girls also. Stay safe avoid this app.
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9 months ago, QuantTrader
TERRIBLE App: Full Paywall + Scammers
Most of the profiles seem fake. I have a high match rate in essentially every other app. And not a single organic match here. It displays “Likes”, but requires paid membership to reveal the profiles. Ok - I played along for one month. Swiped right on a like. Msg’d briefly, and then poof - the other profile got deleted. Bait & switch scams. AVOID.
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1 year ago, Miten122321
I have matches but I need premium to view that’s just robbery
I have matches but I need premium to view them? So will the girls that have liked me I have to pay 27$ to see or they won’t pop up on my search results either that’s kinda rigged to make u pay money
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2 years ago, go ho go
The app seems good but the bugs doesn’t The app is not getting launched it needs improvement
The app seems good but the bugs doesn’t The app is not getting launched it needs improvement
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5 years ago, Hi4;(64
Quality app
It’s an amazing app with great quality of people
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6 years ago, Aviaija
Commercial app looking out for money
This app is very much commercial. They ask money for any action you take (change your profile settings, change ur contact details etc). And the money they ask is too high from small things. I recommend not to install this one.
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5 years ago, Val Therber
Junk app, scam to get you to pay
My FEW matches are in the same country and it still says they are out of my area and does not let me message them, and that I need to sign up for VIP. Basically I need to pay before even sending an interest! Pathetic. Much better apps out there like Dil Mil. Deleted this.
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1 year ago, rixky007
SCAM- Hardly any matches and they keep charging you
They don’t have that many people on the app. Less than 100 and they keep scamming you over and over again. You’ll run out of matches on day one even if you pay. DO NOT PAY.
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5 years ago, Jatz86
Reverse feedback
The most primitive design I ve seen. There is no way for the other side to give me any feedback except read messages I send. If I pay for something, I should have access to communicate and receive messages from an interested party. Just disappointing...
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2 years ago, average223
Yeah right
I think it’s a sham like the rest. You only get likes until you pay for service then nothing from nobody. Fake profiles like the rest and the verified ones must think they’re too good because they’re so well educated… SMH
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5 years ago, aviMsUsa
A big NO to this app 👎🏼
Even after reading all the reviews I installed this app, and Yes, it’s a big let down! Looks like the users don’t even use this app 🤔 and not a single free feature, I mean come on can’t y’all give some trial run in the app and then provide some premium plans? 😒 Uninstalling it 👎🏼 Bye 👋🏼
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11 months ago, Manwsy
Reg : Scammers filled on this app.
I encountered 12 profiles that were fake/scammers. They used semi famous great looking people who scam you. Aisle add a feature to verify people and add a verify tick mark for user safety. People be careful there are a lot of scammers on this app. Audio calls and passport pictures dont trust it. Be cautious !!!
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3 years ago, siva2210
Worst app ever
I strictly Don’t recommend this app. 1. Majorly, Not much active people. In fact I would say No active people at all. 2.Out of 100 profiles, you see hardly two or three people were active in a week. 3. Dead slow. You never know when the page loads for a click. 4.Worst user experience. If you by mistake swipe out a profile you will never be able to swipe in back. 5. Worst support. No response to emails.
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6 years ago, Rashmax
Send a rose
I am unable to send a rose back to individuals who showed an interest in me because aisle has set a filter for age. Although, it’s does not make sense because I don’t know how to get in touch with those guys who have send me the roses.
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1 week ago, Neo Miami
Encountered with scammers
Found few scammers with fake profiles asking to invest money on Cryptocurrency. They are in every app, there should be a better way to eliminate these scammers (fake accounts) from the app.
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2 years ago, SEALTeamVI
Trash app / no real people
I have used same photos in other dating apps and got decent number of matches. Zero in this app over months. Either profiles are fake or they’re doing something shady with queues.
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1 year ago, hdeggahjsc173
App is not even turning on can’t even use and paid for three months already
App is not working and paid for 3 months for just to see the logo of the app
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10 months ago, Bhosdabanatha
Don’t waste time
Until I took premium I used to get atleast 2 likes a day Since I took the premium I didn’t get single like from any person. They send fake likes to make you take premium
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5 days ago, No necessary
App is totally useless and profiles are totally fakes everyone they ask only whatsapp numbers. They send girls fake likes and then start chatting after later they start harassing every profile is fake
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1 year ago, DJ_truthbombs
Bad app
App started glitching out today and kept getting 500 server error. Uninstalled the app and after that I can't even login with a US Number. Waste of money on this app.
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3 years ago, Msrihari
It’s fake and at first they send some invites from their internal team members. And very less people here to make bonds. Complete worthless to buy subscription. Not even 500 matches there. There is none.
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2 years ago, CeCe102011
Unable to access subscription
Paid for subscription but can’t access the likes that have been sent to me.
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6 years ago, taureaninferno
Worst Dating App ever
This app just needs money .. everywhere u click it takes you to membership page. Guys atleast keep the chat free once you connect to someone. I am going to delete this app and more to other better apps.
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1 year ago, Indianchokro
App is messed up
I have a profile on this app n I have been trying to login with my number that I usually use to login and I am not getting OTP to verify to login so fix your app.
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3 years ago, mayank_88
Not able to access my account
I deleted the app and after reinstall not giving me option to access my account. Worst authentication design ever seen.
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5 years ago, snebeee
Can’t delete app
you can’t delete the app!!!!!!! Don’t getthis app!!!!!! to the creators have this app, have a spine and be willing to lose customers if the app isn’t good enough. Preventing people from deleting their account is soo stupid and potentially illegal.
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2 weeks ago, Hhhifrv bfy
This is fake app and the people in the profile ask for the video call with strangers once we like the profile to do some fraud
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2 months ago, GottaReadThis
Video dating scams
They’ll take your number, call you when they’re naked and blackmail you, can’t say how this app has 4.5 stars. Save your money.
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4 years ago, deep0521
Not worth the money
Just like any other matrimonial scam. I will use it only because I already paid for it! If I change my mind, I will be back to change my rating!
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2 years ago, lordoftheringskkkvv
Sex scam
You will be asked to do video call paste your face in mms and blackmail you for money. No point reporting cause there is too many . Don’t waste your time in this app.
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1 year ago, ace5914
This app has been terrible. It is very slow and hard to navigate. It was a total waste of money for me!
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