Alarm Clock Radio

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Philip Bailey
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alarm Clock Radio

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10 years ago, McSear
GR8 Set: Clock, Radio, Alarm, Snooze...
Finally, after mucho searching I found this app. Yes! HTF the good, dim-able clock display plus good choices of radio stations (I prefer local and I add a few using the custom URL web address feature) +plus alarm settings +plus snooze +plus sleep to music +plus... more. => Went for the low priced Pro paid version. =^) Stable & smooth running >3 weeks. *HIGHLY*RECOMMENDED*4-1/2stars*
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6 months ago, Poorscratcher
I like this Clock Radio
This app helps me sleep and I can use it to wake up to music and stuff. I like the weather forecast.
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10 months ago, 99hotdog
Nasty app that destroy my battery. Massive battery drain very fast on this trash app. Zero star.
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10 years ago, ehnc
Best I've Found, But Still Needs Tweaking
Generally, this app does what I want, which is to offer a reliable clock radio that supports waking up to a radio station, along with a sleep function. I have tried pretty much every clock radio app I could find, and this is the best by far. Where it falls short are the following: 1. In landscape mode, there are no controls. Those are only available in portrait mode. 2. The alarm volume goes up gradually when it turns on in the morning, which is great, but the rate of increase is much too gradual. It should take about 15 seconds to go from off to full volume, but it takes about 2 minutes. Way too long when you want to actually listen to the radio. 3. When using a user added station, it does not alarm properly, and instead goes to chimes. It does work properly for stations included in the app's list, and while that list is good, it is not comprehensive. 4. There is only support for one alarm. It would be nice if it supported multiple alarms. 5. When the alarm goes off, there is a mystery button that says Prev, Next, Stop, and Snooze. I figured out that Prev and Next change the station that is playing to the others in the station list, and Stop turns off the alarm, while Snooze turns it off for a while. All that is fine, but the buttons should be huge, so it is easy to hit the right one. 6. When playing the radio, the Prev and Next buttons should be on the screen so it is easy to pick a new station, but they currently only appear after an alarm is activated.
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11 years ago, Catbird103
After looking through many alarm apps I found this one with no reviews and took a shot. Reliable. Customizable. Simple. Extensive radio selection. Voice control accuracy. Great app that I am sure to use every morning.
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8 years ago, sarajonn
Does not work properly. Too many settings to adjust, and even if you choose all correct settings, it still doesn't do what you wanted. The alarm only goes off if the app is in the foreground before your screen goes off. Good idea, terrible application. Not user-friendly at all. I would never rely on this to wake me up, and after 5 test alarms, I finally am throwing in the towel.
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9 years ago, dealinwithdan
Why so bright? Doesn't have WUNC
Opening the app forces the screen to full brightness. If you think about the time people would be setting an alarm (before bed, when they've dimmed the brightness to be easier on the eyes), this is pretty annoying. Never seen that before. It also doesn't have my station of choice WUNC 91.5 in North Carolina. The "enter your own radio url" feature doesn't work with WUNC's link either.
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10 years ago, Howitdo
Excellent Radio App
I was primarily looking for an alarm with a sleep radio function and boy!, did I find it. This is perfect. I could care less about waking up to music, but this definitely helps me fall asleep.
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3 years ago, Ravfox
So bug-ridden as to be a bad joke
Works about one day per month, if you are lucky. Crashes if you try to enter a stream URL. Rarely responds to screen taps. Rarely streams radio instead of sounding an alarm one didn’t choose. Fairly often doesn’t sound alarm at all. Disappointing and should be removed from the App Store until it works.
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11 years ago, AwesomeGamer89
Very good!
I think this app would be great if you download it. But, the only problem is that there is only 1 sound. So if I were you, download it!
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10 years ago, Tigersfan87
Radio alarm doesn't work
This app doesn't do what it says. I downloaded to use to wake up to a radio station. It has the functionality in the menu, but when I woke up it was playing chimes instead of my country music station. Don't download.
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9 years ago, chelsailama
Doesn't Work
Every time I tried to set the alarm and leave the app, the alarm would never go off. I tried testing it and whenever I returned to the previous page after setting the alarm, the alarm would become disabled.
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12 years ago, ugrtch
Intuitive. Using military time is great for accuracy. The alarm itself is great, I love the soft chiming bells. This is definately a keeper!
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10 years ago, RBerb
No radio alarm
I have the same problem. Alarm plays chimes instead of radio that I choose in settings.
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12 years ago, Booboo88888
It crashes whenever I try to change the noise!! It only just started doing this and I am really irritated with it. Maybe an update would fix it.
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7 years ago, WoahAreYouSerious
Don't waste your time
App plays your radio station to where it's barely audible. Wouldn't wake you up even if you were in a quiet room.
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12 years ago, Camiloula
Not Much to offer
Only one sound available. I know it's free, but they could do more. The number image is poor lighting as well.
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10 years ago, russellsteapot
Radio alarm does not work!
Radio alarm does not work, makes alarm noise instead of playing the radio.
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11 years ago, takemynicknameyouass
drains battery
completely drains my battery every time i use it. as much as i liked it otherwise, this is a serious deal breaker for me. i have places to go when i get up, not stand around waiting for it to charge.
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12 years ago, The Commenter!
DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!! Just get the lite version. It says u get more sounds but even though u get more "songs", all of them still sound like the annoying bell....... Trust me, I'm a Commenter.
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8 years ago, bassamk
Waste of money
75 % of the software do not work and crashes all time
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13 years ago, mandeegirl1975
Do not download
It crashes every 10 seconds !!!
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11 years ago, KAP1979
Great app
Exceeded expectations. Very complete app
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13 years ago, Privatepilot517
Great alarm app
Perfect, reliable, easy to use app! Great job
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13 years ago, suzanne pridham
It tells u the time but I can't get the alam on
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12 years ago, HelloPanda_(:
Worlds worst app
Alarm isnt loud and doesnt do all it promised >:(
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13 years ago, DoodleJump#1fan
Reliable app- easy to use
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13 years ago, numbnuts502
the app keeps exiting and it only does it with this app ! ! !
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13 years ago, Enoc sen
Can't give alarm unless it is in the foreground.
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