Alarm & Timer

4.3 (1.6K)
36.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alarm & Timer

4.29 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Owlla
Simple and good looking
The app does what it’s supposed to do. It’s pretty much the same as the IOS clock with some customization options. The color themes are nice and you have tons of fonts to choose from. You can definitely use it in a library with earphones plugged in. There are a couple glitches though. 1. I connected the app with Apple Music but I couldn’t find my downloaded music from this apple, only a list of albums. 2. I chose the ‘stop when opened’ option for the alarm but it doesn’t stop when I open the app. The last things is that the alarm sounds are kind of limited. It’s said in the app that you can’t customize the alarms yet. I feel it would be better if one can import the alarm sounds from IOS.
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5 months ago, angelmybaby13
Very Impressed with the coder & designer
Whoever made this app, you can tell lot of they put a lot of thought and detail into every aspect. I use the iOS clock for my morning alarms but wanted a separate app for appointment reminder alarms so I tried this one. I've barely started using it but I already wanted to leave a review. I'm just going through the settings and there's so many customizable options! Naturally the color scheme, but you can also upload a background picture. You can change the fonts, the language, military time, whether you want 09:00 or 9:00, whether midnight displays as 00 or 12. You can decide whether you want seconds on both the digital and analogue clocks. And one thing i'm incredibly impressed by effort-wise as someone who merely dabbled in coding, is how smooth the transition is between landscape and portrait mode - which is also customizable. This app really considers user friendliness and it is incredibly intuitive and well designed. You have my utmost commendation.
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1 year ago, MsBreezy77
Best alarm and timer app
Customizable and straight to the point. Only request would be make compatible with Apple Watch and please add US time zones by their general category such as Central Time (CST), Mountain Time (MST), Eastern Time (EST) etc. Right now can add by city and specific cities are no use to me, I just want to see the time zone itself.
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3 weeks ago, Hypercritical999
Alarm app problems
I got to give this 1 star because this alarm app is Horrible. It has so many features and you can do so many things but it fails to achieve the one thing that makes it an alarm app. and that is “Ring” it never rings for me at all when I set an alarm at 9:00 a clock and it hits that time it just shows me a notification up on my screen but it doesn’t make any sound at all. This is bad because when I am sleeping and I already set an alarm for waking up then all I am going to get is a notification pop-up on my screen and No sound whatsoever this makes it impossible to even know what is going on and the chances of me not waking up is 100% at this point please fix this.. I am surprised that this app has so many features but can’t do its most basic task…
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1 year ago, KatTravels
Alarm can’t be trusted
The alarm doesn’t go off all the time. If your headphones are plugged in when going to sleep it won’t go off outside of the headphones like the Apple clock does. The alarm is very short lasting 0-10 seconds. Should offer to 20 seconds. Also I used my alarms thoughout the day as reminders. If I’m in a different app on my phone the alarm doesn’t go off….. only if in locked mode does it work. And even then- it doesn’t always go off. I had 2 alarms set within 10 minutes of each other (precautionary) - no headphones were plugged in- to grab a shower before an early flight, my alarms never went off - either one of them. I woke to my friend’s alarm much later. I’ve deleted the app.
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2 months ago, Aliyabe
This app is better than the default iPhone alarm, but it’s missing a few things that I feel are necessary. I wish there was an alarm volume option. I’m a light sleeper so having my alarm on full blast is very jolting for me, so it would be nice to turn it down. Another thing that would be nice is having a gradual volume that slowly increases. Alarm options aren’t great but that’s alright. The last thing is that it says the alarm won’t sound in silent mode, which I think is weird. It would be cool to at least be able to override that since I have my phone in silent mode all the time but I still want my alarms to sound.
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4 years ago, revorah
Landscape clock and stopwatch
I use an iPhone 8 Plus as a webcam and additional display for my computer. I was searching for a clock app with timers and stopwatch that can be used in landscape (unlike apples clock app). And this has the added bonus of looking way better. I appreciate that the ad doesn’t show on the clock but just on some of the other features, though I would like a paid version if there isn’t one, even if it was just to remove the ads.
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7 months ago, GR8IDEAR
Great App
Love this app. It functions exceptionally well as a bedside alarm clock. I requested a refinement to the ‘Brightness Changer’ to have more control over dimming the screen. The Developer responded to my request and then actually added a great little improvement in the latest update that makes this App perfect for my needs and hopefully others. Well done.
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6 months ago, mie2😀
Love that I can add my own sound to alarm
I think it’s awesome they added a “my sounds” option for Alarm&Timer… I can record my voice doing any animal sound and attach it to any alarm or timer …Therefore I can have a multi critter clock through the day versus a continuous cuckoo clock… Very cool— it can sound like an animal funny farm at my house😁
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5 months ago, jdh3000
Works great when it works...
Doesn't always sound make a sound notification. If I pick up my phone I can see a banner, but I'd have to remember to look at my phone. I used to rely on another app that was great but unfortunately doesn't work on newer iPhones. After trying dozens I thought this one would be the replacement, but failing to work half the time isn't helpful in taking meds or remembering to pick someone up from school or work.
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1 year ago, Suziiibee
Best alarm app
I love this app because I can set the alarm duration. I set it to ring for only 10 seconds, so I don’t have to get up to turn it off. I can also choose the number of times it repeats and the snooze intervals. Great app! Highly recommend!
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11 months ago, tomkruk
Really nice app
I am enjoying this app very much. Especially the ability to create custom alarms for future dates, and with custom sounds. I have 3 areas improvement and why I gave 4 stars 1. Add ability to have multiple timers. 2. The alarms don’t sort right. They sort according to time but don’t take into account date of alarm. To tomorrow’s 9AM is showing before today’s 3PM. 3. Have the tabs on the bottom change color to match main window. It is super distracting when it’s a dark bg and those tabs are white.
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1 year ago, Why Not12345678
Clean. Reliable. What more can you ask for?
This app has a sleek and adjustable design and sends you a notification if your phone is on silent and your alarm won’t ring. I would absolutely recommend it.
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3 years ago, Health Techy
Should be stock
This app gives an instant read out of how many hours and minutes it has left till it goes off. Takes all the guesswork out of calculating time you’ll have to sleep.
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1 year ago, Ckaiteliynne
I can’t believe this app is free! The settings are very thoughtful, so you can customize the style to your own liking. For example, when your phone is landscape/horizontal, you can customize to hide or show the analog clock. Another example: the timer shows when your timer would end; 10 min timer set at 6:58, would end at 7:08. Overall I love this app and would like to say thank you to the creator!! すごく使いやすくて便利なアプリです。 自分のこだわりに合わせて設定を変えられたり、タイマーの終わる時間を写してくれるのが非常にありがたい。 クリエーターさんありがとうございます!
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3 months ago, unclebadass
Love the folders!
I love being able to group alarms into folders! Haven’t been able to find another app that has this feature.
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1 year ago, Lizzy the human
I was doing something important
I was using the timer and then I had it at almost an hour and it just reset and started at 0 again
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1 year ago, cc201216
The app has to be open for sound
I love that this app has files. I work different hours on rotating days so that would have been perfect. However… you have to have the app open for sound to play.. not sure how an app is supposed to work if it needs to be open while I’m sleeping. Defeats the purpose of an app!! Needs some work
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3 years ago, Lu & Chuck
See through pastels
There are thise of us that are older and have vision issues, but this app has a super light pastel coloring over times for alarms to go off and they are on a white background! Even my teenage nephews said they can’t see them either! There should be a choice of both background color and letters and number setting choices so we can actually see the letters and numbers!
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3 years ago, Sclinchy
Best Alarm App
I’ve used many different alarm apps over the years, and this is the best. Highly customizable, so you can make it look however you like. Nice big display that Caine read at night without glasses.
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8 months ago, wayy20000
The best app ever for a college student
This app really helps you manage your day and future days this app is better then reminder this app let u set future alarms which I love get this app plz.
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2 years ago, ℂ𝕙𝕝𝕠𝕖~♥︎
Where is the AM and PM option?
The app if working pretty good so far and everything was so cute! The only problem I had is that I don’t know how to switch the AM and PM option!
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2 years ago, Matisse Samala
I LOVE this app! I use it for everything and it’s so much better then the regular timer! I would suggest to get it for anyone! I use it for my baking and cooking and anything else.
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2 years ago, Lonnie Fan 2005
So simple to use like it should be
No tons of advertising no hoops to jump just to use alarm. Simple app like the u have to pay for. Glad I found it
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1 year ago, The Chevalier de BB
Why look anywhere else?
All the features you need command of. Free. See for yourself how simply capable it is when providing chronically accurate assets.
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4 years ago, ApocalypseEsHere
This would be perfect if the alarm had a setting that allowed you to say which day(s) you want it to go off. I don't want certain alarms going off everyday.
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2 years ago, Trichter101
Thank You for a great, smooth and simple app. All the options needed are there. Preference menu is intuitive. Excellent all around.
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3 years ago, Wergub
Easy to set up; Simple but very convenient!
Compact and powerful. I like the elegant style and easy setup and use. 100% recommended!
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2 years ago, chuky fan
I love it!
Pretty good 😊 it’s very realistic as the IOS alarm but still it’s a very good app but can you add more alarms it will be so much better!
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4 years ago, alli cat 0807
Awesome it never lets me down so when I
It never lets me downsize when I have to go to school I can count on it and it would be there.I have NO complaints.😍😊I LOVE it.
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4 years ago, betsyz1
Does everything I need
I’d give it 5 stars, but I can’t find a way to pay to get rid of the little ads. I can’t help it... I hate all ads.
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11 months ago, Chocolate_city__
I'm uninstalling. The sound doesn't play if your silent mode switch is on. Also it doesn't let you choose how loud your alarm sound is. It also doesn't give you the option to dismiss in various ways. It's just a push button (no math, shake, pattern, etc.).
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2 months ago, fndumbAF
For the most part, yes, this is a good app. I don't know what made the developers decide to update the way alarms can be repeated, but to me, it makes no sense whatsoever. It's confusing and im not dealing with it. I had to uninstall. Was nice when you could see just the days you wanted the alarms to repeat (mon-sun) Now It's....i dont even know. A mess. Otherwise good array of different sounds and jingles. Maybe I'll try it again in the future.
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3 years ago, Blanketmagazine
This App is Very good!
It has everything from World Clock, to 24 hour timer, to alarm. I love this app!!!
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3 years ago, Christine79
Looks good
Lots of customization options, easy to use, and it looks good.
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2 years ago, 4melove2walk
Nice user friendly app
Using this app for my daily meds
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1 year ago, x1hart
Alarm Review
Alarm has everything I want. Easy to use Easy to set up Easy to change settings For my eyes, the fonts are too gray. Should be easily fixed - quickly 29Jan’23 Thank you Bob
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1 year ago, Phoneowner675478
Too many Rip off advertisments!
There’s too many rip off advertisements it’s my phone I purchased it I own it! It should be illegal to have apps take over our purchased owned phones! No way to remove the advertisements!
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2 years ago, Atrueyankeefan15
Option On Ringtones
Wish I had the option of using my own ringtones that I am familiar with.
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3 years ago, pimphug101
Alarm clock
I love it
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3 years ago, youremusty
Misses the main point of an alarm.
It would be an amazing app if only the alarm played sound? Do not disturb is off, volume is up, yet the alarm only shows as a notification. I was almost late the other day with this thing.
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1 year ago, luxpermanet
Can't buy it to hide ads. Why?????
Great app but I can't use it due to ads. Why there's no version I can purchase to hide the ads is totally lost on me.
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1 year ago, gjkjgdsegvbj
Will not sound on vibrate
The alarm does not sound when the phone is on vibrate! When I’m asleep, I do not want to be disturbed by phone calls, but I need an alarm to wake me up!
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7 months ago, Bad unreliable alarm
Not user friendly
I cannot figure out how to make the alarm sound rather than just one short vibration. Deleting this app.
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3 years ago, Jerry Handloff
Alarm & timer
I can’t submit questions in English. Is there an instruction manual? Why does my music listen to in Pandora pause when I use the application
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2 years ago, lionmeat123
Doesn’t work
The alarm just won’t go off. It worked for me at first, but for some reason they just will not go off anymore.
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2 years ago, Trump 4000
This alarm is son weak how can anyone give it over a 1 star. You can’t hear it. I was suppose to be up at 4 am and here it is 9 am.
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3 years ago, Hfbdy
i gave it the 2 stars because it is a cute app. it looks very aesthetically pleasing. 😊 but, that isn’t the point of the app. the point of the app is for an alarm. you have to be in the app for the alarm to work! so, therefore, it is unreasonable and unreliable. i don’t suggest it.
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3 years ago, blah encycci
So bad. The app never works. The alarm never went off for several mornings. I don’t recommend getting this. It’s a waste of time.
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12 months ago, JBFWriterGirl
Does Not Work
The alarm will not go off if your phone goes to sleep.
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