Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep

4.8 (187.7K)
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Current version
Delight Room Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep

4.77 out of 5
187.7K Ratings
2 years ago, ellie_speaks
no more setting 10 alarms to only *maybe* wake up
I absolutely love this app. I cannot remember a time in my life where I would actually wake up and stay up. I opted to pay for the very reasonable premium subscription after I tested out the free trial. The physical challenges force me to wake up and get out of bed, in addition to starting my day off with some nice exercise. Potentially my favorite feature, amongst all the great options and settings, is the ability to select your alarm tone to ‘random.’ If I hear the same alarm every morning, my brain will eventually tune it out, and it won’t wake me up anymore. Even the most obnoxious alarm tone Apple offers (you know the one) will not do anything. But with the random option, a different alarm tone will play every morning, and will only get louder and louder. If you decide to go for premium, a great feature is the ‘wake up check’ where they will prompt you to make sure you’re still awake, and you have to select ‘yes’ within a certain amount of time, otherwise you have to do your whole wake up mission again. There’s also great alarm ‘power ups’ that you can choose from if you need extra motivation to get up in the morning. I never thought I would see the day where one alarm wakes me up, but I’m glad to finally be here. If you’re a chronic late sleeper, there’s not an app or alarm I can recommend more.
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3 years ago, kayhailey
reliable but kinda weird
i’ve been using this app since high school after my apple alarm randomly stopped going off some mornings making me miss the bus. it was extremely helpful for those early mornings after staying up way too late to finish an overdue assignment…it has extra loud alarm options that get louder the longer you let them go off, and they’re so annoying that you’ll literally do anything (including getting up) to make it stop. it also has lots of different options for wake up missions, such as memory games and math problems you have to complete before you can shut off the alarm. overall it is an extremely reliable alarm app, as long as it is open in the background of your apps it will go off. however after the recent update the app has introduced morning messages after the alarm is turned off…it will pop up with something encouraging to start off your day. they started pretty normal, things like “you can do this” or “believe in yourself”, but i think they’re trying too hard to be creative because they have been almost creepy the last few mornings. a couple days ago it read “don’t push yourself too hard to be happy :)” and this morning it said “i’m going to miss you.” what’s going on? is alarmy closing their app? am i going somewhere? like idk is it just me or are these lovely good morning messages becoming rather ominous? needless to say they are very confusing at 5:30AM, but also somewhat entertaining because i never know what i’m gonna get.
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4 months ago, ElyssaG
Great, but hate the subscription
I used this app a lot around 2017ish when I could never wake up for school and loved it. I am an extremely heavy sleeper, and I have a bad habit of turning alarms off while still fully asleep. The alarms on this are loud and obnoxious, which is exactly what I need, and the tasks aren’t possible to do without waking up. When I first got this app, it was maybe $2 upfront with unlimited access to all the alarm settings. I stopped using it for a while, but I recently downloaded it again and was extremely disappointed to see the subscription pop up first thing. I’m glad the memory puzzle is still free as that is what I primarily used, but other options like the barcode, steps, or photos that require you to physically get up are no longer available without a subscription. I get that this app has much more features now, like sleep tracking, but those could be offered through subscription without including half the alarm types. This app is extremely helpful and it’s disappointing to see it stuck behind subscription, especially since the monthly price is three times more than the original one time price. Edit- the developer reached out and helped and I’m grateful! I still stand by my first comment that an alarm app shouldn’t require a subscription, but their customer service was extremely helpful!
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6 years ago, Sjidoshriebfje
Only alarm I use// EDIT: HARD OF HEARING
I am a very deep sleeper with morning classes. I have trouble waking up in the mornings and will often reset or turn off alarms completely without being aware of what I’m doing. The variety of the options helps wake me in the morning, I start usually with a shake alarm, then a math one, then finally a barcode I scanned somewhere in the kitchen. It forces me to wake up at the math alarm because I am terrible with math, but the added benefit is my math skills are getting strong because I keep having to up the difficulty. Thanks so much, you’ve made my professors hate me significantly less since I can almost now make it to class on time. EDIT/UPDATE: I had my hearing checked six months ago and found out from a doctor I have Hearing Loss. (Mild/Moderate but still significant for not knowing till age 26) Since getting my hearing aids my life has changed in so many ways I couldn’t have imagined, there’s so much sound to hear! It’s shocking to me, but makes sense, but also is just so wild to hear; it’s changed my life. But it has also made sense why this alarm is the ONLY alarm I can trust to wake me up fully since I now know sound alone is unreliable, I need mental engagement and stimulation to wake up fully without causing more damage to my tender little ears. It’s made me just appreciate this alarm more and more as it’s the only one of its kind I can seem to find.
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4 years ago, MsNickiNicki
The Best Alarm Ever!
I’m so happy I found this app! I’m not a morning person and I always hit the snooze button. I realized that I needed to make some changes first starting with getting up earlier to be able to complete tasks before the kids wake up. I tried this before but it never stuck since I loved hitting the snooze button. I found Alarmy and it changed my life. I started with the memory game just because I struggle with remembering things at times so I thought that would be helpful for me. When I tell you, no matter what time I went to sleep, once Alarmy went off and I completed my memory mission, I was wide awake and ready to start my day. I felt good about myself and started seeing a difference in my life in general. I make sure I go to be at a decent hour because I can now count on Alarmy to wake me and my brain up. I now use the math mission and it works just as well. I also set it up on my 1st grade son’s tablet because he struggles with math at times. He loves it! I let him pick the tone and I hear when he wakes up counting aloud and actually completing the problems. He even asked if I could make the problems a little more difficult! Sorry for the long review but I love this app and not just for the alarm but also the sleep music option. I used to use you tube for sleep meditation music but now I don’t have to. The creator of this app is a genius. Thanks so much!
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1 year ago, LucyLuver101
This app is saving my GPA
About a month ago I had a change in my medication that was greatly beneficial for me, but I quickly went from a very light sleeper to a VERY heavy one. I would set an alarm with the default alarm app, only to wake up hours later with it still ringing- I just wouldn't hear it. I was missing classes, due dates, and appointments, no matter how many alarms I set. My grades were dropping and I was in constant fear of missing work and getting fired. I downloaded this app last week without much hope of it actually working. I expected that I would just have to change my meds back to the ones I had before, despite how much physically better I felt. In this past week, I have woken up on time every single morning and from every nap! This alarm is LOUD, even without choosing a "loud" sound (I really like the picnic sound). I also have it set to make me do math problems, which really helps me "actually" wake up. I haven't missed a single class this week and it's taken an huge amount of stress and guilt off my shoulders, especially as the end of the college semester is getting close. I am so thankful for this app- I don't even need any of the premium features, but might buy the subscription anyway because the value it's given me is worth so much. If you're in doubt, try this app!! I'm so glad I did!!
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4 years ago, SeniableDumo
I love it, only one problem
I’ve used this app for quite a long time now and I would love to continue using it. It’s just become... frustrating. I’m a heavy sleeper but this app had sounds and alarms that could wake me up in an instant, now no matter what I do either in the app or my phone settings all I get is a vibration. Kinda hard to wake up to that when I can’t even wake up to dubstep. Like I said I’ve used this app for a long time. Long enough they’ve given me free lifetime premium. These problems only started happening when I got my iPhone X. And for some reason it only makes sound if I look at it then quickly shut it off and close the app then reopen it and put the phone to sleep. Kinda defeats the purpose of the alarm if you can only hear it when you preform an exorcism on it. Don’t take this review with the idea that this app won’t work for you. I’m only writing this out to try to find some help(google returns nothing). This app works. It’s managed to wake me up at 5:30 am for work after barely being able to get up at 9:45 on time for old work. I swear by it and try to use it. It just seems like I need my phone unlocked with the app open for it to function for me. And again that may only be me having the problem. Any and all suggestions are absolutely welcome and encouraged, I really want to keep using this. That’s all. I’m done now. No TL;DR
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2 years ago, Luk 4567
Wouldn’t stop
Update after 3 weeks of use: I switched from photo to scanning a barcode of something in the kitchen and that has been more effective. I’m taking off one star only because you cannot use the phones flashlight while the barcode scanner is open, meaning I have to find a light source. Rather than blind myself with the bright kitchen lights, I grab the salt and hunch down next to the little night light by the cat food to get it to work. Other apps with barcode scanners have a way to turn your light on - that would be really useful at 5am. And yet, for the FIRST time in my 30 years, I am up on time every single day. Original review: I set this to take a photo of my coffee pot. Alarm went off as expected (extremely loudly I may add, as I fumbled with my phone trying o silence it while running from the bedroom so as to not wake up my husband). I get downstairs and take a photo of the coffee pot. Photo doesn’t match. Tried again. Photo doesn’t match. Tried at least 10 times. Lined it up as perfectly as I could. Doesn’t match doesn’t match doesn’t match. I quit the app, alarm wouldn’t stop. I turned off my phone but when I turned it back on the alarm just kept going. I ultimately made it stop by deleting the app but I feel like if I redownload it will start going again. There really needs to be some kind of “emergency shutoff.” On the plus side, I’m definitely awake.
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4 years ago, christinacitta
Best Alarm I've Ever Used!
I never write reviews but this app has seriously changed my life and I wanted to share my views on it. I'm the deepest sleeper you'll ever meet. My mom gets so frustrated with me for school or whenever I have to get up early. I'm ALWAYS late to everything because I can't wake up. Whenever I would set a regular iPhone alarm full blast I still wouldn't hear it in the slightest. I sleep right through it without even realizing that it's going off. This alarm is LOUD and WILL NOT STOP GOING OFF until you complete an action. I noticed that regular iPhone alarms also stop ringing after a while. This one will literally ring forever. It is so persistent. I just use the free version of the app and for me personally, it does wake me up. But if you're like me and you sleep like the dead and have the money to spend on premium, go for it. It isn't that expensive and I think it's a smart purchase. Premium will only make it better better, not worse. As far as the alarm itself I would give 5 stars. The only reason I gave 4 is because the whole app can be hard to navigate sometimes and it's a little dated. I feel like the layout of this app is very 2013 and the creators should consider a new, modern design. I don't think the appearance would have an impact on the effectiveness of the app but I definitely think more people would be inclined to download it if it had a fresh modern layout. Definitely give this app a try!
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4 years ago, Et92303
Game. Changer.
I have been using Alarmy for about a year now, and it is the ONLY alarm clock I can depend on that will actually get me out of bed. Prior to Alarmy, I would very commonly turn off the alarm in my sleep only to wake up an hour late and in a panic. This is impossible with the picture-match function of Alarmy. As a math teacher, I can often do the math problems in my sleep (though I have seriously improved on my double digit multiplication), but having to take that picture forced me up. It drives me nuts but I’m not late because of my alarm clock anymore. I have been forced to delete a couple times because no matter how hard I tried to match the picture, the alarm would not turn off. Props to the app not having an “out” that I could learn in my sleep, but the only way I could go on with my day was to delete the app mid-alarm. Now, I always have to use pictures that are very easy to match, and after moving, I have been having difficulty finding a good spot. So, 4 stars only because I wish the app was slightly more lenient on those pictures because I do have trouble getting the phone in the exact position to match the original picture. **edit: using the app for the first time since March (teacher during Covid lol) and noticing a barcode option which seems much more reliable than the photo!! Back to 5 stars!!!
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5 years ago, macsd1
My whole life, every time I went to bed, my mom would say “set an alarm so I don’t have to come and get you up!” So I would just set the normal Apple alarm, (3 or 4 of them) and totally sleep through them. I never even remembered turning them off! My mom would have to come upstairs and turn on my light every morning. So things really had to change when I came to college, where my mom was not just a floor away. I’ve definitely missed many a morning class, until one Christmas break when I complained about my problem to my sister, and she showed me Alarmy! It really is perfect. My favorite alarm (as favorite as an alarm can be... I still don’t like waking up in the morning) is the barcode scanner. You can choose literally any barcode on any object you own, and set your alarm to not turn off until you’ve scanned that barcode. I use the candle on my desk so that it forces me to get out of bed. Works like a charm, although it might be useful to have something to scan in another room, so I can’t just stumble back into bed. That’s on me. The best part is, I looked for something like this years ago, but had to pay for it. Being an unemployed teen, I had no income, so no way was I gonna shell out a whole dollar for an app. That’s what hooked me on Alarmy... I got to try it out (and use it forever) for free. It’s all the quality you could want without the price tag. You really won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, pam beasly
Trust me it works!
I’m a very very heavy sleeper. I would turn off my alarms without knowing I was or sleep threw them which would cause me to wake up in a panic running around and starting my day off on the wrong foot. I was looking for a app that might help me. I downloaded one but it wasn’t affective enough for me but after look a little I saw Alarmy. The other reviews of it said that it was excellent so I gave it a try! Let me tell you this app really works it has normal alarms to wake up to or if your like me and will sleep through/turn off your alarms it has 8 different settings in the alarm. You have defaulted, shake, take a picture, math problems, Barcode/QR-code, memorize game, typing, and walking. I usually use shake, math games, and memorize. I haven’t tried typing and walking because those are locked and you have to pay for those. Alarmy also has sleep sounds you can use which are free! You can control how hard or soft you want it to rain and between forest or forest river sounds. I’ve used these sounds before and the noise last until I wake up in the morning when my alarm goes off! They are very peaceful to fall asleep to. Alarmy also has a news section where when you wake up you can look at the news. Overall I would definitely recommend this app it’s effective and easy to use!
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5 years ago, grandma ick bear
Ok, I’m just joking with the title, BUT in all seriousness, it helped one of our main issues which is both of us getting up and out the door on time. Mornings are hard anyway and we have two kids to get up and out the door, not just ourselves. We have tried everything from setting our phones across the room, to louder alarms, music, hiding the phone somewhere so we have to look for it when the alarm is going off...nothing worked consistently. I was ready to purchase an expensive alarm that would roll away from us so we would have to catch it because I was out of ideas. Thankfully I read a blog post about Alarmy and it has been life changing. For almost two months now, my husband and I have been able to get up ON TIME, we get the things done that we need to get done in the morning, we get out the door on time, and best of all, we are not stressed about it because we both woke up with time to spare. We both use the picture alarm which forces us to walk downstairs and match the picture on our phone. I like that there are multiple options to help different kinds of sleepers wake up. I also like that there is a variety of options for alarm sounds and night time sounds to help you fall asleep. It is also incredibly easy to use. We love this app and will continue to use it.
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6 years ago, Meagan C.
Best thing to happen to my career EVER
I’ve been battling thyroid issues for years. One of the fun side effects of hypothyroidism is intense fatigue. I live an hour from my office and commute every morning. With every other alarm i have ever tried, I would set my alarm for 5am with the best of intentions, and hit the snooze for an hour...or 2...and would inevitably show up 15-30 minutes late for work 2-3 times per week. I would also lose productivity in the mornings from my mad rush out the door. I have to use the “take a picture” function because it forces me out of bed. I set my picture to something in the kitchen so that once I’m there, I can immediately start making my coffee and force myself to stay up. I can then take my time getting ready for work and actually look like a put-together professional rather than dragging in late with rumpled clothes and “red-light rush eyeliner”. Since I started using Alarmy 3 months ago I haven’t been late to work once, and my focus and general attitude have improved immensely. I was promoted to Manager at my CPA firm last week, a year ahead of when I’d originally been told I could realistically expect any kind of promotion, citing the rapid improvement in my general work ethic and overall comportment. I credit this app with 90% of that. Please please PLEASE keep this app running FOREVER!!!
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3 years ago, Racheal M.
Great App!
The reason I rate this a 4/5 is because it’s a really great app, I do wish that some of the features were available for free. I can understand the really advanced ones like doing weight lifting for your challenge but some basic ones I wish were included in the free version. I would buy the yearly version but it just seems way too expensive for an app I will use for a few days every week to wake myself up. I love this app and haven’t used it much recently but it was my go-to back in 2019 and my cousin/best friend actually told me about it and I knew I had to try! My set up is weird, and its unlike most but on my phone I have an alarm that “wakes me up” and just gets my mind to know that it’s the morning, then 5-10 minutes later my Alarmy alarm goes off on my iPad which sits on my dresser (3 feet away) so I have to get up and sit there in order to go on because I use the memorize challenge. Other than that I haven’t really used it for much else but I do know it has this feature where I you can listen to sounds and it will go off automatically in an hour or anytime of your choice. I attempted to use it once but I didn’t really use it but for like 5 minutes so I can’t really give a review on that but this app is really nice other than the subscription part which I mentioned earlier and I would TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!
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4 years ago, sudacla
WONDERFUL, almost completely
I love Alarmy. I do I do I do. The proof is that even tho after 2-3 months I cannot figure out how to turn off the “wake up check” feature, I’m still using the app (and, for some reason still trying to use the wake up check every so often too). It is the best thing I have found for a lifelong problem getting up on time and building up tolerances to other alarm sounds and sometimes even KNOWINGLY turning off an alarm all the way because my morning persona is truly wily and will do anything to get some more sleep. HOWEVER, I have checked the instructions and online-researched til I’m blue in the face and can’t get the wake up check feature to stay off once I’m actually up. I normally end up just continuing to turn it off every few minutes for the next few HOURS until I finally just delete the app and reload it later. And for some reason even tho the other features wake me up just fine and _really_ Get Me Up, I keep trying this feature every so often. (The online instructions appear to be for a different version etc bc even the actual website’s instructions do not match what it does on my phone.) ANYway DO DO DO get this app but whatever you do don’t use the wake up check feature (or if you do please let me know how you got it turned off). :)
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6 years ago, gabz1223
I’m a 19 year old workaholic who also has severe mental health problems that cause me to oversleep ALL THE TIME. I have 2 jobs and one of them requires me to be up anywhere between 4:30-7 in the morning. I live an hour away from my other job and get off at 10 most nights meaning I don’t get home at 11, then pair that with sleeping issues so I don’t get to bed until 2 am most nights!! This app SAVED ME. The first time I used it I had to be up by 5:30, and with the plethora of annoying sounds to choose from I have been consistently jolted awake by this app and not been able to turn it off in my sleep which is FANTASTIC! My one and only disappointment was when I tried setting it to have me do math problems to turn it off. When I try to do the problems in the morning (I set it to have me do 5 problems) when I would answer the first one correctly, it did not switch to the second one or give me any option to do so. It just kept going off without giving me a chance to do the rest of the problems, making me delete the app just to turn it off. I’m going to have to switch it to scan a barcode and hopefully that works!! If you guys fixed that it would be an automatic 5 stars from me!! And the white noise feature is brilliant. Other than that one flaw I love this app!!
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1 year ago, tay702702702
This app has changed my life. As somebody with narcolepsy type 2, I have never been able to wake up to alarms. I would press snooze over and over, possibly 50 times. And no, not an overstatement. I often, if I allow myself, will sleep for 28-40+ hours at a time, half waking up to pee or take a bite of the chips I have next to me on my bed at all times. I have never felt what it was truly like to feel awake. But this alarm, has allowed me to conquer me snoozing my alarms without remembering. When I had the multi alarms, it would allow me to actually get up and take my adderall, fall asleep for 10 minutes, then wake up from both the alarm and adderall mix. I never had to worry about missing my college classes again. Even though I’m unable to subscribe to the full version anymore due to college, I would like to add a suggestion! The snooze button is unlimited :(. And I can do the check to see if awake, but snooze is easier on my brain when trying to get the wake hormones to work. But, with unlimited snooze, I found myself pressing snooze throughout the entirety of the day, as I can sleep on adderall aswell. Narcolepsy is unforgiving ahah. Maybe there could be an option to only be allowed to snooze once or twice or unlimited 😅. It would help severely.
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4 years ago, Follower of Mercy
An Alarm that Hasn’t Failed Me
I have a shifted sleep schedule, am very stubborn and so have difficulties waking up at a reasonable hour. It’s at the point that I’m able to get out of bed to silence a hidden alarm and go back to sleep. This is the first alarm I’ve had that I haven’t been able to silence in my sleep or just sleep through. It’s reliable, easy to use and offers plenty of customization even with the free version. I would not recommend this for people that wake up to a regular alarm because the point of this is to frustrate you into getting up, but it’s PERFECT for people like me that struggle. My only complaint is that the Math option is pretty unfeasible at the higher difficulties - multiplying two four digit numbers mentally and in the span of 30 seconds is a bit much to ask when I’m not half asleep. Even so, that’s a great choice for VERY stubborn sleepers like myself. It’s the perfect fallback as long as you’re ok cursing at an angry alarm. Just be sure to increase the time to solve before it resets. I would also advise against using vibration or a peaceful alarm that wouldn’t scare you awake. The alarm is VERY insistent and if it’s not something that would immediately jolt me awake, I’ve noticed it working into my dreams and making some pretty awful nightmares.
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5 years ago, paperdoll_chika
Alarm app that actually works
I don’t really write a review for an app, but this app is just amazing. At first, I set up the mission to shake the phone100 times and then to take a picture of something in the room 10 minutes later (because I knew I would not leave the bed after the shaking), but I ended up going back to bed after those missions. If you’re like me, I highly recommend to take a picture/scan whatever is in the bathroom, forcing yourself to take a shower. when your hair is wet, you wouldn’t want to go back to bed, and your mind becomes more clear after taking shower. It’s amazing how taking actual action makes everything easier than lying on a bed thinking about doing it dreadfully. You don’t have to be a morning person, but hitting snooze and waking up late despite of all the motivation I had at night was kind of unhealthy for me. it’s like a little failure that eats you up slowly because you’re basically starting your day with a small failure. I used to wake up and would think, “eh, i’m like that. I didn’t believe I would succeed anyway,” and all the planning for the day would go to trash. This app not only helped me to wake up on time, but made me think that even I could succeed at something small - and it becomes a momentum to do something I planned to do.
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4 years ago, Marissa B11
Only using this app to wake up ever!
I never ever write reviews, so this shows how amazing this app is. I’m a lover for the snooze button and my apple alarms never wake me up like they used to. I’ve tried every trick in the book but to no avail. I randomly came across this app and was hesitant to try out the 7-day free trial, because it would imply I had to pay in the future should I go past the 7 days. However, best $5 ever spent. Since using it, I’ve been able to make every early morning meeting regardless of the time. I’m not a fan of the blaring alarm noises, so I love how the “morning” sounds are soothing enough to not put me in a panic but loud and consistent enough to wake me up and get me going. I love how you can customize each alarm to have easy or challenging missions, because—let’s face it—in the past, I’ve slept through alarms with the phone directly next to my ear so I need every complicated problem possible to even consider me waking up. I set my alarms to “no snooze” so I have to manually go into the app to dismiss the alarm (and it’s made me realize how instinctually I press the side buttons on my iPhone to mute). All-in-all, this is hands down the best alarm system I’ve used to wake me up successfully each morning without having a mini heart attack from blaring alarms.
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4 years ago, Tim Voloshin
Forget you wanna snooze!
Before Alarmy I’d usually wake up with an alarm and immediately begin to analyze the pros and cons of staying out of bed vs snoozing. Or I’d wake up pondering the dream I was pulled out of feeling like it’s only common courtesy to go back to sleep and finish the dream. Both ended up with me back in bed quicker than you can say breakfast and coffee! Then I’d go and hate myself for sleeping in which killed my mood and kept me in bed even longer. Vicious cycle. With Alarmy I have math problems as the first alarm and they’re just enough to engage my analytical brain and begin to actually wake up enough to kill the incredible pull of the bed in the morning without making me think f this math crap. Second alarm follows 5 minutes after which requires a picture of my bathroom to turn off giving me just enough time to put on my workout clothes, make my bed, drink some water, and head to the bath to wash up. Very effective overall! I feel like the software processes could be simplified and I’ve had some weird glitches when my phone was on silent, but I’m no software engineer so maybe they’ve done everything possible with what Apple allows. Regardless, because of the consistent success I’ve had with Alarmy it’s definitely a 5/5 would recommend from me!
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5 years ago, Fantasy 101
The only thing getting me up in the morning
I used to set 5 to 7 of the normal apple alarms every single day, and would constantly just shut them off and go back to sleep, or even sleep through them! When I found Alarmy, I was sort of desperate to actually start waking up in the morning on time, instead of waking up an hour late and leaving the house with disheveled clothes and hair and just looking like a whole mess overall. At first I tried doing the math, but I couldn’t bring myself to just stop using the calculator to solve the problems and would simply fall back asleep. I tried several combinations of different ways to wake up, and some worked better than others. However the one hat works best for me is doing 100 shakes at a light level and then taking a photo of the toothbrush in my bathroom. The shakes, because there are so many, jumpstart my brain, and the photo actually drags me out of bed so I can start the day. It works perfectly! Not once have I slept through the alarms or just ignored them due to the awesome sound feature. And I just want to say, if the app doesn’t work the first time, trying multiple combinations should help a lot! Thank you designers and production team for really one of the most essential apps for me right now!
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5 years ago, Asdfghjkrystal
I don’t think I’ve ever written an app review in over a decade of iPhone use. This alarm is that good. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this app has changed my life. I have, on more than one occasion, slept through an alarm clock going off for 2 hours. When I was using the built-in iPhone alarm, I’d have to set 10-15 alarms to be sure I’d get up on time. With Alarmy, I set one backup and rarely ever do I need it. I even get up 3-4 hours earlier than I’ve ever managed to before. There are enough customizations available that you can easily switch things up when your groggy morning alter-ego starts to outsmart your current settings. I just bought the paid version, not because the adds are that annoying, but out of genuine appreciation for what this app has done for me. I like the barcode scanner and the picture mission. My first alarm makes me go to the kitchen to scan a barcode. Once I’m already there, it’s already lot harder to talk myself back into bed. If I do decide to “hit the snooze”, I take a cup of coffee back to bed with me and catch a few more winks, until my picture mission alarm goes off and sends me to my laptop to get to work. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could. If you are a terrible over-sleeper like I was, you have to try this.
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3 years ago, eunjoo_0603
I'm a student with morning classes (since they aren’t offered later) and I tend to continue studying until late at night because my major is quite demanding. I was recommended this by a friend and it's a lifesaver. I sleep like a rock. I can fall asleep on command but I won't wake up. My regular alarm wasn't doing it and I'm pretty sure my first class teachers wondered what happened to me in the mornings because it wasn't pretty. I would go to my first class looking all disheveled and fix myself during the break period. Now with Alarmy, I get up and stay up. I am forced to start moving and wake myself uo with the Shake function since I leave my phone on my night stand and I can’t just reach and click snooze. Then I actually have time to get ready for school and sometimes I even have left over time to scroll through my SNS. My last one is to take a picture of my (packed) bag so I'm actually ready to leave the dorms (without running) I also have startle epilepsy, so seizures that can be caused by sudden noises/surprises. A past alarm I tried was too sudden and caused me to have a few episodes but Alarmy has been working great. Your alarm will gradually get louder but not alarmingly (no pun intended) loud. Just loud enough to wake up a rock :) Thank you Alarmy~~♡
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3 years ago, ftkg123
The only alarm that has ever worked for me
I am so lucky to have found out about Alarmy. I am an extremely deep sleeper, and with my other alarms I haven’t been able to hear them or have turned them off without realizing it when I am half asleep. I got so used to the sound of my alarms that I stopped even waking up from them too. I was having extreme issues waking up in time for classes and appointments, but after downloading Alarmy my whole life changed. I have been able to actually make it to my appointments and classes which is a miracle. I really like the math setting on alarmy, because by the third problem I am awake enough to stop myself from falling back asleep. My math has improved so much too which is an added benefit. My only complaint is that sometimes I like to fall asleep with my headphones in but when the alarm goes off it only goes off through the headphones rather than out loud. Usually by the time I wake up, my headphones have fallen out, so I can’t hear the alarm. Other than that this app is amazing. I have gotten many of my friends into it, and while I have never written a review before alarmy it has affected my life so much that I felt I had to share my experience.
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7 months ago, whjohns
Almost Perfect ****UPDATE**** It’s perfect
As other reviews have stated, Alarmy is a life changer. There's not much to say. Others haven't told me that, but as my title states, there are a few issues I have. So let's say you're exhausted and missing the wake-up check. There is no way to override the alarm. One instance was when I kept falling back asleep with the wake-up check enabled. When I finally got out of bed, I had to hurry up and jump in the shower missing another wake-up check. I had the skill levels turned to the medium, so it took a while to go through all three, making getting ready difficult. When it was finally time to leave, I still had a 10-minute wake-up check running, but I couldn't wait, and I had to go ahead and leave. The problem is that now I'm driving, and in a few minutes, I will have to go through unlock routines. The only option to kill the alarm was deleting the app. There needs to be another way to do that without deleting it. Edit: Wow, it keeps getting better and better! My issue with the wake-up check has been fixed in a very creative way! Now you just type a quick sentence promising that you’re awake and it’s off!
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3 years ago, CaliDreaming01
This app is TOO effective. Worth the subscription
I really hate this app, but that’s a good thing. I’m a middle aged woman and up to now have never found a way to wake up early. At first. I was skeptical that the alarm tones weren’t loud or annoying enough. When the alarm actually went off -OMG- I hate that sound so much! It sounds like a drill for a nuclear attack and my body goes into flight or fight mode. I wake up as quickly as possible to make it end as quickly as possible! After reading other reviews, I was afraid there were bugs that would allow me to outsmart it. I have tried turning my phone off, turning down the volume, exiting out of the app before the alarm rings. None works and only makes things worse for my cheating self. I thought I had outsmarted it when I found I could get it to count steps by shaking my phone, but then after about 15 steps it warned me I was cheating and then added the steps back on. I have not been desperate enough to try deleting the app when it’s alarming. At some point, it’s about free will. You have to be REALLY certain you want to wake up the night before when you activate it because there’s no going back. I learned this the hard way one Sunday I had wanted to sleep in.
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3 years ago, hdbwhah
It helps but I’m just a little confused
So I downloaded this app yesterday! When I got it I enjoyed the intro and steps with alamry. It asked me if I wanted to change sleeping habits, get up on time, And stuff like that so I chose wake up earlier. And after I was setting my whole account up. I realized your not aloud to choose different goals. I wanted to also choose habits because the options on Alarmy are super good.. but this is not the only problem I struggled to understand.. I didn’t understand why there was a premium Alarmy for 60 dollars. Especially because it’s a alarm. I don’t think they should have a premium pass to ask if your awake a second time. I feel that everything on alamry should be free, or if it’s really going to be 60 dollars it should be permanently not just a year because I might forget about the app and it’s just charging my card. but 60 dollars is a crazy lot of money for app on your phone. BUT on the bright side I didn’t struggle to wake up with this app, it really helped me open my eyes and be ready for the day. Which I lm super surprised about because I don’t usually wake up till like 1pm but i will continue to love and use this app.
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2 years ago, Danielle1006
Works pretty well until it doesn’t
I’ve had the app for months and months now, and other than the issue where alarms don’t go off if you close the app, I really liked the alarms. I made sure the app was open and all was fine… until the last several days. For whatever reason, my alarms no longer had the option to be turned off. They would go off as usual, and when I opened the app (to answer my 3 math questions) the app was mostly blank with a white box. The alarm had then gotten so loud my entire house was waking up, so I was trying everything at this point. I tapped everything on the screen, used my volume buttons on the side of my phone, closed the app, turned my screen off, etc. and the alarm would NOT turn off. Then another alarm would go off at the same time, and another, and another, until I had multiple alarmy alarms traumatizing an entire household. I opened and closed the app so many times and it was still completely blank (showing no alarms at all) and didn’t let me tap anything. I even deleted the app and it still continued. After deleting the app and restarting my phone, they finally stopped. I figured it was a weird abnormal occurrence and would never happen again so I redownloaded the app and surprise surprise, it happened again today. If this sounds like a problem that would be overwhelming to you, I wouldn’t suggest downloading this app.
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3 years ago, tattooedladi
It works, but..
EDIT: I had to change my review from 4 stars to one. Since I first wrote this, I have tried the app 3 more times, and each time I got frustrated and deleted. It will work fine for a week, and then out of the blue, it decides not to recognize my picture anymore. No matter what I do, the alarm won’t turn off and I’m forced to delete. This has happened a total of FIVE TIMES NOW in about a month and a half. Also? Sometimes the alarm won’t even go off. Or, it’ll vibrate and send notification after notification with no sound. My phone will get so hot that it shuts itself down. Ridiculous. There’s no excuse for this! I’m moving on to another alarm app. Done struggling with this one. Original review: I have a horrible time trying to wake up in the morning. Since I got this app, I haven’t slept through a single alarm. My one complaint though is I’ve had to uninstall this twice now because for whatever reason, the “photo” option decides to stop working. For example, this morning I got up to take the same picture I’ve been using for weeks in order to shut my alarm off. No matter what I did, it absolutely wouldn’t work. The only way I could get the alarm to shut off was to uninstall. This has happened twice now, and let me tell you…it’s NOT a good way to start the day. If this ever gets fixed I’ll change this review to 5 stars. It’s a very frustrating bug.
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10 months ago, Simplynotsinger
So excited!
I just got alarms and I figured it out and it is so easy to use I just need to figure out hour to change the morning challenges but again, I just got this app like, ten minutes ago, but you should DEFINETLY GET THIS if your having trouble with sleep there is even sleep sounds and you don’t even need premium to do so, I’m so excited to use this because I just started school but I’m not an early bird and I have to get up at 6:00 am and math is my first subject and I get i.s.s if I’m late so this really helps me get me awake especially since it doesn’t stop playing the noise until you go and start the challenges so it WAKES ME UP and I kinda do wish they had more choices for the noise but it the cheerful music is SO pretty I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and it turns up your volume all the way up and even if you go to the control center if you try to turn it down, it will keep on Turing back up within a second and it won’t stop till you do the challenges the only thing I don’t love is that my noise when it turns all the way up and you could probably hear it in the basement form the third floor so YES if you have trouble getting up in the moring, THIS IS FOR YOU
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6 years ago, One_Direction_Lover_Liam;)
10/10 would recommend
As a college student with insomnia (not related to college) and difficulties waking up, I am extremely satisfied with Alarmy! I have tried sooo many techniques, apps, and alarm clocks, all of which I’ve been able to either sleep through or turn off in my sleep within the first couple of weeks. I love that I can set as many alarms as I’d like for different occasions and that each alarm can have a unique alarm task. I have all of mine set for math problems at carrying difficulties, and it’s proven very beneficial in stimulating my brain so I don’t go back to sleep after simply taking a picture or pressing a button. Non-related to the alarm functions themselves, I absolutely love the screen emerging after wake up tasks have been successfully completed. Not only does it feature daily news, horoscope, and news widgets, but it also lists the day’s weather in comparison to the previous day. For example, if yesterday was sunny and 85 degrees, today’s reading might list the temperature as 77 and underneath would say, “8 degrees cooler than yesterday,” or, “rain showers on and off today. I have never seen this in any weather app, let alone an app in which meteorology is not the primary focus.
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2 years ago, Blakerf007
Not a gimmick
I was desperate to get back to a normal sleep schedule and nothing was doing it. I stayed up way too late and had to set like 10 alarms each a minute apart and still I would manage to turn them all off in my sleep and wake up late for work. This is the first morning I used this app and it definitely worked. I set it to picture mode so I had to get out of bed and sure enough it got me out of bed. There’s a few feature you have to pay for but the picture-turn-off feature is free and that’s all that matters. I set the alarm sound to the classic digital beep and it’s super annoying and did the trick. Wow. It’s not often you can get an app anymore that works well, doesn’t have ads, and has great content for free but this thing delivers and quite literally is saving my career. 10/10 recommend. The only thing is you have to pay for the “wake up check it” that makes sure you didn’t go back to bed but if you have to take a picture of your sink you turn the alarm off; then all you have to do is fight the urge to lay back down after you up. Still, even not having that one feature, this is a five star app.
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3 years ago, Hahsjfkdjdnd
I had an alarm clock that kind of worked for me on and off for a few years now. I’m a fairly deep sleeper so I need a pretty loud alarm to wake me up. Some mornings my previous alarm would go off and it would be SO QUIET. I’d wake up wondering how I even heard it, but I was still getting up so I just stuck with it. Well, a few weeks ago I slept through my alarm and was late for work. After that I knew I had to do something because that was just a huge no for me. So I tried a few other apps, none were really what I was looking for, but then I found Alarmy. I LOVE THIS APP!! It is literally my go to alarm clock now. It’s going to sound so corny but I sleep peacefully now without having to worry that I’ll miss my alarm and be late for work again. I like how it’s loud enough plus you get a range of sounds to chose from AND you have the option to make yourself perform an action to shut your alarm off which is kind of genius because you’ve actually got to get up to do it. I’ve been waking up to math problems for weeks now 😂 I usually don’t write reviews either but I really do feel like I owe a review for this app. If you need an alarm please do yourself a favor and download this one now!!
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5 years ago, Rookstaa
Fell down the stairs and got out of work
This app is amazing! I set it up so I had to take a picture in order to stop the alarm. I figured I’d give a big middle finger to morning me and make myself go downstairs to take a picture of the coffee maker in order for the alarm to stop. Smart idea right? Then I can just turn on the coffee maker and get my day started. Well the alarm started going off and for some reason I chose the siren at full blast so I went full panic mode. My wife started yelling at me to turn it off and my baby in the next room over woke up and started crying. In my frantic half asleep panic I jumped out of bed faster than I have in years. I started rushing downstairs and ended up slipping and falling down the last 10 or so stairs and busting my nose on the railing. No time for self care. Gotta snap a pic of coffee maker. I finally get the picture and turn off the deafening alarm to find my face and shirt covered in blood. I figured I’d take a pic of that as well and text it to my boss. She said to take the day off so I washed up and went back to bed. The results were better than I ever could have dreamed. Here’s to hoping it works just as well tomorrow! Thanks for an amazing app
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4 years ago, alamazing
I started using this app because I was having a really difficult time waking up once I started taking my prescription sleeping pills at night. I was late to work and missing class and nothing I did seem to work. I tried putting my alarm clock on the other side of the room, I tried leaving my curtains open for the sun, nothing did the trick. This alarm is the most amazing thing- nothing, absolutely nothing, can beat it in terms of functionality. There is no way not to wake up when you set this alarm. I use the math function and, when I want a less alarming wake up, the shake function and they have never failed me. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and, unlike most other alarms, I have not gotten used to this one. I love it because there is absolutely no way to turn off the alarm except to follow its instructions. You can’t close out of the app, you can’t turn your phone volume down. If it wants you to wake up, you will wake up. I’m so glad I tried this app before I did something more extreme, like getting one of those alarms that shakes the bed and sounds like a fire alarm. If you’re looking for a sign, let this be it: this thing works.
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4 years ago, Ray mc awesome-pants
It WAS so good!
I’ve used this app for maybe a whole year and most of that time it was great! Sadly recently I’ve thought ab deleting it. I’m a heavy sleeper so I have to set multiple alarms because even if I do 3 math missions for 3 alarms, I’ll still sleep. So i set about 7-8 alarms, all with missions. That worked for a while until a few weeks ago when some of those alarms just didn’t set! I set them, screenshooting them for proof, and went to bed. I woke up late because some of the earlier alarms didn’t go off. I had one for 6:00, 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:10, 7:20, and 7:30. When I woke up, it was because of the 7:10 one and I did the mission and waited for the next one. By the time the last alarm hit, I was still tired and expecting my other alarms to go off and slept. Only thing is it was my last one and I slept in. When I woke up I was super angry at myself and looked at Alarmy and the first 4 alarms were still on, so they just NEVER WENT OFF???? I got mad and lived with it for a few weeks and it’s been happening ever since, now i set many more alarms and like 6 of them don’t go off. I’m very mad/sad because this worked so well for me.😞😞
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4 years ago, FireIsAGift224
Amazing!! But picture mode is terrible
I loved this alarm ! Stuff like the remembering game and the math equations were amazing ways to wake me up and it should be able to wake everyone up in the morning no doubt. It would always be the only alarm to wake me up, however my issue began to be staying up, as I found that afterwards I began to just get sleepy again and fall back asleep. I found that forcing me to get up and stand was the best way to keep me awake. So I decided to use the picture mode for my alarm. Suddenly, everything went downhill. Even after changing the settings (extending the time, making sure the quality of the retake was low), retaking the picture was always way too hard, and I’d be there for 20 minutes trying to turn the alarm off. I’ve had to delete and re-download the app multiple times to shut it off now, and now that I’ve done that the alarm has suddenly become far too low and quiet to even wake me up, even at max volume and everything. This alarm is the only I know of that can wake me up, and I’ll be sure to keep at it and try to fix it, but a future reminder to future users: the picture mode is hard to work with, and may become more of a strain on your day then a help.
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3 years ago, TheGreedyCarrot
It works.
I got this app when I started working night shifts and kept sleeping through my day classes. A lot of people say they’re a heavy sleeper, and I’m no different. I’ve slept through at least 4 fire alarms while I lived in dorms. This is the only app I trust to wake me up if I’m taking a 90 minute nap or only getting 3 hours of sleep. It’s highly customizable and it really has a lot of features with the free edition. I’ve been using it for 5 years for free, today I got the paid version because anything you use daily for five years ought to be good. Over those five years I did have ads but there were no pop ups, and the couple banner ads that are there aren’t intrusive at all. I would highly recommend this app for anyone that struggles to wake up. The games you can say to dismiss the alarm offer flexibility. I’m barely able to do 16x13 in my head fully awake, much less with a blaring alarm screaming at me after sleeping for 6 holes. The only reason you shouldn’t try this app is if you don’t struggle waking up at all like some kind of sleep hating psychopath. But if that were you, you wouldn’t be reading this review.
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5 years ago, ZZinger69
I have a love/hate relationship with this alarm
I’m a person that can hit snooze and fall right back to sleep. I’ve been known to snooze for more than 2 hours. Consequently, I have always had to set my alarms way early and am always tired and frantic in the mornings. Then I discovered Alarmy. I left the snooze option off, made the alarm a favorite song, and set it so I have to scan the barcode of the shampoo in the shower to turn it off. When that alarm first goes off, all I want to do is shut it off. I’ve even tried turning the volume down. Nope, Alarmy turns it right back up. So I hate it for about half a song, then that hook hits and I’m singing and rockin’ and up starting my day in less than 5 minutes. It’s a miracle! I love it! I’m sleeping better and waking more refreshed. Alarmy is the best thing to happen to my mornings. I also like the white noise machine at night and getting my horoscope, weather, and news in the morning. If I could make one suggestion, it would be an option to set a number of snoozes allowed, as opposed to just the length of snooze. Waking up with Alarmy would be perfect with ONE snooze. Thanks for reenergizing my mornings.
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4 months ago, no-longer panicking human
Alarmy helped me fix my sleep schedule!
(Completely unsponsored) The only alarm app I’ll use! I had fallen into an awful habit of becoming quite literally nocturnal (going to sleep anywhere from 5-9 am) for over a month. I thought setting multiple alarms on my built on alarm app on my phone would help. In reality setting so many alarms was just giving me subconscious permission to keep going back to sleep. Eventually the last alarm would ring, and would be stopped by a barely conscious, very sleepy, me. Usually I wouldn’t even remember as I was half-asleep. With Alarmy, I only set one or two alarms. The second rarely rings as I am already wide awake. The different alarm sound options are amazing, as well as the info page within the app that lets you know any configurations necessary to ensure Alarmy rings loud and clear. It’s so frustrating when your alarm won’t ring even though you set it the night before, or it doesn’t sound enough like an alarm to actually do the job. I don’t have these issues anymore, and now go to sleep at 2-3 am at the latest and wake up at 10 or 11. Improving my sleep schedules helped improve my general wellbeing, thanks Alarmy :)
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2 years ago, motherhen55432167980
It doesn’t work like it used to.
This app was great when I first used it years ago. But now it doesn’t work. Something about the iOS restrictions: Alarmy is aware and released a statement and a workaround. The work around requires you to keep the app active in the background and you can’t use Do Not Disturb. Keeping it active in the background is cool but I receive calls and text from multiple time zones and my sleep would be interrupted if I didn’t use DND. If you follow the work arounds the alarm will work. But here’s the kicker. The best part of this app WAS how freaking persistent the tasks were. You really had to complete the task to disarm it. Or go crazy. There was no way around it. But not anymore, remember the alarm doesn’t work unless it’s active in the background. So if your alarm goes off at 5am and your super groggy and not in your right mind cuz you’re half asleep, and you quit the app instead of completing the task, it shuts the alarm off. Which means you don’t have to complete any of the task. Completing the task is what woke you up; they require brainpower and a certain level of consciousness. Before the iOS issues, if you quit the app the alarm would continue to go off until you completed the task. So now this app is just another basic alarm not unlike the one on your iPhone. So glad I didn’t pay for premium.
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5 years ago, Dhjfjgduhdkffo
Love it but NEVER downloaded at night
Ok this sounds stupid but I just wanted to share this so that it doesn’t stress more people out. I downloaded the app a few minutes ago in hope of actually waking up to my alarm. So I open the app and put in that I would need the alarm to be full volume and a puzzle to wake me up. Just to clarify it’s 2am and my room is right next to everyone else’s and all our doors are open. We also have paper thin walls as well. So me being stupid, I press test. I thought that it would show me the puzzle I would have to complete but NOOOO. I was so wrong. It started going off at full volume. Exiting the app would not stop it. My phone wouldn’t allow me to turn the alarm volume down either. And the only way to stop it is to do the puzzles. So I ended up just deleting the app. I’ll re download the app in the morning so I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up. Please excuse my grammar and punctuation I don’t really care about it. And it’s 2 in the morning. I know the alarm will definitely wake me up. It is louder than my normal apple alarms by a long shot. I’m putting this out there as a fair warning😂
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7 months ago, akumar36
Battery Life + 3rd Party Alarms
- If you’ve noticed your battery draining at faster rates than normal, the Alarmy background process could be the reason. Turning off the app during the day is a decent workaround, but I’m guessing Alarmy has to work this way due to restrictions for 3rd party apps not being allowed to ring if it’s not running in the background. - If Alarmy doesn’t ring randomly on certain days, it’s likely due to automatic software updates. These updates can cause the app to shutdown in the middle of the night, which in turn causes the ringer to not go off properly (at least for me, since I use Do Not Disturb and Silent mode frequently). Apple additionally does not allow you to prevent a single app from being updated automatically, which means that you’ll likely need to turn off automatic updates entirely which is annoying. Overall, the functionality of the app is actually quite good - the puzzles have helped me wake up properly in the morning. However, due to limitations of the app (not even Alarmy’s fault, but rather due to iOS app restrictions), I’m switching to a manual digital alarm clock for reliability/battery life reasons.
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2 years ago, ScarieCarrie
Works but needs some fixes
Bug 1: Cannot submit a suggestion due to no keyboard access in free write section. Device thinks the grey prompt text is a read only section with ability to copy text upon tapping or selecting the free write area. 1. Choose “Feedback” from menu. 2. Choose “suggestion” radio button. 3. (No keyboard popup to type suggestion is immediate) Tap/select free write area to try to display keyboard only results in context menu to “copy text” which is the grey free write prompt. Additionally: My suggestion is to allow selection of news sources. Ex: Many of the articles displayed are from USA Today which requires a subscription to read more than the first few words of the article. Enable ability to select sources (multiple) so as to bypass those requiring subscriptions the user does not have or wish to have. Bug 2: Unable to submit text for bug report. There is no way to minimize the keyboard to be able to access the “Next” button. Even attempting to back out by tapping the “X” in the upper left corner, while it does back out of the keyboard so you can see the “next” button, a “leave without submitting” popup displays that returns the user back to the keyboard upon selecting “cancel.”
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4 years ago, toniluv21
Genius Idea/Why don’t all alarms have this?!
I am a student with morning classes and A morning job. I have always had trouble getting up in the morning because I am a deep sleeper, and I both sleep walk and talk so whoever is waking me up doesn’t know if I am actually awake or not. I have tried everything, and alarmy is the thing that helped me most. I sleep through the majority of alarms because they are simply not loud enough or shut off after only a few rings. That is why alarmy is genius because it allows you to alter the way you want to be woken up, and gives you multiple different tasks to chose from. This allows you to not only hear the alarm (unlike most clocks) but also have multiple different tasks to make sure you are truly awake. And if you get used to one task and stop needing to be fully awake to do it (like I do), you can change it or do a task like math. Alarmy has helped me to finally be able to function in the morning, and helped me keep my job! :). I wish all alarms worked this way, it seems so obvious and that is why it’s genius. So thank you to the developers at alarmy! Hope I see more genius products like this soon.
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6 years ago, Meggs over easy
Used to love this
I don’t know what happened.. it used to work great no matter what. Silent mode and do not disturb would be on, and I would do other things on my phone after I set the alarm and it would go off no matter what.. the only restriction I ever found was closing out all apps after its set, which is understandable... but now all the sudden it’s not making any noise in the morning. I test it at night after a few late days to work from this happening.. and it works fine, with the silent switch on.. but morning comes and it just vibrates and sends a notification back to back literally every second or two.. so I wake up on my own and have a million notifications that it’s going off, but it’s not. What’s the deal?! Is the only way to use this now is by having the volume and calls available? I take no chances of someone interrupting my sleep! Response to developer: Thank you for getting back to me but I said originally that having it in silent mode AND do not disturb was never a problem in the past... is this because of an iOS update or something? I get calls at all times and really don’t want to have to be woke up by phone calls and texts just to be able to hear my alarm! I stopped the do not disturb but still switch the silent flip at night... guess I’ll have to go buy an old school alarm.. I don’t see a solution to this problem.
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2 years ago, Awashbu12
CAUTION: It will overheat your phone and kill your battery
I LOVE Alarmy. It works so well.. but, they want you to keep it open all day in the background so you don’t forget to set it at night. And it requires access to do everything in the background so it will actually ring I. The morning. The problem is: while running in the background they have it running some sort of processes, who knows what.. but it KILLS your battery. Literally uses more battery than my screen.. since I got up this morning it has used 25% of my battery, which means it is tracking a lot of SOMETHING in the background.. and there is no way to stop it unless you remember to physically swipe up and force close the app every morning. My battery life has cut in half since this started. Also, it makes my phone REALLY hot constantly to where the phone dims the screen and the back of my phone is hot to the touch. After Force closing the app, this all stops. (EDIT: just looked through the tracking data, and while the app is open it literally tracks ALL of your usage data such as: search history, what apps you use, location data, etc. and sells it to advertisers.. that’s why it kills the phone battery.. also.. why am I being charged a monthly subscription when they are making money selling my personal info?)
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4 years ago, jaslavie
Issues with picture alarm
Overall, the app is good for using as a general alarm but I don’t recommend using the photo option. I’ve been using this app for about a month now and haven’t had any problems with the math and memorization games. I can’t say the same to the pictures. I’m not sure if this was something purposely implemented by the creators, but whenever I take a picture and it doesn’t match up completely, the camera would sometimes flip around and make it incredibly difficult to take the picture. At other times, the picture is (istg) exactly the same as the previous but it wouldn’t go through. My alarm kept notifying me for about an hour while I was doing other things and I had to reinstall the app to turn it off. Again, I’m not sure if the creators did his to intensify the difficulty, but when it’s early in the morning, I don’t want to spend my first five minutes trying to take the picture. OTHERWISE, this app isn’t bad for its other features. I really like having the weather right when I wake up and the features for maths and memorization DO work (personally, only if the difficulty is higher). So overall, a pretty effective system; maybe just a few changes here and there.
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