Albert: Budgeting and Banking

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Albert Corporation
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Albert: Budgeting and Banking

4.55 out of 5
175.3K Ratings
5 months ago, Lachachie
A guardian angel
In 2018 I created an account with Albert and set it all up and for whatever reason, I forgot about it. 2018 was 6 years ago so anything could have been going on at that time. Fast forward to a few days ago (January 2024), I was told my dog needed surgery and it was going to cost around $6000. Now one thing I knew is that my dog will have the surgery but I wasn’t sure how I would get that kind of money within a week. Now I sign up to receive offers via text to save me a percentage at checkout so when I do get them, I just delete them. Well I’ve always gotten this one text from a 5 digit number that I’ve just always deleted and never opened. I was laying in bed and I got the message and without realizing what I was doing, I opened it and clicked on the link. It showed my email address was already in there so I just needed my password. A little sketched out that it had my email, I tried a few passwords until one worked. When the page popped up, it showed I had over $7100 in there! I really thought it was a scam until I started going through all the tabs and files and found where I had set it up in 2018 and forgot about it. Since then it has been taking money out of my checking and has been putting it in there. Now I’m not big on checks and balancing so I never really paid attention when a few dollars came out of my account. I immediately withdrew it and had it go to my checking account and when I woke up the next day, the money was there!
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10 months ago, sadovluci
Stay Away
Do not get involved with this application. Unless you have spare money to donate. Once you want to take your money out, they will find ways as to why your transfers will fail. There is no one to call, except the messenger. They can’t even read what you are asking and take a while to review your account. I had to jump through hoops to get the information they need, just to withdraw my own money. Per their team, it is Bank Secrecy Act. More information is required. I had to repeat my situation multiple times, since they requested items I could not provide, such as statements from bank account I no longer do my banking. As I finally made 4 calls to my bank, personally visited them, got image retrieval (since a statement from my bank that all my accounts are closed was not sufficient). I had to spend more time with Albert app that did not accept 4 file images because the file was now too big! I tried various ways to submit that 4 page statement, even allowing the app to use my camera, or selecting images. Nothing worked, file too big, convert to PDF (while this is a mobile app!!!) so I tried four different PDF converters, installed them, but none of them a free and require monthly subscription. I don’t understand why Albert Application cannot handle 4 pages of images in the first place. I just have major frustration at this point. I never experienced such a big issue over withdrawing funds from anywhere. Please do not participate.
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3 years ago, izzyn07
Don’t do it!
The app itself with Genius is great and a great tool to use. Other than that- there is no phone number to reach them. They have a text genius number and it’s very vague you can’t text a real person. I got my direct deposit sent to Albert, payday came and I noticed I did not receive my money. I called my payroll department confirmed the acct and routing number, they sent me my check stub and everything was correct. I wrote an email to Albert and included the check number that was made out to them, the amount it was for, the date my employer deposited the check and they responded saying they don’t see that check number. They asked if I can send them a copy of my paystub - I did, literally minutes upon opening that email. I asked them for a phone number where I can reach them because I need my money ASAP - I need to pay my rent and my car payment. And I have yet to receive anything from them. I sent them another email through my work. Nothing. Don’t waste your time, energy or money on this company they are scam artist! Very disappointed- was really liking the navigation of the app. I went to Facebook to see if there’s any way maybe I can reach them through there and come to find out a lot if people are going through the same thing!!! Next step is contacting BBB see if we can get things moving along or getting them shut down. Nobody should have to go through this!
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3 years ago, Cthusky56
Could be a Godsend
I’m navigating my way through right now & am finding it fascinating. I’m retired, I’ve had a terribly harsh run with life’s realities, with some terrible losses of friends & family, including my Dad & my dog. My two best friends are gone, I survived a heart attack from which I flatlined 3 times and was given a 1 in 1000 chance of survival and without being able to stop the aging process, I’m at a stage in life where I would like to ride off into the sunset comfortably. I care for elderly family, underprivileged and I rescue any animals I can. I worry about money, though it’s not the most important thing in my life. I love my God, my family and my friends. I tip everyone more than mostly everyone and that includes from Dunkin Donuts, to mechanics, to waiters, waitresses and many others. I donate to charities and homeless people and I won’t stop. I am somewhat reckless with my money, in that I probably waste a lot. I should be able to have a wonderful life now that I’m retired, but so far the two years have been tumultuous. If this app helps me to sleep easier without worrying I’ll run out of my nest egg then I’m all in. Thank you for this. I hope it works. So far the information is vast and as I preliminarily see, it could just be the answer I’m looking for. I’m much better with a rigid plan. This will keep me aware of what I’m doing & where I’m wasting & throwing money away unwisely.
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6 months ago, Tyneshia61
I should had read reviews first
Albert is not a dependable app, I started using Instant cash the first I let me get it soon as it was time to pay back it took the cash, then $12 for the subscription. I then add $35 up there but I said it wouldn’t be available until the 2nd which was cool with me i was just trying to move a little saving money after a couple days it was not showing that I added anything, so I tried talking to someone and you can only talk through messages, nothing couldn’t be done so i thin I tried to use Instant again which upgrade about $25 from the first time but It would not let me access it. Every time I would try to get the money transferred to my bank it would say not enough money, then tried to get it send directly to Albert card it kept freezing, but the thing is the same time i was trying to get the instant money it asked to tip the and i tried to decline it which it would not let me or change the amount of the tip. I then proceeded to follow through with getting the money, it took my tip money but still couldn’t access the Instant money. I’ve been trying to text my way through the process but no luck they only ask for screen shots and advise deleting the app and reinstalling it and digging in and out, like that wasn’t the first thing i thought of before contacting them.
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2 years ago, Thuglyfeouthere
Great App with excellent and very useful services/functions!
Great app that is always very helpful. Many great uses. Genius can be helpful if you take the time with it. Rainy Day savings service is a cool idea but would be extra nice if it transferred immediately in case You decide never mind on it want to use it right away instead. However I won’t let an unreasonable expectation/ desire lower the rating because there is no bank in the world as far as I know that can guarantee instant everything… So just fyi if you’ve putting a 20 in the rainy day savings; expect not to be able to use it for a couple days. The purpose of savings is… to save… not put in there to use right away…. So the more I talk about it… The more it makes sense……. Yeah the advances can be great… if you wait it’s literally a free service… (I never do I choose to pay the instant fee every time hahahaha) but that’s a whole other…. Anyways… great spending tracker/budget allocator/fund manager… as well as a great debit card that functions just like any other banks debit card… completely free… (the only thing pay is genius and if you want your advance immediately and not have to wait a business day).. I can probably keep going but I’ll leave it at this… I recommend this too anyone that could use any of the mentioned services!
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3 years ago, darmathis
Almost Perfect
Albert is a great budgeting app for beginners and or, people who want a reliable “set it and forget it app”. However one of my biggest problems with the app is the cyber security wall that is between you and your connected accounts. I’m satisfied overall about the Genius tool, Savings Goal, time line/auto deposit options. But when I need to replace a card linked to the account, which was only one of two accounts. Because I changed my login information on the bank institution’s website. The linked account on Albert was incorrect, and when I tried updating my login information on Albert I could not get passed the account verification stage. Which caused me to pause most of my savings for about 2-3 weeks. After founding out through their help section, that I had to delete my investment and savings account. Thankfully the money get deposited back into your linked banking institution, but the fact is if cyber security is that important to the overall app. Then their needs to be a dedicated human employee for questions comments and concerns, just to get help quickly on real scenarios that the helpline isn’t really equipped to answer with the article. Other than that I like the short easy to read news articles in very user friendly way updated daily. And the break down of your investment portfolio, with changing from percentages to dollars amounts.
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5 years ago, fendjdbd
Let me just start off by saying I was skeptical about this app at first because of linking my bank account, but given that I live on my own and just moved to a new state, I needed to budget my paychecks properly as I was carelessly spending before. I downloaded this app with the intention to get my finances under control but didn’t realize all the benefits. So i downloaded it and payed the monthly fee, and it set up a savings account (rainy day fund) then forgot about it and deleted the app. THREE MONTHS LATER I’m checking my banking app and see that Albert had taken $10 out of my account then looked a little more and had seen they had been periodically taking money out. At first I was lied “WHOA HOLD UP WHAT IS THIS??” So I downloaded Albert again and checked it and it had SAVED UP ALMOST $300!! I was honestly so happy. As someone who had been living paycheck to paycheck and worried if I was gonna be able to pay rent every month because of my careless spending, this app has SAVED ME so much financial anxiety. I even created another savings account in the app for a car AND IT PREDICTS WHEN ILL ACHIEVE THAT GOAL! You can set up “smart savings” for any of the savings account which will take out what you can afford to save, which is a lifesaver! Safe to say I’ll be using this app probably FOREVER!
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1 year ago, never had a problem till now
Better over time
So I’ve been with Albert about six months now. First it was a headache because when I first got the app they gave me $200 into instant cash no issues I hadn’t even signed up with direct deposit yet, then I set up my direct deposit paid back the 200 but I couldn’t get any more instant cash for a while and I had plenty of money going in, so every two weeks I would text and get some kind of excuse. I was done I moved my money to a real bank and only kept $200 to go into my Albert account the next week after doing that they instant cashed me $75 same thing two weeks after that then this past paycheck I get zero instant cash so again I text message them they tell me you have to have one check of $600 going in or two checks of 400$ going in. I was never told that all the times I asked about this instant cash and honestly the instant cash was the whole reason I did this! So frustrated me at just told them whatever they are no use to me anymore. Next day I get 35$ instant cash. Still in this economy 35$ does nothing so I think I’ll try something else. I did read reviews about people saying they stole money I didn’t have any money stolen but it was an unnecessary headache. I’ve been with my job 5years I was getting like 5 grand a month in this account in the beginning but nope I couldn’t get instant cash!! I think the instant cash is worse than a mortgage for a house lol!!’n
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2 years ago, YukinoRachel
App has gotten sketchy
I’ve been using Albert for years. The first few months, I tried the Albert service but the financial “experts” didn’t help me at all. I was trying to get information on how I could lower my loan interest rates or tips on paying them off and they had no advice for me. I stopped using that service and only kept it as a separate bank account. I have it set to withdraw money weekly which I enjoy. My newest problem started last month. I opened the app and it forced me to go through a bunch of screens related to genius before I could access my account; I didn’t realize it was signing me up again. It was very sneaky. There were no options to skip, no verification that I was authorizing a payment, and it ended up charging me $9. I immediately, within minutes, sent the request for cancellation and they still took my money. Then the same screen appeared just a couple weeks later. They make it seem like you have no option but to pay and sign up to access your account; if you’re like me and run through stuff quick, you wouldnt even realize you were subscribing to a paid service and “authorizing” a payment. Today I go on and they now have a popup asking me to “tip” them for their services. How am I “saving” money with them if they keep asking for more? I’m most likely going to transfer my money back to my bank and close my albert account for good. The company had a cool concept but has started to take advantage of people
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3 years ago, peach467
Super convenient
I love this app. They will let you advance anywhere from $25-$100, according to how much your direct deposit is weekly. Customer service (through text messaging, there isn’t a phone number to call, but text works just fine) is very nice and the response time is never more than a couple of hours. If your due date is wrong, they can change it swiftly and smoothly. Always polite and courteous. What really makes me love them is that, if for any reason your account may not have enough in it to cover the full amount you have to pay back (this has happened to me once or twice, if insurance or something else came out on the same day), they will take their money back in increments. They will not intentionally overdraft you, which is super helpful and very considerate. If you need your money immediately, they charge a 4.99 fee(paid when you pay your advance back), vs if you can wait a day or two then there’s no charge to borrow. The only thing I would change is maybe have a one-time monthly fee that would allow you to advance however much you need as many times without a fee each time (i.e. $4.99 per month instead of $4.99 per advance), but that’s just being nit picky... everyone has to make money. Thanks guys & gals, for being a great service!
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2 years ago, Ravmatazz
Less than helpful customer service.
Absolutely no help from customer service regarding a charge … that was authorized to a shoe site that happened to be a mimicked site… when I authorized the payment it glitched and got a notification that the payment went to a person I did not know… and didn’t authorize this person to get paid… I authorized HeyDude Shoes. The site was quickly taken down several days later. I contacted heydudes and they sent me an acknowledgment that there’s been some fraudulent sites mimicking their site… and it was a scam. I sent what heydudes sent me… even a screenshot of the receipt which said heydudes in the corner. They would not help… stating I would have to get with the merchant to get my money back. I explained that there was no merchant.. the number given just rings and then it also stopped working. And I did NOT authorize a fake person going by the name Jimmy Toussaint… all they said sorry it didn’t turn out the way you like but you need to contact the merchant to complain about not getting the shoes.. ummm wait what.. there is no merchant… there are no customer service members… there’s no one to contact! They refused any more assistance and basically said deal with it. So I lost money… didn’t get any product.. paid money to someone I didn’t authorize… and got no help from Albert. I’ll stop banging my head against the wall count my losses and leave Albert in the dust.
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5 years ago, Jessljgdadfhj
Amazing app
I was always too lazy to go to the bank or an ATM to withdraw cash to save for various things (vacations, emergencies, Christmas), and I didn’t want to create an actual savings account that would lump it all together, so I constantly had NO money saved because I didn’t have the discipline to not spend all that I had in checking. Albert is AMAZING! It lets me create as many folders as I want, for whatever I want. They have “smart savings,” where they automatically will save a certain amount of money for you each week and spread it across your folders, based on the priority you’ve given them. Then, you can also add funds as you’d like. Best of all, you can withdraw money whenever you need, without any fees. It does take a couple of days to post to your bank account, but that is the ONE, single thing about the app that I don’t love, and I can completely understand why it can’t be immediate. Love love love this app. I talk about “my Albert” to friends and family at least a couple times each week, and they know exactly what I’m talking about. And you can choose how much to pay for the monthly subscription, so if you’re super tight on money like I was when I first got the app, you can give just $5/month and have all of these great benefits.
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3 months ago, rjd1777
You guys have been charging three bucks a month for my account for a whole year. That’s 36 bucks for a five dollar loan that I’m not able to get because it won’t let me close my account. I don’t care about the five dollars I want my 36 back I do not wish to use you guys you do not allow anyone to delete their account. You make it looked like You have 5 buck in savings so no one can close thier account so you can ridiculously charge three bucks a month. You guys are very ridiculous. I think all the good reviews are lies. And paid people. I’m sure you pay them more than five probably more than 36. Delete my account or give me my money back. For gods sakes just keep your five dollars and delete my account.( here. I am a year later after writing this review and still, they are ripping me off.) $12x12 =$144 x 2= $288. You guys have charged me $288 in two years when I didn’t even wish to use you from day one I have been trying to talk to my bank to get you guys to quit charging. It wants me to verify my account before I withdraw the money because it won’t let you cancel until you withdraw two dollars. You can have the two dollars I want my $288 back you had a representative email me and told me you would refund me $25 that is not acceptable from the looks of all these critical reviews it looks like a lot of legal action could be taken here. I’ll bring us to the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau if I have to.
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11 months ago, 6Diva6
Don’t do it
DONT USE THIS APP! They are scammers and they refuse to shut down my account and have been giving me the run Around to do so! Plus to make matters worse they won’t allow me to take my banking off there site unless I put another banking of mine to replace it! They said to clear out all my account to $0 in order for me to do this which I did finally after weeks of waiting for transactions to finalize to transfer from them taking money from my account! I made all the accounts $0 went to delete account and it states I still have $7 left In an account! All of them say $0 I am livid! In the mean times they love taking the $13 a month out of account for subscription they say I can’t stop till I $0 my accounts to delete my profile which I have done! They are scammers!! So DONT DO IT! There are other cash advance app that don’t trap you like this one! They are stealing peoples money and I hope they get what’s coming to them stealing from people who are obviously in a vulnerable spot and struggling. All of you part of this company hope ya know karma has a amazing way of sneaking up on you all. Anyways if you any of you read these comments and thinking about it this is your warning to please don’t! I never leave comments especially as long as this one but I feel the need to warn as many as people as possible about these thieves stealing money from already struggling people! I would’ve gave them 0 stars if it was allowed!
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8 months ago, T$Dolla
🥺😭😭 What rainy day fund? 😢😢😡
Do NOT use this app! I do not write reviews often but I had to report this one. I opened my account in July of 2021 and I forgot all about it. I started to do instacart in Jan of 2022 to try and make a few extra dollars and I had my money deposited into this account for a rainy day fund. I never used the app or the card to check my balance or spend money because I wanted it to be a true savings account. I was excited because I knew the money was adding up in my account. I checked Albert this morning thinking I would see almost $200 or more in my account and I only have $98!! I check the statements and there is a $7 charge each month (16 months) for benefits I never used or signed up for. I explained my situation to the computer because you can’t speak to anyone on the phone and they said I don’t qualify for a refund because it is past the 30 day trial subscription. I didn’t make my 1st deposit until 6 months after I opened the account and that is when the charges kicked in. How was I to know I was on a subscription if I was never charged for it before I started making deposits? They are a scam and will take your money don’t do it!
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8 months ago, BeyDomi
Borderline scams! SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!
If I could leave a negative rating I’d give Albert a -10. From the moment I downloaded the app, Albert started taking money from my bank account. When I reached out I was told I had to wait which took weeks to become available in the app then a few more weeks to transfer the money back into my account. They only have an email to communicate w/. The phone number they give you is automated. Using the app you automatically subscribe which takes more money from you. It took me over 5 weeks to get my money back and delete my account. Although Albert isn’t doing anything “illegal” per say, they aren’t honest to users and borderline scams you by taking your money and making it almost impossible to stop them from taking money and close your account. I had to put an old bank account with no money in it so they didn’t take more money. Even then the whole time Albert was trying to take money from the old account. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone unless you want your money to be taken w/o your knowledge. This app shouldn’t be allowed to be on the App Store! If you’re needing an advance or budget app, or investing app I’d suggest Dave or Bright!
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5 years ago, Kayshia69
An App For Millennials to be money smart
This app has been so helpful in saving money for different projects like fixing my car or filing for bankruptcy or products that I want to buy. The cool part about the app is that it tells you your budget, let's you know if you go over your budget. This app actually helps you save because it takes just a little money out of your bank and into the goals you set. My husband and I struggle with money management because neither of us was taught how to manage money or save it for that matter, so this app helps us save money with little to no effort on my side at all. The best part is you almost don't miss the money that Albert takes out. I love that it looks at how much money I have and it saves only what I can afford based off of what our account balance is. I highly recommend this app to anyone who struggles with living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like you just can't save money. This app has helped my husband and my save almost enough money to buy a lower-cost car. It's hard to be employed full time and both of us being full-time students at University with only one car. Thanks to this app, we should have enough saves up to get a second car in about 6 months.
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4 months ago, donewiththedollar
Does nothing for the common person - just takes your money even if you have a good bank account
Ok so this app offers nothing to me even though I get direct deposits of like $380 every month, it literally offers nothing like it’s just an app that takes money from your bank account and it acts like maybe one day you’ll be “good enough” to deserve some instant cash or some type of good thing some benefit but yet the app offers absolutely 100% *Nothing* to a common person. Here’s a tip from a developer and a quantitative analyst that runs the financial markets you trade in: Actually offer your services to people like me who should qualify so you can actually retain customers and get new customers. Right now, your app is 100% rendered useless to a man that gets paid direct deposit $380/month and keeps a good balance and has great credit. Again I repeat, even with those metrics, the user literally gets what? You’re going to tell me a silly chat bot is worth a monthly subscription? Are you kidding me? Everyone knows about GPT-4. Okay? Get it? So your cute little Albert chat thing is literally just .. worth nothing. It has no true artificial intelligence utilized, you really need to re think your business model because I myself as a developer a very successful developer and market maker I can tell you that your app does NOTHING for the common person. You’re welcome.
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3 months ago, GQ176
Not The Albert from Batman
The app does not seem to do what is advertised, and is suspicious in function, I think user stats are fake and positive reviews paid for, I backed out of sign up process before attaching any of my banking info or direct deposits when I realized what I was getting into. Proceed with caution if you’re considering Albert app / genius services, it really looks designed to take steep continual profits off those in need of financial knowledge. By disguising as ‘assistance’, they can prey on the needy long term without providing any actual service, they just microcharge users continuously as part of a contractual arrangement that is intentionally difficult to exit. Honestly Albert looks like a beautiful passive income tool for some very unethical individuals who developed this. I give 5stars for the effort, smooth design, its a very visually and mentally appealing app. after all who doesn’t want an extra couple hundred bucks of their paycheck early? Well I don’t if it’s gonna cost me indefinite monthly subscription charges ambiguous finances fees and every other piece fine print they can come up with to justify why they took your money again without consent and its your fault for registering.
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3 months ago, Fork510
Really shady practices
My problems started with Albert as soon is I got it. I used it for a payday advance just so I wouldn’t have to take out of my savings account because I had already been drawing from it and I’d get a penalty if I did so again. I paid them back on time and tried to delete my account and I got a message saying I still owed them money. Apparently the payment was processing, inconvenient but I guess understandable. So I try to wait for it to clear, and after over a week it finally clears. I got to delete my account and it says I can’t delete it with a balance in the account. Apparently they had, WITHOUT ASKING ME, took more money out of my account, made a savings account with them and used some money to invest. I contacted customer support and they basically told me there was nothing I could do, I had to wait for the funds that got deposited to clear, then transfer them back to my bank. I work 6 days a week so I don’t have time to be checking my account to see if it cleared or not. The whole process of deleting my account took me like 3 months! And the whole time they were charging me $15 a month! For nothing!!!! Don’t fall for this app, they clearly do this so it’s harder for you to delete you account so they can take $15 out every month that goes by. Customer support was a joke. They didn’t help at all, just copy and pasted their response from before. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!
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2 years ago, HungryBadgerIsMe
Havent used albert since December and paid back what i owed them. two days ago they randomly too $200 out of my SAVINGS! i never gave them access to my savings account at all and they today they took another $100 out again. why would an app that give you loans for only $25 take out $300 dollars from your savings??? that is ridiculous. i had to close my saving and checking account and reopen them because they kept finding ways around the disputed charges. i even tried to call and they said i had to email them. tried to email them and i still haven’t got a response. i cant even log into the account i had made with them anymore which is soooo suspicious! i will never touch this app again and my family has stopped as well. i STRONGLY suggest you not use it at all because this is very messed up. even if they contact me theres nothing they can do to make it right at all! they money in my savings is for my medical bills from having lung damage and now i have to wait on my doctors visit until my bank credits me for the money that was STOLEN from me! disgusting and disappointing !!
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9 months ago, aaashhhley
Do not dare get involved with this company
This company completely stole $179 dollars from my account for their sudden yearly fee. This was after contacting them earlier in the month via text saying “I want no activity on my account” they STILL WITHDREW FROM MY PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT without my permission so i had to go to my bank to change my account number. The app wouldn’t let me access or login so I couldn’t cancel my subscription on my own, the app would shut down on itself clicking around so you couldn’t even change the settings, and the loopholes on trying to get customer service was confusing and non-intuitive. They weren’t able to even solve minor problems like shutting down my account. It was a dishonest company and i never would have gotten this app if I would have known about a yearly fee. They weren’t forward with that transaction and it made me have to skip out on food, driving to work, and was economically devastating to my current finance situation. I will always warn people not to use this app and speak against it every Chance i get, warning others to stay away from this ridiculous, foolish, and dangerous company. This is such a shame and heartbreaking tragedy this company has caused me in my life. Do not support this company. It’s unfair, dishonest and rooted in greed.
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3 years ago, MrHoward2020
Scam galore
Be careful. Don’t sign up for Genius unless you’re ready to be active and use the program daily. I spent an entire year paying for genius when I never used it once because it was taking the same amount as the automatic savings and all this time I thought it was saving money for me so I let it continue. Come to find out it never saved anything after the initial $5 savings deposit and I’m convinced it made the initial savings deposit $5 so that when genius started up you’d think it was still saving you money when it wasn’t. Wish I never installed this app and I’ll be sure to warn everyone I know against it. There’s plenty of options that don’t use deceptive practices. EDIT FOR DEVELOPER COMMENT: it sounds like your app hides the fact that you’re paying for an unused service by alternating days funds are taken based on “availability” (the process described by the automatic savings plan and NOT mentioned by the genius paid membership) and not prominently displaying paid membership status so that people continue to believe they’re saving money and and not cancel their useless and unused paid membership. The fact that I had to DIG DEEPLY to find out that I was on a paid membership and that I wasn’t actually saving money as I had thought for an entire year proves my point. I had to view 6 pages of information to find out that Genius was charging me because it doesn’t even say that on my account information page in the app. 🤷‍♂️
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6 months ago, mlynn25
Just don’t do it.
I used to love this app. It helped bail me out of tight money situations a lot. They re-configured it and now it’s terrible. You have to have smart money on to enable instant cash. At first it was taking $5-$10 and saving it for me, no big deal. Then the deposits get bigger. I needed instant cash so I took it out, the app STILL pulled large deposits into my Albert savings. You can’t turn it off until your instant is repaid, so I got shorted for the week and that instant cash that I took out basically got pulled from my account and out in Albert savings. It takes 3-6 business days to be able to withdraw. I hate the smart money feature because it doesn’t factor your bills, it just scans your account and takes whatever it thinks. Yes you can get it back, but it takes days. Customer service has always been decent, I’ll give them that. They were able to help at least STOP my smart money while I had the instant cash out, but nothing could be done to cancel the recent transactions and get my money back faster. This on top of all the fees, it really doesn’t help with money it just costs you. I swear every day there’s a new “albert” charge whether it’s the monthly fee, the fee for the instant cash, or just pulling to savings. It’s too much. I miss the old app.
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6 years ago, 0123456679
Wish I could give it zero
This is the worst mistake I’ve ever made. First of all, you provide intimate financial information about yourself. Makes sense, it’s a financial app, after all. Moving on to the issue with that. They text you about your stuff and your goals once you set up genius (lowest you can pay is $3/month to get the service). This app GOT MY NAME WRONG which is HUGE to me since they have such confidential and volatile information about me. Y’all can’t even get my name correct but you’ve got bank info, credit cards, and loan info? No thanks. I wish that’s where it ended, but...since downloading this app I have gotten spam emails about loans, consolidating loans, and so on. I NEVER got these before and within 2 days of downloading this app I have received an email of this nature from various companies multiple times per day. I have also received unsolicited texts from numbers for services about loans and financial planning, which I didn’t consent to. I’ve gotten a strange “telemarketer” type phone call about housing financials too, just two days after signing up with this app. It makes me wonder what this app is doing with such private information they gain access to. Who else have they given it to?! If I’d have known beforehand I’d be getting spammed, I never would have undertaken this app. It’s way too coincidental in nature that all of this started within hours of me downloading this app. Beware of this!!!!
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3 years ago, D•Babyy422
Highly recommend! Download today for financial ease and assessability
Albert App is, by far, The best financial app I’ve ever found!! Once you link your bank account, Albert analyzes your spending and financial income to determine how much money you’re eligible for for an instant withdrawal! Plus the Albert app gives you not only a savings account, that you can have more than one category under, you also link your vehicle, home, and health insurance information and rates, That way you can check for quotes automatically using the app to see if you can find cheaper policies! You can even add or link your stocks, investments, and Retirement balances! So Albert app is truly the best financial app there is out there, that literally has all your accounts into one place to monitor, add, and edit when needed! And on top of all that, you’re even able to text genius, a real life agent, for help or any questions you may have. Highly recommend to everyone! Very easy to understand and navigate! So if you’re wanting the Great, easy accessibility to ALL of your important finance accounts, all in one, Easy-to-use, LIFE CHANGING App, then I highly recommend downloading the Albert app immediately!
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2 years ago, Anjel083
Be careful!
I used the Albert Genius and their “rainy day fund”. The thing was I could never withdraw the money or transfer it when I did need it. One day after attempting to get the money I was mysteriously asked for bank statements from a joint account I shared with my husband that has nothing to do with the primary account the rainy day money initially drew from. After getting nowhere with customer service (btw there is no number per the rep I texted. Also no clear and easy way to contact them). I wanted to transfer the money into the Albert Cash checking and I couldn’t because I had to verify that joint account. Since that didn’t work I wanted to unlink my account so I can transfer the money into the Albert’s Cash Checking Account. Guess what, can’t do that because again, they want to see my closed joint banking account full statements. So I have no access to the money. They have access to all of my personal, business and minor child’s bank accounts and they can hold your money hostage by asking for statements from any of those accounts even if Albert themselves never pulled money from them. Do NOT put large amounts of money into the Albert Genius, Rainy Day Fun. If you really need the money for an emergency you may have to give them access to accounts they really don’t need to be in. They will use the fact that you are vulnerable and really need that money.
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2 years ago, Tsomade
Don’t download until they fix their app
When I first downloaded this app I noticed that there is a checklist of things you needed in order to be eligible for an “instant” as they call it. It’s basically a loan up to $150 depending on your income and the checklist I mentioned. I checked all the boxes and was eligible for $35 then it increase the $45. And then suddenly it went to zero and all the check boxes were unchecked. I went to see why in the app and the boxes left unchecked were as follows said “ receive consistent income in the past two months” “ at least two paychecks above $400 for one above $600.” “Recent paycheck received on time” “Monthly income at least $1000 over the past few months”. Here’s the part that really annoys me. All of those things I have done and the boxes should be checked. Literally for the past four months I’ve made well over the $1000 required. I reached out to customer service through the app and it’s like they didn’t want to hear what I was saying. I kept repeating that this doesn’t make sense because I have checked all the boxes consistently for months. I don’t even need the advance I just want to know that I’m eligible and it’s available if I did. The team seriously needs to figure out a way to properly analyze everyone’s income to accuracy. Until then I think I’m done with this app because it’s more of a con than a pro.
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8 months ago, HWoligator
Run away!
I try not to write reviews, unless I feel like it’s important, and I am telling you… No, screaming to you to stay away from this app. It has been several weeks now that I tried to close my account. The problem is that they force you to set up an investment with smart money, and as soon as they have even a penny from you, you cannot close your account unless you go to the process of withdrawing the money which takes several days. If you pull it from your “investment”, it can take up to 14 days per what the app says, and during that time, it will not allow you to close your account. I have gone back-and-forth with Customer Service many times over the past several weeks and my account still cannot be closed. Which means that in the meantime, you are charged for another month of service with them. I feel like this is done purposely as a way to continue to collect monthly subscription fees from each customer by making it near impossible to cancel. I wish I had seen the reviews on Consumer Affairs (which Albert is currently rated 1.4) instead of just reading the reviews on here, which absolutely have to be filled with fake reviews. I’m sure there are many other apps out there were you don’t have to go through this. Please do yourself a favor and research before getting involved with this company.
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6 years ago, T97S
Where’s my money?
I was introduced to the app by a friend and loved the concept of it! My initial issue was that I gave them ALL of my banking information (which obviously I do not take lightly), but then the app failed to do it job in tracking my previous expenses, such as bills, and delegating a good amount for me to save. I had just paid most of my bills within a week and a half of beginning to use the app, but the app failed to notice my bill paying expenses (like upcoming rent). Soooo, the Albert app took a LARGE sum of (extra) money out of my account into one of my savings goals and left me with virtually nothing for living or upcoming bills because it failed to recognize any of my past bills. Also, this app does not offer a way to input bill expenses manually which may have solved this problem from the very beginning. I was very upset with this, so naturally I wanted my money back in my checking account, and I cancelled my Albert account. Welp, I’ve been waiting over a week to get my money fully “processed” into the app so that I can then “process” the withdrawal. (Both processes the app says would only take 2-3 business days). Any who, maybe I just have bad luck, but if you value your money don’t give this app access to your account. I’m still waiting to get my money back nearly 2 weeks after canceling. Anytime I try to contact some kind of support I get the same unhelpful response verbatim.
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2 years ago, Richaaaaay9717
Much appreciated, very useful when your in a pinch
Honestly it’s a pretty good app, we’ve all had an unfortunate issue thrown into our day every now and then and nobody’s perfect. Having access to a quick $100-$200 give or take can definitely come in handy. I had my little 3 yr old daughter and gf on a little ski trip in Vermont and saw some unknown charges pop up thx to Mobil banking apps. I immediately called and canceled the card before any serious damage was done. However I soon noticed as we approached Killington mountain in Vermont the only form of payment I had on this trip was that debit card. Stupid mistake only bringing that but still, grabbing a quick $200 and getting 3 lift tickets and a nice hot lunch for everyone with some to spare for basics and gas was huge. You do HAVE to have consistent direct deposit from your employer hitting your account on a weekly or biweekly schedule for at least a year I think it was. So no, nobody can just grab it, they pull it directly from your paycheck as soon as your direct deposit hits Friday morning. Which I have no problem with makes sense.
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1 week ago, FxLyfe
Held Hostage
Albert is great until you want yo leave them because as soon as you want to leave they are going to hold you hostage. I wanted to close my account and stop the Albert Genius charge of 15 dollars every month. Unfortunately when I decided this I was informed to contact Albert and when I did they told me I had to withdraw all my money first but couldn’t do it because I had a new bank and needed to verify myself. I thought sure no big deal until after doing all the verification they wouldn’t let me pull my money and continued to charge me. I’ve been charged 15 dollars for 8 months now and they can’t stop the charges till my accounts closed but no matter what hoops I jump through and what information I’m told to provide it’s still no enough. By the way the amount of money in the account is 22 dollars so because they won’t transfer my money I’m stuck being charged every month for their genius fee and no one will help you. Have fun waiting for hours and hours on a text base customer care who won’t help you even though I’ve been trying to close for months they will only refund me 3 months back even though the issue keeps continuing and I’m losing more and more money. The company is a joke and I would recommend every to leave early before they hold you hostage and waists hours of your time and steal your money.
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2 years ago, Machu(´・_・`)
No more budgeting :(
I’ve been a customer for the past 4 years. I really loved how simple and straightforward this app was. Over the years, there have been new features added but the core features remained. Recently, budgeting was taken away. The main reason I downloaded this app initially was to help with budgeting. I loved how simple the system was. Income - (bills + spending) = remaining money for the month. It was a quick and easy way to track my spending and make sure I was staying within my budget each month. Now that this feature is gone, I’m planning on canceling my subscription and transferring all of my investments and savings into another account. Long gone are the days of an easy to use, simple budgeting app. I’m sad to leave, but I can’t justify paying for any services that Albert provides anymore without this feature. As an aside, the app overall is fine. It does crash from time to time when trying to update the notification cards on the home page. Sometimes it crashes randomly. The team should probably try and fix those. Genius has gotten a lot slower since the early days and the app has become more cluttered with information I don’t care about. The genius tab on the tab bar is my least favorite feature that the team added.
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1 week ago, LyftDriverNC2025
Barred from certain features
This app is actually pretty good, but the reason I’m giving it a three star, is because I actually set an Albert account up not too long ago, was trying to set my account up, clicked on the tab that said “verify identity “and continue to get a red X pop-up message, saying too many failed attempts, was trying to verify identity to use the cash advance feature, payday got a message saying that I could not use this feature. I don’t understand why that it doesn’t just reset every 24 to 48 hours even stretch it further and say 72 but why just never?! And in fact, I don’t even remember having access to a page that allowed me to verify my identity. It just tells me quote too many failed attempts “but no option of reset, but overall the app is pretty good. If I could access the cash advance feature, it would get a five star, but pretty frustrating that this one feature doesn’t just reset, (example) your traditional “incorrect password “ or if the identity is continued to be entered incorrect why not just say you have too many failed attempt please try again in 30m then 45 & on from there, but I don’t understand just being totally locked out of this feature.
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1 month ago, ceoatwork
DO NOT DO IT!! One step away from being a scam
I hate this app with all of my soul, if I could give negative stars it wouldn’t be enough. I have NEVER left a review for an app so that should speak volumes. There’s basically nothing good about this app compared to others that does the same. It almost feels like a scam. I’ve tried for months to deactivate my account but there’s always some reason why they won’t let me. Customer services is quite literally nonexistent. I have never struggled so hard to get in contact with anyone via messages or email. They randomly take money out your account with basically the only way to get it back is through instant which mean you’re going to lose any money they take. They should just remove the investing portion altogether because you will never get that money. Please save yourself the trouble and literally try any of the other billion apps like this. Honestly Apple needs to remove them from the platform and all their subsidiaries I’m their entirety. Once again this is coming from someone, who doesn’t even write reviews for anything but this app is so terrible I had no other choice. Any comments saying this app good in anyway (minus the instant cash I guess [and even thats a stretch]) are lying and I’d probably getting paid by the Albert team. Once again HORRIBLE app, Apple please remove.
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11 months ago, Your not so greatest singer
DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE ONE THING THIS APP SAYS. This app is marketed as a saving helper and a “cash advancement” app… although they won’t tell you that they have no actual person in customer service to speak with on the phone, so heaven forbid you have a problem like me or anyone else writing these reviews. Since signing up I have had MULTIPLE random transactions coming out of my bank account, ranging from $353-$5 without my authorization. It’s very convenient that when you want to close your account you have to get all of the money currently in the albert account transferred back to your bank account which takes days if not weeks… and that is for EACH WAY of the transaction. By the time that one transaction has cleared they are already taking another out so you have to be in this continuous cycle of worrying about getting your money back or trying to close your account. The app preys on vulnerable customers that are in need of a “cash advance” or having difficulty managing money, and they do not have your best interest at hand. Take it from me I wish I never would have downloaded this app or fell for their crap! I bank with capital one and they have had many unauthorized charges from hundreds of people in the same boat as me and this app, not to mention all of the solicitors you get once you sign up.
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12 months ago, lexiereneigh0220
Don’t do it
I live paycheck to paycheck right now, I have 2 bank accounts because 1 is where my bills auto pay from. And the other is my Albert account that my direct deposit is set up to. I have had nothing but problems for weeks and the latest one happened today. There was no money in my Albert account but I had some in my other account. I got a text message about a DECLINED (not pending) transaction I didn’t try to make. It was fraudulent. I messaged them and let them know the transaction wasn’t me. They froze my card, sent me a new one, and told me I was good to use the temporary online card from their app. Okay great, right? Wrong. I transferred the remaining money I had in my other account to my Albert account and they pushed the fraudulent transaction through anyway, after stating it was declined. It was the last $20 I had until payday to feed myself and they won’t fix it and told me to “disregard the previous message” about being able to use my online card and the fraudulent transaction being declined. And when I asked them to just put the money back, they told me they couldn’t because it was “pending” and I’d have to dispute it after it fully went through… which takes 3-5 days. But then told me they could fix it in 10 days if it hadn’t gone through or dropped off? Because that makes sense.
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2 weeks ago, maybecharlie
DONT USE THIS APP!! I opened up this account over 6 years ago. Take a break from using it however, they continue to withdraw money from my account. Here I am now on the 4th year of attempting to close this account and retrieve my funds, which have been sitting in the Albert app for years. The original bank account that I used to create my profile on this account has been closed for four years. The only way that they can verify my identity is through bank account statements from my original account, which has been closed for 6 years and given that the bank only keeps record for five years, That is now impossible. There is no one to talk to you and every representative that you chat with, gives you the same generic answers, even after providing them with detailed explanation. At this point for fair warning, this app will rob you of your money, and they make it impossible to verify your identity. You can have every single viable way to verify your identity, but if you don’t have bank statements that are impossible to retrieve, you can forget about closing your account and Albert will continue to steal money from you. Here I am SIX years later and still having Albert steal money from an account not even linked to the app. The customer service efficiency level is sub-par to say the least
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4 years ago, Duty456
Don’t trust them
If I can put a negative star on here , I would. Reason being they charged my card $16 without even letting me know not even via email. When I first signed up with this app it didn’t say they were going to charge you to use them. To the paid services that they ask you about in the beginning I declined no. Only reason I got that app was to help me out with my budgeting. But didn’t know they would charge you for using it. And the one time I did use it cause I never kept up with it after I downloaded it they charge me $16. Then you go to their help support and it’s only via text. Not even a phone number to call them and deal with it faster there. I recommend not to use them AT ALL even if you are desperate. It’s funny how when they charged me that money on my card I text the help support that there was a mistake, they don’t reply, but when you text the help support that you want to cancel your account OHHHH they don’t have no trouble there with contacting you back within seconds. And then when you connect your account to your bank they ask for you WHOLE social security number , not the last 4 digits is your SS but your whole social security # , which is fishy to me (because other apps don’t ask you for your whole SS only your last 4 or maybe not even). So just be careful and DONT USE THEM.
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5 years ago, albert, the lying thief...
Beware....Do not install this app!!!!
This is by far the most unethical company I have ever come across... and I have worked in business a very long time. I installed this app because I like the concept of what they are trying to accomplish, apparently execution is a huge issue for them. I installed the app and input my bank information. The app couldn’t get my budget right... but that wasn’t the biggest issue. I signed up for the savings option assuming they would move money from my checking into my savings. I realize I should have done a bit more research before signing up for this option.. that part was my mistake. As soon as I realized that they were going to pull my money from my actual bank account and put it into some mystery account I removed my bank information and contacted them. They wrote me back and agreed to cancel the transaction and that they would close the account. They explained that the money would never leave my bank account and would not show up on my statement because it had not processed. Well, today (three days later) I wake up and Albert took money from my bank account. My Albert account is closed so I can not transfer my money back to my real bank. I can not get anyone to contact me regarding this issue. They stole money from me and are refusing to fix the issue!!! This has been an absolutely horrible experience!!!
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11 months ago, deirdrehar
I was never told $144 will be taken from my account without my knowledge I try to get into the Albert app but I can’t do I don’t knots of I have a balance in the account out not I’m not able to set up a pin and most of all that irritates me I can’t call and get a human to discus my concerns I have to email customer service to me this is not a good banking app I want to close this account got reasons explained 🧶🧶🧶🧶🧶 Since this last review these people has taken in total $176 from my account this month alone. I’ve been texting support for two hours and nothing has gotten resolved I’m telling support I can’t download or get into the Albert’s app. So they canceled the Albert card I’m telling them I can’t use. Then ask me for verification. Wait what?? Verification you’ve been texting me for two hours now they want verification🧶🧶 the very first person that answered the text should’ve asked for that. Bottom line money of being taken not authorized. I never do business with a company I can’t talk to a live person I can’t even activate this card and not it’s canceled Cancel this account and give me back my money Forget this going back and forth with Albert on this text thread I’m contacting bbb How they canceled s non activated card that can’t be activated I tried to put the card on cash app it tells me wrong card number
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2 years ago, Will1991!
Worst prepaid card bank ever!!
I have had this Albert bank account for over a year with weekly deposits from my job since day one. Today they have suspended my account indefinitely/permanently with no explanation. I have hundreds of dollars that I can’t use now thanks to Albert and had to be transferred to another bank account that will take 5 business days to see the funds on the other bank account from Albert. I had a beach trip this weekend and had to cancel it cause I am flat broke until my my money from Albert arrives to my new bank account. The customers service is 2 star. They don’t have a number you can call and contact them you have to text message them through the app which is a huge red flag. It takes hours or almost a whole day to hear back from customer service. Every time I go to deposit a check onto my Albert account it takes a week to arrive on my Albert checking account. The other banks I dealt with in the past when I deposited a check through their app the funds were available in an hour or less. Ridiculous! I have mysterious charges been taken out of my account by Albert that I ignored like an idiot. Any time I deposit a check through my old bank account. Don’t use this app it’s better apps out there. I just switched to chime. Thanks for the headache Albert.
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5 months ago, Anon12dip
Annoying I can’t see my account without hassle
I used to love this app. And I still love it’s functionality to have savings go into an account without noticing it. BUT and this is a big one… I can never even get in to see my account because it’s an endless cycle of trying to make me pay for their Genius program. I do NOT want this program but every time I open the app it auto directs me into a loop where it asks what you’re willing to pay and then I can never actually see the rest of my account. I first downloaded this app to see what monthly subscriptions I was paying for and to save money, so it’s a bit counterintuitive to make me pay a monthly subscription for an app I downloaded to save money on monthly subscriptions. Not happy at all with it and just really frustrated. Edit: signed up for the Genius program in hopes to just cancel it and stop the endless cycle of trying to get into the app to transfer my money. They make you transfer everything out first and, of course, says there’s still money in the account. It’s like they’re trying to make it as difficult as possible so they get money from me for doing nothing but basically forcing a service that I didn’t want to begin with! After all of this, I’m deleting my account and this app. I used to love it, but this is just ridiculous.
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4 weeks ago, Randi I
Outstanding Experience with Albert's Banking Services!
I am absolutely thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Albert, an online bank that truly prioritizes customer care. From the outset, I was impressed by the personalized attention and prompt responses to my inquiries. Their customer service team is not only responsive but also incredibly knowledgeable, providing clear and helpful solutions at every turn. Albert's dedication to client satisfaction is evident in every interaction. Whether it's navigating their user-friendly website or managing transactions on their secure app, I've felt supported and valued as a customer. The array of financial tools they offer has been instrumental in helping me optimize my financial health, all backed by top-notch security measures that give me peace of mind. If you're looking for a banking experience that combines innovative technology with a personal touch, I can't recommend Albert highly enough. They aren't just a bank; they're a financial partner who truly cares about their clients' needs and goals. Thank you, Albert, for setting a new standard in online banking!
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2 years ago, UpsetConsumer999
I searched Google for a payday loan or cash advance and Albert was marketed as "Get $250 instantly!" So I created an account and agreed to the terms and conditions without truly reading, as one does. Several other lenders have you link your bank account to verify your direct deposits and loan eligibility, so I didn't hesitate to provide them access. After all, I have nothing to steal lol. It was unclear that what they were actually doing was creating an account for me and setting up auto transfers to said account as "savings." Definitely not what I thought was happening. Their site says to make changes, download their app. So I installed the app intent on closing this account and stopping any transfers from my bank account, but the app had no access to a menu and my only option was to enter more information and keep hitting continue. Then I hit a dead end on a page that required me to select how much I would pay them monthly to use their "Genius" service. I didn't want to do anything like that, but again, no menu and no options. I eventually texted the number from which i received automated texts from Albert and said "Close my account" and then was prompted to type "DELETE." I hope that's all I needed to do. Overall, an incredibly frustrating and shady experience. Don't fall into their trap.
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4 years ago, hails_mickails
It’s genius
This has been the app that’s helped me to actually save, to actually budget, to actually move me forward in the financial direction I want to go. It helps me because I can track everything and see what I’m spending and where I can save. That was my problem before—I had no idea how much money I was actually spending and I couldn’t get a grasp on really saving money without touching it. Albert has helped me save because I can literally put away money in a savings account inside the app. I don’t touch it once it’s in there. That’s my favorite thing about this app and the reason why I bought it: I can save inside the app. That makes all the difference to me. It keeps me from using that money. It even gives lots of options to automatically save from your bank account so it’s doing the work for you! I also really love that I can text Albert at any time (during their hours) about ANY financial questions I have, and they will give me resources. That’s pretty special! I haven’t seen that anywhere else. Long story short: it’s very helpful, it does the work of saving money for you, and it’s genius! :)
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2 years ago, Willsom88
App is horrible! At this point I’d say it’s fraud!!
Initially this app did me Okay, my bank supported it, it tracked my money and I had access to my money which is honestly the most important part. Because you wanna know if you send the app money you can get it back when you need too, well a few years go by and my main bank account was bought out by another bank, and my new bank does not support the apps (alberts) way of accessing accounts (plaid) to get access to your money. So since my bank doesn’t support (plaid) I cannot get my money off the app. I opened a new account that I knew was supported by Albert and plaid, and now STILL have no access to my money because it keeps telling me that I can’t transfer my money to a bank account that isn’t my main account. It seems like every singe time I follow there instructions on something there’a a new excuse as to why it won’t let me transfer my money to my new account. To this point I would call this app fraud simply because they make it almost impossible if not impossible to get your own money from there app. Unfortunately I also opened a checking account with Albert simply to see if they will even work to get my money. I would never recommend this app to anyone. Please avoid the headache of this app and use other more trusted apps.
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3 months ago, GarrettDib
Predatorily designed to take away from Poor People
This app ‘seems’ to offer a way to help you, to be a bank account, to check your scores and do all the things that you need. But they charge you $16 a month to do all this stuff. There are many apps out there to do things like this for free as well, there is current, there’s other bank accounts, the list goes on and on. they lure you in with a good looking user interface but really they’re sapping $16 a month out of you which is way higher than any bank account anywhere, any credit card that would actually give you real benefits. There are free apps that give you credit scores. There are free apps that give you budget. There are apps that let you be a bank without having to pay this amount. This is such a sleazy app. I cannot believe we are allowing this to continue. This should be closed off the App Store and illegal. They designed it to be very difficult to close your account, they hook you in with instant, cash, overdraft, and then make it so that you can’t actually close your account even after you’ve paid it back. the user support is stupid and clueless, or they’re complacent and implicit and a scam among all of us. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and hope they get closed down.
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11 months ago, Worst banking app1128
Terrible go with Venmo or Chime
I got this account because I liked a lot of the extra features that comes with this application. However, after setting up my direct deposit and ordering my card, four weeks later, I still have not received the card. I tried to reach out to customer care several times was unable to get a live person I had to text in order to speak with anyone. It was very frustrating. Whoever answers the text messages is always vague and never offers a resolution to your problem. I understand that things do happen and sometimes companies cannot control everything but even after the fourth or fifth time trying to get a card expedited because I needed to pay rent. I spoke with a so-called manager who did not seem very interested helping me and gave me the same copy and paste text messages that the other reps had given me it’s unacceptable for a member to wait more than 10 days for their debit card especially if they’re main source of income is deposited into that account. Unfortunately, this company just does not care about you just your money the features that I thought were included. Actually cost per month. This is the worst banking website I have ever used and I have used a few of them. Save your time and go with chime or Venmo!
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