4.2 (85)
167.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for Albert

4.24 out of 5
85 Ratings
12 years ago, MrsBritt85
Addictive fun
This is a very fun game, but I, like many others, wish there were more levels. It has cool graphics, and I love all of the different interactives you get to use: touch, sound, and motion. Very cool and highly recommend! The stars level can be slow to respond and the hot air balloon is very challenging! More leva please!!!
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3 years ago, Livy Loo 27
The app is very fun, original, and iconic. The visuals and the 3D style is very unique and interesting! I totally recommend. The only thing I dislike is that there’s not a lot of levels to complete, I wish there were more. I strongly urge the developers to create ads for this game and add more levels! Lots of people would play it.
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6 years ago, THE Tiggr
For kids? Really?
I'd this game was designed for kids to play then it fails on two fundemental issues: 1) It's way too hard and 2) the instructions are littered with grammatical errors - the last thing we should be exposing kids to.
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4 months ago, AshTheDuck7
My childhood
Greatest game ever, needs more recognition!
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7 years ago, Byuutfycfu
Too hard!
Omg I can't even get more than 2 stars and this is supposed to be for children?
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6 years ago, the reviwer who reviews
Could be better
Lots of adds keep popping up. My 2year pod daighter couldn’t do anything. She accidentally bought a toy. No more ADDS
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8 years ago, msapgirl05
This game doesn't work
This game is not working and it keeps freezing 😢
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9 years ago, M in dispatch
New Apple TV
Thanks for the port!!
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6 years ago, artemvi
Meaningless sequence of dumb mini games
Total crap
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11 years ago, MakeGrandmaHappy
I Love Albert
And so will you - it's wonderful! I download games primarily for the children in my life (ages 3-8) and this one was an instant winner - entertaining kids of every age....even Grandma's age😉. It's refreshingly different, both because of the enchantingly original artwork and animation, and because none of the games are a boring rehash of other available games. I downloaded Albert initially from AppsGoneFree, but after playing it for 5 minutes myself, I spent $2 to get 10 more mini games. And I hope they'll make more 10-packs of mini games available. Grandma will be first in line to buy them. Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, AmpliHelix
[UPDATE] Unique is always better
Update: Thank you for the iPhone 5 support! This game is still as awesome as when it first came out but it still has the annoying un-flippable orientation where I could play it without covering my iPhone's speaker. Also, this game doesn't support multitasking. Could you guys fix those problems please? Previous review: I really like how everything in the game is made of cardboard. I've found myself playing around on the title screen spinning albert around and turning my iPhone 4 left, right, up and down to see that 3D effect :) The mini games themselves each being different on how you have to play them offer a bit of challenge and i've been doing them over and over to get all 3 stars on each. Very addictive! A few errors I came across is: - Not being able to mute audio with the vibration switch on my iPhone - Rotating my iPhone in a position where i'm not covering the speaker with my hand doesn't work Overall, the game is purely awesome and I hope to see more games like this. This is AB-SOL-UTELY a steal at $0.99 :D
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12 years ago, KiwiCollin
A Phenomenally Unique Experience
With a nostalgic feel, Albert appeals to the inner child in all of us. The joy we all felt as kids can be reached through this app and the charmingly relatable Albert character. This app will provide you with hours of easy and enjoyable entertainment. If you enjoy this app half as much as I do, you should consider supporting the developers by purchasing the full version. We need more games like this on the market. I for one would love to see this group become one of the biggest and best. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.
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12 years ago, Bboy331
Albert App.
This is truly an awesome game for kids. It's very interactive, hands on, and you use the features of the phone to complete the "mini" games. My favorite is the game where you try and blow as many bubbles as you can, using the microphone and actually blowing in it! Comparable to Angry Birds as far as scoring goes. One, two, or three finding the hidden treasures! Collect all 20 to unlock more games for free! Keeps my mom and I occupied when we are bored! Thanks Albert! Hope to see some new games soon...I give it 5 stars, and good for kids 3+
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12 years ago, Aidakiss
Really entertaining
This app is really fun and makes you thing along with the graphics and imaging it is really unique and clever! SPOILER ALERT: gnome is in the window, duck is in a tile, ice cream behind something on a shelf, comb in the guy with the baseball cap,hearts are behind the building when stars are falling, apple behind tree, camera is in the clod while your building the house, cactus is in the background while you blow a bubble, fish is jumping out the water while you call the dog, guitar is on the shelf while you collect candy, banana falls out the tree while you saw (shake hard)
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12 years ago, Devanair321
This game is pretty kool. Trust me your going to love this app. It's a must have!!!!! Btw. Sorry for yelling. I wonder, if I told a story on here would anybody read it. I don't know but let's find out. You see the year was 1435 and I was walking in the woods, out comes out this merchant trying to sell me some shoes. So I said to him , my good sir, I'm not interested for my shoe on thy feet are just splendid. You see back in those days we spoke like that. I forgot the rest. All well have fun playing with Albert. The game you dirty minded sicko. Lol.
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12 years ago, thunderstorming
One of a kind!
This creative and unique game is SO beautiful! The stop-motion is exactly the kind of graphics I've been looking for in a game on the iPhone. I'm 25 years old & have been playing Albert since I downloaded it this morning. I LOVE it! It utilizes so many features from the iPhone, has a gorgeous and easy-to-use user interface, and the world of Albert is so endearing that I must give it 5 stars! It's definitely set the bar very high for future game downloads for me!
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13 years ago, EsSteffyFoo
Albert, you awesome rascal, you!
I love this game. It utilizes the most of my iPod's game controls like tilting and touch screen. The graphics are superb for handmade cardboard characters and settings. Great job! It is so much fun, however, it could be even better with more levels and improved game controls. Otherwise, this is the best 99cents I have ever spent. Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, Respox
very imaginative
This game is just a series of simple dexterity challenges, but it takes advantage of everything the iPhone has to offer in terms of presentation and control. Good app for the kids to keep them busy.
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11 years ago, Hceinxro
I first played this game about a year ago. This is my second time playing through the game because i missed it so much! I adore the way this app looks! I never make in app purchases but i had to purchase the extra levels for this game since it's so dang awesome!
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12 years ago, Meowmeowvivian
Pretty neat
I thought it was a pretty good game. Challenging at times... Surprised by how many times I'd curse the game when it made it nearly impossible to get three stars.. The "Fall" level? Really? What is that?! Either way, the places the treasures are hidden are very clever. Fun game! :-)
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12 years ago, BunnyBhoo13
It's nice if you have nothing else to do
This is worth the price of 0.99 or 1.99. It's a nice, simple game to play if your bored and need to pass some time. Like if your in a doctor's office, traffic jam or simply bored at home. It's nothing overly exciting or a "Must-Have!". Considering this is an "App of the Week", it doesn't really "earn" the title. I gave it a 3 because it really didn't satisfy my boredom
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12 years ago, Sarah1099
Great app
Love the app and visual details. I work with kids in a school system and this is a great app for visual and fine motor skills. I would love it if there were mini games that required pinching objects and dragging to a location for more fine motor training. Overall great app!
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11 years ago, Jadakins06
I love your game
From my six year old daughter "Thank you for this game I really like it and love all the games you have. The clock game even though its really noisy and the bath game were the soap goes the the tub. Thank you for the game. I think you have a really good brain."
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11 years ago, Yuqing1994
I finally found all the treasure!Sometimes it was really confusing because there is no sign of the treasure at all on the screen.I wish there would be more levels.
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12 years ago, Shannon marshalll
Really fun!
Super fun game, love the music! I can't seem to find the magic flute treasure! But, for those wondering, slide the soap through the bottom opening and tap the cracked tile for the treasure! Tap the rubber duck there's your treasure. The opening will shortcut the time giving you 3 stars!
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12 years ago, GypsiReign
Uses sounds and tilting of the screen to complete levels. Graphics are simple and add to the charm of the game. Music is a little annoying after awhile but muting the sound is not an option because u need to hear some levels to complete them. Game is ok not fantastic.
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11 years ago, Nahrtcts
Perfectly interactive!
This is exactly how a game should be. I love how interactive you have to be with your hands voice and more to finish the levels. All games should be like this. And adorable graphics, amazing!
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12 years ago, Ethan Davidson
Good game!
Very fun. When I first saw it I didn't think it was going to be interesting but the different mini games are incredible. Would definitely play this if I were you!
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10 years ago, AlexisKay71
Wow. I love this app! Like I can't explain it, the graphics are unlike any other game I have played! :) *Edit* omg I got a new phone so I had redownload this game and I kept typing in "Alfred"...I thought it was gone off the app store forever 😭😨
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12 years ago, hithisisjake
Beautifully crafted game
It can be a little hard, but it's a lot of fun and I really like the look of it, very original and unique. Already beat it, want more levels!
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12 years ago, lulu008
Wonderfully unique Game
This has such an Old School Nick vibe, I don't know how else to describe it! I really like it and the mini games are simple yet original and extremely endearing. Even the music is quirky yet pretty rad. Big kudos to its creators!
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12 years ago, Tinyphonereviewer
Great game!
5 stars all the way! If you like the WarioWare games, this is for you! Get it while it's free, but even if you miss it, it is definitely fun enough to put some $$ into! My kids love it and so do I!
Show more
12 years ago, andyman0116
Epic original game!!!
My brother told me about this game, took a while to download but in the end it was well worth it!!! Fun, and unique graphics give it the game a great feel and experience 
Show more
11 years ago, Ameliorate22
Very Fun!
Loved the game. It had me using my phone in multiple ways... Touch, tilting, using the mic. The only complaint is not enough levels, it was a sad day when I finished all the levels.
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12 years ago, jsx
What? No.
In the first level you're tasked with tapping alarm clocks to turn them off. The tapping was not terribly responsive, the graphics are poor (regardless of what you think of the style), and no matter how fast I tapped I could only get 2 stars. I promptly deleted the game after trying the level a few times.
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12 years ago, Wire do
All-l+bur-u+replace with e+t
Fun,simple,and fast mini games!Keeps you entertained for hours and hours!With awesome graphics!I love how you added little treasures you can find while playing!I stared at my 📱for a loooong time!
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13 years ago, Maxyo68
I'm surprised soo many people are giving this app 5 stars. The art style is cool and all but the game is sooo short!!! I beat this game the whole way through in just a few minutes! Once you get through all the levels that's it!!! Unless you want to go back and get the other stuff but this game is way to short and there's not much to do in this game...
Show more
11 years ago, Future Pokemon designer
The perfect game!
This game is a blast!I can never get tired of it!this games lots of mini games are charming and hilarious! Plus this game has some of the best graphics in the App Store. Everyone should play this game!
Show more
12 years ago, Msmadmama
Have 4 would have given 5 but game is away to short for something I had to pay for
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12 years ago, T8255
Very interactive
This game is a lot of fun and very interactive, with hidden treasures along the way. You do need to make quite a bit if noise in some of the mini games but I really enjoy.
Show more
12 years ago, Chr.stal
Love it!
Really cute and creative game! I absolutely love playing, and don't mind buying the extra levels. I can't wait until they come out with more challenges :)
Show more
11 years ago, Sarah 2213
Well I really like this game it's fun easy and not boring like when I sometimes play other games and I get bored so early so 👏👏👏. I would like to give up some hands for this awesome game
Show more
13 years ago, krystine_rae
it's ok. it's difficult to really pass the levels because, though you've passed each mini level, you have to have passed it by so much to pass the overall level. This is pretty frustrating.
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12 years ago, VAbx
Love the faux 3D! Creative settings and the graphics and music are perfect. Both my 7 and 11 year old enjoy playing.
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13 years ago, DecaturMamma
Really Challenging!
This sweet and handcrafted app features several mini games that take you through Alberts day. It is a challenge for the whole family.
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11 years ago, Stylst2318
Love this guy ..
I love this game no game out there like Albert " would love to see him, get a haircut or go fishing idk :) you guys are great ! And another reason why is cuz my name is Albert as well and we kinda look alike lol thanks more games please
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12 years ago, Lisf47
So fun and unique!
My kids and I both love this game! It is my favorite app game I have ever found. I even purchased the extra levels, which marks my first app purchase ever. It's that good!
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12 years ago, BriannaPanda
Needs More Levels
Fun game, very interactive, and it can be played over and over.. Although more levels would be much appreciated!
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12 years ago, Brady g
Great family game
The whole family loves this game. We love the fact that u have to do different stuff to move on. Plz make more games like this one
Show more
12 years ago, Pogomaniaaaa
Very addictive fun game to play when your bored or just hanging around. Definitely would consider this game to others :)
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