4.7 (9.2K)
57 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alfa Mutual Insurance Company
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alfa2Go

4.7 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
4 years ago, S4B3524
Life Insurance Customer
Not user friendly on making payments for Life Insurance. Need to work on this program. Always get kicked off or not able to process all the way through.
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3 months ago, Kduck3
Never works
I’ve had this app for 2+years and it has never works for making payments... It’s useless! I left Alfa because you don’t take care of your software issues, I came back a year later hoping it would be fixed and my agent assured me it would work. 6 months into it and your system is still broke, it’s showing my account from 3 years ago… a very upset customer and one who will put this on social media.. After 3 different “technical assistance” personel, I finally got put on the call back status Mrs Kathryn called me and I told her my issue and she fix it. She fix it in less than 5 minutes, you need to give her a raise. She just kept a customer who was about to go find a new company and leave Alfa for the second time in 18 months… I’m gonna stay with Alfa because you have finally got some good people on staff.
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3 years ago, arkhinine
I had to lower my rating
This app barely works, it does not allow you to pay your bill in the app, and the website that it directs you to won’t let you pay your bill either. I was going to give it to stars because Alfa as a company is wonderful, but this ad doesn’t even deserve a full star.I have just had to bite the bullet and pay a $10 late fee because I paid it on the app a week ago, three days ago I got a text saying that I never pay my bill, so I tried paying it online again, today I got an email saying I still owe…. I finally just called customer service, and because I set up auto pay three days ago when it wouldn’t even let me attempt to pay my bill they’re saying that I didn’t try to pay it a week ago like I did.
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1 year ago, redemptionryder
App needs upgrading
Waited 1.5 hours on hold awaiting on the Roadside assistance to answer. Overall a 2.5 hour phone call while I was broke down with a flat. No way to schedule roadside assistance on the app. Then the roadside assistance rep made me pay almost $100 for a 7 mile tow. The app doesn’t even have my other vehicles and difficult to pull up any documents or insurance id card. Hopefully they get it together soon because I am going to get AAA.
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5 years ago, Phil_1387
Excellent update!
Really excited to see an update for the Alfa2Go app. The app is clean, usable, and with new features like saving ID cards offline it a must for every Alfa Customer. This update is worth the wait!
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5 years ago, lkevinmccor
Two generations...
Alfa has been serving two generations of my family and we are grateful for all of their support over the years when life wasn’t so kind.
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3 years ago, Dreadheadqueem
Alfa insurance From De’Arriel
Best hands down since I been with I was with Geico and they are not true to their word and that’s how I stumbled upon Alfa and it was the best decision I have made I love y’all keep rocking and staying true to y’all word 😘😘😘
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6 days ago, Brainsandhearts
Happy customer with app
It’s so easy to keep things paid and follow information
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10 months ago, Lindabree50
ALFA App not fixed!! 😡
Until this year I haven’t had any problems paying both my auto insurance or my renters insurance using the ALFA App. The ALFA App declines my payment. This year though, I have had to either pay over the phone or in person at the local ALFA office. There is nothing wrong with my card either, my card is current. Please fix the app so that it will work properly. I am not the only person that has this problem with the App. My agent has told me that other clients are having the same problem with this app that I am having. Please fix this issue. Thanks. Linda
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3 years ago, Granny F1
Love it
Left USAA after 37 years and couldn’t be happier. Love having 1 agent to deal with, the app is super easy and all my insurance is cheaper.
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4 years ago, Shannonbfsu
Peace of crap
The reason why I got this app was I was told you can pay your bill on it. EVERY TIME I try to do so it say can’t authenticate. Thinking maybe the app was stuck or something, I deleted it and then added it again. When what I thought was my password did work. I tried forgot password. Put in my email it says error sending email. I’m done with it.
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2 years ago, Pretty Girl Floyd
Not user friendly. Not intuitive. Just got through installing the app for my mom to pay her homeowner’s and set up autopay. Printed out what I thought was a receipt and it didn’t even have the word ALFA anywhere on it. It had multiple different numbers (Home, Confirmation, Account, and Billing Reference). Noted the payment method but did not say “Paid” anywhere. Logged out and logged back in, and that sent me to an endless login loop, with still no evidence that the invoice has been paid. Apparently I’m going have to go old school and just call somebody. Very irritating.
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4 months ago, Ed$?359
Option to print ID Card
This app is slow to load and somewhat difficult to navigate. Would feel more confident with the ability to print my ID Card so that I have a copy in my wallet or vehicle in case the app fails to load.
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5 years ago, almost a five
What happened?
This used to work great. However, something has changed and now I can pull everything up, and I get all the way through the payment process and hit submit and it always pops up a message that the payment can’t be processed at this time. I always have to call my payment in. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, suzbrack
update on app not good
when i did update i had a very hard time logging in. Wouldn’t take my information and keeps making me verify by phone even when i checked the 60 box. Someone just hit my car and i’m already upset and now the app is making me more frustrated
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5 months ago, Ddlh1245
App needs refreshing
Please get dark mode AND also allow for us to add the id cards to our apple wallets on our iphones such as Geico, progressive, and other competitors. This app is still stuck in the early 2000s.
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2 years ago, AtomicJezus
Ok app
App needs a feature added to let you add your auto insurance card to your Apple Wallet like other insurance companies do. The picture of your card inside the app is to small to read and cannot be downloaded.
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3 years ago, new alfa user
Easy to navigate
Everything is up front and easy to follow!
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5 years ago, oliver pelt
Alfa Insurance is the best Keep up the good business of keeping your Customers happy let’s go Alfa
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1 year ago, gotballs?
Keeps freezing up
Keeps freezing up. I get the red circle of death all the time and have to remove and re-install the app every so often.
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2 weeks ago, Njk1965
Claim submission
Tried multiple times to submit a claim and as soon as I got to the point to upload pictures the app kicked me out and all previously entered data was lost. Finally just called into Alfa and waited for an agent.
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5 years ago, dfhjjnvcgjhg
I pay my son’s insurance also when I’m able to do so on the app because it’s in his name I would like to pay his insurance he is in college and doesn’t pay his own yet
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6 months ago, AlabamaDasher
Needs updating, as is it’s useless
When I check my bill latest information showing is from 2020. Unable to see to see amount due or payment history.
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3 years ago, =Chicken=
Great, when it works
Like the title says, it’s a great app when it works. 60% of the time it’s an awesome app, but that other 40% it refuses to do anything at all. The website is just as unpredictable.
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2 years ago, Nogales JUMBO
ALFA is Número Uno
I have done my homework and there’s no better insurance company than ALFA.
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5 years ago, trowell52
Complete Overhaul
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 such a great update to the app! Adds Face ID, everything looks great and addressed a lot of issues!!
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5 years ago, Jboon74
Nice Redesign!
The new app design is a much needed upgrade and makes for a good user experience.
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4 years ago, QAMac
Unable to access anything in the app, totally useless. Just have you’re agents direct number in your phone cause that’s the only way you will be able to do anything.
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4 years ago, CrystalClark
Not user friendly at all
Very difficult to navigate. Every option I select, it either boots me out or tell me it’s not available. It’s stated on the website that payment is easy in the app and that is not true.
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7 months ago, tsalach11
Logging in
Always seem to have issues logging into the app. Had to reset pw three different times
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12 months ago, app doesnt worked 972
App doesn’t work.
Once I login the app just spins indefinitely trying to pull my customer information and doesn’t allow me to do anything. Completely locked out.
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2 years ago, wi_fe of mine
Log in
Seems every time I use this app , I have to update and redo my info, why does it do it?
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5 years ago, muley276
Best insurance
Alfa is a insurance company I have dealt with over forty years and they’re the best!
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3 years ago, The Stuck Man
Some issues
Good app, although the members benefit section is not working.
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3 years ago, mom4gigi3
Needs update
Really bummed that you can’t add multiple accounts and pay all of my insurance at once🤔
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3 years ago, IBG12345
No sign in
When I open the app nothing shows up. No way for me to sign in to my account. I’ve deleted and reloaded app several times.
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2 years ago, Therealmccoybut4real
Constant updates that forget password
And currently doesn’t work at all so I can’t pay my bill on the app
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6 months ago, TexasHornFan
Alfa app2 go
The ease of the application is what I really like.
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5 years ago, cy8675309
Pretty good
I don’t have to talk to anyone!!! — well and it’s fast too.
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2 years ago, Hosmaster
Underwhelming app
Very sad user interface. Very slow and took 5 tries to “retrieve information” without crashing.
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3 years ago, STG83
Update crashed app
App won’t open since forced update to 5.0
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2 years ago, Richard Ki
Impossible to navigate, cannot set up future dated payments
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4 years ago, Glass dog
Alpha to go
App does not function. indicated given directions as
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2 years ago, ctlamar
The app is slow in responding. Errors out often leading me to access account on website.
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3 years ago, mmnbvccxx
This app is awful… won’t keep me signed in and constantly freezes.
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2 years ago, Tim dunking
This app doesn’t allow me to post using my card.
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3 years ago, ChrisOyler
Worst app. Always have issues and logging on is impossible
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3 years ago,
App does not work well
Every time I try to use it I logs me in but won’t pull up any of my I’d cards or any information I need
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2 years ago, cindyahn1
Have to constantly re-download. Does not store password or Face ID
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2 years ago, Niquew3
App doesn’t work.
Fix the app… blank white screen now.
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