Alfred Home Security Camera

4.8 (93.9K)
209.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alfred Systems Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alfred Home Security Camera

4.76 out of 5
93.9K Ratings
2 years ago, sammi mcmill
I love this app! One hundred percent love it. All around!
I have used this app for over two years now. Being a lower income single parent, it has always been a struggle working and doing daily tasks outside the home bc I have five children under seventeen years old. Oldest full time home is 13. Unfortunately times are not like they were thirty fourty years ago when you didn’t have to worry so much. But nowadays you have to be very careful whom you let your children go around and who you let into your home. I found Alfred camera after a google search. It’s only a few bucks which is great! And also. I love how you can use old cell phones to set up as cameras. You don’t get 360• angle view. But you can switch from front to back camera very easily and quickly so if you keep your phone / camera up in a corner of the ceiling, it is easy to get a view of the entire room. And the image is very clear. I don’t think you can go wrong using Alfred camera whatsoever. And I thank you all for such an amazing app that has helped ease my worries by a ton, which makes my days away from home so much less worrisome and that alone is worth more than words can say in this fast review. But Ty again for an awesome easy and affordable app!
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4 years ago, Param Loves Apple
I love Alred!! It works!
I really love Alfred because it works! I started by using cheap iPhone 5s’s a year ago and it’s worked like magic. I was honestly surprised. The first few months I started I got problems and needed to keep fixing the app but gradually over 6 months the app got better and better and it’s nearly 98% reliable. Now sometimes I can go weeks without touching my iPhone cam and it will let me view and won’t glitch . I can leave my house for weeks and alred will be on. I love how speedy fast the notifications are. Super super super fast. And the quality is amazing. The iPhones have the best cameras in the world so if u buy a really good iPhone like an iPhone 7 or 8 you could get mega HD pics of the suspect even better than professional security cameras I really love Alfred because lately the app has been working flawless and I been getting notifications within a second and it’s stayed online and hasn’t crashed as long as I use guided access really excited to see it advance along the way it only gets better from here. I love Alfred keep it up
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2 years ago, MK UltraMega
Stops Recording Way Too Early
The app is ok but kind of useless as it stops recording after it’s triggered by motion way way to early to be effective at any kind of surveillance. There should be an option for the user to choose minimum recording time after motion triggers start recording or at very least, let it keep recording for 30 seconds after the last motion was detected. Reply to developer: Notifications are great but when you get 900 notifications in 5 minutes, they become pointless. For security, having a longer recording of things that may be suspect is far far more important than having a ton of notifications. Can the cops use notifications to catch a bad guy who broke in to your house? Nope! But they can use a video of the offender or crime! If the video is cut extremely short and doesn’t capture most of the criminal activity, then what good is the app doing for security! You have to understand priorities of law, especially when you market this app as a security monitor. Point being, notifications are far far less important than actual video of potential offenders/offenses. Especially when 90% or more of the notifications are false alarms triggered by birds or passing cars etc.
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4 years ago, ffbirv26
I’ve used this app for a while, much longer than I should have. It CONSTANTLY has connectivity issues and the camera goes offline. This completely defeats the purpose of a camera, since you can’t get it back online remotely. They’ve told me before it was likely a network issue, but our network is perfectly fine, and strong. Currently, within the app, when checking the “camera status,” it says it’s online, “signed in successfully,” and “everything looks great!” However, the camera is NOT active. It is showing “This camera is offline.” It’s been doing this specifically for about a week now. When I got home from my last shift, I reset/turned off the app and phone, then set it all back up. It was working. Even recorded a couple motion clips (which usually NEVER works for more than a day after fixing everything). Then I get to work and the first time I try viewing the camera... this BS. I’m done with this app. I’m going back to Manything. I don’t remember near as many complications with that app. And it certainly recorded clips better, including just “sound” clips (if it’s dark and can’t pick up video). This is ridiculous and I feel like they’ve just become money hungry over time, making less options available for the free version, and more crashing.
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6 years ago, Nerdy Pete
Love this app and service!
I haven’t had hardly any trouble with the app or the service. The only thing I wish it did was allow you to share cameras and give those you share cameras with full admin control over said cameras. So, if my wife is annoyed by constant notifications she has to text me and turn off the motion detection. Also, I never get reminders to turn the motion detection on or iff depending on whether I am home or not. I thought that was a free feature. Over all, I am super satisfied with Alfred. One question—why the app name change?!? DIY CCTV is really boring branding TBH. One more thing—there needs to be a way to turn of “phone is not charging” warnings. I am getting them repeatedly and all of them are not necessary. I need one and then I need another when the battery gets to 50 another at 20 and maybe start to nag me at 5%. But there is no reason to bug me every minute or so when I know the phone is plugged in and I am at work. Plus it usually stops charging until the battery level actually drops. Then it starts charging again.
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6 years ago, megr31
Great for pet sitting
I love this app so much and am so happy I found it. My wife and I were wondering about the best way to keep an eye on our lil puppy while we’re at work and make sure he’s not barking or whining all day. We were looking into buying cameras or expensive pet monitoring equipment when we found the app Alfred. We were able to use our tablets we normally leave at home to easily monitor our little pup for free. We can always see how he is doing from our phones and even talk through the microphone to calm him down or just to check in before we get home. The night mode feature helps us tremendously since he is a black lab and hard to spot sometimes. The app also lets us swap through accounts easily to switch our viewing tablets and lets us know our battery percentage at all times. I’d highly recommend Alfred to anyone with a need to monitor their pet. Also, the motion detection feature along with instant notifications to your phone make it a solid choice for baby and house monitoring as well.
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2 months ago, WontLetYouCommentDue2Pathetic
Great app
I love this app and it comes in handy when I go out of town. The free feature is the best. The only reason I haven’t upgraded is because I have it on so that it records videos when someone walks in but every time I leave the app and come back in it’s turned off. It also recorded someone walking in, I saw it saying record but when I went to this video that I needed the event book was empty. So I don’t have this guy illegally walking in my apt. I have to screen record just to get the video. What’s the point ??? Luckily I got the last guy admitting that he’ll be illegally entering lucky for screen recording. I really wish this app was a good as it was when I first got it. Before it would record multiple videos. Now that I’m states away from home I can’t rely on it. Please fix asap so I can recommend
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6 months ago, TJPray
Got robbed this app allowed them to get away with it because of free version
So I’m sitting there, checking my camera and I noticed all of a sudden there’s someone in my home I was horrified tried zooming in on their face couldn’t do it because I have the free version tried to recording it couldn’t do it because I use the free version tried saving the recording couldn’t do it because I was using the free version. This is a bunch of lies saying it’s free and I was gonna get the camera and a subscription on payday but now I’m glad I didn’t because I got robbed and they got away with it, and I had nothing to show the police it’s not free It’s a demo and on my 52 megapixel camera in Broad daylight it was was a such a blurry shaped figure that the world’s best computer analysts couldn’t even identify it I bet because they distort it so that you’ll buy it you can’t tell who’s coming in your home unless you pay I got burned because I believe that it was a truly free app and the police acted like I was lying because I had nothing to show them while using a active security camera
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5 years ago, Jenuinely_Me
It’s not as good as it was
I have used this app off and on for almost two years. I don’t like the recent upgrades that limited the amount of time movement is recorded. The app used to stop recording at a certain point and pick right back up because it defected there was still movement, not any more. The kids can leave the view of the camera, it stops recording but does not pick them back up when the walk back into the view of the camera, they made it through the living room into the kitchen. Both rooms are in the view. This was not just once, it’s a lot. Many times it will pick up a person walking in OR out of view BUT it dies not catch both. I have Alfred set up on a tablet that is next to the router and always plugged in charging, I’m not sure why I get logged out so often and it takes forever to get logged back in. The Alfred app was better and more reliable before all of these changes. I purchased a one month subscription to the premium for $3.99 to see if that makes a difference and restores the dependability of the app, so far I have to say it does Not. I have a 45 second recording, when I watched it, I found that it only recorded movement for 15 seconds, the rest of the recording was still frame, no movement at all. If I do not see dependability like it used to have I will start looking for another security app and cancel my premium subscription to Alfred. I am crossing my fingers, I liked the Alfred app.
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6 years ago, prtnsrv
This app gives you a wireless, remote view through most old iOS phones. It is able to record on motion and save to a remote location for later viewing. That is the positive. Unless you are able and willing to check that the camera/phone is constantly connecting properly, it is nearly useless. If you expect this to be your constant, reliable second set of eyes, don’t waste your money. The three times in the last month that I really needed to review footage of a recording, the camera had disconnected itself. And when you are off site, you can’t reconnect. It wasn’t till a day or so had past that I had any knowledge that it wasn’t recording. You have to physically go and turn the app back on on the camera device when you lose connection. Really hard to do when you aren’t there to reconnect it. Until this app is able to remotely reconnect, or at the very least alert you when the app is disconnected, I won’t be using it anymore.
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8 months ago, McJakester
Negative reviews are user error.
I needed a security camera up quickly to record possible issues on my property. Found this app and honestly didn’t expect much. I was SO pleasantly surprised. It honestly works as good if not better than $900 cameras I’ve had in retail locations. I immediately upgraded to premium for the extra features with no ads and it’s flawless. You get a short recording after movement but from what I understand if you have ‘continuous recording’ on, it will save an 8 hour loop onto your phone in the case that you need to have the longer video. You can then reference the shorter clips for time stamps. Any issues people are having are 100% device, settings, or network related. Truly can’t say enough how happy I am that this works the way it does. Great work guys!
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7 months ago, jgjos
Was Working great
It’s simple enough. I’m not sure why but my T-Mobile WiFi kicked it off about 15 minutes after I subscribed. Then I got it working again. Then I shut the camera off for a few days because I didn’t need it. Then when I turned it back on it worked fine, but this time my TV got kicked off of T-Mobile’s internet Wi-Fi . Then when I tried to use the T-Mobile internet app to see what was going on everything shut down. Then nothing was working until I completely reset everything after deleting the Alfred apps. I’m assuming T-Mobile did it because when I went to reset my TV, my network was like 5 from the top with the box sitting 10 feet from the TV when normally it is first at the top, but regardless I can’t have everything shutting down.
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4 months ago, K S ...
This app used to work perfectly. Now it has advertisements that last 30 seconds and you can’t stop until 30 seconds have elapsed. They also did something that keeps the camera phone from adjusting the exposure for various lighting. The picture now is often all dark or completely white. Also when it notifies you of movement and you click to see what happened it goes to ad and you have to wait until the ad is done before you can see the recorded video. The whole thing is now designed to get you to pay. Also they used to make a point of being able to use your old phones but now they won’t allow you to use your old phones if the os is older than a certain level. There are way too many updates that only add more advertisements than ever improve the app. I am going to remove this app as it no longer is useful. I understand the need for ads but lately apps are making the ads so obnoxious and time consuming that the ads become counterproductive.
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11 months ago, Sheri B10
Great option for places with no Wi-Fi access
I have been looking for something to monitor inside my home while away and haven’t been able to find exactly what I was looking for. There are cellular cameras for outside that I have but didn’t really want to install those types inside. I stumbled across this and just happened to have an extra phone with service on hand for the data (no Wi-Fi, remember). It is exactly what I needed. I can open the app anytime and see the space I wanted inside with basically what I already had on hand. The apps monthly fee is very reasonable and well worth the comfort it gives me! For the same price I can also use my iPad and laptop as cameras. If you have home internet this would be even more convenient. For me not having wifi the phone with its own service has been most useful. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, NEIL'S STUFF(:-))
Best cctv spare phone app
I love this app. It does not lag at all. When I say not at all I mean it’s two time video and audio. All the others I tried on iPhones have a few second delay among many other issues but Alfred is the best by far. It offers everything I need or want including notifications and motion detection as well as real time video and audio. I only have one small teeny tiny complaint that I wish would be available. I would love to see the battery life on my viewing screen of the phone that I’m using for a camera just incase I don’t have a charger hooked up. Other than that flush all the others bc this ones the best. To the developers thank you so much for a great free app not to even mention the affordable upgrades with even more options. Keep up the great work!!!!
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5 years ago, donny bergers father
Read reviews before buying.
I downloaded the app on Sunday for a few hours. And after a couple of hours the phone i was using for the camera got extremely hot. On top of the free version of the app. It showed a low quality mode and hd was available after the upgrade was purchased. I updated both phones to the latest ios and upgraded the app like it suggested to get the hd quality. The hd quality ended up not being much better than the low quality. I even moved my phone to a different spots farther away and closer and it still had terrible quality. Save the few dollars and invest in an actual security system. Ontop of this all i already checked to make sure both video qualities were hd and the same. The developers emailed me back a few days later acting like im a idiot. I will not recommend any of there apps or anything they have partners with to anyone except the garbage company cause thats exactly where they belong. As for the fellow reviewers you cant say that something thats constantly running does not create any heat. So you all are b-sers
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5 years ago, barthalomus
Good, except it fails at random
UPDATE: The developer seems to blankety reply with this copy/paste response that is below. My network is fine, I’ve been testing it and have no problems with anything else. I am very careful to not hit the home button or anything, and I’ve tried both with and without using that power saving lock button. It works for a few hours, and at random the app stops broadcasting with no error on either end - the camera phone still thinks that it’s working as far as I can tell, it is no crashed or anything. If you’re going to reply, please read the whole review properly - docking another star. ORIGINAL: I have an old iPhone 4s setup as a camera. It is freshly factory reset, cellular turned off (WiFi only), nothing else running on it, a perfect WiFi connection, etc. This app stops broadcasting every so often, at least twice a day. The app is not crashing, and my internet connection/WiFi is perfect. When I go to the 4s, the app is still running and has no indication that it has failed... but it is not broadcasting. Restarting the app fixes it, but I’m not home all the time so this isn’t a good solution. My wife and I both watch the camera from time to time (watching our new dog). She has her own account that I share the camera to. We’re not able to view it at the same time. I was thinking of purchasing premium, but I don’t think I want to invest in this.
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5 years ago, SteampunkChipmonk
An A+ DIY alternative to costly paid services
I have a small shop with limited hours. I can now check on the space and inventory using Alfred. Sure there are ads, but they are a small inconvenience for simple security. You can have multiple camera points. I have three old phones with working cameras and wifi. Rather than send the phones to recycling I repurposed them - DIY security cams. The Alfred site stores the moments the phones record for only a limited time, so you must take an active part in the surveillance and review any recordings. Another plus is that you can speak through the system. I've had a non-surveillance opportunity to use Alfred to talk to a family member when they were picking something up from the shop, and I was at home.
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2 weeks ago, Anitra Dailey
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP BEFORE YOU READ THIS! This company has no shame, save your time. I have used this app for at least 5 years. It used to serve a purpose. As of this morning, it doesn’t. As I’m taking my dropping my mother off i get an alert from alfred. It captured movement in my home. While im gone! I see a preview of the capture and can just barely make out the shape of a person in my bedroom. Alarmed, i pull over to watch it, so i can let the police know what i see when i call them and instead of the 30 second video playing i see: UPGRADE TO ALFRED PREMIUM TO UNLOCK PLAYBACK MODE needless to say i wont be bullied into premium. I’m moving on. I didn’t get notified that in x amount of days i wouldn’t be able to watch the recordings without upgrading .And i still don’t know who/what was is in my room. Hoping im not a breaking news headline in a few hours because someone is in my bedroom closet hiding-waiting on me to get home. 100% useless. What a real disappointment
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2 years ago, Lollipop424
Audio frustration…I hope someone listens….
I’ve been using this app for the better part of a year now, and I have to say for my purposes, it’s AMAZING!!! However, recently I’ve been noticing the audio doesn’t record with the “motion detection” and “moments” video. This is insanely frustrating because the subject of my investigation is aware of the camera and the only “proof” I have in most videos is the audio. Sometimes the sound fluctuates too, like it’s strong then muffled. I’ve emailed customer support for help to no avail which is quite frustrating as well. Also, I saw on some other apps there’s a “sound activated” recording feature….any chance Alfred will add this? AFTER they fix my audio issue first pretty plz! I’m spite of my audio issues I still highly recommend this app :)
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6 years ago, SCW1313
This app is amazing. Unlimited cameras, and a week of cloud storage all for the minor inconvenience of ads. There are a lot of ads, but to be fair, no other app offers everything they do for free. AND!! It’s pretty cheap to get rid of the ads. As far as value, Alfred offers the most. It wouldn’t work when I had CenturyLink internet, because they interfere with a majority of the surveillance apps. Wish List: 1. I would like to be able to delete a video that’s on my screen. It’s really frustrating to have to back out a couple screens, click delete, select the one I want to delete (which is hard, since an ad has popped up, so I can’t tell which one I wanted to delete now), then click delete again, then done. Way too many steps to delete videos. 2. Fix the sensitivity. Low and medium barely ever pick up anything, while High picks up so much that I can’t tell if anything really happened. 3. I REALLY wish this app worked with the older Apple devices. I think they are back at iOS 6? PLEEEEEEEASE!!! 4. On the iPad to have 2 rows in portrait and 3 rows in landscape on the home page. It would be great if all of my cameras could show up on one page.
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6 years ago, T.marie74
Just Amazing!
This is by far the best app I have ever downloaded, I jst recently downloaded it and messed around a little with it to see how it worked and it’s amazing! I have to watch my moms house in a week and my boyfriend works midnights and I hate leaving my animals alone without knowing what’s going on bc I have some anxiety and this app is saving my life, now when I go to my mothers house for a week I’ll be able to check on my animals anytime I want! So thankyou so much for making this app I will be using this app all the time! I’m def getting the premium bc it’s an awesome price for an app this amazing! 5 Stars!!! I would recommend this app to anyone! And I don’t make these kind of reviews very often only when I really find a awesome, well made app like this!
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3 years ago, BzBDaG21519
QLINK Motorola e5+
Ok so my camera is on Motorola e5+ & for some odd reason every week or 2, my camera &/or viewer device screen is only showing black…. But it is actually is still active, like, it still records if there’s motion but it doesn’t notify me or anything…. Like Um, I could be missing very very important stuff… have you guys figured out why this malfunction comes about & also, when are the next Camera features going to be & im sure it’s not going to be soon or too soon, but when are the facial recognition features or the retina scanning features going to be available to the public!!?! Up the price to maybe $6.99/$7.99 tops ud make bookoo bucks!!! 😆😉🤪
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3 years ago, Analogthoughts
In no way dependable for paid/free service
One star because the one thing this app is supposed to do, it can’t. If you depend on this to monitor anything while away, don’t bother. This app is great if you’re constantly home and can be repeatedly reconnecting the camera device to the app, otherwise it’s totally pointless. I’ve gone through all of the suggested steps to improve stability of connection and despite having zero issues with anything on my end, it won’t stay connected for more than several hours at best. This means I get recordings of 1/3 of the time I’m away from home. I did pay thinking maybe the paid version would somehow be more secure, and it absolute is not. Serious shame because when working properly the app is great and has potential- but this issue has been around for as long the app (this was my third attempt using this app). TLDR- Don’t bother unless playing around with it for free.
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5 years ago, KDaniels1229
Great idea, but...
...30 seconds of movement is most often broken up into 3-6 different videos. It’s never consistent. A 30 second video which is rare is the most you’ll get out of 1 motion detection. When it’s broken up into several different videos it omits a significant amount of time, thus losing valuable audio. With audio every second counts. Unfortunately, a very damning phone conversation was missing a whole lot of audio. Is it worthless? Not entirely. Could it be better? Absolutely! Do the faults improve with a paid subscription? I’m not going to risk finding out. Also, purchasing a paid version would definitely blow my cover. Is there another app like this? Not that I can find. Not with the high amount of reviews that Alfred has. To me a high amount of views shows popularity and promise. I also see that the developer responds to poor reviews. I appreciate that kind of accountability.
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3 days ago, Childish shsh
It’s a classic
Love the app. UI is brilliant. Please work on keeping support for old devices. I hate seeing “this device will not be supported soon” message. I hate throwing out good working phones. Thank you for keeping it free I’m thinking about upgrading soon because the ads are insane. The playback feature is awesome, I rarely use it but it’s so helpful that everything is saved just in case the motion detection doesn’t catch everything. Ps this isn’t always perfect. I noticed some of my devices running Alfred will have battery drain until dead, but some of them can also run forever. I’ve also experienced app crashes in the past but I haven’t seen that in a while so i think devs are patching those issues.
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5 years ago, Zamz0505050505
I have had several surveillance cams , spy cams and security.. this is by far the best ! It’s clear , discreet , real time, motion detected , storage , can download ! Also I can get 2 views . Front and back with zoom features ! Night vision ( to an extent ).. Walkie talkie, and flashlight . You can’t beat it. I can hook up as many devices and can have more than one account ! The options are unlimited . As I play around with it .. there’s more I learn . I watch my Cars at night and it runs all night plugged in and it runs off if WiFi! And I leave my son in the car while I shop and I get to watch him in his phone and then I watch another view on mine so I feel safer and so does he. Love it! Highly recommend Alfred!
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3 years ago, Schenonelove
This app possibly just saved my life
I downloaded this App last night after a few days of dealing with an unpredictable ex boyfriend who has aggressive tendencies and attempted to break into my apartment earlier this week. Last night I was so tired because I hadn’t been able to sleep since I was afraid that he might show up and try again. I thought being able to have sight on my front door while I was in my bedroom might help give me peace of mind and help me sleep. When I woke up this morning I was so relieved that nothing had happened overnight and I got up to go to the bathroom, thankfully I had my phone with me. While in the bathroom I heard some fidgeting at the door and for a second thought I was loosing my mind. I shut and locked the bathroom door and immediately opened up the app only to see my ex breaking through my front door. I was able to call 911 and get help before anything bad happened and the app caught and recorded the whole thing! Never in my life would I have thought I’d be in a situation like this and I am beyond grateful for this app! Thank You!
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4 years ago, Repairman632
Get it working then leave it alone!
Bug fixes are fine but whatever else is being done that has caused the bugs in the first place needs to stop. This app was great when I first got it but the number of times the entire app or separate features have stopped working is becoming an issue. We shouldn't have to babysit the app and have to close and reload it or delete and reinstall it to keep it running properly. When it's running it's really great, simple UI, correct price point for annual use of premium version and all that, but I truly can't imagine that more features and bells and whistles and GKW are in demand vs. a simple, robust app that just keeps working without annoying the crap out of its users. Remember, K I S S. Keep it simple, stupid! Complexity is not your friend. Your customers are.
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6 years ago, BrettjonGlock23
Some Issues to Report
I’m having some issues that are extremely frustrating. When I first started using the app, it worked great. Recently though, when I open the app on my “viewing” iPhone, and hit either of the two cameras I want to check, it says connected but it’s not. No picture or sound pulls up and I can close the app several times and re-open and nothing changes. Only when I reset my iPhone can I see the video and only once. If I close the app down, I can’t view it anymore when I log back in. Thought this was just my iPhone so I tested my wife’s iPhone and it’s doing the same thing on hers. Not sure what’s up and why it stopped being reliable. I’m currently on an iPhone 8 Plus with t mobile.
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2 months ago, Kris_tendo
Great app, although it could use a extra feature
This app is pretty decent on its own, but there is a feature that it could have. Like recording past footage even if there is no motion. When you view the past footage, I feel like you should be able to record it, like maybe sound? The only way I can is to screen record it, but that probably would take up more storage space since screen recording records in 1080p 60fps, more than security cameras can handle. So a built in “record past footage” feature would be helpful. Perhaps you want a time-lapse of your home or something…
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5 years ago, Dougs4Given
Light sensitive
I have had this app for quite a while and it used to work OK.I use it as a security camera out my front window. It definitely is a plus with the motion detection, recording who is coming to my front door when I am not home. Although I have one big problem. It has always been light sensitive but for some reason lately No matter if I have The sensitivity on high or low, all day long up to 60 times in just a few minutes it is recording the light changes on the outside constantly. It was not that bad before but now it is super bad and irritating because I have to go through all of the videos to see if anyone came to my door with all the false recordings. I still like the app but I don’t know what to do about this major problem that is so irritating.
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6 years ago, vgarciasaldana
Trying it out for a few months (Free Version)
I’ve been trying the free version for a few months and I am trying to decide if I should upgrade. The HD video sounds good but I wish there were more features like zooming, continuous recording or different color filters. I hope it’s something that can be added in the future. Otherwise the app does what it’s supposed to. I use an iPhone 5 and the camera is decent. I use the low light filter but it’s grainy (might be due to the free version). I like that they have a battery save option. Wish I could use it without having to create a gmail account. Sometimes the motion sensor goes off but there’s nothing there and sometimes when I know people are passing by it won’t go off, don’t know why that is. I’ll keep testing it out.
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2 months ago, SunshineSavior
So disappointed!!
I have loved this app since I downloaded it years ago. I used it literally every day! It has saved me in so many ways; from easing my mind when my puppy was home alone, or when I had a home invasion it not only notified me during, but I could also go back and view the recorded footage and sis use to the police which later helped catch them. Anyways I just downloaded the app on my newest device to add to my list of viewers and camera devices (another great feature) but now I can’t do anything without having to pay!! It no longer lets me playback and view my footage, nor does it even let me record ! Other than just live viewing my camera.. I can’t do anything without having to buy the premium version ! I always recommended this app to everyone I know, but now.. I’ll sadly be searching around for alternatives.
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7 months ago, Konanic808
Good Ole Alfred!
I had previously paid for a year of the Premium for only $25. Since then I have purchased a Blink, Samsung & some other cheap China made P.O.S. For which I am so disappointed in.. so I was searching again for a good security camera and my Partner suggested “Alfred” again and I all the sudden felt so stupid for spending all the money on those other cameras. As long as you have a graveyard of old but functional phones like I do.. you can have yourself a quality CCTV Security System but with sound and HD! Obviously the best choice for interior security unless you can weather proof and consistently power a phone for outdoor..?! Thanks Alfred!
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1 year ago, Ronnieoc714
Life Saver!
I will forever be grateful for this app. Was staying at an AIRBNB and was a little skeptical about people we were renting from. I set up camera to monitor the room while I was out. While out, the alarm sounded on my phone letting me know there was movement in the room. I watched live footage of what was taking place and it was my girlfriend. I watched her for a few minutes when all of the sudden she took a couple steps backwards and dropped to the floor. I got on my Harley and rushed there. I was able to perform mouth to mouth and CPR on her till paramedics arrived. This app saved her life. If it weren’t for this app, she wouldn’t have made it.
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6 years ago, Cpf Stifler
High quality app! 5 stars
Ok first off to all you people that can’t describe anything in life without any other word besides “amazing” just lose yourself and get some vocabulary skills! This app is definitely the best one for a security app to use with an old WiFi cell phone. I was using the presence app in the past which crashed every 5 mins and had to reset it. This one so far is flawless. It’s still connected after a week. I love the ability to be able to talk to people when they are in your house. This one is the top one to download! 5 stars. It’s not “omg amazing”. Christ I read that stupid overused word by you teens on here 12 reviews in a row. Knock it off.
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5 years ago, enviousxbeauty
I absolutely love this app. A friend recommended it to me when she started using it after someone attempted to break in her door. I use it to monitor my front door, living room, balcony, and I keep a camera on my pets so I can check in on them while I’m at work. So far I’ve only tried the free version, but plan to upgrade to premium and give it a try. We’re going to be out of town soon so I feel better knowing I’ll be able to check on our home while we’re gone. Sure the video quality isn’t the greatest on the free version, but all things considered it does an amazing job. Thanks to the team for making such a wonderful app.
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4 years ago, adamhenley
Love it but settings are missing!
The current version of the app has no settings option for iOS. As in, I am trying to setup this app for integration into my Google Home/Assistant. The Alfred forum gives instructions on how. Yet when I search for settings in the app (not the camera settings for the remote device), there is not any button. I click the top left icon of the home and it opens the leftside nav menu, but there are NO SETTINGS features. Sad. Please fix this. Please make it easier to use with Google Assistant. Thanks! Please make landscape view for iPad available for Viewer. I can only see thea app in portrait mode tag this time.
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5 years ago, Dk1088
Very Buggy
Although still a useful app overall, it has several bugs that can be super annoying depending on your use case. The first one I experienced is related to the night vision mode or whatever it’s called. When turned on in combination with motion detection, my camera phone constantly changes from night vision on to off and vice versa for no reason and this triggers a motion detection and thus notification to me. This doesn’t happen due to change in light, it simply does it at a regular interval of 10 min or so even in a pitch black room. So I turned off the night vision thing since it wasn’t that great anyways and it fixed that issue. Now I have a new issue where the app changes my camera phone orientation for no reason every hour. I have the phone laying on its side for no reason the app keeps flipping it to portrait mode, thus triggering another motion detection and notifying me of it. Even locking my phones orientation doesn’t help since the app has its own determination of this setting. So basically if you want to use motion detection you can’t use night mode or rely on the orientation to stay without getting useless notifications about nonexistent motion. Pretty annoying.
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6 years ago, CLynnMayer
Alfred = Peace of Mind
What a GREAT app!!! Thank you very much Kim Komando for mentioning it! We have a security system, but no cameras. We also had a spare iPad and smartphone. We established eyes on 2 levels of our home in no time!!! While we were away for 3 mos, we could check on our home instead of asking daughters to do so. For ABSOLUTELY NO COST, it easily reduced the amount of worry and angst for us as well as inconvenience to our girls. This is a MUST HAVE app for anyone who wants to remotely look in on your home, pet, child, etc!!! Turning a smartphone into a security camera seems much smarter and economical than trading it in for next to nothing when you upgrade your phone!
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6 years ago, Domecile
In love with Alfred
Revised: Originally, it surpassed my expectations and It seemed perfect for keeping an eye on a second home in another state. My neighbor there has it as well, so we watch each other’s houses and use the cameras to their best advantage between the two properties. I can’t believe I can look out my front window there from my house here!! Night vision could be better, but.....ya can’t have everything. Ok... I just dropped a star because the “camera” device keeps going offline. I’m over a thousand miles away, so I can’t possibly check it, which pretty much ruins its effectiveness for many users. My neighbor might figure out the issue ...but.... so far it has done it twice in 3 days...not good. Too much hassle if we can’t solve the problem.
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2 years ago, chadgarrison15
Wish I found the Alfred App sooner!!
Man, have I been missing out and paying subscriptions I never needed to pay. This app was made for me since I have 2 phones for work and personal use, so I keep one at home as the camera and the other with me and I have no complaints. I could care less if it was crap quality I’d still rate 5 stars. And the quality is good. Wouldn’t change anything I can think of. I’ll be a customer as long as they don’t get to the point of selfishness and not thinking about the customer. So far so good. Would recommend 100%
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4 years ago, stayboogy
No longer that great
This app has increasingly gotten more unreliable with every update. You can’t lock the screen on your camera device or else the app quits working and then you can’t view from your viewing device, which completely defeats the purpose because without screen security all someone has to do is pick up the camera device and they can do whatever they want to. Not only this but the connection from camera and viewer has gotten unreliable, telling you the camera is offline when it’s not, telling you it can’t access the settings at times, and a whole host of other issues. Since adding all the subscription nonsense which NO ONE LIKES BTW this app has turned to garbage like all the others trying to make ushers rent their apps on their phones.
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9 months ago, 𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒛𝒛𝒚 𝑩
It has very little impact on your wallet, for the amount of convenience and capability it provides for safety and reliability of simply being able to use any device (phone) as a camera. As a 𝙎ingle 𝙋arent myself, I have used this app from the time my daughter was less then a year old and shes 3 now. Simply having the ability to keep an eye on your little one when you don’t want to risk walking in and they wake up. But you don’t know if they’re actually napping this bridges that gap. To say the least, you have anyone watch your child(or children) this is the peace of mind that you can count on.
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4 years ago, Grobinder
Busted update not working on cellular
I have a premium subscription and recently updated the app to view my cameras, now the app won’t load, connect to the cameras, or view events unless my iPhone 11 is on wifi. The app keeps timing out with an error that there is no internet connection when on cellular. I even tried turning off LTE, resetting network settings, updating iOS, and reinstalling the Alfred app a few times, but no luck. Even if I am in the app looking at the camera or events then disconnect wifi, it drops the connection immediately. All other apps I have that need internet work with no problem without wifi. Also trying to turn off notifications on a specific camera won’t stick. Once you leave the settings screen it turns itself back on.
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6 years ago,
I have been terrified lately since we noticed someone was trying to open our door so I wanted to get a security camera and alarms for our home. But they are kind of pricey all together. And luckily I found this app and was able to put my old phones to use. Although it is slow to connect sometimes and notifies late, still thankful for all the features of it for only a few bucks for their premium. I was hoping that the delay would be eliminated once I've purchased the premium but it didn't. It still takes a few seconds to open up and view my camera. And I wish it has an alarm sound so if you caught someone then you can play it from the viewer's device to scare that person.
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3 weeks ago, Sinthehuman
Gives me some peace of mind, but has some issues
This has been excellent for keeping an eye on our cat that's recovering from an injury. Though, I've noticed some pretty odd issues with the app. The camera quality was awful, which is odd because the device generally takes high quality photos, and it isn't an issue with any other apps. We paid to upgrade for a month for better quality and all the other features, but the app is constantly telling me I'm not upgraded. I still get ads, and the camera quality randomly goes back to being very poor. I hope to see these issues resolved, as it's a great app otherwise!
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5 years ago, Cancer queen
I love the app and the price, and would give it five stars except.... in continuous monitoring, even from the computer, it “lost connection”. I have to close the app or browser, then restart to be able to view. Also, we used it while we are vacation to keep an eye on things at home and after the first day, it was “offline”, “camera not available “. When we returned home, the app needed an update to keep working. I have it set to receive automatic updates, but that did not work. Suggestion for that would be to allow the app to work regardless of the update, unless it is an actual security update. Overall, it is a good app.
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1 year ago, 4katty
Was a great app
Until recently, I loved this app (free version). Although there were a lot of ads, they were not obtrusive. However, Alfred recently started using ads that immediately take control of your entire screen, without the option of canceling out of the ad, forcing you to watch for a full minute, before accessing your security camera. I use this app to monitor a kiln that is firing. There are times when I need to see the kiln temperature immediately. Should these ads continue, I will stop using Alfred and stop recommending the free and paid versions to my friends. Too bad they are ruining a good thing! It is now just another extremely frustrating app and rather than convince me to move to the paid version, it will convince me to delete the app.
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