Alight Motion

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4.4 (39K)
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3 months ago
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14.4 or later
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User Reviews for Alight Motion

4.36 out of 5
39K Ratings
1 year ago, RyaArts
Lags and freezes
In all honesty, I love this app wholeheartedly! I’ve been using it for years, I’ve gotten the subscription and I haven’t been able to find anything else like it on a mobile device! My only issue however, is the massive amount of lagging, crashing and freezes that happens. After a few years of having the app on the same device, it started to run slower and slower until eventually it would just crash every time, I tried reopening the app, clearing storage (which wasn’t an issue in the first place), restarting my device, everything I could think of! Eventually I simply deleted and reinstalled the app, and for about half a month, that was working out well, and I thought it would take a while at the most until this issue arises again, but after about a week of not using the app, the same lagging, freezing and crashing started up again, even though my device storage is clear, and I haven’t made many projects on the app yet. I don’t know why this has been happening, but I can’t find many solutions aside from deleting and reinstalling the app around once or twice a month, which one could imagine, is a very tedious process. I love this app very much, but the crashing and lagging issues make it really hard to progressively use the app when I have to not only get rid of all my data on there, but also to do it so often that I can’t be comfortable using the app on a regular, whatever this issue is, I hope it becomes resolved, thank you for reading ^^
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3 years ago, illumi simp❤️
It’s a good app kinda
The apps not bad but like the free version you can do a lot of stuff with it and you can make some pretty cool edits but now when the update came most of the stuff like the effects or all you had to have premium like a membership so I had this edit I made and I didn’t get the Membership yet I was planning on getting it but not anytime soon so my edits were all based on free affects so I made the saber effect for one of my edits but now I can’t export the edit because it’s changed to membership so I’m not able to download it to my photos because I’m broke and sometimes the thing like glitches a lot and it just closes you out of the app which is pretty annoying every time I make a long edit it’s always closing me out of the app and the fact that I use are like the wave ones the way the facts and like all of them are for memberships so I can’t I are used to use that affect all the time but now I can’t use it anymore because the membership and stuff not saying that should be like there should be no membership because the app itself and going on like the free you can make some pretty cool edits with it which is why I gave it like four stars so that’s not bad but like now the times all the effect are all for membership and I don’t have that 😗✌️
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1 year ago, •𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙩—!
A few problems, otherwise good
Hi Alight Motion! I enjoy using your app even though I only use it for the video movements. Although, I have a few concerns. One thing is that it constantly gives me ads. For example, when I click to like projects and then I create it, I get an ad as soon as I do. Another thing that bugs me is when I have to watch an ad to export, when I finish watching the ad and I press go to press save, it gives me another ad again! Very frustrating. And ANOTHER thing that is awful is the constant lagging and inability to load. My WiFi is always at full bars and my device is an iPad Pro 4th generation with plenty of storage, so there’s no reason for your app to have such difficulty. After watching the ridiculous amount of ads, your app constantly tries to offer me to pay $7.99 A WEEK just to get no ads, export freely, etc. It’s not necessary to charge people that much per week, it would be more understandable is you put it to a month, for example. You should have the option like “don’t ask again” like other Apple apps do. Last thing I was dissatisfied about is when you removed the feature to watch an ad to remove your obnoxious water mark. I understand you have to make money for your app, but there’s plenty of other ways to! I’m probably better off switching to CapCut, since they added better features to their app for free. Otherwise, your app is good. Thanks for reading -Margaret
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1 year ago, Vanness Xiong
Ok so I really love this app. It made editing easier and its really a good editing app. It’s not for beginners but for intermediate or advance editors. The one thing I do note is that, when u create a account, lose your files, your files won’t be saved. By files, I mean projects. I wish that when you create you account, and the app have all your projects and such, you projects wouldn’t be deleted after you delete the app because your account is still active if yk what I mean (sorry I’m bad at explaining), also, there’s this issue where everytime I’m in the app for like 30 seconds to 1 minute, the app crashed and it exit me out of the app everytime so it gets hard editing because I wouldn’t be able to do stuff because of the consistent crashing and exiting out the app. I do hope you find a solution or maybe it’s just my phone, I don’t know. And lastly, the premium purchase, 5 dollars a week is a bit too much for me. Like I wish it was atleast 5 dollars a month because I, as a high school student, can’t really use the full potential of the app because of the weekly subscription and having to pay weekly. I would love it if it was once a month. Anyways that’s all my concerns, thank you!
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1 year ago, roblox hadley
First few problems
I’ve been using the app for a year in about July and it’s been going great! Everything has been working nicely and I’ve been able to save my videos with no problem. I’ve been able to download my QR code’s from TikTok with shakes and effects easily so I can use them. But today however, I tried to get in to make an edit. My screen stayed white for about 20 seconds and then it just went back to my Home Screen. I ended up having to delete the app and redownload it. When I got back in all my edits and edit packs were gone and I couldn’t get them back. I then went back into TikTok to put in a few more QR code’s so I could make a new edit and it either took me into the app and said I needed a membership to use it because it was over 5MB, or it took me to the App Store to download the app even though I already had the app. I clicked “open” to open the app and the pack showed up nowhere. It has worked in the past but today it stopped. Alight if you could please fix this so everybody can insert the QR code’s into the app again to make it and easier app to use. All you are trying to do is make people end of needed to buy the membership so they can use it properly and people will not want to spend 80 dollars a year on a editing app. So please fix this as fast as you can. Thank you alight community!
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1 year ago, BuffSquirell
Truly an amazing app! Couple things though.
This is honestly one of the best apps I’ve had for animating, if not the best! I love the dynamics, and though it seems intimidating and challenging at first, once you watch a tutorial or two you know the whole platform! This works wonders when you need to tween, and though it’s not my favorite for editing (purely because I have other apps, not a fault with the app itself) it’s amazing for animation. One little problem that I don’t particularly like is the price of the subscription however. I was there before the update, and I actually quite enjoyed it then, I was thinking of buying it. But that much a week is a little expensive on my end, especially as a middle schooler who uses the app for fun. I would understand if you had a subscription, but for the features taken away like certain filters and features and the amount of screen space taken from the watermark is a little excessive. I understand the team works very hard on the app and I appreciate the effort they put in, it’s just a little upsetting that the people like me who can’t afford the subscription can’t use the app to the full extent. Thank you anyways though!
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3 years ago, Supersonic24
Love it 100%. However
I love alight motion! It great for editing, animating, and I just love everything about it. It’s makes my animations better and it’s simple to use (well for me). However, the problem is that there would be weird stuff going on. Like for one, it would show all my photo and I would be fine, but then all of a sudden, the photos disappear. Even when I allow it to use all photos, it wouldn’t appear. I had to delete and reinstall the app again for this to work again. I’m not particularly happy about this because all the projects I had in there are now gone and the data is, well of course, gone. The next thing is that it would just randomly crash and take me back to my Home Screen. I had this problem many times before and it’s really annoying because I had to delete it again (and I just deleted it , the two situations happened within an hour of each other). I was completely confused because before these problems alight motion was perfect (little problems here and there but it’s not crucial). I’m not sure if it’s a bug or some other thing causing this but I don’t know how to fix it.
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2 months ago, carrototo
Is everything this companies does just for money
Genuinely no monthly plan is absolutely absurd. I as a person with other things in life to worry about has to either pay 5 dollars or 8 dollars a week for a mobile service? not to mention 30 dollars or 80 dollars a year for this application I need no research to understand that this truly is not worth the price id rather learn an entirely different application to approach a hobby of mines. Then you as a company know your losing users like why must you be so parasitical on your own users like really must of your users are kids what kid is gonna to casually be able to ask the parents or guardians or anybody for that matter for a constant stream of 8 dollars a week no subscription should exceed 8 dollars a month. I am also an old user of this app coming back with only great intentions and this was a terrible welcoming your app to this day crashes on very minimum projects, the intrusive alight motion sign if you don't pay for some absurdly priced subscription will always hunt you, reasonably you don't get as many options as much as premium users. The old alight motion never called for the intrusive display nor the idea of no month fee what genuinely happen, once a great app now a cash grab?
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5 months ago, Kueqq
It’s not great, but not bad
I often reach issues of the audio going silent,with me having to restart playing the edit from the beginning or some random point. Furthermore, there aren’t any fixes, tricks, or anything i could find to fix it (though this is likely just a problem of me getting another device for this), it doesn't mean it’s not a problem. Alight frequently crashes, lags, and freezes with no light at the end of the tunnel in updates to fix it. There are many features gate kept by them requiring a “premium” subscription fee to reach its “full potential”, although some people like me can watch ads to unlock these features which is great. But it shouldn't even be a problem in the first place as gate keeping shouldn't be a part of communities (whilst i understand they need money, doesnt mean I need to like the fact). To edit greatly you need effects, many moving parts, and layers which alight can’t even handle sometimes in a 30 second edit for me (and I have a high budget). In conclusion it needs to face it’s problems with lag/crashes, bugs/freezes, gate keeping issues, and more to improve. All this isn’t to say it’s bad, but to just show people issues they may find along the way.
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4 years ago, AvaLeeroy
Problems With Loading
I’ve seen this app everywhere. I started out with Video Star, and wanted to get into Alight Motion. I got the app, and editing with this app was really easy! I loved it and I kept editing. But every time I would go to import, it wouldn’t let me. It would be stuck on the loading screen. So I had to screen record so that I could show it to my friends. Earlier this week, I decided that I would buy the Premium Pass. I went to my profile, and it showed the “Premium Options” (or whatever it says). I went to click on it, and, it went away, with a loading screen. I waited, and it never came. I logged out, logged back in, and it didn’t work. So I decided to go into a project, go to a premium effect, and press the “Premium Option” feature. Again, it got stuck in a loading screen. So I tried again. It didn’t show a loading screen this time! But, sadly, it would not let me click anything. I kept pressing continue, I tried seeing if it would switch to monthly if I clicked it, but no use. I really love this app and would love to support you guys with the premium membership!
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1 year ago, trishatawlkanowah
Yes. The app works great, yet I'm not sure if it's the updates, it's certainly not my ipad pro though. It managed to take away my yearly subscription that's not renewed until august 28, it's expecting me to buy the yearly subscription A G A I N, when my year isn't even over yet, it does not allow me to refresh or restore my subscription. (I have proof that I have been a subscriber since last year) I cannot access the assets or take away the logo. This is really something that all creators should watch out for, the makers intend to do things like this for more money without fixing the app issues and then telling their community, that it's either bugs or glitches, or some things that just need to be patched due to recent/latest updates, I'm finally coming out to say this. At least give me a refund. I even tried restarting my device entirely and reseting it, no luck. This is my honest review. I get that it's 3 months until the renewal but don't do this to people at the last minute just because some of us are poor and not as wealthy as those who can easily afford such a price to pay just to edit. We're literally paying to edit, taxes aren't enough as it is so they even do things within the apps society is constantly allowing themselves to be consumed by? Just be careful everyone.
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4 years ago, malsai8
All is great except...
I love this app, and would 100% recommend to anyone considering it, but lately I’ve been having some issues. I’m having problems with my cursor and elements. It’s been happening for a while, but it’s just now starting to get on my nerves. I have my “show cursor” settings on, and it was fine at first, but now it will stamp itself in place on my screen and stay there until I close out the app. It’s hard for me to explain, but imagine having two cursors on your screen. There is one that is stuck in place, and the other one that is fine and showing your taps (like it should) Second, after the latest update, I’ve been having issues with my element’s text. When you have an element that mainly consists of text, it will let you do a simple text edit when brought into a project. My issue is that when I add an element (with the simple text edit) into my project, make the changes I want, and exit out of the project, it doesn't save. When I go back in the project, the element text is set back to its default. It’s hard for me to explain, but I hope that these things can be fixed soon!!!!
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2 years ago, ✨PinkPower24✨
Access Premium Features
I recently just downloaded the app and so far, it seems like an awesome editing app for the iPad. My gripe with this app is that I can’t access certain features because you have to pay a monthly or yearly membership, and I don’t have any money in my account. I just wish there was a way for us to access the premium features with out paying the membership for a certain amount of time like having a lifetime payment, or even watching a 30 second ad (just like ibisPaint). Some people have said the before the update, everyone was able to access all the features before the update came, where the membership was now required and many people have complained about the situation. There was also an event that had all the features on this app to be used by those who didn’t pay the membership that I missed. So, that’s why I’m putting a 4-star review. I wish there was a way we can access the premium features for a certain amount of time or just pay for it for one time. Hope you guys are okay with the review
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2 years ago, HopesAndDreamsHT
I Love This App But it’s Letting Me Down
I love this app, ive been using it for a couple years and i’ve started to rely on it just for normalcy in my life. But when I go to export projects every once in a while they won’t export saying it failed. So I lose all my hard work and I can’t save it or watch it or any of that stuff. And it just hurts me every single time because there’s nothing I can do. Lately it’s gotten incredibly easier for my app to lag when scrolling through my project. I used to be able to hold over 100 projects on my phone without a problem and without the storage on it in my phone to exceed 30 GB, now I can’t seem to get it below 50 with only less than 30 projects on my app. The graphs for transitions are never smooth anymore which graphs are supposed to help with. And certain effects are hard to use, like the mosaic effect which shifts the layer so if you tried to make a transition with it, it wouldn’t match and is useless to use. I love this app, it’s one of the only editing apps i’m able to do so much with without paying, but it’s just gone incredibly downhill and my experience has worsened overtime and looks like it will never get better.
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1 year ago, miyalovelin
A great app and really efficient for any project! However the adds are really annoying
I love it, it’s really easy to use, the effects are amazing, and it’s honestly one of the most useful and daily apps I’ve ever used. There a good graphs, good key frames, and good resolution and quality. I’ve been using it for an year now, I’m still learning but improving. A bit of constructive criticism however, everywhere I click pops up an ad. Whether it’s exporting my project or just clicking a random template button. If this goes on it’s going to become those cheep knock off games that ad farm their players and I don’t think that AlightMotion is going to stoop from that level. It’s still annoying so I’d appreciate less ads. Maybe just make an ad pop up during exporting and nothing else? It’d be much less annoying and would actually encourage editors like me to edit more! I also have a complaint with the app logging me off. Maybe it’s because my device is outdated or I use too much layers but I’m constantly getting logged off of the device
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4 years ago, Red S4b0
I love it but it has an unusual glitch.
I love alight motion. I think it’s one of the best apps for editing. It has a lot of effects that other editing apps don’t have so that brought my attention. I’ve been using alight for almost a year and the past glitches didn’t affect my edits until the one I have now, on my iPhone 7. I got this glitch recently about maybe a week ago. The glitch disabled my use of photo or videos. It looked as if I didn’t have any photos or videos. At first I thought I had accidentally disabled it in the settings, but i checked and it was still on “Read and Write.” I disabled it then enabled it again to see if it was a small glitch. Turns out, that didn’t work either. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but all that did was delete all of my projects and stop my membership. No worries on the membership though, I can handle that. The last thing I tried was making a new account but it still showed that I had no photos nor videos. I hope this glitch gets fixed soon.
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1 year ago, erenxken
I need Am is lacking a proper masking tool. I haven't used vector drawing in 2 years and nowadays I just pay the monthly plan for Blurrr app and mask my things, photos and videos alike in under 3 minutes. Another feature I think we need is puppet tool, would be really convenient for making animations, also the 3D section needs more vitality, when I look at some AE manga animation projects for example, the way they're able to make a 3d rendered scene from scratch is incredible and I find myself stumped at how to approach that level of competence with the current features. Although the most important feature in this context would prob be the Z plain, there's just not enough tools to create 3d trees for example and really make the environment look and feel 3D. Ultimately, these features would take time to implement, however I think the longer it takes, the more people are becoming experienced enough or unsatisfied with the level at which they are stuck to make the switch to AE.
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12 months ago, Gemmiegem1510
Love the app, but..
I’ve been using Alight Motion for nearly a year now. I mainly use it to make sprites for animations, and it usually takes about an hour. The past few days, every time I try to enter, it’s froze before asking me if I’d like to enroll in a subscription. I’m a teenaged small YouTuber, so I can’t afford the subscription. It won’t work no matter what I do. I decided to delete then re-download the app because this happened a few months ago, except it would kick me out and I’d have a limited amount of time until I was kicked out again. So, I made sure I had my account set up so everything wouldn’t be lost, and guess deleted nothing except for my projects. I’m so disappointed. So how about this. Stop asking if we want a subscription every three minutes. Make sure there aren’t any bugs. Thanks to this, I’m probably gonna have to delay a very important video. (And in case you’re wondering if deleting the app resolved my issue, it didn’t. Which make things ten times worse.)
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1 year ago, Ninja GamerYT
Please fix the lag
i like the app, my edits always come out in good quality and nice fps. and there’s a nice verity of effects and wide range of things you can accomplish. but 100% the WORSE thing about this app is the amount of lag that comes with it, it only gets worse too over the months, i’ve have alight for a year and the lag gets progressively worse and worse and i don’t understand how. in my time of using this app i’ve never seen an improvement to the lag, the app is always overheating my phone (which would be normal but it overheats more than normal) the lag is so bad it’s made me quit editing and i don’t think it’s fair i pat 5 dollars a week to have a bad experience regarding the performance of the app when i’m trying to do a very simple basic edit. lately the lag has been freezing my whole phone for a good 5 minutes and i cant do anything. and if i’m listening to music while exporting it gets distorted and corrupted. please, do something about this apps lag, i’ve never seen an improvement and it’s sad because this is by far the best mobile editing app. please please please i cannot beg enough to fix it.
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2 years ago, funestgamel311
Very good app, although some issues.
Perfect for editing. Amazing features, effects, etc. Some things do however bug me. When importing videos, from the media screen, the video i want to be imported doesn’t show up. This has been going on for a while. And it is starting to get frustrating when i’m available to begin editing a video but i can’t even get the first thing i need to get started. Another problem that is a little less problematic is the lag that happens when editing the project. The delay and visual bugs that happen can get quite annoying and inefficient as you have no idea if something looks good or not when you cannot even tell what is happening in the project. The video turns out fine after exported but that takes time that could be used fixing errors or making improvements. I feel as if these both should be fixed as fast as possible. When this is done if ever done, it will be a 10/10 app and software.
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2 years ago, jacksonsock
Alight Motion is not great to use anymore
The alight Motion app will no longer be my favorite because when I messed up alight Motion, it starts to crash so I had to delete it and delete all of the unneeded apps. Sorry that it keeps crashing every day :( so I’m deleting it forever. The only way I can use to video edit perfectly is not using the camera for the project. All I have to do is just stay where the project has layers in them. I’d rather use KineMaster, but not on iOS. That’s the only app I’d use on my Samsung tablet instead. Oh my! No explosion is needed: When I tried to replace the layer, the replacement won’t work! I had to close the project and reopen it again, but the problem is that the project was completely empty and the aspect ratio won’t go to 16:9. And then I would get out of the app! I had to open it again. I tried to replace and edit the layers a lot of times once I copied my project. I tried to do that but the reasons is that the layer would disappear. The only layer that stops controlling with the size is the reason that it would not stretch correctly to -60 stretch axis. Then something weird, it shrunk.
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4 years ago, Happy Wafflefeet
No bugs!!! Except...
Okay. To be completely honest, this is the best app I have ever decided to download. The interface was really easy to pick up and with the new update I had none of the bugs mentioned in previous reviews. The only issue that I have is when I export footage with alpha transparency. I keep choosing the HEVC codec and choosing export, but after the loading bar appears no saving option shows up. The program stalls, and after a few seconds, crashes. I hope that this bug will be fixed in later versions, but I would still strongly recommend this app to anyone who wants to create motion graphics. This program is on par with After Effects and has so many great capabilities. For me the issue with Alpha exporting barely takes away from my work, because I can just import the video I want to overlay graphics on. So no matter what level you are with motion design, I can tell you that this app is for you.
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1 year ago, Designlove56
Amazing Software something the iPad has needed!!!
This software is amazing. It’s the true motion graphics software that we have needed for iPad Pro. I think the UI needs some work, for example some panels like the shapes panel stays open all the time. I think the UI should be done in a more responsive and dynamic way allowing the user to take advantage of greater space. The app has great features and functionality and will for sure be my go to motion graphics software as soon as I see the crash bug out. The app is crashing at times, but the one I am noticing as a constant is when trying to go back to all your project files. Instant crash. This piece of software has huge potential and it fills a huge gap for video creators and motion graphic creators/animation. I truly hope the devs understand that they are sitting on something game changing. Would also be nice to have the option to have a flat rate buy price or sub option. I don’t know how long you guys have been on the platform, I only just discovered you tonight on a whim. The App Store has never shown me the app before and I’ve been looking and checking in to see if any good motion graphic software came for years. I only wish the App Store showed the app whenever it first came. This app is really exciting, and like I said before I truly hope the developers understand just how big of a thing this is. It’s something we desperately need. Please fix the crashing bug ASAP!
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3 years ago, 8laziken
Alight Motion Is Great. But not everything is perfect
I honestly love this app. I’ve used it for around 2 years now (December will be my third) I love how much freedom this app has when you can pretty much do whatever you want in it. Exporting in amazing quality and all of the great effects that you all have added. But some issues poke through that made my experience a bit more aggravating than any. Now it's my fault with how many clips I put in or how many effects I add. But this app does lag a lot most of the time, even when I delete a big amount of the effects and clips. And a lot of the time when I'm editing the music or sound effects depending on what type of thing I'm editing starts to just not work, then I have to continue to restart the app for it to work. Now honestly, this might be because of me and how much stuff I add to the project but I wanted to address this cause it's bugged me for a while. Hope you have a great day, Ashton.
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3 years ago, 🍃🐚
Worst app I’ve downloaded.
The features in this app are amazing, and what the app can do is stunning, but there’s a HUGE problem, the app is SUPER SUPER laggy and slow, and it ALWAYS crashes after just a few minutes of using it, And when it gets to a point where it crashes so much from you trying to save your work, it just CRASHES YOUR ENTIRE DEVICE this app is garbage and their is absolutely NO point of downloading the app. I’ve lost SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT on this app it’s disgusting. Please don’t download this if you ACTUALLY WANT TO MAKE GOOD WORK AND ACTUALLY HAVE IT SAVE. And this is not just my problem, it’s MULTIPLE others problems too, it’s why the app has 4 stars, when someone has this same problem they just say “contact us here ________” They are doing nothing to actually fix this, and it’s disgusting. By far the worst app I’ve ever downloaded, please don’t download this, this DOES NOT deserve 4 stars. Don’t just take away 1 Star because of this problem this problem is HUGE and the app is pointless because of it. Thanks for reading, and thanks for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix this Alight Motion.
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3 years ago, POTM JL
Don’t even bother with this
The app is extremely laggy and will crash constantly by literally using editing opinions in the app. Once your project starts lagging and glitching, consider it gone because the constant crashes will only make it worse as you try to salvage it. Quite literally if you try to play your project it will lag horribly before crashing seconds later. You can’t even export your projects in an attempt to save them since it will crash in the downloading process. So you’re left with one option: Start over again from scratch on a new project. But oh wait, it’ll just lag and crash again. 🥰😍 The developers have been told this is a common issue with their app for MONTHS. But they couldn’t be bothered do anything about it and will occasionally respond with the generic, automated “please email customer service” reply in the negative reviews. It’s sad since this app actually has a lot to offer without needing a subscription, and is fairly simple to use. But really you’re better off using the free version of Videostar or some other editing program. At least with those you get a functional app.
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8 months ago, Tysic
I love this app SO MUCH, I do Gacha tweeting and fandom edits, and this app is the NUMBER ONE place I go to, there are so many features that make the process go quick and easily, and the results are amazing! Though, there are some bothers to it though. So when you first use it depending on what video your making you’d probably need a tutorial because it looks really confusing, it took me a few days to figure out how to import photos, but once you go through the few simple things, it will be easy. And there’s one more really bothers me, the lag. So unlike other apps, you can import a LOT of photos without it crashing, but sometimes it can’t play, or when you watch the video you made it’s low quality, but once my export it, (you need to watch a ad to export it which is annoying) it will be good quality. But overall this does deserve 5 stars, great app!
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4 years ago, It's minecraft
Love this app but this glitch is holding me back
I just recently started using this app because I wanted to get into video editing. When I started using it everything was great and there were no glitches (or so it seemed). After a while I got to the point where I needed to add text to one of my videos and that’s when it happened. Every time I attempt to add text to my video, instead of it showing the message I want it to say, it says “”. I simply cannot figure out why it’s been doing this and it doesn’t seem like anyone else has encountered this problem. No matter how many times I delete the app and install it once more or edit the text it doesn’t work. I should mention that it occurs on every single edit I have tried to add text too. Other than this the app has been great. I even went as far as too pay for and remove the watermark. I would still like to know how to add text to my video though :/
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4 years ago, flippinwaffles
It’s alright, but here’s why
I have had so many problems with this app and by far it is starting to chap my khakis. The effects are great and all along with the transitions. But gosh, every time I want to do something to a certain photo while it is grouped with at least two other photos, it decides to not show up. At all. I’m thinking “hmm maybe I turned off the eye icon” or “maybe I put the opacity down or something”. NO! not at all, it’s neither of those options. I don’t know what is going on or what is happening, but jeez I just wanna edit my videos man. I downloaded this app like a year ago (2 or 3 months ago), and it worked like a charm. But now it’s acting like I put a virus in it or something. I would like for these “problems” of mine to be handled, at least some of them. But if it starts to become worse than it already is, then I will have to take matters into my own hands.
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3 years ago, wolfiefloof
Please fix this glitch
Alight motion is a amazing app for more experienced editors and I would 100% recommend this to anyone who loves to edit. The problem I’ve been having recently is when I’m in the move and transform section and I’m trying to move it (zoom in or out) it makes the whole photo disappear or flip it. This should be a thing happening on the transform part of it if I keyframe it, not when I want to move a image bigger. It makes the whole thing so frustrating and I often end up quitting the whole project I was working on or wait a few days, and this is frustrating because I would love to work on it like I was planning to but can’t because one of the main tools I use is glitched. I’ve tried to work around this or find a solution but I can never find one, and it’s very annoying. Please fix this glitch, it’s made me rage quit projects I’ve spent hours on and makes me frustrated and annoyed.
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3 years ago, darling🌿🌱
Please fix the crashes, glitches and bugs, as soon as possible
This app is the best except the crashing that happens when I try to play and see the video that I was trying to edit. Well I was almost done with the project and it just crashed suddenly and now I can’t see my photos when I go to “image & video”’s empty for some reason if these bugs could be fixed it would mean a lot to me and many others. And lastly I won’t give on alight motion just because it’s crashing, it used to happen to me in the past but now it became a very big problem..I would really recommend this app for those of you who wants to edit and do animation! But please be aware that there are some bugs…although I appreciate alight motion so much, it would really be very helpful if these bugs could get fixed. I cannot see any of my photos I think this is a new glitch?
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1 year ago, this gameeeee is BADDDD!!!!!
This app is, mid. I love to use it for its great shakes, cc, quality, etc. But when it comes to the app it self, I dislike it very very much. Where do I start, when you get a barrage of ADS! I saw other reviews and they said the exact same thing, and you said, “Oh the people work full time, put hard work, and dedication, blah blah blah. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A YOU PROBLEM. Let me tell you this, us, we people, don’t care. I used this app and now I want to switch to CapCut. Alight Motion is 99.9% better than CapCut, but that 1% is the ADS, AND YOU HAVE TO PAY $7.99 A WEEK TO HAVE NO ADS, and more effect features that are good but not worth it. Yes, I understand you need money and other things but please consider taking out the ads and lower the price of the premium or at least make it $7.99 a month, and if you still are being stubborn about the adds, just lower the amount we get. I spend about 1 hour on Alight Motion a day editing and I get around, 5 ads for just 1 hour. This shows how dumb this is and how you saying, our people work full time, put hard work, and dedication, means absolutely nothing. Fix your app.🫵
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3 years ago, vvqao
Bugs and errors.
Look, I love this app. I edit things on here, and this app is my priority. The thing I don’t get is why you cannot fix the lag. It crashes sometimes too. It’s been a problem for so long, but yet I haven't seen any improvement. I get you fix the bugs, but why does it crash so often? Why do you guys choose to ignore it, and move on? Why is it so hard for you to fix something so simple? I’d like to see an improvement, well most of your users do. So stop being ignorant and at least fix the crashes. I’m tired of making an edit, and not even being able to export it because of YOUR problems. I’m very mad, and I should have to be because of your guys problem. I know you’re reading this, so why not do something about it. It’s sad how this app has been new for years, but no fix to the lags and crashes. It’s so disappointing. Fix this, and I mean it. If there’s no reply, I shall no longer use this app. You know how much this app means to me? But if you keep on making mistakes and song fix them, I might just have to delete alight motion. Developers, do something about it. I’m deeply angry. I already did a report one time, and I’m doing it the second time because you guys are ignorant and doesn't reply to anyone. It’s sad you have to have one of your users point it out. Do something about it. Gosh that’s annoying.
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7 months ago, mepops
Loading Problem
So, I am writing this review because I got a new iPhone 15 Friday, and some of my apps weren’t downloaded on the new phone, it wasn’t a big problem at the time, but once I noticed Alight Motion didn’t work I was kinda mad because I have been paying for it for a while and really like the app. I have tried everything from redownloading it, to restarting my phone multiple times, but nothing seems to work. The problem I am having is whenever I click “Get Started” in the app, it takes me to the section where you get to pick why you downloaded the app, but after that, my screen just stays stuck on a black screen with a green loading circle on it. I really don’t know what to do, so I really hope someone sees this and helps me out. I really enjoy the app and still want to use it, so please help me out. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Gamer dad of 5
Amazing app! (though a few tweaks would be nice)
First of all, I would like to state: I love AM! It’s an amazing editing app and I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now. Though I love this app and I believe it’s great, there are a few issues I’ve experienced throughout using it. First issue is that whenever I’m working on a project and it gets to many layers or something, it will glitch out and I have to exit the app for it to work. It may be my device or it could be the software. Either way, the main issues I have are with glitches and bugs. I’ve also noticed that when I try and export the clip it will freeze for a minute around the 39% mark and then take way longer then the estimated time. Now that that’s over with, I think you guys are doing amazing work! Keep going I know you will achieve so many more great software apps! Thank you so much, Me<3
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1 year ago, TheJediAvenger
Great but glitchy
I’ve only been using am for a few weeks now, but I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. There are a variety of things to can create even without a membership. But, the app does tend to glitch a lot for me. While watching an edit I’m working on, the video often pauses without me even touching the app. So I can never watch my edit through the whole way (even when it’s less than 30 seconds long). Sometimes things just don’t work too. They just glitch and I know why. Earlier today all I did was add motion blur (which I have done before successfully) and it completely glitches out. Even after closing the app, and redoing the transition, it had the same effect. Not to mention the constant adds and pop up advertising the membership. I was considering buying the membership, but I’m not sure if I will if it’s still going to glitch out like this.
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1 year ago, zekebv15
Way to overpriced
This is a threat app for editing. I could do so many things I could never do with CapCut, and it has gained me a lot of subscribers. A few problems though. Its way too overpriced. $4.99 a week just for premium? Dawg, that’s too much. I’m not paying that much a week just for ads to get removed and my quality to get better. It also cancels out some of the effects that I can’t use. Back then it was fine, I could do 4k quality without premium, and I was fine with the ads, but to the point where it decreases the quality to the max being 780p? Alight motion, this is not good. People will start to switch over, and I’m thinking of doing it too. All I’m asking if you see this is put it to where we don’t have to pay for the quality to be good. In the first place 4k quality on alight motion isn’t even that good! Imagine 480p? Thank you for reading this and have a good rest of your day. I hope you respond and fix some of my problems with the app.
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1 year ago, syx_op
its so good!
this is an awesome app and even though I don’t have the premium version but free version you can do a ton with and I’m sure the premium version is even better but like I said the graphs are smooth it’s pretty easy to use and I learned how to use it very quickly and it’s so much fun animate and I love the affects I think they’re super cool, and some of the affects that are premium. You can watch an ad to get so that’s a up! there are some downsides, so it’s sometimes lags and crashes for me, even though I have an iPhone but it could just be a problem with my phone and not the app also I really don’t like when you make a new project it automatically puts your resolution to the premium version and it’s very annoying otherwise, I love this app so much and before you give it a bad rating, I recommend watching some tutorials on how to use the app.
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3 years ago, AKSLEEPY
Problem with trimming video 😕
Okay so I was trying this app because I’ve seen many people use this app for editing and I wanted to try to make edits. So the problem is that when I trim the videos it lags the video and I’ve tried multiple videos. I also don’t know how to trim it so I pressed the button that had squares I pressed them and when I played the video it lagged but before I trimmed it the video didn’t lag. So if you reply I would love some help or a tutorial for this app if you have one let me know, I’m just confused how you trim the video. Also I’ve tried multiple editing apps I only understand CapCut and KineMaster. When I added the video the beginning was white when I trimmed it I didn’t add another layer below it. This is an amazing app with cool effects but I just understand how you trim the videos without them glitching. It’s would be great if you replied to my question about how to trim and my confusion of the glitching in the video. Thank you for reading my review ❤️
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4 years ago, Playniyah101
Nice but...
I am trying to export an edit but it keeps lagging, crashing, and closing out of the app. This issue really needs to be fixed because I literally cannot export anything and it’s getting really annoying. Please make an update or something to fix this problem. Also, can you please make the water mark smaller. I know u guys want people to know what I’m using but can you please make it a lot smaller, or just get rid of it all together since people already have to pay for the membership. It gets in the way while editing because it blocks it. Also, please get rid of that membership pop up. Every time I open the app it pops up and it’s really annoying! Nobody wants to constantly keep closing out of it every time they open it; especially not me! Please take this into consideration and fix this. You guys really need to update the app because this is honestly ridiculous!
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2 years ago, Annie kitty
Why Alight Motion is a good editing app
I just love this app so much it’s easy for me to make edits while using this app, one it doesn’t kick me out of the app when I spend hours on the app, and it is a nice program in this app and it allows me to use affects like they have a bunch of affects to use and it is amazing! They are amazing affects you can use for your edits and they even have tutorials on how to use the affects and how to use some other stuff on the app and how to make a beautiful set and on how to use the app correctly if ur new to the app like me but I watched a lot of tutorials from there videos and I’m surprised that they explained it really well and I could understand on how to do that and this and they also were very helpful to me and gave me a hand with there tutorials and I like this app so Im giving it a 5/5 stars anyways thank you for reading this ;)
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4 years ago, rightaye
It’s great but...
The app is overall an amazing editing app anyone could ever ask for on iPhone/Android or any devices whatsoever. Though, I’m not entirely sure if it’s just me or if anyone else experiences the same predicament I am currently facing but I have made massive progress on an edit that I’ve gotta finish before midnight (personal reasons) and it repetitively kicks me out of the app, crashes, lags whenever I try to either mask two pictures and/or shapes while on the other end of the spectrum, radically shuts my phone off. I’ve been having this trouble since a few days into my commencement of editing again and it’s just really difficult to work when it keeps hurling you out of the app. Hopefully, these issues could be fixed and improved, it would mean so much for all editors and myself included. It’s an amazing app, don’t get me wrong. This merely has something to do with internal works. Thank you in advance!
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1 year ago, I didnt use the app
Not that good anymore
I used to really love this app, but it’s gone downhill ever since I started using it less than a year ago. You can’t export higher quality than 1080p without paying, you have to pay to export the project a different way, you get random ads in the midst of editing, and some essential features are also behind a paywall. I understand the effects, but export quality? Why isn’t that the one thing that we can have for free? I don’t have money to pay for this app and am trying to make means end editing but I cant because my quality gets trashed. I understand that money is needed to keep the app running, but the competition is better than this at this point. I just wish the one thing that would be salvaged was the export quality. I am probably gonna try to switch to a different editing app because this one is hardly usable anymore. I would recommend this app if you can afford $5/week and I know it isn’t a lot it’s just something I can’t afford.
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4 years ago, NetherLordWS
Pretty good app, but I have my issues with it
I’ve had the app for a couple days and honestly thing it’s great! The transitions are awesome and a lot more than other apps give you if you don’t pay. The only issue I have with the app is that I almost crashes every time I try to do something. This might not happen to everyone and could just be because I use an iPad Mini 2. The crashing is usually fine and tolerable most of the time but I can hardly do anything after I group something. The app crashes constantly after I group something and won’t let me do anything for the most part without the app crashing. If it helps, I use this app on an iPad Mini 2 I forgot the iOS version but I think it’s something like iOS 12.8.4. I dunno if certain glitches/crashes happen if a device is too old/an older version so I just thought I’d say that Overall, I think it’s a good app and would recommend it.
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9 months ago, kaden_kkx
Please change it back!
I’ll first start by saying this app is amazing. There are so many options, and is still pretty good for those who don’t pay for the premium version. But in the one of the recent updates, we were no longer given the option to change where the alight motion watermark is placed. Before, having the option to put the watermark at the top, or the bottom of the screen was an amazing decision because it allowed for the creator to choose which spot fit best with their creation. But now, we are no longer given this option, and this really makes me not want to use the app anymore. It was such a small change, but it helped so much when designing certain videos. If any developer is reading, please consider changing this in a future update to help accommodate for the people who can’t by premium. 😔✌️
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4 years ago, cperry94
First let me start by saying, I’m blown away by this App. I’m a professional motion designer and spend at least 30 hours in After Effects every week. I’ve been obsessed with portability for the last several years. And have been impressed with the iPad’s performance. My goal has always been to be able to do my job entirely from an iPad. I needed to be able to edit video, illustrate, and animate entirely from an iPad. Motion design was the final piece to the puzzle and I’m very happy I found this app! Much of what I do in After Effects is incredibly simple and could easily be done inside of this app. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is so the devs know there’s still a lot of room to improve. But as is I think every motion designer needs this app, and with even some minor improvements I think this app could in some cases replace the need for After Effects. I’m very excited for the future of this app!
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4 months ago, APotatoHasAppeared
Please just let me edit
This app is great, I think the whole subscription for taking off trademark makes sense, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I close the app and open it again, a pop up appears to ask me to subscribe for a year. The first time I saw it, I tried to click the free version and continue with my business. Instead, it tried to get me to pay for a yearly subscription when I just wanted to use the free version. the only reason it didn’t charge me is because I dropped my iPad instead of trying to exit out. (Thumbprint) Turns out, I was supposed to click the X in the corner that only appears after you click SOMETHING. And normally I wouldn’t care, but I bounce between apps when I’m editing and it’s driving me insane. It comes up EVERY TIME and exists me out of my project EVERY TIME. I literally wouldn’t care if the pop up would just leave me alone. I don’t want a subscription, I’m broke. Oh my god now I’m so frustrated I left a whole review. I’ve become one of those people.
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11 months ago, KYLE BROFLOVSKI #1 FAN
A Great App With A Small Problem.
So, i have used this app multiple times for edits and yt vids, i haven’t had any problems with editing until a few days ago :(, when i was editing with a keyframe with the 3rd option, the width and hight kept going to 0,0 , 00,00 or some stupidly high numbers, this has bugged me multiple times when i was editing, I’ve had to end/delet projects since it kept going back no matter how many times i reset the app, I’ve tried editing in the app with an iphone (i use an ipad to edit) and i never encountered this problem at all. So i have no idea if this glitch happens on certain Devices or if it is only a problem on ipad, and idk if others are also going through this problem. But if you guys could fix this issue, it would be appreciated. :)
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12 months ago, Cupid 🩷
Too expensive + Constant Lag
Hello! I have been using your app for multiple years over multiple devices and i think it is a great app. I have made hundreds of edits with it and overall the app is very good, but, over the years I have also had many complaints. For one, the subscriptions are WAY too expensive. a weekly subscription is $5 and it’s displayed as a “cheaper” option to the yearly subscription when it costs more to buy this one YEARLY than the actual yearly subscription; and this is a recent problem too, as i’ve been seeing the prices of the subscription rise over the years as the quality falls. Quite frankly, it feels like a scam, seeing as all of your competitors have much cheaper prices with much more content. Speaking of the quality falling, there has been no fix to the constant lag that comes with using too many effects, even if they’re basic. This leads to freezing, crashing, and corruption of files. I know you may say that this is because of my device, but this has been a problem for YEARS across all of my devices including my newest generation iPad with a lot more space than my older phones. This is also, once again, an issue i don’t have with any other editing software. Overall, I think a lot of things could be fixed with this app to improve user enjoyment over all. Thank you!
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3 years ago, snowy milo
Laggy, and watermark is obnoxious, crashes CONSTANTLY
I love alight motion for making anime or just normal edits. I really do. But literally, the lag is so horrible. Whenever i use even small effects like RBG glitch, or ray, or anything, it lags so bad. It makes my video move at what looks like about 1 fps, which... is kind of disappointing? I really want to use the ray effect for cool text animations, and everyone else does too. But it just makes my entire phone really slow. This used to be fixable by turning on “Low Preview Mode”, but it’s gone at the moment for some reason. Then, theres the watermark. I understand that Alight Motion would like to promote themselves by adding watermarks.. but this just isn’t it. The watermark is huge and obnoxiously placed right at the place you don’t want it. Yeah, I could pay for premium, but see.. i’m not rich lol. And lots of other people aren’t either. Back to the lag, it crashes CONSTANTLY. Whatever I do, it just goes black for a second, then brings me to my home screen. It’s literally so annoying. I’m not even doing anything that would cause this. (Trying not to lose my cool while typing this lol). Sometimes, it crashes and i can’t reopen the app, or other times it crashes and the music just keeps going with no way to turn it off. Its very, very annoying. 😐 This is an amazing editing app and all, but the severe lag mixed with the huge watermark just makes it hard to use.
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