Align Credit Union Mobile App

4.7 (1.7K)
97.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Align Credit Union Mobile App

4.75 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
8 years ago, MikeEBurke
Latest update
The most recent update seems to have broken the app. Opening the app yields the message "a system error has occurred. Please try again or dial 0-000-000-0000 for assistance." WHAT?! What kind of phone number is that...?
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6 years ago, Burgo49
Great, but needs additional features
This is a great banking app with additional security features once you’re logged in. I wish it allowed changing payment dates when paying a person (not a company), change an account number with an existing company/payer on my record and add new companies/payers. You can only do that on the desktop website. I rarely have time to log into my laptop and I’m too busy at work to log in there so that’s kind of annoying. Otherwise, it’s perfect.
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7 years ago, Bml128
Easy to use, nice functionality
App is easy to use and has a nice functionality to it. They have made several improvements like fingerprint/facial login as well as not having to login in every time you switch between apps. Would like to be able to transfer money without having to type in my password every time. Overall a great app and easy to use.
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10 months ago, lexie286
Good when it works, but it doesn’t always work
For example, today I signed on and it said I couldn’t use without updating the app. I click “update in appstore” and there is no update. Guess I can’t use the app?
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3 years ago, Gecko_man
No credit card support
There is no way to make credit card payments via the app
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6 months ago, ChanJaR
Good luck making mobile deposits
This app finally added a reminded as to what must be put in the endorsement for a check deposit. Now, they changed the requirements and have not updated the app. If you follow the provided instructions your deposit will likely be rejected.
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5 years ago, Dan knows this
No credit card account access??
This app would be near perfect if I could easily (or at all) Accra my align credit card account & make payments
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2 years ago, KJWU
App is always having issues and errors out constantly.
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1 year ago, tipsinreverse
Worst app ever
Ridiculously hard to use and constantly rejects pictures
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3 years ago, majornusins
Don’t know
It doesn’t work on older iPhones. Won’t work on iPhone 6 Plus.
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10 months ago, debaroonir
New app
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9 years ago, Wojf72
Limited App
This app is very basic and extremely limited. If you have a credit card through the credit union you can not even access, check your balance, or make a payment directly to the account. The website allowed you access to your credit card but not with the app. You can not even contact the bank through the secure internal email like the website. I work for a living an can not make it to travel to a beach to speak with someone. I'm lucky if I have a minutes time to make a phone call at work. I rely on this app or online to do banking and bill pay. Now I can not even sign in online with my phone. I think after banking with institution for 25 years (& 4 car loans late) I just can not continue to tie my money like this.
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11 years ago, Grunt-snort
Completely non-functional.
I've been using online banking forever (been a member for over 20 years) so I know I've got my login and password right. However, when I try to log in, it never accepts my password, it just spits me back to the "enter your password" screen. If I use a bogus password, I get a, "that's not the right password" error. Let's pretend it worked for a moment: It also fails the fairly common security features you see in nearly every banking website. For instance: There doesn't appear to be any way to verify that you're connecting to Align Credit Union and not somewhere else. Let's also pretend you could log in and the security was sufficient: I want to be able to deposit a check through my phone using its camera. That's not super high tech anymore, and really one of the few truly compelling reasons to have a banking app on my phone, anyway.
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11 years ago, kag274
Can't deposit checks from this app
Still disappointed that Align still hasn't integrated the ability to deposit checks from your mobile device or iPad like most banks offer with their app. With most banks you can take a picture of the front and back of your check and make an electronic deposit. Technology is changing and Align is behind in this department.
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8 years ago, SkarzPro
Needs work badly
This app is pretty bad to the point of I may have not even choose this bank if I had known ahead of time. I travel a lot and rely on a solid bank app to do most of my transactions. First off it is buggy. Currently it won't even run for me, returning a generic "Service Error". In the past it has also denied me access to my information at critical times. It also CONSTANTLY asks me my security questions at login which is a huge pain. It is also lacking key features such as TouchID login support and depositing checks. Please update and join the modern banking era. It really feels like the development team for this app is not of high quality-- and that worries me being its a banking app!
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9 years ago, Al Charles
Ok not great
Good banking app, the app could be so much better. It needs to get some of the features found in apps of larger banks. Adding touchid to log into the app and a way to view your balance without having to log in would be great additions.
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7 years ago, tw0g00d4u
Not convenient
Some basic things that you can't do, find out your checking and routing numbers. Can't view history that's longer than 1 month
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8 years ago, m!n3
Needs update for iOS10.0.1
Crashes after iOS update - will not even load. Flash screen appears then the app shuts down. Previous to this, it was a simple 5 star app - at least to me.
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11 years ago, iChhada
2 starts
App interface is very poor design, server down like twice every single week. Bad, bad mobile banking experience.
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3 years ago, Usapower01
Not to bad
Mobile banking is a joke. You can only deposit a check for $400.00 or less. I don’t work at a place with a drive thru.. During the pandemic I waited a 1/2 hour in line at the drive thru. A SUV pulled up in the closed lane. She rang the buzzer to cash her check. She was told that drive they was closed. But the women insisted she had to do it now.. She was taken before me. Not right. I asked a question one day that I needed a answer for. I asked every week for a month. Never got a answer. But I went to another bank. This credit union is just getting worse. I called Lowell about a loan, I was so disrespected, I put a bunch of money in another bank. My daughter was so mad the way I was treated, she went to another bank when she bought her house. There are some good branches, Amesbury, seebrook, Wilmington.
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3 years ago, Walltrout
Version 30.2.80
I’m unable to use touch to log on and now it’s kicking me out when I do log on
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