All-in-One Solitaire

4.6 (132)
35.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pozirk Games Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for All-in-One Solitaire

4.57 out of 5
132 Ratings
6 years ago, washford┘┘2256
Connecting the world
Really convenient and competitive when you guys add the sharing results in social networks! It assists us build a large community interested in solitaire games. This app is more than a product, it’s like a connecting people device.
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1 year ago, AngeAlaLaLa
Bad ads
I like this game a lot and have played it for some time, but lately some of the ads are infuriating. They don’t give you an option to X out early and sometimes don’t time out at all leaving closing out the game as the only option.
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6 years ago, AlIsh@h0wells
In my heart <3
I play the daily challenge and still get excited when I win! Then I play several hands each day trying to best my own moves and solving times. I like to change the backgrounds with holidays and seasons. Thanks for this simple pleasure!
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9 months ago, chrissieee___
This app helped me a lot with relaxation, and improving my attention span. Been using this as my go to relaxation spot for a while. Highly recommend for everyone whose searching a way to relax and enjoy some me time.
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4 years ago, Swu''Hambly
Love the gameplay
It is solitaire. I like that you can touch the card and it moves. I like to finish my own games so I don't use the autocomplete when you k ow you've won...but you can if you're in a hurry
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6 years ago, SluSherML
Very user friendly!
Very addictive. The graphics are so awesome. I can't stop playing. Thanks guys for a truely wonderful game.. I give it a 5 many times and over and over... gonna search for the creators and see what else these great minds have out there..
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4 years ago, AmaZonDragonX
Good app for getting what you want
The best solitaire games on the market. I don't even play half the games on it, because I'm too lazy to read how to play them, but I have my list of favorites.
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6 years ago, Evirrssso
5 star
If you are a solitaire addict, you’d take it immediately for sure! You have all levels from the most basic ones to the most difficult ones. They’re all worth trying!
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6 years ago, Fred----williams
Be alert! you can be easily attracted.
Yeah I download for some seconds and play Cruel Solitaire first. Kinda basic but still interesting! Then I changed to Tri-Peaks Solitaire and so on. They take me almost 2 hours. It maybe be time-consuming for busy people!
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4 years ago, smith^^NIght
I spend more time playing freecell in this game than any other app on my phone. Just about everything is customizable and the gameplay is flawlessethat I've seen.
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12 months ago, Charchum
Ads freeze game
Love the game but lately the pop up ads either freeze the game and I have to reboot my tablet, or the ads cause the screen to go black and I have to reboot. Getting extremely annoying. Found a way to get rid of the ads, I now play the game with the internet off. No more freezing. Problem solved
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4 years ago, Jai-A-Bacon
Up down
This is the best solitaire game on line. I play every day and I love it. It's easy and has a lot of options for background, card backs, and card faces.
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6 years ago, Davidmb37
This game is one my favorite memories
Remind me of the solitaire game when I was a children on the old computer. I like the ease of this game , never dull. Easy and quick , but may challenge you as a surprise.
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3 months ago, koolkellyG
Played For Years But
The ads have suddenly gotten out of control and pop up after every game with no way to X out so you have to watch for 30 seconds. I am going to quit if it doesn’t get better
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4 years ago, Guide_Tamna..
Fast and easy
if you like cards you will love this game as much as i do, trying to get the highest score as possible
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6 years ago, justinschendel
This app is awesome!
All-in-One (Solitaire) is a great game to keep the mind busy when there is nothing to do. This particular version has great play features and easy to use controls.
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4 years ago, Nefliii
The best
I have played dozens of solitaire games over the years. This selection of solitaire games is the best. The focus is on the play. The program runs smoothly with no glitches or hiccups.
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5 years ago, NgamTinon
Interesting game
This is one of the best solitaire gaming app in here...addictive,having so much fun while playing....highly recommended who likes to play solitaire.. hats off to the app developer co. who created this amazing app..
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6 years ago, JJR_Sakura
I hate the ads
I’m sometimes annoyed because of the advertisements. They even emerge while I’m in the game. If you guys sell the games and stop the adverts, I’ll purchase right now!
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6 years ago, Lucky_boybye
Love the stability and the ability to change the settings. Thank you for making it possible to play the game.
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4 years ago, CCTynes
Excellent graphics and very intuitive
Multiple quality solitaire GAMES in one place! Easy to use, multiple levels of play, relaxing. You'll love it!
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5 years ago, ZA. mao khe
Gameplay is smooth
This is a card game that you can start playing after making some basic choices at the start. 
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6 years ago, justinW007
I’ve been a fan of Solitaire
Easy, fun, and challenging mind game! The Solitaire game helps fill in my idle time between doing my daily tasks. Hope you all have so much fun playing this game, have fun.
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5 years ago, sjeh
Luv it but why can’t I listen to my own music?
Love the variety of games. Never dull. Challenging but not despairing. One issue: If I want to have no sounds on and listen to my tunes, I can’t. Why is that and is there some setting to fix this?
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5 years ago, joe five
Use to think it was ok
Games are good, then one day up comes a completely inappropriate ad between games. My grandchildren play this game in my computer. Looking for another app, deleting this one. Which is a shame since I have enjoyed the games. Not worth it.....
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4 years ago, MJS Summers
Love these games ...great for any time you need a break or a time when you have to wait on someone ...I play them while waiting at the doctor's or dentists ..
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6 years ago, RonnyWhite_22
So easy
Haven’t tried all yet but some of them are really captivating. Like you have all popular solitaire in your phone after one tapping.
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4 years ago, LincolnSam
My favorite game
I love the fact that I have more than one game in one app which saves space on my tablet. All my favorite games are included in this app.
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4 years ago, Riddnick==MOMO
lovely variety of games. some easy. some difficult and some almost impossible! very addictive
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4 years ago, JohnMorales
I like this Solitaire game because of all the choices. I'm looking forward to learning how to play Pyramid & Tripeaks. I'm a senior citizen who is trying to keep my brain sharp & this will help.
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4 years ago, CD Ackland
Best way to play from your phone
It made me uninstall the other solitaire game I was playing. Much better, and it doesn't cheat!
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2 years ago, JP Hearing Aid
Hard of hearing
I wish I can listen to my music or turn off the audio that connected to my Bluetooth I wear a hearing aid in an act like earplugs.I do turn off the audio put my hearing aid I can’t hear anything
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5 years ago, RustysMom0613
No stars if I could!
While the description sounds nice and the graphics look great I can’t say ANYTHING about the game play itself since the game crashes and closes as soon as I click the arrow to actually begin playing. This seems to be a recurring problem with this app. So much for that new update! Deleted the app and off to try another one.
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6 years ago, colonhue_prooo♣
a review from a long time user
I’ve used this since 2017, the very first days of its birth. The game is not really challenging but still requires your practice and efforts.
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6 years ago, Cassan-Taylor
Great game, very challenging
This is the only solitaire I have on my phone. I look forward to the Daily challenges. And I keep trying to win in fewer and fewer moves.
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6 years ago, CSholiss
Practical skills
Great ways to kill time. It’s not just about entertaining, it’s one of the good way to train your short term memory and concentration.
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4 years ago, Shadow-mII
Highly recommended
Only game you'll ever need! It has it all, supports landscape mode, good for the biggest tablet or the smallest phone!
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5 years ago, llocisn
So great
Love the graphics. Ease of use. If you love card games, especially solitaire. Look no further, you found it here.
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6 years ago, KinzelZ
Fun and relaxing game.
It's a free game so it's to be expected. Really enjoying the game so far, very pretty and calming backgrounds, great for killing some time or just to wind down in the evening with. Thanks 🙂
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6 years ago, Jesse/Allen
The colors and app design make the game stand out among other Solitaire apps. My favorite feature is Daily Challenge.
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4 years ago, mitchell109467
Good app
Awesome solitaire game. Play everyday. Bright spot of my day. Some games are a little tricky and really challenge you.
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6 years ago, Kyle879
Great time killer!
I have always loved solitaire and now with the app I can play it anytime. Great to use while waiting for a appointment.
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6 years ago, Bump21356
Awesome, not boring
Love this game for quick pass times. The live background makes it more enjoyable. The app is quick moving with great graphics.
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4 years ago, || Alaza ||
Good app
lots of different card games of Klondike or Spider or freezer just to name a few. Just what I want
Show more
4 years ago, Blackwelll
Much better than WSOP
Love your game wish there were more games to play give100 star rating
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4 years ago, Maria<_>Ozawa
Believe this app
Beautiful and simple user interface. My favorite solitaire game yet.
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4 years ago, JamesWeyant
Up down
Great selection of card games to appeal to everyone.
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4 years ago, >,
Definitely a different and really fun way to play solitaire, keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, AmaraMcCracken
No hassle!
Best solitaire app out in app land! Dozens of different types of solitaire available. Try it and you will see
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4 years ago, VinoTintoh
Great to pass the time
Awesome game! There are several different solitaire games to choose from
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