Alliant Mobile Banking

4.7 (8K)
86.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alliant Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alliant Mobile Banking

4.7 out of 5
8K Ratings
6 months ago, Mrtom1
Great APP
I have been with Alliant for many years. I do wish I could get right through when calling, but it is better than any of the other big companies that I deal with. They are always helpful and take care of any little problem that you may bring up. As for the APP, It is amazingly well designed. I am in it every week. The mobile deposit wasn’t the best when it first came out, but now it works smoothly for me. Mobile transfers between accounts is instantaneous.
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3 years ago, Csred7
Mobile Deposit Broken
When taking a picture of the back side of a check for a mobile deposit, an error pops up that the “image is too dark”. This occurs for any check that has the black lines printed on the back to prevent people from reading the checks through envelopes. No amount of light adjustment or changing the background fixes this. This only occurs when doing mobile deposits through Alliant, they scan just fine through any other bank’s app. I reported this issue over 6 months ago and corporate assured me developers were going to work on a fix. Still no fix, rendering the app worthless for most of the deposits I end up needing to do. Forces me to bank elsewhere, too bad. Also, why is the app always ‘under maintenance’ during key times of the evening? Why can’t the devs schedule the maintenance at 4 in the morning or sometime when people aren’t typically on? If this was a once in the while thing it wouldn’t be much of a concern but it seems like they need to shut the whole app down for maintenance every week.
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6 years ago, Ari Milo
Nearly perfect!
This is a great banking app. It’s got everything you need, but I do think the styling could use a slight improvement to make it a five. Instead of having a sideways slider, why not have the “refer friends, view atms, and budget/goals” scrolling down on that page? Or you could put the refer friends in “more” and have budgets/goals replace transfers. I’m not sure how many people are placing/modifying transfers on a daily basis, but I would assume it isn’t much. Similarly on the homepage of the app, before you’re signed in. If you have balance preview on, it’ll also show you atms near you. Why have a sideways slider versus an integrated map on the homepage highlighting nearby atms? Overall: it’s a very functional app that includes financial management, easy access to view your account information, and pay bills. The bank thus far has been friendly, quick, and helpful. A+ credit union.
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4 years ago, Dhdjjdjdcucidned
CANT VIEW STATEMENT(S) or handle cash back
why can’t you do basic things in the app like VIEW CURRENT CC STATEMENT or HANDLE CASHBACK REWARDS Also if you have an issue sometimes it’s “call the credit union” or “call the cc managers” instead of unified customer service Also should be able to VIEW PAST STATEMENTS the other thing is if you lose your card they give you a new number with a zero balance and then they add a line item with the old balance... BUT THE TRANSACTIONS APPEAR ON THE NEW NUMBER... THIS MAKES YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE DOUBLE CHARGING YOU SINCE THERES NO LINE ITEM TELLING YOU THAT THEY ZEROED OUT THE OLD ACCOUNT NUMBER so they do the actual calculations correctly but the documentation of the change is so sloppy by starting with a zero balance on the new card that the only way to know is to go over the statement before and after and run through all your transactions because otherwise it looks like you are getting double charged amex , citi, chase, capital one in contrast just change the number but don’t do this monkey business so it’s quite clear that just the number changed by doing it this way i wonder if they are actually opening a new account which would be bad for credit scoring as Avg age of accounts would go down. not sure how it looks on credit report lastly when you spend on the credit card and pay it off they take their sweet time like a week to replace your available credit... far longer than other banks
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3 years ago, chutoygirl
Cannot copy and paste account numbers
I work in finance and understand security but there is a point at which over the top perceived secure measures provide diminishing returns at the expense of usability. Alliant is a great credit union with regard to rates. The app is generally fine but with two significant usability issues, the first being account number access. If I have authenticated, have 2 step enabled, and I’m on a trusted device it’s ludicrous to not allow me to copy and paste my account numbers. It’s 2021 and acct numbers are needed for various aggregators, forms. This is a showstopper level inconvenience that I’m willing to bet an executive or product manager or misguided compliance team insisted upon. Please, fix it. Second is the change to the dollar amount entry paradigm. Having to type 2 0 0 0 to enter 20 dollars and having the amount populate from cents to dollars makes no sense; I’m not sure if this paradigm was taken from Navy Federal but these are the only two finance apps that do this and it’s really easy to set up a transfer for 20 cents. Please: go back to the previous, usable paradigm. Could easily be a 5 star app. (To those looking for bells and whistles and budgeting, do you really want this from a small-ish credit union? Why not use a third party and let Alliant continue to offer great rates…?)
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3 years ago, Borrmu421
Love Alliant, the app is meh…
Alliant CU is incredible and I highly recommend them as a financial institution. They have the best rates out there, offer great credit card options, loans and other banking products as well. However their mobile app leaves a lot to be desired. It works fine and does the job for a very basic app, but with all the other fintechs offering so many features and functionality in their mobile apps, it’s time Alliant stepped up its game to be competitive. I’ve been a member for a few years now and the app hasn’t changed since I joined. If you’re someone that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles then you’ll be more then happy with the app experience. However if you prefer to have an all in on solution that provides the soup to nuts experience, then you may want to look at SoFi, Ally, or another fintech tech solution.
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3 years ago, AndyJordan13
Great Credit Union, Buggy App
Ok this review is not for ACU themselves: their services are 5-star! However, the app itself is buggy. While functional enough to get the job done there are a lot of annoying rough edges: mobile deposit is the most finicky implementation I’ve had experience with (it’s terrible at recognizing the check in the photo or cropping it correctly), there are input bugs such as race conditions and unsupported characters all of the place (so typing in an amount for a deposit or a message to support is aggravating to say the least), and when you open the app you have to click through a “you’ve been signed out prompt” before it lets you sign back in (even with Face ID). I sure hope it improves because the app is the worst part about banking with this otherwise great credit union.
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5 months ago, mjm.00
Blank page after login to bank to fund account
Blank page after login to bank to fund account. The app changed my last name. The contribute to online banking button doesn’t work, can’t do anything, the app took my money though. Contact us button doesn’t work. There’s no password for my account, how is this supposed to work? I can’t login or “reset” password. The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. Allow Alliant to use your location. Customer support refused to fix my last name. This is support’s response to the app being broken: “ Thank you for your email. We are not able to complete your request. I apologize that I do not have better news for you. Thank you for your patience. Please let us know if we can assist you further. Best Regards, Anthony” “Inactive for 45 days”
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2 years ago, receiptwrangler
Mediocre app - Needs accessibility improvements
The app appears to get the job done, but is kind of frustrating to use. It doesn't use the standard navigation so swiping to go back doesn't work. In addition the buttons like the back button or X (close) appear to be slightly too small so I keep missing them when I touch them. While FaceID is nice, I keep having to log back in and touch the Face ID button; it would be great if on the login screen it automatically started Face ID instead of having to tap a button. As others have said (not app related), it would be nice to have SMS notifications especially for withdrawals and deposits so that they happen faster.
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4 years ago, Graves123
An online bank should be accessible 24/7
This app is not mobile deposit friendly. Here’s why I say that: It pops up error messages if your images of the front and back of the check are not the exact same size. It is extremely picky about the photos. as long as the image is legible, it should be acceptable. It also gives me, “the signature could not be read” . On some checks, they don’t have a signature, it just says signature on file in print. The white marks that are supposed to turn green (to show you when to take the photo) are basically impossible to hold still before they change back to white. PLEASE make this easier to use. This feature being so difficult, combined with the fact that I cannot access my money SO OFTEN because of “system maintenance” has me considering switching banks.
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3 years ago, shyshy808
Out dated notifications
Nobody wants email confirmation of your debit card purchases. We want in app notifications and we want it live. Some type of mobile payment platform Inc. in the mobile app like Zelle. Debit card controls. Turn your card on and off. Alliant you are not that far from an exceptional mobile experience. With these few updates it will bring it in line with today’s mobile needs. Love the budget software you have, pending transactions, change pin option, bill payment and transfers. All good. I love the fact that I can deposit cash at CoOp ATMs that’s a huge deal. Thank you, for the ATM refunds too. I hope to see these future changes in an upcoming update. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Flurr Ball
Security is over the top, a pain to use
When I am already logged in, it prompts me w/ a security question just to see the account number that I am not allowed to copy/paste. That’s bad enough, but now upon entering the answer, the return/go key is grey and unresponsive. I can close the window, get a new question and get the same result. After 3 tries, of course I was locked out. I got back in and was able to get the acct number via the Alliant web site but this is ridiculous. There is only so much you can do to protect people from their own stupidity and this is too much. I tried to submit this via support but, alas, that failed too — after typing out a 500 character description of the problem. Using iPhone 11 with latest iOS.
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3 years ago, Kris "with a K"
Major showstopperss
I wish we would have known before signing up and committing on moving over. #1 there’s issues with the photo check depositing features. I have no issues with an iPhone 11 but the app will kick back errors every time when my wife with her iPhone SE tried to deposit the same check first. #2, your “joint owner” on accounts (aka your spouse) can’t have their own login with your account. My wife was told by customer service to use my login. That’s super inconvenient when 2FA is enabled. I can’t believe in 2021 this issue hasn’t been worked out. #3, they don’t support true MFA. (To be fair, no bank does. BUT if you’re going to be an online bank first, you better early adopt this.
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7 months ago, lvlrAnderson
Find a Different Credit Union
Alliant doesn’t allow joint owners of bank accounts to create separate account logins unless both “joint” owners have separate bank accounts with Alliant. This poorly designed system leaves the secondary owner without access to the bank account that they are allegedly the “owner” of. Simply sharing a login isn’t a solution. The primary owner cannot make changes on the secondary owner’s behalf, so the secondary owner is required to call customer support whenever the secondary owner needs to make changes to the account. It is beyond frustrating that Alliant doesn’t consider joint ownership of an account to be sufficient enough association with the company to have online access to a bank account that is in MY name with a debit card issued in MY name.
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2 years ago, SennHouse
Great mobile app
Does everything I need to manage my accounts at Alliant. My only wish is the ability to add memos or notes to each transaction and then be able to see them on the line items when viewing transactions for the account. This way I effectively tag each transaction after seeing it under the account and can review whether I’ve been paid or I paid the monthly obligations in the account.
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2 years ago, mMmkkk1240
App has room for improvement.
It’s a pretty basic app. If all you want it to view balances and transactions, it will be perfect for you! I would like a bit more functionality. There are a lot of features that are not available on the app that are available on the website, which is unfortunate. The sign in process/ verification can be really odd. Key features we need: *Account notifications via text and/or push notification *ability to freeze debit card for those times when you can’t find your card but know that it’s probably at home in your pockets from yesterday’s pants, but would like a little more piece of mind—just in case *ability to copy and paste account numbers, having to toggle back and forth and wait for it to reload is so annoying or worse yet if the field you are trying to enter it into erases everything as soon as you leave the page, I don’t carry around pen and paper cause I have a smart phone
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7 years ago, GeekGirl1337
Don’t use mobile deposit
I was already pretty meh with this app, but then mobile deposit completely messed me up. I made a mobile deposit and spent ten minutes trying to get the darn thing to take a picture. Finally it took them and the deposit was submitted. I then wrote a check, so imagine my surprise when the check bounced! Later that day I got an email that the deposit was deleted because “it was not endorsed.” The check was clearly endorsed and I checked it on the preview. Yet somewhere between that preview and what Alliant got the app cut off my signature. Never again will I trust this app with my money. Citibank is better AND they credit you up to $300 right away when you make a mobile deposit. This app is not worth the anxiety.
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9 months ago, Chris Nienart
Great experience except joint account
From an individual perspective, Alliant provides great options for ATMs, a user friendly app, and good customer service. However, they get a big red mark for the joint account. It is just an individual account with a few shared details and basically no functionality for the joint owner. The joint owner can't do bill pay or make payments to external institutions. This problem has been an unaddressed for years. My wife is understandably frustrated and we'll be switching to another credit union.
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7 years ago, Ominho10
Best Credit Union ever
So far I’m very pleased with this credit union, the app is very well made, it’s up there with capital ones app, my checks deposit instantly meaning I have access to my funds INSTANTLY! I get to use any atm I want since they reimburse $20 a month on atm fees, I don’t use it as much but a great perk. Although it’s hard to get any credit with them since they are kind of picky, I’m still trying to get my car refinanced with them so I can keep all my Money and loans in one place. Anyways 5 of 5
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7 years ago, Logan.white1236
Needs a few things
When an account is pulled up, it would be nice if the transactions could fill the screen. A button for a menu of Accounts should be added so members can open the menu and choose which account they would like to see. In setting, there should be a card services area where members can order a new debit card, report fraud, or change their pins. Members should be able to see statements within the app.
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6 years ago, Wertgbvd
Good CU, okay app
I really wish the app provided an ATM Locator function without having to log in. It does, if you choose to display your account balances on the login page, which makes no sense; I don’t want to reveal my balances without authenticating, but unless I enable that feature, I can’t search for ATMs without authenticating. In addition, support for the app is poor. The CU customer service doesn’t seem able or interested in taking feedback on the app, doesn’t seem tech savvy for anything but basic functions, and there doesn’t appear to be a feedback mechanism for the CU’s app developers or tech team.
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6 years ago, Moose5656565656
Fantastic Banking, Rough App
Edit: Developer response was right - a simple app reinstall and touch-ID / pin seems to work great. And, you can see joint accounts in this app! I feel like an idiot, but I am very appreciative. 5 * for sure! Great Banking, but the app has some huge pitfalls: 1. Can’t see or access joint accounts where I’m not the primary account holder (e.g. the ones my wife made with her login) 2. Touch ID and Passcode have never worked for me - ever. Every time I login it asks me to set them. I do. The next time I log in it asks me to set them again. I do. They never stick. However the banking they offer is out of this world - great rates, great customer service via phone, and great services and perks (like $20 back on ATM fees). I will stick with them for banking and hope their app improves. I will definitely stick with them for banking,
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2 years ago, chuysanchez95
The tabs in the app do not work
Some sections of the app are not accessible with voiceover especially the disability tab I cannot see the disability features that the app and bank offers for the blind community and banking accessible app and to create an account tab it is not accessible as well to open a account when you get in to the page that is also in the disability section of the app of the tab
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3 years ago, bjlmag
One recent flaw
Great service overall. Minor gripe, but at this point every single time I open the app, it tells me that it logged me out for inactivity. This would be assumed by any user who opens the app and is greeted by the login page, which avoids the extra splash page and multiple clicks it takes to be told what we already know. Just log me out and let me log right back in rather than telling me I have to login again before showing me the login screen which implicitly thetells me I have to log in again.
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2 years ago, michagain073
Debit card needs card controls
Have been with Alliant for over 10 years and have been relatively happy with their savings and checking accounts. There mobile app has basic functionality (smaller credit unions have better apps), but one of my disappointments is the lack card controls for their debit cards; just the ability to lock your debit card would improve security. If they want to be an online only credit union they need to up their game on mobile app functionality.
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6 years ago, DetailsGuy
The best gets even better!!!
This is one of the best bank apps today. I should know; I’ve been an online banking nerd for 15 years ;-) The app now lets me see my bill pay history, deposit history, and external transfer history. I love it! One request on the bill pay history: show whether the payment was made by paper check or electronically.
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3 years ago, Srpepe
Push notifications for account activity are needed!
I just switched over to Alliant and have already enjoyed my experience here! The app is easy to use and understand. However, the biggest flaw in my eyes is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to set up push notifications so you’re notified like when a direct deposit posts, a transaction happens on your account, etc. I feel like the addition of this is much needed and would greatly improve the experience!
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2 years ago, pauldover
45 min to deposit a check
I love being a member of ACU, but they need to hire a new company to develop a new app for them from the ground up. If you’re an online bank, you mobile check deposit system should be flawless. Every other bank I’ve used mobile deposit with has worked quickly and smoothly with no issues. With the Alliant app, I usually have to spend about 10 minutes per check taking 49 perfect pictures of each side that the app keeps rejecting. After an obscene amount of time and cursing, the app will accept one of the dozens of identical photos. *As seen on tv voice* There’s gotta be a better way!
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2 years ago, MangoTheGoat
App is terrible for depositing checks
90% of the time when trying to deposit a check, I get messages that the system has timed out, I’m told the front and back photos of the check are different sizes, I’m told it can’t read the check, or I’m told the system is on maintenance and to try again later. All absurd nonsense and wastes too much time when this is the only way to deposit a check in to my account. I’m reading past reviews and people had these same issues 2 years ago; how are they not fixed yet? The point of having the app for me is primarily to deposit checks.
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5 years ago, Jadis23
Face ID & Mobile PIN sign in not working
Usually the app is great but lately the quick sign-in functions on my iPhone are not working. The Face ID would register and give me the check mark saying it recognized me but then the app gets stuck and doesn’t sign me in. After a couple times of this happening, my account gets locked and then I have to go through the whole account password reset debacle. After doing that twice, I turned off Face ID and tried using a PIN instead, but now it has done the same thing to me there, not recognizing the correct PIN and then locking me out. I don’t want to have to change my password every week!!!
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4 years ago, MammothMtn
PLEASE FIX bug with text-based security answers
I’m a brand new Alliant CU user and also help develop software/websites. There is a really obvious bug where you cannot view your account number if given a security question that requires a text answer. I cannot submit the text answer after typing, which results in a locked account if you try multiple times. This has resulted in a locked account FOUR times. It’s really annoying. Please fix it and I will update my review. I’m using the following: iPhone X, iOS 13.6.1, app version 4.8.7.
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12 months ago, !:;&@
Difficult to Deposit
It has always been difficult to align check and hold still enough. Now with showing back in opposite direction, I thought I needed to turn the phone. Also I get endorsement ready before signing in. Now surprised at change to write For “Mobile” Deposit Only. Had to write that above. Then I find I needed to turn the phone back the other direction & you need to review. In the past one had opportunity to take another foto. Thanks again IT. 😒
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6 years ago, Lil Man Love
Don’t do it or your hair will fall out from pulling it
I was so excited when my Alliant app got my iPhone & iPad !! But now after trying to use them , TRYING is the operative word here!!! Tried to make a payment from another account &. Alliant was cross & wouldn’t let me???? So had to transfer from saving to my credit card. STUPID .. if Aliant was concerned about the issue they would fix it, I would think. I’m so discussed with Alliant I am. Certainly moving my $$$$$ to another Banking institution!!!! Maybe if your mot to busy doing nothing or discussing the parties you went to you could advise On this issue
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3 months ago, Nicksageek
Need better update method
I have no interest in having all of my apps, updated in the background automatically, and there is no link from within your app to the Apple App Store to update when required, making a separate hunt for the app and update when I really just needed to check my balance. Please include a quicker or better method of accessing the update that is required. I will then change my review because otherwise, I find this app pleasing.
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4 years ago, Dominique Devereaux
app is straightforward but missing some critical elements
Happy to have Alliant as my credit union. The app is very straightforward and clean but I wish it matched more of the functionalities of the website. Please add the ability to view statements on the app. Also, sometimes on iOS the keyboard blocks the next button when typing answers for two part authentication, which can result in mistyping and being locked out of your account/having to set a new password.
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3 years ago, sirshel
Limited Functionality
It is difficult to use or move your money with this bank. They do not support Zelle. It fails to connect with Plaid and many other financial services. You are limited to a $250 a day transfer to outside bank accounts. It takes days to weeks to be approved for loans. If you want to wire money, you have a full out a document that must be approved by a representative which delays transactions even more. For an online bank, it falls behind most other banks. I do not recommend this bank for tech savvy or business oriented individuals with time sensitive goals.
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6 years ago, VLoria
Wonderful banking app
It’s hard to get too excited about a Banking App. But the fact that nothing in this app frustrates me is probably the only thing you want from a banking app. The deposit works well. The app shows me the information that I need. I’m happy overall. There were two things that I’d love to have added. Travel notice. Rewards for the Alliant Credit Union Credit Card, both of which still need to be done on a browser on my laptop.
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6 years ago, dankenpo
The app used to be almost useless to me but has improved in the last few months. The issue may just be the underlying API because the issues are intermittent and persist even when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled. Typically the issues I will have are the app being unable to get ATM locations and issues submitting messages (it will tell me I’m using special/invalid characters and won’t let me submit). All the issues are intermittent, though.
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5 years ago, gdbjr
App is awful
Besides not offering any type of push messaging I was unable to active my debit card using the iOS app. I was prompted for a security question which I knew, but the keyboard wouldn’t disappear so I could t press the next button. This causes my account to get locked out. In order to reset access I answer more security questions and then send a temp password to my email. The moment I switch to the email app to retrieve the temp password the app errors out and I have to start the process all over again and the loop repeats. Am a brand new customer, but I won’t be using the credit Union with a mobile app this bad.
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5 years ago, DrunkBastard
Great when works, but trouble loading
This app was great while it was working. It’s been about a month now where the balance preview feature doesn’t load and I get an error when I try to login. I’ve been logging in through my web browser in my phone now which defeats the purpose of the app. When the app works, I primarily use it to transfer money and check my balances/charges, as well as setting travel alerts. Hope app bug is fixed soon because it’s annoying to restart my phone every time I wish to use the app.
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2 years ago, WarEagle115
Please make some small changes
1. We need push notification support. Same type of notifications available over email - just nobody wants to use their email for receiving simple notifications like deposits. 2. Move the Refer Friends and Find an ATM slider somewhere else. It being above some of my accounts on the page and pushing them off screen is annoying.
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1 year ago, Dgyyegjuyrdu
Great app but one thing
The app is great in general. One thing that is a bit annoying is that most times I open the app, I get a popup saying that I have been logged out, which I have to dismiss before it goes to the login screen. If I haven’t looked at the app in the last few minutes, I would assume I was logged out. I don’t want to have to dismiss that notification every time I use the app.
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3 years ago, bjnachreiner
Mobile Deposit
I mostly enjoy this app. Easy to use EXCEPT for their mobile deposit. It’s absolutely worthless. Works once out of a hundred tries, constant error messages, auto capture is a joke. It is incredibly frustrating. Should be a quick snap and go. Instead I have to carve out 30 minutes to make it work. I signed up for this bank so I wouldn’t have to go to a physical location and with the worthless mobile deposit feature that’s the only thing I need to go in for.
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3 years ago, ~AJK~
Security questions sometimes don’t work
I love the app as long as you don’t need to answer the challenge questions. I can get locked out because I answered a question wrong (who is your favorite super hero). I will unlock the account, change the security questions. Within a minute I can log back in and it will again tell me my answer is wrong. Sometimes I won’t even have a choice (“wonder woman” could be my answer but it doesn’t show ads possible answer to choose)
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4 years ago, Almostthere777
Not recommended for self employed individuals
Very unsatisfied with Alliant Credit Union. Had a bad experience with a credit card and with a car loan. I have zero previous issues with credit or loans. I have a 100% on time payment record and a high credit score. Alliant is not equipped to support small business owners. The support was below average to poor and the representatives were not easy to work with. I thought Bank of America was bad but Alliant has been worse overall. Still looking for another option that isn’t a big bank but I’m done with Alliant. I expected better for sure.
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5 years ago, DeansReview
Great app
This is a great app. It does everything I need. User interface is nice and simple, easy to use. The one major thing missing for me is authorized credit card holders being able to view transactions online. Currently only the owner can view the account online. The checking and savings accounts allow me to grant a user online access, credit card does not.
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4 years ago, Rick Fay
Please stop making me reset my password after getting it wrong ONCE. The app seems to send multiple login attempts and in doing so claims that my account must be locked down. This is really frustrating, as in doing so I need to enter a temporary password sent to my email to verify my identity. Taking 1 second to switch apps on my phone to read what that password is and then returning to this app I'm greeted with errors claiming I'm a bot or something and must start the process (answering ~5 million personal questions) all over again. This app is so rigid and so overly protective it's barely usable. Please fix.
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1 month ago, Angry_matt
No true joint account
Opened a joint account for the wife and I, only to find out after opening my wife can’t log in without me being present. Can’t turn 2-factor authentication off and just share the password. Called and was told by the reps that the only way for her to have access online is for her to be a member, which means opening another checking and savings account. We’re trying to simplify finances, not complicate, and I wish we knew this before opening. I would not suggest this for couples looking to combine finances.
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5 months ago, brianj.v1
Less about app, more about aggressive in-app marketing
I’d be happy to change my rating, but the constant in-app product announcements every time I log in (app or web) have gotten old fast. Either give me a way to opt out of these globally as a account setting or use them much more infrequently, like once a month or move them to notification/inbox feature and show me unread indication and let me choose to see/read them AFTER I’ve done my banking.
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5 years ago, MattCO76
Couldn’t be more disappointed in this app
Consistently get locked out of my account for ‘too many unsuccessful password attempts’. Have had to change my password and delete the app entirely multiple times. Alliant has closed all of their branches so the only way to deposit a check is on the app, which constantly locks me out of my account. It’s not my iOS it’s not my device. This app is essentially useless and I’m considering changing banks because of it. I never leave bad reviews but this app is the worst. None of my other apps lock me out like this app does.
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