Allpoint® Mobile

2.6 (94)
45.8 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Allpoint® Mobile

2.64 out of 5
94 Ratings
2 years ago, liltechdude
A bit buggy and missing important feature
The app works for the most part except for occasional app crashes. This isn’t a huge annoyance since you only have to use the app to find an ATM location. However, there needs to be a feature added to indicate if the Allpoint ATM location offers free parking, if at all. I live in the city and getting to an ATM could not be feasible if there is no parking nearby or offered on the ATM tenant’s property (I.e. a store with a parking lot).
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3 years ago, ansley_johnson
What a magnificent app!
When I first downloaded this app a long time ago what can I say, I was as lost as last year’s easter egg. I mean it wasn’t working and I felt like I had a burr in my saddle. It was frustrating me so much that I felt that the tree stump in my backyard had a higher IQ than me. So when I got this app a little bit ago, I could not believe my biscuits how much it had changed. I mean I was grinning like a possum eatin a sweet tater. It’s faster than a hot knife through butter. Also it no longer keeps breakin and cracking, you would not believe it. See I don’t really write reviews but if a biscuit is buttered, you better say the biscuit is buttered. And this biscuit is buttered. This app really helps me and I hope it helps you, it definitely makes my tea sweeter.
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1 year ago, Stone2656
Not finding locations
App not finding locations not more keep saying error
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2 years ago, Smurfiest game!
the app is completely unusable, let me save you a whole of time and frustration: looking to see why the app didn't work for your card? They tell you to call your bank. Trying to figure out how to withdraw/deposit or add a card? They tell you to call your bank. Bottom line: just use your bank, unless you enjoy repeatedly banging your head on a wall, do NOT even give this app the time of day, literally ANYTHING else would be a better use of your time.
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3 years ago, Braves country
The new app is awesome!
This app is soooo much better than the old one. Was able to easily verify my card (if you don’t want to scan they allow you to just type in a portion of your card numbers, which I appreciate). I look forward to exploring the app more. Well done!
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12 months ago, Bill@slfs
Really non working app
I used to use this app when I traveled, but it has been several years the app recently updated and the new app. Every time I try to do something it says an error has occurred. It says there are no ATMs in my area so if I go to the web and look up ATMs, then they are all there like they used to be somebody really needs to fix the app or delete it altogether.
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3 years ago, chrisc1511
This new version is great!
Open the app and Boom! ... surcharge free ATMs show up everywhere. Easy to tell what services each ATM provides and let’s you verify if your card is eligible for surcharge free transactions. Major upgrade over the previos version of the app!
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11 months ago, GG Georgia Girl
App Needs aUpdated
Normally, I have no problem finding Allpoint ATMs. There are no Allpoint ATMs in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge TN area, although the apps says there are many. You left me without access to cash this time, which meant we couldn’t do some of the cash only places.
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1 year ago, Molly Cirrus
A bank app that crashes
The app constantly crashes and is very unreliable. Plenty of times it sent me to ATMs that were supposedly online and working only to find out that the location doesn’t even have one to begin with. I’m actually closing the bank associated with Allpoint and switching to a REAL traditional bank.
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3 years ago, L34fg
Great app!!
Really slick app. Was able to correctly identify all the Allpoint ATMs in my area, including ones I didn’t even know where part of the surcharge-free network... Nicely done!
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3 years ago, AEF1014
Love the new App!
I’m an Allpoint user and I find the new updated app so easy to use. It’s fast and allows me to find locations easily. I even showed it to a friend who now wants access to Allpoint’s fee free ATM network.
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3 years ago, RJAMC1970
User Friendly and helpful
Very impressed with the update of the app. Extremely easy to find an ATM nearby. The experience is clean and on point. Way to go Allpoint!!! Definitely a fan!
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3 years ago, K3v1n12341234
Requires Card Verification
The app has been updated several times. A few months ago they added a feature where you could verify that your card works surcharge free on their ATMs by entering your card number. However, that is now mandatory. This is a massive decline in usefulness. Use Google in Safari instead.
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3 years ago, Cjviscito
Allpoint in my pocket
Love having the ability to find the closest ATM that I don’t have to pay a fee to use. Really handy to use when I have to travel for work.
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3 years ago, Adams games
Great app!
I appreciate that the app quickly and easily helps me find a surcharge free ATMs, as well as telling me if my card will allow me a surcharge free transaction, reducing any time wasted in front of the ATM.
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7 months ago, Leap man
It gives me an error when I try to scan my card, even though it shows the correct numbers. The app says there are no atms in my area, even when I zoom to the entire state of Colorado. Their website shows many atms at my location. The app is junk.
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3 years ago, Johanoop
Latest app keeps crashing on my iphone
The latest version installed on my iphone xs max keeps crashing when i open it. It finds the atms ans crashes. So it keeps open for like 4-5 seconds and kills itself. Tried reinstalling, but same results.
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3 years ago, kevinjledwith
Great app. It is easy to navigate and find an ATM nearby. The logos are nice to find a specific retailer and I love to connection to Google Maps.
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3 years ago, insano27
Waaayyyy better!!
Love the mapping, way more modern than before! Able to find all the ATMs where ever needed, easily!
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3 years ago, Always_Running
Great Update
The mapping is soooo much better and now I can even find local Allpoint ATMs that take deposits. Sooo helpful!
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14 years ago, Bee-Ten
Useful when it works.
This application us useful when it works. But often times you just get a big blue spinning wheel or a location that is stale or way off from you actual location. I launched this app and it kept saying I was still at a location I had been hours earlier that was miles away. It seems their implementation of the gps location is poor. Another iPhone app you can gets better eventually. Can't beat the price though. UPDATE: New version but same old problems. 1. Sometimes get spinning wheel that never gets location and ATMs. 2. Still shows STALE location data. I had to exit this app and go into Google Maps and hit locate then go back to get Allpoint to get my accurate location. Too often this app's locate function doesn't work properly.
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1 year ago, cyoul8r
Less than one star
Used to be able to find ATMs, but for over a year the app just crashes and is completely unusable. Why does Apple permit these apps to continue to be available ?
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2 years ago, Sassy pants smith
Keeps Crashing- Need Update
Went on the app today and it kept crashing before I could even type in an address. Hasn’t been updated in almost a year. Please update this app
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7 months ago, BrianStP
App does not work.
The app will not scan my credit Union debit card to verify it’s on the Allpoint network. Furthermore it says there are no Allpoint locations near me, even though I know for a fact, there are. Fix the app!
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2 years ago, kzme
doesn’t work on wifi
for some reason this app won’t work when i’m on wifi. works fine on LTE though.
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2 years ago, BiggzCT
Not accurate
App states Allpoint atm located near me. Go to location and it is not an Allpoint atm. This happened for multiple locations. Need to update location information for accuracy. Not helpful, just wastes time.
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1 year ago, Csol101
Takes forever to load ATM search
When moving the map, the loading wheel spins for minutes before giving a result. This app is barley usable - bad backend design.
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2 years ago, CloudDrunk
Hasn’t been updated in almost a year. Just crashes immediately every time you open it.
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7 months ago, picked an apple
Stopped Working
Stopped working constantly says no Allpoint ATM’s in the area but if you go to the website instead and use the map On the website there’s ATMs all over the place. PLEASE FIX THE APP
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2 years ago, St!lltr!ll
Doesn’t even work
Just spins and says cannot load or there is an error please try again later
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2 years ago, TazRon
Mobile App Stopped Wirking
App used to be good , now it doesn’t work. Always get an error message. Can’t find ATM locations or check a card.
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2 years ago, Fjgsi
Does not work
App does not find any ATMs close to me which I know is not true. It also will not except my card it says error. This app is broken
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2 years ago, JMB1984
Piece of s
Website got me to download bc it showed a bunch on a map in my area but looks like that was fake!! “None within 25mi radius.” Good thing I have the app now.
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1 month ago, exprofe
Does not work
All searches return error messages. Reporting this within the app returns an error message.
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4 months ago, svanii79
So many bugs
App barely works. Cant even report issues. It just says error.
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3 years ago, Hickory Mom
Crashes shortly after opening app
Crashes almost immediately. Unusable.
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1 year ago, kylepage64
Crashes Every Time
Not usable at all. Web site isn’t much better.
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4 weeks ago, dbhou65
All it does when I search is crash. Worthless.
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7 months ago, bas3445
The app doesn’t work overseas even when I’m standing next to an Allpoint ATM. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, emt337574
The app is saying there are no ATM in southeastern Michigan. The close one is in Canada. I know that not right. Fix your bugs!!!
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8 months ago, Caskey H
Crashes when opened
Unusable app
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2 years ago, aca_christy
Useless so far
Won’t verify my card and says there no Allpoint ATMs anywhere.
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1 month ago, ace9739
App don’t work. Just crashes
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7 months ago, Good Feat
Don’t waste your time.
This app is non-functional.
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3 years ago, HassMB23
The app keeps crashing
Every time I enter the app it just crashes
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2 years ago, Sk3tCh9880
doesnt work
it keeps crashing 5 seconds after opening the app
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7 months ago, xVix206
App doesn’t work. Jus shows a map
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2 years ago, Robbie1Kanobbie
What’s up?
App does not show atms Sorry
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11 years ago, Mr Jelly
Hasn't been updated for over 2 years!
While the premise of this app is sound, the execution is sorely lacking. As of the time of this review, this app has not been updated for over 2 years. The last release note indicated support for iOS 4 as a feature. In addition, the graphics appear to be made for non-Retina Display devices and certainly not the latest iPhone 5 with the taller display. Last, it doesn't make use of the new version of Maps on iOS 5 but instead links to Google Maps via Safari. This could be considered a feature but in light of the lack of overall updates, I would consider this a bug. Besides, the new Maps app is faster, especially for initial current location acquisition. While I understand that apps can be updated instantly and don't expect that, this one has clearly been left to wither on the vine. Personally, I have an increased need to be able to find Allpoint ATMs now due to many of the previous locations going away as of late. I have had this app on my phone for years but see that it only looks and performs worse then when I had initially installed it. Note to developers: Please update this app!
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12 years ago, SR from SD
Part of skylight financial cartel
Inaccueate and part of the scheme run by skylight financial. Previous employer turned over old paycheck to them, they sent 2 cards that never arrived. Only got a notice that they were deducting an inactivity fee $3.00 which happened again before i could clear it up with a 60min automated telephone run around. Today they did it again even though i have a live card dropping my balance below $60 meaning i cant pull it all out from ATM(only 20s). These partners are focused on scamming as many fees as possible out of these prepaid cards even the recommeded ATM that was supposed to be free wanted to charge an extra $2.50. Oh and you better call them when you do use the cash because technically it is a checking account in your name and if you dont close it you will continue to incure inactivity fees but you will have to pay an account closyre fee to do so. Never knew it would cost me $20 of my own money to get my own money some corporate retailer neglected to pay out in the first place. Avoid Skylight Financial and its partners at ALL COSTS.
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