AllSouth Mobile Banking

4.8 (4.1K)
46.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
AllSouth Federal Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AllSouth Mobile Banking

4.78 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Seeantclarke
new app does not work correctly
my 10th Generation IPad updated my All South app last night. It woul not let me on to my account this morning. It had deleted my User Account and unenrolled my iPad as a biometric device, so my fingerprint no longer worked. It would also not accept my User Account and password information. It said they were invalid. Thank God I also have the app on my 9th Generation IPad. I was able to log into it normally and transfer funds from my savings to my checking account. I have since turned off automatic app updates on both iPads/. My 9th generation iPad had it turned off, which is why it was not affected. #30
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2 years ago, thisguyy75
Cant login issue
The app is ok but the problem is login. I can not login to see my money at all. I have reset my password numerous amounts of times and when login, I put the same password I reset my account to have. I called up there to report the issue but, they tried to make it seem like I was the problem. I understand people tend to forget their password and put a password I think is there when it really isn’t but me, a computer science student, knows when it’s the software and not the end user. Even with biometric login turned on, I still get the same error. I don’t understand this as with this feature, the password is entered for you when your finger print is correct. Also, I should mention with this feature enabled, it will work for the first day but after, it doesn’t work anymore. The error states “we are unable to validate your information. Make sure the information you’ve entered is accurate.” I can assure you once again that I am typing in the right password. As I am really good with finances, not being able to see my money in my account is really dreadful, and I am considering switching banks as I have had this problem for a year and they can’t seem to fix it.
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4 years ago, hgsjps
App is ....okay. Can definitely use some upgrades.
I switched banks from BB&T to Allsouth Federal Credit Union. This is strictly a review on the app itself and not on the company. I do love banking with All-south and hope that they are able to up their game with this application! The app is lacking in areas. BB&Ts app was definitely more user friendly and I do miss that and hope that this will be fixed in the near future. Things such as depositing checks was so easily accessible through the BB&T app. Not so much here. The text notifications that you can opt to receive when money is withdrawn from your account are severely delayed. Meaning, I will get texts days after I have made a purchase. At that point the text is useless, in my opinion. I find this to be a big fault. Especially in the event of fraud. I want to know when funds are taken from my account immediately, NOT days later. The app through BB&T immediately delivered texts when funds where removed from my account. This was a great security feature and I really hope this is something that can be done through the allsouth app.
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5 years ago, REBT
AllSouth FCU On-Line Banking Works
I’ve been in a lot of banks and credit unions, and though not perfect and as with any credit union not national much less worldwide like major banks BOA or WF; it certainly is amongst the best and easiest to deal with in spite of some nagging fees that weren’t there at the beginning but like most businesses from airlines to hotels to banking have gone to; otherwise very happy and great folks, security is awesome and great CS. Blessings and Thanks!!! 🙏🏾❤️🇺🇸 REBT 😎
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4 years ago, Kwest801
New updated app
The last app before the update was working just fine! Still needed more features compared to other banking apps! This new one has made it nearly impossible to check anything in my account! It won’t even let me log in! Today will be the 3rd day in a row I’ve had to call customer service with not being able to log in! I have deleted my app twice, changed password along with trying everything under the sun to try and go back to normal with the app! For 2 weeks I’ve had to go to random atm machines to check my balance! It’s frustrating especially since the Walmart AllSouth is closed due to virus so I have to drive 35 minutes to the closest AllSouth! If there were an option for zero stars I would do that! In my option the developer failed tremendously in this new update!
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4 years ago, diswhack
the new update is horrible. the interface looks outdated and the new security protocols make no sense. there should be no reason that i have to verify my identity every single time i open the app. before, it was when logging into a new device, which makes sense. but if my current device already has its own security measures (password, passcode, AND face ID), the extra security measures on the half of the app are simply not necessary. i’m in the military, deployed to a remote location where i don’t have a phone number, so i have to contact my wife to verify my account and we’re on two different time zones, 7 hrs. half the time, she’s sleeping when i need verification to get into my account.
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5 years ago, karengh
At a glance...
Overall it’s a pretty good app, but could you please make the Available Balance LARGER than the actual balance? It trips me up sometimes. If I glance at it quickly then I am immediately going to think the BIG, BOLD, GREEN number that catches my eye is the amount I have to spend, but it isn’t. And I’m almost always going to glance at it on the fly, because it’s an APP... Of course you make money off me in overdraft fees because of it, so I see why it’s in your best interest to keep it confusing. But please make it more obvious and don’t be sneaky. Be “user-friendly”— I can’t imagine I am the only person who thinks this.
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4 years ago, Mamie_A
Old version was way better
I honestly hate the “new and improved” version of this app. The old one was way more intuitive, much faster, better interface. I thought it would be a learning curve, but no. After many months of have the new version, I can definitively say they screwed up. My suspicion is that this “new and better” version was actually a result of a budget cut or something, and now they’re having to use an inferior app designer team. There’s no way someone would have looked at this new one and been like, “Oh yeah this is better!!!” Nah. Do better y’all, we deserve more than your cheaper budget apps.
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3 years ago, CoffeehouseFan
Why on earth did you change from the old version? The old version showed completed transactions in real time; therefore, I know exactly how much I have to spend. Now I’m having to do what the app should do and used to, calculate all of my transactions. I just got an overdraft fee for the first time in at least ten years! What’s the point of having this app if it keeps you stuck in the 90’s. Axe the programmer and do what’s best for your customers. My whole family has been with Fort Jackson Federal Credit Unuion and never had issues, and once you’ve changed to AllSouth we’ve all had issues and 9 out of 10 times it’s this freakin’ app!
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4 years ago, papi.jones11
I can’t give a 2 1/2 so it’s a pity 3 stars
Honestly the app is convenient in THEORY. There are times were the app inconvenience me, like when I’m far from an ATM and I want to use the app to check my account and they won’t like me sign in, like what’s the point of owning the app if I’m going to have to go to a bank to check my account anyways? Other than that I actually do like the app, I just wish that they were consistent or would at least give me a head’s up about stuff like this.
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2 months ago, BJohnson9517
Do Not Like the New App
I am not a fan of the new app. The font is too small and the color of the font doesn’t help. Additionally the log out button is not readily available which means you have to click here and then click there just to log out. Finally, the log in with Face ID doesn’t always work. I thought this had something to do with my phone but every other app that used my Face ID worked fine. None the less…the previous app seemed more user friendly.
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6 years ago, Blessed_Moe81
Awesome service!
Love the bank itself very much they’ve never hesitated to do their most to help resolve any issues I’ve came across or services needed. The App itself is user friendly and immediately shows all updates and transactions on my account.
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2 months ago, Andrë
A step in the right direction
App is much better than before but still lacks. It would be GREAT if I could pay electronically via Wells Fargo bank account directly in the app (bill pay/zelle didn’t work). I was told I had to use website / one time payment option. Prior to this I was going to the branch every month in person to pay and was getting charged “cash advance” fees by my bank. Almost refinanced away and still may if this doesn’t get better.
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2 months ago, Luneia from Moon Guard server
Transfer Option Doesn’t Show All Accounts
I have a line of credit, but the updated app doesn’t have a way for me to transfer money to that account. I can transfer between all of the other accounts, and even from the Line of Credit to other accounts. But I want to pay into the line of credit, and there is no way to do this that I have found. Please fix this!
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11 months ago, Biganthonyc
App doesn’t work on iPhone 14 pro max
Tried deleting the app and reinstalling several times. Doesn’t matter if you are on wifi or cell data, you cannot login. You either get a spinning graphic upon opening the app or as soon as you click login, and the spinning graphic never ends and you never log in. I can log in on a desktop just fine but if you need a reliable mobile app, this bank might not be for you. I am not the only one with these issues, the logon problem seems to affect several users.
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4 years ago, shp99
Worst update ever
I’d like to have the old app back. This one takes forever to log in, the way it shows when something has posted and is pending is confusing because all the posted is in red as though you are in the negative. Before when you got a deposit it was green and easier to see when the deposit hit and the withdrawals were easier to understand. This isn’t anything spectacular about this new app. The old app was way more user friendly and easier to navigate. Transactions don’t populate when you slide your card.
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4 months ago, Betford2
Hope the expected new version is better
I’ve had the same login errors that ppl have noted here for literally years. I’ve enabled biometric login multiple times but it doesn’t stick, and the app doesn’t even remember my PW — I still have to type it in manually. I’ve wished for functional mobile deposit — no joy. AllSouth is touting an updated version coming soon. I hope it helps.
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3 years ago, LL221456
Just ok
This website would be great if my Face ID worked properly. Every time I log onto this app I have to generate a new password because there is always an error message when I try to log on. What is the issue with this? I have reinstalled this app 3 times and it still does this. Within a month I have had to change my password 52 times. That is obsessive. What is the issue?
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3 years ago, ModerFanily
Need to fix mobile deposit
Mobile deposit is effectively useless. It will reject a check because it says the signature is not recognizable, even though the signature is clear as day on the check. Other times, a glitch occurs when the app doesn’t register that you’ve typed a deposit number and the error message will say the deposit amount cannot be less than $0.00. This function is glitchy and useless. Please update and fix soon.
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4 years ago, ducky915
Worst update EVER!!!
What in the heck did you guys to everyone??? No one seems to be able to log in, the phone number to member service is always either busy or you wait for hours, and even getting responses through email is worthless. FIX THIS!!!! I have zero access to my account and I need to deposit a check because I already wrote on the back that its for mobile deposit only. This is truly negligent!!! Why was I given the email to marketing??????
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4 years ago, ShugahMahma16
Go back !!!
This new app is the WORST design they could have come up with. They need to GO BACK to the other app!!!! This new update is difficult to read, not user friendly, and seems like they are trying to make customers overdraft their accounts. Half of the features are no longer available such as not showing the balance after each transaction, showing available balance in small numbers instead of large, and unclear options on how to make transfers.
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1 year ago, Meme12151215
Bad payment options
Over all the app works ok. It’s a little outdated over most banks. It’s 2023 and you can’t make principal payments to loans with out having to call in the bank. The Zelle feature is horrible. I understand the extra security but you take it to far. Your avail balance vs you actual balance should not have you confused.
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2 years ago, kkairos5
Stopped working
It used to work perfectly but now it’s always “experiencing intermittent issues”. It works perfectly on my mom’s phone but not on mine at all. I’ve tried different devices and it’ll log in once but the next day it too goes down. No updates or restarting has fixed the issue and it’s been over a year. One would think the recent reviews would result in a fix. I’m getting tired and fed up of this app.
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2 months ago, Samon joe
Taken aback…
Prior to the update, the app now is very flawed. I don’t have any issues with the app layout & functions however, I find it very frustrating that it doesn’t have the functionality to turn off my debit card when I’d like to. It used to be a card control feature which allowed this but there is not one anymore. This is deeply upsetting as I loved the option to turn off and on my debit card when needed.
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7 years ago, VooRiley
Great Money Manager
I really can’t function without this app, It helps me manage my money better. Last week I even deposited a check using this app. I remember having to call the automated system to get my balance. Yikes!! That alone deserves 5 Stars!!
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4 years ago, DMacsShaq
Update was nice until
The update has messed up my login. Every time I login now, it never keeps my information so I have to login every single time I try to go into my more finger print login but why?
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4 years ago, Taliah ❤️
Old App Better & Easier!
I’ve had this app and have been a member for about 10* years now. The old app was so much better and easier to use! This new update has too much going on. On top of that, your balances/etc are so big the people next to you or behind you can see it clearly. I think they tried to update but instead just made it less easier for users.
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8 months ago, AntWeb03
App Crash When Signing in
The app would’ve gotten 5 stars. I cannot manage my finances in a timely manner because there’s bugs that needs to be fixed. I don’t have this issue with any other apps. I understand a lot of older folks aren’t hip to technology as Gen Z and Millennials but it feels like it’s been a decade to us Gen Z since we’ve had a update. PLEASE! Fix the app with the crashing issues and bugs.
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4 years ago, lkemurrie
App Needs Tweeking
With the latest new updated app, this new one is constantly locking up when I try to use it. 40% of the time the app just spins and I have to restart my iPhone to make it stop. Very annoying.
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6 years ago, clemfanchrisCA3
I’ve been able to do everything I need to without issues. My transfers happen instantly and continue to be pleased with both the App and AllSouth in general.
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5 years ago, EZMRuff
The app is enjoyable
I love the app I no longer have to use the Respond 24 it’s at a click of a button that I can access my bank information on my app.
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4 years ago, HomerunCC
New app
I absolutely HATE this new app. The set up is terrible and not user friendly. We need to be able to see our accounts on the whole screen and not one little section. Why would you give half the screen to transfers? Do people make so many transfer that they need this there? You guys seriously need to go back to the previous app or one like it. This was a bad move and normally you guys are great.
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4 years ago, AJanay!
New App
The new App changed the frequency of my automatic transfers from checking to savings. Also the only thing you can edit for scheduled transfers in the app is the amount and not the frequency. The previous version was more user friendly. The new version requires navigating through additional screens to see account details. Also the new version does not show ‘year-to-date’ interest earned.
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4 years ago, Traenas
New App Update Not Working
I’ve only had access to this two days now it won’t let me check my account at all. Just says error occur call the facility
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5 years ago, E. Bostic
Need more mobile options, turn cards off/on, replacement, disputes, budget options.
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4 years ago, afguyr
I hate the new app!
Please bring back the old version!! The update is awful! Moving around in the app is so slow. Often times the app just spons and I literally have to turn off my phone. Please hear our feedback. I am seriously thinking of changing banks because new app is so difficult to use. The app is slow, limiting and not user friendly. I miss the old app.
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4 years ago, chelseadidit
New update
The new update is okay, however I do not like how the current balance (which is what you have in your account before something takes money out or or savings you can’t touch) is bold and bigger than your available balance (which is actually how much money is in your account). Misleading.
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7 years ago, RN June
Could not live without it!!!
I am very happy with the app. I use it daily to keep track of my spending. Transfers have never been easier.
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4 years ago, Scjewelrygirl
Terrible update
This is the worst app EVER!!! It constantly freezes, gives error messages, or just spins! The previous app was 100% better! Also why doesn’t my balance show under every transaction? That was a feature on the previous app, but not on this one. I hate using this app now. I have started just banking from the website
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4 years ago, alyssanb816
Login Troubles
The app completely stopped working on me yesterday. I can login online but not on the app and I need the app to be able to deposit my checks since I am not close to one of the locations. I’ve called customer service about it and they aren’t sure what to tell me. Please solve this issue and contact me as soon as you find a solution! Thanks.
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6 years ago, Chocolate Ti
Great app
It sends me notifications of large deposit or withdrawals from my account...I don’t have to sign on to see activity...that’s the best part for me
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2 years ago, dubiious
App is completely broken
I’ve been getting an error when logging in that says “The app is experiencing intermittent connection issues.” I can’t use mobile banking at all. It’s been this way for two months now. I’ve reinstalled the app, I’ve tried different phones, same problem.
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4 years ago, GygyJr
I hate the new update!
I really don’t understand why we have to wait 3 days without log in to our account for this “amazing new update” and when finally was ready it’s the most horrible update I have ever seen! I don’t like it! Before was best. It was easy to understand what was pending and your statement but now every look so old and so difficult.
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4 years ago, JDRitz527
Updated app isn’t bad. Would like to still be able to see the remaining balance after each transaction. I miss that feature.
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4 years ago, jdelly16
All issues I had have been fixed
Simple easy to use
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4 years ago, Ala kung nickname
The previous app was way better
This new app is not working for me. My ending balance used to appear underneath every transactions I make. I sometimes go back to check my account and review what my balance was before I made a transfer on some previous dates. Now it doesn’t show any of that. I wish they just kept the old version.
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2 months ago, dpc_gobucks
Trash App
The old one worked just fine if not better whoever decided it would be a good idea to switch it up is lost and just messed everything up, I can’t make my car payment as convenient as before or controlling my cards. Terrible all around!
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3 years ago, Deeeeeeeeeeznuuuuuts
One star. App no longer working
The app has been “experiencing intermittent connectivity issues” for over a month. My login still works because I use it for the safari login. Very frustrating that it’s been updated but still doesn’t work
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4 years ago, allsouthbankershell
New mobile banking update
Um ... I loved the old one better the new one takes forever & a day to load up .. it’s really slow. Wish there was a switch back option.
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3 years ago, zoejohnson
Not working anymore
This app was working so well for me but now it doesn’t! I try to open the app and it won’t even recognize Face ID. I have uninstalled it and all. I now have to go through Safari to transfer money or deposit checks.
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