Alltru Credit Union

4.8 (3.6K)
83.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alltru Credit Union
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Alltru Credit Union

4.84 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Tweety1976
Problem with latest release
Love Alltru Credit Union and all the great help I have received in the the last year refinancing my vehicle, obtaining a home improvement loan, and finally getting a credit card through them. This latest release has an issue with it. When you log out, if you’re looking at your iPhone, it logs you right back in again. This is a new problem that I have never seen before now. Otherwise, all is great!!!
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4 years ago, hellabandz_tay
Needs to be improved
It’s a decent app just needs a few improvements. I don’t receive deposit notifications until I open and close the app. When I get message notifications they can take several minutes to post. The app has crashed on me a couple of times. I like how simplistic the app is but it leaves me unable to tweak banking features like the option to turn on my roll up account or turn off my overdraft protection. The app is a start but could be so much better honestly.
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4 years ago, Taij21
Mobile app
Everything works great I’m really impressed on how they have updated it and made things much easier I thank you all for they new features please continue to help us customers out if we have any issues I’ve had no problems with this and it’s 2020
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8 months ago, Sillywillyphil
Bit confused about one design choice
Start by saying the app works pretty well and is aesthetically pleasing but one thing that doesn’t make any sense is the secure messaging layout. The swipable cards that don’t even default to the newest message really doesn’t make any sense and why I’d the newest message to the furthest card to the left when the reply option is the furthest card to the right? Can it just be a traditional message thread like any other chat application we’re used to these days?
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2 months ago, rdayzz
Facial recognition
Only thing I would like to change about your app is the fact that I should not have to remember my password and put it in every time it should go off of my facial recognition
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3 years ago, sagittarius 50
My Credit Union
I love my credit union they are so good to me. Even when I moved 760 miles away they helped me in every way possible. They kept me secure and safe. Now that I’ve moved back home after 8 years I’m still loving them. They are like family. Tony and the crew are super customer service experts. I love the downtown crew. Keep up the good work.
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9 months ago, ReaseWest
Renishia Westbrook -All Tru
I’ve been with this credit union for some years now and I have NEVER had not 1 problem with them! Always helpful and there when you need them! They get right on top of things, too! I’m very fond of Our St Charles location- Mr Chuck is awesome!!!
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2 years ago, dont pay at the pump
Leave your big bank!
The people at Alltru credit union are amazing. They are knowledgeable and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. If you stay at a big bank you will only be a number. Join a credit union and be treated like a human!
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5 months ago, Itchy Richey
Checking account and savings account
Love being able to look at account totals without logging in with password.
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4 years ago, moma evelyn
To whom it may concern
I have always preferred credit unions over regular banks and I would like to thank Kenneth Page- he has been so very helpful he’s a keeper thank you Miss Evelyn Hoskins
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3 years ago, 123Madkat
Taking pictures of checks for deposit. Why can’t we do that automatically
We should be able to do that as automatically.
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2 years ago, lv2decor8
Sick of verifying
I am sick of having to verify my phone over and over every time I try to access my accounts on this stupid mobile app. Seems every time something changes something else gets screwed up! And every time I have to try and think of another name for my phone because it says the one I put is already in use!
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2 years ago, Onchieku
Great customer care
I get assisted promptly and I leave satisfied. Thanks to the great customer service.
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4 years ago, Dermeling
It was fine before
I never had much trouble with the app until they recently changed it. Now I have trouble logging in almost every time and the check deposit doesn’t work for me. Just let me take the picture like I used to. It wants to auto-capture then eventually lets you take it manually.
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3 years ago, Lady Yonnie
Too Difficult
To navigate is ridiculously long and it’s difficult to impute Information, takes entirely too long & why do you need the account number and the loan number if you have the social security number? Makes no sense and too difficult
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4 years ago, Slots fun slots
Check scan
App works as should except, will not allow to scan check for deposit. For myself nor on my wife’s phone. It worked fine when it was First Financial. We both tried deleting app and reinstalling as recommended by the institution. Nothing. Big inconvenience!
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2 years ago, Red's Handyman services LLc
The people are fantastic place is fantastic all around
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1 year ago, Rita McShea
Kari is a real credit to Alltru credit union.
Thank you, Kari! Nancy is very kind and makes me a wonderful cup of hot chocolate! Thank you, Nancy!
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11 months ago, TylerMR28
Great place to bank with
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2 years ago, NORDY1906
Everyone is friendly and great atmosphere at my location.
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2 years ago, jaze camaro
From England ( Europe ) to living in America, This bank is very great in every way.
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9 months ago, GramMardi
My relationship with Altrue
Thank you.
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4 years ago, icyhoy
Love this
I’m so happy to be a part of Alltru credit union
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2 years ago, Friskmegud
It freezes
Every time I try to open it up since the new version, it freezes and then I can’t access my account. This is crazy.
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6 months ago, Lind335
Thank you
I love the app. Its ALMOST immediately!?
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2 months ago, TONY PARKS SR
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4 years ago, important pers
Smoke this
The app was good working a functional before this update now I can’t see the activity in my account or anything so the app went from a 7.5 to a 1 being very pointless
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3 years ago, MNARK
Incorrect balance
New app looks nice, but my Home Equity line of Credit balance has not updated the balance amount since September.
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3 years ago, Stlskater92
The app is constantly updating and never works right. I already miss the old one
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3 years ago, Supreme.Ganga
Regarding quality
This app works very poorly
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4 years ago, A.J Foncannon
Never gives me notifications
I have all my notifications on this app turned on through my phone and the app and it never gives me notifications unless I login look around to find what I need then once I get off the app the notifications start coming through it’s really annoying because I’d love to know when something gets deposit or when I’m low on cash or if I use my debit card any wear like the “chime” app does so please update your stuff to do these things and make it better
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4 years ago, KBuskPlassmeyer
Love this credit union!!
I’ve been with this credit union since 1986!! They’ve always had a smile on their face and very knowledgeable with any and every issue or question I’ve had. Heather and Mariah at customer service are always helpful and take care of all of my business needs!!!
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4 years ago, pynkchyna
Always professional staff. And very respond. Convenient app. Quick and Easy way to check on your account With the fingerprint login. Can deposit checks by taking picture, can easily transfer money to your different accounts. Sometimes app crashes, so must delete and reinstall. Been a member for Several years only had to do it 2-3 times so far. Definitely Worth using
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4 years ago, PickItAgai
Mobile deposit
Mobile deposit it a fast easy feature. They need to increase the check amount that can be deposited with mobile deposit
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4 years ago, rissablood
Freeze your card
It’s does have that feature and this app had been having a lot of issues where it’s not updating my balance
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4 years ago, Sleepless in MO
No Brainer!
This is a most have! Most folks operate on line. To quickly check your accounts or shut your cc down
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5 years ago, Rxp1234
Check deposit feature stinks
The app asks you to tap on the screen to take a picture of a check you want to deposit. But with the new update, you have to tap about 20 times before it works. It asks you to write “for mobile deposit only,” but has always been horrible about recognizing what you write. Continuously rejects deposits when it doesn’t recognize the words.
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4 years ago, Last chance to give feedback
Depositing checks
Is very difficult. The check are rejected way too often. Other institution’s apps are no where near as difficult.
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4 years ago, Annnthen
Awesome 👍
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5 years ago, Need to See Now
No Transaction Updates
This app would be great if it updated regularly after each transaction. Three days ago I made a transfer within my accounts and today it’s still not reflected in the app.
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5 years ago, debhgt
Freeze account
This app should have a feature where you can freeze your card if you wanted.
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5 years ago, monick
Barely an improvement
I don’t see pending transactions anywhere, are they here? It’s also activating when this app sends me deposit notifications only after I open and close the app.. yeah, I know there’s a deposit app!... I just looked myself 🙄
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6 years ago, KWin1021
This app is useless to me, I repeatedly have to sign in and I have Touch ID, once I am in, that card update failed message reappears and sign in pops back up 2 seconds later smh, it doesn’t update whenever I do get to the home screen. What is up with this app, total aggravation grrrr!
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7 years ago, R3vives
Transfer Not Working
Transfer process not working properly. Can't change the account From to one of my other account's. It is stuck to savings account.
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4 years ago, 185138
BillPay is a Joke
Each month I have issues with Bill Pay either using Safari or Google. Won’t accept either Brower to allow payment on bills. Don’t have this issue with any other Financial website, just yours.
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5 years ago, Currently Disgruntled.
Transfer funds button has disappeared!
Recently the ability to transfer funds from one account to another has been lost. Extremely frustrating!!!
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5 years ago, Missmary62
Visa Account
I haven’t been able to get into my account for 2 weeks now. No One Will help me reset my security questions or password. Just keep getting sent around the world!!!!
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5 years ago, Djembe n
Waste of time
Trash. Waste of time and the website is even worse on mobile. I'm in process of switching banks just because it's a headache to get anything done on mobile
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4 years ago, 🤪🤪🤪🤪lb
Delayed Response
I always get delayed notifications on deposits/transactions. That isn’t very helpful
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4 years ago, //"&$381
Card unlock
Card won’t stay unlocked to use the atm keeps locking back
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