Ally Auto Finance

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Ally Financial Inc.
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Ally Auto Finance

4.7 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
1 year ago, aivygjt
Excellent User Friendly App
I have have been paying off my car to Ally for the last four years, and for some reason today I decided to check out the reviews of their app, just see what other people thought. I am honestly shocked by all of the bad reviews. I have auto pay set up, and I’ve never once had any issues. My payments are always taken out on the same day every month and the app always runs smoothly. I am able to change my automatic payment amounts and make one-time payments anytime I want, and I can even nickname my car. I am able to see current finance charges, previous year finance charges, balance left, etc. I’ve never had to call customer service or been late on a payment, so I can’t speak to the actual customer service or morality of the company, but the app is phenomenal.
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3 months ago, Dada25193!
Ally Auto Financial has garnered a reputation for being detrimental to customers due to various reasons. Firstly, their customer service has been consistently disappointing and frustrating for many individuals. Customers often report long wait times, unhelpful representatives, and a lack of resolution to their issues. The poor customer service experience leaves individuals feeling undervalued and neglected, as their concerns and inquiries are not adequately addressed. Furthermore, the Ally Auto Financial app has been widely criticized for its subpar performance and functionality. Many users have encountered numerous technical glitches, including frequent crashes, slow loading times, and difficulty navigating the app's features. These issues make it extremely inconvenient for customers to access and manage their accounts efficiently. The app's shortcomings not only hinder the user experience but also create additional stress and frustration for customers who rely on mobile banking for convenient financial management. Overall, the combination of substandard customer service and a poorly functioning app has resulted in an unsatisfactory experience for many Ally Auto Financial customers. I don’t usually do reviews but I’m happy after my 3 years being with this company to give them the 1 star they earned.
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12 months ago, Jayvaun
Stole my money
DO NOT GET A LOAN THROUGH ALLY!!! They told me I had to make my payment at Walmart through money gram , which I did. Apparently the lady sent the money to the check free instead of money gram and it took ally 15 days to figure that out!! I made a payment arrangement because I was behind on my payment and the extension expired because they never received the payment. I went back to Walmart for a refund and now they’re telling me the funds need to be rejected by ally first, when ally told me that’s already been done. I’ve called 5 times about this matter, been told I would receive a call back from 3 supervisors, and there has be no resolution. I was told by ally that I need to go through Walmart, I’m told by Walmart that I need to go through ally, WHAT IS GOING ON????? They’re threatening to repossess my car, AND I MADE THE PAYMENT MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AGO!!!! I will never finance with ally again and I will be going to social media about my situation because ally is 100% unwilling to help. I’m looking into legal action at this point because it’s illegal for you guys to repossess my car after I made a payment arrangement and then made the payment, and you guys accepted it!!
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1 year ago, Ruben St.
I love LA auto it offered me a great interest rate for a reasonable amount. However the only thing that I hate is when it is close to my payment date the app/Netwerk seemsTo be temporarily down for maintenance the scores in sometimes for me toMiss my payment dates which is very frustrating. I will definitely be contacting their team to see what the problem or issues. Other than that it is a great app/company. I just wish they made these improvements to better serve and provide, it’s very inconvenient that services go down constantly.
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2 years ago, AntiTheist22
Pathetic Incompetent Liars
Update: STILL no resolution. Had someone email a couple weeks ago saying he was looking into it. Still no response. I would rather walk that get financing from Ally again. This institution has the MOST incompetent employees I’ve ever dealt with. Seeming as I’m coming up on 20 cars in the last 10 years, I have dealt with a lot of them. These pathetic people nailed my credit while waiting for Gap insurance to pay. When they didn’t pay, I paid the car off. Now today, 6 WEEKS LATER, they nailed me for another late payment and my account is still delinquent. I just got the letter 2 weeks ago saying, “thank you for paying off your vehicle.” From Ally. These “people” are really really disgusting. Their customer service is gross. I’d have more pride flipping burgers that working for such a horrible company. I’ll keep this up every week until the matter is solved. Then I will leave it up for as long as it’s taking to fix your pathetic mistake.
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9 months ago, KatHoff91
App and website was great!
I was able to get a loan with Ally through the dealership. It’s was a horrific interest rate, but we planned to refinance through our bank. Came home and ready A LOT of horrible reviews on Ally and definitely panicked a bit about having to pay off my loan and make the few payments I needed to with them. I used their app and it ran perfectly, twice I need help on their website and used their chat service. It was super fast and easy both times. Paid down my loan 8k over the website and my bank mailed the pay off amount and they quickly mailed my lien. Sent me a check for the small overpaid amount. Everything but the interest rate was wonderful!
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4 months ago, Ashh08199185
One star is actually giving this business too much credit. All I can say is run from this business. You’ll never get a customer service rep on the phone who can actually answer all of your questions. They’re just going to transfer you to the next person and continuously transfer you between two depts if you’re going through any type of financial issues. Then when you report them to the BBB, they’ll state well we didn’t promise you anything (Alicia). Which I didn’t only ask that. I’m not asking you to read the contract to me. If you would’ve just taken responsibility for your horrible treatment towards your customers, I would’ve been okay with that. But as of today, I’m closing out all of my accounts with ally. And I will keep my car note for the next 2 years. I will never invest in this business again.
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2 years ago, BrazoooFuerte
This app is inconsistent and doesn’t not work majority of the time.
How this app has a 5 star rating when majority of the reviews are leaving just 1 star blows my mind. Definitely shows that this rating scheme is rigged! This app is always having technical issues, as well as the website. Any time I attempt to log in, the app displays the same error message, “Ally is unavailable, if you need us, call us.” I’m unsure how people are putting 5 stars for this company. They’re consistently having technical issues with their online services. For years, they’ve been stating that they’re working to resolve the issue but clearly have not. Either their IT employees are straight trash at their job and cannot resolve the issue and need to be RETRAINED or the company simply does not care. 10/10, would not recommend this company again.
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2 years ago, Ms. K. Williams
Longer session
While the website is extremely easy to navigate; I have an issue with paying with my debit card. When I’m in the middle of inputting my information into the offsite website for debit cards, everything is interrupted due to my short session on the Ally website. Typically, I use the checkings account; however, when I’m attempting to pay my bill because it’s a few days past my due date and my session keeps closing out; it is frustrating. Please allow the sessions to be a little longer so that I can make my payment with my debit card. I have to ensure that I type in everything correctly but I don’t type slowly. Please fix this. Thank you
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2 years ago, Seanmizzle
I love the fact this is user-friendly I have a face recognition and is able to log me in so I don’t have to remember an account number or password you provide me with the total cost that is outstanding and then allow me the option to put in the amount that I want to pay. This is very convenient thankYou for making things easy also thank you for working with me during these hard times. I would recommend Ally financial to everyone.
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1 year ago, Dog10000000
Makes paying your car note almost painless
This app is great for paying your car note every month. Just log in click your payment amount and date. It even lets you pay more each time, if you choose to, so you can pay off your loan faster. It lets you download your statement each month so you can track just how much you owe on your loan.
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11 months ago, Sethseth001
They don’t have the proper setup to handle complicated situations. At least not to help the clients. So they don’t care that I was in a car accident and my car was totaled. They delay the process and eventually put you in a situation to pay for a car you don’t have anymore. Just so they can collect your money and keep it longer. Typical bank trying to collect funds as much as possible and for as long as possible even if they need to. So, I strongly recommend not using this bank. Also, you will not receive any documents. You just have to trust them! I thought banks did everything by the book and gave you copies of all records. Not here. It is what it is.
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7 months ago, devildogsmomna..satan
Website fiasco
From 2017 up until NOW (2023) have had non stop ISSUES never been able to access website have called and called and called requesting for management to contact me , each time trying to access website from my phone computer iPad “NOTHING” , login password response is “temporarily unavailable please try back later” have to call in to make payments being charged “EXTRA” each month , traded in car now being told previously car traded in has not been paid off I owe a balance now would I like to make a payment over the phone …” NO FIX WEBSITE FIRST NUMBNUTTS I DO NOT WANT YO BE CHARGED EXTRA ANYMORE ! Very unsatisfied military mother of 2 NO THANKS YOU ARE ACCEPTED FROM THIS MOTHER FOR MY KIDS SERVING !
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7 months ago, J8K from St8 Farm
This app is down 10 hours a day for "daily maintenance" lol. How? How is a lender's website, application AND phone service unavailable for 1/2 a day everyday? You'd think this was a mom & pop by its hours of operation which requires no overhead. Just a functional app, dude. That's all. An automated (working) online service. 10's of thousands of people All services (at it's leisure) Could you imagine if this was Capital One or literally any other financial institution? Smh. Get with it man. This is supposed to be for customer convenience. God forbid you pay your bill at the last minute. You'll be getting some convenient late fees.
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9 months ago, P R Reina
App does not work!
I have never been able to use this app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and it still does not work with iOS 16.2 on an iPhone 11. It’s been a month with the same error message, ”Vehicle details are temporary unavailable. We are either working on routine site maintenance or fixing an issue. You can’t view your vehicle accounts right now but you can still go to your profile. Try again later or call us for help”. I attempted to call for help and was told that no other person was having this issue. I was told to go to the website to view my account. So basically the app is useless.
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2 years ago, Th3Randy
Not sure why people are having problems…
I downloaded, I put in 3 pieces of info, it found my auto loan, I created an account, all of my load data was correct, I set up auto payments….DONE! Works WAY better than my old loan company’s app. I was in and out in under 5 minutes. GREAT APP!
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2 years ago, Yswh93
App is hungry for your data! Don’t sign up unless you have to!
I tried logging in to the app and was not able to. I called customer service and they said to delete and reinstall the app so I did but no luck. I tried again and they said they would get it figured out on there end and yet again I couldn’t login to the app nor access there website. I finally try turning my vpn off and accessing the app and what do you know it works perfect smh! To sum it up they won’t let you access there app or site if you have any kind of security that blocks them from getting ALL of your data!
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11 months ago, M. Dunlap
App Hasn’t Worked In A Year
I’ve had ally for years for my auto loan and used to just easily pay it on the app every month. One day the app said sorry, Ally is not available. This continued for over a year and I have deleted the app and re-added it multiple times in hopes that it would work and it still won’t, so today I deleted it for the last time. I have to just go on the website and make my payment every month and it’s sort of annoying because the app would be much more convenient. I reported it to Ally but I don’t know if there’s anything they’ve done to fix it.
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12 months ago, RubalGopal
Very hard to signup & login in APP
It’s very hard to create an account in app. Once you make an account then you have to wait forever to login. Never login some time want 6 digits passcode. When you try to create passcode it never create your passcode. So frustrated. Trying to open my account or create an account I don’t know what is going on so I can’t explain clearly whatever I trying from last 2 hour and 10 minutes. But they are playing games. Ally please don’t make things so complicated and create easy and update your app tell your developers. App is for save the time NOT WASTE THE 2 Hours TIME.
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1 year ago, Amy80'sfan
Ally is terrible
Unfortunately, I signed an auto loan with them and I’m stuck with this godawful company for a long time. Their website and app are HORRENDOUS. The website timed out while I was making a payment and it charged me twice while only ever giving me one confirmation number. I had to wait two weeks for them to send me a check for the extra payment they stole from me. They told me, “Oh, download the app, it’s much better!” No, it’s not. It always tells me, “the Ally app is temporarily unavailable. If you need help, call us.” I just want to pay my car payment. This company is the absolute worst.
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1 year ago, Kellzx0
Believe the bad reviews
If you have any issues with payments or even questions about charges, you’ll never get someone on the phone. Called to see if I could get in touch with someone and was told I would receive a call back from someone that could help. I didn’t receive a call from either time I requested a call back. I’ve also been hung up on and transferred back and fourth through departments having to explain my issue every time to someone new. I literally want to cry every time I try and get this situation figured out. I won’t ever lease my car with ally again.
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5 months ago, CatBeggs
Payment date
The app works just fine. What doesn’t work is how the app is strategically designed to automatically default the due date to the day of payment. If I’m paying my payment on the 15th, the date of the payment should automatically be the day I’m making the payment. In the event I want it changed to the due date, I should then change it (like every other bill pay app that practices transparently). To automatically make the date of the payment the due date is very calculative by this company to gain more interest, and it’s a shady business practice.
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4 months ago, AdamGSoul
20 day refund process
👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽I recently switched my payments to auto pay and was double charged for my car payment due to the fact it also registered me for a one time payment as well as the autopay. When I asked to be refunded for the glitch in their system was told it was my fault and that it would be 20 days to receive my money in which they just applied my payment to the following month. Very disappointed in this service and will be looking for other options ASAP. The text line was not helpful and the solutions presented were egregious.
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6 months ago, BugginMyBag
Sad Face
So.. I made my first payment on the app, and it said the payment was complete then 2 days later, it said the money was returned and it didnt go thru. Then it was considered LATE and a day later after all that, it took the payment again. I called 3 days later to ask about it and explain about how I paid on time but it had returned the money back and they pretty much said they can't do anything about it. Kinda disappointing tbh. My first payment ever on the app and this is my experience. The lady I talked with was nice tho. 😶
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1 year ago, nrj0304
App worked amazing for 6 months
Iv seen many forum pages where people say that the app works for a while and then will say “vehicle data is temporarily unavailable” my app has said this for two weeks now and iv called customer support and they just say to uninstall and re install and it does nothing. Not sure if it’s a new problem or what. Hopefully they will get it figured out. This app used to be my favorite for paying car loans out of all the ones iv had but sadly it doesn’t work anymore
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2 years ago, Golfwang239
Terrible! Always suspenses my pay date and makes me late on payments
I have been with financial since 2019 and I have been on autopay since the start. This past year I have been given an email every due date that my auto payment has been suspended. I have called several times to try and get this issue fixed and everytime I call they say it will be fixed by next month. This has yet to be fixed and today it suspended my payment last second yet AGAIN and now my payment is past due. Stay away from ally auto.
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4 months ago, PinoyGeek
No custom payments allowed
Unlike other apps, this app only allows regular payments and does not allow you to choose if you want to pay extra for principal only. All payment apps should allow to make principal only payments in my opinion, because it allows users to pay off the loan even faster. But since they don’t allow it, then I guess they are trying to prevent everyone from being able to pay the loan sooner. Bad customer experience.
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1 year ago, Brad_504
Horrible Service - Unsupportive of Military Members
Tried the app back home in KS and I cant even log in. The app was down. I try to log in online back home the website was down on Chrome. I could only log in via safari?!? Im now deployed overseas and cant log in at all either with the app or anything else and all they want me to do is call. I have no cell service in the middle east. Ive never witnessed a poorer service in my entire life. These people dont care if you are a civilian or serving your country all they want is to screw you over and theyre darn good at it.
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3 months ago, itzzkelsiee
App itself is good
The app itself works good but my only complaint is that their systems are being updated every single night. I work 3rd shift so I sleep during the day & am only usually up at night. Every time I try to pay my car, the system is updating & not available all night. Just inconvenient
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2 months ago, nickname147/2018
Believe the negative reviews! Please read!!
I just hope Ally auto go bankrupt and out of business so no one should go through what I went with them. Absolutely a nightmare to deal with. I don’t know where to start 🤯🤯. I had my car deemed total loss, my Insurance requested the release later an they didn’t get it for almost a week and half and finally when received the information was wrong 😑 and the process had to be redone 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️. Then my insurance issued a check on June 20, 2023. A month went by and Ally said they never received it. So my insurance cancelled the check and issued another check to their “supposed over night address” a week went by still nothing. As am writing this review July 26th they claim to have not received the check. WORST SERVICE IN HISTORY, Avoid them, avoid, avoid, AVOID!!!!!!
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6 months ago, Sbchel
One late payment and they won’t let you pay via app
Whatever you do, do not EVER pay a note late regardless of the reason because Ally will not allow you to pay via your app even if you’re current. The app will not allow you to see your information and forces you to pay via their call service which takes FOREVER because of the awful phone tree setup then charges you a minimum of $4 just to make the payment. Will be refinancing with a different company ASAP.
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2 years ago, Joeb4820
works great
Been using the app the last 3 months since Ally was awesome enough to offer me a good loan on a 2021 camaro and the app has worked flawlessly for me. no complaints. i think all the old complaints from a while ago are where all the 1 stars are coming from. they’ve changed since then
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3 years ago, Stargazerppk
Rating high so it’s seen
This app is crashes all the time. For the past 3 months I get this screen telling me my info is unavailable to call support to fix the issue. I’ve called many times with absolutely no result. I can’t use the app I can only use the website. This app is trash
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1 year ago, Hug Fam
App has never worked for me
I don’t know why, but every time I open the app, I get a message about not being able to display my vehicle. It literally worked the first time I set it up a year ago. No, I have not tried to contact anyone because I’m busy, so I’ll take some responsibility. My other complaint is how difficult it is to make principle only payments. It’s even difficult to find the procedure. But that is a reflection of their policy. I would welcome help to get the app working
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7 months ago, Starparazzi
They never help you they just keep making like they can’t hear you and hang up or they tell you it’s not their department and keep transferring you. I would never recommend these guys to anyone. They took out twice in one month from my bank account and tried to tell me it’s something I didn’t pay a few months back, mind you the app tells me I’m current. So much crap and dishonesty from this company. Wish I could rate them a negative 10 instead. FRAUD COMPANY!
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2 years ago, hannaa_5
When this app is actually working it’s very user friendly and easy to use. However, it doesn’t always work. I’ve been trying to change my name on my car loan for like 2 months and it never works. Trying to actually get someone on the phone is seemingly impossible and the app is conveniently “under maintenance” every time I need to use it, yet nothing ever seems to get fixed.
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9 months ago, Rdewitt545
Very straight forward but….
Only thing keeping me from making this a 5-star app is more of a nitpick. I pay weekly, doing 1/4 of my bill so I can budget easier. The app will always tell me “check you amount” just because it’s below the monthly payment. Again, it’s just a nitpick
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2 years ago, callie1123
Horrible App
I would give it zero stars if I could. I downloaded the app set up every thing and all I get is messages saying it can’t display the information at this time ( I have been getting this message for the last month). When I go to the payment section it says it has no data to show. Which I know is not true since I have been making the payment on time. I not sure how people are giving this app great reviews unless they are fake
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8 months ago, Roberthotwheels
Dark Mode support
It would be great to see Dark Mode support available on the mobile and web banking to reduce eye strain when on here. This feature is already available in the investment UI, so please bring this over to the banking too.
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1 year ago, Spr1ngFev3r
No Help
I can not stand this app. I called to try and get help because my account is locked and I need to make a payment but everyone they’re either hanging up or not answering at all. I am calling within business hours so they can’t say that I’m not. The phone rings and then goes press this if the agent you spoke with was good or bad, like I haven’t even talked to anyone! Ridiculous. I’ll be looking for another place that may have better customer service than them.
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2 years ago, Musical Kitten
Doesn’t work at all
I used to love this app until last February…. A year ago, when all of a sudden it said I was unable to make payments due to my account status. I had to log in to their website, which also won’t save my log-in credentials. There were no issues with my account then and there aren’t now yet here we are almost year later and I still can’t use the app. Disappointing. I really just want to be able to use it.
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3 months ago, 3hecAN6b
Run away fast
They have pulled nearly $4,000 dollars from my account without my permission and are now tell me that I have to mail in bank statements showing that they have the money when it is s shown very clearly that they have my money in their own statements my car has been a total loss and they keep telling me that they have not received the documents yet I have read receipts from the emails that they told me to send them too
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2 years ago, Endurance01
Buying a car through these guys was the biggest car buying mistake I’ve ever made. This company has fraudulently over drafted my bank account without my permission. Even though my bill is paid on time every month, I have caught them taking out multiple month payments at a time. I can’t wait till I can get my car refinanced. I’d considering going with another bank that even costs me more just to get rid of this crap!
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6 months ago, Curtis040588
Just go to a credit union.
I have been paying on my car for 6 months. $800 a month. So far I've paid almost $5,000 and only $1,600 has went towards paying the principal off. They have taken 3/4 of all I paid for finance charges. It's highway robbery! They say you can reduce fiance charges by paying extra. So I tried it. Everything extra I paid they took as well, nothing went to the principal. I do not recommend them for anything.
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6 months ago, Bangbangdixon
Less than one star
If I could give less than one star I would. I have tired using this app so many times over the years and finally just deleted the app off my phone. Each time I have ever logged on in the entirety I have had my car(5 years or so), the app always says the details are unavailable at this time. The app has never worked. Very frustrating as I have to log into the site each time.
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1 year ago, SamTheMan180
Weird Updates
It’s not a bad interface when it’s available. However, seemingly every night after 10 PM on the east coast the app goes into this “unavailable” mode for the developers to run updates. Every single night?! Come on now that can’t be legit. It’s a nice app, but maybe keep the updates to once a week?
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4 months ago, Rootbeer4041
Horrible business , horrible support, just bad
App only works at certain times of the day. Unable to receive customer support in a timely fashion. When you do receive customer support none of them are able to help unless you get transferred to manager. Don’t expect the call to be transferred correctly either, you will get a busy tone. Been with ally since 2017 and wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy
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5 months ago, Kwame08
App hasn’t worked in couple months
I don’t know what changed but the app hasn’t worked for upwards of 2 months now. I have deleted the app an all data, downloaded again and again but it keeps crashing or has a pop up that’s says “call us” while trying to type in account info…… Prior to this I was very happy with the app but not anymore! Now I have to use my computer to login to my account.
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2 years ago, Bob9901
Will not work with iOS devices
App initially worked with my iOS devices, but has not for over 6 months now. I contacted their support team and was told it’s a known issue and they don’t have a fix for it, not sure if they ever will have a fix and to just use the web browser. If you have iOS, don’t even bother downloading unless you like filling up your screen with placeholder app shortcuts that don’t work.
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1 year ago, Srtpro4mance
App is ok, when it works
It seemed like every time I needed to use the app to look for something like a 10 day payoff amount or simply the remaining due balance I was greeted with a “Sorry the app is currently unavailable as we update our systems” message. The few times the app did work when I needed it to things seemed simple to navigate and use. 8/10 for UI. 4/10 for UX
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