Alto's Adventure

4.6 (2.1K)
223.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alto's Adventure

4.6 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Schobbish
Does not deserve the bad reviews.
I’ve seen a couple reviews about the wingsuit activating and deactivating randomly. Let’s clear that up. The wingsuit is toggled through 3D Touch, so when you press hard on the screen it toggles it. There’s also a setting under Settings to turn this behavior off. There will also be a button on the right side of the screen that also toggles it, so turning off the setting will not stop you from using the wingsuit. (The wingsuit is available after level 30, so if the setting isn’t there when you start, maybe it’ll appear once you unlock the wingsuit.) I wish Snowman would reply to the reviews to clear their name, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. That being said, of course I think Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful game. I’m not usually very fond of arcade-like games, but this one has stuck with me for a long time. You’ve probably already heard of the graphics/artwork. It’s also a well-polished game and feels good to play, especially with friends. Look out for new games by Snowman because the previews on their website look good. Development for those games was probably funded by this game’s sales.
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9 months ago, theArcophobia
Probably the best iPhone game ever. Sure it costs 4.99 but there are no IAP or ads. Relaxing game with intuitive interface, easy controls, beautiful soundtrack, and beautiful graphics. Only a couple suggestions: 1. Either make items in the Workshop cheaper or add a “coin multiplier” item. This would be a gold star which would spawn like magnets or feathers, and maybe could multiply your coins for a duration. The duration could be upgraded in the shop. These would make the process of getting items cheaper, as it can be kind of annoying to grind for 20 minutes for a helmet that you would waste within the next 5 minutes. 2. Give Izel more special items than just a rocket snowboard. The character says she has a “few special prototypes” but in-game there is only one unique item. 3. Fix some visual bugs. Sometimes, when crashing at high speeds, the character seems to freeze and hover a couple feet above the ground, which looks really weird. Other than these suggestions I think you have created a truly beautiful game. Keep up the good work Snowman!
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3 years ago, Listen city
Couple of bugs to fix
When under high speed (especially after landing bonuses), the character wouldn't pick up any items including coins and abilities. (bug) Weird boulder spawn during a grind. Is capable of knock off players while they are on grind. This shall be change to a boulder bounce instead of killing the player. (Bug) Death on ramps sometimes fails to render the character. What i mean is that death on the edge of ramp might lead to resuscitation of the character with a snowboard, tripped again, resuscitate with board, tripped again… a fews time before actual death. Not really something that affects gameplay but fun to watch (Bug) The landscape generator could sometimes generates chasms during a long fall. Usually, the zooming of the camera during a chasm encounter would alarm players, but this along won’t save them from game over unless they have wing-suit. (Improvement) The angle of attack at which we bounce from a boulders determines our speed at which we could sometimes come to complete stop leading to immediate death by elder chase. (Improvement) Wing-suit charge on paz shall be more generous, as i can easily activate it with other characters, but not paz. Can balance a bit more. (Improvement)
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6 years ago, summanulla
Enjoyable but not a big leap from Alto’s Adventure
I am mostly enjoying this reboot of Alto’s Adventure, a game I also enjoyed a few years ago but feel that the extent of the changes seem somewhat more hyped than real. I like the new biomes with their distinct features, but there were also different terrains in the old game and I hope that more biomes will be added as we go along. Similarly, it would be nice to have new riders in addition to the ones from AA. The use of balloons and wall grinds is new, clever and fun. My main complaint is that the “tips” that appear at the inevitable end of each run get old very fast (especially to someone already familiar with the general game play) and are now very irritating. There should be a way to say “do not show again”. I’ve taken to switching to various foreign languages to reduce the annoyance of the endless repetition of useless “advice”, but it is an imperfect solution. A minor flaw is that the color of text and of the background sometimes are too similar for legibility - that should be fixed.
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4 years ago, AbbyDog18
Amazing, but...
This game is awesome!! The graphics and the story is amazing! However there’s still a minor detail that has to be a thing. So, in the stickers of Altos Adventure, you can see that there are other characters. But there isn’t any mode to change your character. So why are there those people in the stickers? Maybe you actually can change the character and I’m just being stupid. I don’t honestly know. Also, when you get to the police part, it gets a little intense. He’s so ridiculously fast I always get caught. Please, please maybe lower his speed and make a setting to change your character. (Or don’t make a setting if you already did.) Acknowledge this review. I still love this game.
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7 years ago, Geography_Rules
I loved this game until you had to unlock the wingsuit. Once unlocked you have to use it and it activates all by itself. It has caused me to crash so many times while trying to do backflips off of grinds and other big jumps. There really needs to be a way to deactivate it. I barely play the game anymore because of this agitating ability. The previous review was from a year ago and I still feel the same way. I attempted to give the game another try; the wing suit completely ruins the game. The fact that if I have the wingsuit available for use and I am in the middle of trying to do a flip, the wingsuit will simply activate. There is no need for the incessant ability that activates itself. It forces it functionality upon the user, ultimately taking away a user based interaction. The fact that it’s such a fundamental part of the game and that it is embedded into the game without any warning with regard to game play and rider functionality is a joke and ruins this potentially incredible game.
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5 years ago, The wicked noodle
Let me just add my glowing review to all the others. This is the most unique app game I have ever played. It’s just lovely. It’s exciting at times yet always serene. I was already planning on a five star review, and that was before I realized there is a Zen mode. It was also before I realized you can upgrade and buy things with your coins to help you get through the quests a bit easier. The music is absolutely perfect for this game. It’s also easy to play and figure out, but the quests get progressively more difficult without being overwhelming or frustrating. Zen mode is so nice if you just want to zone out peacefully for a few minutes. This is a game that I will come back to again and again!
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2 years ago, D.nutt
#Really good game!
I love Alto’s Adventure so much because I like games that are not to hard or to easy. I love to unlock new characters I am really close to unlocking the lama character. This is 2021 February 5 in case your like “what year is this”. How I discovered Alto’s Adventure is my Dad used to have it on his phone until people had to pay for it so he deleted it until like 2 and a half maybe years later I bought this game on my IPad. Yeah so a really good game I would recommend buying this although if you really don’t like games where it’s kind of hard although I’m talking about really don’t like it you should probably hold off. So good game would recommend it!
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7 years ago, ThunderMustache
Amazed by this game!
You ride your snowboard down an endless path full of obstacles and peace. As you back flip of a mountain, the graceful music takes you away. When the weather changes, this game takes you into a whole new scene. With many objectives and things to work for, it's near impossible to get tired of this game. Though frustrating sometimes, you can't deny the whole experience and view. Just one problem... The only story we have is a child chasing his llamas. Please add something else to put on your mind so you feel more comfortable with the game you're playing. I know chasing llamas isn't the whole point of the game, but it shows a scene of the kid and his llamas before you start snowboarding, so you might as well make it worth a while.
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4 years ago, The ningbo Otz 7225
This game is very fun and relaxing. Whenever I’m anxious or just want to relax this is my go-to game. The landscape and art in the background fits the mood of everything. The music is just as gorgeous as the background, too. I enjoy the popular zen mode in the game the best. Whenever Alto falls, instead of starting over again, he gets back up. I love doing the challenges. They do get a bit tricky after you start getting into the game! I put beautiful as the title because if I had to say what I said in one word, the word would be beautiful. I can’t wait to try Alto’s Odyssey! I would recommend checking that out too!👍 Person
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4 years ago, Jordyn Raville
Alto’s Adventure
Alto’s Adventure is so much fun! I just got the game a couple days ago and I can’t stop playing it. Definitely a 5 star rating. I was once playing this game in the Apple store on the sample phones and then I found it on the App Store and knew I had to get it. Totally worth the 5 bucks. You are trying to catch your run away llamas while riding on a beautiful snowy mountain. The graphics are amazing and don’t even get me started on the music. I love the music! There are missions and power ups and even Zen mode which is like practice mode and you never die. I would definitely recommend this game, but I have not yet tried Alto’s Odyssey. I heard that ones good too. Thank you Snowman for this wonderful game!
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4 years ago, GMarie@@33
Alto’s Adventure
I LOVE this game. I wouldn’t say it’s relaxing all the time, especially with that pesky elder, but I can get in a groove. It definitely has a learning curve but the levels remind me of “wax on, wax off” (Karate Kid). I couldn’t get past the first rock when I started but as I’ve worked on the levels I’ve gradually improved with the controls and have been losing the elder, (well half the time), before I knew it...only to find a second one! Well, well worth the money and I think this is something I’ll be playing long after I’ve completed all the levels. Great set up with levels for acclimating players to controls and just a beautiful game.
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1 year ago, AIayna H
This game is so worth the money.
I LOVE THIS GAME SMMM!! I play all the time, and it's so addicting! Plus you can play offline, so it's my go-to if I don't have service. The game is very immersive and relaxing, even if i lose. The game just gets harder as you go, which doesn't make it boring. I could play this game for a while and stay occupied. The elders are really fun to run from, and overall the game just satisfies my need for speed. I love hitting long combos and grinding on banners. The only slight flaw i have with this game is during the night cycle, it gets kind of hard to see rocks and obstacles. Anyways, this game is 100% worth it! :)
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6 years ago, Idiza
Almost Perfect
Yup this is a gorgeous game with great music. It’s challenging. There are no ads. And it’s pretty addictive to boot. I’d give the game five stars but have noticed a few bugs. The most recent one actually made me laugh. I was boarding along with Tuva and crashed after which Tuva appeared to dive down under the snow and then just hung in space doing a little jig! I actually think this might have something to do with the Llama stampede effect as the game at times will start getting jerky even when there are no llamas stampeding. Only this time the jerkiness was followed by Tuvas dive and jig. Also an improvement would be a way to see your progress towards a goal at the end of a game when you fall short of reaching the goal. You can pause a game to see your progress but one you’ve crashed/or fallen in a chasm and the game has ended there’s no way to see how far you made it towards a goal. There just aren’t enough stats at the end of a game in general. All in all I am enjoying the game and looking forward to updates as I’m at level 60. Stuck for the moment on the 250,000 trick points goal.
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6 years ago, VoltronFanatic
Amazing App
I wanted to start off by saying that I am addicted to alto’s. It’s very unique, it’s fun, and my dad is obsessed with it! I have friends who say that they do not like biking/car/ Snowboarding games, and love alto’s adventure. It’s a wonderful game to play, and is oddly peaceful and satisfying. I find myself staying up at night to unlock new characters, or buy new skills. I think anyone and everyone will like alto’s adventure if they just give it a try. This game is nothing less than astounding and I recommend it to everyone. Not everyone who, not everyone if, not everyone but, just everyone. You will love playing this game.
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4 years ago, ssb540
One of my FAVORITE games!
Beautiful, relaxing, addictive, just perfect.. Minus one thing.. When purchasing the game you can cross download on iPhone / iPad, and Apple TV. However, the developers as you to purchase the game again at $9.99 for Mac.. It’s not a dealbreaker, just disappointing that I’m unable to play Altos Adventure or Odyssey on my Mac Mini or MacBook Pro without spending more money. I thought maybe the workaround would be selecting the iPhone or iPad version on my M1 Mac but nope.. That’s been blocked by the devs meaning you’re forced to purchase the game again to play on a computer. Hopefully this changes at some point. Other than that, the game itself is incredible and 100% worth purchasing. (At least once)
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1 year ago, SpinningGears
Every thing is too expensive
The price of every item in this game is far to expensive. I mean you have to play 60hrs+ even to unlock the first couple of upgrades to your character. And the cast of characters are terrible. Each one is terrible at shredding the slopes. I think the objectives are unfair as well. It's much to difficult to accomplish some of this level ups. At least one of these objectives, to accomplish a two triple backflips in one run took me at least upwards of 20hrs. I think this game is not for the faint of heart. I'd rate its difficulty rating at an 8/10, primarily because the backflip features are terrible for the characters and you almost always end up crashing.
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6 years ago, Ka Bomb
A beautiful game.
It takes skill. It takes patience. But it is fun and addictive. This game shows what a develop can do when they think out of the box. The visuals are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I love the background and how it changes as the day progresses. Add to that a soothing soundtrack and it’s a game that can actually help you wind down at the end of the day. I’m in my 40s and love this game. I have a teenage boy who enjoys the challenge. My 6 year old daughter loves the infinite mode because she can just keep playing and it is “very pretty to look at”. Please make more games. And definitely make a sequel.
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4 years ago, mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni
I’m not into games and I’m obsessed with this one
I bought myself an iPad and Apple Pencil and didn’t anticipate I’d use it for much other than reading, annotating, notes, and art. I can’t remember how i stumbled upon this, but my whole family is playing it now! It gets more and more challenging, getting the new characters makes it really fun. I wish there was an option to purchase items from the Workshop without having to save your coins (use your real life coins for them instead). it’s a visually stunning game, easy to learn, and fun to progress through.
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6 years ago, Can't be a new Jack
Graphics is good but not user experience
Graphics is good, while user experience should be improved. 1. It’s easy for beginner to make mistakes. Jump and Backflip use the same “key”. Whenever you want to jump higher, it results in half of backflip which means game over for beginner. 2. “Hidden” rock. You must look ahead nervously to check if a small piece among other objects in the same color is rock. If you miss any, game over. It turns out this game is not relaxing. 3. No enough vision to do backflip safely. N Backflips are required in many cases. If terrain ahead (out of vision) is not expected, it may result in game over. 4. Hover feather is oops. It prevents you from good things too! You can jump to avoid rocks, but can do nothing to disable hover effect until it’s ended.
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7 years ago, InfoGaming
This game is just phenomenal. It has amazing graphics and keeps you playing at the same time. I’m a person that rages a lot and this game, trust me, will not make you rage (most of the time). The game’s music is amazing, especially in zen mode when you do not die and you kind of ‘cruise’ around. I like that there are coin magnets and hover feathers because they can help you in tough situations. I am sad there aren’t 6 stars, or that’s what I’d give! I got this game when it was on sale. Though I think $5 is too much, this game is OFF. THE. CHARTS. I’d definitely recommend this game to a friend. Good job developers!!!
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6 years ago, bradley852
Zen Mode--Thank you!!
Haven't played this game in a while. Decided to try again and discovered Zen mode. Let me say a big thanks to the developers for this. I wished more games came with this capability. Zen modes allows the user to continue playing endlessly irrespective of the player's performance. Sometime games can be difficult to learn in the beginning and with Zen mode I'm able to play more, practice and get better. In the past, I usually gave up and didn't come back. Now I can't wait to play my next session. Thanks for this feature!!
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1 year ago, Andysgrl
Love it
I’ve had this game for years and although I stop playing it for a while I always come back to it and get sucked in for a few hours/days at a time. It’s simple, but not easy, I love the graphics and the music and of course the llamas. My only criticism is that some of the challenges are pretty hard. Last time I stopped playing was because I could not get past a challenge and it became frustrating but I started playing again and made it past.
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6 years ago, L.A.D.
Nearly Perfect
Amazing game - simple, addictive, relaxing and beautiful to look at and listen to. This used to be a 5 star game for me until an update caused the wingsuit to suddenly start turning on and off by itself when activated. I believe it is in an attempt to prevent you from crashing into the ground when you backflip too closely, however it has caused me to crash far more often than it has prevented, and is now actually hindering my level progression when it comes to wingsuit challenges. If the devs could please address this bug(?) this game would be 5 stars in my book. Thanks!
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3 days ago, filanni
An Unbelievable Masterpiece
Hands down the most beautiful game on the App Store. The graphics and the music pair for a pitch perfect gaming experience every time any hour of the day. I have found myself playing Zen mode for hours upon hours and I have never gotten bored of it even for a second. Unlike any infinite runner I have ever played Alto’s Adventure is a must have game for anyone. My only regret is not buying it sooner. Thank you so much Snowman. I can’t wait to try Alto’s Odyssey.
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4 years ago, Yiyu Zhou
couple of suggestions
This game is neat and very well designed, here are some suggestions. First, can we be given the option of having the button for wingsuit on the other side of the screen? Second, when I pause, I am shown with option to restart. And if I press "restart" by mistake, there is no further confirmation dialogue, this is bad sometimes... Third, there is no obvious clue if I am doing proximity backflip, although it is shown when the move is almost finished, but it is late. Fourth, sometimes a combination of "bunting grind" and "kiss the rail" is shown as two "kiss the rail", this seems to be a bug. Fifth, when a "magnet" or a "llama horn" is passed after or during an "ice slide", they are likely to be missed. Sixth, I found no obvious clue of when Tupa can climb out from chasms. It would be great to make this explicit in the notes. Seventh, sometimes in a crash landing, the board will fly high up into the sky, this does not look realistic.
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9 months ago, Ciriza32
Peaceful game
I love this game a lot it put my mind at Peace. I recently discovered it when I went to the Apple Store when I wanted to charge my phone and I was going through a lot of anxieties at the time. While waiting for my turn to be helped by one of the Apple representatives, I started playing this on one of the iPhone 15 somehow it calmed me down so I decided to download it on my phone and it’s one of the best things I've done recently 10/10
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7 years ago, MenzorGamer
One Of The Best IOS Games I Have
This game puts you in a world of snow and ice. With the soothing music and easy controls make it an amazing game! I’ve never seen a game like this since Ski Safari! Overall the price doesn’t matter because this game is worth it! Some of my favorite things about this game are the graphics and zen mode. First of all the graphics and sound are best quality you will see for a IOS game. And the zen mode with amazing music as you go down the endless mountain
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3 years ago, Ahdbh
An amazing, and almost perfect game
So I’ll begin by stating that this game, as well as its sequel, Alto’s Odyssey, are both very enjoyable games. I’ve found myself returning to them three times now, to start from scratch and to play the games again. My complaint is simple and fixable: you can’t concurrently listen to your own music, podcasts, or other media during gameplay. Even if you have the game volumes turned down entirely, at least in “Odyssey”, your media will cease. There is no way to correct this without a patch. This is the only fix these games need. They’re well programmed, they’re entertaining, they’re calming, and they’re rewarding. Thank you to the developers of this game, because you’ve inspired some coding projects of my own, and I look forward to seeing future iterations of Alto, as well as other projects. Very good work.
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4 years ago, AaronWiiU
The amount of value you get out of this game is insane. For such a low price you get this simplistic but beautiful game, with a soothing soundtrack and stunning minimalistic visuals. Honestly even if you purchased this game and only played for about 20 minutes I feel like you'd still feel like you got your money's worth because of the beauty of the world. These guys have done great and I hope you support them like I have :)
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6 years ago, Dragonlover245
Amazing game, helped w/ anxiety!
So because I often don’t have much money on my iTunes account I don’t really buy games that often. But after playing a demo of this at a store I knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect balance, it’s easy to pick up but still a fun yet doable challenge. The Zen mode is also amazing and it really helped when I was on the brink of an anxiety attack. I definitely recommend if you want a relaxing yet comfortably difficult game!
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5 years ago, VirtualMirage
Love the game, but Game Center pop ups annoying
I’ve been playing this game for a while now, but either the most recent update or my iPhone XS has introduced an annoying bug. Every single time the game launches, the game feels the need to pop up ever single Game Center achievement I have received, and many don’t show up until after you start a run, causing them to get in the way of my view and have on numerous occasions caused me to crash (especially the flight suit achievement). Otherwise, I love the game!
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6 years ago, Rogerrrrrrrrrrr
Great game, one annoying glitch
This game is addicting. It’s a great time waster. It’s relaxing. But sometimes after restarting, the jump touch on screen is unresponsive. The pause button will work fine, but the jump button will not. It can be quite annoying, and won’t start working for like 30 seconds or so. Another bug, that doesn’t quite bother me as much, is when restarting the sound will not be there. You have to completely close out of the game to get the sound back.
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6 years ago, TaskAccomplisher
Beautiful, addicting, and too hard to win
I love this game, especially playing in zen mode. But man, I’ve been stuck at Level 46 for over a week now. I don’t like that they change the course to make it harder for you to win. In the beginning when it has nothing to do with your mission, one or more rocks on the ice patches. When it’s your mission to break rocks on an ice patch? Good luck, you might see one every 5000 meters. The missions can be more difficult on their own without changing the playing field. Getting stuck this long has made me lose interest.
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5 years ago, jordan_Guy74
I love this app!
Really brought out all the reasons I love winter and skiing more than any season or sport! The beautiful landscapes and calm yet strategic play is the kind of game I love to play every day. It would be even cooler if they could do an update for this game and Alto’s odyssey on Apple Watch, as easy controls could be simple to use with the crown or touchscreen! I hope you guys consider as Apple Watch as another platform to play on, as one to play on truly anywhere is pretty awesome!
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6 years ago, feliciaslegend
I love this game .
This game makes me so relaxed and calm now one I feel stressed out I play this game and I calm down the art is amazing and Beautiful and not just that the game is fun to play to it’s like a drug 😂 the option for zen mode was a wonderful idea and the saying it’s just you and the endless mountains sounds like bob Ross and I’m always down for something similar to bob Ross over all this is a good game 5/5 would recommend this to all of my friends and family members
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6 years ago, arb17b
Must Have Indie Game
Apart from the surreal minimalist design, intuitive gameplay, and an enthralling soundtrack, the point that sets this game most in the almost absolute lack of in-game purchases. That last point is what, to me makes this game so good - you have to play and be good at the game in order to unlock levels, characters, etc. They make sure that the people who beat the game, are genuinely good at it,as opposed to just buying levels, characters indirectly
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2 years ago, SnoSk8AltoLuvr🏂
Unique game
I have a few things to say: This game is AWESOME. No question. I love how when you ride down the mountain, you come upon so many unexpected obstacles. I love how that guy on a llama with a whip chases after you if you disturb it. But… the three things that would make the game better is adding more characters, more obstacles, and more things in the map as you go. Other than that, I love this game.
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1 year ago, fartnuggetts
The game clearly gates levelling behind maps that are specific to goals. I was a lot more interested when it seemed like this was procedurally generating content and you could just get lucky or unlucky. It became clear quick that the maps are specific to goals and intentionally make them harder to complete. This seems pretty lame and takes the fun out of what I thought was some awesome procedural generation, it clearly is not. Unfortunate. Getting lucky on a map can help people continue to progress despite some difficulty getting unlucky, this gating means people will just get hard stuck and quit. Fun while it lasted.
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4 years ago, Hamroy
there’s a glitch
I love the game but I’m on level 50 on the last task, I had recently downloaded IOS 14 and whenever you play the pixels get worse and worse. It starts with the snow trail. Then the character. Then the game in general. Plz fix it I really wanna get the last person. Try going to at least 3,000 miles that’s when it gets really bad. At 7,000 it’s nearly impossible
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6 months ago, Bobbi S. Waldron
I grew up with it, and I still love it
My dad and I would play Alto's Adventure when I was a kid, and it has always been an entire family favorite. 7-8 years later we all still enjoy it. The beautiful graphics and scenery, the variety of characters and power-ups, and the really cute llamas (lol) make the game so entertaining I highly recommend this game to anyone and everyone!! :)
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7 years ago, GreyEyes20
A small bug
I truly love Alto and playing it has been a great experience for me. However, I just upgraded to the iPhone 8 and when I was playing the game, sometimes I held my finger on the right side of the screen to backflip and the wingsuit engaged by itself. This caused me to crash several times. This never happened with my old phone so I assume it has something to do with the new optimization, and I would really appreciate if you could fix this bug. Thank you!
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2 years ago, SD_Whytenoise
5 star game should be 6
Edit: not buggy…user issue. 5 stars. Love this game, have had it for years. Started playing it again and it is quite buggy. No sound except through earbuds. Does not allow switching to other apps or allow phone to go back into portrait mode. Last update was a year ago, it desperately needs another.
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4 years ago, charcharcat1
A blessing
Honestly I never leave reviews on apps, but since quarantine has started I’ve been getting hit with super bad panic attacks that I just can’t shake myself out of. The most effective solution thus far has been to lay down, open this game, and play until I feel more like a human. I’m incredibly grateful for this little app. It’s the perfect mix of easy to use and satisfying to master, with a beautiful soundtrack to boot.
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7 years ago, bxssnotes
This is a solid choice
The game is amazing! Wonderful art style and challenging objectives to keep you playing. If there’s one thing that should be here, it’s another game mode. Maybe being the llama and running away from the skier, or even an elder chasing the skier. I don’t really know tbh, but I highly recommend this game. Also, maybe you could add a multiplayer racing campaign or something along those lines. It would really work! Red Bull snowboarding got good reviews, so this should too.
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4 years ago, Swazi_L
Thank you
I was contemplating suicide tonight. I was dragged down by everything in my world, distressed by my social media, no music was helping. In a moment of desperation, as to keep myself busy, I opened up Altos adventure after not playing for some time. I went to zen mode and let all my thoughts go. For an hour, I felt inspired and ok. And as I’m writing this, it still lingers. I’ll be ok and that’s the best I can hope for. But thank you.
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6 years ago, M+L💖
My happy place.
Oh. My. God. This game is perfect for me. It has the excitement in the normal mode but zen mode knocks it out of the park. I am an emotional person and whenever I am feeling sad or bad I play this game. Zen mode for hours on end. I love the art of the game which is paired oh so perfectly with the music. I have fallen asleep to it, it is so peaceful. In conclusion it is totally worth the five bucks and take all of my stress away. It is my happy place 🕊
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2 years ago, Oxypete2
Love the game…
I’ve played, and loved, this game on my iPhone. I just downloaded it on my new iPad Pro, and there’s no sound. Is there a sound issue? Update: no sound issue, but with iPad Do Not Disturb turned on, you do not hear any sound from the game even if you turn the volume up. Once toggle that switch, the game sounds spectacular on the iPad.
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6 years ago, Jackieucla
Poorly balanced
The coin system to upgrade items or get a helmet is incredibly imbalanced compared to the rate of play required. It gets too difficult to progress and unlock characters after the second one - make is a bore to play when it just becomes too difficult or impossible EG triple backflips when neither character can spin fast enough and the jumps are not nearly long enough to accomplish. Otherwise would have been more fun. Graphics are beautifully done.
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7 years ago, SuperStriker19
Great Game
There is one glitch in the game that is a little bit frustrating. When you boost forward; sometimes I'll boost into a power up like a magnet or coins and it won't pick them up. It's happened quite a few times... Sometimes I'll pick it up but most of the time I snowboard right through it. It'd be nice if that was fixed. Other than that this game is one of my favorites to play while listening to music.
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