Altra Mobile

2.6 (105)
56.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Altra Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Altra Mobile

2.55 out of 5
105 Ratings
1 year ago, JesLuA
What is going on?
I’ve been an avid user of the app for years, so has my partner. It’s always been functional and useful. I’ve been noticing it acting glitchy here and there for months. Mostly when attempting to transfer funds. Or the loading wheel of doom will take too long and everything acts up after that. Or the spot to enter your password never loads so you just can’t log in at all. Now we can barely log in or do anything. The loading wheel dominates every screen. I was patiently waiting because I need to do some mobile banking today, only to be told I have no accounts lol. That would be so alarming if I wasn’t expecting it at this point. I switched to Altra from a different credit union and I’ve missed their online banking desperately. Please help the app, she needs a little TLC.
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1 year ago, Kieran McKinney
Locked Out of My Account
The app was working OK for a while until a little over a week ago when I went on a roadtrip and my debit card was locked. I was able to call customer service and turn it back on but my account through the app is still locking me out, showing a “try again” button upon ppening the app that doesn’t do anything. Calling customer service didn’t yield any results. Stuff like this is unfortunately not uncommon with Altra so I will probably switch banks in the new future if these issues are not resolved.
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5 years ago, altra app
Can’t login to account
For the past week I haven’t been able to login to my account for some reason. I can go to atms and access but every time I try to login it says error occurred . It’s honestly pretty annoying. I’ve tried restarting my phone and deleting the app and re installing it and nothing works . Other than this I’ve never had any problems. So not sure if you guys or Altra can do anything about it or not or if you guys are doing maintenance on it or what.
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9 months ago, Music_lover99
App Updates
Altra is a great bank but the app is always glitchy on the Welcome log-in screen. Either Face ID won’t log me in or my password won’t either. I don’t understand as a banking app that it doesn’t have more updates so it is more functional for users. It’s frustrating that you can’t log on to check your account balance, or take care of other banking needs at the convenience of your mobile phone. They do probably two updates per year, maybe three. Please do better for your mobile customers.
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5 years ago, Sancho2010
Would be a great app but....
Not sure why it was changed but when opening the app instead of being brought to the login screen right away you get a “welcome” screen with things I don’t need and have extra clicks just to log in. I liked it when I could just open the app and log on to my account without clicking anything extra. The “welcome” screen is just plain annoying. Change it back or give us an option to set the starting screen for opening the app. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Pumkin4life
It’s okay.
I’ve banked with 3 different banks and haven’t had as many issues with the apps as I have with Altra. Every time I turn around my password is “wrong” or it just simply crashes. I try resetting password.. believe it or not it’s still wrong. Never thought checking my bank status would be such a hassle. I’m currently driving to a gas station to usethe atm for balance check. Disappointing.
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12 months ago, Samareyna
Needs work
I use mobile banking every single day, multiple times a day in fact. I’ve had so many issues with the Home Screen where you type in ID and password ( I use Face ID to log in) I can’t see the box to put in ID/password. All it says is “try again “ near the bottom of screen. Then it kicks me out and I have to call Altra to unlock my account. This is very very frustrating to say the least!!!! It’s pretty sad when you can’t even log into your own account Please fix this Altra
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5 years ago, maddest.mastiff
Unnecessary extra clicks to see account balance
Quick access is broken. Why go to “Welcome” screen instead of “Accounts”? It is an unnecessary extra click every time I log into the App. I just want to see my account, not all those extra info on the “Welcome” screen. Please look at any other bank apps, nobody forces user to click through extra clicks just to see the accounts. Hi Developer, please stop responding to reviews with cookie cutter responses. It would be better if you listen to customers’ request and do something about it. Thank you!
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5 years ago, WillMoe96
Quick Access Doesn’t Work
The app itself is fine, but quick access doesn’t work. Every time I go to set it up, it asks me to enter a pin, then re-enter to confirm. A window then pops up that says “There was a problem.” with no other information. I used to be able to login with my fingerprint, but now for some reason can’t even login with a pin. Fix the bugs and the rating will be higher.
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3 years ago, Carl Ekern
Log In
For a while it says I’ve been “locked out” of my account, turns out after three incorrect passwords it locks you. I’ve been locked out twice now without ever putting in the wrong password. I believe this is due to there being “connection issues” with the bank as that’s the alert that pops up when I try to log in. Even thought I’m using the correct password the failure to log in due to connection counts as an incorrect password attempt which doesn’t make much sense.
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5 years ago, DoverDan
Great App
I really enjoy Altra’s app... it works great for me. Had issues in the past with check deposits but now it seems to be working again! Thank you ! Two weeks in a row now..! It’s nice to see all our accounts and do a lot of our banking right from the app! Keep up the great work! 😃
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2 years ago, vcoolmom
Great App!
I really don’t understand the negative reviews and low stars on this. I’ve been using the app for a few months now and have had no issues! Transfer, deposits, ect. Keep up the great work development team!
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3 years ago, Hadnot banto
This app is the absolute worst! If I could count the amount of times I’ve went into a store and when trying to check my funds or transfer… I've had to put everything back because the app isnt working and not allowing me to get into my account and claiming it’s the wrong password I would be on Bill Gates salary. This needs to be fixed and on top of that the website does the same thing from time to time.
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10 months ago, andie1!0
Recent issues
I’ve used the Altra app for years and have overall been pretty satisfied with it. Over the last month-ish I haven’t been able to use the app at all. I try to click the login button and it just says “try again” over and over. I hope this issue is fixed soon!
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6 years ago, BuckyB1960
Excellent Functionality
Has everything I need. Send Money allows me to transfer funds in real-time, something you can’t get from the big banks. Check Deposit is awesome too. Reliability is second to none, keep up the good work Altra!
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3 years ago, Mel G!
Bill pay
I’m not able to get into my bill pay to make payments. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have done the updates to my phone. When I go into the bill pay I get a message this operation couldn’t be completed please try again. I went to my local branch and they told me to do the things I have already done. I would like to know what is the error.
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4 years ago, A0113
Facial recognition not working.
Since I got my new phone in September, my old phone did not have facial recognition but my new phone does. Why does my Altra app not allow me to do facial recognition? I have checked for Altra app updates and my device does not need to be updated. Why is this?
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5 years ago, Sprigz
Bank app that won’t let you check your account
App crashes constantly. It always seems to have log in issues, especially when you need it most. Just a poorly designed app that has several operating issues, better off using your cell to call the automated line. #dumpsterfire
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3 years ago, dylanr1119
App hasn’t worked in months
I used to use this app daily but now it seems like it just automatically opens on a “try again” screen. I keep getting told that the app is down for the day when I call but it’s every time I open it. Thinking about switching banks for the ability to use such a simple feature.
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5 years ago, Jamzsta
Great...until lately.
I think this is a great app but as of lately I am having issues logging on my account even though I know it’s accurate. Having to uninstall to reinstall is ridiculous. I know my password is correct to and I can’t even change that! Altra has always come thru so why all the dysfunctional things altra?!
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2 years ago, Hypelyfe
Buggy Terrible App
Garbage app. Haven’t been able to log in in months. Constantly kicks you out of the app. Changes the info when it is the correct login info. Multiple attempts with correct info leads to locked account. This is the 8th time going through this even with quick access. App is ridiculously moody, unreliable.
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3 years ago, randyengland33
Can’t open app
After last update, I can no longer open app. When I click on icon, it takes me to a black screen and back to my main screen. I have deleted and reloaded three times. Don’t know what to do.
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9 months ago, LindaleAlta
Worst online app ever
I chose Alta as a local and “online” bank in Dec 2022. Every other month my account access for on line has had issues. Right now my account is “locked” on my first login. For a bank that is all about being online, it’s not working. Very frustrated with this online and not working bank. Please fix it!
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5 years ago, sahm ncp07
Always trouble
I am always having trouble with this app! It never works for me on the first try to deposit checks. It always takes multiple attempts. Constantly getting system error messages even though I’m doing everything right. I have called cs and tried all their fixes with no success. Very disappointing! Poor quality!
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2 years ago, ryaaryhrjsjsjsja
Terrible service
I was enrolled in auto-pay now for whatever reason Altra decide to turn it off now I can’t get logged back in and are trying to bill me a late fee. Unbelievably frustrating. I will never do business with them again! This is NOT the first time this has happened!
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5 years ago, scg88
not able to login
Ever since the recent update, I’ve been having issues with the welcome page loading and then not being able to login, once I’m able to get it finally loaded. I get an error message saying the user ID and password don’t match even though both are put in correctly.
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6 years ago, Slmbtexas
Timed out!!!
I’ve tried now for about a week to sign up as a new enrollee and I get as far as the user ID and password and everytime I try to submit my new first time user ID and password it times out no matter how fast I type it in!!! Once I was able to type really fast and still says timed out!!! This can’t be right this needs to be fixed!!!
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9 months ago, Zach Stefanski
Doesn’t connect to plaid
Huge disappointment in trying to track finances with budgets apps. Altras app won’t connect to plaid or third party apps that track transactions. Supposedly working on a fix. Will change my review when it is.
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5 years ago, Dean Hundorf
Unable to view checks in recent account history.
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3 years ago, quantumsue
App will not open-
Speculating that after recent updates there was an issue, my app will not open today on my iPhone but did on Monday. I have tried rebooting phone but still no action. I was able to open app on my iPad but I don’t carry that around with me on a regular basis. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Osomokoso
It’s not a rating more of a heads up
The app the past couple of day have not letting people transfer money around, idk if it’s a bank thing or an app but when I called the bank they said they have nothing to do with it, please fix this issue I’m to busy to be calling the bank to transfer my money around. Thank you
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4 years ago, 😄😄😄😊😉😉😊☺😉😃
Can never login
The app and website are horrible. I am never able to login with my credentials. I am typing in the correct password then my account gets locked. After changing my password it still tells me my password is incorrect. Fix your backend Altra. It’s broken!
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11 months ago, SGE3687
Not working on Apple devices?
I haven’t been able to log on using my iPad going on 2 weeks. Called Customer Service. Was told “it’s being worked on.” At least let your customers know what’s going on and when it will be fixed.
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5 years ago, Colbatroid
Touch Id functionality gone?
Why get rid of touch ID functionality? Is it my phone version? Way more cumbersome to access now.
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4 years ago, A Very Sad Sad Panda
Can not login
For the last two days, I have been unable to even get to the login page, much less type in user name and password. Same result on the app and web browser. Just searches and searches until it says timed out or can not find page on browser.
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1 year ago, Gman1895
Find Another Bank
It's 2023. No excuse to have such a horrible app. Constantly locks you out. Even when you have the Password saved. Don't even enable Face ID because it locks that in a week. It's like they don't want us to pay our loans. Never seen anything like it.
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2 years ago, DriftlessLSE
Unable to login!
The app is stuck on the login screen. Just shows Try Again. Clicking it makes no difference. Very frustrating. I tried downloading it on another phone. Same problem. Please fix ASAP
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2 years ago, B E A N〽️
Can’t login
Y’all need to fix this I can’t login into my account like usually I don’t know what’s going on but y’all need to better y’all app cause this is annoying I can’t even see what’s going on with my account. I went online, still can’t get logged in ALTRA PLEASE FIX YALL STUFF!!!
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5 years ago, tch5033
Better security
Over all I think ALTRA has a good functional APP. I would give it 5 stars if it had double authentic security to log in
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3 years ago, Charity 자선
Keeps crashing
I need to access my account ASAP but the app has decided to crash on me. I’ve rebooted my phone multiple times. I’ve deleted it and re-downloaded it. It just keeps crashing.
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3 years ago, Domers1234
Almost once a week it won’t let me log in to the app. Very frustrating when trying to view your balances. It’s becoming more and more often.
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3 years ago, Top436
App quit working after update
When I open the app it just says Try Again. Deleted and reinstalled and still the same thing. Frustrating.
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3 years ago, UHG-Employee
Issue with opening the app
Haven’t been able to open up the app. Every time I try to open it, the app just closes down again. :(
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3 years ago, jk28549640
Latest update breaks app
After yesterday’s update, app no longer functions (it won’t open) even after restarting my phone.
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8 months ago, ToroMasBravo
It’s been garbage for over 2 years
Check the other reviews and you’ll see how trash this app is. Whoever is in charge of the app doesn’t acknowledge it enough.
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1 year ago, VinnyFromWI
Locks me out
Only app I have that really seems to struggle with FaceId/credentials. Otherwise fine for the most part.
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3 years ago, AnnaEmoDuckie
After last update I’ve had glitches with login and can’t re-enable quick access.
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11 months ago, Jlkdw
What happened?
I have updated, deleted, reinstalled the ap. Still doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, jeremy1457
App for some reason can’t recognize my new password. I am able to log into computer but not app.
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3 years ago, RH customer
A joke of a company
Do yourself a favor and avoid using Altra. You will save yourself the headache and frustration
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